Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 3, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1949
Page 4
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PAGE t— XAPGATUCK TTEWS (CONN.). SATURDAY, DEC. 3, 1949 -•obllched Kv«ry jcvenlnf <JDxe«pt Bun<J«y) by FHB NAtTGATUCK NEWS CORP. NAUGATUCK, CONN. Telephone* «M Mid «t«§ All Department* Wintered u «*cond clam matUr lit the port offlo* In Naugatuek. ConP; SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance I Month ...11.80 1 Y««r . .llJS.flO Member: American Newspaper Pub. Aa>*n N. B. Dairy Newapaper Put. A»»'n Conn. New«paper Jpubllflhen Am'n SATURDAY, DECKMBER S, 1IMO Americans Abroad Release of Angus Ward by the Chinese communists will not minimize what appears to be a calculated and rising campaign of .terror against Western nationals in Soviet satellite countries. They have been served notice, in effect, that they risk their personal safety— if not their lives—by remaining behind the iron curtain which communism draws against any and a)! influence from the West. Mr. Ward, American Consul General at Mukden is being repatriated, but his freedom will bring scant satisfaction to other representatives of the West — whether they be in government, business or some other category —who are still nt the mercy of communist governments which flout all human rights OB well ns all the customs und usages of International relations. Specifically, there are the two Western businessmen—Robert A. Vogeler of New York and Edgar Sanders, a Briton—who have been arrested In Hungary. Also there Is the case of the French consular agent, Andre Robineau. who Is being held in Poland. With these Individuals, charged, 'it course, with espionage, the rc- • pectlvo communist governments '. ave teen just as flagrantly de' iltful as were the Chinese com: mnlsts with Mr. Ward. This ex- r ;rienced. 66-year-old foreign service officer, along with four of h s staff^ had been Imprisoned ::nce October 24 on the prepos- tr-ous charge of having assaulted a Chinese workman. In the Vi.gelor and.-Robineau cases, both Hungarian and Polish officials declaimed any part of the "dts- r.ppcarances" until confronted v/Lih proof to the contrary. On behalf of Mr. Ward, the i.V.lted States government was I-:, cod Jn the humiliating posl- ti'-.i of calling upon 30 other na- U<.-is, including the Soviet Union and other communist countries to orotest to the Soviet puppets in . Ci.:na. But the Chinese communists did not act before they had dealt a last slap at Western "face" in the Far East by "convicting" ••'.: Ward and his associates and c: Bering them immediately de- pi -ted. 'Vhat Is to happen to those VV.-aternara still In communist cus- '•<•• .ay In Europe? France has held li.) crew of a Polish airliner as h. :itagc for Mr. Robineau. Whether this is an effective procedure is questionable, Inasmuch as com- n-unist governments, when H suits ".sir purpose, are singularly cal- Icused where the welfare of their ''-•••n nationals Is concerned. In any event, it is clear -that . *oscow wants not only to be >:d of Westerners in the Soviet '-rbit, but also to discourage oth- f-rs from entering. This points "P the fact that Washington has been unable to cope with tha problem of assuring the safety of American citizens everywhere. Pearl Harbor Day The eighth anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day—as did its seven predecessors—will pns8 almost witn . out notice. At Honolulu, scene of the attack, the day will be large-' ly forgotten. On tho mainland there will be n* observance of the anniversary by a people concerned with new problems. The eight years which havo elapsed slnco Dec. 7. 