The Austin American from Austin, Texas on April 2, 1924 · 1
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The Austin American from Austin, Texas · 1

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 2, 1924
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FIRST !N A AUSTIN I h O AT CENTRAL O TEXAS! Volume 10. AUSTIN, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2, 1923. 10 PAGES Numbt: 29:2 !-U!l nrm FIRST, A am MOILS 11 il CA Lii 11 11 UNIT HEADS TOII ORGANIZE AT DRISKILL MEET Cross Will Give Final Instructions to Team Captains. ALL HAVE CONTRIBUTED Leaders Make Donations Before Taking Up Campaign Work. Pep anil enthusiasm designed to press workers for a ltghliiinir hurst of speed to srl! Austin on the university stadium project and match !U $15.000 subseiipU'm raited . on tb canipui among students ami facuitv will b Instilled into team captains for the Au'Un campaign hi a luncheon to be held at the liriskill hotel Wednesday evening at Harry I. Cross, director of the campaign in AuMin, wi'.l prV' tit the meeting and will irvo fins! 5n-wtrtictions ti tr.uii captains. A (.;. si .-unite- w . . I tb'-ruvKh lam; aig:i in t. tip -rd and de tram captain lire cxix-othig !'j "funic home with th ha.on.M Tin- stadium workers hav b.-.-n divided illt'J ci-tiors. lilt: CiVl ami -x-aiud' lit si i sr!iMi, eotni'ris log 61 teams of a captain and MX uuikrrn I'-i'-ls. TbcsV- captain t'iim workers have all made donn-i liol"! P thctil'lltllll DM 1 W lU :i .ss ll.e ii v in a ub.t'.w.r.l tan I.C'I- making li..I lilm.ll ,l! noon luncheon 1' U hfli i.imii tK'.nl', ! r.i lie IJ.. ll.,!.'l. Tfcn rarid-f,ro i niv.psisn ni'l ;rtfit' nd piieetl uu unil r i Mejin at an tfH tv.ns: dmiin- for (Cclillinirrt from Piicti 1, FIVE ARRESTED In Double Shooting in Mine Section of Tcnn. f'UXT'.'S'. Tnr... April 1-iiirMinn were in jail lierr. I b-!! In ( iir! fioo !t!i ru'e fkh'Mitin s?fit, li.,;. .1 Yn:k a kl!t'4 Hriipy, timiiir w;is t.s!:.'ly wt.uiulrd. ' '!'!! Jltiiiff ff Voik H'vr.f th:i n f :i i-- t t0 "vr'li i il U .t h , a n't .! -. I, ibK ; 'iin Hi a Iwxiy hnlb-i W It havins M nddP-d i!h n';r til" t-' u bci'i' Ii' 3iH;n, mi'i ph sii'm. Wfi kslleil a ttfijii nk'n. T'w. inrn. Mise Tuy-lur and Vil l!r:i, .ir ! il Hnt v S' i i i'H uui;!i aiid l.i mn Ttiil ;ind M.iru.n ( 'tnl.l: k nr" belli i f t the h"''i'ii'R of Hetinley !"I!mv- I a ti'inrr.-! t i party. j The Ivillliii h ki ep i,pam with An- .! ! n 'untvs i'Kly i-ci'i)H nfj l ii;! t!-r. iu-Mt 'f llst'm !: . u. k in Ii,i. isolated Winintr wtiw!, far i ba K in Hie mcunt.iinK. ! FARMER HELD For Killing With Dallas Auto. UA1.1.A.S. Apiil t -, 1). li-dmn-rt.iit, SI. furmer, Hvltr-r tit .u' itncH-m r Ori'haiiB iioin' . m i"'! I. ..lay harced Willi neuIiKettt llotnl-an. failure to ft.ip m coitner. t;frt wllli tli" --ti-)iliif In death Sunday .f i'iiii; .'udy. H y'r idd, and iTijurini; lw other i lii!-dren cm a liiitbwav n-r the hoin-ldi.inr!n proteBls liis luivrein-e and told offlirr b" ;i another diiviiik' ait automobile similar to bis ear ftrike the children. HOUSTON FIRE Claims Three Victims, Of Same Family. All HOI'STON'. April 1- Three vie. (Pun of this imirnlng'H rimming bouse fire died thl.i afternoon within a few minute of each other. Tnrv wer Ittiss Forth. 