The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on October 8, 1978 · 359
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 359

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 8, 1978
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1 1 I - y'jm nil , f Director Larry Gordon, left, confers with Burt Reynolds on set of "The End," film about death. LARRY GORDON ROLLS HIS DICE BY CLARKE TAYLOR NEW YORK Larry Gordon was a gambler shooting dice in Vegas, before he became a film producer. This may have something to do with why he was connected with "The End," a film about death that major studios passed by until Burt Reynolds committed himself to the project; "The Driver," ostensibly an action film with non-action stars (Ryan O'Neal, Isabelle Adjani and Bruce Dern) and "The Warriors," now in production with a cast of unknowns and dealing with a seamy side of city life that most New Yorkers would prefer to forget. - Standing on the set of "Warriors," Gordon reflected on his busy and not-altogether successful summer not so much on "Hooper," which apparently is making everybody happy, or on his earlier film "Hard Times," which the Museum of Modern Art has just sanctioned a classic for its archives. '''Hooper is great I loved it. 99 PGE Q tf ? WMMR MOS INC WESTW000UA Cinema Center 475-9441 Daily 1:00 2:504:40 8:30 8:20 8 10:10 PM HOLLYWOOD Egyptian 2 467-6167 Dally 1:00 2:49 4:39 6:20 8:10 8 10:00 PM CERRIT0S Alondra 924-5531 -HAWTHORNE Hawthorne 644-8668 CULVER CITV Culver 838-1893 MONTEREY PARK Monlerey 573-3952 NEWPORT BEACH Newport Cinema 714644-0760 NORTHRIOGE Pepperlree 993-021 1 SANTA MONICA Criterion 394-1619 fun to watch... JIM BROWN, KNBC-TV From Wmf BfO. A Wtrrw CommunicMtont Company LONG BEACH MARINA , UA Movies 6 596-2751 LOS ANGELES Lido 652-8087 LOS ANGELES Wlltern 387-6147 MARINA DEL REV UA Cinema 822-2920 PUENTE HILLS Puente Hills 6 965-5867 R0SEMEAD flosemeaO 573-9480 THOUSAND OAKS UA Movies 5 805497-6708 PANORAMA CITY Americana 893-6441 REO0N0O BEACH Marina 372-1 109 TAR2ANA Movies 996-1300 WSTMSTRBRKHRST Westorook 714530-4401 Mostly Gordon was thinking about critics and their brutal reaction to "The Driver." "If we'd had Clint Eastwood in the film, we'd have been forgiven everything and they'd have said, 'It's- another Eastwood film about driving cars.' If we'd had Steve McQueen, we'd have been compared to 'Bullitt' or 'The Getaway.' We were treated as an art film rather than an action film. "We took a unique approach to standard material. We'd go the same way again, but with a different cast we might have attracted an audience. I believe in returning investors' money and if 1 could make 'The