1941, havo not been happy years. A great war has been fought and presumably won, at heavy cost in Hvcs and money. The peace which was expected to come with victory has not yet arrived. V. S. military forces still are in control of Japan. Germany remains a pawn Jn a desperate game between tho West and Rus- «ria. Communists have taken over China. Mankind has taken up the sword, forgetting the admonition that it will perish by Its action Man is not striving for that day when "nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore." Pearl Harbor Day shall remain a day of infamy until man leabis the futility of conflict, and moles definitely in the direction j of peace. j Mother Critics i When Dr. L. w. Sontag, an Antioch College researcher, said recently that American women are the poorest mothers in the world, he was guilty of a superlative that is causing him all sorts of trouble. The women arc falling over him like,a ton of bricks. Some of the women are guilty of another superlative in claim- Ing thai. American women uro tho best mothnrs In the world. On tho theory that the truth lies aomowhcrc between these two extravagances, some judicial minds are attempting to get in a few licks. Ferdinand Lundbnrg, n, sociologist and author, nialnl.iilnii that only u third of American mothers do a poor job. Their failure is sometimes so spectacular •that it overshadows tho fine performance of the majority of mothers. Mary Roberts Rlnohart, who found time to b« it notable mother while creating a career for herself, believes many mothers arc confronted with ni-w Ihuorles of child rearing and finding them very difficult. A New York doctor agrees that many mothers today arc confused, but that doeti not mean most of them arc doing a poor job. A fair conclusion is that mothers, like any group, arc divided into the good, bud and Indifferent, it might be wise to make the work of the good mothers seem so attractive that others would want to emulate thorn. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Preliminary planH for throi! new elementary schools wo -o unanimously approved by th'. 1 Board of Uucatlon. Mm. Yngvc Dahlln waa ro- c-lectod proaldont of tho Ladlos' auxiliary of tho lilllnidu CoiiBru- gatlonal church. 20 Years Ago Jt«m» Young,, of Moadow street, was visiting with friends in Providence, R. I, Maui-lc'> Scanlon wa« nipipolnl- ed to tho NauKotuck Police de- ment by tho borough board. Household Scrapbook Celery Celery can be diced quickly if this method is used. Freshen the stalks In cold water nnd wash thoroughly. Then break the stalks in small sections lengthwise. Lay rev- era! stalks together on a board and cut crosswise. Hosiery Kconotny If one can afford it, It pays to buy three pairs of hose of the same color at the same time. The mat- Ing up process as they begin to wear out is a most econbmfcoi measure. Glue Bottle Use a piece of candle, Instead of a cork, in the glue bottle, and the glue will not dry out so quickly. Look And Learn 1. What is a campanile? 2. Which of 1he Apostles won called "Tho Rock"? 3. Whoso portrait appeal's on the U. S. ton-dollar bill? 4. What is the oldest newspaper feature column now running? 