Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 2, 1949 · Page 9
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 9

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1949
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Employment Employment Help W*nted-~Male Help Wimtwl—Fonialu LOCAL UKOA.M/ATION haa. openings lor vctt Tiius f-iuaiitnid luf on/i >T- training- under t; J bill. .Men Hci^ci-;-] will be given thorough training In salc.s. Our HVlUnK If.VolVvK hOUS*fcM. oflU'.*-: <, Htore and fcielory canvassing. \Vrlt« lu Ui>x "T", care uf New. WASTED— Man between 25-30 years U age, maTrifti. eoiU-«c education or equivalent, neat uppc.'ii'inK, -sc-HlnK experience helpful iml not uxMeniial, Vfc are tlvalors iyr one ul tuv m«v«l i»<»i*i»- lar Juw-pr ir*-»', rar-s. Li he ml salary and ctmijniMsi^n ha-^is. Paid vac:iti'- ( ))M, lite health &. ;ioetiU:iit insurance, and hQMpUaltzatlnn. K'-pl.v uivtnx complete information lu lio* "C" c-o the News. Mourn WOJIK.N—J'Vir part tlmi! work, at your convc-iiienei:. J'leitHani. hualiti- lul, l>ru(itatile work. Write Box "IT , euro ol .\tw*. 2.i Agcnti* or Salesmen KSTA n LiMii*:i» o it*;.A >'I/,,\T JON — wuniN ii'jruhum- Mah-H(n;ui to work Iron; hin own homo. MUHI II;LV<; (jrlvnUj piiuru:. Car noccUut fur Sat, fallow-up. We pay hourly ralc.s (in- telephone' V'MU commission. Wrilu to Uox "S', cart: u( News. For Sale iltmituti l r or FOIl SAJ-,K—In i-Timpect near Uni City, 0 room IKJUHO. \vlth fir^pi.iL: nun porc.h. a car gurUKi:. SituateJ i a turner Jot. Owner moving lo ,iii'nii( city. AJunt null uulckly. H;L<:rin<- 1'honc "SIM. 1'huno .1 A. MISS MO!>lll3 ) ICMiitii — AmmilHKr 3K. r ih l»r Selected Homus For Sale For Siilo AN KXt-'ICLl.BNT IN V KbTMTSST N A l"<; A'lM't'K — Koui- (ninll>' h'nisi; ]i.- 1 -atctl mi Main HI. l''iirnac-i. heat lu 1' atiurlini-nl.s c<n Ilimr. Urn; upai-t vut'iinV. Kuitl. HUilnKn rumiMir- iittv«.'iy rerunt nnd rent <'l liuuyt; t.'.\ celliTit Hhape (JwniT III Mini niuwl dl MODKHS 4 • 1IUOM 1IU.NUAJ.OW - SG.BUU. JKIDKKN « - UOOM IJO.MK on weHt Hide, In-eiilni'e, oil heal. 11K.VCON FALliS—«. 2 ulsll'i- i«ln'd, tile bath, oil lieut. A HI Ilil'l/k: V. J' 2'133 ol 5J44. I FAMILY—8 i-ociinn on HlKbiund Avo. Tul GOS1 JOHN IIKALY, 118 Church St. Itoot and Soyd, Inc. Realtoru Innuranco 174 Qriind Bt. Phono 4-8KU Wtby. tlu> or Midi a lliiHliH'NH JOHKI'll IIALI'KHIN, 11roU«r InMirunce, J,O|H, Heal I^Htaln 10 K. Mala St. Till. 4-UN88 Will). B-. A. BKAZtCKl — n«al fiBtate — 174 PROSPECT BT. PHONB) B426 Lint Your Property lor gulck. 8«Jo. Tho A. K. Martlno Co. Heal Estate Ami Appraisal* tO» E. Main St. Phone «-828B Wtby. WAL/TICB A, NOKWAB11. Any. INSURANCE UBAL.TOR 209 Church St Phone 4784 N»iMt. 1'OH KAljV.