The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on May 29, 1978 · 40
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 40

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 29, 1978
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FIJI X " ... ,P-V ;S v 7 I1 1 I . NO SUOVr'F ALLS Stunt octon wode through fok snow thot buried them in cen from "Meteor." TIbm j Crt IUm FILM CLIPS Buried Alive in the Line of Duty "Perfectly safe." said director Ronald Neame. "Nothing to worry about." He was going to shoot a special-effects avalanche scene in which 10.000 pounds of "scatter flakes." a material used in the movies to imitate snow, would be dropped on a contingent of stunt people and extras. The film is "Meteor" and Neame. a friendly 66-year-old Britisher who put the upside-down magic into "The Poseidon Adventure." was looking for volunteers to be buried along with the others. He picked coproducer Ted Parvin and a reluctant reporter. This wa3 all taking place on MGM's Stage 30. the site years ago of many Esther Williams swimming sequences. Also Illustrated on Pge 1. About $3 million of the $16-million budget for "Meteor" (cofinanced by American International Pictures, Warner Bros., and others) is being spent on special effects. "Get yourself a parka. ' ordered assistant director Craig Huston. The flimsy set was constructed to match the interior of a church in Switzerland Neame earlier filmed four weeks on location there and in Hong Kong. The special-effects work, however, needed the logistics of the studio. Earlier in the day he staged a Hong Kong tidal wave, releasing 8,000 gallons of water. Some stunt people received minor bumps and bruises "and a couple of cuts" when the force of the water carried them into a platform on which Neame, cameramen and others were perched. "Nothing serious," the director said. The film is about the threat of a giant meteor scheduled to strike Earth in five days and the partnership between American and Russian scientists to divert it. Splinters from the meteor cause the avalanche, tidal wave and other catastrophes. In the cast are Sean Connery, Natalie Wood, Brian Keith, Henry Fonda, Karl Maiden, Trevor Howard, Bo Swenson and Martin Landau. "This is all based on fact science-fact, not science-fiction," said coproducer Parvin. NASA and Caltech are serving as advisers on the film. Cotton was distributed to avalanche scene participants, to protect ears and nostrils from "flakes." A slice of rubber tube would also be used, tucked into shirts at one end and mouths at the other. The idea was to enable breathing to continue while buried thoughtful idea, that WHITE KNIGHTS: The film has been shooting for seven months and is due to finish with work in miniatures and optical effects still to go in September. Neame made his reputation as a cinematographer and prefers smaller, more intimate pictures. His direction of "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" won an Oscar for Maggie Smith in 1969. Since "The Poseidon Adventure," however, BY LEE GRANT ThnM Had Writer he said. "People say, 'Making a disaster movie? Let's get Ronnie.' "I guess audiences seem to go for this kind of thing. For me, I prefer the intimate films vhere people matter, what happens with these big pictures is the hardware takes over. I'd rather direct Maggie Smith than people swept away." Swept away? Who gets swept away? Not in an avalanche scene. "All you have to do is hold your breath." Neame reassured. "Perfectly safe, nothing to worry about" The director was ready even though the reporter would never be. "Last call for cotton." someone shouted. The stunt people took their positions in the center where they would receive the brunt of the snowfall. The extras, including this one, were more to the sides but still would be buried. "Everyone in a crouching position." said Neame. "Now the first thing you'll hear is a pop loud as an atom bomb. After that, keep yourselves submerged until you hear me call 'Cut' " A few moments passed and then the cry of "Ready" (pause) and "Action." The bags of flakes rained down, the sound was loud as an atom bomb, and all were buried in white. It was still underneath, the rubber tube serving as a lifeline. Neame, one could hear, was delivering instructions to the cameramen. Finally, he called, "Cut" Everyone emerged from the snow, like divers surfacing. "Let's have a body count," said Neame. All were accounted for, including the reporter. And Neame was right, after all it was perfectly safe and nothing to worry about "WASH" CYCLE: Joel Schumacher, the talented screenwriter of "Car Wash" and Universale upcoming "The Wiz." moves over to TV to make a directing debut for NBC's "Amateur Night" which begins filming June 12. The story centers on one night at a country and western bar called the Dixie in the San Fernando Valley "a poor man's Palomino," said Schumacher and will be filmed in the ensemble-and-vignette style of "Car Wash." "It's about all kinds of people who want to be stars," he said. Schumacher, whose background is in costume and production design, recently worked in that capacity for Woody Allen on the still-untitled follow-up to "Annie noil. Exhibit of Academy History An exhibition highlighting the 50-year history and acti vities of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is open to the public weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the the Academy building, 8949 Wilsmre Blvd., Beverly Hills. "A REMARKABLE FILM. A RICH. REWARDING EXPERIENCE FOR ANY ADULT. S JudinC"si Ntwtt WOMAN'S DECISION Enqlnh Swbttli V WESTLANP TWINj 10754 V PICO BIVO WEST L A 474-9589 A IAEMMIE THEATRE TUES.-FM. MO, 7:. SAT.