Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 2, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1949
Page 2
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I'AUE 3—XAL'GATUCK NEWS (CONN.), FlllIMY. nvjc. 2. J!M» DREW PEARSON ON fhe WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: All Heroes Are Not On The Football Field • Real Estate Lobby Rebuffed By The Clergy; Gen. Bradley Holds Out Against A Geirman Army. WiL*htn^lon — Young hero of the nation's sapi'.ol l.«.st week was footb-ill star Leo Spcros, v,'ho led Wilson Hi;<ri School to a. one-'polnt victory :n the championship 'high school play-ofT for the District: of Columbia. Leo. who waded down n snowy field to score touchdown aftjr touchdown, was the toast of the capital's sporis world. I'r.Hunic and unheralded wan an- MhL-r hero in the Speros family— his father. Operator of a restaurant. Sprros senior quietly gave n, job ti> the Secretary of ConyrtRS- m.-tn Pnrnell Thomas when she way indicted on a technical charge of arranging for .salary kickbacks. Miss lU-'len Campbell finally decided I hat her boss, the chairman of the Un-American activities committee was boin^ \ln-Amcricrin himself in requiring alleged member.* of bis office staff to p:iy their salaries back to him, and reported this to thj Justice Department. The Justice Department, in ord«r to show a conspiracy, had to indict not' noly the Congressman •who ordered the kickbacks, but his secretary who carried out bis orders. Out of a job. 64 years old and under indictment as a reward for her patriotism, Miss Campbell finally got employment at the Silver Fox restaurant, -where Jim Speros. a believer in clean government, Rave her employment. Note—Miss Camr»bi-ll \vn.s later exonerated when the government dismissed all charges aguinst her. Another unsung hero is Miss Campbell's attorney. John R. Fitzpatrick, who defended her without remuneration or reward. Clergy and Lobbyists It looks aa if the real lobby had now succeeded in enlisting the clergymen of the nation — as their deponents. Hithiirto the clergy have not been particularly active one way or the other regarding the real es- tnt? lobby. But the other day, in Chicairo. Kendall Cody, head of th" institute of real estate man- .••.zem-' i nt, told his fellow reaoltors to r;pt their clergymen to bring M'v.i.isxirp on C.'>nk' r *-i",.s against rent cur.::<•!. The insinuation wa.s that the ciergy could b'j used. n<;r"tir,rs from leading clergymen -,v.i<; prompt and unanimous— -r.d fro.-n all religions. Typical re:>'-,• v.-.-v; that of Monsignor John O'Oru'ly of Washington who said: ".' !<:i--on't spon any minister in .iny ritv- of this country who would be willing to join Mr. Cady against rent control. Thn clergy have the interest of the people nt heart." No German Army "While Secretajry o f Defense Louis Johnson was emphatically telling Europe that the United i States would not rearm Germany, | Field Marshal Montgomery, the British war 'hero, was quietly lobbying in Washington for German rearmament. In backstage conversations with 17. S. military leaders, Montgomery argued that Russia has already organized and indoctrinated: a German Army in Prussia of 360,000 ex-enemy soldiers. They have orders, he said, to take over all Germany the minute the Western Allies pull out of West Germany. Therefore, he maintained that an PLASTIC TOILET SEATS Lifetime Guarantee Assorted Colors J5.85 WEISS KEN FBANKLIN STOEE CHUBCH ST. NATJGATCCK SCULLY, Florist Flower* tor Every Occaiton 4*> BALDWIN ST. Waterbary LEO T. SCtTLLY, Prop. PHONE WAT. 6-7280 BUCKMILLER Feneral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 opposing German Army must be built up in the West. •Montjromerw made this argu- mnnt to Chief of Stuff Omar Brad- I ley — among other*. But Bradley, I arriving in Germany, backed up Secretary Johnson that German* would not be rearmed. Perhaps the biggest season for I Johnson's stand boils down to this: Wc-Hl German huv« mad" It clear they will not fight In tlio iinxt war. They figure that in any elfish between Russia and .the United States they would have everything to gain .by sitting it out. If they fought, Germany \\ould be demolished again. 1C they didn't fight they might lie In .a position to rc- cnipiture the leadership oC ICu- rope—after the war. In brief, tho Germans win bt glad to have American arm if we want to send them over, but, in any showdown, those arms will not be used to help us. Just Plain Monty The girls in General Bradley's office were all aflutter over the visit of Britain's war hero) Field Marshal Viscount Sir Archibald Montgomery, but couldn't ugrce whethtr to address him as "Fi»ld Marshal" or "Vls-jount." Finally Mary Piteairn, Bradley's personal Heorctary, put. the qucs- tion up to tho General himself. "What do you call Montgomery?" she asked. "I call him Monty," replied Bradley, laconically. Tells of 'Padding' What Our Readers Think! Practice-Teacher Lauds Principal Foley, Misses Burke And Daly, Entire High School Faculty Rep. Lodge Warns Against Recognizing Chinese Communists New York, Dec. 2 (UP) — A Connecticut Congressman warns the United States against recognition of the communist government in China. Hep. John DaviH IjodRO say.y ll' we did, it would—as he put it — "open up every Chinese Embassy, legation and consulate to espionage, fifth column activities and subversive attacks on free peoples." Lodge gave the New York State Chamber of Commcrc-o three reasons why the lenders of Communist China could not qualify for recognition of- tiheir government. First, he said, the Communists ore not yet and will never bu in full control of the territory of China. Second, they cannot be relied upon to discharge their international commitments. And third, the Communist government in China, does not represent the free choice of the Chinese people. ASSISTANT disbursing clerk of the House of Representatives, J. Crawford Shanks (above), testified before District Court in Washington that ttcp. J. Parnell Thomas (H- N.J.) had two women relatives on his office staff. {International) Rubber Consumption Up In October: Down For First 10 Months Tho Rubber Manufacturers Association, Inc.., reports increa.sou In consumption i,f n|] types r>f i ub- bei'H during October, wllh that month showing an Inccasc of 11.3E per 1 cent over September. During October 84,070 long ton.