Driver' again ' I'd try to rectify it for a commercial market. When you're writing this kind of script (the concept behind Walter Please Turn to Page 36 SUNDA! , MONDAVI LfUBar. iBOIe f Jj ,.... I -'imis0Wf o-TOOLE tftVpeS?V rtT'i iTi Cpasadenaglendale) MANN Chitcti & Chong in UT M SMOU(R) 1:40-3:20-5-00-6:46- 467 351-9641 6:40- MANN 467 N. ROMTIWld Wild 4 Funny NATIONAL LAMPOON'S ANIMAL HOUSIII) 1:30-3:35-5:45-8:00-10:10 351-9641 FrM Parking MANN 46iN.Ro Warren BeattyJ. Christie WAVIN CAN WAIT IPO) 12:30-2:30-4:30-4:30-8:30- W:30Sorry, no passes 351-9641 FrH Parking ACADEMY Aoama Christie's W03E.COM. 796-3191 MATH ON TW NUIPO) 12:O0-2:3O-5.00-7:40-WlOSorry, no passes STATE 770E.&HO. 792-7139 Cnevy Chase-GoWIe Ham POM HAY(PG) 2:45-5:10-7:25-9:40 ALEX 2 16 N Brand 241-4194 Agatha Christie's DEATH ON THE HRE(PG) 12;rj0-2:30-5:00-7:40-to:10 Sorry, no passes GLENDALE Cheech A Chong In 122S.Brand UP M SMOH(R) 12:30-2:05 241-4177 3:40-5:15-7:00-8:40-10:15 Sorry, no passes C ORANGE COUNTY"") CINEMALAND noun causipgi 14 14 Harbor Bl. 1:10-4:50-8:36 714635-7601 OTHER SAX MOUNTAIN Free Parking l(PO) 3:00-6:40-10:15 CINEMALAND 14 14 Harbor 81. PANTI REVENGE Of PM HER(PG) 1:15-5:00-8:40 714635-7501 free Parking IONVOTIPOI 3:00-6:40-10:20 CINEMALAND 14 14 Harbor Bl. 714635-7601 Free Parking FOUL PUY(PG) 1:00-4:45-8:30 ONI t ONLY IPO) 3:00-6:45-10:30 SO. COAST 34M6.HIOI 714546-2711 Free Parking Cheech A Chong In IF H SMOAItl) 1:00-2:35-4:10-5:45- 7:20-8:55-1030No Passes SO. COAST 714546-2711 Free Parking Jack Nicholson GObF SOUTHIPGI 12:45-2:40-4:35-6:30 8:30-k25No Passes SO.COAST 8fi5S4jn1k)Kflf 714549-3352 Fr Parking Exclusive Ervgagement! DAYS Of HiAVtN(fG) 2:00-4:00-6:00-8:00-)0;06 Sorry, no passes ( BAKERSFIELD ) FOX nous causipg; 2001 H St. 3:30-7:00-10:25 805323-7511 OTHER SAM MOUNTAIN I (PG) 1:45-5:15-846 CREST D.I. 3401 Picheco nd. 805632-0001 NATIONAL LAMPOON'S AMMAl HOUim SlAPSHOTl Show al 7:00 PM CREST D.I. 3401 Facheco M. 805632-0001 All-Disney Program NOT LEAD t COLO FEETfGI DARIY O'GALIG Show at 7:00 PM ( BEVERLY HILLS AREA ) FINE ARTS TtuwrriMf 6S66WsNra 1:00-2:50-4:40-6:25-6:15-10:00 652-1330 Sorry, no passes LIDO OOPER(PG) 4:15-8:15 OM TO BUY MCIPG 2:15-6:15-tt.OS 6507W PKo 652-8067 c C0VINA FOX C0VINA 211 N. Ann 332-0050 WHO'S HJJNG TNI GREAT CHEFS Of SUROPET(PG) 12K-2S00-4K 6:00-8:00-10:15 FOX COVIHA Ch.W-ngk. 211 N Anita UPHSMOfE() 332-0050 120-1:45-3:30-5:15-7:00-6:45-.25No passes FOXCOVINA Agatha Christie's 211 N. ii lTN ON Mtel(PG) 12.00 332-0050 2:X-5)-7:3fJ-10:00 . Sorry No passes ( TORRANCE ) OLD TOWNE Agatha Christie's 19eO0H'thorne MAIN ON THE NiPO 371-1600 1:00-3:45-7:00-9.45 Frie Parking Sorry, no passes