5. What character in ancient mythology'had 100 eyes. 1. A bell tower. 2. Peter. 3. Alexander Hamilton. 4. Dorothy Dlx's column, bocrun In 1896. 5. Argus. of iiollrw boolliM, imi- ny Union City rmldmil* aro mtill vi'ry much In favor of having u iKiot-h liistnllrd »t NorOi Main and Itrlilgn n(.rcot« for on duly there .. OJKMI upon a tlinn tliero wiw lino Ideal cd Keith ]jouchars, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill L,ciichiirn. Maple si root observed his first, birthday Wednesday after dipping hln llng- <-TH In the icing of hln cake ho got .'iroLnd to blowing out his one candle . . many happy returns-. - rltn McKonun, tf.r of Mr. und Mr». Jim McKon- iiu, .Ir., of Wfttorhury und grand- daiiKlitcr of Mr. arid Mrs. Jim MeKcnnn, North Main »tr<-«?(:, was a year old y««t«rdH.v .. »hn wiwt cntertuliuHl at u party at lior folks Ixinle In Watcrbiiry. Now that the Junior Class edition of 'Gurnet Glimpses," Nau- gatuek High School pago in the NKW.S lian gone to press, the Sophomores arc hard at work on their chore —which will be the Christmas edition ... Kin. Chief .Jack Sheridan IN nursing a cold 11 common all- Mient hum of iul<, . . liny,, Iclils! . .Simla Onus Is giving Nome thought to mulling another trip to Naugatuclc by hellcopated. .lie did Hint laxt year, much to the Joy of th<! locul youngsters .. If ho conies, tho helicopter wllJ land again in tho U. K. Rubber Co. parking lot on Church street. Jack Butler, vlco-presldont ot Local 45 tells us that his birthday is on Nov. 20. . .And HO Is that the natal day of President George Froohlich of the sumo union... Jack says he knows of no other union in the country having top officers with tho same birthday,.. John Ash will be host at a special party tonight at thn TCIks rooms Members and their guests are Invited... Chuck Wnskowlcz moans that whatever dale l.ho Mon'fl Chorus .selects for ti concert, It'M sure to snow...Chuck Is considering running future concerts in the aum- moiitlmo. .. Telephone operators at the V. S. Rubber Co. footwear pliini were much surprised yesterday when they received a call from tho salesroom for them to summon police officers to Urn Water street site. .. they claimed the crowd rush- Ing Into the place were just too much to handle themselves. .Charlie Knight, a resident of Roxbury who IH well known here, will be leaving Connecticut in two weeks to attend an electricians school in Chicago. ..Charlie is an active member of the Nauga- tuek Valley Detachment, Marino Corps League, making the long trip from Roxbury twice each month.. .More often If other veterans 'functions are scheduled... Jli! hopes to return to this part of tho country In September of next year. Mrs. 1>ot NiHNcn hits been con- flniMl ' to her IMuiuiora avenue home with a coltl and what have yon for th« past eouplo days... MI-H. Kalph I'liHlm hus returned tu her I'ark I'laon iipurtment nf- ti-r a few days In New York city. Mr. and Mrs. I'iill Rico remind residents that there'll be square dancing tonight in St. Michael's parish house. . .It's open to youths itnd adults alike, whether experienced In the particular typo of dunce or nut...a family night of square dancing is planned Dec. 17, opening with a pot-luck supper. ThlngK Iiuril to hollrvc NiM-.Ing ...Old Glory flying enee more from a flagpole extending ovnr the Church street sidewalk In front; of Um town hull building... Welfare Siipt. Iludy Anderson lias IIUH flngerH crossed, ami hofWM It won't come tumbling down ugiilii. A full-page ad appears in one "f the nation'. 