Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 1, 1949 · Page 10
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 10

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE IB—XATJGATTJCK NEWS (CONN.), THURSDAY, DEC. J, 194!) Bvery jcvening i£xoept Bunds?) by . CHE NATJGATUCK NEWS CORP. NAUGATOCK, CONN. BIS Mid SttS AB t£ntered a» second clan matter at the port office In Naugatuck. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance 1 Month ...$1.30 1 Year )1B.6Q Member: American Newspaper Pub. AM*T> N. E. Dany Newspaper Pub. A*B*n Conn. Newspaper Publishers Asa'n THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1M9 Sex Crimes Sex crimes are of such frequency these days that they are reported to be shocking the nation. The country seems to be helpless to prevent them. Postings of high rewards for apprehension of some of the perpetrators of appalling crimes have a hollow sound of uselessness. What good is It to catch a few and leave the whole area of prevention almost untouched. The real solution, when America finally awakens to the need, is to seek out .the perverts and give them adequate treatment. Science has progressed far enough so that could be done today were this field not hedged in by false ideas and tabus. America, too, is sinning, and long has done so, in its overemphasis on sex. Through many media there is being glorified to the point of nausea one phase of life which, though lending itself to glamor, is no more important than other phases. Probably those in their susceptible years are most subjected to this unbalance of constant portrayal. Educators complain that publishers of comic books for the young, virtually forced out of the field of violent crime by protests, are turning to the romantic love theme and achieving bigger sales than ever. A nation esteems that which it emphasizes, and here is a false value. It lends Itself to easy money, but what is money if a people decays? Either those already infected will be caught and treated to achieve a sensible balance on sex, or the nation's present degree of shock will be mild compared to that which will develop. Stalin's Health There was an obscure squib in one of the big city papers the other day chronicling a new rumor that Stalin is "a very sick man," the first such to find its way into print for weeks. Such rumors no longer receive the news play they did a few months ago. Stalin has been reported in poor health a score of times in the past, only to have such reports denied officially by Moscow. This, of course, has little significance so far as the truth of the matter is concerned. He will be near death and there would be no admission of the fact by the Kremlin. A report on Stalin's condition which has had no confirmation since was given several months ago by the Brazilian ambassador to Russia, who was ordered out of the country when relations between Brazil and the reds were broken off. He said Stalin is suffering from paralysis of the left side, and gets around on crutches. Molotov wiirbe his successor, he said. Previously Stalin was reported to have had a 'heart attack, and was in apparent retirement for months. The impression is widespread that the Russian dictator is in poor physical condition, and may be out of the picture at an early date. He fails to make his customary appearances at celebrations in Moscow celebrating this or that Soviet holiday. Stalin's passing, however, would have little effect on the Russian situation, especially if Molotov should take over. Until communism is abandoned and a civilized government is installed in Russia, it makes no difference who heads the Russian regime. Bowls And Baskets Announcers who heralded another Yankee rescue mission with the familiar "No 11, Page, now pitching" are in winter storage. More recent headlines were by a couple of other fellows named Galiffa and Sitko, or Deuber and Sella, or who you will. Yet even as T-formations rush to fleeting fame and the inevitable bowls, a brash intruder elbows its way onto the sports pages. Basketball and the elongated young men who play it are back, and from a spectator standpoint bigger, though not better, than baseball or football. From now on basketball will rule the sports world -with only incidental competition from 9,367 rose, orange and cotton bowl games, and nlx- line items about the A's signing •ho pitching sensation of Medicine Bow High. It's hard for many sports page veterans, to whom the game Is associated with a peach basket nailed to the barn or a pole on a corner lot, to .understand why basketball ranks as the No. 1 draw of eports. In the good old days, the anticipatory deeds ol Ruth and Johnson and Cbbb and Collins, with an occasional assist from Dempsey and Greb, were enough between the Series and spring training to fill the winter void in any man's life. Do You Remember? One Year Ago An all-night parking ban on the borough's streets was voted by the