Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on December 12, 1913 · Page 3
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1913
Page 3
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How to Detect tlie Alum Baking Powder "Which are the alum baking powders; how can I avoid them unless they are named?" asks a housekeeper. Here is one way: take the can of a low- priced powder in your hand and read the ingredient clause upon the back label. The law requires that if the powder contains alum, that fact must be there stated. If you find one of the ingredients named alum, or sulphate of aluminum, you have found an alum baking powder. There is another and a better way. You don't have to know the names of the alum powders. Use Royal Baking Powder only; that assures you a cream of tartar powder, and the purest and most healthful baking powder beyond question. Re lUlf 'i-'ilU ])iHvl -Ui)i).-rt I'os to Will. .). P .i h 'V ol, \ix. ii'.Trs see. 1^ !. '1'. I S N'., 1 S W.. .M 1 .> 1 0. i !(•• •<! I"; .-! II i{ S. I ,i II! 11 !•! ill I II 1*' l .lMhi':-.. !,!r, ill .^Mll(|cirirl!l. ^ 1 0. M o[ PapoiS Filed He-i--...unwin,.., I .:. ill,Mm lit ui- .\(T,, !Aiui;i' \ :in iKunnio, ilc.'i'fa; {^.rttnoato of Death HO, Covelo. Tuesday, Tl(H".enil)er 2n(l, \ViV,\. I Deed—Nortliwestern Kctlvvoocl (;o. to Ilattirf A. McCoy. 2 lots In Wlllltn. $10. need—I.. C. Stephena to W. D. L. Held. Land in Redwood Vivlloy, ?10. Mortgage—VV. Ih L. Held to h. SteveiiH. Land In Iledwood Valley. $6000, fi per cent. MortRiiKO—J'''rank J. Mendoza ot ux to Antorio I'arreir.s. Land in Mendocino (Mty. $800, 5 per cent, •! years. MortKage—K. A. Dodge to Union liUnibor V.n. Lot in Kort IJragg. $;ir)5, 7 per cent. Mortgage—I. W. Minton to Jaclt I'ayno. % int In K'As of NVV'4 of Sec. .'54, T. 20 N., II. tr. W., MDM. $180, 1 yr. 7_ per cent. Mortgage—Calvin McCleiidon to A. I J . (ilb.son. Land in Redwood Valley. $500, S |)cr cent. ('liattel Mortgage Maclt Howard to (;. If. Silberliorn. int in an auto Iruclt. $i;:!.^), HO day.s, 1(1 per cent. Release of Mortgage • Antonio V. I'arreira to 1'^. .i. .Meiidoza. Vol. (10, page L'.SC. ("ancellation of .Moiitgage .lames M. I'ojioff to \V. .\; DiiUon Vol. 10, page 1111 of rhatti -1 Mortgages, <'lUicellation of .Mortgage .M. I'op- olT (o \V. X. Dvittoii. Vol (IT, [lage I'.fi.") of Morlgnges. Wviliu 'sdaj-, I >i 'r..iiil )i 'i- :',nl, 1 !U'.'. r, liccils from i-;ila Cax Diittoii, j ! lu;;!i Cox. Vvvd \\. Cox. W. I.uw- rcnrc ,nnl I 'ri'd KnI lnTiiia Duni-ing to .Moii .locino ('oiiiii'. r,ii- ri ,i ;'l >'i ^-"f- !>. :\y in i !;;• .^^•'•oiol ! M::I>! Ih-. u \'u\"t' l .iii,;: . , I iDll :i 1'. I. i: I ill !•'.• M ! •. I ,1 I iC(-.J i .MJoj) •) ' j''ra iirir .'i . ! o 1 'a li li .1 a i .i ! II ,.rl, . 1:, i •, ! 1 U.. ort i;. nil to Hi! 1) 1 •.(•(1. ; I .M . WEEK'S OEEOS AND PBTGAGES ! li;.l I .losii 1). iiMili.^ laiiil ill \'aii Daiiiiiio. il of 'i'i-ll,:! i ''iii -l, l ;ra,u'\ lo luiv-ihn. Novoiiibor :;riiii. •aa .il .larob Keller to (.). 1'. Wo!!.--', i I .1.1 (1 in HW'i of .WV'.i of See. a, T. ; .