The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1931
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29, 1931 RMTHEVIU.E. (ARK.) COUK1KR NEWS p L ai'C the condition we need to aid In get- tin? rid of the plant lice. Due to the weakened rendition o! the stems of alfalfa from i-o plan: lice and the recent wind a:id rain the alfalfa !o1s?;l or fallen down. Th.c v.ill m.ike cu;t!nj very d::ilr.iU. sn-j to [)re,".-n; fi-.i-t'icr 'damage eivofu! cui'.lni to ?et aj; , ' U.I:IL.I$^ 14:1:111: ciil.JIlt \n 7CI tU: "i Inndiinp Alfalfa M --" n frcm "" f'-'-' 1 ls *^-'C . , ., „ , Plant lice a:- on many ) r.HCntmi It (Jam- around Is lo Be Avoided. BRIDGE .S'erlw KxpUlnlii* Ihf Contrail Ilrlrtge Systems ARTICLE NO. IK DY WM. K. McKKN'NKV 111-5 cblnj : Srcritirv, American Krl.-lge U-ajuc u!. ']••-! Ali controct bridge bidding sys- !'ce|> the bidding open. A mlnl- mum two ltd until r this system Is -a ilx-mrd sull lie.-id.ed by (ice I tins. mil n sl:lc (iiiick Irlck. Kkron News Notes Mrs. I'orler Smllli and children spent the week-end at Bis Lake with relatives. . ' Miss Kll/abeth Jordan relumed from Blylhevllle lifter spending (wo weeks with friends. Mr. and Mrs. S.immlc Onral of Twenty Nine were th PAGE TTTttRI Marriage By the Rook BY J. E. CFIITZ f'cimly A|; As-ill Mini' {nrmcrs are having trouble A'ilh rertsSn Insects or t'icir far:«s ind parch:! cro;is. Alfalfa, one of linncl|ial hay crops, Is being liie horn? grcat'damase to our The f-jllo.vlii-4 loincJy h "prac'.ijul "-'"is re<iiilie some conscientious ihcir-h nol a hr.iul strons enough 0:1 s«;l: |i!>i!l'.: One t» u-j tea ' r " ;(i y before they can be fully ma:-, : a fcrcc—and you want him to KIM-US of P.bck Leaf w in a yi\- ' lercd and proiierly usTl t:i lu-limlS.upport your two bid It he hold- Ion rf ir.'.in iry s-npy <v;it,'.>r siiray:!: f-lay. Then', aro cmmllcss piiy.r-i.l cue n»lck trick and normal trump on ;!i; lie;. Th? phut lie; • however, who desire lo plav cun- nw.i L-3 ravercd \vln th= a'ro-.v- s.i-1 urc'., but do not wish to baidenl lul':>«. A'S'-nlcal i-ol?ons a:e of m! ll'cms-?lvc < i with nny ccmplicaicd value lii i flsht'n: the plant lice. I'o- system.. Working on this llu-ory. tat) bugs si'culd be [iDisonccl by Mr Sidney St Ltni;. we!l-l:no'in Jamasjca consldrc-.-i'jIy hv aonic!' dustily Calcium ArMiiato on tin national authority, recently com- wll'.-r known as iilun lice. wMV.i, ,. olalo , s t hrou ^|, a „,!„ flour si-it" U>H«I « sys'em whirl! he calls his Your Ho bid advises partner that you have n very good liund— al- support. Under this sysUm the following table of quick Irlcks should bo Arr. kin.'!. nu«ii of name sull— !y quick (r'cks. Art, king of same sull — 2 quick ng out at the alf.ilf:i crown? Mo! Dickers. To: 1 these confuse S-KII? 'arnicrs. Slickers come out a'nv he nlfalfa crown. Slnots wlih 1 - iroducc the secoivl crop c'rne out :t the croift-ii, or J'i"t b:!o\v tie l«v- J of the cromi'l. Mnoh il^mi;-'rir, M done Hie s!isrc?dlni{ cv-y> of al- fclfn by rutting before the slno'5 mil. Abb miich dainaitc can b 1 one-by delaying the riittln; and hen clipping the shoots when lh«y' av^ ninde loo murh srowth. Third: After cutting t!i= alfalfa lid removing it from the field, run ver (he^lield with a smooth rnllc". 1 o kill the" plant lice 0:1 the alfalfa •lubbb and ground. Hot iveatho:- is i!