The Booster from Pittsburg, Kansas on October 23, 1930 · 2
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The Booster from Pittsburg, Kansas · 2

Pittsburg, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1930
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Page 2 THE BOOSTER. PITTSBURG. KANSAS. THURSDAY. OCTOBER 23. 1930 THE BOOSTER Established 1915 Published Weekly by the Journalism and Printing Classes of Pittsburg High School Uy the Way! I Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Make-up Editors EDITORIAL STAFF , Carl Grinstead Billy Sterling Remo Tisot, Kathleen Iliff BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager .Mary Adele Brinn Hazel Cardwell Assistant Business Manager... Advertising Managers Frank Gavin, Myer Rosenberg, Randa Purceil Circulation Manaeer Ruth Evans Assistant Circulation Manager REPORTORIAL STAFF Sport Editor Assistant Sport Editor Girls Sport Editor News Editor Exchange Editor , Features Departments Hi-Y . Girl Reserve . Personals , : Reporters J Jane Dickey, Evelyn Murray Cable, and Ruby Messenger. Wesley Stuessi Raymond Karns Myer Rosenberg - Constance Simion Hermoine Lanyon ; , Louise Parkin Kathleen Iliff .Marjorie Btfrr , Elwood Hume Mary Frances Fleming - Helen Hawkins Wilcox, Jane Orr, ' Earl Carlton, (ChjCTfef 1 Member) Frances Trimble- Sponsor Leroy Brewington.. .Advisor in Printing Entered as second class mail matter, October 4, 1926, at the Post Office at Pittsburg, Kansas, under the act of Congress, March 3, 1879. Sportsmanship Let's be sportsmen what do you say? We can be sportsmen if we want to be. In our classes, in our athletics, in our everyday life there are worlds of room to show our sportsmanship. If a fellow is a good sportsman, we usually see him outstanding in most everything he undertakes. If a fellow is not a sportsman, we can tell him a mile away by the way he walks, talks; in fact, everything about him is hot agreeable. Everyone can be a sportsman if he so desires. Everyone can be a crab if he so desires, but which carry on the important things of our schools, of our business undertakings, and of our government? Why, the sportsman of course, the fellow who can give and take with a smile. There are times in all of our lives when all of us have- to struggle along, and it is so hard to grin and bear it; but after its over we will feel much better if we had been sportsmen and smiled. So when things do not go our way let's be sportsmen and do our best to not be bitter and smile. Let's Boost Our ,Advertisers Students of Pittsburg High, have you ever stopped to ponder how the financial end of your school paper, the Booster, is maintained? . ..,, "Yes, you say. "Your subscriptions keep it up." You re wrong. The subscriptions are merely a needle in the haystack. The people who keep our paper on the paying basis are the business men of our city. Since they are boosting our school by giving ads to our paper, it is only legitimate that we should give them our support by trading with them. By this we mean go further than just reading their ads; take the paper home, read the ads, find the bargins, and then purchase them. ' , If you want the business men to continue to boost you, then you boost them to the fullest extent. . What About Your Health . - In a recent statistical report on the health of the girls in the Physical Education department, it was discovered that not one of the approximate 250 girls of P. H. S. are in perfect condition. It seems strange that people evidently treasure their money, clothes and cars more than they do their health. They all seem willing to learn of their physical defects, but when it comes to correcting them they fall down on the matter. We all know that it is necessary to obey the laws of God; then there are the laws of health, they also must be obeyed if we wish to grow up to be well developed men and women. So much depends so watch out for your health. The way to do that is to live regularly. Good Sportsmanship No matter what the opponent does, be a good sport and keep you opinion to yourself. Are you always sure that the other fellow is in tL- .vrong? Don't say anything till you are sure and don't make corrections then that will lead to ill feelings. In football they is the opportunity to show sportsmanship from all standpoints. A gool sport don't make alibiees, but loses and' smiles. A good sport don't jeer the losing side. Good sports wouldn't object to players of any color or nationality, but would strive to bring in the matter of "brotherhood". A good sport will not stand in the stadium and entertain at the wrong time his best girl, attempt to draw attention, and yell while his team is striving to win out on the field. Each person should analize and grade himself as to his sportsmanship. At the next game see if you , can yell a little louder and a little longer. 