Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 10, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith a better understanding of the transient, nature of the many phys- iss^^a^sr-^ SfcUy directed. There is comfort in tie knowledge, that so many i°" ns ° I SStness arc not due to any actual d^- wmoii is manufactured -„ ia Fig;Syrup Co. only and sold by good health, laxatives or commended to and gives most pen Keep Ccol by Using THE KELLY Showfr Bath RING Hot Wcter . ., . . Proof Hose $2 Express Ad. 25c. puvrnls Wetting Ief.il 1'lcor or Walls. urnle.-s Wuter Closets : "~ : ; (i'KU I' ' Proof, W»ter Clcsett. Self-AclttW Water Closets. KelljSlop and Waste Cook. THOS. KELLY & BROS., Madison Street, Chicago. A LODQER'S CRAFTINESS. New Finn'to Dooelv* Innocent Until Money !• Procurable. Ee was much-in his landlady's debt, had to make a week's trip out of town nnd needed his money fcxr traveling: ex- nenscs. He went away, leaving a, note in which he promised to settle ns soon as ho returned. He came bock to the city two days before hifi monthly check was due, and he was "broke. He ki«w that to face the landlady without money would be to i™ te .-™" pleasantness and strained, relations would follow. He had not money enough to go to a hotel, and he sought relief in crafts He went home at an hour after she had retired, let himself in with a latchkey nnd tip-toed softly to his room. She attended divine service each morn- fng.ns he knew well. Ho slept tte sice? of the tired, if not the just. When she had gone out in the morning he made his" own bed, smoothed out the covers nfcelv. made a change of garb and went out. ' She wotted not of it. And so he did the next night, too^ Then, on the third day, having received the expected check, he went boldly in at noonday, as if fresh from n long journey, paid his just debt and was welcomed home as good lodgers should be. "Great strategy," I said. "Great," he said. "If I'd been in the war I'd have come out a major general ft t least."—N. Y. Herald, Wh»t~Thelr Dutltn Were. Such a thing couldn't happen to-day, nor five, ten, fifteen, nor even twenty Tears ago. It did, however, happen about 25 years back, and it was told a* a lunchon this spring by a gray-haired matron. "I was then a young housewife," she said, "and, as with all housewives, both young and old, my main difficulty was servants. One morning, after much discouragement in many ways at the 'intelligent' office—so called by all servants—I at. length selected two trim-looking negro girls and began to question them as to capabilities. 'Can you cook? wash? Can you scrub?' to .-. .MI, apparently d'eid nan may be ;«• viyed—may be' resuscitated. Sometimes it, i8 often , hard to tell f whether the man is dead or alive; We hear of people who have been buried alive. A . man must-be com-, plctcly detid before ' hope should be abandoned. It used to be true that when a man found be had consumption he gave up immediately. Cpnsump- SoS'was considered a nccessari y fatal d»s. ease It was considered incurable. As soon "it'developed enouffh so that a physician could decide that it was really consumption, the patient ws considered as (food as dead, Years ago, Dr. Pierce found out that con- was not incurable, that it was not fatal. He not only found ttui BY THE BICYCLE. A. Revolution In Business Wrought by the Wheel. . , Certnln Linen of Tr»<le Are Experlencl" » Serious BacliHOt Through the GrowlnB Popularity of Wheeling. their Can you I asked, but "these,~anVall similar inquiries, I received n blank 'No.'. 'Well/ said I, 'in final desperation, 'what can you do. You say that you have worked all your lives in a Virginia family—what did «o. 30! INVESTIIENL »« » «afe Inv Th »« » «afe InvcsUnent. D. & C. SUMMER SERVICE TO MACKINAC. Their new steel passenger steamers ate in commission, making four trips per week between Toledo, Detroit, Macklnac, Soo, Petoskey, . Dulutb. It you are contemplating a summer outing •end 2c stamp for Illustrated pamphlet, Address ' A. A. SCHANTZ, G. T. A. Detroit, Mich. you work at?' The girls looked at me wonderingly. Then, with much dignity, the elder said: 'I used tcr look fur Marse John's specs.' while the younger quickly added: 'An nisecl ter keep do flies off'n ole miss. —1». 