Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 24, 1961 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 24, 1961
Page 10
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PAGE TEN THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, DECEMBER M, 1961 Ageno, Space Machine, Is A Modern Mata Mori EDITOR'S NOTE - Last sum mer the Soviet army newspaper Red Star loudly protested the or bit of an American satellite over Russian territory. It wasn't jus "any satellite—it was a versatile space age Mata Hari. In its bag of tricks is the ability to shoo very good photographs over very long distances. By RALPH DIGHTON VANDENBERG MR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AP) - The Mata Hari of the space age, with & dozen disguises, that's Agena. • Agena i a space machine, amazingly versatile. One day ii can be a military spy, veiled in secrecy. Another day, it's a dowdy little drudge of science. You'll see it in many roles during the next 10 years, either as a satellite or part of a rocket to the moon. . Close to 400 of these vehicles are expected to'be launched into space during that period by various U.S. agencies. At $3 million apiece, the hardware bill alone will run to more than $120 billion. Agena is the manufacturer's name for a mass-produced space rocket, deliberately designed to be adaptable for many uses. When it carries cameras to spy on missile bases and troop movements behind the iron curtain, it is called Samos. When it carries' heat-sensing lenses to detect enemy missile exhaust seconds after launch, it is called Midas. 'When it carries a bomb-sized capsule to be dropped in a test range near Hawaii, it is called Discoverer.- As Samos and Midas, is it boosted into orbit by Atlas missiles. As Discoverer, with a lighter payload, it is boosted by the smaller Thor missile. • I Most of its drudge mission have been as Discoverer. Discov erers pioneered the systems tha made Agena a stable platform ir space, so cameras :could b pointed steadily at the ground Discoverers taught the . military how to return film from space in a parachuting capsule tha could be caught in the air b cargo planes. Some of Agena's future mis. sions will be top secret. Scien lists are working to fit out Agen to intercep inspect thei with equipment enemy satellites, cargo electronically and' if neces sary. shoot them down. Agena is the only U.S. satelliti so far to draw the wrath of the Soviet Union. Eleven days after the July 12 1961, launching of Midas m, firs of its type to go into orbit over the .Soviet Union, the Sovie Army newspaper Red Star, com pared such satellites to the U2 spy plane and warned: "It doesn'- matter at what altitude the spies are flying, they remain spies am the flight of a Sputnik over for eign territory is an act of aggression." The United States has been fir jig Agenas into trans-Soviet orbits for almost three years—the first launch was Feb. 28, 1959, as upper stage of Discoverer I Why has the Soviet Union showed alarm only' recently? A military source explains il his way: "Agena is beginning to do the job it was designed for. Is record has always been im>ressive: In 45 launchings Agena las gone into oribt 31 times. "We have developed a very re- iable engine, and now the vehicle tself has been enlarged and im>roved to where we can figure on iayloads up to 5,000 pounds." In the early days of the pro- Thanks and Merry Christmas The 701 Children who participated in the annual Jayeee Christmas Shopping Tour and the Logansport Junior Chamber of Commerce, extend their hearty thanks and appreciation to the following for their generous assistance and cooperation. L H S Koy Club J. C. Penny Co., Inc. Montgomery Ward & Co. Harvey's Dim* Store B. F. Goodrich Co. W. T. (Jrnnt Co. Corrito Fwmttur* Co, The OK Store SportTand F. W. Woolworth Co- S- S. Kr«g§ Co. The Golden Rul* Kroger* Garden City Forgoy'j! Dairy Ray'* Cr»omery Mar-Dor* Quality Inc. Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. Palumbo Distributing Co., Inc. Mil-Prtds Gro»ry The National Bank Pint Federal Savings £ loan Conn Party-n-Gift Shoppe SteeHvorkers—Local No. 3261 Georgs Boots Elliott Ins. Agency Rendezvous Rockwell—Standard Corp Doris Simpson Johnson Ford Saloc, Inc. Cantor's DX Swvic* Construction Association Long's Conoco Service Long's Auto Sales Engineering Const. Ass'n. Ralph David Whil Else. Witmyftr's Restaurant Or. Gordon E. Brown G. & H. Excavating Brown Construction Co. O, L Shanteou, DDS Eberfj Drug* Wilkinson Heating Co. R. J. Disch«r Furniture Co. The Blue Note Fisher Funeral Horn* S to tie r Market Sall««'s Sinclair Haryey's Drive-ln Universal Fire Apparatus Trucker's Paradise Maiben's Inc. Wolf Construction Ce, McCloskey—Hamilton—Kahle Funeral Horn* Smitty's Gulf Serv. Sta. Bolin's Donuts Pat Auto Trantf. Shop Jones Auto Service Northside Grocery Loganjport Electric Motor Serv. Watrs Sales & Service Logan sport Marine Sale* Gordon dry laundromat Club 17 Tom & Jack Young Closson lumber Co. Electric Storage Battery Co. lutes Motor Sale* ^ KLK Mfg. Co;, Inc Hammondwood Printers Sauers Sign* John Julian Auto Elec. A. J. Schmidt, Plumbing & Hearing. Jeanne Fair man David, Michaleen, Pamela Wilson Mn. Carl Hendryx / Ricci't Liquor Store Champion Ins. Agency Sherwin-William* Co, Women's Catholic Order of Foresters. D'Andrea Diitributing Co. George W. Cline Raymond £. Skelton Norman L. Kiesling Barnard R. & Alma leavitt Keitzer Sandwich Shop Tap Tavern North Drug* Burk Sundries Martin Paints Jerry'* Pizzeria Mrs. Carl Hinshaw Mrs. W. T. Taylor Bill McTaggart Mary Pasquale Ray's Barber Shop Hart's Caf» Viola's Dross Shop Houk's Gifi Shop Sparkle Cleaners Barbara I. Thomas Mrs. A. Stewart Mrs. Reba Forgeon Log am port Screw Products Joe McClain Mr. & Mri. L, Pasquale Harold Cook Capt. Logan Bamttt Electric Co. Ray Plotner Matilda Penningotn Jean Brown Rotary Club M. A' MM. Wm, Pen-one Helen Berkshire Hurley's Cigar Store Brubaker & Justice, Attys. Myers-McCain Home Cofa Stagg Ganeral Tire Am. Window & Home Cleaning Co. Durbin firearm Service Tire Service Co. Richard's Seat Covers Logansport Spring Co. Harris Glass Co. Mary Ann's Steak Hut Citizen's Oil Co. Jontx Heating Chas. A. Michael, Plumber Garr Hardware R. & R. Motor Sales Bollei's Grocery Watson Hardware . And All Of The Anonymous Contributors Arrest Two Youths On Arson Charges NEW CASTLE, Ind. (AP) New Castle youth told police h set a mattress afire early Satur day to try to hide evidence of house burglary, but he forgo about his tracks in new falle snow. Sheriff Warren Davis said hi men traced footprints in the snow and arrested Ralph Orcutt, 18 and Carl Kidd, 21, three-quarter of a mile away on arson charges Deputies found signs of a break in at the home of Marvin Guffey unemployed steel worker, after a neighbor called. Later a mattres: fire was found inside. Sheriff Davis said Orcutt signet a statement admitting'he set'the fire after picking up househok effects. SUSPECT SLASHES WRIST WESTVTLLE, Ind. (AP)-Doc tors at Beatty Memorial Hospita' here are examining Robert Rob bins, 16, Mitchell, who slashed his right wrist Friday while awaiting sentencing in Lawrence Circur Court at Bedford on a burglary charge. CONTRACT AWARDED MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. CAP) Pullman-Standard Division of Pullman Inc., has received a contract ;o build 92 rapid-transit passenger cars for the Boston Metropolitan Transit Authority at its Michigan City plant. jram, the whole vehicle including )ayload weighed only 1,700 pounds 'n orbit. Bigger payloads mean clearer rictures of Russian bases, faster detection of missile launchings, arger platforms for exotic weap- >ns. In the Samos, Midas and Discoverer programs the entire Agena vehicle—engine, fuel tanks and .payload—goes into orbit. Several