Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 1, 1949 · Page 13
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 13

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1949
Page 13
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Employment Help Wanted—Mule LOCAL OKl.-AM/ATIO.N has ol«n- iliKM l"r vi-U-.-Hn.s ijualjJii'!) lor OIK yr. training under i j I bill. .Men Nt:l»(".-;'i will be given thorough irainlnu In :;alc-n Our .ti'iliriK involves liousc-s. oilicfc:;, slore and [actory cumo-ssim;. Write lu Hex T , c.irt, ,,l ,Vt-iv. WANTED—M;tn between 25-20 yc;ira (I as*--, married, collet:*! education i<V equivalent, neut upiwiirliiK, Helling experience hclplul but not e.SHcntlul. We are <le;iii-rH lor one •>( the must |)on>- lar low-i>rlci-(! ciir.i. Liberal c.uUiry aiul c'jnirnlH.sion I»UM|M. 1'alcl vucatlon.'i Hie health & ucclilelit Insurance', .ind hoHnltaUzatlnn. Reply ulvlnc (.:omi>l<:ic Information tu 13ox "C" c-o the News. Employment Help Wanted—Female WO.MKX—For purl UIIIL- work. I loin's M your convenience*. J'ldasant. lu-ulln- lul. profitable work. Writo Box "II , care ul Ne'.VH, 2a Agents or Salesmen KSTAUJ.DSlHiK OUUAMZATIO.N — wants telephone x,ili!.sinau to work Iroin hln own home. Mum have private phone, Cai 1 needed lor Mat. follow-up. We Day hourly rales lor telephone p'l.u roimnlx.slon. Write; to IJox "S'. care ul NUW.M, For Sale House's For Solo IN S01"nmi;jlV~c H.HIH ami Liitli, *u,juo. Muat be nulO jnunucllmely AIAIjUJtNf) liHAl/l'V OxIoj-U. J'hoiiu Zli'Jl. Hcymuur *'OU SAJ.K— In L'ro.Hi.eui ni'iir Unl.i-i CiLy, r. room houne. wltb IIIVJH.U:';, mm porch. 2 car KILI-IIK". tilUiaLuJ i n lu turner lot. Owner movliiK to uiiotliei 1 I'll.v. Mum Hull iiult'kly. Kacriii'j'j. i'liolic 71104. For Sale Houses Kur Sale AN liXCKI.I.IONT INVIO.ST.MUNT NAI'(; ATt'CK—Four lumlly house li.- cateil on Alain Ht. Purnaci; heat lor 2 aparimeiii.-) tin ni'ni door, One niiitn- nieiii vacant. Hool. K|I||IIKM citnipiu'- atively ix-cent and j'ewt ol IIOUHC excellent Mliajie owner 111 ninl niu.m ill.-.pi>K"' ill Immediately. fl2.r*UII. I'll'Mi" Wlby. 5-1312 hclwi.'i.n !) a. in. and ', p. m. lor uppolntnient tr> limpecl IIOKHI . FOIt SAI.K—Oxford, r, i-o.-ni bath, nil limner, hardwood Ih pluc-e, illtiiiwiiHher ill^liuHal, atlaijlieil Kai-al!*-, . - JK'IUO $:.SOI>. Mii,;,)rr.|i. .Seymour a I''O.U HA.LI-:—W«|K| Siile. !,-ri,,,m l-l«,ii lly liDUnc, mill ral Illn lialliroom. 