The Austin American from Austin, Texas on March 25, 1926 · 3
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The Austin American from Austin, Texas · 3

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1926
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J y t amma .. iaa m THE AUSTIN AMERICAN. AUSTIN. TEXAS. THURSDAY. MARCH 25. 1926. leicpnonc llirculationj JijJ; All Uthcr Departments JIFE'S WORDS SAVE PEN TERM Miiam Farmer Gets New Trial. The testimony ot his wife won tor JackvMoore, Milam county larra-r, a reversal ot 60-year prison sentence, and a new trial Wednesday, when criminal appeals court sent the case back. Moora was cnargea with -killing J. T. Davis after Moore's wifo reported alleged advances by T)avla. Her testimony corroborated Moore's. The state muiie an effort in the trial to discredit her testi mony, and on this ground a new trial was granted. . .. Nraro'i Death Case Upheld. The court upheld finally the death sentence of T. Harris of Harris county, negro, for slaying a negro woman, by refusing to grant a re hearing; and affirmed the 99-year prison sentence of Alex Foley, Lavaca county, for the Bhooting of Jsidor Matejeck. - Proceedings of the state courts Wednesday: . i RIIPRFVR COURT T Judgments reversed and rendered in so-itordanea with opinion Mrs. Ma N. Cla- inent vi. First .National Ban 01 rsri fV Application for writ of error granted t GH&SA Ky. Co. uuwrt J. wmiui.. ' Bexar ; ti. 1. l"neip v. J. u. vonireuo. Eastland i M. Scarborough et aL vs. W. '. Writs 'of error refused : Heboid Lumbar Company vs. E. A. Scripture et al., i..n,i. Mr id. Smith et nl- (Charles Ijoilson) vs. Mrs. Sherman Jinea, Ochil- i-ee; Lone-Ben i,omnr iximpany v. ii. IC Porter et al., Lubbock i J. C. Blood-" worth et al. vs. John H. Rhea et al.. . Young i J . A. Eubank et aU vs. Fannte fK. Jackson et al.. Limestone; G. A. Ia-j visson vs. The State of Texas, Eastland ; (.eoree Hipster et al. vs. North River Insurance Company, Coleman ; Don A. Bliss, .administrator, v. Brotherhood of Railroad 'iinnm. Rnu '. Eaale Pass & Piedras sNegras Bridge Company vs. Texaa-Coa- ttrlAam lmii.n, Maverick- 1 Applications dismissed for want of iuria-'diction-. O. K. Higgins vs. Advanee-Kume- . iy Threahcr Company. Inc.. omnam; p. Mto Nixoa vs. C. H. Cook and W. W. f Walton. Nueces ; WiU F. MiUer v. W. E. et ux.. Leon. 4 Motion for rehearing of causes overruled: B. H. Lauderdale et al. va. R. Q. J ea ta al., Taylor ; Texas Employer ln-t irance Association va. W. H. Drummond it al.. El Pasoj J. W. Ogburn vs. Ward ounty Irrigation District No. 1, Ward ; international irnveier. ivmwwmi'ii . . 1.. Gunther. Webb; Mary Louise Hovel vs. 1,. Kaufman et al., Bexar; .Nona tuna u. Is vs. City of San Antonio et al , Bexar; Knutlwm Suretv Company vs. Jonas A. Senton, Bexar ; T. i. Barnhill vs. State ot Texaa, Houston ; 1. u. uiaeic i ai. . m. E. C. Grav. administrator. Lipscomb; D. P. McDonald et aA vs. W. E. Simons lit al., Hamilton; V. Brtli vs. uuaranty tta Bank of Goose Creek. Harris ; F. H. Ecily vs. Sila Bare, administrator, Gray son. 1 Motions for rehearing of applications nmoi-mled. 2. W Hnnsoeth et al. vs. S. t Guggenheim et au Nueces ;j. r. roteetoi 1. vs. w. s. Johtwon et al., lianas ; uw. ". Ahlon vs. J. W. King et al.. McLennan; Oeo. S. Allison et al .vs. Sutton County et at, Sutton : James A. Baker, receiver, et aL vs. Jessie B. Adkins et al., Bexar; Ceo. 3. Hill vs. J. L. Lancaster et al, re nt ,eivera. Dallas. B Motion for rehearing submitted: City f of Athena et al. vs. Dan Moody, attorney general (mandamus) ; Camaron Compress ) Company va. T. P. WhittmgtoB. MUsm ; IhwI Gambill. next friend, Hunt; Hanover Fire Insurance Company vs. T. A Moore et al.. Wise; South Texas Implement and Machine Company et al. vs. Ananuac va- ; Company et al., Harris. OTIL APPEALS. Affirmed! Louis Veielka t al vs. i Cbaa. F. Forsea, Fayette. Reversed