Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 12, 1897 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 12, 1897
Page 21
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John gray's Blankets, Comforts, Cloaks Gloves, Hosiery and Underwear for large and small. P. S. We have just received a full line of Cen- temerie Gloves in the new clasp. DO YOU EAT MEAT? Of course you do and yon can buy the choicest cuts ot Wm. Rowe. Cor. Broadway and Fifth Sts. Phone 247. E. H. GRACE, D- D. S. DENTAL PARLORS, 316 Market Street. New Alumlnlte Rubber Plates. UANLEY & SHANAHAN. B uy§ and Sells Second Hand Goods. Give us a call. 2 09 8th 8treet Dr- Ex- S- Hunt, -DENTIST- All the latest liscoverles In medicine and For Old A HOME Engineers Purchased Near Aattoon, Illinois. There Are 274 Acres and the Farm Cost 817,450—Railroad Sews. On Wednesday P. M. Arthur, chief of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, bid 117,450 for the Meadow Lawn farm, near Mattoon, Illinois, and It was Knocked down to him. The farm is just north of the city limits of Mattoon, and the brotherhood intend making it a home. The farm consists of 274 acres of Illinois' best farming land. KAILROAD MEWS. George Gilleu, the switchman, whose fingers were badly crushed a few days ago, went to his home yesterday, near Brazil. Panhandle engine 327 was brought back yesterday from the Columbus shops, where it underwent a change of repairs and a new coat of paint. The mechanical department of the Pennsylvania road is at work designing a steel freight car to have a carry Ing capacity of 110,000 pounds ADDITIONAL ITEMS. KILLED SIX DEER. 'ass County Hunters in Minnesota. Northeastern on Fourth uueet. • U Telephone No. £i8. W. J. Barnett, s Undertaker, Embaltaer and Funeral Director. 417 Market swoet. Calie attended day or night. The finest outfli In the U. S. Col. C'. L. V>oU, Hill remain with me. Office )S. Residence-Mutual, 65: C. 0.1«9. Phones When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GO TO- F H. Wipperman, •Wi'.Fourth Street Opp. Court Houoe Entrance. New Undertakers. 303 Market street, Hoppe Buiidlag, Daniel Killian & Co. C»ll« promptly attended to, day or night. Mr. KilUnn was for many years toreman lor Cbarlt B L, Woll. Telephone 261 DB. C. D. EVERSOUB'S DBETAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug Store, Corner of t Fourth and Market Streets, John Burkhart writes the Pharos rom the woods, a hundred miles iorthwest of Dulutb, Minn., as folows: "Our camp is located near a piace ailed Gardner, Itasco county, Mln- esota. The country is very wild. ?he place has but one family. Deer re quite plentiful in this part of the ountry. I occasionally see the large racks of the moose, but have seen nly one, which passe'd by our camp few days ago. There have several een killed in the neighborhood of Hibling, one weighing 500 pounds. There are some timber wolves to be found here and wild cats are in abundance. We had a light fall of snow, making our hunt for deer less irksome, as we can easily follow their tracks. We nave already killed six of them and quite a number of pheasants, ducUs and rabbits. Mr. Weyand has killed a number of musk rats during his stay here. Timber is unusually flne in tais part of the . country, the hardwoods consisting or birch, red oak, fir, elm, sugar and burr oak. McConnell * Monnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILY PHAEQS FBIDAY NOV. 12, 1397. OITY JSLRWS Men's work shoes, 11—Maioen. Everything good for Saturday.— Keystone. ' Our prices are our best advertisement—'Willey's casb shoe store. Elegant marshmellows, justln,25c. —Wright & Brltton, 321 Pearl St. Walter Maiben sells the nattlent line of up-to-date shoes in the city. Our J. J. R. brand mocha and Java coffee is fresh Saturday—Rothermel. Workmen are engaged in putting stoves in the street cars and carpet- Ing the seats. The oil wells in Wabash county at Rich Valley and Wabash have both proven failures. Tomorrow's special will be a tan mixed covert jacket, large inlaid vel- •rel collar, a garment well worth 110, at our upbuilding sale, *6.9S.