1. Sun. _ . DID YOU EVER Try Electric BIttera as a remedy for your troubles? U not, get' a bottle now and get relief. This medicine has been found, to be peculiarly adapted to the relief and cure of all Female Complaints, exerting a wonderful direct influence In giving strength and tone to the organs. If you have loss, of Appetite, Constipation, Headache, Fainting Spells,' or are Nervous, Sleepless, Excitable; Melancholy or troubled with Dizzy Spells, Electric Bitters Is the medicine you need. Health and Strength arc-guaranteed by Its use. Fifty cents and $1.00 at B. •Store.' . Sut, but he found out a way to cure con. Bumption. He introduced his "Golden Seal Discovery." The " Discovery" wUl cure 98 per cent, of all ewes of con- gumption if it is taken.according to direc, tioii£ Consumption ifl a disease of the blood It is caused by impoverishment of the blood, and by the existence of. disease- «rm» inthe system. If the body is, per- fecTy KtronK mid healthy, nnd the Wood neVfectly pure, germs are east y thrown off. f" tBe body is weak, if the tissues are incapable of much resistance, the germs find a resting- place and develop. That's the wav consumption begins. fie Golden Medical Discovery" searches out the germs, forces them out of the system and cures consumption and other kindred diseases of the throat, bronchia and lunifs. No doubt about it no gues- Uon about it! It has done it m hundreds and thousands of cases. The "Discovery" is. sold at drug stores. ' 'The People'* Common Sense Medical Adviser, in plain En- elidh or Medicine Simplincd by RV pierce, M D., Chief Consulting physician [»thc Invalids' Hotel anil SurRical Institute, Buffalo, N Y.. 1008. pngei, Illustrated. 680.000 copies sola «t $1.50. Now sent pnper-bound, ABSOl.OTBtY I.-REB on receipt of 31 one-cent •tamps 10 pay for moiling only. Address the Author, at) above, MILWAUKEE EXCURSION. Low Rates Through Chicago via Pennsylvania Wn.es. Excursion tickets to Milwaukee will be said via Pennsylvania lines July 14tl) 13th and lOtli, account the B. Y. P TJ rnoctiflg. The low rote will be open to all. Tickets will be good returning leaving Milwaukee July 20th, 1st, or 22d,! Extension of return limit to AUK. 5th may be secured by deposit- lug tickets with Joint agent In Milwaukee on or before July 20th. The . svlv.vila -is to kee through Chicago with solid trains to Chicago Union Station, without change from principal cities and towns In \Vesteni Pennsylvania, Ohio anil Indiana. For rates and time of train apply to nearest Pennsylvania ticket agent. Line F. Keesllng's Drug SUNDAY EXCURSION TO DAYTON VIA PENNSYLVANIA LINES. July 12lh from Logansport, $2 round trip Special train leaves 5 a. m., central time; returning leave Dayton 0 p m. Visitors are permitted the freedom of the Soldiers' Home, the most delightful ind attractive spot of Dayton. Lake glde Park Is also open. Everything arranged fora pleasant Sunday outing. BCGKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The best salve In .the world Joi cuts, bruises, sores, ulcer*, salt rteum, fever •orea, tetters, chapped bonds, chilblains «on>8 and all skin eruptions and positively cure* piles or no pay required- it to guaranteed to clve perfect satisfaction or moaey refunded. Price 25 «ntt per bos. For sale , by B. F. Keesllng. ^^^ PLAN YOUK SUMMER OUTING NOW-GO TO PICTURESQUE MACKINAC VIA THE COAST LINE. It only costs 913.50 from Detroit, $15.50 from Toledo, $18.00 from Cleveland for the round trip, Including meals and berths. One thousands wiles of lake ride on new modern steel §teamers for the above rates. Send 2c for Illustrated pamphlet. Address - A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. Detroit, Mich. Certain scientists say that Mars Is like Holland. Its.inlin.Mhwits appear to liave clrataed the wlwle of the surface as a measure of protection against encroaching waters which -threaten an invasion when summer's heat melts the polar Ice and snow. When we consider that the Intestines are about five times as long as the body, we can realize the intense suffering experienced when they become Inflamed. DeWltt'a Colic and Cholera Cure subdues inflammation at once and completely removes the difficulty.