borough board at the suggestion of Police Chief John J. Gormley. Dr. Joseph J; Sitar was re- nominated as president of the Naugatuck Fish and Game Club, Inc. 20 Years Ago Sterling Selleck, of North Main street, left for Jacksonville, Fla. Judge Martin E. Gormley attended the Army-Notre Dame football game in New York. Household Scrapbook Tight Shoes If shoes are too tight for comfortable wearing, wring a cloth out of very hot water and place over the spot where the shoe pinches while the shoe is still on the foot. The heat causes the leather to expand. Spiced Fruit Feel To make spiced fruit peel add cinnamon bark and whole cloves to the syrup used for cooking the peel. The proportions are half a stick of cinnamon and six whole cloves to each two cups of sugar. . Downspouts Clogged downspouts may often be opened by dropping a few handfuls of ordinary rock salt into them where they connect with the eaves. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. Is it all right to ask "Who is this" or "What number is this," when making a telephone call and someone answers whose voice you do not recognize? A. This is extremely ill-bred. The correct thing always to do is to ask for the person with whom you wish to speak. Q. When invited to a dinner party in a restaurant or hotel, does one have the privilege of choosing one's own meal? A. No; the host or hostess orders the meal in advance, and the guests eat what is placed before them. Q. How should a girl announce her engagement if her parents are dead? A. It may be announced in the name of her brother, or her nearest relative. Look And Learn 1. What was the first metal used by man? 2. Which is the "Green Mountain State"? 3. Is it possible for fright actually to cause the hair to stand on end? 4. What President was the first man to breed a mule in this country 5. What is the length of the standard sixpenny nail? The acute parking situation in the borough has Polce Chief John J. Gormley concerned .. Warden Harry Carter agrees that some provision must be imade soon for off-street parking . but the old question is . . where? ? Nothing- new on the town hall flag pole situation to date .. it's still down .. Mr. and Mrs. Gunard Anderson of Walnut terrace observed their 33rd wedding anniversary Tuesday . . con-, grata. Our best wishes Tor many hap- ipy returns of the day Saturday to Publisher Kudoph Hennick of The ?fews .. he was sporting a beautiful red rose yesterday, having been honored by the Naugratuck Rotary club. Naugatuck YMCA general secretary Herbert E. Brown program secretary Wesley Cady and physical director Fritz Klambt are in Hartford today, attending a conference of the State Association of secretaries .. Ail will be back at their duties tomorrow. Ray Poust has asked us to extend his appreciation to Russ Weaving for being named winner of "Ancient and Exalted. Order of Best Story Tellers'" for 19-19 .. However, Roy feels that he has been cheated, in that no party, banquet or testimonial has 'been arranged for the ipresenta- tion . . In fact, he claims that the trop'hy hasn't even been presented in private .. How about that, Russ? titled to th» *ame consideration? . .You can »,t;:t your life they are. Here However, is a case where the rights j»f two Americans are being neglected .. If it hadn't been for the Ward case, theirs would probauly stil Ibe burled in the State Department flies .. It Is time that some definite action is taken. ,. We suggest that every man, ivoman and child who reads nils, .write his congressman and demand that the State Department obtain their release within a month .. No American should be able to leel free with the knowledge that other Americans are being held prisoners, simply because they are Americans. WALTER WINCHELL In New York JOINT! CHIEFS OF STAFFS CONFER Pfc Frank L. O'Donnell of the U. S. Admy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank O'Donnell, 117 Walnut street has moved from the Aleutian Islands, to Fort Richardson Alaska, and his new address Is. R. A. 11165835 51st Ord. Sv. Co., A.P.O. 942, c-o Postmaster, Seattle, Wash. The Naugutuck Junior Woman's clnb program of Monday night which was tape recorded, will be heard tomorrow morning from 9:15 to 10 o'colck over radio station WBRY. Speaking- of Boy and Buss reminds us that it Is very,,very seldom. In this world that we find two such good friends .. With their other two sidekicks Jack Lennej-s and Johnny (the Sraiing Irishman) MacDonald, they represent a quartet which, is always in perfect harmony .. Which leads us to wonder why thev never Joined 3faugatuck Bar bershop Quartet Chapter.. Such harmony should be shared by all. Answers 1. Copper. 2. Vermont. 