new space programs use Agena as a second-stage loos'ter only, hurling a smaller atellite into a higher orbit than can reach. NCO PREP SCHOOL AWARDS-Four Bunker Hill AFB airmen hold the awards they recently earned at the base's prep school. They are (left to right): AlC Robert A. Bedard, AlC Peter W. Bubier, Duane L. Corey and AlC Tydal W. McEachera. (Official USAF Photo) 24 Airmen Pass NCO Prep School BUNKER HILL AFB-Twenty- our Bunker Hill Air Force Base airmen of the NCO Preparatory Training School's Class 61-1 received diplomas in recent gradua- ion exercises in Dining Hall No. The school organized at the >ase in May, 1958, teaches airmen eadership and their roles in to- lay's Air Force. The awards presented at the eremony were to Honor Student Award, to AlC Robert A. Bedard, 05th FMS; Academic Award to AlC Peter W. Bubier, 6Sth AREFS Class Orator's .Award to AlC Duane L. Corey, 305th A&E, ani the Commandant's Awarrd to AlC Tydal W. McEachern, 305th FMS Other graduates were: Willie' B Brinkley, Kenneth R. Broughton William A. Beglow, Donald W Gagnon, Gail Gratton, Vester R Kale, Sidney A. Harris, Thomas H, Keene, Charles McManus George Mills, Minier E. Mitchell Chester L. Musson, Clifford A Nelson, James W. Patterson, Wil liam A. Powell, Lester R. Ray It's Christmastime, Even In Soviet Union Agena also is the second stage f NASA's Atlas-boosted Ranger ockets, designed to televise the moon's surface and land instrumented capsules. A government source says, "Agena will be our workhorse in space for years to come." A military source figures it will be at least 10 years before the Agena is made obsolete by advances in space technology. Actually, its lifetime could be much longer. The manufacturer — Lockheed, which incidentally, made the U2 spy plane — has been called the General Motors of the missile industry. Like its automotive counterpart, it brings out new models to meet changing demand. It has already developed two models. The first was Agena A, used in the early Discoverer shots. Agena A used a called JP 4 and kerosene fuel an oxidher— there is no oxygen in space— which was rather frighteningly labeled "inhibited red fuming nitric acid." - bthen came Agena B, using a more powerful fuel, unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrarine, with the same RENA oxidizer. Agena B has another great advantage. The engine, has been designed so it can be restarted in space. By restarting the engine at the high point of its orbit, a satellite's tendency to fall back toward earth can be corrected. The result is a circular instead of egg- shaped orbit—highly desirable for fixed-focus cameras. Engineers already are talking, about a C model Agena, which may be ready in time to help U.S. spacemen learn how to rendezvous hardware in orbit—one of the techniques under study as a way to reach the moon. With its restartable engine, whose speed can also be controlled, one Agena could slowly overtake another Agena in orbit and gently lock on to it. Thus, much larger vehicles than today's boosters can lift could be assembled—and fueled—above the atmosphere, MOSCOW (AP)—It looks like Christmas in the Soviet Union although the government says there is no God and so He could not have had a Son. Every restaurant has been booked solid far in advance for the New Year's Eve celebration. Children have been attending a continual round of parties pro- It is the approach of the newjvided by unions, clubs and fac- year-which comes here the same ^nes. The biggest festival is in time as elsewhere—when the Soviet Communists have a holiday festival. Under the old-style calendar the Russian Orthodox faithful observe the Kremlin, where a monster tree is set up, brightly lighted, and thousands of children are invited during the two-week period beginning Dec. 30. Mostly they iu^iau W u™uu* «»"•»" ;"\, get fresh fruit and candy at these Christmas 13 days