—Z family IKIUHU with t ruoniH on (-aith Hour, nixid condition, line locution, nrleod reasonably. Oill Anthony Farrer 4233. Insurance & Hoal ISHtnlo For Rent Announcements VVutiti'd To llent VANTKP—:i-4 or 5 iinlurnlwhed rooinn or house by veteran, wile unO Hchofi aKe. child. U'tply liox "L". care oi Nevva. HOOIIIK to Bent FOU Cull. KKiVT—Ji'urnlNhod heated room. FUll .UK.N'T— Room lur nentleman, corn-ally loraled. Call at r,i) liubbur A\«. Mlti. ,Suuiltor,4kL tut ApurtriiciitN i r or Kent roll HICNT — I rooni aiinrlinent, mu*t liuy luntlltii'<:. I'luiiiu ^'lU'i alter Thurw- ilay. . cimM wltlt lurnltui'e. , linnietllati) ocftlljal,- i.:y. ' Li-nvlnx Hlatu, I'llonu OU2S. C lo 7 )>. m. FOIl IlKST— 4 very reasonable, ' I'O Hlfll-l.HT — Kunilahed 1-ro'.in aparuni'iit lor winter months, lloler- IUICCH I'xclianuf'tl. Tel. (i8»7. BI) OfJlccs To Kent FOH KK.NT— Olflcon lor proKmnlonal man In NauKatuck. Tel. S-986B. Wtby. lib BuMn«M Opportunities A WONDBllFUL OPPO11TUNITV :i family, G-li-C roomu, hot walm- lieut on each Hour. PLU8 Hlore butldliiK with hardware utoro In full operation. For particulars write Box "D', care ot Nowx. HCJXGBYt TUIHSTTt Stop At The •TBA1TSVILLE 8PA Sew H»T«B Box! fioae <_8M DBESSMAK1/VO aafl AlteraUoan done r«a«onable. Phone 5841. Mm. LouUe McOulre, 47 Blnglmm Bt. Tlult Onr Soda J-'ouataln Open 7 a. m. to 6 p. m. Except Sunday ANDY'B CAMPUS — Church Street 12 Aiuiouncomentw 12a Announcements Lout and Found., |,OST—Wallet al CYO baHXetball nrin:- tieii. Nov. M. Contc.nlH KimtlmuiiU'.! value. I'hiiiu' .Michael WnrKO 4484. LOHT—Navy blue HlrlnK iiock«t'xiuk, nnwt 1 Kl.'iMs'-H In brown carte. Between Cri'iMi * Hubbur Ave. Tel. .1830. LOHT—Hank I look No. '15,084 On the NaiiKiitiH'k KavlriKH Bank. Owner hereby »|)|)1I('H for a new book. Dated al Ni'uusalllck Nov. IK, 1(1411. JANK C. ROMAN". LOST—Hank liook No. 49.102 on Iho NauKatuek KavliiKH Kanll. Owner hereby al>l>lle.H lor a new bonk. Dute'.l at NaUBatuck Nov. IS, 104!l. T\ BtiHlnoHH Opportunities Fitzpatrick-Romano IS 14 WUty. 5-i:ilii . p. m. for appointment to Inspect l i-ni Om d (Inorx. r. K! ulinul • ere. excellent roiul, ?S'10(t. ]Tn> SSSU". Maiiorno. Kvymoiif 2C!)I. KOU S.VI.K— (ixtfii'd. 5 bath, oil liuini-r. liardw c. univi'Tsal FOU SAI.K— WCK! Kkle, 5 -room l-(am- ily ItnuHc. natnral tile lnithr<juin. 10- rof.m. U-lnnilly house, oil heat. 2-car IvAST SI DK— 8 -room. All Khuated (.n K'H I-ll.mlly \:<>'lm: location*. All PATSY I.AHHIOLA K«tate Axen Tliono Naufj. 