3. Yes. 4. George Washington, 5. Two inches. The Harry Winnies, of Beacon Valley road, will be eating venison for some time to come Mr. Winnie 'bagged a 30-point buck on a recent hunting trip to Maine which Was reported to be one of the largest to be taken in that area during the season ..Fred Ardry is also. contemplating venison dinners, having bagged a doe on the same trip. We learned with amazement that two Americans, a V. S. Marine Corps Sgt. and an enlisted Navy man, have been held prisoner by the Chinese Keds since October 18, 1948 — MOKE THAN ONE YEAR .. Indications are that the State Department has been very lax in its effort to effect their release. *> ^. tut -way' . Is it because they are not \ugh in the diplomatic coups as was Angus Ward . • Are not- aft- American citizens, whether cuoeuls, generals, just plain Joe CWizens or GI's en- Tom Pace of Thomaston, well- known for his appearances in. The Playmakers shows, was in town yesterday), enroute to Clinton . . Mel Engelstad, exec vcep of the iocal Chamber of Commerce, urges memlbers not to forget to send in primary ballots by Monday for voting- on directorship for the coming year. Warden Harry Carter will be a very happy man come budget adopting time, when the tux rate- rate is set, if the borough can reclaim $40,000 In taxes from the Reconstruction Finance Corp. on the Syntlietic plant, and the school air grant comes through in a good sized amount, .could mean a good two mills or more. Jesse Davis and Milton Berkowicz, supervisor and assistant of public school music, are busily engaged getting various Christmas programs in readiness in local schools. Church street has been ripped up for what looks like a lit^o water pipe work in front of the Red Cross Chapter House...Tho girls of the Elks Emblem Club are trying on Santa Suits In preparation for a party for the kids Dec. 11...Canasta fans are flocking- to The News office to buy the little booklet explaining' the game—as prepared by tn NEA expert... Mrs. Mary Grant, we're g!a<i to report, has left St. Mary's Hospital and is now recuperating at her home on Bradley street... When Adele Addlson comes to Naiigatuck for her third concert here Dec. 9 she'll be the home guest of Bev. and Mrs. WlllarJ B. Soper at the Manse, on Church street... TOP OF THE MORNING! The Ilroiulwuy Spwlnl ..Celebs About Town: The Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilts wheeling tho biby in a toy cart along Park avenue, trying to look like common folks. . .Vince and Minnie Aster, the landlords of the St Rogis, applauding talented Martha Wright in heir Maisonette Room.. .Paya Emerson wishing colyumists wouldn't be such pushovers for so many ''ridiculous" items reconciling her to Elliott...The Maharajah Shabeb (of Newanager) wearing a gold-lace jacket with pearl buttons iat Radio City) and making the ushers look so ordinary. . .Countess Carina Paves of Rumania tossing her furs (prob'lp last year's) under I he table at the Nightcap to rest her feet on...Denise Darcel, the French actress, looking so Parisque -. .Adlaw Chellwyn in the prettiest mink coat in lown...Ruby Ross of 6 E. 53 (opp. Cafe St. Dennis), designer of Sloan Simpson's wedding gown, which is made of inavy lace, cocktail length. SeUies In Our Alley: Over at Giimore's two whoopsees were tiffing, Things got so explosive one challenged the other: "I dars you to knock this chip off my hip 1 ." .. .Overheard in the Avenue: "They were made for each other"..."So were boxing gloves." Memos of a Midnighter:' Mrs. X. Cugat, reported in Reno, hasn't left L.A., where she is filing for divorce &oon. Planning to sue some Broadway press agents for ''planting" riefamatory items in the papers... Hene Damur, actress, battling pneumonia on the coast. If you think you've had troubles, Hen«'ij never stop. ."'We think," report our two Girl Fridays, "the critics were unduly harsh to 'Texas, Li'l DarlinY Found it very agreeable and a fast show"... The array of "Salesman' backers split $28,000; not 28Gs c.ich .. ."Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" will have a $600,000 advance. It took 30 auditions to raise the money to stage it.. ."Streetcar Named Desire" lasted only one week in Paris. Curtain Calls: "Meet the Press' via NBSee on iSateves at 9:30... Rosila Serrano's version of "Cafe Continental" (London record album).. .Charlie Farrell's hilarious routines (and his Barkley rjuips) ax the Park Avenue, Miami Beach . . .Riccio's (or, the 70th Causeway) where the visiting movie and other celebs go...Jeb Stuart's "The Door," televised Monday night at NBSee. The ex-AP man (in Memphis) can write. , Midtown Vignette: The manuscript came in unsigned via ar. agent...The editors liked it but had no clue to^ the author... Af tor they accepted it, Ihe new book writer dropped her anonymity... She explained (1) she thought it would be rejected on the assumption no actress could write a good novel, and (2) ;She feared it might be published only for the publicity value of her name..'She wanted it accepted only on its melt. ..It comes out in the Spring via Simon & Schuster. .'The author is Ruth Chatterlon. , Broadway Ticker: Iva Kitchen, the big-time dance