Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 1, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1949
Page 7
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PTAMansXmas Party December 21 The annual Christmas parly of the -.Prospect street school Parent- Teacher association will be hold Wednesday evening: Dec. 21 nt 8 o'clock In the school, with Robert Miller us gcnernl chairman of ar- ranKemcnts. Plans for the party, UurinK which the school choir will entertain, were discussed last nifrht ut. Uic monthly meeting of tlio orffu- nlxatlon. A mooting of the executive committee will bo held Tuesday cve- ninff, Doc. 13 nt 8 o'clock nl the homo of Mra, Juilua Orls, 25 Stu.n- li'y street. Guest st-eahcr at last ni,Tht'.s f-pnslon van Mary Norprron, Wn- terhury ixilleuwoinan, who <•••- I)lainc<l her duties on tho city's police force. She asild her work Is the name aa a regular patrol- MARGARET 'MAKES UP' AT CONCERT n, wlUi (he e I'flc duty and nuked for coop r» vptlon of LroJJinj.; Ill.'lwi.'ITI rs, and from police dijpiu't- •cnt.s find teach tin .•••« crotirt- to th muni. She urged thnt children be InKlructed thai, the j,i>ll<:e are tln-lr frlnodu and arc not to ho fpiired. Long remembered . . long enjoyed Solid Rock MAPLE A Gift for Every Home It'» not at all too early to select a Christmas gift of long remembered . . long enjoyed Rock Maple Furniture. 3elect yours from our exclusive rctock for that married couple you like ... for your own home . . or as a hope- cheit thought . . . When you choose rock maple you can be SURE of adding character, charm and enjoyment t> any home, for years. SELECT YOUR 3OLID MAPLE GIFTS NOW FROM WATERBURY'S ONLY EXCLUSIVE MAPLE SHOP Kne« Hole Desks Boston Rockers Phone Tables Smokers Lamp Tables Secretaries Coffee Tables Gov. Winthrop Desks Lane Cedar Ghosts Sowing Cabinets Record Cabinets Open Bvtry Thursday Until 8:45 P.M. Budget Terms May Be Arranged Open Mondays -^—^^-r „ UntU i MACK KKKHI.KR, Mgr. PHONIC S-JS12 Christmni 43 Center St., Waterbury j DURING INTERMISSION of her concert in Washington'* Conatltutlon Hall, President Truman's daughter, MarRnret, applies fresh makeup ai her teacher, opera slur Helen Truubcl, looks on. Tho Trumnng W0 pt with joy ns n cnpnclty nudl :ncc enthusiastically applauded Margaret'* singing, bringing her back for three encores. (International Sounttohoto) SOI.VUNT MOT I OK lMlrirl. nf iNiiiiKiiUH'k HH. J'ruljulti rt, Nov. :io. I Mil. STATM n[ JOHN J5UMAI,AVI.C;':n f NuuKnturk, In HI 1 ,'nurE Irlrl nl NllllKllllli'll hnlll all.'iwi-il nix inniuhH Iroin I III rrrllllnr.-. Ill Mill, I llii'lr cliilrnM Inr miltli pri-Hiinl lln ilHiurri-il ii riirnvi ill I'JlMlrk'l, BOUND OVKB Bolxsrl Houston, IS, Wimt Hnven nnd Joseph Rlvurd, 20, Wllllmantlc, weru bound over to Superior Court \vhen they appeared before Judge LoFtoy H. Carpenter in Chouhlro Town Court, laol night They plcud- •K! guilty to attempting to cxcnpo Sunday from Clieahlro Reformnto- i'y. They wi.-re taken to Now Hiivon County Jail by State Trooper Edward ,T. Cooling In lloti of $10,000 >onda. The two were captured nine after their OHcapo Sunday. Plane Jet Ike LOOKS way the TRAVELS same Y ou see it quick-stepping along the highway—and .you can't miss the parallel. \bu glimpse a bold front end-sleek tapering fenders —flaring, streamlined roof lines —even to "double bubble" taillights, here is the look of "the fastest thing that flies." Then you try one on the road, courtesy of your Buick dealer. Adjectives flock into mind—"agile"— "nimble"-"eager." You realize that here is action, swift and easy—action born of Fireball valve- in-head straight-eig|it power—action floated on soft coil springs that, for all their lightness, keep, your