behind the s „„„«:*, fmr West But the few Orthodox churches tolerated here already have begun pre-Christmas services. Bishop Kiprian of the Church of the Transfiguration and St. Bartholomew across the Moscow River from the Kremlin led an evening service—and the chapel was jammed to the doorways mostly by oldish women and men. But there were a few young people. A really monumental service is staged in the cathedral at midnight Jan. 6 and 7—which is the Orthodox Christmas Eve and morning. It is presided over by Patriarch Alexei. Large bodies of nonbelievers often gather around the services to'make offensive remarks but the church carries patiently on. Looking toward New Year's, the Russians have begun buying up food and liquor and creating huge shopping jams in the stores. parties—with an occasional toy. An increasing number of toy stores has appeared, with a broadening variety of goods although the quality is below that of German, French, British and American boys. Christmas goods and toys from Czechoslovakia are highly prized here—but are rarely found and always sold out in a matter of minutes. MUSICIAN DIES DARMSTADT, Germany (AP)Dr. Wolfgang Steinecke, 51, leading German exponent of modern and new music, died Saturday in a, hospital of injuries suffered in a recent automobile accident MORE SHIPS TOKYO (AP)—The Japan Shipbuilders Association says it expects to turn out about 800,000 gross tons of ships under foreign orders in 1962, about the same as this year's figure. For Rent 816 Melbourne, 3 rooms, unfurnished, first floor, modern, bath, built-in cupboards, gas heat. Phone 4827 - 53519. 24 Hr. Color film Service Kodacolor — Ecfachrome — Kodachroma Joe Vivians Fotoshop Dia , 10 W. linden Av». 2331 SUNDAY PAPERS CHICAGO - INDIANAPOLIS - DETROIT NEW YORK - FORT WAYNE - LOGANSPORT WE WILL GLADLY RESERVE YOUR PAPER ALSO YOUR FAVORITE MAGAZINES AND THAT DELICIOUS STOVER'S CANDY NOTICE For Your Convenience We Open At 7 A.M. Sundays TIMBERIAKE'S GIFT SHOP "The Store of a Thousand Gifts" Can't Stop Your Cough? Use BUSJAHN S COUGH SYRUP Extra Strong For the Most Obstinate Coughs 2 Size* $1.15 and $2.00 BUSJAHN'S DRUG STORE 308 Fourth St. ' Phone 3774 Chronicle Printing Co. DUALITY PRINTING S NOT EXPENSIVE ^.^ » rnone Larry Smith, a strapping six foot three inch, two hundred pound, nineteen year old evangelist, and his team, will be ( _ conducting meetings for the entire Logansport area at the ,,< , Logansport Gospel Chapel beginning December 27, continuing ! through January 1, at 7:30 p.m. ' ; . Few evangelists have as dynamic powers of presenting , the Word of God asjjarry has despite his youth. Many of t • those who have heard him have likened him to. such evangelists as Billy Graham and Billy Sunday. (Neither is experience lacking in this young man's ministry.) Larry preached his first sermon at the age of fifteen in his native Winnipeg, Canada, and in four years of proclaiming the Gospel of Christ he has preached in many states and Canab*a. He has also been active in various Christian youth movements, such as Youth for Christ which is currently the world's largest youth organization.- His personality is magnetic and pleasing to young people and adults alike. To teen-agers he is the kind of fellow everyone looks up to. He has been extremely active in athletics and is presently'on the baseball team of Trinity College in Florida. Wrap it all up into one big-hearted package and you have Larry Smith. As a personal friend of Larry's I must recommend him to you. Don't miss hearing the nation's No.'l up and coming evangelist December 27, through January 1, at the Logansport Gospel Chapel, corner of South Cicott and Cliff Drive. Ron Hamilton. ' • . . Children's Meetings Nightly at 6:30 p.m. Except Sunday, Pec.