-o,vs partner fair hand. TASTOIt TAKEN AT HIS WOK1)' 1'arlner slinnld not support your .lACKSON. Tcnn.. HIP) ~ Rev. mlc a ' a mlt blt1 i"il p ss he has al Sunpicn Daniel was proud. He lr:lst twn Quick tricks an'd norm.i! suit — 1 had Just finished marrying his Iir: : t cuitple. When he pronounced UIBI.I "man and wife." the bride- giooni turned and said, -Uow miicli do w,: owe you?" Kev. Simuson ie- ijm-cn rick. Kin.T, v of l trirk. Nmnat support under this system me.iiib Rl least three small of ame sull — ^ quli'k 'ri»»l> supprrt. neinember, tlicie !s " r< »'<•''' lu '"cp one bids open i^irtiier's suit, cr ace or king and i"!'f£> you I'.ave so:!ie real tri-.k ore mini). s'l'digth. One bids are (Imply i Or I 1 . 1'.ml bids of two no trump , llin ' ! P 'o show minimum holti:i;, ; are nol fcrclnj bids and show pll«l, "Preachers don't charge for' 8 " helpful towards partial >.c:r.s. uljoul the samr slrengih ns an or- v;e(lding." Tlie bridcgrcom beamed , :u!ti wi| l U" 1 ' 15 parlm-r In his bid- . Ijinal two of n suit bid. sir, we sure "'"I anJ doubles. I Crlsisul bids of Ihree, under and said, "Well now, do thank you for this wedding." and walked away. Re.irt Courk-r News wnnl ads. " " " this system, are demand bids and A two of a suit, bid shows from ! inform partner that your hand is i three to five quick tricks and is' m powerful that you desire him to ! NOT a demand bid—in other words | keep the bidding op?n until a game It dees NOT require partner to drclaraticn has been arrived at. Mrs. Ed Franks and children were the guests uf Mrs. Roy Hart, Sunday afternoon, Mrs. ll. llmgoit, teacher of the primary grades at Kkron was absent Iioin school l-viday on account of the Illness of her small daughter. Martha. The Kkron school'will hold their closing exorcises Tuesday, May 5th at. 1'Ha p. M. A short play entitled "I'atty wins ihc Day" will ••---• ••-••••* Is Ihr third «f a, were coinmilleil hi Jacobs family. M-rles; uf hilcf roinmtnls by ;l Bly-[ Wmnnn again lost the high estate tiieill!,. Hintun ujHjn Hit inodi-rn; i | VU i to Kve and woman today |iul(hor UEkiiis ,IM Rlvlug lld,;llty. | Icaiir.i! away all "bomls" In mat timony. sure that she Is making her c\ui Iiivdoiu while really -mining mi'svly her own di'graiia- llon. Was tl-.ere n single woman who gavi? to Inr ln:sb:inil the love Jn Tl'i-re mii»t te nt least one, but I can'i i,,i;i her. Kven In those dr.ys women were very "modern.' They wlcoir.od new wives as eas- liy as \\oaieii toiliiy lake new hus bands. "Mrs. " Ims Just left Hcnu with her fourlh liusband. 1 IVobably itu-y are lonklng for the. other lln-eo in pay lur this wecl- dlnj nip. is it nine!, ijtllor iiiai: li.irnn life ul the East? Jacob's love lor nuctel (Gen. 2!):1V-20) Is tin- first gleam of righteousness in h| s crooked scheming lite. Ho tolled for her for several years and they seemed but n day for the love he had for her. .That love Inslcd through Jacob's be presented together "with^'several "' L '- IIIs tender care (or Uuchel other Interesting features. Every' 1 ""' her two sons Joseph and Bunone Is invited. 