10- 'oni. 2-fiLlni!yi htaiwo. yll heat. 1! JAM I'M MOOUIO Heal libtiite — AppriilHer oni; 35SS for .Selected Jlumua MOIIHIt.N 4 • lt()«»1 111JNO A LOW _ id..SUIK MOIIKIIN « - KOO.ll IIOMK on wust .•<liJe. llrviilai'i!. oil liuat. IIKACdN I-'A I,LS—.|-rooniH. 2 unll'i- iHhed. lllu liiilli. nil hunt. A KHlifljliV. I'luuie 2-iaa or lil'M. I l''AMIIjl'—0 roornn or, Illghmnd Ave. Tel. DOai JOHN IIKALV, 118 Church Bt. Root wid Boyd, Inc. Realtoru Jn.iuranue !"•> OranJ BL Phonn 4-31C1 Wtby. Tiny or Si-71 a ll>i«lrin«H JdHI'I'll IIAM'KHIN, llri)!.«r liiMiranci*, l,otH, Uiutj KHtatit !C K. Main Ht. Tnl. l-tH.'ln TVth}. If. A. JUHAZ1CKJ — ncal fflutatc, — 174 PROSPECT BT. PHONE 6426 L*lat Your Property tor Quli:k Halo. Tba A. 11. Martino Co. Hual EoUUo And APIiralmilu 20J E. Main Ht. Phono S-32HB Wtby NORWA8H. Any. UKALTOK Phone 4784 N-u«t. I'Olt KA1*K.— ^ mmny IIOUHU with . roomM on each lloor. good contlUlon. line location, priced reiiHonataly Call Anthony l>'arrer 42S3. IliHllrjirice fv. Heal 7CHtato For Sale Announcements Wanted to Buy B'A.NTJJl*—Uoco 2 lamry houwe. 5 or ( roomw on each lloor yi'«lerred. 1 huv« i» uttHh cuHtomor wultlnis lor such i U.Mtmg. HENRY M. MUJII'HY Real JSatate and Appralnals Telephone 3-4032 Wutcrbury 7u Wanted To Kent ».t.\ I'HIl—11-4 or r, unlurniHhcU roonriH or botixe by veteran, wile and ni'hor! aite child. l;.ip|y IKix "Ij". care ol N'uWH. For Rent ftoomn i<> Kent lib Opportunltlea A WONDKHFJJI, a isimiiy, (i-ti-5 rogniH, hpt watey bent on ouch floor. " I'LUS Store building; with liunlwart uture Irv full operation. For particulars write Box "D' . care of NOWM. HVMRBYt T1I1K8TYI Slop At Toe a'TBAIT8TII.XB BPA Sen HaTea Itoad _ r>ion« «•(« Fitzpatrick- Romano — Public Accoun'Ants — Ptone Nam. 2806-6007 KO.ll 11KXT— Konni for (rally locnti.-d. ( all al Mrn. KlimborfckL cmtleman cor. i Iliibbur A'.t. Apartment* For Itont r*)lt ItUft'r—I room jiparhni-nt. IIHIM! buy lui'iilturo, I'hiinii 2-IOfi ii/lui- Tlmi'x- iliiy. FOR HKNT—HninJl :i room c.iiitnKi. iur- iilMlieU, ulno Karat,"', phone :ll!llj niter 7 It. in. (••OK l(i;.ST— I rooiiiH with lunilliirfl, very retiiiolinlilii. immuillali* nuuuplL!.- I'j 1 . Ijcavlni; r.talii. I'honn OiiliS. 5 in 7 n. rn. TO Sllll- I,KT — iiiia rlmenl lor wlntei eiieen exchanged. 