37; his wife, ltetie, 24, nnd their 4-year-old c hild. CRUDE UP HOI'STON, April I. The Humble Oil and Refining company today advanced gulf roust heavy crude 2U cents a barrel at the wa il Thu advance applies to both A and jl grades, which command J2 nii.l $I.7U respectively under tho new price. THE WEATHER EAST TEXAS: Wodnosday partly cloudy, warmer; Thursday increasing cloudiness, warmer in north-wtat portion. WEST TEXAS: Wedneiday partly cloudy, warmer, except in south-wett portion; Thurday untettied. ' BANK CLEARINGS M.rrh 31 ( 26K.JKo.H7 wk 2.H3.I75.S M.r.h 7.Ko.e35.7 Ounrlrr 22.439,s(i4.M April 1 333,293.43 American's Farm Hint By Waltor E. Davit. Co, Agent. Itueent min have parki-il mi? groo nil anil if you wnulil Inert-...! etii' it-l.i. juu aliouM turn yeur Imrrew teeir. wl rniiz ht til hii'I Hnwn, widtdit it tlown iimi Imrmw IhemuilMy tit Imtue th ftiirftn-e noil. 'Ihe yield (ll ll fn.m 10 to 20 liiih' l an arre by this nii-su. - uins of Stadium Drive to Meet Tonight - GN Inaugurates I '-ft t5 safer A party of it raflrokrf rtrnmiMi n rr and offiriatg ( the Intr rnatianat-rrt Narthrn rnirraad ttrdV nrn-ing Buvmblrd in iht nalor nr nh n b9 n4 mmd lb Inawearkl ruunt! trip tm Sen Antont od return, hirh fwmillf lcd thi car in rw. Bctuiint Httndiy, April 13, 1n Htotftr rr mr 4 err 4 bt the I - i N will be placed in reoiar TMri)ter erir. Tfee car wilt make the trip in 2 huura and minutes earh a. ivrident A. Hpmtlian and Vif rrrMent V, J. ff of I he M,N wer Engineer Coming to Finish Dam WheniPENSIOH BILL Financing ''I Completion of the I-akc Austin dam under specifications! ! : acceptable to the city the object of the Public Service cor-j ilration of Texas, a Delaware corporation, of which J. L. i SArlitt, of Austin, is president. j , -.- Approximately one-third oft U AT 17 DrPAIIMTi'550'000 bomi hmc to fi- I V 1 li 11 LiUUUlt I MARS CLOSE Peddy Contest on Floor Senate Soon. of By BASCOM N. TIMMONS, Th Autin Amncn Staff. WASHINGTON, April l.-Tlie c,ur l nf She'.by t i . the lumi" f lifiili-i- li. li 1'ed.H, tva.s oiinpb-ted Tuesday by !n- . inpli'.ved tiy tiie it liat.i cJe'tU'io t iii!i.ilit'ie. it iif fi.ii!. that i.l! but t"ii n tiie l.""t Ma field oti K bad the etiat.)rs i .iMc .tjiup'tl on stum with a rubber (.i .i!-.:.. 1'ixb!,- ft.) rest claim that nit the M.iiupi I bali.itK -luaii I be thrown not f!ie rnnunitlce. ' Myfild Bilot Stamped. ; Of a tni il Iddy 'f S4". I it found to tie mimn . isti'-r the i Judifi?' s.iMi.itine or number. The i omteMa nt n (ittoHiej ! laim a 1ck.i1 Child ! v""- "f I'e.ldy TM an t Mayfiohl ! ttMt. i;. 1 Thayci. nimmttec mi-ipciU.'! of the reioiini m pu-hlm; '. tic' 1 iKh bard In complete their ;ork by the end "f the Week :ilnt lliete ar" uncp.'ted d n;.iimt'iils, Tii:-iver fisyx ttu-y will be thropuli by that time. Tim will 1 In.. i bout a io-Viay Interval between! the time the recount is finished and ( the beg il he reglliiir itlVl rStil-OIHoll vxli be ? un by t he column ti e. Get Missing Liats. , A mvsleiious looking paikiigc: was leccived Tuesday night b CUaiilniiii Sien.-ei- of the Ir.vesti-gating ;md when opep .1 j was found in untnin the missing; Tarntiit county poll lists, il could pot be learned who sent the pack ! age. but I'inbly iittorneyn believe j it, vus the retolf of Die news that they had diiplfc.Ue copies of the poll lists liithcir possession. THREE LOSE LIVES . . , , : When Fire Suddenly Sweeps - Thrntirli Hnlol IlirOUgd I101C1. j j fill AN l KAPIMS, Allch.. .Mail 1. Two women gu-sts probably wciel finally injured tonight and a fire - mini Is reported to be dead u I i ! of a I'll" which has deslro.vodj tie. Livingston hotel here iind is t lire. Meiiing an entire business block. The t o womeu jllinMd lioin the sixth story despite pleas of firemen who were raising ladders. Th' flier in fell from the roof id (be (hand Itnpids Herald building ml ("hung the hotel. The hotel burst into flames following U terrific lour believed to have been caused by an explosion. The flames spread so ipiickly that