The Austin American from Austin, Texas on July 27, 1919 · 2
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The Austin American from Austin, Texas · 2

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1919
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AUSTIN'S ALWAYS BEST NEWSPAPER AUSTIN AMERICAN, SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 27, 1919. LARGEST CIRCULATION IN CENTRAL TEXAS tTT-rrrrT "7rH Joday Only Third Official United States Government War Film b food fla Presented by the Division of Films, Committee of Public Information. American, French, English and Italian Armies in Action. Thousands of Interesting Scenes From "Over There." Interesting Every Minute. Monday and Tuesday Feature No. 1 WILLIAM RUSSELL "Some Liar" A comedy drama in fire acta, from the novel by James Oliver Curwood. Also HEARST NEWS EVENTS Feature No. 2 "The Ghost of Slumbgr Mountain" In wli'Ji the prehistoric monsters of thousands of years ago lire brought back to life. See these monsters fighting, living, foraging. A Thrilling Novelty COMING Wednesday and Thursday: MAE MURRAY in "The Delicious Little Devil" COMING Friday and Saturday: EARLE WILLIAMS in "The Hornet's Uest" Show Today Starts at 2:30 p. m. Usual Queen Prices ST. MARY'S ACADEMY HAS EDUCATED MANY , TEXAS Directs and Trains Simultaneously Intellectual, Moral and Physical Education of Its Students. BUILDING IS ' FINELY SITUATED Teaching Done by Sisteri of the Holy Cross; School la Affiliated With University of Texas. J&t Mary's academy In Austin plays an Important part In the education of many Texas children whose parents wish them brought up with equal attention paid to their studies and deportment For Special Cases. More than that, it reaches out its kindly arms to take the child who has lost father or mother, oi whose parents must by force of circumstances oyage constantly or remain too short a time in one spot, or In surroundings inadequate to give their children proper attention and education.' llcjiul-fully Situated. St Mary's of Austin is a. school that hits the good fortune to be beau tifully situated as a place to bring up children. Healthful Climate. Austin is one of the most healthful cities in the United States. The school, which U in walking distance cf the business district is on high ground and the buildings and (.rounds take up a whole city block, The building, of white limestone, has added many wings till it has become a most imposing edifice. It was the original site chosen on which to build the mansion of the president of the Texas republic , From the windows one looks over a beautiful sweep of country beyond the town, of roiling land and fields. dotted with roofed houses that re in I in! one of France. Arrangement of Class Booms. An Auttin American representative who accompanied one of the sisters 1919 GOTTOtl CROP MAY BE SHORTEST -IH FOUR SEASONS Must Make Supreme Effcri to Maintain Profitable Prices on Product. OTHER END OF MARKET SCHEMES FOR LOW PRICES Its Only a Short Walk Over From the Avenue - But that short walk will save you money. Our customers know it, but we want you to know it too. Our advertisements are backed up by HONEST Merchandise, honestly priced. Our Big Shirt Sale is still on. Look around and see what kind of a Shirt you can get for $1.45, then come over here. They're the biggest values we have ever put on our counters. Jlj Vital Questions Will Bo Dis cussed at Farmers' Institute in Austin in August. W. B. YE ART. Cotton Specialist, State Department of Agriculture. It Is generally conceded that the cotton crop will be a short one, and possibly shorter than either Of the four preceding it Considering the expense of producing it, the short yield and the conceded large demand for cotton, a much higher price than has been paid during the past two seasons, are naturally anticipated. But the south has bad experience enough In the past to know it will not do to depend upon what conditions of supply and demand would Justify. The past four crops have been very short and the past two have Deen very expensive to make. , The demand has exceeded the pro duction of the four crops and reserves have been used to keep such mills running as were permitted to have cotton untU the reserve of spin- able cotton is about exhausted. The expense of production, the supply and demand, and the value of cotton as compared to Its competi tors, silk, wool and flax, have fuiiy justified the highest prices it has sola