81, ilHlieil 4-ni'nn tnontliH. liefer- Tnl. BSSfl. Olflni-N To Rent *'OK HUNT — OIIIC.OH lor'nrulut man In Naugatuck, Tol. 3»OSIfri, Announcements iind Found I.OST—Wallet, ul CYO Imtdcelhall prac:- tli'e, Nov. U. OolltenlH value). I'liomt .Michael Wai'KO -I-IN-I. liOHT— Niivy him* Hlrlni: poc'.keth none K''lHM<-M In brown cane, llt't Hi cell it I lubber A vi'. Tol, ilK.'lll. ok, THY DAII-Y NKWS WANT AD* TRY NEWS WANT ATW SEVERAL -STRANDS OP rU!R ...TrlBV WERE ON THE PEAD/MAN'S COAT MPEt, r __ _ l)UK8y,MAKl.NG and Alturaiions done reuHonable. Phono 5841. Mr*. JLoulu* McQuiro, 47 Blnghnm St. l.'t NutnerouM Othern At SIIIK—Ctroom. 1-famllv \w\r.a. All Kliuiiifil iin coot! loi-atlun-). All I mine dial e ocriJDancv. J'ATHX I.AI1HIOI.A Heal J*>uiln Anenl Phono NaiiK. i-ISS nr Wlby. ri-224'l UVWOI.LY'lJ ItKAT, KHTATK 48 Sprlnir St. Tel. B-2081 Watorbtiry. Conn. TIIV NJCWS WANT AI>VH FOB FOK QUICK HKSUI.TS MR. CORRIGAN! AND IDtNTIFICATION MS KEN REMOVED FROM HIS MALLET' CONTACT OWNER THI5 CAMP MIGHT BE Bfiuso'fmeu LOOKY/ TVLER!! IT'S THEM THREE LOW- DOWN, CONNIVJIW CO8B5 FROM HOOTIN' HOLLER , THREAD 1 PATCHES" WE-DNS SELL ' 6V TH 1 BATCHES 1 CAlN'T NOWISe T our, stvuppy ;.• i 8O MILLVUN PflTCHWORK TI6S TH' TOM- FOOL THINGS, BUT HfllN'TSOlD ftflV A ONE!! IT'S A PIUM8 MVXTCRV, TVLER , WO BAMBA LOOMS AHEAD. RIO BAMBA r\NO THE WA1TIN6 RgEI' BREAKNECK SPEED. ONE WIPPIN CURVE AFTEt? ANOTHER. "TOE BURNING AMMUNITION CAB IN AMD. PURSUIT TERROR! AT EACH CURVE- THE RKINS EN61WE NEARLY PUMPS THE TRACK. AND V^HAT MAY I ASK (S voure CAQCASS IN MV BOOM BAIL our/' 'OKAY. i Jusr BLEW IN To Give you THE PRIVILEGE OF LOANIMO MB TWO nor Booe SNCS PICTUBS you EMIT-REC IS A PIM-UPVOIJ HAD IM voura fiooM.;' SHES A MOQBL.2 SAV WHBN rH»V " HBARTHAr* "bur FOR TWO DONTKNOW £5 OK--HER.E ARE. VD-JR GROCERIE^ I THIN< THIS IS IT, OALBY/ UPTHEPE.,. WEIL GAIN A POINT B' YJHlt Oar Soda Fountain Open 7 a. m. to 6 p, m. Except Sunday ANDY'S CAMPUS - Church 8tra*ft 12 BualneiM Announcements Karicy UitlMiiin & gpruco that uVl on HlKht; all rtoluctcii. Itoanomihly priced. I'.'/M, wreluhM ' «lc- Wrlto for orlcw. IIM.IMBB FAUM Bernardston, MIIHH. Notice* WII>LIAM M. CH1TTKNDION ^... Il "' u , ra 2 oe — n<utl ISHtlUo Church 8t. p| lono -.440 Automotive AutoK For Sale A-t USI3R CAI18 HAROAINB 104R Furtl Cunvorllble JII4S Nn-Mh SBdan i»47 KulHoi- Sudan ,'SiJ OlilHmoUlle.''Club Coupo 1847 li>,rd Tudor J347 V,, r a Plukup 11)41) Clmvrokil, a ton ntaku Irui^k 1'rlcuM The Naugatuck Fuel Co. K7 Church SI. Open ElvonlnrfH POIl HA.MS—11137 DuHoli). UAM, 'I now llr«H, I'lujno 5413 or r,745. FOll 8AI-K—11)40 X,>nooin Hodun, Jol liliioK, muchanlcally excullunt. vary UM3Un. Packard Waterbury, Inc. I'aokard K&loH & Hervlue "A Sa/o Placo to Huy" 4X2 Watorlown Avu,. Wtby Ulul 4-0101) •MBMBBQ OK WAMA