345S or Wtby. BTBOI/LY'b HEAL XHTATB 4S Bprlng Bt, Tel. 3-2081 Waterbury, Conn. Wanted to Kuy WANTED—QocU 2 mmtly houBe, Ij or ( rooms on each floor preferred. I hnv< a cash customer waiting lor Much * listing. HENRY M. MURPHY Real Estate and Appralnala Telephone 3-4032 Waterbury THY DAILY NKW8 AVANT FOK QUICK KKSULTS — Public Acconn';ant9 — Phone NAUR. 2805-6007 OKAV.SO WE LOOK, Y NO, BUT YOU FOR A BARBER WHO • \ M6HJ COOK FOR SHOOT* HrVCUSVOMEK* I A KILLER 40 THEY'LL *IT / 60NE TO qUlTE STILL IN -rue r-—-i SOME PAINS to CHAIR I \DENTlTV A WE HAD EITHER ,\| OR BOTH A KW \ HOUR&ASO! THE J KILLER SHAVED J <^ APTER DEATH — \ 5EE THOSE RAZOR ) NICK* * ' NOW, WttT WAT DOESNT /WAKE OUR LATE FRIEND DOESN'T HAVE BEARD OR A MUSTACHE' NOT ! THfcY CAME FRO* -me PEAO MAN 1 * FACE* THO$E HA(R$ YOU FOUND ON TUE VICTIM'^ LAPEU— THEV COUtO UAVE FALLEN FROM SCAUP! MORE'N OL' •'TIELESS'TV TVLER'S DOIN' — HE'S BANKRUPTED COMPLETE \! TH 1 PORE CRITTER PERDUCeD SO MILLYUN PATCHWORK TIES EUERVBODy'S ' TH' TOM-FOOL THINGS, BUT HE AIN'T SOLD ARV A BLESSET OWE'.! PATCHES 8V TH' THPiT ONE OUT, ' MONEY HAND OVER FIST, TH 1 CONMIV1M' COBBS1! WHAT AR6 VE YflRMICOTS DOIW IN NEW VARK ?• WHAT A PREDICAMENT! DOWNHILL-* BLAZING AMMUNITION CAR IN MAD PURSUIT—AW OUST AHEAD, IN RIO BAMBft, TWE REBEL ARM WAIT INS TO 6RAB THEM, NEAH.'-I KNOW.!' Bur N t NSVEK HAD A GICU-f'THB 1 GUVS JIBBED ME ABOUnr."-CALLeD ME A SPOOK.-" - ir Q MAKE M6 LOO 1C UKG A BIS-TIMB OPEQATOra, - SBNr THArAUPDGraAPHED ] MIWD THE- / iu"GH"ME- OPC TMBT PIN-UP piDTHe coNrEsrToevop^ \ L M]GHrB veM oia U TWO BUCKS W1LMA ISNT MV m..\F SUS. ISNT MDUCl oiaL^ I PONT EVBM ourop SCHOOL /...SHE'S OKI THE WARPATH! DID J VOUR GRANDMOTHER IS DEMAMDlMG OK.. STEP INSIDE (• GRANDMA ....THE TIME HAS COME ' FOR YOU TO A^AKE AMOTOER CLEAN BREAST TO KNOW WHO PICKEO ALL THE WHITE MEAT OFF THE CH\CKEN YOU TWO HAVE ANYTHING TO WITH ^AYt«AC / 1 MS/ST THAT XOU ACCEPT THIS NECKLACE ... THEN "<1OU SHALL "SEE • AT THIS MOMENT BRICK PASSES A CONCEALED ELECTCIC EYE • WHAT'S THAT? THE ^\ 0UZT.ER! ) SOMEBODY'S COMtNG J UP THE CORQIDORtiJ ClllllH'l MAH THKKH~WHOLI!8A1.K Katicy HalHtim & flpruco thai »ell ort Hl^ht: all Helectud, l{ea«onably prlcHtl. HouKh wreatfiy, elu. Write for price. UlK.lllltlB li'AltM BornurdHton. Ma«». Auctionn I'UBLIC AUCTION (ilt,A\(iK HA 1,1 — Friday nlKht, Doc. 2 — 7:30. Miocul- iimuimH iiHHortmeiH oC K!>LHH. crockery, (nrnlturfl, IIOOXH iitKl alilitUH) nieiKm lnctu<llnK flux wheel, AlKu many uiher IntoroHtlnK and u»e!til ItomH. The MulmiiM will cutor as usual. U. E. PLATTS. owner. O. M. DEARBORN, Auctioneer. Special Notice* • WILLIAM M, CHITTJSKDEN Insurance •— Real Kntate 180 Church St. Phone 2140 Automotive AutoN For Sale 1!MS HUidobaker Champion. }teR»l X>oluxe 1948 Kalnor, 4-dour eedun 11141 Packurd Clipper Mnehnnlc'H Hpnclal 1941 Poril. *2!I5. KlHCKHOn MOTOHH 120 riublior Avo. Phono 4HIIS — Hluilubiiknr Cnrn tk. Tru«k« •- A GOOD C1RQUP — Of Solectod Curs — - At - BKIPI'Y MAQBE MOTOR BAIVB3 1987 T^lncnln Hophyr (wllh n mor- cury Motor) . $ 1938 Ford C»nv. Coupe, K&ll.. ? I0.'