and rendered: Willi Georges . v. Ernest Frfcke et a!., Fayette. Motion overruled: A. L. Bower . I-GN Ry. Co., trom WilliaVson, joint motion to postpone submission, but' appellee is given until May 6 in which to file .briefs. f Rehearing refused: Mrs. Or D. Randall-Allen et al.. vs- Morris S. Lcwla et !., Navarro. Case submitted: City of Bellinger et. il. v. J. A. Nichols et ai.. Runnels; '.strna V. Barta vs. Vino V. Barta, Fay-tt ; W. F. Hay et al v. J. C Ciaw-aon et aL, Travis. i; Ordere dthat attorney baving records 'In following cases have them In th possession of the clerk on or before the Slnt of March. 11)36: E. Schmidt et al. vs. Ion F. Baar, Fayette; John R. Box vs. 7emfng Investment Co., Tom Green; Prairie Lee Production Cow vs. French W Tiller at al. Caldwell. CRIMINAL APPEALS. Affirmed: Artie Jackson, Sr.. from Farrison ; J. M. Edclen from Potter; Ssm Wilson from Taylor; J. A. McBrid from Jefferson ; Alex Foley from Lavaca? J. E. Deaver from Hood; George Melton from lamar: R. Odenthal from Cass; ex-parte Albert Frederick from Johnson ; Bill Cook from Camp. Reversed and remanded: Charley Bl-)lott from Panola; Raleigh Bilberry from Stonewall; C. L. Andrua from Runnels; Frank Walker, from Harris : Bill McDuff from Dickens; Carl Hill from Hopkins; Jack Moore from Milam; Calvin Coker from 1 arrant: Bud Taylor from Cherokee; Clarence Memphrey from Cottle, Appellant's motion for -reheating overruled: Dong Mear from Orange; Ed Chandler from Polk; Will Henderson from Harrison; Joe Selhy from Bexar; Bill Campbell from Dallas : John Allen from Titus; G. W. Champion from Grayson.; J. A. Kincatd from Jones ; T Harris alia iflron McDaniel from Harris. " Application to file second motion for r scaring denied: J. I. Pitts from Limestone ; Tom Spear from Hill. Appeal dismissed ; Jim Jone from Camp. m!llliiIIIIIUlU!illlllH!lllltti:ilt!!IUnil I HANCOCK I IS MIT-ITS A TTATTCTl loaay, rnaay ana oaturaay I "Three Faces i East" I EXTRA Friday and Saturday E Matine and Night S Tlie Colonial 1 I Entertainers 1 Jazz Orchestra 5 Na advance in prices. E; TillllllI!IIHIII3IIIHIil!IIIIIIiIlll!l!!illlll" LAST TIMES TODAY "THE TORRENT" Written By the Author of "The Four Horcsmen" With Richard CortezGreta Garbo STARTING TOMORROW "THE FIGHTING EDGE" Reversed and dismissed: Judge Geary from Delta. Submitted on briefs and or argument: John Hightower from Bra tea ; A. F. Barnes from btephens; J. H. Dent from Knox; Sid Patterson from Knox: Granville Jack son from Kerr; Jody Blank from Kerr; Cleve Barnes from Stephens; Albert John son from Howard; C. A. Tait from Grayson! Frank Folsom from Wichita. Submitted on brief for1 -both: Jessie Tee: from Fisher: J. N. Scott from Wich-ila: G. E. Anderson from Dallas ! ' John S. Wear from Travis ; Robert Leslie from Nacogdoches. ' Submitted on stat' brief: Sammy Mc-Gea from Howard; Willi Tilley from Howard; Homer O. Turley from Collingsworth; Jesse Hagina from Collin: Tem-pleman Burns from Grimes; Bill Murray from Nacogdoches ; Jame Tesar from Potter. Submitted on record; 3. A. Nobiitt from Potter; Jake Miller from Potter. Submitted on appellant' brief: G. E. Berry from McLennan. Submitted on appellant' motion for rehearing; R. L. Horn from Knox; Se-cundma Riya from Presidio. Submitted on appellant' application to withdraw motion for rehearing : Aivin Townsley from Williamson. APPEARS IN RECITAL Miss Mas Pipkin of Taylor Honored by Philadelphia Conservatory. TAYLOR, March 24. Mrs. W. H. Pipkin of Taylor has received a communication from Philadelphia that her 'daughter, Miss Mae Pipkin, who Is ' studying - violin at Combs' conservatory of music, had appeared with great success In a spring recital given Tnursaay, March 18. Miss Pipkin entered this institution early in the fall and was placed in class A, which Is composed only of artists. The recitals of Combs conservatory are important