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Oskaloosa Sickle from Oskaloosa, Kansas • Page 2

Oskaloosa Sickle from Oskaloosa, Kansas • Page 2

Oskaloosa Sicklei
Oskaloosa, Kansas
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Hungry cattle. Oskaloosa Weekly Sickle. Two train loads of cattle (about always bo in each district, in which case he would ba likely to make correct reports, as he would avoid the abuses arising from too intimate acquaintance and personal favorit 2,800 head) brought up in the south. came in over the fcrisco last Satur HOWARD, Kdltor nnd Proprietor. day, and as soon as unloaded, were ism.

driven north of the river, and spread over all the country between SATURDAY, MAY 2G, 1883, theViver and Black Kettle. The Dr, J. WETSBL Y3cLouth5 DEALERS IN STANDARD PATENT MEDICINES, Paints, Oils, Dye-Staffs. Paint Brashes. Tooth Brushes.

Whitewash Biushes, Window Glass.Varnish, Putty, Soaps, Sponges, Toilet Articles, Druggists' Sundries, Hair Brushes, Perfumery, Picture Frames and Mouldings, Best Brands Cigars. Physicians' l'rscrlptions carefully Componnrtwl nnd Orders Aimnrrcd with. Care and li9p.l'h. cattle were so nearly starved (near Vol, 1, No 1, of Council Grove Vidette, is on our table, it is a bright newsy, local paper, edited by J. S.

Carpenter. With new typ3 and a Tensions. ly 100 died while they were here) that the herders had no control Sol, Miller of the Kansas, Chief over them, and they swept into liberal advertising patronage; we has an article on the above subject in which he bemoans the "trouble, wheat and oat heids at pleasure. All can't see why the Yidette won't the neiffhbonnjr tanners were called out to assist the herders, out succeed. Success, Bro.

Carpenter and frauds, and sterling in the pension in the following without avail. The str ck kept up The Railroad Commissioners have their depredations until Ihursday, manner: ALb PAPER. issued a pamphlet contaiuiuer the when thev were reloaded and ship "There more trouble, and fraud, ped farther west. On Tuesday eve laws governing their actions, to and stealing, in the pension business than in any other matter connected with the- Government. There are gether with forms of procedure.

ning W. Whitecomb, one of the partners owning the cattle, arrived to settle the damages the animals Wc acknowledge the receipt of thousands of men drawing pensions, had done. Damages were allowed Farmers and others desiring a genteel lucrative agency business, by which 5 to 20 a day can be earned, send address at once, on postal, to H. 0. Wilkinson 195 and 197 Fulton Street, New York.

d23-6m NEW MILLINERY STORE. MRS- Z. WOLCOnv ftlc LOUTH, KANSAS, XT'- .1 if II '2 A who are no more entitled to them, according to the laws and rules to the following farmers: Geo, the pamphlet. The Washburnes were a celebrat Hauschildt. S65: Miks S200; governing the matter, than so many Edger Brown, $15; Mr.

Parson, So; ed family in American politics, O.son son. 8123 Wiebe ouui respectiiHiy announce to the ladies of McLojth and vicinity, twenty-five years ago, and during men who were never in the army; and there are thousands of applicants working up their cases, who are just as little entitled- Thous C. S. Mace S15: Abr. Euns $25.

the war. Some four or five brothers EiehtV-Flve Dollars Lost. I that she has opened a rirst Class Halstead Independent. of them became famous, and their A Deadly Brick. ands upon thousands of men, upon coming out of the army, were in integrity and morals were never Last Sunday evening a messenger pretty good shape, enjoying excell "You don't tell me that youi hus I MILLINERY FANCY STORE, band is ud and entirely cured by so simple a medicine aa Parker's Gineer to which she asks you to call and Tonic?" "Yes, tudeed, I do." eaid examine.

Mrs. Benjamin to hei neighbor, "and after we had lost eighty-five dollars I in all its branches, in doctor's bills and piescriptions. done in the most tasteful and questioned. But singular fatality arrived in this citv and announced seems to overtake them, under ent health, and felt able to make their way in the world. They did the news that on baturday evening.

