Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 1, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1949
Page 2
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I'.AGK Z— NAVGATVOK NKWS (CONN.), TIIIIKKDAY, I)K(;. I, ]!ll» DREW PEARSON ON The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Oscar Chapman's Rewaijd Is Long Overdue; New Secretary Of Interior Has Seldom JReceived Credit He Deserves; His Efforts Helped Clinch I Truman's Election Laat November. j VICTIM OF STORM IN BATTERED WASHINGTON STATE (Td. Note—The brass ring, go^d for onr» free i ido on the Washington Merry-Go-Round, today K>>e:i to Oscar Chapman as he becomes Secretary of the Interior.) Wn.shJnKton—-A yo\in% Nfivy vpl- in-:in stood outHlde tho Juvenile r>o- niujiimcy Court in Denver, Colo., back in 1922. Ho had tried 11 tlmo.s I honey of side. However, he has worked so quietly und kept himself sV> much in the background lhat few have /riven him irodlt for the man things he ! has accomplished Chapman. Tot- Inslimce, has been ]>u»hlng the pjrodiirtion oft<ynfheti ''II and gasoline, wi>rklng hehlnil- wll.h Sen. .Joe O'M'i- to t;ft nn appointment with Ben Lindsay, he famed juvenile expert, and ench time Llnsny's secretary had said no. "But the young veteran persevered. Finally ho caught Lindnny :i.« he wrnt out to lunch, and shortly thereafter became hi 1 ! assistant probation officer. The young veteran wa-i Oscar Chipman. And if he had not perse- II. wan Chapman who months liefore the oi| crisis In Die wintoi ol 1047-48 ivorned the industry Hint they faced n shortage. L,,Uer the big oil companies were vered both in Denver and In Wash- j worked In the tobacco fleli mgton. he would not be taking the Vir B' nla . and know child laboi oath as Secretary of the Interior today. Chapman has been a member cf tni; "Little Cabinet" longor than ' nyone elae in Washington. He became Assistant Secretary of the Interior In the first months cf Krnnklin Roosevelt's bright onrl Khiny New Deal back In 1933, uncl la has patlenHy stuck It out for ;<; years since. Cabinet sWf'i havj rii'cn made, new appointments have foe en sent to tho Senate, but Chap- Tiian has quietly kept on working. And Just as he finally saw JuJ'ic Lindsay after having been rebuffed 11 times, Oscar hjn now come inLo th'- lewurd Ions; overdue. When he takes office tuui.y, he will j>r-:>a- hiy he the best qualified and ex;n i lrm-i.<i new Becreary uf the TV.- U-rior in history. Bull-Moose BoKMeH Tt may show a trend of the times that the three men Oscar Chapman worked for most of his life have all teen Teddy P.oosc- vi-lt Hull-MoOKcrR. And of reC'irt years these Progressive .tepiibli- < have been among the plliur.i of the Democratic Party. Thu three men arc Juc'.;;o Llnd- •'•'"ii Sen. Ed Costigan of Colorado an.l Harold Ickes. The latter two were delegates at the Republican convention which namlnated Taft in 1S12. The • walked out in pro- '••--t and later drafted TciWy Rnr.tevelt. ' It was throi s»ji Senator Ed Costi- f-.r. that Chapman happened to :i>i-i-t ;^nR iin-l enter ih': New T< ; Chapnvm hud manuRca C')»i ; --m'M tuimpalgn for the Scn.-ite in f:t:,;rn,\,, In IHtO, un,i despifr) the fact Hint C-jcignn wn« a llull- Mooser. Chapman elected him on the Democratic ticket. loiter Co»t'- gin visited I-'ianklln Roosev t It 'hen governoi of New York, tinil t->ok Chapman along. They U>'.k".d •-bout conservation. this Iii government," Rooi,o^'-lt snM, referring to Costigan's a< siftant and also having In nilr.-l the probability that he, Rop-.i'vu t wo.ild he i he pext President of th< I niter! £ta-es. After his election, FDR did nn lorget. He notified Costigan that •a man named Ickcs from Chicago" wt.uid he the new Secretary tt Interior; and that marked th»" ! c- ginnlng of the hookup between Ickes and Chapman — a hookup mat has continued to .this day. Liberal Battler Old-time observers say there arr two kinds of politicians in Wr.rh- ii,-Ion -those who watch to HOP which way the wind Is blowing , and those who stand up and buck ihe wmd no matter how hard it's blowing. Chapman is in the latter clasn And his battles—wind or no w-JnJ- have always been on the libc-ul ly running 'lidvcrUHement.s urging consumers toj uiiu lent! oil. Early In (lip New Deal il wn.-i also Chapman who led the fight .'