events In the musical world and Miss Pip kin was praised highly for her con tributions on the program. TRAINING RACE HORSES Taylor Turfman Owns Number of Record Racrs. TATLOH, March "24. I Nelson, local turfman,- Is on the job every day training his string of race horses to enter the races of July and on through the summer months. He has a good one-half mile track In the pasture adjoining his home site. and his horses are getting in per fect condition. His string of horses follow: The stroller, a trotter, record 2:19; Lou Advice, pacer, record 2:14 1-4: Jes Ble Bell, trotter, record 2:16 3-4; ReU Hart" B, pacer, 2:07 1-4; Ennice Stroller, 2-year-old trotter. Mr. Nelson has been a very successful race-horse man, usually ending the race with first money. HOSE CO. NAME3 DELEGATION TAYLOR, March 24. Hugh Burns hose company No. 4 held a meeting at the city hall Tuesday night and elected Albert Wolters as delegate and Albert BIsang as alternate delegate to the State Firemen's convention, which will be in Harlingen, June 8S 9 and 10. A large number of Taylor citizens are contemplating attending the convention, and one ore more of the Taylor reel racing teams will enter the contests. bring you health PEP pep you up. Give energy. Ready to eat, A cereal everyone loves. 1 PEP THE PEPJV BRAN FOOD ieppjjapfes WHY io you let those unsightly pimples, blackheads and blotches disfigure your skin and ruin your appearance T Yon can keep them away It you keep your system full of rich, red blood. And not only that, but the very texture of your skin will be soft and velvet like ana the coloring radiant as a rose.-' 1 , - It's aU In the blood. And S. S. S. will help. Nature keep your blood rich and red and pure. Yes, you can keep pimples away. simply by taking S. S, S. That's a wet. The Kind ot red-blood-cells that S. S. S. helps Nature build makes your skin beautiful clears it up Just like It puts arm flesh on you brings strength to weak, flabby muscles gives you an appe tite like yoa used to have and generates the energy and vitality of youth throughout your entire system. just try it ana see lor yourself! All druggists sell S. S. 8- Get the larger bottle. It's more economical, FARMERS BEGIN PLANTING WORK Lampasas Optimistic Crop Prospects. Over LAMPASAS. March 24. The advent of pretty weather this week heralds the desertion of the streets by farmers. It is an opportunity for which farmers have been watting. They are in the fields and are to remain there until crops are planted and they catch up with their work, or until they are driven to cover again by the weather. Old-timers say that prospects for crops are better here than they have ever seen them. The indica tions are that this county will raise the largest small grain crop in its history. The prospects for a bumper fruit crop were never better. LEAVES ALL TO SON Mrs. Nonie Boren Mahoney Willed Nothing to Her Husband. DALLAS. March 24. CP) Mrs. Nonie Boren Mahoney, one of the pioneer suffragists of Texas, who died at her home In Forney Saturday, left an estate valued at $200.- 000. it was revealed in her will filed for probate here today. The estate, composed of real and personal property In Texas and California, is left entirely to Mrs. Mahoney's 22-year-old son, Joseph Boren Mahoney, of Dallas. No por tlon of the estate is left to her hus band. Joseph P. Mahoney, of Chi cago, the will provided. It also specified, that no part of the estate la IU UD DU.U MUIUIJ ...V. ...... of her son. SAN MARCANS COMING Members of Literary Society Plan Visit to Ney Studio. Members of the Pennybacker Literary society of the Southwest Texas State Teachers college of San Marcos will probably visit the Eliz-abet Ney studio In Austin Monday afternoon, March 29, according to a letter received from Miss Laura Wendt of the college by the Chamber of Commerce "Wednesday. Miss Wendt asked for information on visiting hours at the studio-museum. Easter draws nearer. Just received two hundred Beautiful New Frocks. A real sensation that should cause a thrill among women who desire smart frocks 1 5 1z 85 P-Colorful Crepes -IL. JL, I Filmy Georgettes and I Grey New Prints I Crepe de Chine Vtj -d S m ta i - CKw " b 0.1D f Swan Radium . Jl Jr R Modes are dictinctively novel, colors are unusually lovely. . 