~Bee Hive. Sidney Kaufman returned this morning and reports most extraordinary bargains from the Dunn & Baker shoe store, recently assigned. See the Otto shoe and clothing display tomorrow. Poor Uncle Jimmy Plnkerton, the Tehran newspaper man, is Hearing ttoe end of a long life at Russlaville, Howard county. Mr. PJnkerton for tome yo»rs published a paper at Gal- veaton, thl» connty. His wife died tome time ago, since when he has not been the same man, bat has Indulged his appetite for strong drink to a greater extent than eter before. Specials at Folej's. Large pineapples 15c each, cabbagi 27c doz., bottle large olives 23c, largi bottle plckies 23c. 3-lbs good coSe< for 25c, California hams 6Jc lb, Iron Ing board 67,c each, country butte 17c lb, turnips 25c bushel, Harvey Not trinity. IQ the Circuit court, at 2 o'clock this afternoon, the jury la the case Of state vs. Willard 'Harvey returned a verdict, acquitting the defendant, of the charge of pointing a gun at George B. Forgy. A Clerks' Union. A meeting will be held at the council chamber at 3 p. m. Sunday for the purpose ot organizing a retail clerks' union. All retail clerks of the city are urged to be present. Elks Minstrels. There will be a rehearsal tonight of the Ellts minstrels. All participants are urged to be present. J. E. McMiiLEN, Musical Director. The Weather. Partly cloudy and warmer tonight: Saturday warmer with rain. ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. The president has appointed- Charles Pace Bryan, of Illinois, to be minister to China. Sam pits of ore from the Robert E. Lee mine in South Dakota assayed SI, 956 in gold per ton. The Cleveland baby has been named Richard Folsom, in honor of Mrs. Cleveland's father. A. G. Giliiam, manag-er of the Jones- Xixon Publishing company, of St. Louis, shot and killed him?elf. Robert T. Lincoln was chosen for acting president of the Pullman company at a meelintr of the directors yesterday. Meadow Lawn farm, near Mattoon, Il!s., has been bought by the Locomoti've Engineers' Brotherhood for a widows' home. The Lion department store. 937 UJKI 941 Milwaukee avenue. Chicago, was burned to the ground yesterday. Los?, about J250.000. Governor Tanner, of Illinois, has issued the usual Thanksgiving proclamation, and names Thursday, Nov. 25, as the date to observe. The latest trust reported to be in process of organization is a gigantic combination of insulated wire and electric cable manufacturers. The Georgia house of representatives has defeated the Craig anti-child labor bill by a vote of 9S to 39. It prohibited employment of children under 13. Hereafter children of old soldiers cared for at the Iowa Soldiers' Orphans' home because their parents are too poor to pr��p*rjy provide for them, \villbeclaa6ed >• indigent .children. Attend the Bee Hive sale. Fresh oysters at Johnston's,. Everytning good to eat at Foley's Hot soda is refreshing, at Porter's. Egg plants, radishes—Rothermel. Children's jackets at $1.43—Golden Eule. Try our 20c Mocha and Java—Keystone. |4 and $5 shoes $2.48 at Walden's bankrupt sale. Stop in front of the Otto shoe Co. tomorrow lor bankrupt shoes. See Qaigley's show window Saturday. —Brjad way. opposite Pearl St. Just arrived from France—a handsome line of china novelties.—Martin. Streetcar No. 5 was derailed at 10 o'clock this morning at fourth and Broadway. 100 ladies' trimmed bats, latest, specials for Sat.; 98c each—Chicago Bargain store. We will have the finest celery in the market Saturday. ' No trashy stock,—Keystone. When you are down town Saturday drop into Quigley's and take home a fine box of candy. Don't miss the Trade Palace's cloak department tomorrow. Surprises for everybody. Fine cotton bats, 12ic grade, 4 for 25c; yarn, all colors, 5c skein, tomorrow—Chicago Bargain store. If your hat.tle or shirt comes from Dewenter t,he hatter and furnisher, then they are both good and stylish. Tim Irvin, a plain drunk, was discharged by Mayor McKee this morning on a promise to return to the •ountry. George Harris was arrested last nignt upon the charge of assault and battery preferred by Dollie Hough, a well known character. Just stop a moment in front of the OttoShoeCo. tomorrow before buy- rig and examine the superb Dunn & Baker shoe stock, recently assigned. A driving cap is a good thing to have these days. Dewenter, the hatter and furnisher, keeps the best line. D Always look to "your store" for the best merchandise at the lowest jrices. Numberless bargains tomorrow at our upbuilding sale.—Bee Hive, Palaskl County Democrat: We are nformed that experts have been investigating in the north part of the county, and assert that oil may be struck there. 