i it was Impossible to ascertiiln Whether all of tho guests in the hotel escaped. NEGRO SLAIN Another Faces Charge of Murder at Manor. Harry Mct'arty, negro living near Manor, Is dead and Jim Hendry, another negro, faces a charge of loinder ns a result of a shooting affray ou the Ntrumrtuotil farm near Manor .Tucsduy morning. Hendry gave himself up Immediately nl'icr the shooting to Justice W. T, Glen of Manor and was being hold yesterday nfternooii In the Manor litrfcup, Mi Curly had threat' nod the" life of Hendry, liccordliTR to Ihe bitter's istory told to Ihe justice of the peace. Motor Car Service rir riojits io Irt party yesterday. ( hairman tarenc K. t.tlmore and Dr. Walter plan and W. A. Nahor. mrmbcra f the raitroad cpmUaion, vera imni tHo who made the (rial trip t San Anfnta in the motnr car, CM her a hoR abeve, in h: grasp h ned in the ride in the ahtny new ga line-driven rar, included: Mra. Clarrnre K, Gillmora and Mn, I .a ten Btanrerry. II or a liooth, traffic- manager f the iad; Frank L. ttrr, aiMiitant general ?eB( j L, A. C.reirorj, aupnntendcnt af Is Complete i"we the project lias already i utn-n poia ana onicers oi tnei corjoration are now conferring wtli Uardii'-;- Williams, of Ann Arbor, Mich , cmstnietion en-rinetr, and other expert eoKineers. Engineer! to b Selected. The etiuinrrr for the project is to be M ! t l. fresidesit Ariitt n.tiiL a . fiiiuinihg of the jfro.iei'ted by Kile, of the bonds has been completed, lie estimated that this would bo several months. I'.Txident r!;tt recalled In a statement TuesU.iy morninR that tittiiertis efforts to finance tiie iiii!i tioii of the I-ike Aus in dam had i en made and that he did tod desire '"loo much publicity" for his project. He cxpreoed the belief, however.. Ihut the picsem plan of liiianciiit,' Woiihl be urcessf ul. Ariitt Holds Option. Opium for tho purchase of the I.ike Austin dam franduso from The Am-tiH 1 uni. lacoi ioi a of I 'oxi.r. I tela v are, the present l.ind-Inddei'M and ft-aii.-lim,. boldei s tf the dcfuiu t City Water Cower coin-pan?, is in poH...vion of Ariitt and associates who cmiipose the 1'jiblie t i s ir. ccrporutioii. This opt ion is to be exercised us soon fiuaneii'E pianw have bc-vit fuuid "ted. Officers Of till coi'ioraltiin nre all Austin peoide. la addliton ii : 1'r.sideiit Arli't, they arc 1'. W. Atlin, vi.e president, and .Mrs. C Vim K.uiuw, fcecret.iry-ti-en.surer. t TJic Security Trust .ompuny of, Austin is trustee ful- U.e corpora-' linn. S TWO KILLED la Battle Between Bandits j And Bank Employes. MON I KI.'Al.. April l bank i I'midoye mid a. t. audit were killed' I bis afternoon and an.'t her bank em-i t'loye was slightly wb.-,, 1 ighl men opened fire a motor j ,ui ,!,. fun,)s Whlch were! being transferred to i;m central of- I fice of the Bank of lioiiieia. ) Ituiilc officials ssiid they bclioved i the car was carrying $;itm.o.!0. How! nim h the biindits obtained bad not been learned bito toihiv. but the! police stibsciuontly recovered J4o.-cim) from the wreck of the men's machine which in Its flight from the scene of the hold-up, struck a telephone pole and overt urned. In the car also was the body of one of the bandits He had hern shot through the head. SHERIFPSWID0W Succeeds Him to Office ftcr Fatal Shooting. BUY AN, April 1. Mrs. L. E-Moiehead, widow of the sheriff ot this county, today was appointed i by Hi" county cVunuissionerH to fill the unexpired tdin of her husband, who was assassinated Saturday night. The slaver of Sheriff More-bead is In ciisiody. Officers say he Is mentally unsound. , , , TRAINING SHIP IN C.fl.VKSiilN, April I. The CSS Kaule ati. Avilh