Campbell Normal University, John Bates had met his death at the hands of a young man by the which thej die away from home, while seeking treatment for some New my husband feels aa well as ever. not like the idea of applj-ing for a pension, but would as soon have nnm of Pearson at Jbredoma. The thought of begging, liut as years pass, they run behind, and become partictulars as we obtained from incurable disease. About a year ago, Oadwallader C. Washburne, of Mr.

Jonas YViUard, who went to .1 1ithi 4" ha l-wrwi XT rT I poor, and besin to feel old and stiti. Then they think what a comfort Wisconsin, died at Hot Sprin Bates to this city are as follows: bummer lerm opens June ana continues eignt weeivs. mine regu able thing a pension would be, to Young Bates was sitting a billi- inr vo rlnsse Classes in all common Arkansas, where he has gone for treatment for Bright's disease of the kidneys. Israel Washburne, of EDWARD SMITH. Road Notice.

Notice is hereby given, that on the 12th day of April A. D. J8S3, a teti tiou was presented to the Board of County Commissioners of Jeftersnu County in the State of Kansas, asking that a road be viewed, surveyed, laid out and established in said County, commencing at a point about eighty rods east of the northwest corner of the southwest quarter of Section fifteen, in Town ten, of Range inable manner; at reasonable prices. Thankful for pasfcSfavors, I ask a continuance of patronage. Mrs.

S. Z. WOLCOTT. Apr. 7.

tIew Store. A. J. GARRETT, Proprietor I nave opened general merchandise store at th City of McLouth in Union Tp. and hope to secure the pitronage ol all whocMac mat point to it i It.

as cheap as you purchase anywhere. a 4- ard hall, when a small brother ol the murderer began to throw pota- branches, Book-Keeping, German, Latin, Greek; in all the sciences Maine, died Philadelphia last toes at him, several of which struck i. I I LCUUUas liillUllli: Class. Ulliucnia tuuusc turn iu suuuirc. aiuu- week where he had gone for treat mm.

oates reiuriieu nic cumpn- ment by throwing baclc at him, one in Instrumental Music. TeWraohv and Phonorrarhv. onlv. extras ment for some disease, Elihu i 1 11. 1 i 1 I ot i or vvnicn sirucK ine oov wuica Washburne, of Illinois, has been eighteen, and run west on the haJf i smarted him severely.

His older Classes in Elocution, Vocal Music, Writing and Drawing free il 1 1 J. 1 II orotner oecame enrageu at liiis, una csoo i Rafps thflh WAS 1UIUUU, V- Hill WUIU, aua aWa. v.t, paralyzed for some years, and is liable to drop off any time. Kansas Chief. tempted to knock his brains out tember 4.

Write for information to wif.Ti a hrinlr. WllO WaS a neip tnem in ineir oia age, ana finally imagine they can trace an ailment or a pain to some injury or exposure thev suffered in the army. Then the ever ready pension agent is ready to work up their case, and the next thing their neighbors know, they are allowed a pension. Until recently, it was accompanied by a good round sura of back pay; but the time for that is past- And then follows the statement that he believes that "hard ships nnd exposures incident to army life seriously damaged the consitution of every man who was in active service although for years the effects did not show thems elves." That is what we call a queer way of presenting "frauds" If it is true that every man come out of the President J.

H. MILLER Oskaloosa presents, at this time, young man, replied to him that he did not intend to hurt his little splendid openings for two classes of industry, that will make money for any party who understands the business, and will lake hold now with brother, and that he was sorry he hit him. He continued his abuse, Oregon 0. Items few and far between. The handsome face of John Estes when Bates told him that if nothing but a fight would satisfy him, if a little capital and a determination to succeed.

We refer to Fruit Canning, and to the Nursery business. ACME FURNITURE VARNISH, For Varnishing Pianos, Organs and Furniture of all kinds. Be sure the article to be varnished is perfectly" clean and dry. Apply with a soft sponge. Rub well until wood is well covered.