\., !!. iL' W., MDM. ifld. I Agn'riiicnt I'Vir .Sale of Real ICs- ! I la'.o --.X. Chrisleusi'u ux to 1'. S. ; Coo. lIowlrtL (Inc.l to .\. Sliarboro ot al, Trustees. 1^ 10,000. A OHO acres near lloplauil. :\Iort.gage --.Mrs. Hilda Westerborg to Tiie ii'irst Maiili of .Saving.s of Fort Dragg, S,acres near l'\)rt ilragg, Ha", !^ Iter cent. .Alorlgage -.). W. Rich et al to Fort -Vshton to G. A. Wiim .s. $800, 6 \'alley. ; iiragg ('ontiuercial Rank. I.iand in Lot 'lOO of Yokayo liancho. .flSfiO, 7 per cent. Mortgage—Alice Wontworth to M. 1!. (luntley et al., .'!(jO aere.s in Sees. ti >t 1-2, T. I.''. N., R. It w.. mm $1S (MI, 7 per cent. Mortgage—Chas. Woelffel. Rlock 1, per cent. t'ertilicate ot Redemption—R .R. IJlyrnes. as SlierilT to Alice Went- wortU as l-^xoctitri.x of .Vnios Snullin lOst. in re liank of I'kiali v.s Amos SntilUu I'Ist. $15Si;.40. .Mortgage- -('has. I'h'skine et al to I'kiah iMillliig Co. cows 5 horses, 10. IJelease - Willie R. Wlieeler to C. Aiigiist WeilH'. Vol. tl:!, page ISS of to L i.!,-.uitz. 8 0 acres in Redwood .$T..10(). Mortgage -f). 1'. Wells to .Jacob ivcUer. LandinSWii of i\W>,i of Sec. ,-), T. u; N., li. lii W,, MDM. i:>!U)0. ;; yr.s. t; piT cent. Mortgage -Hayward .Scott to John ^iaiitly. loSO acres in T. la N., It. 1.'. VV,. MIXM. .f.aOOO. :i years. (! i)er cent. I'liattfd Mortgage—Sallio .lolmson to J, \'. Ray. Horses, cows & calves. .•?2 .'iO, 1 day iS per cent. Assignment of .Mortgage-'.I. M. \iiiton et nx to W. R. IMiunl). .\ssigns mortgages givi 'U by L. C. Barnes & i \')-alia Shore. Release of Mortgage—Mary 13. Oiiutlcy to James M. Dutro. \'ol. (M, iiciL;e i:;. ''.incenation of Mortgage—H;£r- wanl Scott lo ,](din Guntly, Vol. GS, Viat-e L'L'i;, it Vol. OG, page 20G. ^^•(.'dnesday, Xovt^nibor I'Gtli, LOl.T. :)eed—Julia 15. Short to Union Lniftber Co. SO aere.s in Sec. 2.0, T. 19 N.. R. 15 W., MDM. $10. Deed—Gus Miller to W. A. Hale. A l-;{ iiR. in IGO acres in Sec. 22, T. 12 M., R. IG W., MDM. Deed—Luigi Riz/.i to Doinenico Oassassa Jr. ;\G0 acres in Sees. 10 <fe n, T. 12 N., R. 11 W., MDM. $10. Deed—l-jvalina J. Muggins to Un- Jo.T Lumber Co. SO acres in Sec. 29, T. 19 N., R. 15 \V., MDM. $10. .Agreetiifjit— W. J. Kyre ot ii.v to 10. E. Retchum. :!5:) acres near Shor- %vood. Mortgage—Lulu G. Wilson to Uk. of Ukiah. 2 lots in Ukiah, $400, 1 yr. 9 per cent. Release—Carl .\danis to 1-'. lOvon- soii. Vol. GG, i)agc 4S. Friday, November 2Sth, 19i;!. Deed-—C. I. Mast to Mrs. S. 1'. Beattle. Lot in Willits. Deed—R. R. Ryrnes, as Sheriff to G. A. Woelffel. Lot IG, Block 1, Dauglierly's Addn. to Ukiah. $8.')fi. Deed—G. A. Woelffel to Clias Ashton. Same as atiove. $1000. Deed—First llaptist Ciiiircli of Ukiah to Mrs. Lulu Wilson. Lot in Ukiah. Deed—Tlionias Uarry to I'atrick Ijennan. Lot 9, Rlock 4(1 Fort Hragg. W. Hotskin. l^ot G, Little Lake Land $10. l)eed~10. H. Whiting et ux W. Rich et al. Land in Lot 100 of | Mrs. M. J. Thomson. Part of MeClon- Yokayo Rancho. $10. .