for. Still, strenuous efforts by combine tlons of manipulators ware made to force these crops to sell for 1 cents, and but for the strong organixatioa of the farmers by the departments of agriculture of the cotton pro ducing states to name a price and hold for it it is conceded by cotton experts. spinners and brokers that 16 cents would have been about the price which "the two crops would have sold for. Carry On With Effort. So It will not do for farmers, mer- ,, i J chants or banks, who depend upon all the class rooms, dormitories, llv-1 ,K.,. ing and recreation rooms, the chapel ... .,, ,. and even peeped Ho the kitchen, f favorahl aunnlv and demand con- whi.h by the way, is thoroughly up dlUon. t0 maYnt'aln profltable prices. to date. . I ut. eh.i-a, 4. at thm Tho lower floor is given over to I ,J . . ' ,n SiSS .r. Profitable price. . end to producer. the big recreation hall at one end, and also the room where the tiny controlling the price. They are studying every ecnems .".'l? thS Char8e 0t conceivable to reduce h. price and special sister. The socond floor, beside the recep tion room, has the grade and special class rooms, and the music rooms are off in one part ox the building by themselves. i-aeh room has a piano and a clavier for technique practice. There :s a special chemistry room, prevent the producers having a voles in it Controlling spot cotton Is the only wea.non that will win. Financier schemes and new cot ton associations, world cotton confer ences and other movements, origi nated and fostered by spinners nd flSo etvis 505-507 E. SIXTH ST. "The Saving Store" a "monicey rewn In the wheel and its .work Its Just as Easy to Have the Best When you order butter from your grocer, to be certain you are getting pure, fresh, delicious creamery butter of the very highest quality, just say "GOLD BAND Butter," and when you open the neat, 6anitary package youH be giad we make this suggestion. Gold Band Butter COSTS NO MORE THAN ORDINARY BUTTER ASK YOUR GROCER ! C. Bryant 0 Fifth and Colorado. BULGARIAN BUTTERMILK reamery Phone 1172 FRESH YARD EGGS a room fo hTsioi wim a7. -bi 'nl ."th? To collection of cast. of the part, of led a. e forts to eld th. , pro- tfte human body, a gift to the school. M ' " .XT '.1. . tr w 0. . ..u.. m . .. U V. ... V. w . , . . . . L a special room for each grade; after ,a ton Pwu:. that the pupils go to their different r. " "ul" . . stud'es In SDeclal class rooms. I v onving All class rooms are very light wppea. , The upper floor has two enormous ; tn tim twJ2 LZfc dormitories where each pupil has to to kee -wide-awake: bold public her bed with surrounding curtains meetings, discuss conditions and be and her washstand; the bathrooms Prepared to handle the crop to ths nd inv.inH.. in . ki. . best advantace of all. iinin. This should include means of Them, lnrmltnH .-, .- i meeting obligations of the farmers with many windows, get plenty of without selling enough to over-sup-good air, and even In summer the Ply th demands of the spinners, children sleep with a blanket over antl being prepared to stop selling at them. 1 once it a Slump occurs. There are a few nrivate rooms for Present financing conditions, nego- th cMF vir'is. I tlable warehouse receipts, the The art room l rr ir- r.n I serve banks and other available sunrilied with dmwin tnhi.. mrA helos make it easily possible to easels. . i maintain prices without Injury to There is a large kiln In one corner I business, where the hand-painted china done I Work of Iyctrislature. by the student is fired. I The legislature of Texas has ad Chapel Large. I journed after finishing the appro. Tna chiDul la Im an1 will I Dilation Dills. several hundred students. I In this respect It will be tnterest- The school is divided Into three j ln to farmers to know that the bu-sections, accord) nr ta .nt Ireau of markets and that of the ln- section kept apart as much as pos-1 stitutes, both of the department of siuio. - i agriculture. i khuihw. .uiwmi. The punlls sometimes nti. which aids in marketing cotton pass, young as 4 but 7 in the usual age. fared better than they have been the Care of Children. past two seasons, and great lmprove- The sister who took the American menta toward stabilisation of prices representative throurh th huiinin. are anticipated the next two years. said: Extreme activity towards strong "We never leave a eWM ainn u I co.oneration between bankers, mer she Is 13. " I chants and farmers from now until "One of the