Anyont? can 'apply it. Warranted the Best and Cheapest that can be used. Price, 23 cents. For Sale by T. C.

BEXSON. Druggist, Oskaloosa, Kansas. is seen among our loafers once again. ie would lay down his brick and The farmers in the vicinity of Or 1 housands ot bushels of the va follow him, he would do the best egon bought of the Chicago Scale he could for him; that nobody but rious kinds of fruits, have heretofore rotted in the orchards in this vicin a pair of 4 ton scales. It is cowards would fight with stones time they were in weighing order.

ity from the fact, that no means of Bates then started to walk away Some enterprising thief stole a war with the seeds of disease in his i i i trom Pearson. It was at this junct rpe and pucket of John Say lor. ure that Pierson threw the brick, system, ana tnat the exposures properly caremg for it was at hand. The soil here also, appears to be peculiarly adapted to the growth of tomatoes. As to nursery stock, How enterprising some of our striking Bates just behind and a citizens are who take 10 cents for little above the left ear.

crushing ruined the constitution, and is apparent in after years, where is the "fraud" or the "stealing" to come JAIrlKS STOUT, Dealer in Groceries, Dry Coods, Notions, Flour, Provisions. OREGON P. 0,, Jefferson, Co. Sells for Cash or Trade, only, as low as can be had in the county. Bring your produce to me- and receive the highest price in cash This occurred about egg when thev can get 12 from in the skull section line, or as near thereto as practicable, about one hundred and tbirty rods, more or less, to the bench of a hill; thence in a southerly direction to intersect the S.

H. Gskell load, and there terminate. And to vacate so much of the Day andGaskell roads a9 lies between the commencement and termination of the prop sed road. And that viewers will meet at the house of Ed. Smith on the 12th day of June, 1883, and proceed to view said road, and give all parties a hearing.

And that said Road Case will be taken up by the Board of County Commissioners on the Report of viewers, on the 2nd day of July, A. 1SS3. By order of the Board of County Commissioners. J. R.

BEST, County Clerk of Jefferson County. M. G. JUDY. Road Vacation Notice.

Notice is hereby given, that on the 12th day of April, A. D. 18S3, a Petition was presented to the Board of County Commissioners of Jeffersoo County iu the fitate of Kansas, asking that a Road be viowed, surveyed and vacated in said County, as follows, viz: So much of the Garrett and Smalley Roads as lies betweu the north and sooth lines of Section tweuty-one, iu Town ten, of Range eighteen. And that Viewers will meet at the house of M. G.

Judy, on the 13th day ol June, 1883. and proceed to view said road, and give ail parties a hearing. Add that said Road will be taken up by the Board of County Commissioners on the Report of Viewers, on the 2nd day of July, A. D. 1S83.

By order of the Board of County Commissioners. J. R. BEST. County Clerk of Jefferson County.

nothing has been done here since the death, ot Mr. Newhouse, and 7 o'clock in the evening, and Bates our worthy P. M. in when a man breaks down in his 77 wtei made at hortie by the inlustro Sliest business now before the public. Cap itat Hot nerded.

We will start you- Men, women boys and girls wanted everywhere to wori for us Now is the time. You can wort in spare time, Kive your whole time to the business. No othe business will pay you nearly as wcil. No one can fail to maA-e enrrraous pay. by engaging at once Costly outfit and terms free.

Money made fast. ea ily. and honorably. Ad iress Thus Augusta Maine. dec 16 1 yr expired at 2 clock Sunday morn- Some of our young bloods have here is a fane held for operation, perhaps as good as any in Eastern ing.

Ihe murderer was ai once invented a. lotterv- Younsr Kansas. The Come Urest, Metzger arrested and placed in jml. rear- mPn why- will you disregard the old age and applies for what he understood to be a free g.ft of the government in case of injury re son nas tne reputation or ueing a teachings of your parents Insley Real Estate paper. An Actiye Business Man very.bau opy, wnose on aUg Qregonians are in the habit of olace was the billiard hall.