1 All colors and sizes. I TEXAS THEATRE Today, Friday Saturday "THE LOST WORLD" State Deaths MRS. E. P. MORGAN BARTLETT, March 24. Word was received here Monday of the death of Mrs. K P. Morgan Sunday at her home in Temple, after an Illness of some time.. She was 80 years old, having been born In Mississippi in 1S45, and came to Texas in 18m and had been a member of the Missionary Baptist church for 63 years. Surviving her are four daughters and two sons; Miss Ambie Mor gan of Temple, Mrs. T. J. Williams' of Bangs, Mrs. It. J. Haney of Goldthwaite, Mrs. Maude Morris of Dallas, Brooks Morgan of Temple and it . M. Morgan 01 iieirals. Funeral services were held Mon day at the residence of Rev. Charles F. Baker, pastor of the Freeman Heits Baptist church, with Inter ment at the Belfala cemetery. The pallbearers were: Active, Joe Williams, W. H. Engledow. W. F. Kelly, B. F. Williams. B. Johnson and E. H. Lambert; honorary, E. Rector, W. E. Weaver, IL O. Charlton and J. C. Warden. MRS. CAL YARBROUGH BARTLETT, March 24. Word was received , here Monday of the death of Mrs. Cal Yarbrough, aged 32, at her home In Belton Sunday afternoon. While she had been in failing health for some time, her sudden death from heart failure was a great shock to family and friends. The deceased, who before her marriage was Miss Cora Lee Perry, was born in Belton and spent most all of her life there. She is survived by her husband and a little daugh ter, Doris, 8 years old: two broth ers, Robeft H. Perry, head of the department of English in South Park college at Beaumont; H. S. t-erry 01 jamermo, and two sisters. Mrs. J. T. Ferguson of Glen Itose and Mrs. Frank Baker of Lamnasas Funeral services were held at the First Christian church Monday aft ernoon, me pastork ev, j. Frank Holmes, officiating, with Interment In the North Belton cemetery. : The pallbearers were: Active, Sid Casey, 10m uoie, jonn Kay. Alvis Gillum. Curtis Durham and Mayor W. -E. Tomiinson; honorary. H. M. Wood ruff, Gene Foreman, Mack Philips,1 nowara uarrison. vv. A. Gilmer. C E. Metcalf, Sam House, Sam Mc elroy and Geo. W. Cole. 1 FRED L. NIBLING BARTLETT, March 24. News was received here Monday of the death of Fred L. Nibllng, aged 67 years, at' Belton. Funeral services were conducted at the home of his brother, Albert Nibling, Monday by itev. it. o. Sory, pastor of the First Methodiat church at Belton, assist - SNAMAN EXCLUSIVE LADIES' READY - TO - AND MILLINERY for Easter-time wear. Thursday Friday -Saturday JUST SUPPOSE With Dick Barthelmeas Lois Moran A princely story royal romance. Irving Berlin t Song Slide Review Mystic Concert Orchestra. lews ' ed by Rev, Noble. The Interment was in Hill Crest cemetery with Masonic honors. - The deceased was born and reared in .Bell county, and was highly re spected and honored by all who knew him. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. A. A. Nibling of Moffat, Albert Nibllng of Belton and Dr. George Nibling of Ban Angelo, and two sisters, Mrs. W. C Hobert of Pecos and Mrs. Will Grimes of Temple. MISS JULIA STUBBLEFIELD GEORGETOWN. March 24. Miss Julia Stubblefield, member of a pi oneer family of this section, died Sunday, aged about 82 years. Funeral services were held at the First Baptist church, of which deceased had been a devout member for many years. Rev. M. Gettys, pastor, officiating. Miss Stubblefield was born In Polk county, but came to this county In 1S5S, since which date Georgetown has been her home. She