!!l Billck £ door Sudan J I'.iSH IludHun 6 Hudan, H&ll .... t 11117 r.:iirynler Ko.val Hodiin .... I liff !U:iO (ildHnicihllo 0 cyl. Hoilari n&n ? 19S7 OUlMmoblle <! Sedan $ I!i4l) Chtivrolet Club Coupo (ThlH Car IH liranil Now) 11148 Chevrolol A»ro Bndan. H&H. (TheHo are Hcarao) 10-17 Clicvrolot Club Conv. Coupo, Tlftll. BIT clal *' K OKlMtnfitltln H«dan, K&ll , . I 104(1 Plymouth Special Diiluxo Hndan. HAH, 1!147 I'ontliu: BlrBttmllnor Bedim Many Kxtraw) 1947 Nu«n (flt Hodan. n&H. (ThlH c;\r IB liko Now) 1947 Chevrolet Club Coupo SfiO Walortown Avo. Tol. Wlby. 4-H!>Sl OPEN J5V13NINJ8 Momber ol "Used Car DcaiorH* ABHH. Contractors Trucking—Mover* WEEKLY TIUPS to New Torfe. New Jersey and New England. T.. W, Roblllard Van Lines. Wtby. 3-3888. PaLntln* MARIANO BROS. Painting, Pap«rhaaftnf — Exterior A Interior. Full Insurance Coverac*. Telephone 1601 BUST INVESTMENT IB to paint your property. Call 4071 tor Ire* estimate*. W. F. Cola. RAYMONP J. HUOHffiS PulntlUK — Paperlunslnc 6 flouth View 8L Pbon* INTERIOR PAINTING AIOI PAPKBHANC1JNO Phone Joseph 8aa Angela —1179 23 Klectrlcui Contracting KMiCTKHJ WIIIIMU — Ol all IllndB. Specialty In nnuill lobn lor iho hull- duyB—Promptly takon care ot. JAMK8 A. SIIJEPI'ABD ttt Scent nit., Nan*. Tci. eo:i Merchandise Poultry and CHICKKlV - HoiwterB and cut-up (owls. Heady to cook. GREAT OAK FARM Phono f>(HO FOB HAIiK — Broad breanted bronze TVllKJiVH. Sold whole or hall. Call NauK. 4804. ! NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), FRIDAY, I>F.C. 2, 1040—PAGE 3 Merchandise SOd Good Thinff* To Eat ROMA PASTRY 501 NOKTH MAIN BT. V*ln»*t Italian-American and French Paatry In all New England. A!HO Spu- monl, Qelatl and .to cream. Kvory- thlnc made on premises, special «t- t0ntion tflvon to wedding Purtlef*, our prices are the lowest, but our nwr- chandfHe definitely the bent. We deliver and Hhlp anywliure In the U. 8. r rc!. Watorbury 6-2117. Currier Electric Co. Itcgldcntlul — < oiiiiiiiTf li«J Induxtrlal WIRING and RKPAIBS •I- AppllkiKuw Tel. fiaug. 4164 SSu, MattreMen Any toot old MATTRKHK remiulc In I. an lunonprluf equal to NEW to i 1>»I. Saptrlor Mattrcix, Wlby., X-HIZ*. Mattresses Remade 1 Day Set vlco—Work Guaranteed Stanley'* MattruHB Scrvlco Phone t-9279 Watcrbury COMMERCIAL and DOMKST1C KKFUIGEBATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main 81., Beacon Fall* Trl. T«3C Emerxency C^l 60C7 Services 57 Service* Rendered OKDEJ18 TAKB2H (or Slip Cover* Drapory, BpruadH. Mutorlnl »aiiipl«i •hown. T«l. Ktt\r> Mondlclk 4«»l. HOLLAND FtrrtNACB CO. Hot Air Vurnacen. 746 E, Main St. To). 4-1003 WUjy. Ot) Burner* Cleanpfl and Bepalrcd Tarta For All Muk«,» ol Burner* Harry CbarchUI, l» 1'rtnvtet St., IMl CHIMSKVS pointed and repaired bi •Xpert. All typcn ot maaon work. O1IW OI>OM Phone C-0267, Wtbv. UNION CITY POULTRY MARK1CT CiriCKElfH—Freah killed or (ro»en FRESH EOO8-Frei> Delivery. 