l' Texas naval reservists on board, arrived nt New Orleans Sunday, according' to advices received lure today. Tin .raft left Havana five days nno for Galveston, She put . In at New Orleans on account of engine trouble, , to Sair Antonio Photo fcy Jordao transportation; J. II. Jones, diviwnn ai pertnlendent; P. J, Lawless. MilWii Morris, city pfjwneer and ticket aeent; Mr. W. A. Nabom, Mrs. W. P. Nabors. W, C- Crant, AsMflated Presa correspondent ; W. M. Thornton, Dallas N'ewa correwpondent. Crew operating the ear shown In the picture are: Jam Williamson, conductor; Mauri? Mnnahan, engineer; K. J. Bremer, brakeman. V. W. Oswalt, representing the firm which built the cars, accompanied Engineer Monahan. SENATE PASSES!.5 New Measure "Adjusts" War Benefits Equally. AMrlatrd Prrna PUpnlrh. WASHINGTON", April 1 An ajtisterl pefifion-b:ll" designed to remove iueouities bettieen pratitl-ties now paid veterans of the sev eral imsl wars, pushed today j uy iiie seuaie. Introduced by Senator Ihirsuui, republici.n. -New .Mexico, the bill was described ny him as substantially the same as that which 1'resi-deni Harding -etoed last se.ssi.m. The pensioa biircau estimated it would co.t an additional ?."i"i.0oo the first year. Tiie bill provides a flat rate of "Z a month lor veterans of the Mexican and civil wars sis compared with she present basic rate of $,"iU un-1 nialves the allowance for each deiwndent S per mouth in; lead of from t2 to $. A I'.ew provision, .K.iid to l;;ie been inserted to meet objections which led to the velo hist. year, provl Ps that widows of civil "wur veterans must have consummated their marriace prior to dune 27, U'07, to be eligible for pension. The bill curries a graduated scale for these beneficiaries rahKiiifr from prj- month al 00 to $ii at 7 1. There also is a graduated scjie for Spanish-Amerie an eterans based on disability rauuinu from i'li a montii to a The vote w A el to maximum of $,"i0. en 1, pasSape of the bill those opposing in- I ley. Kent u. y. rniocrai lo U. S. Governnieiit As i-e.nnred by Act of Congvc. Acg. 21 iii.inagement ..f The Austin statement of the Ownership, rubllsuer- rhe American l-.dit.or Charles E. Marsh. Managing Editor--Martin Names nod of the stock addresses of those owning per cent or of The American Publishing Company t' E Texas; C. Marsh. 1 1 . ! ' -, Austin. Texas; E. n s-t, -Vaco, Texas. Know u bend 1 Mergeul luil -.- l i I'ypograpb t'oiiu'. 'hristi, Te.iu.s. ' ae or Average number of copies soi.i or tusninunai jnrnugh the mails, or ojjurwise, to jiaid subsil-ibers during the six" tnot)ths preceding April 1 1H24 CHAltLES Sworn to and subscribed before in. 1!'24. (SEALt Notary public in and commission expires June My YEAR'S INCREASE IN THE AMERICAN'S Daily and Sunday Average, for six months endj'ng; March 31, Daily and Sunday Average, for six months ending March 31, 1023 Average Daily and Sunday Cain during 12 months SOLON- ASKS TEXAS PROBE OF YET BUREAU j Special Committee May Go j Over Charges of Texas ; ' Irregularities. LAND PROBE MAY HALT Heflin Threatens to Seek New Investigation for ' Rio Grande Valley. WAf-lIIXGTON. Aixil 3. The Texas congressional delegation today adopted a resolution' favoring Investigation ot the administration ot the 14th veterans bureau district with headquarters at Dallas. An inquiry into charges of irregularities by a special house committee has been proposed by Representative McClintoek, Democrat, Oklahoma. LAND FRAUD PROBERS IN NEW WRANGLE WASHINGTON', April 1 The senate committee investigating alleged land frauds in the lower Jtio Irande valley of Texas, encountered another storm today when