-SUN-MMi. fcOu, 3:45. &30, 720. fttS it I PARAMOUNT 1 wrrsl I ?E' irauTTGOOOT,m?Sl.5u' I PARAMOUNT 2 1 Par amount -1 Roaecrane ' ME 3-4646 MUSI OUS; THESTItG ROADIUM ! Redondo Beach I Crejl.538-3033 TK FURY; vispwaJ : STADIUM baata -Orange 7H639-I77D 5tf Smash Week t BOYS M COMPANY C' THE LAST DfUt(l) STADIUM !UMa-angt 7W63B-8770 Starring The Band TK IAST WALTZ(PG) PHANTOM OF P AlAPtSI j t STADIUM 1 Kattta-Orarni " 7H636-7KO John TravoHa In SATtttDAT wen avail) ; UFKOAKa : STADIUM Kattta-Oranni 7M639-7MD Mwsi cAusift) ; Academy Award wmm AIM UU(K) : STADIUM UMh-Orangl 7MC9-7MD Acad. Awd. Wkmr . TKCOOMT St(PC)4 AWIT nST(ft) STADIUM Kaati-Oniaa 7M(63-7er Krt faigtas nc nam) THMMTM? SB MSB w There won't be that many who won't love the film." John Barbour. Los Angeles Magazine 'Crazy farce. You'll have some big laughs. Dom Demise is uproarious. - Gene Snallt. NBC-TV ' ""jL. "Rivals the best of Mel Brooks for comic lunacy.' Richard Cuskzlly, Herald-Examiner "Sophisticated slapstick. Very funny. Irreverent. A mad and very merry series of life-and-deafh escapades. Excellent casting." - Judith Crist. N Y Post BURT REYNOLDS "THE liAfew A comedy for vou and your A LAWRENCE GORDON BURT REYNOLDS Product. BURT REYNOLDS in "THE END" DOM DeLUISE SALLY FIELD STROTHER MARTIN DAVID STEINBERG and JOANNE WOODWARO .Juki-Gum Stan: NORMAN FELL- MYRNA LOY KRISTY McNICHOL- PAT O'BRIEN ROBBY BENSON ThPrt CARL REINER as r Manm Mutic by PAUL WILLIAMS CiacunvaProducar HANK MOONJEAN Wrnwn by JERRY BELSON R-aTZrSa Produead by LAWRENCE GORDON Dvacnd by BURT REYNOLDS ytMldAtnt! NOW PLAYING! WESTWOOD. Regent 272-0501477-0059 DAILY - 2:15 - 4:15 - 6:15 - 8:15 - 10:15 MIDNIGHT SHOWS FRI.. SAT. I SUN. ANAHEIM. Anaheim Drive-In 525-3526 CITY OF INDUSTRY. Viteiirf Drivf-h 338-7518 COSTA MESA. Bristol 540-7444 WESTMINSTER. Cinmi Witt 8924493 Thou lUUnout "Wd.,, 4tf.,.' Vrl Art lUa; ' ' WE "A SFUNLXXf ROMANIC ' - 9i V4t tti t It'll ' ALL MKCT .1 1 r r l s ) IN ') ! I! SJ t. NOW PLAYING musjc hauI "" iauaa9 ,m , I NOW SHOWING!- DOME t mt m mm, tm.mmm m mt !' ml W ttMk nawiMi ma WDNiMaiiia r. MM WMJ iv UlMtllm K kw w fUJ rM ami at Tiaiiir 'W M They're dovn L.. n BUT THEY'VE NOT TT BEGUN TO FIGHT! HERE 07iS5-fr3k atf"l!. ' " i nm ...anJihcregotstheUague. fri Can. h. I .i . .a.. . M 1. ? Umm tmn II Uaai )! Met UHtamiinilMOtO?; CIMiTOS Mw C"TS0TH r.Miki 0. ) 4 U0t COST! M(SA Ul Cat-I M0 M CAAtHU at Mai lr,w k j my MAWTHOflHf PIA2A 44 tUt MOUTK000 MarU 16) M6t 10" H"D tri CjI Diim la lit ?0?b CUlt CUT 1193 OOWIliT Sktwtiu Crataa U 1 1? I fault MCI lit Daca hm ?M HOI EL MONTE IIMaaN44IH M M01A HACK Canin ttH TOIT00 M tMI HA til I " IMUat-IMM.. AOilmil ttuwai i'IMH It'.Il.T,?.' ta-t-M)VI . mtM taaraa. Imu mi aajt WJTWIITU UtmmmtM 1 II III Ha. I I ! ' I i ft WALTTl TUTTMAU UO JlCltOH -COCO IIOUCM TO II CCHfiUO WITH TUCf I0 MftUM." JiCltOi AHO MATTMAtJ haut i ununcTioiT tAiiuoui count- Hmm Ct' M) 0 rurmacit HorwaJ tm4f tinea) 'A Tone ! I? AIT MATTMAU JACKSON CAJtNf Y K. 1 ttKouse Calls" 1 KtOOJlO IXNiAAUN. XXfTCM? lliMuit,ia..Hutai IJMi.iwt Mkaxataail ''-' a. an a i.te anMiii '!'mZl!m " : KlWiuaaMira NOW PLAYING mVwm HhaalMliltWI HUllll MtaMMUIIDI "O 11 an iw m-rmmw Ml I Wt MM av mm k, iw 4tM IXuvua tut laot Mi at ll.J "i iXMaMMt .Ma h; eu IW1IIII MIT CffnM Vaacaaa Caaaaa t UT4 c CINERAMA DOME SiMartnr HULLTWOOD rACIFIC 1 Tl ! Fl I I I I I I I l 1 1 i a i PMMlBTbUA , AU WA.K.H TupCATDIC , i it " s n J II J IUN IA i fl .UlaUl II, Jl -. 