75 School St. Tel. 2691-0427 HIGHWAY DRIVE-IN NauKnluuk-Wfttorbury Hoad Bvorylhlnii inuHt lie dlMpoaed ol thl» wock. II-KO Turkeys (20-25 IbB) ... 3Sc !b. Soup ChlckenH 2T>c Ib. C'appns 3Gc Ib. HoaNtlnx ChlckenH 3fic Ib. On the Wftlerbury-NiuiKatuok HiKhway, OppoHltn J'lnllM Mlllw Kd. I'hone 4S72 Dclco, Homy anil Autolllc K«rvlc,« Expert Auto liepalr & Motor Tuuo- Jp Men Dick IIlNlop Wlillnll Jludrry * Kloctrlr Co. 3» Hubber Avo. Phono a? 13 »7» Offlcc * Other Kqulpment TYI'KWIUTUIW — An wuuk only, with ovory I'OBTAin.K RKHlulH. ThlB ordor : FHBR valuable (tilt PHKIQ one yonr Kuarftnlo PKICI'5 currying oaa« FUKE home typing nourwo KiiHy pnyinnntH. nn carrying SOLOMON'a SAL.KS ft. HKltVTCW 37 Cooko SI. Tel. Wtby. .(-7C10 HouM>hold Article* FOIl NA'l.K—AHC! wanhiir. Mplnnnr nl tuchuU. T«l. 4114 mornlnn & iivunniB. t'OK HA1>K—Uunlex Mtove lUed lur ABC oil burner and fill ua«. Very roa«(:mublo. Tol. (J. r i2!h NA1,K—Olfindale gtovo, Rood condition. 4 burnerH, rottHnnablo. 3BIO between r> ft 7 p. m. FOR HA I,!')—UnlviM-Hdl dnluxu waHhlnu machine, G.13. elonirlo hlankut. Uotl 2 yrtt. old. Call 4667. A-l U813D CAIlfl HA11OAIN8 1048 Ford Convertible 11MH NiiHh Heilitn !!M7 Kal«er Sedan 1!»41 OldBmobilo Club Coupe 1047 Ford Tudor 10-17 Ford Pickup 1949 Chiivrolot, 2 ton Make truck Numeroun Others At Low Prices The Naugaituck Fuel Co. S7 Church SL Open Evonln»rH FOH 8A1K—1840 Lincoln sedan, Jet black, mechanically excellent. very Packard Waterbury, Inc. Packard Bales & Service "A Sale Place to Buy" 482 Waterlown Avo.. Wtby Dial 4-C109 MEMBETl OK WAMA KOIl NAI.K—Oil burner hunter nnd a- IKi. dinlnK room jiut, & other hou»o liold lurnllure. Phono SUOi. FOH BALK-Combination KBH & oil Htove. 4x4, nractlcally new. Very reaHonable. Z-'hono 5022. C8EU IlKKUHJKnATOUH FOIl RALE—ICO AND UP ASDB01-HY APPLIANCE ITNIOS CITT TKL. »4»1 Vcnet.Ua Blind* (Cumtom-Made), Blip Covorii, Made to Order. Free Batlnrntei - Phone 585«. BAFFBAX'8 BOSTON HTOHE 4 1'IEOK—Solid TerrooDt mipl.i bedroom sulto. 1194.50. Oakvllie Furniture Co.. 164 Main Bt, Oakvtlle. Tel Wtn S24. Waterbury Branoli, (35 Baldwin at. Tel. 6-3811. Vt* our "Lay-Away Pl«a" Wiuitod To Buy WANTED—Used upright piano or spin ot. Call B02C. 29a Article* For Sale EXPEJIT—Carburetor and generator service. Check now (or winter. A & B AUTO SERVICE G14 Bank St. Tot. 0-1322 Wtby BETTER IJ8KI) CAIM THB HAPBATUCK FTJE1 CO. Winter AccoBHortcH BALDWIN BT. GULP STATION Jos, Clriello, Prop. Tel. 3-094S Wtbv or 4966 Naug. Hubbeir* oervio* BUtloi, IDS Rubber Av». Phone 4»<1 — Watihlng—Polishing—Waling — HOTCHKISS ST. G^BAOE DODGE Job Rate<l LJ\JLJ\m Truck* Phone 5727 HKA IIKK MOTOR BAI.KW U7H