grip on the road sure-footed and firm. This you tell yourse traveling shoitld be. i, is traveling as Comfortable —in the spacious manner of king-size interiors. Easy—in the lightness of controls, which can include even the magic of Dynaflow Drive* if you wish. Pleasurable—in the wide, wide outlook that's yours, and the inner satisfaction of having a Buick for your very own. And we might add another thing, just by way of being practical. It's frugal too. Frugal in a first cost that's actually less than for some sixes. Frugal in the surprising way such a sizable car gives the go-by to gas pumps. And if you h-ave Dynaflow, frugal even in many up- t keep costs you can forget about — such as clutch troubles, transmission maintenance, even many engine servicing costs. Why not put yourself into one of these jet-lined beauties right now? It's more easily managed than you might imagine —as you'll see by talking to your Buick dealer. v TEN-STiliKEt Only Huiek SPECIAL ka» all thane fvuturcmt TRAfFIC-HANDY SIZt • MOM DOOM K» IMf MONIY • DYNAflOW DRIVE optional ol extra coif • JU-UHl STYLINO • NON-LOCKINO BUMKR-OUARO CMUCC • HIOH-ntftSURI rmiBAll STRAIGHT-UGHT INGINf • CO/I SPRIH9IHO AH. AROUND • LOW-PRfSSUKt TIMS ON SAHJY.niM MMS • GRIATCR VISIUU1Y fOU AND A FT • Sflf-LOCKIHO lUOOAOf UDS • SnADY-KUHNQ TOUQUl-TUU DRIVf • THUt IMAUT MOORS WITH BODY IY flSHM l tit extra fvtt. When hftttfr automobile* are built ittJMCK mill butlil them tmobil 80-82 SOUTH MA HUNT BUICK INC. :N ST. NAtTGATUCK, CONN. Wliat's Doing In Naugatuck A, Calendar pf Events Today, Tomorrow and Every Bay Thiinid*y, Dvcombcr 1 Regular meeting Evergreen nhnp- ler, Order of Eastern qtar, Masonic Temple, 8 p. m. Meeting of Naugatuck Valley Dc- triclynont, Marino Corpu Laauua, Odd Fellows Hall, 8 p, tn. Friday, Dtwombnr 9 Snoelal biiHlnrijH mooting of Pond Hill Community club, 8 p. m. Kngular meeting, Samh RojZP.rn chapter, DAI*, Wlllinm Chlttondcrv homo, Falrvlew avenue, 2 p. m. Men's ChoruK concert, high school auditorium, 8 p. m. Meeting of Ladles' auxiliary of f^iiugalnck Valley Dotachmunt, Mnrlno CorpH I^uguo, Odd Folio .v« hull, 8 p, m, Olirlfitmai! Bazaar, «pon«orcij hy FrlnndHhlp 1 Circle oC Immunuul lAithoran church at the chur".h, 7:30 p. m, Food Bale, Bronnan's Store, 10 n. m., apon«ornd by Olenclale Manor ftommunlty Club. Saturday, December It Jutl Klub dance, American Bra»H Country Club. Solaris dancing, open to the ;.uVj- llo, Uiwid Memorial hall, St. Michael's pai'lNh house, 8 p. m. Sunday, December 4 Election of ofllcom, Daughter!! of Lithuania, Ulndcn Pork I? p. in, Memorial norvlcn of Maugatuok L.oclgo of Elkx, Elks' room, Neary building, 3 p, m. St. Francis' Holy Name Society Forum, Rev. Benjamin Masse, 8.J.. speaker, 8 p. m., St. Francis' School hall, , Voiipor service of Bvergroan chapter, Order of KuHtoin Star, Methodist Church, 4 p, m. Monday, Docembor 5 Annual Chrlntmas card party, St. Frn.nclH 1 Altar society, Columbus hall, 8 p. m. Chriutmu.s tea, NauRatucjc Woman's club, Amorican Ln^lon Homo 3 P. m. . Ladies' Night at Centennial Lodtfc, Odd Fellow's Hall. Mooting of West 8!do Community Club, Hop Brook School auditorium, 8 p. m. Tnoftday, December 6 Mooting of executive committee of Naugatusk Council of Churches, Salem Lutheran church, 8 p. in. Kennady Circle, Daughters of Is- ub«l, Knights of Cournbug hall 8 p. m. Cnrd party, sponsored by tho Children of Mary Sodality of St., HndwIg'H Church, Falcon hall, School Mtrnot, 8 p. m, Wndntwdny. December 7 Bdgulnr moatlnjf, Ladles' auxlll- ury, American X.os'lon po;it, Legion Home, 8. m, Thurndny, tjnwujibcr H Monthly card party of Ladies' auxiliary, American :I,oglon pon'.. )>Kloti Home, 8 p. m. Christmas party anji meeting of Central Avenue School Paront- Teucher Association, at school, 8 p. m. Christmas bazaar ! and public supper, Evergreen chapter, Order of 'Eastern Star, Masonic Tomplo. bazaar opens 1 p. m.,i supper, 5 to 7 ?