sisters Is always in the crop Is disposed of should be the the room, whether the chlM unoermo.t thought. awake or asleep. To dispose of the crop as fsst as 'These are the years In which hab- gathered should not be dreamed of. Its for good or evil are formed, so Foreign nations can not buy it so the child, we think, should be lead fast neither sre there ships enough subconsciously to do, think and act to haul It as fast correctly till it becomes a fixed To attempt to sell It faster than H habit - , can be paid for and shipped. .Imply "The pupils of St Mary's of the Invites a slump and plays into the Latnolic faith, get up every morning hands of the enemy. for early mass, the other ehiMr.n I Farmers Institute at Anstln, can do a they like." said the sis. All of these questions will be dis- tcr. (cussed at the annual meeting of the ".nut we expect all to attend the state farmers Institute to be held in noon services and also the evenlnr I Austin August 6, 7 and I. devotions, as the sisters attend and All friends, of cotton are Invited to tV.ftto 4 at rtn An. I... t . l- - I i . . ... K.U.t. In i - . .. ,,w irii i u iiib rooms or i aiieiui vitu ui wi.ik'.w ' dormitories at this time." cusMons. The Catholic children hv ttiPM I sv.rnl tnf mhers of the leslslature days of retreat during the year; a who have made cotton marketing a pnest comes in and talks to them, on I study have tendered their services tmous suojects on these days. and help from this department may There Is, during the day, forty-five be depended upon at public gather-minutes that each child has for a I ings if requests are made for them i.uuy nour. in wis time certain teach- I when not engaged. ers give private lessons In art music, t e e languages and other special studies. I Tallor-Tavlor Game Postpone. 6U Mary's academy is affiliated This Sunday's game of the Frank witn the University of Texas, so a I Laws and company baseball team student on graduating from 8t Mary's and the Taylor Independents has ACSTUr WOMAX ELECTED AT FEDERATION MEETING At the recent meeting of the tate federation of business and professional women's olubs, -which took place at Dallas July 15. Miss li. Vance Hay, of Austin was elected recording secretary. Miss Hay is also secretary ef the Austin business and professional women's ciub. Miss LeHUf Corbttt founder of the Austin club, and honorary president, accompanying Miss Hay to the Dallas meeting as a delegate. The Austin club, which has just joined the federation, la only a few years old, but haa grown with erasing rapidity. Is out of debt and has a summsr club house at Deep Eddy. It Is now considering the buying of more land to build a permanent club house. The meeting at Dallas was held at the Adolphus hotel, with about sixty representatives. The clubs of the state represented were El Paso, Houston, Fort Worth, Austin and Dallas. i Beaumont had expressed a desire to come Into the federation, but for soma reason did not send a representative, nor a proxy. A tentative constitution was adopt ed, which will be read at the Busi ness and Professional women s club at the next meeting on August 12. The officers for the coming year were: " President Dr. Maffett of Dallas; an efficient woman for such a place. First vice president Mrs. Fine, of Dallas, head of the ladles ready-to-wear at Sangers. Second vice president Miss ward. of El Paso. Recording secretary. Miss E. Vance Hay, of Austin, also secretary of the Austin Business and Professional Women's club. Corresponding secretary, Miss Lou ise Bridges, of Houston. Treasurer. Miss Florence eanas, oi Dallas; with Holland's magasine. Publicity secretary, Miss uuoeau, of Dallas. i Board of directors: Miss Ella V. Everett Austin. Miss Florence Coulson, Fort Worth. Miss Holmes. Fort Worth. Miss Leeman. Dallas. Miss Gets, Dallas. Miss Walton. Dallas. Mrs. Frances Hexeman Smith. Dal- WOMAX ACXTLIAKY PtAVSED FOR AMERICAS IXtilON Plans for organising a woman's auxiliary of the American Lsgton were discussed at a meeting at the Y. W. C. A. Thursday afternoon. The auxiliary will be a sister or- gantxatlon to the American Legion and will be composed of mothers, wives and sisters of service men. Its Buroose will be to perpetuate the memory and spirit of the heroes of the war and to help la patriotic undertakings. Mrs. M. M. Birge was asked to form plans for organising, and a meeting will be called next week. A party for the service men already returned to Austin was planned for the