1 J n '"h> slaiuls out to show m tn- Edwnrd Ilyan of l mi Cane was llay wllal marriage might have nn Ekrou visitor this p.isl week- bl '™ without iwlyniiiny. end. Bul Kachel, like her grandmother Sarah, encouraged In nor own home different forms of poly- AI.KK-1 Kumy with the same it-sull to IETOHK HON. OSCAR AN1DER. JUSTICE OP THE PEACE FOR CHICKASAWHA DIS1 RIOT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Tom A. Little, Plalntlit, vs. O. \V. Rnbcil-son, Defendant. The defrndnnt. O. W. Robertson Is warned to apjiear In the Justice of the Peace Court of Oscar Alexander wilhln thirty clays mid answrr the complaint of the plaintiff, Tom A. Little. Witness my hand as Justice of said court. This April 15, 1S31. OSCAR ALEXANDER. family life lint developed before Noah's day. The leading article hi n late magazine Is "Modern stepmothers." and II deals, mind you, with Cop's Semaphore Arm Catche;; Lost Purse KANSAS CITY, Mo., lUI'l-Il prob,:ms ol getting along wllh the K. Klna, i'raffic p-.itrolurni re husband's otlic-v wives, living wlv-.milly was illiecthig tralflc nt i es and their children—neighbors, ui::;y Inlcrseclbn. He stuck ou considers Jl a sai»-modern" I hLs arm, a car pa.wd. nn:l (ho of- I IH-er found a ucniun's puvhe dang- J. S. Steel Drops to : New Low Under Pressure NEW YORK, April 29 (UP)— A drive ngalnst U. 3. 6tr,'l corn- non stock drove that Issue do»n 9 1-0 iralnts and unsettled the ••11- tlre llsl. Steel, continue:! und.'r pressure until the clcsc. It touched a new low since 1027 at 115 and closed ul 115 1-4. SnlfK totaled 3.2CO.OOO f'.iar-is coiii|)arcd with 2,600.000 shares yesterday. Millions were wiptd out in quoted values of stocks listed, steel losing more than bl millions in uuolcd value. Llciuida- (lon centered around |:r! shares. Courier News Want Ails I'w. wrier considers II n sane "modern" slliintlon, unavoUlablg and. islic Implies, not unusual. Head the story of Jacob's faintly. He hud four wives at least, anil every conceivable form of sin developed among the children—works of the. flrali, fornication. unclcanncss, Idolatry, slrtfo. Jealousies, and nil "j%IOW llaicit i-ai-i'fiihy gel Ilils :i:ra^,,i. When |i,> conim tlirniiKli Mie Kale. lean, all of you. and Icnu liko ynu uir-npii U — Ic-^i: [ike it was n U^|t inr litn. Do you' miik-rslau'l? Anil ilnu'l you I date ijtal:b a ^nimil." I I /l ^ n H , V 15-22-29-0 Ihose luenlloncd in lliiB from tho outstretched 1111-111- UIT. I'aiwrs in the purse disclosed It had been lost a few hours before by n Knnsat City woman. Tli; finder apinrcntly had had definite financial needs, for he extracted mid left the reinalnng $5 for S:10-21_i.lie'own:r. BOlLOyPTO -. PREVENT PAINS It you aro run-down, ncrvoiu, or suffer every month, tiiko Card n I, a lucillcli") used by w o in u n for ovor lltly years. Aa your health Improve", you will eliaro tho rnthuBtaaiu ot tbousauds of others who Imvo praLsed Cardnl for tho ben- ofllu Ibey havu felt alter taking it Ex- jicrlciico of bovural Kcncratloiis tostl fUii Ibut ti- CARDUI Helps Women to •tJu-RDHI-DEWffi Cheat" 'm. Sure. You liet. Any you pay.' 1 cnmc in a chorus ni diuinpltcally Iwweml vnicea. ! "IMi-.iny. wilt you stop that sull- "1 can't help ft. Miss Tier cr.nis. iiNifntively to Hsryl'd tnrsj frtnu (tie ilavk of Ihe lose trellis. | "Shut u|j. .yon kills," fiery! or-1 ilcrttl. "Here ho t-oinca. Got! rc:u1y." 1 Al] \vtis (julot Instantly, while! pcvriti! pairs of lirij;(it youni 1 , eyes! )i; ?rvil cxtitediy Uirousli ll'.o rose | vines. i An r^a the tsorcli. tltiv.'ii