1 Neighboring News Thirty-two seniors are enrolled for Journalism at the Central high school, Kansas City, Missouri. A superior average in English and a good scholastic record are the requirements for enrollment. If the boarding house in which you are staying has food that tastes like sawdust, be nonchalant 4t's fine board you're getting. Each class in the Independence high school elects, besides their four regular officers, a chapel representative. This might be a good plan to adopt for our school if we knew what their duties were. The "senior" Girl- Reserve club of Independence high school held Mother Goose party Tuesday evening, September 81. Independence sport writers have made their guesses as to how the football teams will come out this year. They are a3 follows: Independ ence, Columbus, Coffeyville, Ft Scott, Pittsburg, Parsons, Chanute, and Iola. They admit they may be wrong, Well, from our point of veiw, they are a long way off. , The Independence high school whishes to express their gratitude to the Chamber of Commerce and to those people who aided the band in transportation, Monday night, to and from Pittsburg to compete in the band contest, which was held here in order to help advertise our style show. If human beings have to make ' birds of themselves, why don't they be satisfied with being ground spar- rows, or ostriches? I An epidemic of elephant stealing in Celon is reported. In this country chicken stealing holds the lead in popularity, as you can carry so many more in a bag. A lot of girls wouldn't be dancing with tears in their eyes if they would wear shoes that fit. If the speed of transportation increased in the next thirty years as it has in the past thirty we can take our "dates" to a tea party in Japan, enjoy a football game in Hawaii, visit a theater in Paris, go bobsleding in Alaska, swim at the South Sea Isles and AW lets forget it until we can do it. The jokes may be on the Austin, but what would be handier than a portable to use between classes. Why don't some one use this idea and start minature polo by combining the "baby" golf courses and with the "infant" Austin. An ad in a paper read: A mule to trade for anything. We wonder where the "catch" or "kick" is. LATIN DERIVATION OFFERS INTERESTING SUBJECT Did you know that three-fourths of the English language was derived from Latin? To study Latin is to understand the English grammar and to comprehend certain shades of meaning. The stories connected with our English words are often very interesting. What does the word, peculiar, mean to you? To most boys and girls it means queer, but it wil seem still more queer when you are told, it comes from the Latin word meaning cattle. According to Miss Radoll, La tin instructor, m the older days pro perty was. money and property was cattle pecus and such property belonging exclusively to one -person was called peculium. From this word comes peculiar, and by extension of meaning anything specially belonging to or characterizing a person is said to be peculiar to him. A person may be said to have peculiar ability or excellence. It is not difficult to understand the further extension of meaning of "rare" "unusual", "strange," and "queer." Down; Dawn; Down How would it feel to be walking along nonchalantly then, all of a sudden, you Btcp off into space instead of into solid dround, and you land in ice cold water up to your shoulders? To make matters worse it is so dark you can't see a thing, and you are wearing white trousers and a white shirt. The problem is to find your way out, which is possible in about half an hour. If you wish to experience such a sensation, Joe Wilson, the dignified junior president, could probably tell you more about it than we could. Of course that scientific, investigative spirit should be cultivated at all times; and no doubt it was absolutely necessary that Joe find out where that swinging bridge out at the State Park was; however, if it were not for the "rescuing touch" of Arthur Buchman, Cheslie Giles, Billy Tuke, and Alfred Huffman, Joe might be trying yet to climb the steep slippery side of that embankment. Latest report's give out the information that Joe's clothes laundered nicely. ' - - . ', I Lets Get Acquainted Angelina (Babe) . Masovero, the senior for this week's paper is of medium height, sandy, blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful white teeth, and she shows them often ,as she is always smiling or laughing. Everyone that knows Babe is proud of her acquaintance, because she is very good company, especially if you feel like laughing. She is very witty when once you get her started talking "Babe" can also tell you many interesting things, because she has been places and knows what she is talking about. As you all know, "Babe" is the president of our Peppy Janes, and she is plenty good or she wouldn't be there. 'Make her acquaintance as soon as possible, and you will enr joy life much more. t Just Here and There BRAIN TEASERS Are you musically inclined? Whe ther you are or not this should prove interesting. Fill in the blank spaces with a music sign. Once on a a lover bold His sweetheart's hand essayed .to And whisper in her ear, "You have the to my heart my dear. The maidens heart ..loud and fast For fear this .would not last. This pretty maid was sore afraid When 'er beau would So and shrewd was her papa, He scented romance from afar. One night her pa came with a So large it made the neighbors laugh, And when he knocked her lover The maiden shreiked, "Oh, you that. I pray you grant me one request, Then in a convent I shall.? Give us a short for some token, And the tender shall soon be broken. But he sent her to her room, And left the lover to his doom. Then around her waist she a , And soon descended to her lord. Next day they sent her pa, a "We're married," This was all she wrote. ( Answer on page 3 ) Miss Rosa Belle Kelley, Jr., motored to Girard Sunday. Joe Burge, one of our many drummers, has dark hair, dark eyes and is very shy around our fair sex. Although he is kind of shy, when once you' know him he is a grand man to have around. He knows just what to say and when to say it. He is an ideal listener; so step right up folks if you have a joke you think is good (but in reality is as old as the hills), and just has to be told. As Joe is so very quiet, you may have to seek far off in some dark corner of our building for him; but your efforts will not be in vain 'cause