1 ) magazines this woek showing tho Rlsdon Manufacturing Co. "Scopo" cigarette holder... the name, Naugatuek, once more travels throughout the nation. Mrs. Harry I'Vrguson of llnu- r.oii KuIlN IK buying n tough tlmn with u eold iiml luryngltls.. .she report K the countryside In the neighboring town wns beautiful yestcrdiiy with Its blanket of snow. Thc Now T raven County Council, VFW auxiliary, l ( i nil not for lln nnnual Rocky Hill Chrlatmas party t o bo hold Wednesday night. ...a bus will bo leaving from hero nnd thoHo wishing to make the trip (vetprans or not) are asked to contact Kay Radcliffe. Wednesday IN Pearl Harbor *>ay ( the eighth anniversary of the Japanese assault on American hasps In Huwitil... owners without giirugos or lawns are scurrying around looking for skyhooks for hanging their cars up In km-plng with the no-parking ban during winter months. Al Bonz und Ralph Stotz, officers of the Po-tor J. Folcy Little League, neighbors |on Fuirchlld Btroot, spend their spare time comparing notes on plans for next season... Pat Pasho and Anno Granger are ardont members of tho Better Books discussion group... Mrs. Harry Amlornon, regent of then local DAR chapter, Is beginning to think tho organization's Christmas parties at tho William Chllteriilon homo aro jlnxed... a yoar ago the party was held there nnd an loo-storm developed leaving members more or less stranded on Fairvlew avenue...the storm yesterday came as little surprise to the group. Jim Nles tells us that collections are still bring made for the Boy Scout fund... Better late than never, IN t.he motto of the, committee. ,An.l they'll be happy when the $»,300 quota Is topped. DOCTOR 15 IN-AGAIN! DOC. MOW 0BOUT SOME Of Church Week O( guhjaii, free. 4th OES Annual Yule Vesper Service At Local Church Tho annual Chrlntmn/i vm«i>or .torvlce of ISvenrroori chripU'r. Ord- or of JSaalorn Star, will bo hold, tomorrow nflornoon at -1 o'clock In tho MuthodlHt church. Mrs. Louis Zeim find Arthur Ni-nson, worthy matron anil punt ron, ro»pcctfully, will bond Ihu IK roil p planning to attend iho HOI-- vlco. A special musical program will bo offered, Including vocal solox by Mrs. Joseph Noyack and Mr«. Robert Fo'ltz. Organist will be IMra. Harold Wright of Wat anbury. Thi! Riiv. Miutthuw H. Galon, minister, will dollvor a uormon based or. the Chrlntmiia I'homo. Traditional hytnna will bo sung by tho congregation. Members will ho nerved rofroih- t nrienta In tho church hall follow, injg tho service. CONGREGATIONAL Itcv. Wlllurd B. Sopor The church echool will meet at D:<1!5 a., m. for the primary junior :uid Honlrw dopartmonLsi. Tho bo- glnnor anil klndoi-Kiirtnn duuiurt- rnonl.H will moot 'at. II o'clock. THiffi FII>M to bi< Hluiwn In church school In "AmibaHHridor For Christ ' THK MOIiNINO WOUSHIf will bo bold tit 11 o'clock, with tho rriin- iHter preaching: on "What Can Wo Say?" THE CHILDREN'S STORY I will bo "ToddlP',3 Olft." MUSIC. Introductory voluntary, "Noul, 1 Daquin; "A Lovely Rose la Bloom- Ing," Brahma; "Spring In The Dewort," Jonnlngs; on*c7'to:-y, "O Coriio, O Coino Wnrmanuol," Plitlri Song; poatludo, "Wool," Daquln Mary G. McOeary (s minister of music. There will bo no rehearsal of tho oom.'blnod cholr« Sunday. In- p jwn stottd1 tho rehearsal will bo held on (street. Tuesday evening at 8:30 p. m. in the church. Tho Pilgrim Fellowship will moot at .4:30 o'clock Monday, The Junior Choir re hoarsnl, 3:30 o'clock; Thn ' ST. FRANCIS' (Roman Catholic) Rev. Paul F. Keating ST. MICHAEL'S (F/plNCOpal) R«T. Wlnfred B. I,nn(fhorst Thn HCi'vlce.o for Sunday, "Dec. •I, nocond Sunday In Advont, nnd for tho week following arc: Sunday, Dec. 4, 7:30 a. m.