EX1F.RT—iJarburet.or and Kenerator service. Check now for wintor. „,, ,, A , & B AUTO SKIWICH «14 XJank at. Tel. B-1522 Wtby "IVAFCO- BKTTKII VSKD CARS TUB SATJQATUCK FITK1 CO III* Wlntor AooesHorieH Jor;, IN 5 T ' OULF STATION Jos. Clrlello, Prop. Tel, 3-994« Wtby or 4D80 Naug, ir Av«. nn* <t*i - Wn»hln«-Pollahln«-Waxlnir " HOTCHKI8S ST. GARAGE DODGE Job Ratea MixlolM and SJzft,, n,i, KBI ? KIION »OT01W Itubbor Ave. Phone 4Han - Htudebaker Car. * Truck,. - , COACjj M-CompleU with buthroomH ahowors tubs. Famous Liberty TrS"' or Coaohes now nvnltablo on 6 your / <? thor wo)l '"wwi, ,.i x *Kabo"d, Trolwoou, American. Natlonul and Prairie ,, 0 ,! 1 re(u «"""-ble t«"'m«. OIM.II ?,i l|) - m - ''?"*•• R.v<l«r Tra/lor u ! 'nP 01 " 1 ' Mllll "-<l. Conn, (i mile cant of Milord CnrHer) Millord 2-2939 Auto~Pu7t§ , . . Wheel AllBiiment Axn and F.rumo Sorvlco — Weldlnr nil,''i, m'i""!?'?,nT^ C ?" ""»" nenal"5 IBUNIIB'S AUTO BODY Wnnirfl I2H Wutcirtown Ave. Phone 3-6241 Wtby. Merchandise 24u Poultry and HIGHWAY DK1VB-1N Nnuganick- Waterbury Hoad ISvorythlnjs must be UlHposud ol thl» week. Ivarue Turkeyn (20-25 Jfja) ... 35o tb. BOUIJ ChickcnH 25c Ib CiaponH ;; 3 r,o Ib! HoaHlinK ChlckuiiH DOc II). On the Watorbury-NauKatuck HlBhway, OppoKlto Platls MlllH ltd. Phono 4872 27* Office it Other Equipment 1'OIITAUI.K Tv'l'KWIlITKItH - All modelH, This week only, with every order: FllIBB valuablo Kilt FH^lll one year guarantee ) r lVE15 OurrylnK CUHB Pl'HJE homi' typlriR courHo Easy payment!*, no carrying charKUH SOLOMON'S BALES & HlSriVTClfl 87 Oooke St. Tel. Wtby. 4-Vtlo F6tt HA LK~ Duplex stove fixed" lor A2JC oil bujrncir a))fl (ill KaH. Vury rea.MQnublu. Tol. 65211. k'OJl SAXK—Olnndale Htove, KOOI! con- clltlon, 4 burnorri, roaHi>nablo. *l'e! '1510 lietween B & 7 |). m. KOH HA 1-K—UnlvorHal deluxo wanhlnu miichlno. U.K. oloctrio blunkut. Both 2 yi'M, olil. Call 4567. I'UU ttALK— Oil burner huater and i)><:. OlnlriK room Hct, & othor houHt*- holij lui ullurn. phpn^ 3904. IfOR t),\i,K~ 10 u|,~ illiilliK room suite Call Naim. G70«. leHoIld nuihoxany In Kood condlllun. K,OV .8ALK — Cumblnation KIIM & oil «ltov«, -1x4, nractlcally new. Vary r«iiHonaulo. PhoiiB 5022. UtSKD UHFKIQJSSATQIUI FOB BALE-IS* AM;D V VT MgU* APFLIAKCB OtTY - ... TBi.. «>ii V»netUn )Bllnd« (CuHtom-Made)" Blip Cov«r». Mada to Order. F I? e »J5?i'S BU * ~ Vhow JgS«. •AVFUA^'M BOSTON BTOBK 4 1'IEOB-SolM rermont mama bedroom Kultu. 