T(ii,mn»«,>n AT«., Wntorvllle T«l. 4-OI«»—USKJJ OAB8 * TBtrCKS TiMler* SHE MODI;UN TKAILBK COACH 1IOMKI*—Complete with bathroomn, HhoworB, tubH. FivmouB LU>crly Trailer Couchex now avulluble on B year G* finance plan, Other well known makes like Vagabond, Trotwood, American. National and Pralrlo Schooner on reasonable ternm. Open S a. m. to B p. m. dally. Ryder Trailer Co., Post Rond. Mllford. Oonn. (1 mile nast o( Mlllord Center) MHIord 2-2939. Auto Parts Bear, Wheel Alignment Axel and Frame Service— Welding Axel Palnllnd — Colllnlon Renalrn laiWIE'S AUTO BODY WORVCS 12S Watortown Ave, Phone 3-0241 Wtby. We carry * lull line ol tUrttord. BzUS*. Autollte * Anratront Butterla*. JOB'S TIRE SHOP HI No. Mrtn Bt. T>1 l.»414 Wtby. Largo Seleettun ol New and UsW Auto Partn, alno Now and Uned Tirol Krtrjrhmlj'ti TT»«d Car* »n« Partn 630 No. Rlverglde St. To), 8-0492 Open Sunday Morning* FOB NEW—Odea ik recapped tire*: alno odd and hard-to-ffet «ls«af—vlaft (lABE'H UW1TEB TTRW HAT,EH. rour U. B. Royal Tlr« dlnlrlbutor. B. Rubbnr Co. employe* discount certlflcate* lor tire*, honored here. 31) JeKcfHon at., Wtby. Phone l-114t. Complete» ol Sent Cover* Joe's Service Station 178 Brldce at. Phone 4870 Contractors IIUILI)KB-C«rp«iiier. No |o*> ">o large or small. Reaaonadle r»t«» Robert Prock, Po»rl Road. T*. 1KI. Bulldtnc Keanooed Wood Brick. Sand. Concrete Sand. X*o«ni Phone 664S or 3354 Mariano Hand * Stone The Wtby. Readjr-Mlxed Concrete Co. 94 Benedict St. Tol. 8-4183 Wttw. BliDiCJiKTB — str«mrtb — Beauty t!ABltIA(JK VOR HAIjK Very no,; condition. Gait 3867. FOU 8A1K - 1941 Unlvernul r«lrli;«r ator Rood uoiulltiox. reaHonable. Cal 2928 alter 6.30 D. m. FOIl HAI..K— (.ins E It. balll tub. vol rim, I cloHul comblniitfoii complete I roll rim Hlnk. 1 Het washlrayo. Phone Waterbury 3-19CO. Bptctel Prices Ok All W. mOHAHDS — tM "out* Mill IIant»r> Oamblnatlag Storm Wlndowa ln»al»tlon, Ilnnling, HldlORn LOP BHHXLKR CO. Wtby. t-tOM I>H K »H M A K I N ( j AI<M— Minn A. Lnnipurella, 11 Mntne Torracu. Phone 2!i2fi. RAY MELBOURNE Lawj Mower Sharptnlnu * Woinln 410 Il«bb«r AT*. I'huue !l!l OUABAKTKKU msr^ltM-AJl maki piaohlnea, vacuumn. U.s»d machine* houcht. Blmrer Sowlac tuobloe Co ffattrbury 4-4906. KALAMAZOO Salei) and Service " r ' 3 Rellabiu Window Cltanlng "bo. S ClUtou Av«, Wkt«rbt Phon* «-4T»5 KXl'KUT UODV WORK Complete Painting Far.lllUm Wrecker and Towing 8«-rvlcc K»tli>iatm Furnliihcd BuuV-l Plan Avallnblo The Naugatuck Fuel Co. FORD DEALER Phone 02S6 FRED'S HI-WAY GRILLE £01 South Main St, UtSKular Dally Dinner 50r ap OATERINO FOIt WEDDINGC SHOWERS, STAG PARTIES, Et« Banquet Room. Cocktail Loun(« Full Liquor Llcenae If If* Anything for Your Fk»r Cull ARRAY FLOOR COVEKZNOS M Diamond St. Tel. 8Bti THE CHINA INN II Hnn-lBon Avc, WHtrrbury