71 MATINEES TODAY ALL THEATRFS Ul RIVOLI ra 1 asi a K I U AJK ADA I 1 Ag"" HOU.YWOOO .MWrwSaarai . i nc dahu aa . . . mlm TAJTWAlTra,,OM.M0 Jl VmAlMii.lU. A. AAiKAiiiwtmri 5.Yti. t HQiivwnnn PACIFIC 2 uni a wuinnn T nuLL 11 1 1 II PACIFIC 3 . TU errs ny if?? 1:4.3:S.i-.T.o-aA Sytvastar Stalona UUN tt.3).5:36 tB1MI0m'aaW. PIX faOMaf W-6IU WORLD i nj at aw-stn VINE imaywiuo n. waaioivwa a. wi n l.ur JuTT (() a. m Kf A ovnwn STOtviti 230e.Xrii OTSMTMIAWII) 0:X.4:X.:3u wMtmw WHITTIER wnmw n 8tB2-(n77 WHITTWOOD wiwuar 943-MS2 MUal CAUSIKI 1:00. 4:45 t.t& OUBKOASTniK) uh cow nsm ire i.w.a:ju.o:i5 COMA (K) 2:30.6:15.9:43 TOWER (22 IK) CAMEO (roany And Mi n-nra L I 11 aa! 1. HOC Of NAMMII) 9. Waciaaivia). I HU onil r WaaMwIHil u ma upaa j im. OtmiCT WILTERN M7-eH7 la a TMOTOJUntC I10"1""! Iron B:X LA AMR ADA LAMIHADAI tm i m ro(f) r$ t?3D4U :"'":" fWwiTiiaciAiAal LAMIRADA Z LAMIRADA (OHM KM II) O3030.Iat UnOM II) O.llrjQ . ?4S.7Ba 3 " nuuatMNirs WAT(f)4S.4 30.l30 savn KAitiKi 2.6.lia.r4 IT4CTOH AIK WARNER . Anuit a IAIATKA AZTKI , ftMKONOODC Conllououa Iron 123C LA MIRADA m wmiitAYiPe) 1XW.315.536 XX). 10:15 WBTL.A. PICWOOD loaat taM m-t2474-2i( i cow nearvpe) t2:30.4:15.axn COMAIPGI MOMTEICIXO GARM1R S5) . Sinwii M-2133.72?5,n QOVBtCOUtTHtilfti) WlW IT wainiac) A 11 ANAHEIM 1 RrvtrsMtFwy. 7U87Q.OKA ANAHEIM 2 mvarsioa i-wy. atLamon 7M79-50 Syhnstar Stalkyia US.T.IPO) ALKI SWHT ALKI II) , Sorry Ho Paty Burt rteynoMa TW ENDI) 10VI t MATM(PG) ANAHEIM 3 Fount. Valley SanOlagoFwy. o.wmnwailMI.1 714962 -2481 Www Series 01 Comatjv KM COW TKSK () mOO IOHC (PG Cine Fl HI-FI Sound Your AM Radio Is Speaker Jan-Michael Vincent MO WmaKOAyiPG) vm worn po HARR0R Rivn naruw- McFadden 531-1271 HI-WAY39 BaadiSGFwy -62K 7H(534-I ORANGE 1 Santa Ana Fww at Chapman 558-7022 Dahal n.J irvriaiu UTQjriUM AMUKAN ODAmniPG) Ml PYWAWITHPoi Anttwny Ouinn TW GKftK TTCOONIIt) VOU U6HT UP UH IPC) SB"u isepurnda 8677 CENTIIBVT" Oenturyatw. v. I.B1IH 73-124 CENTURY Z Memories are sweet ( cvn i su YOU AGAM (PG) RJNwmuatiAW STUDID JerwuM TMRANCT W rilhaM. ORANGE 2 LAHARRA Imperial btwn. Bch ihartjotBI. 7M;71-1862 . Disco Mania THAW GOD ITS mDAY(PG) MAUW ItaCHdi piTvuT ftMoMoBctlBI. 4-aiZ7 Jan-Michael Vincent MO WEOWSOAY(PG) om on aewr.l BUEKAPARK " uwwi nan uisco mania ol Knott THAW GOO ITS FtStyipG) 714821-4070 FUN WITH MCI A laal LINCOLN llnrnlnl. 01 Knott 714527-2223 WARNER warnarw.el BaacfiBM. 