t'hair- i man .Moses, republican. New Hainp-' shire, and Senator Heflin, democrat, i Alabama, committee prosecutor, ! again clashed ove procedure. Scn- ator Heflin .again tlireatened to j take his protest to the floor ot the i senate and intimated that he might ask for the appointment of an entirely new investigating committee. Clash on Procedure. i TtTean while, iiames K. Pace, lvan-j ;is City, attorney, who is aiding ! Serator HefUn in the Invest Igatioit. and tleorce A, Hill Jr., of Houston. Texas attorney for K. H. t.'reacer of Hiownsville, Texas, who was ehargfd in the senate resolution as having been implicate' in the land fraud charues. have been directed by the committee to inspect ami make a Mimmary of letters and quest ionaires ill the postoffiee department files. This course was ilet' rniini d n after numerous! clashes today ever the reading ofi such documents into the record, in order to speed up the hearing ami sine the? time o postal officials who have been intending. Objects to Letters. ' Jir. Hill objected unsuccessfully to the continued introduction of these letters, written by persons who allege they were defrauded on the ground they continued statements "not made under nam"; that there was no "opportunity for cross examination": (hat they "constitute an attempt to align the postal authorities on their sidi in fur- thciiiii. e of the civil suits of some of them, and that, many of them "bivir upon their face ihe unmistakable evidence of an iiispiretynd studied x'-henie to discredit transactions tiio!i which further payments were due." Senator Heflin objected to Mr Hill's effort to olock their iiiserilou Into the record. iri2 the this American here submits Management. Circulation, Publishing Company . Anderson., more are : S. Fentress, Waco. other i-iii ity-holders: -pc Company, Itroo'-lyn, N". V.. Cbicugo, 111.; ilobcri Driscoll, Ludlow Corpus each issue of this publication 12,104 E. .MAUSII I'resident. this 2nd day of April, LOP IS X. C.OLDBKRG, county, Texas, for Travis 1, 1925. CIRCULATION 12,104 Copies 10,161 1921. Copies Copies 1943 LaFollette Coolidge By 2-1 Vote In Wisconsin Election MILWAUKEE, Wis., April 1. La Follette delegates increased their lead over the Coolidge delegates in the race in Wisconsin when 149 precincts out of 2,574 in the state had reported tonight. The count stood: La Follette, .11,098; Coolidge, 4,747.' The race for democratic presidential delegates in the state . continued close hctweyi the !'- BOY DROWNS IN BARTON0REEK Everett VanEvery Victim Of Cramps Attack. j E'-crett VanEvery. lg. senior stu-! dent in Austin high school, son j of Mrs. Charles Haynie, 2108 Sw ish er street, met deuth by drowning Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock while swimming with comrades in Campbell's hole on Barton creek, I about one mile above Barton I Springs. , j VanEvery was a member of a j picnic party composed of senior j high school students, whirh was being conducted at Barton Springs ! park. j Overcome by Cramps. I VanEvery and several compan- I ions went to Campbell's bole short ly after eating dinner and were in swimming when the unfortunate youth was overcome by cramps and sank to the bottom of a li-foot hole. His companions made an effort to rescue birn as he sank, but were unable to help him. They then hurried to liarton Springs for aid and after half an hour, VanEvery's body was brought to the surface-by ). Hamilton, special officer at tin? municipal swimming resort, and M. C. Muckfcroy and Abe i'arks, high school strident s, Lungmotor Fails. An effort, to revive NanLvory by . means of a lungmotor , rushed to the scene of tho drowning by the lloscngren-Cook Undertaking establishment was made, but proved futile. .Charles (1. Haynie. burlier, the youth's stepfather, made lineal! to the scene of the drowning with the llosengren-Cook ambulance. . Alter efforts to revive the youth were abandoned, the body was car ried to the home ol" his parents on Swisher street. Funeral services will lie held this afternoon at 3 o'clock at. the borne of young Van Every's grandmother.' Mrs. A. M. DahMn. 