—Jno. M. Johnston. WHEN THE BOWELS ARE DISORDERED. . No time should Se lost in resorting to a suitable remedy. Hostettei's Stomach Bitters Is the most reliable and widely esteemed medicine of Its class. ; « removes the causes of constipation; or of The present generation is witnessing. * quiet social revolution whicli, like all such revolutions, is artectintf miin.y interests in nr, uaexptv.'ted manner. By putting nui.nUind nnd woma-nkjJid On •whet-Is n.nd converting the labor of locomotion into enjoyment, the bicycle has materially nltenvl the habits, occu- putious, diversions nnd business relations of millions of people. .That It is ijenefiting- the rnce seems to be beyond question. AeconKcg- to nn eminent physician: "Thousandsupon.thou- sands of men nnd women who. till within, a few years, never got any outdoor exercise at nil, are now devoting half their time to healthy recreation, are strengthening n.nd developing their bodies, and are not only reaping benefit themselves,, but are preparing the way for future generations which will be born of healthy parents. We are no longer to be the victims of dyspepsia and rheumatism, but will correct in- 'discreticms of diet and exposure by timely spins. Our limbs, no longer exiguous or preternnturnlly fat, are to be padded with firm, .well-tempered muscle, and the quickened circulation of the blood, induced by daily exercise, will show itself in improved complexions and better spirits. Formerly it required an iron will to sustain the city man or woman in taking the exercise required to keep ail the functions o. the body in healthy play. Eve.u a.well mnn could hardly make up his mind to come da.ilv to (he scratch with his dumb-b<:Jls or walk the prescribed nuiii- of miles; it was disagreeable, ami the more the exercise; was heeded the less \va-s one disposed to take it. With the bicycle the case is wholly different. The rider enjoys his ride a.nd is every day eager to renew it. He is happier in mind while astride hli, swift steed. His heart expands, a.ud souin) life is widened by the sense of comradeship that IK developed among: wheelmen." There are, however, drawbacks which are felt in various lines of business. The disposition of everybody to sa.ve up ruouey to buy wheels U responsible for decreasing sales in many quarters. The bicycle manufacturers are coining money, but others nre pinched. The confectioner complains that, the young roan no longer brings his best girl 1o treat her to ice cream and soda, water, but both are economizing. His candy, anrt chewing gum.nxe "u. drug." Even after each has purchesed awheel their, former visits nre few and far between, as they spend their leisure careerm. 1 ,' throughout the park. Jewelers .tod that parents give their children wheels instead of watches, rings,, brac-.letr,, etc Smokers cannot smoke well wnile riding, and Ihis hits .the tobacconist. The. consumption of cigars has decreased by 000,000,000 a year. Similarly the saloonkeeper .Buffers from the SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY. i ;—The greatest depth, writes Prof. 5eel=y in his "Story of.the Earth," at ivhirb enrthtiualccs nre known to originate is about 30 mik-s. It has ulso been calculated -that ajieat sufficient to melt granite might occur at about the same ' depth, •. . In the new Siberiaai railway, which Rifesin is pushing 1 with the utmost vigor through that part of her domain, there will be about BOO railway stations. The rolling stock will comprise 2,000 locomotives, 3,000 passenger traffic cars and 30,000 wagons. It is claimed that paper-pulp water pipes have been tried in London with success. Besides being durable and Inexpensive, they lire free from the ui,ua] corroding influences affecting metal pipes, and, moreover, are free from the electrolytic effects of the olectric current employed In strcctra.il- way systems. —An aluminum quadrant boa been iicvised to measure the actinic power of t.he Upcntgen rays. The aJuminum is arranged in concentric layers ranging from one to ten millimetres in thickness. Measurements are tr.lten by hold' ing the quadrant between nn excited Crookes tube and a phosphorescent screen, or a sensitized plate. —A large establishment, in New Jersey, employing S.OOO hands, has started n. bip restaui-aut near its mills, which offlurs its operatives food ait nearly cost price, and of good quality. Heretofore the "helii" have been supplied with dinner by private caterers, some of whom are worn out operatives trying to make a. living in declining years. The corporation, selling at its prices, drives them out of business. Observers of tornadoes in .this conn- try agree that a peculiar greenish appearance of a portion o.