This is ceived in the service. To prevent injury to the government he throwing niekles for the cigarsi A man by the name of Wads- another evidence of the eyil influ This item is to notify the public worth made his debut into our city would give all soldiers a pension. that Stout ended it once and tor several weeks ago. He had come or goods. C.

K. WEN RICH, DENTIST. Open on Satnrd 3ffice with Drs. Buekniaster Funchess, Public Square, Oskaloosa, Kansas. ALL WORK WARRANTED.

ever at his office. More anon. JAMES STOUT. We have no objection to the government, giving pensions to here to settle and get married get married was his principal subject of Good Will. Oregon P.

O. may 2G conversation, still he could talk Interesting to Ladies horses, a number of which he seem every enlisted man, but we do object io crying mud or thief every time Our lady readers can hardly fail to have their attention called this ii neighbor gets what the govern ed to have, He traded for two lots on Fourth street, fenced them and made other improvements. He sold week to the latest combination of WOSDDERFUL WIT HOUT NUMBER Are the cures recorded by the use of Brown's Am i caSalve. Not a family in Amerit-a but should keep, a remedy lor bnrns, cuts, bruise; old ses and in 6ameH sore eyes always in the houe. The Brown Medicine Co warrant every box Brewi'i Arnica Salve.

ence the billiard halls of the country have oyer the youth. The body of young Bates arrived in Eureka about 9 o'clock Tuesday morning, and the funeral took place from his father's house at 4 o'clock p. Tuesday. Greenwood County) Republican. A Fable.

A fox one day made a call upon a peasant and bitterly complained of the custom of shutting poultry up nights in fox-proof pens: "It isn't because I suffer at all," added Reynard, "but think how uncomfortable it must be for the poor fowls. It is their con improvements in that most useful two or three placed two of all domestic impliments, the 'sewing machine A STATE MAP FR EE. The Burlington Hawkeye. THE MOST P0PCL.1E PAPER IN AMERICA. As we understand it, a machine for family use should meet first, of all these requirements: It should mortgages on the lots, went to Wamego Saturday, sold a horse and buggy, and was arested and is now in jail for stealing horses.

It is supposed that the horses he sold here were stolen, or obtained in some way that is not in accordance with the laws of Kansas. Parties who are interested are investigating the matter. Minneapolis Index. be simple its mechanism; it Itobert J. Burdette, Frank Hatton, Ehitor in-Chief.

Associate-Editor. should run easily; it should do a wide range oi work; it should be as dition I wish to mitigate. The Now is the Time to Get up Clubs. The retail price of The Hawkeye peasant took the matter under nearly noiseless as possible; it should be light, handsome, durable, and as advisement, and next eyening he is two dollaid a year, and this price has been rigidly adhered to, although cheap as is consistent with excell W. F.

CILLULY, Attorney at Law and County Attorney W'll practice in all the Courts in the State of Kaa cis. Oifiec in Court House. Oskaloosa. Kax 5,000 in Reward. IoTotx Farmer, of -Cedar Rapids.

Iowa, is th cheapest and best Agricultural and Stock journal in he West, and is published at the low price of $1 OO per ye2r. Subscribe for. it at once, and get the thre ast month's Nos. of 1SS2, free. Its publishers lo offer this year over $5,000 worthvof live stock and machinery tothos.

wno li lubsforJt Writ ts at once for complete list, see how easy it is make .100.00. Jowa Farmer Co "Cedar Rapids. Iowa. AYER'S neglected to shut up his fowls. The Deacon and the Choir.

ence throughout May A Valuable Addition. Because it is beneficial to the scalp and adds to personal beaut by restoring" color and lustre to gray or faded hair, is why Parker's Hair Balsam is such a popular dressing. Additional Homesteads. Soldiers, sailors, their widows or minor cnildren.who have homestead -ed a 20, 30, 40, 50. 12), any number of acres less than 160, come and see the tindersigned and he will let you know if your additional homestead is good, ami pay you the highest cash pries, and pay you 20 cents the management well knows that the paper is worth two hundred dollars Next morning he came across the fox just as he had finished feasting These conditions the "Light Run Some mischievous young persons in a rural church choir were proud of the way in which thev to any one with a family to raise: on a fat pullet, and cried out: 4iAh! ning New Home" certainly meets.