OLD TOWNE chMchtchonok. WOOH'mom. UP M SMOKE (R) 371-1600 12:30-2:30-4:30-freaPinong 6:30-6:30- Kh30No Passes 19800H'thorne GMl FIKHOSIPG) 371-1600 1:00-2:45-4:30-6:15-Frea Parking 6:00-9:45Sorry, no passes OLD TOWNE Warren BeattyJ. Christie 19600 H'lhorne HEAVEN CAN WAIT(PG) 371-1600 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-0:30 Free Parking Sorry, no passes OLD TOWNE John Travolta 19600 H'thorne Olivia Newton-John 371-1600 6 (POI 1:45-4:00- Free Parking 6:0O-B:16-10:25No passes OLD TOWNE 19600 H'thorne 371-1600 Free Park. Jack Nicholson OWN' SOUTHIPGI 1:15-3:30-5:30-7:45 10 00 No passes C OXIMARn-VENTURA ) ESPLANADE who's killing the great MANN CHEFS Of EUROPE? IPG) 805485-2707 1:30-3:40-5:45-7:45-10:00 FreePkg. Sorry, no passes ESPLANAOE 805485-9707 Wild & Funny NATIONAL LAMPOON'S ANIMAL HOUStIR) 1:00 Free Parking 2: :55-4:50-6:45-6:40-10:45 ESPLANADE MANN 805485-2707 Free Parking MOUSE CALLS(PG) 1:25-4:55-8:25 OTHER SIDE MOUNTAIN IPG) 3:10-6:40-10:10 FOX OXNARD UP Cheech & Chona in IN SMOKE (RJ 12:30-2:05 805463-6030 3: ;iu-3:i3-:uu-i3:4u-iu:iD Fret Parking , Sorry, no passes FOX VENTURA 805644-7776 Free Parking Agalha Christie's DEATH ON THE NILEIPG) 2:00-2:30-5:00-7:40-10:10 Sorry, no passes "James Whitmore . . . once again may well find himself in the running for an Oscar." Kevin Thomas L.A. Times " If Teddy Roosevelt ever talked to me the way James Whitmore does I'd follow him up any hill in the world, no questions asked." Dick Saunders Chicago Sun-Times i I SlQi1 Q i 'Qg TJ Productrs Representative Joseph Emerson WORLD PREMIERE ENGAGEMENT HELD OVER! 2ND BIG WEEK! PACIFIC'S SUNSET nw VME HOLLYWOOO 466-3401 EVERY DAY AT 12:30-3.00-6:30-6:00 6 10:30 PM Eta Added PINK PANTHER CAHTOON mini (WEST WOOD VILLAGE) .-... WHO'S lUJJJNt) THE GREAT NATIONAL cnefs of europetipgi W92S Unknot 1K-325-5:50-8:15-W:36 479-2866 Sorry, no passes VILLAGE Agatha Christie's Westwood DEATH ON THE NUEIPG) 478-0576 12:00-2:30-5:00-8:00- W:3i Sorry, no passes BRUIN 70mm Dolby 6-Track Stereo Westwood DAYS Of HEAVENIPG) 2:00-4:00-477-0986 6:00-8:00-H):00Sorry, no passes Cheech & Chora hi WMGivkn UP M SMOVEIR) 12:30-2.30-4:30 473-7664 6:30-6:30-M:30Sorry no passes WESTWOOD Chevy Chase-GoMIe Hawn 1O50Gayley FOUL flAYIPG) 473-7664 1:00-3:15-5:30-8:00-10:20Sorry, no passes WESTWOOD KAVENCANWAIT(PG) WSOOiyley 1:30-3:30-5:30 473-7664 7:30-9:30Sorry, no passes C WESTCHESTER ) LOYOLA Cheech A Chong In 8610 Sapurnd SM0E(R) 12:30-2:00 670-0346 3:40-5:20-7:00-8:40-10:20 Free Parking Sorry, no passes C POMONA VALLEY ) ML BALUT PI WHO'S RULING THE 3515 White 593-0343 GREAT CHEFS Of EUROPETIPGI OUTLAW JOSEV WALES(PG VILLAGE Cheech & Chong In