£ the-sky invariably precedes the worst of the storm i-.y 15 minutes or more. It was noticed "in St. Louis in the north and west for more than an hour before the storm broke. One theory is that the greenish tint comes from an enormous mass of water held back from precipitation by a confusion of air currents. —The agricultural returns for Great Britain for the year 3805 were recently issued from the board of agriculture. The shrinkage of la-nd under the plow, which has long been noluble in Great Britain, has not only continued, but has been accentuated by the uupropitious •character of the autumn.seed time of 1894 a.nd early spring of 1S95. More than 510,000 acres less wheat were: grown, and 57.000 acres less appear under the minor groin crops', rye and peas. TV/0 EXISTENCES. • 19 I Blood Is essential to health. Every nook and corner of the system is reached by the blood, and on its quality thecondition of every org»n depends.. Good blood mean, strong nerves, good digestion, robust health. Impure blood means scrofula, dyspepsia,rheumatism, catarrh or other diseases. The'surest way to have good blood is to take Hood's SarHsparilla. This medicine purifies, vl- talliesi and enriches the blood, and sends the elements of health and strength to every nerve, organ and tissue. It creates a good appetite, gives refreshing «leep and cures that tired teellng. Remember, Sarsaparilla Is the best- in fact the One True Blood Purifier. It .would be bard to convince a man •uttering from bilious colic that his due to a rolscrobe-with an un- pronotmcnble name. But one 'dose of DeWltt's Colic and Cholera Core will convince -him of Its power to afford In- «t»nt relief. It kills paln.-Jobn M.Jobn- Every person under 21 years of nge needs nine boms rest out of every twenty-four. So says Dr. Cold, nu eminent German 'physician. Pass the good word along the .line. Piles cau be quickly 'cured without an operation by simply applying DeWItt's Witch Hazel Salve.-Jno. M. Johnston. Twelve people sat down nt an Etna, N. H., dinner table , recently whose united ages were!930 years., "Wake up, Jacob, day Is breaWngi" so aald DeWitt's Little Early Riser to the man .who had taken them: to,arouse h!a sluggish llver.-Jno. M. Johnston, Marseilles has Just completed its drainage system, on the model of that of Paris ,at a cost of 33,000,000 franc? Small In size, but great In results. DeWltt's'.Lltfle Early Risers act .gently but thoroughly, curing Indigestion, dyspepsia ;and constipation: Small pUl, safe T>IU, best pill. • . ; A hunting party organized by -.the Grand Puke Serge-MlchaelovJtch' In the Kuban -district of Caucasus brings . tp light the fact-that'the wooded, and-secluded parts of that region ., are . stil roamed,'by panthers and other wild beasts, . •. . :.. . Pass the good word along the line. HIM canube .quickly cured without an operation, by «lmply applying DeWltt a Haael.Salve.-JnO. M. Johnstoa BMVOUt Troubles^re due to, 'I impoverished blood. Hood'iSar- worilla • is. the., ..One True Blood and NERVE undue relaxation of the intestines which, are usually Indigestion or n misdirection of the bile. When it acts as a cathartic, It does not gripe and vio lently evacuate, but produces gradua and natural-effects, very unlike those of a drastic purgative; and Its power of as stating digestion nullifies those irrltat ing conditions of the mucous membraor of the stomacb and Intestinal cana which produce first diarrhoea, and eventually dysentery. The medicine Is .moreover, an agreeable one, and eml- "nently pure and wholesome. Appetite and. tranquil nlghfly slumber are both promoted by It. At Marlboa-ough house there Is more ceremony sodnlly speaking, than at SaiKlrtngtain. A -ninin.bfir of servants ici-ald your arrival or departure, and tore ore usuaiUy two servants standing ourtside you'r .room door when, you are staying In the house, and a man be- itod tihe pUflir of every guest at-.ineal june.