\l !.'Mi s In S I i 0. Harll. Ill to .Mortgages, Release—Mrs. W. J. Haggard Robert I'oe. Vol. 04, page 2:!9. Cancellation of Mortgage—W. Rrown to Commercial liank of Ukiah. Vol. GO, i)ago 2 G;!. Cancellation ot Mortgage—10. H. Wiiiting to Rank of Ukiah. Vol. 71, page 100. Judgment—Mercantile Credit Bureau vs A. D. Verra et al. $126.85. Marriage License—O. IC. Sliarrock to I''erol V. Gib.son, at Ukiah. Certilicates of Death— Re- iiua, at Laytonville; Ida C. Lane at Redwood Valley. Saturday, November 29th, 19 1;'. Declaration ot Homestead—Mary Redwine. Lot on State St. Ukiah. Monday. December 1, 19i;>. Deed—A. L. Standley to Krilla Hale. 2 acres See. 17, T. 11 N.. R. 15 W., MDM. $100. Deed--lOrilla Hale to Hermann Johnson. 160 acres, 20.6;! acres all ill Sec. 17, T. 11 N., R. 15 W., MDM. $10. Deed—Northwestern Redwood Co. to Myron 10. DeCamp et ux. Lots ;{ & 4 Block 19, Northwestern Addition Willits. $10. Deed—Little Lake Land Co. to F. D. Hotskin. Lot 7, Little Lake Land Co.'s Tract No. 1. $10. Deed^—Little Lake hand Co. to C. j Co.'s Tract No. 1. $10. to J. Mortgage—David J. McClendou to 7)„t„l—I. t'. Reed to County of don Ranch. $500, 1 year S per cent. Mortgage—Mrs. Hatlie McCoy to of Willits. Lot 15 Block 19 Mendocino. Lots in North Addition to | Rank nuiah. $1750. i North western Addition WiUit.s. $400, Deed---l'almer Hewlett to George j 1 year, 8 per cent. Hewlett, Inc. 1000 acrtjs land. $10. near Hop- Mortgage- P. O. Harden to B. A. Limdrum. Salmon Creek Mill Co. pro- Deed—10. 1", Hewlett et al to Geo. 1 perty, $6000, 2 yrs. S per cent. Hewlett. Same as above. j Mortgage—S. 10. Hamilton to W. Deed~-(!. 11. McCleiidon et al to ; It. I'lnnib. IGO acres Sees. 2 $ ;! T. Geo. W. McClc-ndon. I'art of McClen-l22 N., R. 11 W., MDM. $227.50. don Rancli in Redwood N'alley. $10. ; Release—Heahisburg Savings Bk. —iiMward Tullis as IOxeciR(jr j to i'. O. Hardell. Releases mortgage of the Ksl. of Rachael Jane Smith, recorded in Liber 62 of Mortgages, dec. to C. M. Ward. Lot in Westport. ^page 205. $262.50. I Notary Bond—H. A. Weller. Deed—Clias, 11. Smitii et al to C. : Marriage liicenses—Walster S. M. Ward, .same as above. $10. Hayter to Cliarlotto M. Cummings: I jloed - Northwestern Redwood Co. William I'hillips to Alice K. Wut- to H. B. Itamsey. Lot in Laytonville. son: Frank J. Vioiru to Anna Rosa: jli'k .Harold A. Brown to Loona F. VVal- Michael 10nrit;iit to lOdward ^ laco. ^'4 I 'i 'vil .lia.'liii .\i illrr, ; i ai {• i:, I .; w., .\i I ).\i, Deoil Claljo Hai-ll.'tl. Xioii. ,S() in'rcs in S IM-S. 20 iV;- 21, T. a S, K, 2 II. .M. .Vgreenieiit 10. (;. /ion to Wni. Scollie, 160 acres in Sees. 2S it ;'.;l, •1". 5 S, R. 2 )0, 11. .M. $775. Deed of Trust -California Cattle it Laiid Co. to Union Trust Co. of San l''rancisco. lu acres in Sec. IS. '1\ 2:i N., R. 14 W., I\1DM. given to correct an (^rror in a former deed of trust. Mortgage—Frank 10. Critzsclie to li'orl Rragg Commercial Rank. I^ot in Fort Rragg. $700, 1 day, S percent. Alortgage - Rrent .Scow to J, C. Ruddock. Lot in Willits, $1800, ;i years, G ))er cent. .Mortgage- Ferdinand Miller to M. V. .Mc.Vniticli. 