t\vo Bloi:s in n slrlilc, and along Ui» \ wfjllc (ilrni^lit (o Die trollis ;tt the C.nlc rasre a y<n:nt; mail \vtio p.p io 1w in a Inirry. He ft'as cnnyUij; a i;lrtilstotie bug ami his was pulled down over Ills eyea — tor no reason nt all except that lie thought, U was proper for the ucca.s:'u;i. \V)u'n he was ijuitc close. Bury I jo<ty. • Co!" .lust \v].p.t hit him certainly puz- zk'tl Tun>try \Vikv;a Tur the tie.v( 10 iinniik'.s. He tliouglit of sang- jilt-m. il ccTir^t- hut who tn ilu- vrtiv'icl voiiM want lo ir.l;ir him tor a rlrlr? Anil lie w;iyii"t sure even that' his captors were h union Tl:ei-o wtisn't a KOUIH]. al tiv.^t. Then the sappy hrpalliiiiB of pl.ysl cal CM'ition told him MULT :il Iccisl 1 hi- \rnrir.'l nt the merry of ili^oia- liii:lioti spirits. Vie T..IR tlnnipiNl in unceremoniously, am! the Minusainlf o[ even turcs swnimcd In upon him, ' * • • KAY. didn't tip know that rnr-tor?; J'~' Ik tiinl (n pit np tnit tvns pulled j ?! ; T -/lo'.vn U":»Mi ;i:nl thornut;li[y ! »:i. There was nothing in do 1 Ltil tiy [o roiaemtter all Ihe things j hc-M lio^ril thnt clnfor icoplo did j In lif;e rirrum~far.rc:'. l\- t i |i coo! -tli;it v:as tirst— ami! CM::;! the turns -rixM-l^n -aw.j iii-r — he dii'.u't cvt-n kno-.v ?i uay thpy'il drngge'l him l:> j lo:-f! they r^u-hed the car. Thai i:n KGOd. l,m hfi'd try a rusfi, ? rcinxeii. liopiug 1° liPltav hJf a^s-i-nuJa thlo a Inch ot vlglhnre. ar.d Ilien surprise them sviMi a tlar- I tn:; lirflah for liherly. Hut ere lie criild put Ills plan In!n ciTcrr a I rc-)l VO'I-P. ro:nin« fmrn the driver's fo-ii. mill cnmn:andlngly: "?;asy | docs ft, men." Tommy started. "Beryl Rorden!" I hp Iricd lo say. \r,:{ MIC words were [ off?rtnally fn;ntlioreil hy MIR 701! 1!-^ foliowrrs of an liitrepld loader i^ryl. 1'eard the sound lie made "Lot him speak." she ordered. "For Poto'a sake wlmt's eol me?" I ho ijJn?lorert whon liia heart was [ frwl | '(Jnlr'llio Ranp." Rcryl lold him | T.'lth o rl m i r a M c iionciintanoe Ourdy, lUtle rascal?, nron't tln-y?" "Sturdy, he. ... They've nearly | killed W." Tommy complained. j "Well, r.pvr-r mind. It's nnlltini; | I to wint tliry'vfi ."pared ynu.. Vou ' I owe ilicni a v'fle of thanks, Tom I ray." i "I don't get you." he answered •'»ihi]>V.biit lie-hnd an Idea what f £ho meant. "Irene told mo," she said simply. "Oil. she UUI? And this Ig the ¥*'t you irwt her confiilence. A Falcp sisterly net. Yon must he | ITOMI of u. l!ut what'* the big ^ea, anyviny?" ''Nothing, cxceijt tliat you're not complacently. "1 know she will." Huryl Eliuok her lirciil. "I don't think you know her," sho said, snlierly. "She's got her heart set on a future tor you. Tommy, anrt, she knows na well ns I do that Irune will never see it through on yunr n!Lo\vnnce -not while your uncle dun^los u good salary muter your no.-:e. I tone's never haj any I money, you know," "CIIK'LL have plenty sntn* dny," ^ Tommy declared. "WUU that voEcL* of hers. . . ." ; "Yrnh. I've hrnrtl ahoiit Ui:it voice," Bt'ryl cut In. Then she mimicked: "'Irene will (xicnme famous l( f-!ie ever RtEti a ctmuce.' 'if only we could ilu Eomi:lhlnt; lo j put.Irene 112fore ttie rnl'Sli.'