1184.50. OiLkvtII* Furnl- SS. 1 '* 9&- l«t'M»ln. 8t., Ortvlllt. Tel. Wtn 22« Wntorbury Br»w)h. (35 Baldwin 8t Tel, C-aSlD. tJM our JO.ay-Aw»y Phut." 20 Wanted To Buy WANTKD— ll»ud U ut. Call U»2C. Dlano or »i>in- Article* For Sale FOB HAI.K—One r, It. Ijalh tub, roll rm>. I oloHftt aomblnatlon complete I roll rim wink, i wot wimhlruyK. I'hone Wuterbury ,'l-l'JOO. FOll ti\fik— Mun'H (j)-fly rov»r*IWu, alMO Kroen riiVerHlblo, nlz,, 30 \ Ji7 w !,' u M "l l ,.V°»l <«'d hlu., milt coal, H no 38, 1 Tuxedo, Htz.) :18. 1 pun- „ lh lC 427 H l UeW " li<ft l "' /< * HtmMOnabl(! ' CIIHIHTM.VH IK ri" "A" 1 48 Uritnd - AH».rk,d . •'ABJUC CBNTMR Opu. Hadley'-t N '> :I/K —° UH "»'t lor a (iii'iuu.u " & l "-'»««'^ m No,,,, TllJfl HAltN13HH Automohlla KobeH - 100% Wool 70 Ql'itnd Bt. Tel. 4-7382 Wiby UAHOA1.NH - HUOM - Codjii* ChuMtH TUCCAIlD'p JrUHNlTUllE CO 7 W. Main fit. Tol. 4ifl2J),S Wlby. VOIt KAI.K—Walnut (llnhm lablo Mion leal. Good oonSlt-JS. I<IMITKI> laoc ruKH. »r NuAU H A . T V, CK 2G Ho. Main HI wool CO. f.| lone *> 7n ''»»n IH nt F « r intorma- ." h , one J Water A " k (or Mr ' We carry * lull line ol Hartlord. Mxlfii-. Autollte & Armstrong B*ti»rl««. „ JOE'S TIRE SHOP No. Mate at T.L 1-1414 Wtb». Large Bolootlirfi ol Sow and U« a«n~ fci""* «'."* " •'"»" V»r» Bnd 639 No. nivoraldn St. Thl 6-0492 Open SundayMornlngB ~ .. Wtby. Phone »."i«' Complete l,to« Oi Seat Covert Joe's Service Station 178 Bridge St. phone 4970 Contractors Cnntnctlnc ter. No fob - »e«»onalite r«< rock, Pear) Hoad. T«. Till. Building Material, _ .,«»,.«i»)id Wood Brick. Band, Concreto Sand, Loun Phono 6B4.8 or 33B4 Murlano Hand A Hton, ?r B «' 0t Xt R r > '- Mi T^ ( i?2?js tew ^ - Plren'nth - Beauty Tmcklng-—Mover* WEEKLY TBIPB to IIM Tort. New *>™<?y «n«l New Bnitland." T. " RobiJlorxJ Van Lines. Wtby. S-368J MARIANiO BROS. p »Pg r >'f» l «' n « - Exterior ft INYEiTMENT IB to paint your tor ^ w - RAYMOND J. HUGHES , PaintlnK — PaperhanElor Sonth View 8t ghono t901 INTEBIOB "pAlSriNF AND PAPJSBHANCUNG Phone Joseph Ban ' Ajigelo — 71TO Electrical Contracllng EtECTHIC WIBisre — Of all kiiida Specialty in gmall Jobs lor the h.'ll-' days-ProraDtly taken care o|. Scott St.. Tiling. Tel. *»J4 Merchandise Poultry and Eggs o. GREAT OAK FARM i Phone 5049 ! u . ee< ro"-"! Sold whole or hal/. C'lil « . FBESH E0.08_FreP DellveA. 