It has also several very important but, the purpose of this is the way you take to pity my Encouragrinsr the Rising Genera and useful attachments and no rendered the music of the church and were much annored by the poor fowls, is it?" "Well, you LIT see, grmnea tteynara, i ieei very discordant way in which an old deacon in the congregation persisted in doing what 'he considered to sorry for the fowls, but at the same cannot afford to miss an opportunity' Moral: The man with ten acres of land to sell is the chap who first sees the need of an orpnan tion, Improving the Moralg of the Communitj', Enehancing the Value of Real Estate, and Reducing Taxes, The Hawkeye will SEND EVERY SUBSCRIBER KANSAS be his duty and his share of the per acre over and above all other bidders on your claim. singing. Ihe old man, who had been in the habit of singing in Metzoeii Insley, Agents. Count v. asylum.

Detroit Free Press. that style all the days af his life re April 14. Sarsaparilla cures Iihcomatium, Xearalgla, Bhrnmttls Goat, General Debility, Catarrh, and a'l disorders caiused by a thin and imjjoverislied. or corrupted, condition of the blood; ezpelMng the blood-poisons from thei system, enriching and renewing the blood, and restoring its vltal-izing ower. fused to take the mmy hints which were from time to time sent to him.

who remits two dollars. The Hawk- Osawkee Items. Last week we raid something about ment gives him. There is many a man in every neighborhood who never was in the army, that is not sound, who would surprise his neighbors by suspending work because of some rupture or disease they never heard of before. With the examinations and the volume of evidence required, we would not cry "fraud" if a man looking ever so healthy should secure a pension.

But here is Mr. Miller's idea of justice in the premises "Now, we have a theory on this pension question, that we believe is not far from right, and which would harm nobody. We are in favor of allowing a pension to every man who served in the Union army, and has an honorable discharge, not only in the Rebellion, but in previous wars, except such as have forfeited the right by heinous acts of treason against the Government. We believe that hardships and exposures incident to army life seriously damaged the constitution of every man who was in active service, altho' for years the effects did not show themselves. But the seeds were therer and all these men will begin to break years before they would have done so, had it not been for that hard service.

Every man's life is shortened by it; but much more so those who received wounds, however slight. A gunshot wound will last forever, although apparently trifling at the time. As age creeps on, and in sudden change of weather, or when the person takes cold, that wound will trouble him, and finally terminate in chronic rheumatism, paralysis, or some other permanent disabling ailment. Therfore, on general principals, a pension to every man who served in the army would not be amiss." He would regulate the matter follows: "If pensions were granted to all soldiers, it would put an end to the eye one year and a FIXE WALL MAP OF THE STATE, At last the choir folks, wearv of some parties having nets in the river. Mounted on Rollers ready -for the These are Known to us, ana if the nets are not tak out we think we shall mention their louring a long period el unparalleled.

useful- wail, free of expense Every citizen of the State should discord, waited on him. in a body, and told him how different his singing was from theirs and how they wished he would stop. He listened to them sadly, but res- 6 THZr Our new store is running in full embrace this oportuuity to otbaiu a map without expense. yGHTRUNNlNG ties. Aver 8 Saksai-akilla bs proven its perfect adaptation to the cure of all duseases originating in poor blood and a wrakened iritalitji It is a highly eenoentrated extract ar-parilla and otber blood-purifying; rotsr combined with Iodide of I'otasKinm ml Iron, and is the safest, most reliable, and nut blast.

Mr. Winthroub, the gentlemanly proprietor, is right down to hard pan in his prices, you will be convinced of by calling on him pectfuUv, and then said "My Sample copies of The Hawkeye young friends, my voice is not and examining prices. good, and my ear is not perfect. Premium List on application. Addiess, THE HAWKEYE CO Bublinqtoic Iowa.