10-4 blankets, 44c: 10-4 comforts, $1 grade, 69c; cotton flannel, 4c per yard; outing flannel, 5; per yard: 2'1 yards heavy muslin, 99c. Tc morrow at the Chicago Bargain Store. These are specials at the Bee Hive's upbuilding sale tomorrow: Rennissance doylies, 8x8, 35o! 75c fancy ribbons, three and four inches wide, 30c: a 25c embroidered hand: kerchief, 12c. George Wilson, an old man from the neighborhood ot Royal Center, was furnished a ticket to Sweetzer today by Trustee Johnston. Wilson has a daughter at Sweetzer and expects to make his home with her. Judge Vaughn, of the Blackford Circuit court, has decided that oil well operators have the right to remove their drills and machinery from a lease at any time. Farmers ave the operators trouble by trying to hold the machinery when operators failed to strike oil. Peru Republican: The Buckeye jipe line from Peru to Laketon is aid to have a capacity of 6,000 barrels a day. LasD week 5,600 barrels were pumped through it in 24 hours. If the Peru field continues o develape as it ba« In the last two weeks, the line will be inadequate iO the demands upon it. Indianapolis Sun: "The Peru oil Our Shoes Fit Like gloves And they wear Like Iron. "We treat onr customers Fair and square Because we appreciate Their traJe. Our prices are Low— Wonderfully low— And quality is High- Very high—And we want Your trade. Elias Winter. Department of Pen Art Hall's Business College aae engaged Mr. Andrew Frederick to taki charge of the Penmanshlo olaeeef. His time wiil be devoted exclusively to this line o: •work. Lopansport needs a First Class School of Pen Art, and we take pleasure in announcing that we are now prepared to «ive the very best in struction that can be had. Mr. Frederick 18 a GRADUATE of the Zanerian Pen Art School Columbus, 0-, and was an iDStructor in that school until engaged by Hall's Business Col ege. C. F. MOORE, Pres. Hall's Business College, Second and Third floor. Keystone Building, Loginsport, Ind, Lovely Trimmed Hats and Bonnets. Our opening will continue for the season on THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS. Mrs. W. Potter,"^v 517 Broadway near Sixth port, Indiana. field so far covers but 150 acres. On j t there are 120 completed wells, which produce 4,000 barrels a day. Fifty more wells are under way. The 11 Is becoming Inferior and experts ay the fleld cannot bold out long, as o many wells in so small a territory will soon drain the rocks. The oil brings 41 cents a barrel." Copper wash boiler $1.90, Keystone Fresh country butter I6clb.—Key- stone. Special kid glove sale at the Bee Hive tomorrow Keep your hands warm by wearing Dewenter, the hatter's, makes of gloves and nave the best for the money. "Your Store" will offer 50 sample jackets worth from »12 to $20, for 13.50 to $6, tomorrow, at its upbuild- ing sale—Bee Hive. Paul Elserlo, who has been lair! up for several weeks on account of an injury to his foot, was able to walk about the city yesterday. The change of time on the Wabash road next Sunday will afford the traveling public the most convenient arrangement ever offered by this most excellent line. The foot ball games at the park tomorrow afternoon will be called at 3 o'clock sharp, between tne Indianapolis high school team and the Logansport high schools. i Attend the Bee Hive's upbuilding sale tomorrow. 21 yards heavy brown sheetirgfl, best Turkey red and indigo prints 4ic, glass toweling 3j-c i.eav/ outing flannel, all colors, 7Jc. Men's 50 cgloves or mitts 24c,ladies' and children's double knit all wool mitts I2jc pair, men's or boy's heavy DON'T MISS thisjopportunlty to order your Winter Overcoat. Yon will n«ed It be- fore-loDg. We have such a choice selection of fabrics, from the beat ww>len.mills of the world, that we are making up into itjlUh and handsome overcoats, at such a reasonable price that we would like to take your measure at once. Our reputation for high grade custom work speaks for itself. Ta ilor and Draper, Carl W. Keller. 311 Market St, BANKRUPT SALE! Slaughter Sale of the Best Shoe Stock Ever Brought to This City, Having bought the Walden Shoe stock at assignee sale, I will proceed to close out the entire stock at prices 3-011 have read about, but never came iu coatact with THIS IS NO FAKE SALE, * (But the goods must be sold to meet deferred pay• ments and I will sell these iroods at just - -1-3 less Than Wholesale Cost = • You cannot afford to miss this sale. If you don't need them now, you will in a few days. Is there any INVESTMENT that will PAY YOU AS MUCH? Thi* wholesale slaughter sale commenced Monday, November 8th. M. WALDEN. 