1 1 acres in Sec. 8, T. IS N,, It, l:', W,. .MD.M. $550, G per cent, Cliattel .Mortgage—Sailie A. Johnson to Geo. 1". Anderson. Ail personal property on rancii in (Viyote \'alley commoiRy known as Cahill Raticli. ;f7oi). G months. 10 per cent. Chattel Mortgage—Sam Carlile to C. 11. .Mockbee. 2 horstw, $150. Power of Attorney—H. S. Baechtel to Gordon Baechtel. Rill of Sale—H. 10. Johnson to Mary R. Grant. Gasoline engine & otlier fixtures on lot 11, Rlock 47, Ft. Rragg. $175. Marriage License— A. 10. Ridge way to M. G. Stuttsman, at Ukiah. 5, Death Certilicates—John G. Calif, 42 years, at Talmage; H. Gumpert, ;'.7 years, at Talmage; Lizzie Hilton, 4 0 years, at Talmage; John Ander, son, 5 5 years, at Talmage. Tliursday. December 4tli, 19i;J. Deed—Otto Nunenmacher to lOmily Nunenmacher. 160 acres in Sec. 19, T. 1.'! N., R. 14 W., $ in Sec. 2 4 T. i;! N., R. 15 W., MDM. Gift. Deed-—Isaac Nunn et al to Henry .Niinn. Land in Sec. ?>. T. 14 N., R. 15 W., & in Sec. ;H, T. 15 N., R. W., MDM. $10. Deed—lOlmer C. Waugli et al Fred 11. Wuugh. A 1-10 int in actres in Yokayo Rancho. $10. Deed—Mary 10. Rowe to Hatlie 10. Rowe. 425 acres in Sees. 11, 12 & i;^ K: 14 W.', MDM. $10. Deed—Mary 10. Rowe to Hattie 10. Rowe. Land in Willits. $10. Mortgage—R. L. Hutchison et al to t'ommerclal Rank of Ukiah. SWV.t of Sec. 20 T. 2;i N., R. 15 W., Mmi. $4:!22, 1 yr. 7 per cent. -Assignment of Mortgage—Mary 10. Rowe to Hattie 10. Rowe. Mortgage given by Jasper M. Williams ot ux. Vol. G .'5 page 411). Release of Mortgage—10. H. lOng- lish to W. F. McClure. Vol. 61, page 9;i. Cortillcate of Sale—Smith O'Brien et al vs. 10. 1). Baker et al. i;!2.06 acres in Sees. 29 & ;i2, T. 24 N., R. 14 W., MDM, $2725. By Commissioner to Smith O'llrien et al. Notice of (k)inpletion—Willits Grammar School to T. Schieve. Sig- nifle.s acceptance of Willits Grammar School Ihiilding built in Willits. Friday, December 5th, 191;!. Deed—Stephen Dlzner el al to Carolina Holfman. l-iand in See. 2 4, T. 19 N., R. 14 in Sec. 19 T. 19 N„ U. L! W., MDM. $10. Deed- H. Hanly to Mary 10. Brayton. N'/j of SIO'4 of Sec. :!0, T. l;! N., R. 15 W., MDM. $10. Deed- Carolina Hoffman to Lilly 10. i:)ryden. Land In Sec. 24, T. 19 N., Takes All the Shivers From the Morning Shave The bathroom i$ warmed in almost no time and you shave in comfort il your home is equipped with ai SMOKELESS ( li:.t lie!. Co, to C. .\, 1 0. I'o. or San .•i 'I !(• ,v !,;ii,il T. X., The heater is so light it may be easily carried to the dining room or living room or wherever needed. Easy to light and clean. So con- slTiicted that it can't smoke. Doesn't smell. la:;t a life tiinc« Finisliedin plain steel or h\vc cnarnelcd drums. U:ie Pear! CII Azk to sEe it at ycur dealers SAN FRANCISCO 15 to 46 R, 11 W., .MDM & in Sec. 19 T. 19' N,, R. l:! W., MDM. $10. Re-Conveyance -W. H. Rrayton et al to G. H. Hanly. N Vi of SlOV, Sec. ;Ut, T, i:{ N., R. 15 VV., MDM. .