." "You're jealnus b^euuae you can't "Who wants to sing?" There wji s dl/dain In the questIon, but j deep in her heart. . . . "I guess yonr mother's rlfibt," Tommy remarked; "you must lie like your fiilhcr," "Don't you say anything about my fnlticrl" "Well, you're not like your mother, and lie v;na n queer chnp, wasn't lie?" "If yon nir-n he was not like Paddy Kvpreit. you'ry ri^ht. Poor Daddy ICvereti. Hnl you can't l>lame him for Irene; she's like mother." "Yon on^hn't to talk about jour mother." "I wouldn't, if yon dtdn't make me. Hut I can t help it if I have. hrains enough lo ?.CQ what people are like, can I? It makes me wild that mother c,nn't see whnl kind ot wife Irene would make for you" "And I can't see that Il's nny ot your husinejjS," Tummy retorted. ££k J I FICTION TOy >H-~i- x BKI\YL BORDKN "<"'"" lo clcp? witii Trcn? tonight." "Kays ynu!" "S:iys me nnrl these liirls. Anil you're a nice one to talk about sis lcrl >' "els. How about a nephew's TjEHYI. turner! and looltpd at nlm. "Well," bbc said, "do you prom- She'll never hpanl a-iy nn^e driver cn?s, but slie'il l,cr.;d nb.nit II. "I snpnoFe you bclicva ihat." slu- sished instead; "tint you're wrcng. Toiainy. you're terribiy wronp to nn ainil? Mrs. Hoffman | i rrllp - s hoii a lot nf j Vllll -'l certainly pleased • witli your itri:ionst:-ntiou tif it. wonliin't "That's difu'rent. I'm not be (raying tier confidence." ".Vo, but you're h?!raying hei trnst. She's invcstins iu you. you know. 1 tint some- Iliiug's. been wrong svttb evory one of them. . . ." "Slic's otily liccn out nt high a couiile ot years," Tommy pro tested.' "1 know." Beryl .iEre?rl: "lint thai was long enough for Irene lo fiml "If yon mean college. I've Bot a 'oul that she amt work iliiin't sprln ri;;'it to an eilucalionl" flom (lie '' i " ne K«nca!osiral trci ' "She doesn't owe It lo you" "She doesn't want m,^ to away my life in Hoffman's Motion' rirturo Palace, eitlier." : "Exactly, and that's why s':e' doesn't want you to marry until >r;j' finish college anil ret a s'.arl :n life." "That's an old foxc-y iiV.'a. Ircn^V' a modern girl. V.VI1 make g-"rt." I Reryl laiigiied shortly. "Yc.«. | Irene's modern, when it comes tn| enjoying tlils new frceilujn we worn They're not even remotely re- 'Tiir's never 1 a<l a r'lau-.-o," Toinn.y mr'-.talr-il. "S!ic's ico al- ?!.'n rftt fre.-',i willi her." "Is t'.'l ?••." Uevyl said, as 'li F'..' r.-."" '>••?!>' liiiiircsseil v.---'i a r • .v n -,le o' ;lie situatioa. "('•it mil tl' ft ?^n":ir:. and take IB™ l.avli lii.r.i?." To:i:n:v rljmauiled "Kct Jiist yet. little boy. If you can't lis p.ppvb;! lo for your an it's tn are snpposc.l lo Va"vc."lMM she's':" 1 "'' W™ S»ir!S t« ho talked. lo throwback when It roaics lo '"r ycur own. And liere it 3. Sou marry Irene and you'll he bii-jt In the thcMer before Kie summer Is over. Your uncle will pay you enough to Imliice Irene to rnax you tackling a mcdern girl's problems." "That's n nice way lo talk about your sister." "Khc's only my half sister, but I don't enjoy knot-Mug her. I'm just Irving to stop you, Tommy, from making a mess.of your life. Irene wouldn't belli you." "A lot you know about It. She's going lo get n Job until I'm through college; tiicn slie won't have to work." J3ERYN felt like swearing, but she didn'l. because, as she said, only mule Drivers were original enough it, Make It Interesting. into givitig up rnllege. You won't go hack next fall." "Well, say," Tommy drawled, "you're RO Mire of