315'FourtfTStreet, Logansport, Ind. AMUSEMENTS. D OLA tf'S OPERA HOUSE. • • • • Saturday, November 13. First Appearance here of GUB Hill's GAY MASQUERADERS class Vaudeville, Comedy and ?pecta- ular, 10 Bif Specially Acts, Hancsoiue on, Funny Comedians and A GREAT SHOW. from the Chicago Opera Direct touse. Reasonable Prices. The most Reasonable Tailor in town is Craig. He will make up a Suit lor you that for Price, Style and Fit cannot be beaten. His Stock of Prices—25c, 35c, 50c and 75c. Seats on eale at Jobnston'e ' drug store. STYLISH FABRICS For Fall and Winter, Up-to- date and includes everything desirable. Call and inspect W. D CRAIfi, Tailor I 416 Broadway, Next to Frazee's. c5rl9 propose to organize learoos to abolish the use of tobacco br refusing to entertain prowwate of nvu-rl«g« from m«n •who •ase th« »eed. Spanish soldiers In the Philippine isl- have mutinied because of LcaufS- ntfrf* and lack of par. No matter how low the price, baking powders of varying strength are expensive. They raise pretty well once or twice, and then, losing their strength, fail, and so waste good butter,flour,eggs, sugar, time and temper. Cleveland's baking powder never varies. Guarantee* Gnx*r» are atithorixad to fttr* tack your money if yon do not tad Cleveland'* the to*t winter caps 24c, big line fascinators 19c up tomorrow—Chicago Bargain store. Carroll county fanners are stocking up on sheep. One of tdern bought 120 head a year ago for 1275. Last summer he sold 113 lambs for «44S and wool for 1129. He has the 120 sheep and lambs yet. Children's heavy merino shirts or drawers, 14c; ladies' 75c union suits, 39c: ladies' heavy merino drawers, ISc: men's fleece-lined shirts or drawers, 75c grade, 39c; men'3 all-wool shirts and drawers, 69c. Tomorrow at the Chicago Bargain Store. Mr. James Hennesy, died last evening at 5:30 at the home of his daughter, Mrs Daniel Mshoney, of 208 Wheatland street, of a complication of diseases, aged 73 years. The remains wili be taken- to Reynolds tomorrow morning on the 8 o'clock train over the Pannandle for burial. The funeral services will also be held at that city. Deceased was a well- known citizen, having lived here for several years. Violet Perfume. A violet perfume may be made easily by putting half an ounce of arrowroot, broken into small pieces, in a bottle with 2 ounces of alcohol. Cork tight and shake well After it hat been standing four or fire days a few ctapi ifawd on will IMW 1W otecC D OLAN'S OPBBA BOUSE. DOLAN, MANAOEB. Tuesday, November, 16th. First time in Lojtansport of KATHRYN KIDDER In Sardou's Greatest Comedy. Mme Sans Gene. (English Version.) Produced with a large and special cast and original scenery. Empire furniture, costu-nes, uniforms, lights, properties aod effects. PRICES...25c, 50c, 75cand 11.00. Seats on gale at Johnston's drug store. UNITED WORKMEN. This Applies to Each and AH the Jnrtedlc- tioDg— Lodge Gossip. There never waa a time in Missouri when it was more important for members to remember that they are the working force by which the order is maintained and should be an elemeoc of strength and DOC one of weakness. If every member who is today complaining of the high assessments would put forth equal energy to secure a new applicant within the nezt 80 days, the result would remedy the whole situation and reduce The assessments for five years co come,—Overseer. There are 27 lodges with a total membership of over 4.000 in Philadelphia. Grand Medical Examiner H. A. Peabody of South Dakota has issued in pamphlet form a code of instructions to subordinate medical examiners in his jurisdiction. They are very complete and specific. We believe that every jurisdiction would be oenefited by the grand medical eiaminer following a similar course.—Keystone Workman. The growth of the order since its inception on Oct. 27, 1868, when Jefferson lodge, No. 1. was organized in llcadville by John Jordan Upchurch, its founder, has been rapid, until now it is the largest aeneficial and protective order In the United States. The present annual expenditure of the order amounts to about (8,000,000. •. The grand lodge of Pennsylvania has offered a series of five-prizes of $1.0(k) each for the purpose of increasing membership H»lf k pound of broiled beebteck twio* • day i* the be* tonic for MTVOM •r nut down THE SHINING LIGHT —-The New Wheeler £ Wilson SEWING MACHINE is the most Up-to-date. 308 Third Street. J. Howell, Agent- No Pain! No Danger! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as gore mouth, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and painles. The Finest and Best method of CROWN and BRIDGE Work. The most natural-looking-artificial Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. *erNo charge for extracting without pain when new teeth are to bo supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt All the way From the Missouri River to Buffalo, the Wabash Railroad Operates Trains over its Own Tracks. leued the tracks of tb« Gnu> between Detroit aad rgoipOD- cttm Bridge *nd tbowof the IrteB. H, trou 8i»pen«km Bride* to Buffalo, *ie Wttauk B B will run 1M own trmint lrom:K*HM« City Omaha, Dei Koine*. 8U tauit, QaSaaf, n«mtf- bal. Keoknk mud CMoiffCgW BnAfo Mg«tto oolyromd traiEXlMoazlHMiKMMwtBtiM point* hiTtaciti own UM and tnte mto Buffalo. •**•—r*" irinfm St. Loot* and GbfMfO *» Jte«U«

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