-gist. Ron.Hamafon, Speaker hel, Donald E. Vader, Reynoldo R. Vargas, Lloyd G. Weise and Ted Williamson. All are airmen first class. TSgt James M. McCoy, recent commandant at the school, was recently transferred to another assignment on the base. Services Today forRalphfissel Final rites for Ralph Fissel, 67, 2000 Spear, will be at two o'clock this afternoon at the Fisher funeral home. The Reverend Rollin Hill will officiate and burial will be in Rock Creek cemetery. Rites will be under auspices of the American Legion, of which he was a life member and Past Commander. Friends may call at the funeral home. His death occurred at 10:30 a.m. Friday at the Veterans lospital, Indianapolis. Born Oct. 27, 1894, in Cass county he was the son of John ?. and Maude Johnson Fissel. He was a veteran of World War a member of the Christian church, the Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Orient Lodge No. 272, F. and A, M,, the 3agles and the 40 et 8. Survivors are his wife, Merle; one daughter, Mrs. Wanda Aaron, ^armel, Ind.; one son, John, Minneapolis, Minn.; four grandchildren; his mother, Mrs. Maude Missel, 806 North; a sister, Mrs. Marie Rhoades, 1030 Twentieth; a brother, Roy, 117 W. Ottawa. Riles Tuesday For George Bridenbaugh Retired Engineer Final services for George F. Bridenbaugh, 81, retired engineer of 340 W. Broadway, will be at 11 a.m. Tuesday at the Kroeger funeral home. The Reverend James Jost will officiate and burial will be in Mt. Hope cemetery. His death after a lingering illness occurred at 3:30 p.m. Friday at St. Joseph's hospital. Born Dec. 5, 1880, in Pennsylvania, he was the son of Francis and Mary Fisher Bridenbaugh. A Spanish American war veteran he was -a member of the VFW. His marriage on July 31, 1903, was to Lulu Owens. Survivors are his wife; four daughters and one son: Mrs. Mae •lipsher, 340 .W. Broadway; Mrs. Edna Oldham, .911 W. Melbourne; Mrs. Frances Fulan, Chicago; Mrs. Alice Corcoran, Lancaster, }hio; Robert, 712 Lafayette Drive; 14 grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren; one- brother, Evans, Pottstown, Pa. He was preceded in death by one son, Russell and one daughter, Mrs. Esther Flinn. , Friends may call at the Kroe- »er funeral home after ten o'clock •his morning. CHRISTMAS PARTY The Frances E. Willard class of the Wheatland avenue Methodist church will hold its annual Christmas party Tuesday evening ^:30 o'clock at the church. at SIGN AGREEMENT LONDON (AP) - The Hawker Siddeley Aviation Co. says it has signed an agreement with Bell Aerosystems of the United States and three other foreign firms to collaborate on producing a transport plane capable of taking off and landing vertically. The Child's Prayer KAY CLARY Dear God, Thank you for food and dothes, iomes and mothers and fathers. Forgive me for what I have done wrong. Amen This prayer was •written by Linda Kay Clary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hussell Clary. Deacon Grange Party On Wednesday Nighf Deacon Grange will meet at its lall at 7:30 Wednesday evening. There will be a Christmas program and an exchange of 25s ;ifts for adults. Parents are to :ake gifts for their own children with their names on the packages. Santa Claus .will distribute them. Each family is to take popcorn or popcorn balls or home made candy. The sun radiates energy at the rate of half a million billion bil- ion horsepower. Dr. Leo Cahalan - Dr. Joe Closson CAHALAN ANIMAL HOSPITAL RFD 4, Logansport-% Mile North on SR 25 Ph. 2751 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL JONATHAN APPLES $2.50 BU. WE ALSO HAVE Delicious - Rome Beauty - Honey JASPER FLORY & SON High St. Rd, At the sign of the Appfe on the curve TRUE PI R|T OF FESTIVE Your Friendly Eastgate Stores COLLIER'S SHOES DELFORD'S INTERIORS - EASTGATE BARBER SHOP EASTGATE BEAUTY MARK F&MBANK (Eastgate Branch) • W. T. GRANT CO: HOOK'S DRUGS JO-EDS' JUMPINTGYMI NY KROGER CO. LONG'S CLEANERS LITTLES' CLEAN-0-RAMA MR. HAPPY BURGER

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