Cloaed All nay Monday* Tu«id>y thrn Friday Open 10 A. H. to 10 I'. M. Saturday 11 A. M. to 12 Midnight Sunday It Noon to IX Midnight 3. II. TIFFT CO. 57 Cburoh HI. J'liuno I'lumblnK-lleatlng-Oll Uurnar KOI CESSPOOLS—SKI'TIC TA N'Klj Clnilllcd, liiHlalltd — Drain* rnpliiiuc' AnythliiH, Anywlu>ri>, i'r»nn>i)y SCOTT HABITATION NliltVICIC DIB) I059 A I'LEAHANT 1'I.ACR TO STOP— ROOKY'S WAYSIDE KITCHEN Waterbury Iload at riatta MIIIn Op»n Dally 12 Nfwin to 12 Midnight 'Sunday* S P, M. to 12 Midnight CAHMKN'R CONTOM TAILOIl Tnllor-Mado Pklrtu — |7.!tC 8-Day Cleaning Service 147 8. Main Bt. Pbine 2011 J. * M. ELECTRICAL WOHKS House Wiring and Repair 27 Barnum Court. Phonou 3294-KSJI COMPLETE laraiicape ne.-Tlce. Loa<T) evergreens, tree removal Experienced men. Fully Ineurod. AlHo driveway.. J. BeHettt Tel. 5648. Cloontng and Dyeing RugH, Drapes and Slip Covers Beautifully Cleaned. Dependable Delivery Service Free. KIEVMAN CLEANERS 78 Church St. Phon-> 202J BeupliolHMrlnf . R«5F«Ot,BTE!USO. BLIPC^VF.K ING. ITKW OirHTOM MADE l.lTfirfc BOOM vrnirtTCBK. cABPETina OHIFFIN'S CB1*TEH »T. JfAPO. 4<»* WTBT. 4-«IN SWAN'S Rlectrlcnl Contractor* Since 1A2S 2g CEOATC 8T. TKI... 1'OIt NAIiC—Man's Kray rovemlbla, alyo gruon revorwlble, nlzo 36. A brown suit coat and blue HUH coat, size 88. 1 Tuxedo. Hlze 38. 1 pair ol high laco HhoeH aizo 10'^. Reasonable. ,1'huno 4271. CintlHTMAH Hl'KCl\I J — AHHOrtnd Mciittur rugB, only »!.!» each, us la. till *talen llnal. L. lind C. PABIIIC CJ2NTKH 48 Grand BL O|>|>. lladloy'M FOR HALE—Oas unit lor a hil-mu.'- with pIpDM & thermoBUit. 194 Nuril HoBdlcy Bt. TUB HAHNK88 BHOP Autoini>bllo IloboB — 100% Wool 70 Grand Bt Tel. 4-7382 Wiby. 1IAIUIA1MH - UOOS - 1.AN1-: Cedar CheutN UlCCARDO FUKN1TUR15 CO. 407 W. Main et, Tel. 4-<l2»2 Wlby. MHIt'KJ* . UUAKTITY-OxlZ wool laco ruxH, t2:i.!in. NAtfOATUCK 'FURN1TUKIS CO. 2C So. Mftln 81 Phono 27)1 TO SOME R15LIABLK PBH8ON WHO NEEDS .1 noOMU OF JB'URNITUKHI Credit m.-innxor ol liirito lurnliura «toro will lurn over account lor the UNPAID BALANCE ON EASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS TWH (urnl(ur« IB brand now. II WUH sold on Auff. 14th. Un- lorlunalely, this pertfon IH not •tettins married. Fur Inlorma- tlon and details uhonc Waler- bury 4-3144 A»k for Mr. Albert. A-L—B—E—Il~T—'S 2(16-74 So. Main St., Waterbury Open Thursdays to 9 u. m. JIAMOAINH-Uned Electric liangcn 110 and up, also, u«ed Waohlnu Machlne». $10 nnd up. Watts Electric Btraltw Tumnlko Tel. 3-4570 Wtby. USKI> MJBVKBIljaB COOT.1MI — 22 CUHO counter type dry cooler. To bo riold bolov/ coMt, complete with unit. Orlelnul cowt 1 year ano 'iGDfi. Bfccrl- II co price $325. WAI^TKR'3 REFniOKnATION Main St., Beacon Palls. Tel. 7130 FAT, 1. FUItH — Futl stock. Little furs, none