17.13 Sabine street. At S: SO o'clock services will be heid at the Swedish .Methodist ehnr.-h. The services will be conducted by Kev. K. . Xcrherg. Charles I!. Cook will direct the funeral. Active pallbearers are: Clifford Palmier, Joseph Hiibenson, Eouis Mndahl, Ernest Seveiine. Harold j Laveen, louis Sward. Honorary p:iii'".ari4's are: Henry McCaUum, jian Want, William I'cveiaux. Albert Haynes. Wutkins and Charles l.t?w is. uslave POSSE SHOOTS NEGRO For Not Surrendering After Wounding Two. i FUKSNO. Cat.. April l. la-rusinc j to surrender to an armed posse, I Buck Dagels. negro, was shot to' death in a stuck car at Firebaugh i near here shortly after noon today I ai'ler he had shot City Marshal ! Oliver Wilson and Porter !b.;uero ; of l-'ireb.-tugh. His compau:...;. ;, ; Key. a negro, is in jail la-co cliargcd j with an accessory to assault with intei-t to commit murder. Marshal Wilson and ftomero, riding in a roadster, saw Dagels attempting to toss a revolver into the canal and commanded him to bring the revolver to Wilson. Instead of complying. Dagels opened lire. He tlien"fled toward the railroad station taking refuge in a stock car. Wilson and Kotnero were not dangerously slnd. GIRL BANDIT SHOOTS Company Cashier When Grabs at Veil, He NEW YORK. April 1. Brooklyn bob-haired girl bandij and be;- male i companion today imprisoned lii cin- I ployes of the National p.ismit coin- j pany and shot the company cashier i in an unsuccessful attempt ; loot j the firm. Nathaniel Mais... the j cashier, is believed to have been fatally wounded. He was shot twice j as he attempted to snatch . black j veil from the .face, .of tint girl as 1 and Hi other herded Into employ were vault be- in; a record BONDS APPROVED Bids to Be Opened onj Thorndale Issue Thursday, j ' i KOCKD A I.E. April 1 Thorndale ; road district bonds in the sum of $125,0(11), voted hist month, have been approved lie thu attorney gen-eriil's department, and Couniy Judge Jrt'f Kemp announces that bids or; the bonds will bo opened at ;! o'clock Thursday afternoon. April 17, at the eourthout-e in Cameron. I POPE RECEIVES BoMF, April 1 A group of IJ Chicago "pilgrims" were received I in iindiepce by Pope Pius XI at the i Vatican today. They were intio- (bleed to the pope by Cardinal 1 .Mundclcin. Bishop Walsh of Portland has ik'i'UrUd lor home. Leading-jPLAN y Adoo and Al Smith forces, nun 113 precincts out of 2,574 in the state MoAdoo forces were leading with 2.544 with the Smith forces totalling 1,98."".. Daniel W. Moan, socialist, running Mi, i for re-election as mayor ot watikee maintained a consistent, lead over his opponent, Daniel S. Hose, non-partisan, as returns came in tonight from today's municipal tl-.jc- i tion. At midnight his victory was j announced by the Milwaukc" .Sen- , tinel which supported Mr. Hose the campaign. COOLIDGE AGAIN GOES DOWN IN DEFEAT MILWAUKEE. Wis., April 1. Wisconsin voters today cast their ballots to decide whether the delegations to the democratic and republican political conventions from this state be lor WmUiS i- MeAdoo or Governor Al Smith on the democratic side or for President Coolidge or Senator K. M. I -a Follette at the republican gathering at Cleveland. j MeAdoo Leading. j MeAdoo was leading Smith by a j slight margin when 1" precincts I out of a total of 2.574 in "Wisconsin j had reported tonight. The count I stood MeAdoo 7S. Smith 71. ! Ia Follette delegates continued to maintain a two to one lead when 51 precincts out of 2,574 in Wisconsin representing 20 counties, had reported at 10 p. fa. The cnint stood JUt Follette 2,862, Coolidge 1.435. Senator La Follette is assured of eight of the 23 delegates tj the republican convention. In four ofi thel! districts, his delegates had 1 110 opposition. ' . Claim Other Delegates. 1-1 Follette leaders also claim the election of three of the delegates r, t l.trirc bcettne onK- four ( ,,,l it,-,v m(,,. ,Vei-.i .i:i,.i the i:it, u-i'ii. the La Follette faction placed the full quota of seven in the field as increased by the republican national committee. On the democratic side, both MeAdoo and Smith factions filed a complete slate in each district. For presidential preference on the democratic, ticket MeAdoo and Senator James A. Reed of Missouri are the contestants either has a fair chance to win. NOT GUILTY Is Plea of Sinclair Who Makes $5,000 Bond. WASHINGTON, April 1. Harry F. Sinclair pleaded not guilty to contempt of the Fnlted States senate, in District of Cilunibia supreme court today and furnished bond of totn.n. The oil operator was allowed ten daj-s by the court to .withdraw bis plea and enter a demurrer if he should so desire. He was accompanied by hks counsel, Martin W. Littleton and O. T. ."anford of New-York and J, W. Zevuly of Washington. . KLAN TICKET Sweeps Of Field in Election Tulsa Officials. Tl'LSA, Okla., April 1 Early returns in today's city election, gave Mayor Herman N'evvbloi k, democrat and klau supported candidate for re-election, a two to one margin over John R. Hadley, his republi can and anti-kian opponent. As most of tho precincts i laimrd, by the republicans have shown majorities for Newblock, his reelection is cons.dered assured. Democratic headquarters predict a final majority of at least 3.000. All but two candidates democratic ticket were majorities in early returns. on I he ONEJILLED Fifteen Injured When Trains Crash. And NEW YoItK, April 1. Fireman John Quiun was k lied and 15 persons were injured w hen an elevated train crashed into another at a Lnig Island city station during a blinding snowstorm late today. Quinn, a member of the. city fire department., was a passenger on a I stalled train, and was seated di-j rectiy behind the niotormiui's cab in i the rear car. MEXICAN OFFICIALS Order Early Closing of. All Border Ports. P. UQ WN S V I LLE. April 1. General orders were Issued today from Mexico Ciiy to Mexican governnieiit officials to close ail border ports at 0 o'clock American time and both the international bridge and ferry here wore closed at that tune tonight. Mexican officials have offered no explanation for the order INJURIES FATAL BOSTON, April 1. Dr. Philip i Catlciuan, deputy city health com- , luissloiier and instructor in ba. -i teriology at. ihe Harvard medical I school, died toipiy from Injuries be! sustained when struck by an auto- mobile list nisht i C.