.gainst child labor in I he heet- p .sugar fields. As a hny he hud I worked In the tobacco fields of first hand Chapman wnu also sent, to I ne Far West as trouble-shooter whnr. the grazing act was first passed in 1»34. Inkes and Roosevelt pnr- Biiadud Congi'ess to regulate the public domain In Ihn Roclty Moun tain States, where big shcej) and cuttle men had fenced In large uraaM of government land, Irate groups of catllcmen greeted Chapman wherever (m went; but after listening 1<> his iierniM- f-.on for half an hour, one ctii tie- man gol up and suid: "We're all used tit having IN. 1 government in Washington eruetfy us: HO this is nothing new. But. ;t IH n(^w to. have someone come out i.nd consult us about the way we want to he crucified. This "man Ctmpman Is at leant good enough . to come and listen to our Hide. So I I'm for him." COMPENSATION Louis Valley, Seymour, will receive payments of ,$30 weekly, beginning Nov. 1-1 for an injury io hlfi left leg sustained while 'employed «l the Na.uKu.lurk Chemical Co., according to an agreement approved yesterday by Worn-, man's Compensation Commlfl»lon»r Harry Krasow. U. S. JLaml Area The total land aren. of the s 2,!i77,12S square miles. U. S. Regains Daughter < *»*»»* SCULLY, Florist f — — — —«H«r Flower* for Evary Occacloo 4«0 BALDWIN ST. Watcrlniry T. SCOT,! r, Prop. WAT. 6-7280 BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 AWARDED the custody of her three- year-old daughter. Marguerite Mary McGahey, who was born out of wedlock, Mrs. Anne Sazynski •miles happily nt her husbnnd, Ed- I ward, following court'* decision In Albany, N. Y. Mrs. Sazynski charged that her child was taken by Mr. and Mrs. William Snbott when she was nine days old and was being held lor a debt which she owed them. The Sabotts emphatically denied charge. (International Soundphoto) C.H.Tomlimon Newjr Building N»n|TBtnnk, Conn. FLOWERS For All OccMfon« FLOWEB8 TKTJEGBATHED D VE MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP IM BtTBBKR AVENT7B Ttt. BtU Favorite #ift of all— a marvelous-to- Play ... . glorious-to-listcn-to Winter Piano! Make this prized instrument me star of your Christmas /jiving. Come in today— select the Winter Piano most in harmony with your borne decor. For Greater Enjoyment kttp your piano luntd 158 GRAND STREET Waterbury, Conn. WEAKENED BY RAIN AND FIERCE WINDS, tho approach to this brlctjjc In Squlm, Washington, gave way and trapped n passing automobile. Already Imjhcd by one of the worst storms in Pacific Nor hwost hlstorV Washington, Oregon and British Columbia wore threatened with moro destruction us «ln4Sta !tn£ra threatened to oreak ovcrbnnks. Thousands ot acres of land were Inundated. (International Sottndphoto) Columbian Squires Name Committees For Dec. Activities Five new commltteeH to nerve In (.he Msgr. Flannagan Circle, Co- umbhm HquireH, during ]>ee,em- : >c.r, were named IIIH! nl|;hl nt a 'Heeling of the circle In the hl|;h Bchool gymnasium. The mecling vas in charge of Chief Squire Thomas Owens. Committees nnd their chairmen ire as follows: Physical, William Adnmskl, ehiilriiinii; ChnrleM Kimi.'ill, (iHai'HH Mtilfilrunli ; nt>i:ti,\. riiomuM Owenti, clialrmarr, and )onald Williams and Kevin Nixon; civic, John MlkuiehUK, chtilrmari nnd Anthony Froelich and TlJirnaa Dolan; cultural, William McCarthy, chairman und David Swanson and Robert Roditls; .spiritual, Andrew Tiles, chairman anil Leo Roberts cl Thomas Madden. Plans were also diHcussed for Christmas aet.lvitles. The circle will mod, next. Wednesday night :i( 'clock In the high ne.hoo] gym- Hluin, Chlitf H(|r|iilre Owenn ":in- Hop Brook "School Night" Program To Be Presented A School Night program will he preKenled <by pupils of Hop Brook riehooI'M nrth, Mlxith. snvniilh anil I'lg'lilh |';raili-n at a minuting uf tin: Hi.ill nronk school Parent-Teacher /iKKOi'lallon Tiie.sdav fwnirii'' D<>c 13. ' ' I Mr;!. Mnlcolm Wilson, president, .