76 School Bt. TeL 2591-8*27 . A— i — rt— K-n— T— 's 20B-74 »>. Main St.. \V4torbury _______ Open Thurmlaya to 111 o. m. IIAHOAINH- VnuO KlooTrlc Hango Watts Electkc Btrnltn Turnnlke Tol. 3-4570 Wtby. UHJJU UEVKHIVOK COo'lKK _ ij OB ?.? Counter typo dry coJilcr. To bo Horn bolow coHt, comwlelui with unit. Original cost 1 your ago '4C9B. Saorl- Hoe nrlce I38S. T WALTER'S nBPRiaianATroN Main St., Beacon KallH. i Tol. 71110 PALL FlillS — Pull •took. Little THE TO* HOUSE Selection Now At Itn Beit Wise To. Shop Early 46 Pleasant Avo. Tel. 3073 Hl'HCIAIj on npun raiyon BOc a vnrfi. Call Mrs. Ruth Pllskrn at 5895. TRACY STAIN1/KS8 8TEKL, SINKS Boubla Bowl, tt« Inch, Below Cowl ,.. „ TOWER API'l4lANCH) S«» Np, M»ln St. PhSno +-108< Wtby, »HOIJI,l)i:u PAUK-Hinbroldery, trimming.). Buttoim. LartoHl in Btate. Reliable Factory, 87 Scovlll gt. Wtby. SOb MKCCA Bucklniiljan) BldK. Mu«lcal MUBIC! SCHOOL I'hone 5-284B Wtby, FurnlHhed 30d Good TThlfign To Eat ROMA PASTHT B01 NORTH WAIN 8T. finest lUHan-Americ^n and Kronen fMtry In alt New England. Also Suu- naonl, Oelatl and Ic j cream Kvery- Uiiag made on uromlses. Speclol at- tWJt'on *iven to wiodaing Parties, oar Pjlces are the lowest but^ur mer- ohandlae dellnitely the beat. Wo dsllver and ship anywhere in' tha e; S. Tel. Waterbury «-2IJ7. ] A«jr (noil old MATTBBBrt int. reaur n. u lnn»r.prllMc «cmml'to 7TEW ta I Bay. SnpeHnr Hatti;e8i Mattresses Remade 1 Day 8ei vice-Work Ouaranteod Stanley's Mattress Servlo* Phop« 4-9279 Waterbury Services .17 Business .Services Rendered ORDERS TAKES lor Slip Covers, Drapery, Spreads. Material »anip)ef Btiovrn. Tel. ETclyn Mpndtefc 4*81. HOLLAND F17RNACE CO. ... Hot-Air Furnaces. 74.6 B. Muln St. Tel. 4-100S Wtby. Oil Burners Cleaned and Parts For All Makes ol nroerH narry Churchill, kg Prospect St., *«lt, CHISTNET8 pointed and repaired b> JSS? rt - A " 'yP 68 n ' mason work. JOHN OBOM Phone 6-0267.' Wtbv Delco, Remy and Autollte Service Expert Auto Repair & Motor Tuue-VJn Nee Dick ItlHloii ,„„ H'hltttll llntlcry ft Electric Co. 136 Rubber Ave. Phone S713 NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.). THURSDAY. DEC. I, 1949—PAGE 13 Services 87 Bualneaa Bervlcc* R«nd«red Hnater't Alcmlniim . CO.WS8. RAY MELBOURNE Heldtei lit! _ GVABAHTKEb Hk>-.,.IEf»~A)I coaib vaouunm. u*» KALAMAZOO .- „ . Hale* and Service «?Jf«Tto«» 8«. Tol. 4-6BS8 Wtbr Phone 1-478S .- „. •>• B. TIKFT CO. 67 Church St. Phonn 3710 Plumbing-Heating-Oil Burner Sorvlce OEWVOOLM-BlfPTIC TANKS -ttiied, ]»Nlnll«<l _ j>ralnH Ar SCO J)inl , Mtklui. Anywli«r«. J'roinntly TT HANITATI.ON 8KIIV1CK CAKMKN'H CDHTOM T*II.OIl Tallor-Mndo Pklrln - »7.ti5 ... _ J-I>aj- Cleaning Borvlco 147 g. Main St. Tbono 201J J. * M. ELECTRICJAJ^ WORKS .. _, HOUHO Wlrlnir «nO; Keiinlr >T Burnum Court. Phones 3294-5SSI COMP1,BTE Innoncape nervloo. JLatm •vsrirconn. tree removkl. ffiiperl- Weed men. Fully InMurcd. Al»o drlv»- w«y». J. Btinettl Tol 5848. 