7U847-3591 atArttsia Wl-4055 2 Academy Awards ClOS! tltCOlJHTWS Of THI THWD KMD(PG) MUHOBIY KATHjPG) Tony Curtis THE MAWTOU(PG) THI KMON(R) Spanish Movie, Every Tim. L0N6KACH I CIRCLE 1 At Xlmino I 438-85 13 LAKFwnnn 1 Carson at Cherry Brooke Shields PWTTY IAIYIH COWatQ DQW( LONG BEACH AMERKAH 0AFfiTI(PO) i I.IWTI(PG I S 0 Fwy Santa Fa NO PASSES ACCEPTED DURING THIS ENGAGEMENT! HOLLYWOOD. Fox 463-2184 DAILY 12 30 2:30 4:30 - 6:30 - 8:30 10:30 MIDNIGHT SHOWS FRt.. SAT 1 SUN. Jan-Michael Vincent ana wwmse.Y(P6 OW ONOWIPGI inSIITDSal a u rwy , vrxv RHam (Mtflnaaiaaa M TViMM ftAfk ITX EattPi A V aw t LOS ALTOS Z Kirk Douglas im rwri ADO SWHT AlKJl Lts Altos 3 aoa Btcogmws o m rwart) (MOiPG I IT MATNlPG I iAM TO NANDO VALUY TOPANGA 1 cowaHOW() l3?!fcy. 12:.4:45.8-i)6 I UCANGAZ MS WBeCSOAYIPGl 6:30 4:45. 11:45 axn 10:30 HOUSICAUSIPGI lOtlll COASTHIPOI Continuous liom 2 00 Spamh Moines Every Tun LAKEW'D Ctr 1 laaarryaiu ill b40 THAW GOO ITS WB1YIPG) 1245.230.4 30 6X.815.1015 LAKEW'D CENTER 2 AWtKAH GtAFFITIlPO) 12 30 . 245 . 500 7:00.8 15 LAKEW'D Anthony Ouinn fFHTFD "i TWGMRTTCOOHII) bCniCn 1l.315.S30.8l.10l4 LAKEW'D TFHTFR 1 MG WIDWS9AYIPG) fetnicn ' 1X. 3: 15 . 5:30 . 8:00-10:1 J LAGUNA 1 SO. COAST 1 S C Hhny at 714 484-1514 Tviktr ana m FWAYIPG zxaj.3:45.5:du 7:15.9:X SO. COAST 2 Jane Fonda COMMG HOW (I) 2XW. 4:30 . 7:00 . 9: 15 EitMir,1 "JL 'Jt! tn'LuRlrl UNDER 12 FREE! LBLSwcmI films (BpIqw ChildrPn 6 to 11 Mr iUTk f i l0S ANGtLES AREA n-Michael Vincent MO WEDNESDAY (PG I OWE OH ONE IPG I Brooke Shields AlKl SWET AIKS(I) KHY WHEATSTtAW I THAMI GOD ITS FHIDAY(PG) 2 Academy Awards aWBKOUHTBISOf WlHrDtH 1Y DEATHIPGI DW1 DYHAMmiPci . Bock 'n Roll Fever! mrn.i, Hoy WAXIPG) COMING HOMEIti JanMlcriael Vincent M6 WET)NESDAY(PG) i Your AM Car Radio Is Speaker VEMfJNT" 3 PIFm aievai B HOT lOUS(l ""Series ol Comedy HEK COME TIGS(PG) MHG0 lOHG(PG CO RIVERA FIESTA 1 Raramount twhlttler 892-7581 FIESTA 2 iMtnlk. OtlWhlttlerBr n.u. Olsco Mania .nn uuii in FRIDAY(PG) null ura(l) FIESTA 3 Jane Fonda COMMG HOME(R) THI FURY(R) JtRNANOO VALLEY PinKWIPK AlairMa H.olVKtory 842-5723 SEPULVEDA Sapul.So.ot 2 Academy Awards QOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE TMRD IMD(PG) MURDER Y DEATH(PG) NIGUEL Monarch Raw Man 714(498. CS3 tUGSY MALONE(PG) 2:00 8 3:45 SATURDAY NKHT FEVER I R ) 7: 15 Ul GOOD TlHttS ROU ( PC ) 9: lb rTTTTTTTTI a a ITma aai a I i.i 1 aaaaaaaaaalil I I I I a 1 II J T TTTT3a, I Liul lIHIIIIIMMi r . at i w-m il.lll Tfl l ' aa a l -J v J i J -jm . .... . UH 1 ...a. , A7IICI CnilTUII I 1 Inur. a.H, Footh OOSE ENCOUNTERS OF W olCit THE TMRD KMDIPG) 334-0283 MURDER IV DEATH(PG) BIG SKY Huntington at Buena Vista 358-2565 Walter Matthau HOUSE CAUS(PG) AIKE SWER AlKEIR) Spanish Movies Every Tues. Victory 5-6520 Sylvester Stallone IJ.S.T.IPG) AIKE SWHT AIKE IRI VAN NUYS RoacoeE.ot Disco Mania Smtfveda THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY(PG) 7510 1000 OAKS TUN WITH DICK JANE Ventura Fwy. in wrouryPk. 