Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on February 8, 1974 · 32
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 32

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1974
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'Weekend 2 Section 2 Chicago Tribune, Friday. February 8. 1974 X Tower Ticker By Aaron Gold 'ff.W'lii-lJlJIUL-H.IIUU .ft r-i V; Ha- ' f h ij ( Alice Cooper GOLD MINING: This year's April 2 Oscar telecast on NBC is going to be a superstar-studded event. Producer Jack Haley Jr. already has signed Burt Reynolds as one of the emcees, and Henry Mancini as music director. I'm told Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton will be presenters. And don't be too surprised when the reigning princess of show business, Liza Miunelli, pops up on the telecast in a number that's being written for her. THE NEWLY-FORMED Chicago Ballet Is postponing Its first season until after the summer. Last Nov. 21 the Ruth Page Foundation announced it was giving $750,000 to the fledgling company with the provision it raises an additional $250,000 each year in public funds. But Page's Feb. 15 deadline falls too early for many of the possible contributors, hence the delay. If you want to help make certain there is a fall season, send your check to Chicago Ballet, 53 W. Jackson Blvd., Room 1650, Chicago, 60604. TIME MAGAZINE Is following Alice Cooper for a possible cover story. The reporter and photographer are having an easy time of it now, because Alice is vacationing in Acapulco . . . Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw are sunning themselves there too. . . . Channel 2 has con firmed my prediction that John Coughlln will be the host on It's Academic, premiering March 3 from 4:30 to 5 p. m. . . . Consumer advocate Ralph Nader discusses the energy crisis with Jesse Jackson they both believe the crisis is a hoax at 10 p. m. tonight on Jesse's WBMX-FM 102.7 on the dial radio show. HANS CONRIED HAS recovered sufficiently from the stroke he suffered in Columbus, Ohio, to return home to L. A. And his doctors have given him the okay to join Pheasant Run's Carl stohn Jr. as a tour guide for a group of Chicagoans leaving March 23 on a Lee Way Travel one-week theater tour of London and Paris. . . . WCFL's Larry Lujack makes a rare TV appearance tomorrow 6:30 p. m. on a "Music of the Fifties" segment of WBBM-TV's Two On 2 with Walter Jacob-son and Bill Kurtis. CHICAGO POSSIBLY WILL have a production of David Storey's controversial because of its male nudity "The Changing Room" by late summer. William Cervetti, one of. the original Kingston Mines "Grease" cast members, is in New York completing plans with producer Charles Bowdcn. ... Dr. Edwin Feldman, a member of the Illinois Masonic Medical Center staff, is the new team physician for the White Sox. And two of his associates, Drs. Sid Shafer and William Meltzer, will serve as orthopedic consultants for the Sox. TICKER BITS: The Tribune's Cliff Terry takes on added duties by becoming movie critic for the Chicagoan Magazine beginning with the May issue. . . . Marcl Goldberg, Bruce Gregga, and Victor Skrebneski introduce their Brazilian visitor, jewelry designer Joan Guerriero, to friends at a party tomorrow in Maxim's. ALIOTTA, IIAYNES, JEREMIAH have a hot new single on Arthur Belkind's Snow Queen label entitled "Lake Shore Drive." They're one of my favorite groups and I hope you get te see them this weekend or next while they're at The Orphans. . . . Other Friday Happenings: The International Speed and Custom Auto Show at the Amphitheater with Bo Diddley, Sunday; Dr. Preston Bradley reminisces about his debates with Clarence Darrow for Henry Fonda who's starring in "Clarence Darrow" at the Civic Theater at 2:30 on Ted Weber's WLTD Show. . . . And Franz Bcnteler and his Royal 6trings entertain at the United Republican Fund dinner at the Conrad Hilton. FOOD FIT FOR A PRESIDENT: James Morrison, president of the Presidents Restauarnt, was one of several head waiters chosen to serve the late President John F. Kennedy the following special dinner for his birthday celebration in 12 at the Four Seasons: crab meat baked in cream, chicken broth with wheat dumplings, medallions of beef glazed in madeira, woodland mushrooms, herb carrots, Kentucky bibb and watercress, coffee, and a three-layer cake filled with apples, nuts and apricot jam. The Presidents is featuring the same dinner for the month of February . . . and I intend to sample it. New York policemen speak up about 'Serpico' Continued from page 1 was in forcing him to come forward," says State Supreme Court Justice Burton B. Roberts. As the Bronx district attorney, he prosecuted some of the corrupt cops Serpico named. Roberts says "the fiLa bears absolutely no relationship to the truth." WHAT MOST OF THE participants say Is that the film tries to make Serpico appear as a helpless loner, an almost Christ-like figure going it alone. Everyone else is played down. "I wasn't the only one ripped off in that movie," Sgt. Durk said one night this week in his unmarked office in a building near City Hall. He now heads a special investigation unit and kept leaving his office to listen to a tape colleagues were examining for evidence. What Durk finds most objectionable in the film is the attitude it conveys, that there is no way for honesty to win. "It's going to be just that much harder to get people to come forward after the film. They will assume that the cost of honesty is martyrdom and no one should be a martyr and get shot. That wasn't true. Sure, there were threats and har-rassment, but the truth is we're not alone. But impotence is a comfortable posture and many liberals feel it's no longer chic to protest." "THERE ISN'T A rank and file working cop portrayed in the movie with an ounce of humanity or decency," he says indignantly. The film shows Serpico receiving hate mail from fellow cops, but it doesn't 6how the hundreds of cards of encouragement he received, A 1 Jl The real Frank Serpico pleading his case in 1971. says Durk. Nor does it show that cops donated blood for the wounded Serpico and collected their own money to pay an informant to lead them to the man who shot Serpico. Obviously, Serpico and Durk disagree on the value of what they did. Serpico, in the one interview he's granted since the film opened, told Pauline Kael, critic for the New Yorker, that the film "didn't give a sense of frustration you feel when you're not able to do anything." DURK, ON THE OTHER HAND, feels optimistic about what can be achieved. "People will get tremendously involved if they think there's a chance of winning," he says. Serpico, who now lives in Switzerland, told Kael he still feels frustrated and disgusted. It is true that the police commissioner at the time refused to promote Serpico to detective first class. He resigned under fire. It is true that Serpico was shot in the presence of his two partners and that he suspected they let him be shot. Police say they investigated that suspicion and found it invalid. Durk agrees. However, much of the film comes close to the true facts, bearing out Producer Bregman's argument that he and Lumet only wanted to show "the essential truths of Serpico's experiences." "It's not necessary that the names be real," says Bregman. "What difference does it make to people in Dayton?" It only matters when one considers the point the film seems to make. Even Serpico told Kael that he felt distance from the film, criticized small changes and said, "the truth was so much better." 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