Winfield Daily Courier from Winfield, Kansas on July 7, 1903 · 2
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Winfield Daily Courier from Winfield, Kansas · 2

Winfield, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1903
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TJIJ2 WITIEM COUJUCK, TUESDAY. JULY 7, 1903. n ftOinflilb Oaila tfotirltr. T 111 COVHIKB PBISTIHO COMFAMf E. P. 0WLC8. Editor. ufeliahed Every Day Kscpt Sunday WEATHER EWr Wtatber report for vwnty-fuur fcoura ending at noon today; Fair tonlickt and Wi'diicH daj? Iilgu temperature. feky clear, Wind south. Maxitnoml92. Minimum 73. THE MISSES fill EIRii O o o o Like a Comet This' famous ramedy does (or the atorn-aoh that which tt ti unabla to do (or itself, even tf tut lightly disordered or overburdened. Kodol In tha tky cornea the star of health to the wk and weary cespon- der.t dyspeptic, curing an itomien troubles and dtgeitlva oiiorawa, I A nilliwty Jonkiae Partr Oivea Fridej morn. lag (n Honor ot Mie Loulio Wet. Red. White en4Blua Color Schema ana Deloty KefreebMonta. The Misses FUhbsck entertained last Friday, at 10 a. m., at tbeir borne, 1404 South 4th street, in honor otthelr guest, Mi Louise Weat, of Galveston, Texas. , The entertainment vras a Military Jenkins party, which is quite a taking little game and which was heartily received at this.ita initial appearance in Winfield society. A the title suggest, the red, white and blue color scheme was carried out with a most fetching effect, both in the house d-cor-ition and In the dainty luncheon served. The Military Jenkins party is a pro oresalve trame Five tables, each re presenting a fort and Burinounted by a lartre United States flag, were man ned by twenty girls. The girls at esch table were divided by -twos and known as the A'a and the B's, thus deeiirnatine the ekiimishing and the defending forces. '.The five forts were, respectively: Ft. Eeno, Ft. Bliss, t- t Aka.nwArtti Ft Scott ana it ucT(unv'ul Sumoier. the ooinU of the game eacti winner was given a email flag, 'which she immediately pinned to the lartre flsir over ber own fort. Ft. Leavenworth won the most joints. The first prize, which was an elegant little silver shoe horn, was -..rded to Miss Helen Kucaman, oi th. Ft Leavenworth skirmishing party. Miss Grace Williams won the nrA nri. which was a very pretty silver stamp paster. A fan, the third wnt to Miss Clara Otis and the fourth.a paper cutter, to Miss I'ermilia .Jarvis. All the girls present cut ior the boobie priz?, which fell to Miss Nme Allison. Those present were: Misses Louisa MflWnrh. DolUe Myers, ueu Knz Mildred Swartz, Madge Bangs nri Willisms. Lucile Tandy, Oert rude Robinson, Nina Harrod, Leita Stopblett, Winnie Berpich, Helen '. Buckman, Clara Otis, Nellie Allison, nam Bedillion, Anette Webb and Fermlelia Jarvis. utmlles tha natural H lutces ol dlsrestion sad floes ins worn oi mo tomsch, relaxing the nervous tension, tha lnflsmed muscles and membranes of that orgsn are allowed to rest and heal. It cures Indlgesllon, flatulenre, palpitation of the heart, nervous dyspepsia and all stomach troupes if cleansing, purifying and strengthening the gland's, membranes of the stomach and digestive organs. Kodol DyspepsiaCme Tear Dealer Cea Seppt To. ih trial mm. which Mils for 50c IWrel a t. tPeWOT i CO. CSlCiM. 3 Sold by all druggists. ftcheol H' Me-tii f . i Th :booJ board u.n Jfc'.i n gov with thw fuilowto members prreent: M. L. V.'ortmaa. J. Netr, 8, J. iuy; F. W. Doane, A. F. Iauber, Fracey, IrvSa, J. D. ttekford and' Clerk Sbivver, fie j twin Duncan wan elected prln clpal to succeed W, n. Bart'.ett, rt signed. aid his aalary fixed ui ItS.OO. Mios Harriett K. Heveraece, Mia Lucy Wood, Mist Harbaugb and MUs Mc Vrir wiira e'.erted to succeed Mils Tompains. Mias Uelmlck and MU Johnson, realgned. da ruoliou, Miss Tarksr's kalary was rained to 112 50. The superintendent wa instructed to p:aco the teac ers to suit tbeir adaptability. Following Is the program for the Spiritualist camp meeting which is being held at Island park. The pu bhc is cordially Invited to attend. TuettUr, Julj 7, 100 a m Froa Circle, all waleom. 