-0F G. HEADS DECIDE TO" PUT TO VOTE Membership to Say Whether Campaign Should "Be Waged. DIRECTORS FOR CHANGE Hundred Thousand Could Be Saved Anually for ' City. A mail referendua among members of the Austin chamber of commerce on tho question of a, city manager plan ror Austin la to 'bo taken. . If a majority of the membership of the organization favors the adop- tion of the city manager plan fo Austin, the chamber through its board of directors .will set. about immediately Initiating tne movement to secure an. election which will "de finally whether or not Austin 1 to cdupt this new lorni of gov- j ernment- . ' I Tliiti .Lo tinQTiimntt. ftp- cision reached by the board of directors of the chamber held last night. Tho secretary was instructed by the board to send out ballots, .together with literature explaining the city iiian.i,'f- plan as proposed for Austin, to uu members with a request that tno ballots b marked for r against the pi ..;'-; sluot. a'na retui inia m tao isei.r tary immediately. Directors Favor Manager Before adopting this decision, the. board expressed itself unanimously as being in favor uf the city manager plan of city government. Members expressing themselves at the meeting indicated that they were thoroughly sold on the propo- " sition as the best project in sight for Austin and it was indicated that in the event thu 'membership of the chamber, expressed itself as favorr ins tho "plan that a vigorous gnm-paign be waged toJring about the-submission of a petition to the city , council this year asking for an election on a charter amendment to include tho city manager plan. After the ballots are all returned, a culled meeting of tho board will i be. held and a canvass of tho re-j turns made, if thu vote is favorable to the city manager plan, the bourd will immediately inltiato tho movement for the adoption o the plan when the terms of the present city officials expire. $100,000 Saving SecVi. That the city of Austin can save nt least. 4100,000 a year by adopting the city manager form of governnieiit. was the opinion expressed by Eldred McKinnon. vice president of the Citizens State bank and former chamber president. McKin- Lnou pointed out an example of a city in Tennessee which has had the? manager form of government for only six months and has already saved tho manager's 13,000 salary and the salaries of all the other city officers in the former administra-r tion. .Other examples of the ad-ventages of the? centralized administration were pointed out. A committee headed by J. - J. Atkinson, traffic and transportation manager of the chamber, was appointed to confer with iffi.-j.ils of the San Antonio chamber of commerce with a view to combining forces th that, city in righting tho proposxl merger of tho I-C1N and tiulf Coast" lines at the hearing to be held before the Texas railroad commission next Monday.. The directors also voted to cooperate with the Houston chamber of commerce in presenting a request to the state highway department asking for 1150.000 aid to construct a bridge over the- Brazos river near Brenham, a project which if car ried out would divert a considerable stream ci traffic, through Austin. TEN-YEAR SENTENCE Given Meador in Slaying of Asa Rawls. SWEKTW-ATEE. April 1 Wm. Meador was found guilty bv a Jury here, today on a charge of inut'rter in connection with the slaying of Asa kn wis m Andrews couiitv- in -M;lv 1:122. and was sentenced to ars in the penitentiarv. Tt, i ten cas- wiis brought her a t lvuige of venue. In a, previous trial ut F.arstow- M'-ador was sentenced to oa years. COLLINS IN 3URNET BPKXKT. April 1. V. A. Collins, e-.indiiiatc for governor, was lit Burnet Monday, meeting friends, He did not iitineiinre definitely a speaking .late for -Burnet, "bat stated that ho expected to speak-here lata-. HAMBONE'S MEDITATIONS 1 jEvY-BoPY SPECS A LAWYOH T BE SMART NOUGH T' SHOOT CRAPS LAK A 1 Nt6SUH, EN KNOW tE BlgLE LAK A PREACHER1. 1 '.7. "l lis i 1111 M'l T J. ; .". " 1 J 4 ii. r t ; ' --' -

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