80 Cleantnn and Dyeing B«!ff!ill ? rat> ?.'! ""5 SM " Covers u«autlnilly Cleaned Ueiwndablo __5Sli vol 'y Service Kreo. KIEVMAN CLEANERS 78 Church St. Phoni !02> neupholit«rln c "O. , oimvoM MAHK »VKB ,, OBTFFIK'N HADO. CKNTKH BT. WTBY. TBY DAILY NKWS WANT AI>rs FOB QUICK BKSULTS FDR I'KICKR DROPPKU TO A NFW LOW. Compare 1'rlco and Kutabltiihed 1800 [ NO. MAP< ST. WATKRBTrRV CAESAR KRZYKOW8K1 _«, BBENNAN ST. TEL. 11M *•.»>• Bntlnuit4M FuU Iimurnjice Cv>verare _.™ H.C.A. __ Admiral Telnvlnlon Saloe and Service SWAN'S e . BT. 8lnce J1)2S TKL SAM'S SEaVIOE STATION Md OARAGE ' M Bobber Ave. T el MOT ~- Front End Work - ROSE HAVEN ! ^SS i .17 lord conch. Oood -. 1 " 1 ' C01 "-' h " <8>1 """• Hal . " rc "' 3« Culck Hp«clal Hcilnn. Boauly Many Others to Choose From , . Used Car.., M,»ml WATBRTOWN Tel. 1073 Member of u.scd Car Dealern' Asasi. SECURITY ;Does >:. ,.-• iitsuraao» give •<]•- quat« |.ro vectton today? DO YOU HAVE ITT Bee NAUOATDOK INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Building costs are steadily Increasing PHONE 2080 g. W. EATON, Mfcr. • •• •• WANTED SEAMSTRESS Must Be Capable of First Class Work APPLY IN PERSON AT I. FREEDMAN Co, Veary Building- Church Bt, >'KW I IMS PHILCO U E 1 II I (J K K A T O B 7C $199.50 7 Cu. Ft. — 5 Vear Warranty $20 Down . . . *2 Weekly mmm § '^^amaaumj^ «S NO. MAIN ST. UNION CITT I'hone 6491 10 CHURCH ST. TEL. MM Open Friday T1U B P. M. RAMOS IRON WORKS ««• HUB II KM AVENUB * OrB.mrnt.1 Hit, I rlc W«labi« K.)M»»» TKLKI'HONR M77 UNIVERSAL WASHER Ht Gerald's Appliance — Now l,ow Trice* — 107 SPRING ST. UNION CITY TEMC1PHONE M51 COMBINAVION 8TOKM WINDOWS * DOOBA NEW ENGLAND BALKS CO. AL8CO Va Kxnk St., I'hone 4-M1B Bicycles, 8oMerin« LAWN MOWEU8 81IARPXXKD 450 Bubber ATR. Phone LEWIS CARROLL T>ifi I)r>lrr o* U« »w^» ORitTi'.n agrMitr — CMBVBB I'KOHI-KUT • IJMOK HTKMM R*rcl*> Til. Hourd C*rom» trim Dour Kn.ii)!-. Wkilow a»k • ~ Pmllti Finer Hinder* I TBLKPHOITK »4«4 PLASTIC TOILBT SEATS Llfctlmi- r;imrnntv« A«»ort«d Color *.i.nn WEISS BEN PHANKLIN STORK CIHJItCII ST. NAUOATUOK Currier Electric Co. Rc*ldcntlal — Commercial IndtiMtrinl WIRING and KRI'AIBS \Vi'Hlli)(;hout,c Applla Tel. NUUR. 416* In TESTED SALESMANSHIP Kljirli Moti. Nov Mlh POST JUNIOR COLLEGE 24 Central Av... 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