30 p tn Tent 8-Dte by all the nnliun)i, :W)pm Ictni-Mr Hle Btillmeo. Tettt-Ure loot Wiirner. Yednadar. Jolr. 10 a in Frea CirclH for the Poblie. 8pm Leeture-W P SailiDd. hKjOpm Lwtore-A Seott BIdoe. lVi-Mr Iiipi Wmiier. Heat relets Tranetor. Furnitibi-J b 8taffuni aud Albriglit. K W Kmu to E E Hnlio w lot 3 blk lis LKimUAd4 ViM LHWebbtoFW Kruf w eama.... 0oOrtwair to B SCoodit w tote 3 blk 7U liinbland tark add Wild A HeuilerHoo ft P U Ilenderaon w part w bf ae a0 J 8 tioirnpare to W J Lonr w loU B, . blk iM uayauu a aau uu. . ........ W J Lous to 8 E Rader w eame E A HuticL to M A Boucb w a bf aw MAKRIAUB LICENSE. NAME Jno. L. Maus, Arkansas City E. Leo Mclntire " " Harry K. Wood, Newkirk, Ok la. MaryE. Riggs, R. L Kalfus, Hutchinson Ellinor B. Welch, Win field J. U. Hooser, Ponca City Maud Anderson, " " A. L. Dilland, Oxford C. A. Mulvaney, " AGE 19 18 32 18 47 300 00 10 00 75 CO 250 00 litl 00 170 00 mx oo Cbolars lalaetum. This has long been regarded as one of the most dsngerous and fatal dis eases to which infants are subject. It can be cured," however, when properly treated. All that is necessary is to give Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and cestsr oil, as direct3d with each bottle, and a cure is certain. For sale by W. A. Famnger. W. S. Johnson, of Arkansas City, was granted a divorce from Beatrice John- son yesterday. The court gave the custody of the micor child to Mr. Johnsons mother and ordered him to pay f 10 per month for its support. Johnson was represented by Albert Falconer, of Arkansas City. For forty years Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry has been curing summer complaint, dysentery, Tieat Your Kidney lor Rheumatism. When vou are suffering from rheu- matiein, tha kidneys must be attended to at once so that they will eliminate the uric acid from the blood. Foley's Kidney Cure is the most effective remedy or this purpose. R. T. Hop kins, of Polar, Wis., says, "Anerun-idilirhoe4) blaody flux, pain in the successfully doctoring for three jesre BtomaPh, and it has never yet failed to ior rueuiutwoui OO everyiniug cibiujcu iur iv. 1. I tried Foley's Kidney Cure and it cur-8omermier. . v;t.l t - . - ed me. 1 cannot, spean ioo niKui,y vx- this great medicine." W. mier. H. Somer I oo Reward, $i00. tVia readers of this paper will be TOfid to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure in all its stages ana that ia Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only oositive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being constitutional disease, requires a ..rmatitutions,! treatment. nan Catarrh Cure is taken internally, act ing directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, mereoy Kr-nvna the foundation of the disease and giving the patient strength by hnildinj? uo the jonstitution anaaasi nature In doing its work. The propristors have so much faith in its curative powers, that they offer one Hundred Dollars for any case that it fall to cure. Send for list ot testi Address F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio. Sold by druggists, 75c. v Hall's Family Pills are the best Thfl directors of the Cowley County Agricultural and Stock Show association met last night. Much business of a general nature ras discussed, among which was the setting of a date for the n mpptinff. The fair is now an as sured fact and the date of meeting will be September 8, 9, 10, and 11 Wanted One hundred ladies with '! i wuMhPftds. nastv com- P1U1U1CB, ' - . plexions, to take Kocicy and hsva a beautiful face.bright eyes sweet breath .