evening of Aug. . This will be a foretaste of the big cslebratioa to be given for ths Trav. is county men when all have returned. There will be water sports directed br Captain Bellmont and a program of entertainment The following commute were appointed: Entertainment: Miss Bessie Hutch- ings. Captain Belmont Roy Henderson. Refreshments: Mrs. Henry Hutch- ings, Mrs. Alberta Wilkinson. Mrs. Geo, Christisa. Transportation and finance: Mr. Currte, invitation; Mrs. Mamie 8 toner, chstrrasn; others, to be chosen later. Publicity: Miss Doulse Lawrence. Registration ( for women's auxil iary of American Legion): Alt mothers, wives and ilrters of service men. MAJOR BRADT TO RETURN FROM OVERSEAS IN ACGCST Mrs. Maude Short Brady. 1S01 Pearl street has recently received advice from her husband. Major David J. Brady, now with the army of occupation, that he will probably return home some time in Augu&L Major Brady attained considerable proficiency as an instructor of he rifle and bayonet and his servldei have been so employed during mueh of his stay In France and Germany. : More recently he has been assigned ss Instructor In relation to tlte inter-allied contests at Lemans and Paris. He is an eld Austin boy. the son of Mr .and Mrs. James Brady, now of El Paso, but for many years residents of Austin. After attending an officers' training camp. Major Brady received his commission as first lieutenant at Camp Sherman, Ohio; was speedily promoted to a captaincy, and, after service in France and Germany, was made a major. On his return to the United States he will join his family, who, during the war have been living in Austin, with his brother, John W, Brady. AUSTIN'S 0. HENRY HONORED BY HOTEL NAMED AFTER HIM l1 Porter's Widow and Daughter Attend Housewarming at . Greensboro. V. OF T. SCMMER SCHOOL HAS 1781 STUDENTS THIS YE.YII The summer school o? the University of Texas has registered 1767 students for both terms. This number is 1J7 larger than last summer. The second term, which has been In session about two wek has til students so far, IH of whom are new students who did not attend the first term. This is the third year of the summer session of the university, which was started first as an experiment The present terra closes the 0th of August and the opening of the regular fall term of the University of Texas will be in the third week of September. GUS CRAEr, V. P 1vt, back, in Acsrn; TIESDAY Gus Craven, son of Mrs. E K. Crsven. sot West Eleventh. Is expected back In Austin Tuesday after service in the United States navy. Mr. : Craven joined the naval ser vice in May, 1117, and was on one of the big transport ships, making eighteen trips in all serosa the At lan tic, . He is now In Dallas, getting his aiscnarge. TOCNO AVIATOR KILLED TOOK I'. OF T. TRAINING Lieutenant Edward M. Anderson ef Richmond Hill, Long Island, who was killed Friday st Love field. Dal las, when his plane fell to the ground, took his ground training at the University of Texas. Lieutenant Anderson was 21 years of sge. was unmarried, and Is survived by his mother, who resides at Richmond, Hill. Ben M. E Ur, of the Austin Ford agency, has returned from a trip to Iietroit Mich., where he visited the Ford Motor company plant and arranged several negotiations. fx I The "O. Henry" hotel. nam which may bring warm memories to those of Austin who knew William Sidney Porter when he worked at the land office in Austin nearly thirty years ago, and "got out" his almost weekly "Rolling Stone," has opened at Greensboro. N. C The hotel opened Its doors for a housewarming on July 2. according to a letter just received In Austin by a reporter of the Austin American from newspaper friends In Baltimore. Maryland. Among those attending were the widow of the author and ber daughter, Mrs. Oscar Cesare, wife of the cartoonist and Prof. C Alphonso Smith, head of the department of English at the United States Naval academy and authoritative biogra pher of O. Henry. Though many writers have been hon. ored by hotels named in their mem ory, it was agreed among the guests that as O. Henry lived most of his life In hotels and hotel life Is repre sentative of htm and the transients In ti!e he mimicked in his works. no belter memory could be paid U. Henry thau a hostelry. It was remarked at the house warming that no other tribute to his memory would have pleased the writers fancy more. A Dortrelt of William Sidney Por. ter hangs In the lounging room of the hotel, the letter to