• m. , , Friday, December 9 Junior Chamber of Commerce dance, Odd Fellows hall, from i> p. m. to 1 a. m. Sunday, December 11 Third Degree Initiation, Ojeda Council, Klnght* ut Columbus hall. Annual Chrl::itma» party for children, Pollnh Falcana and UJan noddy Falcon hall, 3 ^>. m. Children'!) Chrlstman party, Em- hlem club, Nntigatuck Lodgo of Klko, Nonry building! 8 p. m. Monday, December 12 Annual Christmas l^rarty, Naugatuck Junior Womani'B club, Con- ftrcKatlnnal parish houMO, 8 n. m. Ttieadny,, December 13 School Nlgiht meeting, Hop Brook school Parent-Teacher association, school auditorium, 8 ip. m. Card party, Pond Hill Community club, 8 p. m. : Regular dlnnor-mc'otlng of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, An- nenborg's reatnurant/ Park Place 6:15 p. m. | Sunday, December 13 Tea for parents ^ind teachorB, Central Avenue School, 3 to 6 p, m. Friday. December 1« Social mccitlrij, entertainment, Pond Hill Community club, 8 p. :n. Saturday, December 17 NEVVS-Salcm Play'boune ChrlBt- moB Party for YoungatorB Salpm Pl"y,house 9 a. m. ISTaugatuck Junior Woman's clul) Yulotlde dance, Hotel Elton, Wa- tntibttry, 9 p. hi. to 1 a. m. Tluirmlny, necomber 22, Slolghrldo Ball, Npiugauck Wo- mnnjs club Ju-ilorettes. Ghlldrcn'a Christmas 'P'^rty, Pond Hllli Community club, 7 p. tn. Saturday, December :ll Nflw Y«M'S fve j)«j»y, Pond Hill Cpmmulty. club, 9 p. m. First Canadian I'cak Ottawa ~ Tbn national park» of :Ciinpda had their beginning in 18,85 when 10 square mii^a around the hot mineral springs at Banff, Albqrta, were reserved for public use. 10 IASY! SO QUICK! CUP CAKE MIX We claim that Cupktf i« the oa*y «ray to make delicious cup cakes atevety baking. Houaewive* tell us this claim is true, after they use Cupleti. NAUGATUOK NEWS (CONN.), THURSDAY. DISC. I, 1M»—FACE 7 Marines To Discuss Plans For Rocky Hill Yule Program An Important meeting of the Nausriituek VnJIny Detachment MA- rlno Corps League, -will bo held this evening at 8 o'clock In Odd Follows Hal), Commandant Rob ort F. Mlllor wild today. Matters to come up for cliucun- sinnH arc a meeting of the Slate StnlT Sunday In Bridgeport, a trip ' to Rocky Hill Volcrang Home Krl- day Dec, 9, and nrranifcnnejila for the annual Now Year's Kvc B«J1. EH-IcKHtea to the staff mooting will toe named, Mr. Miller said. Kl- nal arrtm^amcntx for the R->cky H1J1 trip will al»o be made. "Th« deluchme;nt win prencivt a 7nu«lciil and variety show featuring local cntvrtalnorn. Included or** Frilc Klambt nnd hie tumbling group, roombor* of Andy Rou'« dancing clnjw, and Oreg Phelan'* orchestra and a mnrfber of others, Tlckeii foi the Now Year's balj. which will be held In Odd FVllowp hall, will be distributed Mr. Phelan's orchestra will provide musle for diinclnir. i Mr. Mlllur also announced that a "mystery" movie program will be presented at tonight's mcctlnic. Motion plcturon wlU be shown by John Thrbodcau 2098 SOUTH MAIN STREET Nationally Advertised Quality Meats At Wholesale Prices New LOW PRICES-Big MEAT SALE FRESH DEESSED BROILERS ALL YOU WANT »29 LEAN BIB • SHORT OUTS ROAST PORK » 29 FRESH MEATY LARGE FOWLS » EXTRA LEAN FRESH SHOULDERS -25 SMALL • SNOW WHITE LEGS of VEAL H>23< YEARLING LEGS of LAMB * 35, LJBAN SLICED BOILED HAM y 2 » MEATY SHOULDER VEAL CHOPS Ib 19 MEATY SHOULDER LAMB CHOPS n 29 TENDER • JUICY — SHOULDER STEAKS LOIN LAMB CHOPS CENTER GUT PORK CHOPS ,49 ALL SWEET OLEO MARGARINE "23 ITALIAN PEPPERONI «. 49 nrn CORNED BEEF LAMB STEW

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