The entertainment given by Miss My singing is not skillful, but I am Flora Myers, which we spoke of last sure it is more acceptable to God Inflammatory Rheamatlsm Cnred. -j AVER'S Sarsaparilla bas cured me of th Inflaniiiiatory Klieunixtisin, with wliirli 1 bavo suftered for many years. W. H. Moohe." lurhani.

March 2. Iff 2. than yours, for I am a chnstain, while you sing all your beautiful music only as a choir." The week, was a grand success Although there was meeting in town, the house was well filleii. Miss Mamie Dewey received the album, she being yoied the handsomest lady in the house. C.

A. V1ETS. Road Notice Notice is hereby given, that on the 2th day of April. A D. 1883, a Pet young folks concluded to let that old man alone for the future, and tions" of its own, which go far to make good its claims to popular favor.

The "New Home" specially recommends itself to purchasers on account of its superior, mechanical construction, ease of management and reasonable price. Over half a million have been sold in the hist three years, all of which are giving universal satisfaction. This unrivalled" machine is manufactured by the NEW-HOME SEWING MACHINE 30 Union Square, New York, who wish us to say that all who will send for their new illustrated' catalogue and enclose their advertisement (printed on another page,) "will receive a set of fancy advertising novelties of value to those collecting cards, Pleasant Valley. Mr. W.

II. Raines is making an improvement in the roads. For killing weeds, Bill Frost beats jack Frost all to pieces. If you don't belieye this, look in Mr. D.

B. Baker's corn field. Miss. Laura Johnson is visiting her sister, Mrs. W.

R. Raines. Mr. Sheperd will move the sawmill over on Slough Creek this week. Mr.

A. Mack lost a horse by hydrophobia laat week. Schoel closed Tuesday the 22nd. Mr. Casebier, over on the other side, has become convinced that his dog is going mad, and has chained him in a safe place, as this dog was bitten over six weeks ago we think some other dogs in this vicinity, known tohavebfen bitten about the same time should be closely watched Ollived.

simple" II. J. Willi I. I Kight yearsago I had an attack of Kheitmiw-; timn to stvfre that I could not niove from the bel, or dress, without help. I tried, several reniedie "-without much if any relief, until 1 VH Avtlt i Saksahakilla, bv the use of two bott'H ft' I hich I was completely cured.

I have m-t U-en troubled ith the Rheumatism since. Have soid 1irtre onantitits of your and it to allow him. to do as much singing as he pleased in any style that might suit him. ticn was presented to the Board County Commissioners of Jefferson County iu the State of Kansas, ask ing that a road be viewed, turveyeu. aid oat and established in eaid Coun still retail: its wonderful popularity.

Ihe many notable cures it has effected iu this vicinity cui-" yiitce tne that it is the best medicine ever I onred to the public. E- F. Haiiku." Rabbit With Horns. While out gunning one day last ty, commencing at a roint forty rods tast of the southeast corner of the J. B.

Weiland. of course received the cane We all acknowledge him to be the laziest man in town. Adam Mack, living a few miles south of here, had a horse taken with hydrophobia, and had to hill him on last Sunday. There -will be a picnic here this Saturday an excursion from Topeka. Steven Pearsoll has taken a position as clerk with Mr.

Winthroub: Steve i3 a clever boy, and will treat all his customers in a gentlemanly manner. J. W. Ijams is putting in a stock of groceries. Little John.

week Charlie Parka killed a quadru southwest quarter of Section twenty- nine in lown ten, of liange twenty and run west along the section line. on the best route, to the fo jt of a cer ped, which in appearance and size, resembled a rabbit. In fact, at the time he thought it was a rabbit, but upon examination found two horns tain hill; thence iu a southwesterly v.vinjiu; direction arouud said hill; thence in northwesterly direction intersect at the but of eaoh ear, about two pension frauds. It would take awav ing the section line aoout leu rotm, more or less west of the southeast inches in lenglh; and of bone firmly mm 3 set to the skull. So far.