Claremont up M SMOKE(R) 624-2612 12:30-2:05-3:40-5:15-7:00-8:40-10:15No Passes C LOS ANGELES ) HEAVEN CAN WAIT(PG) 1:00-4:45-8:30 FAIRFAX 7907 Beverly 61 653-3117 ONE 4 ONLYIPG) 2:55-6:40-10:20 C SANTA MONICA ) WILSHIRE Claude Lelouch's !314Wllsn. (Al AND IVIUUX(ruJ l.W 394-6386 2:00-4:00-6:00-1 j-o:uu-iu:uu WILSHIRE Warren Realty 13 14 Wish. HEAVEH CAN WAIT ( PG J 12: 16 394-6386 2:15-4:15-6:15-8:15-10:15 C THOUSAND OAKS ) CONEJD TWIN Jack Nicholson TMXJ10.H COM" SOUTH(f O) 805495-6760 1:00-3:05-5:10 FraeParkkig 7:15-9:20No Passes CONE JO TWIN Agatha Christie's Thoui.oaki PIATH ON lift Nilllfu 805495-6760 12:00-2:30-5:00-7:40-10: l( Free Parking Sorry, no passes i97fl-ALL RIGHTS RESERVED -WHMIK Ml ItXMHNt; IS AN EVLWr" DOME C HOLLYWOOD BLVD CHINESE Gregory P etKHotywoiid Laurence ONvier 464-8111 IK IOYS FROM HttZllR) 12:M-3.-5:30-8l-W:30Sorry. No Passes ValMated Free Pig. H t. So. ol Chinese HOLLYWOOD Jack Nicholson 67MHoeyood GONT SOUTH(PG) 12:30-463-9371 2:30-4:M-6:30-8:30-10:30 Sorry, No Passes VOGUE WHO'S (RUNG THE GREAT CHEFS OF EUROPETIPG) 462-6621 1:00-3:25-5:50-8:15-10: 30 Sorry, no passes FOX 6506 Hollywood 463-2164 Agatha Christie's DEATH ON THE NUIPG 12:00-2:30-5:00-8:00-10:35 Sorry, no passes (SAN FERNANDO VALLEY) LA REIN A Agatha Christie's 14626 Vent. DEATH ON THE NRi(PG) 768-8311 12:00-2:30-5:00-7:40-10: 10 Sorry, no passes STUDIO WHO'S KILLING THE GREAT 12136 Vent. CHEFS Of lUROPET(PG) 1:30-3:40 769-4441 5:45-7:45- 10:00Sorry, no passes FALLBROOK Cheech a Chong In: Canoga Park UP M SMOMIR) 1:15-5:00 883-4212 4:45-6:30-8:15-10:00 free Parking Sorry, no passes FALLBROOK Canoga Park 883-4212 Free Parking Chevy Chase In: FOUL PLAY(PG) 1:00-3:15-5:36 7:45-10:10 C BBEA-LA HABRA ) John Travolta Olivia Newton-John BREA PLAZA OraFwkmHwv GREASEIPG) Free Parking 2:00-4:00-6:00-8:00; 10:00 BREA PLAZA Org. 714529-! HOODtROTHERS(R) 1:40-3:50 6:00-8:10-10:20 Free Parking BREA PLAZA Org. Fw.lmp. Hwy. 714529-5339 Free Parking GOaY SOUTH(PG) 12:30-2:30-4:30 6:30-8:30-10:30 Sorry, No Passes BREA PLAZA Org. Fw.knp. Hwy. 714529-5339 Free Parking HOOPER (PG) 1:25-4:50-8:15 LORDS Of FLATtUSHIPGJ 3:15-6:40-10:05 (LONG BEACH-SEAL BEACH) CREST 4275 Atl. 424-2619 NO LONGER ALONI(PG) 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:1X1 Sorry, no passes R0SSM00R Warren Beattv 1 12535 Seal Bch HEAVEN CAN WAIT(PG) I 430-0419 12:15-2:15-4:15-6:15-8:15- Free Parking 10:15 12535 Sui Bch. Julie Andrews 430-0419 THE SOUND Of MUSKIG) Free Parking 12:00-3:00-6:05-9:20 R0SSM00R CORVETTE SUMMER(PG) 12535 Seal Beach 12:30-4.10-6:00 430-0419 SMOKEY t THE lAMHT(PG) Free Parking 2:25-6:10-9:55

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