—Pltteburg Dispatch. CONDENSED TESTIMONY. Chas. B.'Hood, Broker and Manufac^ turer's Agent, Columbus, Ohio, certifies that Dr. King's New Discovery has no ,qual as a Cough remedy. J. D. Brown, Prop. St. James Hotel, Ft. Wayne, Ind., testled. that he' was cured of a Cough of two years' standing,' caused by. ta Grippe, by Dr. King's New Discovery. B. F. Merrill, BaldwlnsriUe, Mass., says that 'he has used and recommended U and never knew it to.fall nnd. would rather Qiave It ttoan .any doctor, always CUT5M) 1 Mrs. .Hommdng, 222 E. 25th st Chicago, always keeps It at hand and has no fear of.Croupj'beeause.It instant ly. relieves. Free Trial- Bottles at B. F Keesllng's Drug Storey . _ It Is estimated that : 25;000. horses will be shipped- from -this 1 country to ;Eng : land during tihe present year. The de mand for them is due to the',fact tha ! electric motors have not 'been generally Introduced on the street railways there |Y LUC «*u.it^^^»-""—i'. — -• • . fact that the cyclist needs a clear neocl. It was but a few days ago tlmt a bus- baaoY charged by his wife.with^ be-inar drunk and violent, established his innocence to me satisfaction of the court by proving merely that at the time of B are anxious to do a little good .In world and can think of no pleasanter or .better way: to do:It than by recommending One -Mtaate" CoughyCure .as 8 preventive of pneuiaonia/consumption now better spent In u "sweater, Ali^ th*ate».complato:Uiat they sre ruined by diminished.Bttendai.ee, the.last «**BOU being .the poorest tor, years. The "use is: the bikcTfor .what with «y- ng money .to. buy and riding it when xfught.-you D g people/have PO fame or nclinaiion for eedeutary• amn-ementa-• So prevalent has the habit of rid.ngon SuDday .become ; -.ln ;,CWc«gq ^.at.;,the-. ators which.formerly .u.ad, money.on that day have ,baxl .to. close.. The uniortunately, suffer U> hke tailors .and hatteri "nllege th ? Jt '"""' • .. .-^-..-.-Jnva-Btmnd ^Sr^^a.heapbikesui, h ^ ; that^eiro^,ront^la,t^em caps twice as ; . long. • The cheap bicycle shoe. nainsf tfc'Vtter grades ot also teUs nainsf tfctr grae footwear ^t 'is the shoemaker's com"n fact, that fewer shoes are out' o^th«. formerly, the TbicyclUt never. goes . aioov wne« be ci Tide,, The livery. S tables aud horse dealers.teltmuch;the ; .««nestory., _.. • •' ._ A . A ; n HiTrtnllRheu OCIJJU.T1U. .Ho^r Duub!e C'ftr.»oloii"neB« After « Cme of Menlnnltl*. At a recent nweting of the Clinical society »'di»tiiipuish»d suburban practitioner, whose name is withheld, showed a girl, 32 years of age, who exhibited ii? fche most complete and indubitable, form the condition known us "dual existence," or -'double consciousness." Lust year, after a . severe illness, which was dingsosod to be meningitis, she bccnme subject to temporary Attacks of unconsciousness, on awakening fro m which she appeared in DTI entirely different character. In her normal condition she could read nnd write and' spea-k fluently tmd with comparative correctness. In the altered mental condition following the attack she loses' pll memory of ordinary events, though she can recall thirds that have : taken place during previous attacks. So com- plete'is this alteration of memory that at first she was unable to, remember even her own name, or to identify herself or her parents. By patient-training In the abnormal comlitiorT.sbe has been enabled to give things.• their. T.ame, thong-h she still preserves a baby fashion of pronouncing.. , She sometimes remains in the abnor mal condition for dnys tx>prether, and the change, to her reol-self.-takes.placc, -suddenly, withoiit exciting surprise or dismay, and she forthwith resumes pos- gesion of her memory for events of her ordinary life, to the exclusion of, those; which have transpired durin? the abnormal state. During the last month or BO she a PIJ ears to have entered on anew phase, for, after a mental blank of a fortniah.t'sd<itotion,sue awakened .completely obllv.ious,of all that ; .;has happened since 'June'1895, 'and 'she alluo.es to cvejits which.took place just .interior ..though they.were.of : in. fact, she is „.... cure Liver Ills; easy to S PlIlS take, easy to operate. 