take it from one who knows you have found someone worth while. . Jelly and Breakfast Cereals Studied by Foods Class Having studied the breakfast fruits for a week, the Foods I classes are now studying cereals. Cereals are cultivated grasses which are used for food. The most important are wheat, rice, oats, rye, and barley. From these different kinds of flours, meals and breakfast foods are prepared. ' Cereals rank high in nutritive value. Many of then contain seventy-five per cent of starch. They also contain ash and a substance which helps to build up the body. The Foods II classes are still making jelly. Ruth Laney: "I am ticklish in just one- spot and that's in the roof of my mouth." Mary F. McDonald: "He just "irks" me." Miss Rimmer: "I think I'd die right now if I thought I had to take care of Mr. York's desk all the rest of my life." Miss Farner: "They have been taking tests, and they think the worst is over; but the worst is yet to come. Wait until they get their papers back." Maxine Bertea: "Every time I get my name in the paper, someone in the journalism class pulls it out before the paper is published." Mr. Hartford: "I wanted to get some calf brains for my psychology class to examine so I went down town and asked the man in the grocery store if he had any brains. I couldn't understand why he looked at me so funny." Mr. Carney: "I wish I would have to tell you to play softer. I would really enjoy that." Bill Beal: "I'm going to have a date just once every six weeks." Frederica Theis: "I don't know what I'm going to say when I get out there." Constance Arveson: "Oh! Dennis sit down." Francis Willaeur: "What is this? A game?" Mr. Hutchinson: "My! These books certainly are interesting." Mrs. Hutchinson: "Who removed that poster from the clock?" ENGLISH CLASSES WORKING The English classes are working hard at present. They are taking tests and what could be harder work? Mr. Row's sophomore English classes are doing splendid work. They have been working out individual projects. Notebooks have been made with a modern version of Enoch Arden. Some of these are very novel. Miss Farner's English seven clas3 is studying drama. Her junior B classes are having spelling lessons and can make only one grade 100. Miss Farner stated that there has been some fine individual work handed in. Diagramming and Colonial literature is being studied by Miss Jones' English pupils. Miss Trimble's classes are studying grammar and along with that they are working out a class project. Each one in the class may bring a new word. Then the whole class learns how to spell and pronounce the word. Miss Trimble reports that the class enjoys it very much. HOUSE CARE CLASS SEE AIR-WAY DEMONSTRATION The House Care class was given a demonstration, Tuesday, by a repre.;-sentative of the Air-Way Sanitary System. The Air-Way is a cleaning device that is lighter than a vacuum cleaner. It may be used to clean rugs, polish hardwood floors, clean furniture, and to do' many other such tasks. The novel idea of this equipment is that it. is the only cleaning device which has no dirty bag to empty. It has a sanitary cellulose filter fibre dust container which is removed and destroyed when filled. This container is very practical because it has overcome the objection to the other machines, namely, the housewife does not have to come in contact with the dirt, dust, and the germs that she did with other vacuum cleaners. The Foods I and II classes have been studying the kinds of fruits used for breakfast. Fresh fruits were studied and prepared for one lesson. Another day dried fruits were cooked. An experiment conducted by the classes was to determine the differences in cost of the edible proportions of large, medium, and small prunes. At the conclusion they found it to ? be more economical to buy the ShialJfS? prunes. The Foods III classes tested fruit juices for the pectin to be found in them. They plan to made preserves as a laboratory project. Teacher: "Why in your prayer do you only ask for your daily bread, and not enough for a week." Johnny W. "So we can get it fresh every day." Champ C: "What makes you think 'that fellow is Scotch?" Ira F: "Didn't you noice how he counted fingers after we shook hands with him?" ' Hostess Cake GUARANTEED FRESH For Every Occasion RUGS CLEANED and RUG WEAVING, FEATHER PILLOWS RENOVATED and DEODORIZED M. & S. RUG SERVICE 623 S. Bwdy. Phone 952 HAIR CUTTING FIRST CLASS WORK Give Us a Call SANITARY BARBER SHOP 712 N. BDWY. PHONE 953 The Ft Scott annual staff has been chosen for the year. The engraving is to be done by the Mid-Continent Engraving Company, at Wichita. Raymond Million visited relatives in Weir. Sunday. Ask for PURINA WHOLE WHEAT BREAD Made from Purina 100 whole wheat flour Batten's Bakery 206 S. Bdwy. Phone 1535 STUDENTS Attention! Tell Dad and Mother to buy their Groceries from, Gastons "Where your dollar has more cents" SPECIAiepATIENTION TO TELEPHONE ORDERS See Friday's Headlight and Saturday's Sun for Prices . P. E. Gaiton Grocery No. 1 214 So. Bdwy. No. 2 1129 So. Bdwy. Merchants Transfer and Storage Co. Storage, Moving, Packing and Crating City Moving Office 1201 N. Broadway Phone 993 Pittsburg Kansas Beck & Hill 303 N. Broadway Phone 116 New Thermolators Parlor Heaters Warm the Floors and Heat every Room in the House. Sold only by Us. IDEAL FURNITURE CO. lli-113 West 4th. We are glad to recommend to our readers all the advertisers in your high school paper. They are interested in cooperating vith the high school. You, will find them glad to go out of their way to serve and satisfy you. THE BOOSTER

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