\greemenl—demons Cardinal to A. J. lOkdalR. Agrees to sell land in lot 1 12 of Yokayo Itanclio. Alortgage—Lillie K. Drydeti to J. A, HolVman, Land in Sec, 24 T, 19 .X,, |{, 14 W., MDM $ in Sec. 19, T. 19 X,, R. L! W.. MD.M. $900, 10 yrs. G per cent. Release of .Mortgage--Dudley Kinsell to Sarah 10, Hamilton, Vol, 60. page 4 17 of .Mortgages. Release of .Mortgage--W. B. Plumb to Sarah 10. Hamilton. \'ol. 57, page G :14 ot Mortgages. Cancellation of Mortgage-Frank McClendou to .A. L. tlibson, \'ol, GS. page 4 48 of Mortgages. Declaration of Homestead—Thomas Aberson. Land in Sec, 24, T, 18 N,, R. 18 W,, MDM, $4000 Value. Power of Attorney—C^arolina Hoffman to J. A. Hoffman. Attachment—Fred Uenking vs. Anton Peterson. $200 Demand Land in Sees. 20 .vi, 21, T. 20 N., R. Ill W., MDM. Idemnity Bond—J. F. Ashen to C. Cardinal. Releases a debt for $1000 secured by note and mortgage, wliieli note lias been lost. Death Certilicates—Albert Welch, ;^3 years, at Willits; W. 10. Smith, 4 4 years, at Willits; Robt. Hill, S2 yrs., at Willits. Saturday, December Gth, 1913. Deed—John Branstrom et ux to W. H. Archibald. 4 2 acres in lot 112 of Yokayo Rancho. $10. Deed—L. W. Rabcock lo Hale Prather. Land in Ukiah. $10. Deed—10. W. Shearln et nx to J. W, Fisher et ux. 2 acres in lot 30 of Yokayo Rancho. $10. Order f^oiilirming Sale of Real lOs- tate—In re lOst. of Bernice M. Donnelly, a minor. Confirms sale to Josepit T. Terry of Vi int. of tlie Hughes it Donnelly Ranch on lOel River. $3625. Mortgage—Mary 10. Clook to DeWitt Rowe. Land in Willits. $500, 3 years, S per cent. Mortgage—J. \V. Fischer et ux to 10. W. Shearin. 2 acres in lot 30 of Y'okayo Rancho. $700, 7 per cent, 3 years. Mortgage—Hale Pratlier to L. W. Bahcock. Land in Ukiah. $200. Notary Rond—A. L. Smitii. Marriage J.lcens (3 —W. D. Butts to Rena Lauglitin. at Ukiah. XOTKilO TO FlllUT(iUOWI0US Under tiie law all fruitgrowers are jlieroby notllied to spray for lOuropeau scale. Use liime-Sulphur wash. Ail falling to comply witii this notice will be fortuid to do so by law. If you prune your orchard before spraying all the prunings must bo ;burned. J. R. RANKS, Horticultural Conimlssioiior of Mendocino County. 5-4 LIMIO your soil $8.50 per ton freiglit paid to Ukiah. J, A. Waldteu- fel, Ukiah. 5—6. One Jolly Week at Cleland's Opera House MERCHANTS CARNIVAL Cleland's Opera House Under the Auspices of the Leading and Progressive Business Houses of Ukiali, Representing Claman Western Amusement Co. No. 2 Under Same Management, Manion & Claman Co., WIio Played Here This Season Ten Capable People in Plays That Please 7 Standard Plays Different Play Each Night THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST COMPANIES ON THE ROAD DEC 8,9,10,11,12,13 & 14 ASK FOR FREE TICKETS From the Following Merchants Jamison Bros., J. H. Barker, The Toggery, Hansen & Ward, H. Marks, A. Foster & Co., R. E. Dimmick, E. B. Gibson, drugs, C. Hofman Co., Hutchison & Roeder and Joseph Jewelry Co. First Come, First Served Tickets on sale at Cleland's Cigar Store P. H. Joseph OPTOMETRIST Registered under the laws ot California. Ukiah Examination Free Cal.

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