•innounce.s that cl:in.sroon-,ir will ho :>I»!n lhat evei;lng at, 7:30 o'clock u nil pureri'.lii are invileil to meet (••/icln-i-i at Hint time. The I'TA plariH to asulMl. with Chrlnlmiid soheiluled In wirlous rooms qt the KChool this rnont h. CIVIL. SUIT Tn a civil unit filed yesterday 'n Wiilerhury Common Pleas Court., Oswald and Orlando GIraldl, Nuil- galtick. ask $ia!5 from the Roberta 1-uriiiliii-e Co., Waterbury, claiming (he defondanta failed to cnrry out. lermn of a contract fur relaviln; iiriur covering on t.ho plulnfLT'ii properly. Union City Club To Raise Funds For Xmas Party Tin! Union City Community club will ntugn a bingo nnrtv Monday night, Dee. 12 for tin., benefit of !he children's Christmas party, It wan announced today by President I Richard Kulloy. The party will start nt 8 o'clock and will be held n thn PollHh National Church Hall, fiOO North Main Htreot. The coinrnltte In charge consists I of Frank RiiBcrjc, Donald Cowan, Cenovleve I'ajiwkl, Mrx. Jlurry ' Dnthleftiun. MrH. Helen Boblnnkl, and Mrs. 'John Chopllck. The public la Invited. The Christmas party for Union Clly children will be held Dec. 18 in St. Mary's Church Hall. Tickets for the party may be obtained from ]iurents at Gus' Smoktj Shop, North Main street during the following hours: Evenings, this week, from '.1.0-8 o'clock; Saturday afternoon from 1 to 2 and Saturday ovimlnR I'rom 7 1.1 o'ekmlt and Bunduy from noon to 1 o'clock. LICENSED UV H.C.A. VICTOR Tele-tone... quality television at price everyone can afford. TELE-TONE'S OVERSIZE 10" PICTURE TUBE _ Sensational performance . . . Sensationally priced. Hero is the big; picture TV set that you have been waiting for. Enjoy clear pictures. Noise-free FM sound circuit. Super-sensitive tuner. Picture- lock. Beautifully designed cabinet. NOW! NO EXPENSIVE* OUTDOOR INSTALLATION 9 Out of 10 Favorable Locations Lincoln f) Store 61 WEST MAIM ST. I.Toff Postmaster Appeals For Early Mailing Of Cards, Packages Postmaster F. T. Green . opsnod tiio Yulotldc Season officially today. He issued hla annual appciil for early mailing- of Christmii* greeting cards and gift packaged. The Postmaster cxpocts the groBtcwft floJd of Yuletldc mall In local history. Ho predicted It would exceed ''by a considerable man,in" Hie record-breaking 1948 holiday ticaHon, "This year's deluge ot Christmas mall will strain post office facility Bcvcrely," he stated. "But wo'll Sot everything delivered by Chrlnt- m«.«, If the public cooperate Wholeheartedly." Christmas packag-es for distant states Hhould be mailed by Dec. I), he declared. All Yuletlde 'parcel post should be on Its way by Dec. Chrlntmai* ,cardH to frlondu and loved ones in other states should be deposited by Dec. 15. Greeting* for local delivery should click through the stamp cancellation machines at least a week bo.'ore Christmas. Proparalons to handle this Yu!o- tido rush have already bofrun. Tne pOKt office la training extra mail clerks and carriers, setting up new sorting tables, hauling out reserve mull «ack«, und overhauling delivery trucks. Thousands of bright new pOBrtuKc stamips ar o O n hand, ana tho post office pon» aro Jill Dotting new palntn. Coroner Issues Death Finding Coroner William F. Jones, Wa~ terbury, today Issued a finding: in the Inquest of the death last Feb. 21 of Michael Wargo, 41, at Rubber avenue extension, Mlllvllle. Mr. Wartro had been missing from hig home for a week before his body was discovered In woods about a mile and a hulf from hie home. "I find that the Bald Mlchncl Wargo ,dtcd n. result of sulphuric ucld burns. «cU-inf!lcted. and that death was not due to the criminal act, omission or careleunem of any other person or peraoni," the ncr's finding state*. Cruoe OU In 1848, U. 3. proven cnjd« •!! reserves were at a record high level of more than 21 billion barrels. DID YOU KNOW? . . . that the alom bomb IK about the size of a »oftb«ll weighs SO pounds, coHts one million dollars? IhM a doc waK* its toll, nn otter it, p olt . a'lt ItB licut, u fox It* brush, it ;leer Us alnfile - all meaning the same things? . . . chat Biblical uu- thorltlea let the date of Creation as 9 0 . m October S3, 4004 B. C.? ' DID YOU KNOW? . . . that you can open nn AUTOCHKK ACCOUNT with U or moro? . . . thllt (hc ori]y c()Mt , s Bc por ,„ „ tic for each check you draw? . thnt It I* « B f« r and I far more convenient to pay by check than by '" 0 "" /UJTOCHK « ACCOUNT ,. The JVaugatucI. JVational fianA •••k«r ttttitt hfttll liimn. Ciff N*I|« • Fiititl Rt.»rf« tftttm MAKE 'EM MEAN IT! when they say "hot" Every hot water fancy t in your ho m « will respond to your need for piping hot water| when yon have an Automatic Oas Water Healer. 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