-J. N. Barter. W. A. Barrington left today for an extended trip to the Pacific coast points. He will spend a few days in Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City and San Francisco and then go to Los Angles where the Barrington's have taken a cottage for the summer. Mr. Barrington will spend a great part ot his time fishing and sight seeing through the famous glass bottomed boats that ply among the Cataline Islands. In about thirty days he will be joined by his brother, J. P. Barrington, ot Chili, South America, who will also spends the summer at Loe Angeles. No Pity Shown. "For vears fate was after me con tinuously" writes F. A. Oulledge, Ver bena. Ala. "I bad a terrible case oi piles causing 24 tumors. When all failed Bucklen's Arnica salve cured me Knnaiiw crind tor burns and all aches .ndDsina. Onlv 25c at J. N. Harter's - v drug Btore. A very important meeting of the board of directors af the Young Men's nhrintim asiociation will be held at the building this evening at 8 o'clock. See our $1.00 Fountain Syringe, it is an extra value at Farnnger s. I bT been aalut I A a h e, i a mild aud eflectna laxntlve tney ure s imply wop-Cerful. Mr dauKliter and I were bothered with taking a few doses of Caacareta we have Improved woudertuuy. i ney are a Krt'ui neip 11ST BlVWnUoiise (St.. Cluciunatl, Ohio, 7py CANDY V tsaoi mash aaoisTiaiaav PlBftRnnt. Pnlntiihln Potent. Tnsle Good. Oo Qood, Never Hickeu. WoiiKun, or Gripe, 10c, ioc, oOc ... CURE CONSTIPATION. ... SttrllM Rrsrd, (opii. I'likita, Hratnal, N.wTart. Sit lt f TO Olf Sold and iiuaranteed by all drug' t!) nlv ilearance Sale The Twenty-Ninth Annual July Clearance Sale started Saturday, July 4th. The Sates in all Departments were greater thai anticipated Read the following prices and you will understand why: A Goodly Showing of Summer Dress Goods Which reveals the newest and most fascinating ideas of the textile world. These will likewise be subject to a liberal discount. The first cut of the season. Space too limited to quote prices. All Woolen Dress Goods ' including the finest stock of Black Dress Goods in town included in this sale. All Muslin Underwear That magnificent stock of Muslin Underwear of which you have heard so much will be slaughtered' in this great sale at a discount of 25 per cent. Ladies Hosiery All ladies' Eifel Tower and Albert Hosiery at a discount of 10 per cent. Summer Corsets A goodly supply of Summer Corsets at 23c. Ladies' Wrappers 134 Ladies' AVrappers.worth $1.25 and $1.50 each included, at 99c. Ladies' Shirt Waists All Ladies' Shirt Waists will be grouped into five lots and among them will be included every Shirt Waist in this store, numbering in all 2G5. All 50c Waists go at..... .,............$ .39. All 75c Waists go at 59 All $1.00 Waists go at .75 All $1.25 Waists go at............ .99 All $1.50, $2.00 and $3.00 Waists go at......... 1.49 I X B. Ly nnl Low Rate Eicureion to Eureka Sprlugi, Arkanaaa. Tickets on sale July 11th at $6.00 for the round trip, good to return ten days from date of sale. Spend a few days in the top of theOzarks. C. J. Tubi-in, Agent. Oo South. Yeune Man to Sunny Alabama and Mississippi, the Mecca of the Fruit and Truck Grower. 300,000 acres of good, fertile land for sale at wonderfully low prices. Write Jno. M. Beal, A. G. P. A., Mobile! & Ohio R. B., St. Louis, for particulars. Hundreds of lives 6aved every year by having Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil in the house just when it is needed. Cure croutj. heals burns, cuts, wounds of ' every sort W.JH. Somermier. The funeral of William Franklin Havden, who died yesterday morning, was held at 11:00 a. u. today, from the residence, 203 Eleventh avenue. Inter ment was in Union cemetery. "I owe my whole life to Burdock Blood bitters. Scrofulous sores cover ed my body. I seemed beyond cure. B. B. B. has made me a perfectly well woman." Mrs. Charles Hutton, Ber ville, Mich. W. H. Somerm'er. 