satirist, appears at Carnegie Hall Sunday eve'g. John Martin called her "a whole corps de ballet in one"... What was Burgess Meredith (tee hee) doing the other night carrying $11 worth of groceries ... Bill Veeck's conversion to Catholicism was confirmed in the Cleveland gazettes... Kay Thompson's Dec. 8 satire on "S. Pacific"for the Runyon Fund (at the Blackstone, Chicago) just got $1,000 from a fan... A Mrs. Davis sent in a few shares of Acme Steel stock (valued at $4,100) for a pair of "Pacific" seats... Tropical Park officials believe the season •will be comparable to last year, despite pessimists who predict an 8 to 10 per cent drop.,. B. P. will make the headlines soon. U. S. Immigration has a warrant for his deportation . . but the un- NE'W tNGLAND'S LARGEST PETROLEUM STORAGE'TERMINAL BUNKER "0" Fuel Oil HIGH COSTOF LIVING nor gallon F. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. Phone 8-SSll -<W * BUCKLEY ^ BETTER SERVICE-LOWER FUEL COSTS ORDER NOW If You Want a MUSICAL INSTRUMENT for CHRISTMAS Everything From a Piccolo to a Souaaphono 7EMBRUSKI Alunlii Sluiii NOBT1I MAIN ST. TBt, S«07 Open Than, and Fil. TUI 9 The late Watch: Many of the men wr^o flew the Berlin airlift are now hungry and jobless!... DeMille is giving the Voodoo girl role in 'Greatest Show on Earth" to a Parisian pip named Stella Danfray. .One of Margaret Truman's dates spurned a lump of coin from a top mag for a by-lined piece tagged: "A Date with Margaret".'. 'Mule Train" las been replaced in the local record stores by "Rudolph, the Red- Nosed Reindeer". ..Barbara Teeter, who takes your calls for Runyon Fund "S. Pac." tickets (at Circle 7-8074) hasn't see the hit. Over 1,000 calls this week... Bobby Breen, now at the Penthouse, makes his 'comeback" at the, age of 24... What's happened to the Champ Joe Louis-Ruby Dallas romance?.. .P. Robeson's platters have taken a terrible crash - dive in sales since Summer. American Activities group mny collar him first. We first spotlighted B, P. (an atomic material figure) about three years ago... Times Sq. Ncwsreel: Mrs. H. B. Knickerbocker, widow of the famed news correspondent (killed, in a plane crash), has retained barrister M. Ernst to continue her husband's libel action against the Daily Scum- munist. The rag called him a pro- Nazi. Goebbels threw him out of Germany and burned his bookst... Agnes Smedley (her name was connected by Army documents with Reds in Japan) has gone to England to do a book... Lovely Marilyn Gordon married Richard, son of Howie's' at the Pierre. What a pretty bride.. .Marina Berti, Italian actress, is one of the glamorous specs in 20th's "Prince of Foxes" ... Stan Freeman joins the Blue Angel show Dec. 8. Connie Sawyer and Andy Williams are clicking there how. I ADV. 'We, THE MUSIC SHOP—" A couple came in the other day. The lady asked, "Why do you advertise 'everything musical' when you can't possibly carry everything musical. We admitted it. "But what," we wanted to know, "what musical item did you want?" The man said that they were looking for a Martin trumpet for their 12-year-old son; they wanted it for Christmas. "Would you give us four days to get the Martin for you?" We showed the couple the Martin Band Instrument catalogue, terms were ayreed upon, the order given. It is a fact that THE MUSIC SHOP sells "everything musical." tt is a fact that no music shop anywhere Is large enough to stock the millions of musical items manufactured—from grand pianos to lOc harmonicas. THE MUSIC SHOP, in a reasonable time will secure lor you any item from a television set or radio to a sousaphone . . . Including that hard-to-get record or sheet music. SUCCESSOR TO GEN. OMAR N. BRADLEY as Army Chief of Staff, Gen. J. Lawton Collins (right) and Adm. Forrest P. Sherman (left), who replaced Naval Operations Chief Louis E. Denfeld, are pictured for the first time at a meeting in Washington of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. With them are General Bradley (second from left), chairman of the group, and Gen. Hovt S. Vandenbera. Air Force Chief of Staff. (International) A Scene in the Manger "7k One of the striking sketches from e the It's an 18-chapter Christmas feature, authentically telling- in strip form the most beautiful story ever told. Starting Monday, Dec. 5 in Naugatuck News UlflSJSIDE FflRffl WATERBURY AT PlfcTT* PLfcTT* MlULi TEL. WATERBURY 4-96 32. PJeaxty of Parti/ffii Spurt U. S. No. 1 MAINE POTATOES 49c M SJ49 „ ,„ FANCY FRESH GREEN BRUSSELL SPROUTS Quart Basket ^SO*' NEW FRESH CRANBERRIES 2. te 25c LEAN TENDER ~ RIB ROAST BONELESS ROAST VEAL FRESH HOME-MADE ALL PORK ITALIAN SAUSAGE lb Macintosh - Baldwin - Delicious - Cortiand 49c Basket FIRM, YELLOW, RIPE BANANAS tt.. 25c NO. 1 DIAMOND ALNU LEAN SLICED BACON SMALL LEAN FRESH SHOULDERS LEAN DAISY HAMS lb lb 65 FRESH GROUND Shurfine COFFEE Eb FARM FRESH _ LARGE SIZE EGGS itoz

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