—Holy Com- j munlon, servers, Donald Fowler, Jr. and John Fowler; 9:30 n. m.. Church school; 10:'15 a. m. Nunicry iiChool Mrs. Ocorgo Bower in charge; 11 a m. Holy Communion and fiormon, acolytes: Franklin MolchklHH, Ronald Grolo, nnnd^o bRiirci-B: }3«rry I^ockwood, William Krodel, UHhors: Arthur Fagor, Harold StinHon, John Schmuck, Kon- noth Johnson; the guild will noil calendars at tho door after the hf.i-vlco; 7:30 p. m. Young Pooplo'w Fellowship, tnlk by tho Rov. 33ax- tor on "Prejudice." Monday^ Doc. B, 3:30 p. m.-- Brownlos; 8:45 p. m., St. Mlchnel'n Guild meeting; 8 p. m., Naugaluck, t:trln|? orchestra. Tuesday, Dec. 0, 7:30 p, m., Service Club mooting; 7',30 p. m., Play- maker's reheai'Bal, Wodnosday, Doc. 7, 3:30 p. m.— BrownloK. Thurwtfay, Don. 8, 2:15 p. m.~ Wnokday School of Religion; 3'30 l>. m., OlrlB grammnr school oholr I'elioai'Kal; 7 p. m., choir riihcarfial; 7:80 p, m,, Boy ScoulH. Friday, Doc. 9, 3:30 p. m.—llrl Scouts; 7:30 p. m,—PlaymaUer'a rehearsal; 7 t p, m,, boys' choir ro- hciirsal. at 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Children'!) MIUM, !t a. m., downstairs. ST. MICHAEL'S (Romim Catholic) Unucon Fulln Rov. Jerome T. Cook Masses at 8, 9:13 and 11. HOLY SAVIOUR (Polish National Catholic) Rev. Frank P. Nlcmlec Masses celebrated nt 8 and 10:30 On The Air Today 1:00— WBRY -S'ars Over Hollywood WT1C- N«w« WWCO News WATH Hello Xma* Wt/JK.- N<!wn; I'liitu-r Parly l:15~WTIC- Fnrir. & Home Hour WWCO M clndy Matinee WLCII-- Guest Star WAT II TBA. 1:30 WHHY Glv« »n(J Tnkn WATH Old. -New, Burrowed. Klllf' WLCK F'l.-ittrr Piirndi! 1 :•!.". WT1C TBA 2:00— WURY- -County Fair WATR Samson and Delllnn wwco TBA ST. MARY'S <Rom»n Catholic) Rnv. Thomitft M. Urlffln Manxes nt 7:50, 9:30 and 11. ST. RED WIG'8 (Komun Catholic) "U-v. William J. Topur 2:30 2:45 3:30 WLCK •WBUY WBRY WLOR WLCK --WLCR-- Dave St'-phpn« Orch. Southern Methodist Cuost Star JuHt Fur You XOWB; 990 Club Guest Show Your Sere- MUHHCH at 0:30, 8, 9:30 and 11. , , ~~.w*..*, Jl ot! ILlKn school choir rehearsal, 0:45 o'clock ruosd'ay. The adult choir rohear- o±J ar u°' ClOClt; Th « ''owWnod community choirs will hold the 11- hc * raltt - ' the by tho h » SALEM LUTHERAN (AujruKiuiui Synod) ttivv. Donald I.. Kent onald L. Kent, pastor, 20 Salom ot. telephone 2692. Sunday KChool and Bible class at 9:45 a. m. Divine worship at 10:45 a. m. A nursory IH maintained during the Sunday morning worship Borvloo for the convenience of parents of small children. Sunday, Dec. 4, Second Sunday In Advent. "Walling for the Day of the Lord", (Luke 12:3640). Ushers, Dean Berry and Ed— ._ t u.,,,, u ^IUCK in me mund Olson. Music, prelude, "Wor- cnurcn. This U in prciparatlon^for ship" Mallard; anthem, "Prepare tne Christmas Vesper ncrvlco Sun- ••-••- - . day, Doc. 11, a t 4 o'clock Wednesday, The aid society will Mt d Its regular meeting. There wlJl bc sowing at 10 a. m, A covered-dish luncheon will bo served •at 1 o'clock. The business meeting, will bo at 2 o'clock, Mrs. Albert W ' Homberg win be in charge of dc- yotions. Chrlsbma., music junior choir; undor the of Mrs. McCleary will be A i, « . evenln ff division "of" Aid So C | oty will