'h Notice. Assetsment No. 14, of the Winfield Burial association, occasioned by the death of J. F. Cogdal, now due. Please call and pay. T. F. Axtkl, Secy. Hardv Fiasrsr, Waupaca, Wis., says My wife would as soon think of mak intr breBd without flour, as keeping house without Rocky Moun tain Tea 35 cents. J. N. Harter. When Other Medicines neve Failed Take Foley's Kidney Cure. It has cured when everything else has disap pointed. W. H. Somermier. And Kerenhappuck. We believe it is possible these days to hear of babies being christened with every old-fashioned name except Melvina. Atchison Globe. Few Are Taxpayers. The population of ' New York In about 3,600,000. Of this number only 78,399 pay taxes on personal estate. Just an Incident in Georgia. j Mr. Bud SDinhs was awakened the other morning by a Strang, grunting noise in his room, which proved to be the voice of a medium-sized alligator that was warming itself by the smoldering a6hes of his fireplace and inci dentally trying to swallow his boots, which he had Disced there to dry, and which he had bought on the install ment plan and had only made one pay ment on them. The saurian had suc ceeded in swallowing one boot and had the other down clear to the Btraps, which Mr. Splnks seized and nulled it out. The 'sator Is now on exhibition at Minche's drug store, but will soon be slain In order that Mr. Soinks. who is roine around with ons boot and one slipper, may recover the other boot. Adams Enterprise. To Let A Beggar's Stand. Benlamin C. Marsh, whom the Uni versity of Pennsylvania has recently aDDointed to a fellowship for the study of the tramp question, has a strange clipping from an old Scottish newspaper. The clipping comes under the head of "Business Opportunities," and it reads: "To let. a beggar's stand in a good, charitable neighborhood, bringing 30 shillings a week. Some good will is required. N. B. A dog for a blind man also to be disposed of." THE STEAMBOAT,. Olympia will make regular trips every day from now on to Pastime Park, where every accommodation possible will be extended to-its patrons. Special rates to picnic parties or lodges. Cal uP new phone 458, Robt. Kinghan, Prop. Offices Made and Abolished. The last congress created 11,316 new offices and employments at an annual compensation of $7,927,639. As the congress also abolished 1,815 offices the net Increase is 9,501, with an aggregate of $6,986,158 in salaries and wfages. Years of suffering x relieved in a night. Itching piies yield at once to the curative properties of Doan's Ointment. Ne'er fails. At W. H. Som- ermiers, 50 cents. May Be Wreck of Troopship. It la suggested that the wreck recently discovered in Dublin bay may be that of a troopship which went down in the bay in 1815 with troops returning from Waterloo. A household necessity, Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil, Heals burns, cuts, wounds of any sort; cures sore throat, croup, catarrh, asthma; never fails W. H. Somermier. Institution for Librarians. The new department for graduating-librarians after a course of two years at Western Reserve university, provided for by Mr. Carnegie, will be opened In September. All graduates of recognized educational institutions 1 are eligible. No man or women in the state will Stomach aud Liver Tablets after once trying them. They alwsy produce a ' movement of the bowels, improve the appetite and strengthen the digestion. For sale by W. A. Farringer. Shortens Journey by Many Miles From Liverpool to Yokohama by -the trans-Canada route will be but 9,830 miles. By New York and San Francisco it is 12,008 miles. Socialist Sentiment In Italy. By 156 votes to 81 the Ttalian chamber has passed the bill for the municipalization of the public services.

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