805498-1163 Walter Matthau HOUSE CAUS(PG) COMING HtiMIIPIil WINNETKA1 Cine Fl Hi-Fi Sound Your 9300Winnetka AM Car Radio is Speaker CKwortti Disco Mania THANK GOD ITS FRDAY(R) AUa SWHT AUCE(R) WINNETKA ' Cine Fl Hi-Fi Sound 2 AM Car Radio Is Speaker Jan Michael Vincent MO WEDNESDAY(PG) ONE OH ONI(PG) EDGEWOOD San Bern. Fwy At 605 Fwy. 338-1156 Carload Bargain Price! 1. WOMEN IN CAGES (R) I. IKS BIRD CAGE IK) 3. CAGED HEAT (R) EDWARDS Peck i Live Oak 447-6179 Jan-Michael Vincent BIG WEDNESDAY (PG) ONE ON ONE(PG) EL MONTE LAzusaRd. Temple City Bl. 448-8422 n-1 c: u: ci Your AM Car Radio Is Speaker HERE CUMl 11041(51 TO I BINGO lOHG(PG) SAN GABRIEL Valley at Del Mar 288-5502 Richard Dreyluss AMERKAN GRAFFITI(PG) DIXIE DYNAMITE(PG) STARLITE ....... R'meadS ofGarvev D,sc0 MANIA 448T7631 THANK GOO IT'S FRIDAY (PG) 286-0443 AIKE SWEET AIKE(R) WINNETKA 3 World Series 01 Comedy HERE COME TIGERS (PG) MNG0 LONG (PG) WINNETKA 4 Richard Oreyruss AMERKAH GRAFFITI(PG) MXi DYHAMITE(PG) SAN BERNARD) BASELINE 26653 Baseline 714682-8136 Richard Dreyluss AMERKAH GRAFrTTl(PG) MXI DYNAMITE(PG) FIESTA 4 O0SE ENCOUNTERS Of -.iJL" IND(PG) MURWt If DEATH PG telrd Dreytuss AMERKAN GRAFFITI(PG) MXi DYHAMITE PG lHUWTW"OMiARK . COMPTOWI COJPTON Waste! Aoa. Kirk Douglas TUFUlyil) 34-4151 'w Car Radio S Speaker . "Oiaro urevtuss AWRKAH GlafnDiPG) IWHDYmalTEipGI sTfFHBATE aVaat a. fwy Sea-iOT al II I T IT SATUHHT irt rfva,) """'T lOW ill BEL AIR S B. Fwy-Cittus 714822-0373 FOOTHILL 555 E. FoothaU Rialto 7M875-2545 ' DISCO-MANIA THANK GOO ITS FRIDAY (PG) AIKE SWEET AIKE(R) MT. VERNON 1 632 So Mt. Vernon So. of Mill 164-0403 Jan.Michael Vincent KG WEDNESDAY (PG ONE OH ONE(PG) Walter Matthau HOUSE CHUS IPG) THE STMG(PG) MT. VERNON 1 TRI CITY AiMiiOsBiW. Umaland Brooke SheHds nrtTTY lIYIB COMMG NOMI(R Play BaH Conrnty1 IBH COW TtGOrS (PG) " . mmnw itw ( Spamsh Movies Every Tuas. VINELAND u Vineland Burt Reynolds No.olVly. THE iMO(R) 336-7518 LOVE A DEATH(PG) VENTURA COUNTY HI1-A nh,r, Ventura Fwv Richard Dreyluss Telephone Exit AMERKAN GRAFFITI(PG) 805644-5595 DIXK DYNAMITE(PG) 1 0 1 - B CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE TMRD KINDIPG) MURDER BY DEATH(PG) 101 -C DISCO-MANIA THANK GOD ITS FRKAYPG) SEVER BEARS(PG) SKY VIEW Jan-Michael Vincent 1250 So. Oinard MG WEDNESDAY(PG) 805486-1212 ONE OH ONE(PG) iooo oaks vTTTT Ventura Fwy. Walter Matthau kiNewMrryPk. HOUSE CALLS! PG) 805496-1163 COMMG HOME(PG) AUTOCEPtlMAS ESPANOL tAN JUAN CAPtSTKANO MISSION SO ly Caeasnm 7Ui4$3-45S John Travolta Mnamvawptvaiii FtamnTY Kmni FLORAL u . " UonlarayPassFat Maria Rosty NeaiookrrB EXORCISM0 " 262-5 U2 MECHANKA NACIONAl J NORWALK ' H wik h Mana Kosty a Or knnenal UOtCISMO I" 868-673I TtVOU f SUNDOWN ZTZIt Wash at Sergio Jimenez a. Unaoart CASCtia r 945-1527 a IRaPONWTE f SAN PEDRO tfc Oanrwl EXOtOSJaO L 131-33'. TIVOUH inimimea I

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