moot at 8 p m Mrs. Albert W. Holmhorg wll ™« In charge of devotions. Chris in™ McCVar ndCr ""' dll>DCtio " °' M™ num-cln from tho°adultTho'/r. 1 ' 1 ' * IriurmJa.y, The wock-n of religion, 2:30 o'clock. ThTRnv Scouts, Troop No.. 2, 7:30 D m tho of the Thc IMMANUEL LUTHERAN V. L. O. A. Bov. Theodore A gehrader n . High street, tel. 3493 Sunday-The second .Sunday in . Churc 'i school, 9:30 a ' 10:3 ° a ' ' ' Comfort of the Scrln- turoH," 3 p. m . Tho stat T ^ LeftKUo rally will be held at tho Flint Lutheran Chuch. Rookvlllo L, Pa m ' ,, Thc ndult momborshJp cliiHH mooting nt the church Monday 8 p. m.-Re^uIar mooting of tho Church Council All councllracn ploasa bo present Tuesday, 7 p. m.— Sunday school officers and teachers meeting at the chuch hall. 8 p. m . executive committee mooting of tho Naufra- tuclc Council of Churches at Snlom Lutheran Church. Thursdny. 2:30 p. m.— Wookday .->choo! of Religion Friday, 8:15 p, m.— Junior choir rehearsal. All junlorn please bo pri'scnt. 7:15 p. m. senior chnlr rehearsal. Roy W. Boron, orgnnlHt find dlroctor. Saturday, W a. m,— Oonflrma- llnn cluss meeting; 2 p. m . Sunday school ChrlstmaB program ro- I hiuirsal. ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN Missouri Synod Bev. O. H. Bertram, I'tmtor Sunday school and Bible class, 9:30; Public wqivshlip, 10:30; Ttxt: Hom/inK 15, 4-13. Thome: "HICING LIKE-MINDED IN CHRIST." Tho Lutheran Hour IH heard every Sunday over the Mutual Broarlcu-itlng System (WWCO and WI.CC) at 12:30, over the Amo-:can Broadcasting System at 3:30 (WATR). Wednesday, Adult membership class and choir rehearsal, 7:30 p. h. Thursday, Release-time school, 2:45; Sunday school teachers' meeting-, 7 p. m. Saturday, "Moments of Comfort" la dtalpnod for shut-ins and Is conducted by pastor Bin-tram ovory Saturday morning lit 7:45 over station WATR. ', "Prepare your hearts and homo for Christmas by attending Ohurch regularly." tho Bay," Lucas, Church choir; offertory solo, "The Voice In tho Wilderness," Scott, Mm. Joseph Noyack; postlude, '•'Allegro Maestoso," Kohlman. Sermon theme, "Wa Must Be Vigilant." At 7 p. m. a film prpgra'jn sponsored. by- tlitf Luther League will be presented. Tho motion picture, "And Now I See" will bc shown. Thla Is a sound motion picture produced by the United Lutheran Church of America. Movies will also be shown of tho famous radio program, "Tho Telephone Hour." A free will offering will be received for the benefit of tho Luther League. Monday, Dec. 0. 8 p. m. Young Women's Missionary society will moot at the home of Mrs. Eupla Plgaty, Park avenue. Hostesses: Mrs. PIgaty and Mrs. Arthur Algren. Tuesday, Dec. 6, 7:30 p. m. Concordia Society (church). 8 p. m. JBxocutlvo committee of the Naugatuck Council of Churches will meet at tho Salom Lutheran church. Wednesday, Dec, 7, 8:30 p. m. Luther choir rahcarttal. 7:30 p. m. Board of Deacons (church).. Thursday, Dec. 8, 2:40 p. m. Week- Day School of Religion. 3:30 p. m. Brownies mooting; 7:45 p. m. Church choir rehearsal; 8 p. m. Board of Trustees will meet at the home of Hllding Olson, 161 New street. Friday, Doc. 9, 3:30 p. m. Junior Confirmation class; 4:30 p. m. Senior Confirmation class. Saturday, Dec. 10, 9:30 a.m. Sunday school choir rehearsal. flRST CHURCH OF CHRIST. SCIENTIST WATEBBtTRY, CONN. Corner, Holmes & Mitchell Aces. Sunday Uixtcmher 18 Christian Science Services Services— Sunday 10:45 u. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday School 10:415 a, m, Wednesday 8:00 p. m. "Is the Universe Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Forco?" will bo the suibjeot of tho Lesson-Sermon for Sunday, December 18, 1940. The Golden Text is from Jerc- 32:17. "Ah Lord God! behold thou hast mado the heaven and the earth by thy *rreat power and stretched out arm, and there Is nothing too hard for thco." Selections from the Bible Include the following:: "Tho I*rd thundered from hnavon, und the mo3t Hlgrh uttered hlii voice." (II Sam, 14) Correlative passages from the Christian Science textbook, "Science and' Health with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy, Include tho following (p. 293). "Christian Science brings to light Truth and its supremacy, universal harmony, the entireness of God, good, and the nothingness oC evil . . . The Material so-called gases and forces are counterfeits of the spiritual forces ot dlvlna Mind, potency is Truth, whouc attraction is Love, whose adhesion and cohesion are Life, perpetuating tho eternal facts of bo- " ST. ANTHONY'S ( Catholic) I'ronpoct, Conn. Rev. Thomas J. O'Connell Masses at 7:30, 9 and 10:30. HILLSIDE CONGREGATIONAL llev. Harry J. Kkstam 'Sunday OMIi p. m., Sunday Bible school with Miss Vorna AndeMon and Elton Abramson in charge. 11 p. m.. Morning worship. Second Sunday In Advent. Tho church choir will sing and the pastor »lll spwak on the theme, "A Gift Awaits Thco." Lot us make good use of tho.«! days of preparation for the Christmas holidays by worshipping 1 regularly. 5 p. m., VPS- por service. Thc Children's choir will sing a group of four numbers under tht leadership of Mrs. Irene Anderson. Monday, 8 <p. m., Monthly ^ con- grcga&lonal mw.Uni!; wit.h Important matloi-K coming up for discussion. The budgets for the coming yoar will bp sotup. All members Invited and urged to attend. Tuesday 8 p. m., Executive committee of the Council of Churches of Naugatuek meet in the Salom Lutheran church. Wednesday, 8 p. m., . Regulru- mid-week service. Thursday, 6:30 p. auxiliary meets for m., Its Ladles' regular monthly meeting. This will bc preceded bjr a pot-luck su;r,'pcr. Thc mooting vmi, be, In the form of a Christma* partytj;- Friday,.; 3:30-p. : m., Girl Scouts; 7.30 p. m.', Boy Scouts; 7:45 p. nt., Ohuroh choir rehearsal. Saturday, 2.p m., Confirmation class meets in parsonage. METHODIST CHURCH Bev. Matthew II. G»tc» Church School, 9:40, Classes from nursery through high school; Morning- Worship, 11, Holy Communion. Communion meditation by •the mlniater. "Shadow over the Manger."; Vesper Service, 4, sponsored by the Evergreen chapter, No, 22, Order of the Eastern Star; Youth Fellowship, 7. Wednesday, 3:30, Confirmation class; 4:00 Junior choir, 8:00 Senior choir. Thursday, 0:30, Chrlstmns meeting of the Fidelly Bible clo;:!! at the Country Club. 3:00 3:30 - WLCR 1:00 - -WLCR— News; nude 4:15 • WLCH Your Serenade 4:30- WWCO Melody Mntlnee .5:00 WATR T<-;i and Crumpets 1 WATRIVi, und Crumpet* 5:30— WBRY--Stardu»t in the Afternoon WWCO M.-uinee Quiz WTJC MiiHie-.fur Today 5:45— WTIC - Confidential Cloae- upn 6:00-A1I Station* — Ncwg 0:15 WBRY -John A. Clumsy VVATR--. Sports; Music WTIC— Rtrlc'Jy Sport« WWCO— Sportacoje WIvCR- Sports 0:»0 WWCO NuufT. Induirt.; Lithuanian Memorlcn WTIC Symphony Orch. WBRY R.;d Harbor WATH Local nnd World Noww WLCR.