Austin states, and ths stiver and linen are all marked with the familiar pen name with many illustrations of his works decorating the wails. TEXAS ENGINEERING GRAD8 31AKE GOOD IN TUEIll KUlla H. R. Thomas, formerly of Austin, whe received his degree of civil engl-r.eer at the University of Texas in mr. has been employed by the l nitel states shtDDin board In test- In reinforced concrete sections of u ships of that type for some time past ( Llrutanant L. M. Zant of Asper. f i 1 mont graduate of the school I'icrini of the University ( in lsi. has resumed his work th General Eiectrtc cmpany at Bche nettady, N. I. During the war Mr. Zant was stationed at Kelly field for a time, toon served as go Instructor ta the strplsne division at the School of Military Aeronautics at the Unlver. sltv of Texas. From here he was transferred t the School of Military Aeronautics at the University of California. here he received his ground school trslnlnc. and was given a commission as a !ler. of Asper. t V t of engi ( nt Texas J rork with ft been postponed until next Sonday, because of a conflict In schedules. WANTED COUNTRY MIXED IRON For the next 30 days will pay from 35 to 45 cents per hundred pounds for scrap iron. BAUM JUNK COMPANY Cor. East Sixth and East Ave. ' Phone 164S Near City Public Scales Use Austin American Want Ads Austin American's family Notices may enter the university without fur- iner examinations. Siswts of Holy Cross. The teachers In this school are sisters of the Holy Cross, who havs u-i.erea up metr lives to the edu. cation of young girls. iu vacation time, they take up special studies, and this summt t sisters from St Mary's have been at- icmoihk me wntverstv of th tak ing advanced mathematics and Eng. It Is the custom of mn families hi Axn. ltsh. , ta Snd entrl Tnu to announce la toe xna raer of the Holy Cross came AUSTIN ameiucak u notion oi at Notre Dam. In .? J1" IC '! Confirmation.. In MemorUm. at '...1 Dame, Ind., and was foundsd r.n.aaamanu. ObituaHas. in 16t. Racaptiona. t Memorial Serrli X no teachers In St Mary's may ba Uarriacas. Anniversaries. sent elsewhere each vear eft.r thai fifteenth of August when such CARD OF THANKS, cnanrtes are announced. xvevertneiess. several have been We wish to thank our many nere in Austin for years. I friends for their kindness during th learliers and PuDila, I r.r.nt (Unas and death of our littl There are between thirty-one and son, also for the beautiful floral of wini.. -ckiu sisters in me school dur- ferine;, ing the school term About 00 pupils attend yearly. In- ciuoing oay scnoiars. who live at non.e wim tneir parents In Austin .iioai oi tne pupils come from jexas, duc a tew come from Mex Ico. EntcrtalnmfTiU. JleclUls in music are riven bv th pupils during the school terra and lecturers and entertainers are brought to Austin. This year the alumnae of St. Mary's r1rrtrif at a m..tln, t Km .......ivi. - - - r w .... i.rjiuiimuiv for brirging special talent here for ths benellt of the school. MR. AND MRS. H. H. HEATH. 8. E. ROSEGREN Undertaker and Kmbalmer. Fine Carriages for Hire. Hospital Ambulsnce. V. O. WEED. Phone tit. Automobile Ambulance. Motor-Drawn Funerals. Aaalln A mart can Infermitian. fAnatin Amirlru. Jul 27. r.il1. dally and Sunday, aerial No. 1BS1, SIS Consraa svnua. Austin. Texas. 17 ear rar. en tar ad as aaoond claai matter. Mar SI, 11. st the poatotiat at Austin, Texas, under tfte set el ounsraai.) Regardless of Profit to Us On Any of The FURNITURE Items listed below, we will buy and pay a handsome price for same1 In order to supply customers who have placed thetr names with us as being In the market for such articles and wishing us to supply them. Let us make you our price on any goods you have to sell. Nice Oak Jiressers, Library Tables. Chiffoniers, Bmell Oil Wove, small Cook Stoves. High Chairs and Dining Chairs, fern Stands, small Gas Stoves and Lawn Mowers. We have a party who wants a nice oak extension table and chairs to match and two itit ruira. " WE ARK MAKINO AN EXCEPTION AIXT tX)W RATE ON rTOR-AGE OF HOlr-EHOLD GOODS, ASK. US FOR OCR TRICE. 413 E. 6th St McClcllan & Carter Phono 17 J Announcement We Beg to Announce Our Appointment Central Texas Distributors For the Celebrated Haines Bros. Ampico Reproducing Piano Price $1,100.00 We Invite You to Call and See This Wonderful Achievement J. R. Reed Music Company AUSTIN'S LEADING MUSIC HOUSE 805 Congress Phone 524 ! ft! I

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