everything— hasn't it occurred to you that Aunt Km will be all right when the damage Is t'one? She's r.o hard-hearted tyrant. . . ." "I should say nol," Deryl broke In, "the way she treats you, she's a Laily Ikrjtttltul. Yon don't deserve It—an slloirtnco ami a chance for a real education." "Sko'll lorslve «," Tommy «ald I) lie!" "Ilon't. be ridiculous!" Tommy rcpllnl. "Tlitiu 1 can't lake you back," lieryl told him. " I hate to keep these kids up. Kvcry one of them slipped out of hod in help me on this job. lloally, Tcimmy, haven't you nny Ben?e?" Her voice was mpalient now. "This means everything to you. Can't you see? Ireno has her own way with every one. She's, made mother think it's all f;M for you to deceive your aunt. "If she's so good at handling people maybe she can got the oM runaway blessing from Aunt Em," ho suggested. you really want to go hack to managing the theater?" Rcryl countered. "Yon know Mr. Hoffman doesn't care what becomes of. you eventually. All he wanla Is to have your best years, then, when his old building falls down, he'll retire and you can go lob hunting— with no profession, r.nd no (raining." "I could alwiys manage a theater, If I'm so gooil at it." "Yes, but you'd always be work- Ing for someone else. Irene would never help you save enough to buy a theater of your own." "I guess my aunt will leave mo some money some day." "That's what you think, and Irene would think it, and she'd lell you II wnsn'l necessary lo sav< any money. Ami then maybe your aunl wouldn't leave you any money. "It sounds dastardly, doesn't H2" Tommy mocked, "but don't take II so bard, fair' lady. It's my funeral." "And you've turned out to be A bigger sap than I thought you," Deryl snapped bsck »l him. "Tlisnks," Tommy Hid itrljf. C ll! ' : bit ber lip. thougnt u urn- Yj incut. Ilicn looked worriedly al Ihe wristwatcb her gang lia'd pro icnlcil lo ber tlio Christmas before It was bin and clumsy, but II was dear lo her hearl. ami tt kepi fairly iicrurute lime-If she "set II iwo days abend." as she had unce lold Tommy. "Well, kids," sbe salil. "1 guess we'll belter tuke him back unil let him keep his rendezvous." "Oi!e no. MIsH Beryl," the Iwj r-alleil Pigmy protested. "U'lV take It away from him. 1 waul one of'tlmsc tilings for my don Snooka." _ i"You guessed It." Beryl Informed him. "It's a chain nl| right,' only In. tills rase there's a lull niiarlieil to il. And it's sure going to plve you a paiti In the log, Tommy boy,' slio ndiieil lo their captive. "Well, It's my. ..." "Yes, 1 know; H'B yonr leg nm.l It's your funeral. And we're guln;; In take ynu 10 It. I'm Ihoroupbl) [lingnaled with you. ..." "Ilegusteil, yon in can. Ml. s Heryl." "Thanks. Mike, that's right— re giiKleil. Hang on everybody. Uvcr she goes!" • With a claller anil a bang lleryl turned the olil car alj'jlll much as slie would Ihc olJ boat she had traduil for It. 'The night air Is bail for ini walorsprile." she remarked aa tin car whecicil aail alultered wlieii shn gave It go* fur first sliced. "Wliatclyu call II that fur?" one of tile youngslers wauled to know "Recnnse Il's nol a hoal. liunuy.' Heryl answered sweetly. "Now do you undeislant!?" "Yep." he said. "Thai's why . rail my ilog Hover; lie never stays hnmc." "That's right. Dmlily." Tomnn encouraged. "Uou'l you let nei make a fool out of you." "Aw. you Bhnl up. You don't count-you're going to get tnarrleil - anil my ilad says [hat's the cml of a man." 