-Snppor Seronnd* WBRY— Religious News S:<5— WATR— Thi. Hnrmon»lre» 7:00- -WATR Remember WBRY Yours Truly. Johnny Dollar WLCR- News; Just For You 7:15 WATR Bert Andrews 7:30- WATR- Football Scores WWCO— Quitk As a Fl»»h WBRY— Vauj/hn Monroe WTIC- Rlrhnrd Diamond 7:45— WATR Saddle Rocking Rhythm 8:00-WBRY— Gene- Autry WATR-Chandu tho Magician WWCO -20 Questions WTIC— Star Theater WBRY— Philip Marlowe WTIC -Truth or Consequences WATR- Super Man WWCO— Take a Number 9:00- WTIC Yo'ir Hit Parade WATR— sinsrln 1 Bin WWCO- Meet Your Match WBRY— Gangbusierg »:30~- WBRY-Jnzz Band Ball WATR Xavlcr Cugat MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. Is It proper to attend a masquerade dance, to which one has boon invited, in ordinary dress? A. No, this lu dlHCOurtoous. AH guests should bo suitably attired, und only If special permission has boon secured from the host or hostess may one attend in ordinary dress. Q. I» It permissible to ask the porter on a train to crill one nt a certain hour In the morning? A. Yes; this IH the correct and customary thing to do. Q. When the guesl-of-bonor is a man, where should ho bc seated at the dinner table? A. At tho right of tho hostess. ADV. 8:30 "We, THE MUSIC SHOP—" Here arc a few pointers on phonn- tcraph needles. In MUlto of advertising ami salesman's tajk, there Is no such thing as a permanent phonograph needle. You are in for a rude awakening when you find your treasured record damaged by a reliance on a "permanent" needle. It is a positive fact that, when two materials rub together In dry friction, one or Ixri.h must wear out. Thc only contact your reproducer hus with the record is the point of ,tho needle. When the point wears down, then the record begins to ruin. A good needle must have these qualities: It must he kind to the record; it must be kind to your pocketbook. At 88 Church street, you can Jin that spare needle your phonograph requires. WWCO— Lomhardoland 10:00- WATR— Barn Dance WTIC— Judy Cnnova WBRY -Sing It Again WWCO~Chic»igo Theater 10:30-WTIC— Grand Ole Opry H:00— All Pmtlons— Xewii 11:15— WBRY-Nlte" Shift WTIC— Dnnci*. Time WATR— Tops In SporU WWCO -Dnnoi Ork 11:30 --WTIC SurCX'lub Orch ' WATR— Dance Ork WWCO-Dance Ork. I2:00-A11 Station*— Kew» TKMCV1HIO3V P.M. WCBS— Channel t 1:50— Music Pgm. Preview, Weather Report 6:15-MuKic : Program Review; Weather Report 6:30— Red Barber'* CJubhoiiM 0:45 — Lucky Pup 7:15- Film Shorts 7:30-Qulncy How B 7M5— Blues by foargy 7:55— Herb Shrinor Show 8:OO— Winner Take All 8:30- Premier Playhoum P.M. WNHC-TV— Channel • l:00—TeletuncR & gport* N«w« 1:15— Pre-Game Colo 1 :30— Army-Navy Game 2 :00— Yale-Harvard 5 :0p -Football Scoreboard 6:30 — Red Barber 1 * Clubhouse «:45-Lucky Pup Kesume 7:00 -I^one Ranger ' 7:30— Hollywood Sdr'cen Teat 8:00- Spin the PlcfOrc 9:00- Who Said That »:30-Film Shorts;- WreBtling WNBT-CJumnel « • .M. 1:30 — Army-Navy Oame 5:30— Children's Sketch Book 7:30— -The Nature of Things 7:-ln- Le-jn Pearxon 8:00— Cowboy Cavalcade 9:00— Who Said That 9:30 Film Shorts " 10:00— Film Feature" 11:00— News ORDER NOW If You Want a MUSICAL INSTRUMENT for CHRISTMAS Everything Prom a Piccolo "to a Sousaphone 7EMBRUSKI MnKlc Hhop NORTH MAIN ST. TEL MOT Open Thurs. and Frt. TUI • B U T K U 8 \tlantic Service Station Fern ntid Cliowlnut BU. NOW OPEN! ! Atlantic Top Grade OU 8econd-to-nonc SOc-SBc BOSTON CRKAM PIES BANANA CRKAM MKS CHOCOI.ATK KCI.AIK.S AHSOKTBI) COFFKK CAKKH CITY BAKERY yjaiM JBna,t^o^.* TEL. MM pen IVnlly 6:30 A. M. to 6 P. M.

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