leaves one sister. Miss Sallie Stubblefield, and several nieces and nephews. She was related to the late Judge G. W, Glasscock, for whose father. Col. George Glasscock, Georgetown was named he having donated the land tor the original town site. MISS JULIA ESTILL FREDERICKSBURG, March 24. Miss Julia Estill, age 79, dted at the Do Your Gums Bleed When You Brush Your Teeth Pat a stop to it before pyorrhoea develops. Creosene Is a new, Improved, pleasant form of Home treatment for pyorrhoea Infected gums which banishes this terrible dis ease by killing the germs, saves you a frightful expense and severe pain. Bleedln gums stopped In 12 hours: soreness disappears In 24 hours; pus clears up in two to three days; teeth begin to tighten In ten days, and If your trouble has not been completely eliminated In three or four weeks, get your money back. Creosene is sold by Greenwood Drug Co. and other -druggists at il.00 a bottle, or sent direct on receipt of price, with positive guarantee of satisfaction or money refunded. Creosene Co, Desk 4, 1 Atlanta. Ga. (Adv.). WEAR Majestic home of Judge J. T. Estill In Fred ericksburg on Sunday afternoon aft er a lingering illness. Interment was in the city ceme tery on Monday afternoon at 4 ociock. .-.- MRS. HERMAN MANER FREDERICKRBURfl. Mntvh S4. Mrs. Herman if.tvnrvr. . a cr 9R. iHaiI at tne local hospital on Monday eve WORLD'S LARGEST CHAIN r DEPARTMENT STORE ORGANIGATION Easter Means a New Dress One of Our Silk Frocks, of Course Part of the feeling of Easter i surely the pleasure of appearing in new and handsome apparel! The Silk Frock is first in importance that's why you'll want to select it herel At These Two Popular Prices We have prepared groups of Dresses at these two stunning prices and the styles, materials, and colors in each group leave nothing to be de-eiredl For women, misses, and juniors. $9.90 to $24.75 Your Important Easter Hat! It Must Be the Last Word In Style You've been thinking about your Easter Hat hoping you might find one superbly becom-ing something different and priced within reason. Such a Hat is sure to be among our many modes. v Assuring You Great Savings! Again our 676-Store Buying Power saves you money in Millinery! Our tremendous quantity orders of Hats obtain for us far lower prices. You can easily see this in our Easter Displays I Priced, $3.98 to $7.90 All Silk Jap Pongee fAt This Arresting Price! The triumph of the season is this Jap Silk Pongee offering! Our Buyers in New York effected this purchase for us. Buy your Pongee now. Of Substantial Weight finely. Woven ning. Funeral services were held on Tuesday afternoon In the city cemetery, Rev. G. H. Houy officiating. . SUN TEST DOWN 1100 FEET LOCKHART, March 24. Officials ot the Sun Oil company, who are drilling a test on the Mrs. J. M. Cardwell -tract northwest of Lock- TjT fl RATION-WIDE Ti I jj JS'STtTUTlON- j enneyvyQ Ji DEPARTMENT 201-206 EAST SIXTH STREET - It is 1 2 mummy weight which is heavy and service- liable. And the price the yard is only. hart about throe miles, announce that the bit Is cow 1100 feet and la the Austin chalk. It Is stated that the picking up of the chalk at this depth leads many to hope that " some Important results are yet to be picked up, as the chalk has been found much deeper in all of the tests that have been drilled in that territory. RELIABLE QUALITY GOODS ALWAYS AT LOWER PRICES STORES A New Model For .Women la patent with Mntera icid trimming, this modish pomp It proving popular. It desenrei to. It lines arc graceful, its make admirable, and its price noteworthy, $4.98 This New Pump In Patent Dull tail trim adds smartness to this patent cne-strap of latest design. Covered military heet A ' neatly finished shoe, at convenient price' Topics . $3.98 U E'EN Fable "'si t -ry- t 'TT vf lj Topics --TSTLffi

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