-i worn ron- HiuriRd, according In tin- minor!.i- tlon'K estimates, compared to 75,!i!j3 limn In September. Tlii! groan-Mi. Increusn is noted in natural rubber conHiimptlon, wliirii lose IS.88 per cent for thn month, with 50,1303 used in October compared with -13,372 tons in September. Synthetic rubber consumption iiicroased 3.88 per cent, from 32,1.31 in September, to 33,377 In October. Reclaimed rubber consumption increased from 18,412 in September to 19,227 in October for a rise ol -\A'A per cont. A decrease of 9.28 per cent in consumption of new rubbers fur the first 10 months of the year >j; reported. Total consumption for 2M9 amouncd to 810,387 long t compared with 902,988 in 1948. New London Seen As Steel Mi Site (By Associated Press) United States Senator Brlfn Mr- Mahon believes that Now Ixindon will b e the Klta of the proposed steel mill in Now England. Hie told a meeting of the Norwich Lions r:lub that New London had all of the facilities for a steel mill. Furthermore, McMahon said he definitely felt that 'he whaling city would bo the .soleded. November 29, 1849 To The Editor, Naugntuck Dally News, Natigatuck, Connecticut Dear Sir. I urn v/riting to you without the advice or permission of the University of- Connecticut or of tho Naugatuck High school, but rather upon my own Intiatlve. In this f.'nHC, as a fcllow-ctllzon of Naugu- tuck, I fell bound to do so. Now, it la u regulation of tho hi ate of Connecticut that all ool- H'ge students who are preparing thc:rnHi<lvi;H to become high BChool t.-acihni-H In thin state muut bave MIX wi-ekH of practice-teaching- he- lore they can be certified. I recently comniletcd this period of practice teaching at the Naugatuok 'Ugh school In cooperation with MISJ Colette Daly and Miss Mary Burkn • Since It Is contrary to the poli- oy of the School of Education at thii University of Connecticut to «ond a Hludont to thn hlffh HchooJ rrom whlr:b ho was gradua:ted to do [(.IK teaching-, the fact that Mr. Araene Croteau, supervisor of stu- denl-tcnrhor.H of foreign luntjuages and Dr. William Oman, coordinator of studenUeoching-, agreed to make an exception in my case by Homling mio to my home-town high school attests to tho recognition vvhich is accorded to Principal Raymond Vt,lcy, MLsn Daly and MJHH Burkn, and the Naugatuok High school In general by some of the outstanding educators in the Htale. Thin action on) their part pleased me very ^nuch for many reasons, but especially beeaUMB It has offur- ed m« this opportunity to toll Ithc people of Naugatuck what n fine school we have. Unfortunately, there has often been a tendency to undorostlmate Its merits. While doing- thin practice-teaching at the hig-h school, I received' superior ig-uldance, encouragement and sound advice. However, I also had an opportunity to observe and explore many of Mio flnoot features of our local secondary Hchool [program. In regards to this, since I huvo had the background of several courses in education at tho University of Connecticut, I feel qualified to venture my opinion that Principal Folcy and tho faculty of Nauqratuck Hlg-h school ar« doing- a remarkable job in comparison with many other secondary school. In closing, I might add that the teachers at Naugatuok Hlgl) school, are not only teachers of subject-matter alone, but tihat they qualify also as teachers of young people, our future citizens of Naugatuck. This is the highest compliment that anyone may pay to them. Sincerely yours, P. Rellly, Baldwin Hall, Univ. of Conn. Storrs, Conn. Hillside Avenue Resident Protests New "No Parking Ban On North Side Of Hillside Avenue; Asks Recourse 15 Hileide Avenue Naugatuck, Conn. E>ec. 1, JH40. , NuuR-atuck Daily News Church Street NuuBotuck, Conn. Dear Sir: I3o the citizens of Naugatuck have any recourae against parking lianH B(.-t up l>y the police? By this H mean is there any court of appeal where a resident may state his side of the issue? If a certain street falls into the category that constitutes a traffic hazard in tho jnlnds of our police: why not both sides of that .street be banned — or who determines which side Is the traffic hazard? I have a personal interest in this problem because I live on the north side of Hillside avenue. The area from Meadow Street to the curve below the high school has beei) banned. The south side Is free. The south side is occupied by families all owning their own garages. I have no driveway; and have tried for months to rent a garage, but thct-e are no vacant garages. I have had my car tagged for parking In front, of my own home. What am I—or others in my position to do? I have been a resident of Naugatuck all my life; and resldr iwl on Hillside Avenue for ten years; therefor, I resent being "pushed around" without a chance to ask "Why my side of the street?.' I know there are others "In the .same boat" we have no place to "plead our cases"... or is this America??? Very Truly Yours, , Ma 'y Rose Baxter McLean. P. S. I am not referring to the winter weather ban... which applies to all streets. (Editor's Note—Parking regulations In this. category are set up .'by the Board of Warden and Burgesses, usually on .recommendation of the Police Department. Any appeal should be made (1) to the Police Department; (2) to .the Board of Warden and Burgesses.; ONIVEBSAL WASHER •t Gerald's Appliance — N«w Low Prices _ 107 SPRING ST. UNION CITT TELEPHONE 1651 For The Best In Jewelry C.H.Tomlinson Neary Bulldtn* Nmugaturk, Conn. 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