finer. Walllnglord, 2211-M. DOITAT TVn FAUM. TUB TOY 1IOTJ81? Boloctlnn Now At Itn TJest Wl«o Tr> Bhop Burly 4« Ploanant Ave. T«l. 3073 SI'KCfAl, on Hpnn myon r»0c ;t yarfi. Call Mr«. Iluth Pllwkln lit 6895. THACY STAINLESS STEEL S1NK3 Poubte Bowl, ti6 Inch, Belaw Coat TOWKR APPLIANCE 280 No. Muln Bt. Phono 4-1204 Wlby. PAD*—ISmbroldery, trlm- Buttonn. LargoBt in Mate. Rnllnble Factory, !7 Bcovlll Ht. Wlby. SO MlHCellaneous HWKKT ( IPK1I will be available unlil ChriMtman ut BCHI IjIKJKN'S CI1>K'IV NEW UAVBK Ml>. BAM'8 SERVICE ETATTON *Dd OABAOE «M Bobber Ave, Tel. S44H — Front End Work — TED'S AUTO BODY WORKS 07 HOTCHK1RH ST. TEH. «IS9 — Colllnlnn 8p<HJall*t« — (Tendnrn — llodlc* — Auto f»lntln( Service TKV NKWS WANT ADVS FOB FOR QUICK KKSTJ1/TS WANTED SEAMSTRESS Must Be Capable of First Class Work AI'I'I.V IN I'KIISON AT M. FREEDMAN Co. IVnary Thiirrh SI. COMUINATION ALUMINUM STORM WINDOWS St DOOMS NEW ENGLAND SALES CO AL8CO 182 Bunk St., Waterbury Phono 4-9219 ROSE HAVEN Utchflcld, Conn. Phone 854 HiiMldonl ht)me lor older uuoi)b'. OrnrUniH Living, Unique ,VrviC'\ J'rlvali; UoomK — Sullu'— Llvlnu Itoom, Wrilu P.O. Box T. Lltcb- lleld. tlfnn, Il*K. Suraen In Attcndanm TELEPHONE SALE Of Uoeful Household Article* by NaiiRiituck I'ost No. 17 AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY Funds to Be Used for Veteran's Christmas Hospital Work SECURITY Doc« y....r H.Kuranc* Rtvo quate i.r';lcctlon today? DC VOtI HAVK VTT Roe NAUGATDCK INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Building; co«U are ateadU; Increasing PRONE 2080 F. W. EATON. Itll AI:TO KELKC:TION J'lym'iiilh HKfc. an. nodan KH I'limlac T'lrpcd') <x> «,. ( Jnn. 1(11. l.'fXlge Cu«tom KcMim. H<.autv Willys Jl:r.],Htcr. I.lkf new ' Chevrolet ,1,.|, n,.,!,,,,. ] t j| Hudmm <'nninii>d<>r>; («> ne Hulck Kuncr fi-diin. 11H, ('hcvrolel bUf-lncKH cuuuc. Ch<>vri>lnl Hub coupi-. Packard <H> HCdan. KH. Huns [In Sludfrbakfr Champion H/;dan. Kv>rd co.-ii'h, (Jood rondltinn. CrOKlcy !il(.k!lll. SiMH-iai J?,4", Plymouth <-'m<-h. Ki>»ol:il JHr, Hulck Hinall (>>). 4 K'<"<| lln-K Kii. 1 i-lal JSfi. 1/ufck KiK'Cfal Hcdnn. llftautv. Many Olhers to Choose KriTi . WATKltTOWN Tnl. 1073 ifl- nl KB.M! I 'ar »i-:iltTM' A--v:i. REGINA LAUDIS PRIORY O.S.B. Presents Rev. Dr. Paul Hanley Furfey Dean of the School of Sociology, Catholic University Subject: Catholic Personalism and Social Reforms SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4TH, 1949 Wilby Auditorium — 8:15 O'clock Subscription $2.00 TICKETS ON SAI.K AT: Catholic; ly^ndlllR l.ilddv UroH. McKvoy'H Library, 50 Church St. Brown M<i£. 51 \\<-nl Main Ht. Farrlnirtoii'!! McCoy's Wtby. Travel Agrncy 141 Wont Main Bt. 1M Grand Kt. SO W«-H( Muln HI.

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