25c. A SHORTJOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co ••SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Jver the Sunset Route-New Orleans to Los Angela and San Francbco. Was discontinued April 16th. Tbe ..uperlor accommodations glveu tbe jr«U number of patrons of the above ; r»ln during the past tourist season, »*rranta the announcement of plans •»r next season of finer service -with ..qutpment superior to anything yet xnown in transcontinental traffic. Look for early re-Inauguration ot •SUNSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co. "Sunset ioute" In connection with the "Queeo ; wd Crescent Boute" are running the ,nly line of through tourist Pullman keepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evenlng'for Los Angelei an* <«n Francisco. . These excursions are specially con-' meted, and the object Is to enable those who do not care to buy tbe flrst-clasi •onnd trip or one way tickets, to enjoy 4 comfortable ride with sleeping car privileges and no change of cars at the »*ry low second-class rate. For further Information, addrew-W. ••*. CONNOR, Commercial Agt. 8. P.. *>., Cincinnati, O. . W. G. NEIMYER, G. W. Agt. S. P. 4o.,'Chicago, 111- . * 8. F. MORSE, G. P. * T. Agt 8. P*, Jo., New Orleans, La. Their wares are in bookseller says that peop e oo who ride don't re,-ul. us formerly, to kill time. ?he drug stores suitor eqimllv. because riders are seldom sick and physicians to. that .'dat'e quite re.ceni occurrence; . of The FOB OVER FIFTY IBARS. Mr§. Winsiow'i Bonthlug y Syrup b»» «een used for over flfty ;year» by : " lloni .or: ; m0theri\ for tbb!r 'chlldreu _ while ieething, ^Ith perfect incceii. ot her trades • n •ifwottwWchiW.T.iwftBnpthe-gnmi.; ' illayi all pain, curei'wlld colic,; 'and ft the best Temedy -for..dtarThoea, •"•It will relieve the poor iiwerinfferer 1m- inedlately.- iSoldiby drngjgl»i«^n;>T er ^ oart of -.'the; world.' :;Twe3ty-il;ve centt •*~ - -• - - :.:••:•- • - tor ,,, Mri€ ^ use ot the .wheel, already. ailor :and. baker; arid .the. tailor :and . living mentally in July, 15 : 'These' ca.ws;' though : rare, are, course, : nob Srif reqiienWy met with, and they ha.vo 1 becn.:cftreful]y;stndicd, espc-. ciaily in Pra'uce. ,The hypothesis. t>ia,t finds,' most •: fayor, is, ,,that ; the. ..two halve!.' of the brain. do.not wpr.k,m.uni-. 'aon'i- in other'word^ /that' there has. been some 'interference with the connections which In the ordinary normal Ireing made of a wonderfully compos-, ite organ like the brain one organic whole." Sometimes one part of the brain and sometimes, the-.o'tlier'. takes possession of the fickl.pf iphysical,. ac-. tivi.ty, and, as'etfch part works to t.he exoJnsJon of t.he other, we pet, the 3*. •JelcylJ nnd Mr. Hyde transformations. —Pittsburgh Dispatch. Graham &Morton TRANSPORTATION CO. rWICB DAILY STEAMERS TO CHICAGO. CONNECTTKG WITH THE VANDALIA RAILWAY AT ST. JOSEPH. Beginning May 25tb and continuing antll about Sept 80th the eteamert ot Ihli line will make two trip* each way • • dally between St Joseph and Chicago, •n the following .schedule: , . Leave St. Joseph at 430 p. ». and 10:80 p. m., dally. Including Sunday., Leave Chicago at 9:30 a. .m. an'44130'.- p. m., dally;-Includlng^Sunday. Brtra trips on Saturday leave St Joseph at: I *. m.,'.'and-aeaT.e,-.Chicago at 2 p. m- Bnnnlng tlme'iicros»:lake 4 hourt. Trl-weekly • -steamers ...tb'-MHwankee, leaving St Joseph Monday, Wodnefday; tod Friday evenings. The equipment of this line Includes tbe side wheel sreatoers City of Chicago *nd City of Milwaukee (the,largert:ana «nest west ol Detroit), and the newly, rebuilt propeller r City of ^^ aervlce flrBt-class. Connections; with all f andalla' trains. Tickets on sale at 8U Fandalla Line stations. Chicago dock toot of Wabash avenue. ' • . '. J. Hi GRAHAM, Prei.,: Benton Harbor, Mich. and shoemukcr; the, - Jo»n of Arc'l . The exact height of Joan of Arc has j been learned in aouriousway. Ecccnl- |y tho famous suit of armor, presented {o. the maid by Cborles VII. has been Discovered .in the ffa41eriesof.achnt(Au in AiKne, where the marquis of Couval, a celebrated collector, placed it years ntfo The suit, which would exactly •fit a jrirl of ,fivc feet four, inches,^ is thought to be the one Joan wore at her — - triumphal entry troit Free Tress. . Into Kheims.— De- ff ^~ Cwtom.,.': • • , . "». In the highland districts of Scotland the custom..hjejld:for ; innny years ftf plac- • iri 'ihclireost of the corpse a wCMjden platter, on.which was separatel :niid •eartli.^cttrth beiii 'ni QoingFor A Lake Trip? You'll fully if youtakeoueo /KB WCfflGAH AMD LAKE SUPERIOR TRAHSPORTATIOMCp'S Itlcnd lour Uo*» vHfj w»««; ; readlnf '•: .-matter, (roe. . . : leal of the corruptibility of . the body. : ind'saiffli^nib'lejanfical ,p» the tooao*i. and other'serlqus lung troubles that *ol low neglected colds.-rJnb: M.« JohpJtqa

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