he has been Ijnt March was so weak from general debility that 1 could not walk without help. KCI-lnwinp the adrieeof a friend. I commenced taking is'rt SAKr-AfAKilLA. a.d before- I tiad usel I felt as well as I eTerdidin tnylifi I have lieen at wtirk now for two months1, anil think your SAbftAfABiLl.A the rr tm -llxd niwliint- in the world. JAVK8 JlAVSikh." SMi West 1.1 bt Xti- York, July 13, Aveb's SaU8AP.i:ii.1.a -euros Scrofula and all Scrofulous Cornplalnta Krysipelas, Er-i'ina, Kingworm, Blotches Sores.

Boile. Tamors.and Kruptionsof the Itcknrs th- of all iuipurilies, aids tTigestion, stinni-latct- the action of the bon ai.d thus restores rita'ity and strengthens the whole system. I'HKI AKEU BT rv a a 1 1 corner of the southwest quarter of said Section twenty-nine, thence 3 west along the section line to the southeast cprner of Section tbirty, in Town ten, of Ranee twenty; thence to th on eeef line, or as near there unable to And any one who cau give any light upon thia speciea of animals or rabbits, and asks for information from the reader of the Palladium, if any of them know, touching upon this species of quadruped. Whocsn give Palladium. to aa practicable, to the south line of Section thirty-one, in Town ten, of liange twenty, and mere terminate.

And that viewers will meet at tne The barbers have been holding an indignation meeting at 8t Lois, and haye come to the conclusion that a 5-cent shave is worse than no shave at all. One of them with a deep sense of humiliation, that he sometimes passed himself off as a doctor, so afraid was he Ot being confounded with a o-cent barber. The confession created not a little excitement, but upon proper evidencfe of contrition, th nfT-mee was finallv eXCUS ed. We SolJ by all Druggists; price 1. si bottles.

5. SEVIHG MACHIHE CO- me occasion ior ic. i ne pensions could then be regulated by the reports of the examining surgeons. Those who were disabled by severe wounds, could draw pensions in proportion, while these who haa no wounds could draw the smaller allowances, to be increased, as disabilities appeared. It would be in much the same manner that pensions are now regulated to those who -are entitled to them.

To avoid collusion between the surgeon and the subject, the surgeons could be changed to different and distant districts, each quarter, or year, or whatever timelhey have to re-ex-nmine, so that a anger would houte of H. Furgusoo, on the loth Bring your wives to town and let day of June, 1SS3, and proceed to view eaid road, and give all parties a hear them add their presence to the occa FREE I mr ing. And that -id Itoad Case will CHICAGO.ILL.- sion. The graves will be decorated the be taken up ny tne Board ot county Commissioners on the Report of view ORANGE, fyiASS. tun ATI AWT A flA RELIABLE SELF-CURE tirst thing after dinner and then the 0k ers, on the 3 i day of July, A.

boys" will assemble in the park and A favorito rrowriptioi on. nf Mr. George Abbott of Osawkee, called on Thursday, and reports everything lovely over on the riyer. FTo wants tr coo DawlcP( hVt il hlT By order of the Board of County hear Capt. Johnson.

most noted and rncmlLuM in the U. S. (now r-ird lor th-ttr-f Arrraui fiaMttfy, Xot yfm Hmuti, Wratemm ami itmtxf. tcc( Ui leiiVelo-. i-rugisiLau fi.llt.

Address C3. WARD letiisjana, Xf-ls. are pleased to note a proper feeling Of dignity the toneorial pro-ressioo. K. C.

Times. Commissioners. J. R. Best, County Clerk of Jetlerson County.

livery smoker should trv T.mff fl PCflTO WANTED fr" the Pnt aa Tmnmlt. Cfl I Sclhsf Bonk n4 Blc PntH 4 aV reduced 33 J-cr ct. Nlionl Fublith it- Mo. Joke." 111! I celebration on the 4th of July..

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