'Ah. a lillle group of sophlsll T.ies." Tummy murmured awefully 'Your falhfr dliln'l mean fial Annie." Heryl paid gently. "IU I'>VM lo joke. Bveryone kllnws tt's liiio lo marry tlic* ilghi v per-un -Tinl your mntlier Is awfully swecl.' "Yep. 1 guess she Is." Ansle ad mllleil. "Slfe likes yon loo. Miss i!i'ryl. 1 heard her ?ay that If il't for you your family. . . .' "i'erhaps you heanl her =ay llmt tn conliilence." lieryl liaslily Ini.-r- inplcil. "i cloa'l think I'd repeal n. Angle." It would he Just like Tommy, she (Nought, t 0 imagine she hail ccacneil Angle. "Oh. all right." Angle subsided. DKRYL fell silent and so diil Tommy. Tho ciiililren. tor. were 1"lcter than usual, depressed hy n senso ot failure. Their leader had nnl told them whnl this kidnapping was for, hut her conversation with Tommy ]ia,i enlightened them son-.ewhat. it was plain that slie had warned to stop nlm from running away with her sister, and now slie was going to let him ilo II. ''igmy especially was downcast. Ilo liked Tommy, lint Irene was anathema to him. Kver since site had intercepted ami rear], wt'.h much public glee, one of his love nolcs lo Agnes, of their neighbor• hood, he had "haled the ground slie walked on." Beryl's voice cheered them a Ml. however, when they nearcil her nnme and sue. said briskly: "Well, litre we aro, men. llrlng forth the captive and escort him to yon fair danwl W ho walls wilh trembling -C»r^»nd lulkti* eaoV«J (iQm« ef ©1951 BY NEA SERVICE-INC '> TOMMY WILSON my (hlnps, tool." The car came lo a noisy stop. "I CUCS3 slit wuitWn't lalk llbc Hint if all wns lost." one of tlie linml whispered to rmotlier. n» the)' hauled Tommy out ami pnvc him a push that sent him slmnbling ncrons the sEdcwnlk. "Ceiilly. Kciilly." raiillonoil Iteryl. "Woulilnt damage tlie hrldegrooin' and senJ him frowsy lo Ms doom?" The lioys dcslstcil from further violence upon the i>er.«oii of flic Ijc- lalcil hriclegronm ami tiirneil lo Iloryl. "Is Hint nil?" Ihoy chorusfil. "That's all, my lads. Yonr reward will bo forthcoming on tlic- morrow. Picnic rations for nil hands round and the oml of the island If old \VlmMn the K.*ce CM make It. nulling suits anJ Iodine. And sound the tocsin at daybreak. Away with you now. Karly to iml or we won't get back tomorrow night." They scampered off. wiling baik good-night Deryl watched them po with a look of pride. KoWc little r.ucfi!s—her gans. II was not ilu'lr fault If slie had failed, liut she? Slie did not drive on at once (o tlie ramshackle garage tlie boys had built for lier In Hie backyard-a sa- rage Just big enough for Ihc old car lo hop Into. She pal. Instead, behlm! the wheel and w.ilchcd her stepfather's house. A half siniie of satisfaction curved her lips—beautifully modeled Itps, hut much larg or thin Irene's rosebud mouth. rr\m: shades of the house were -*- clown. They usually were down nl night. Heryl liked It so, nnil Mrs. Kverctt Insisted upon It. The family life, she Bald, w;is nol to be put aa exhibition, Jlerrl lia<l r«- maikeil Ibal II couldn't afford lo lie —one of her nall-on-tbe-hcail statements that always so Irritated her mother am] Irene, They preferred to call things by euphemisms. What was transpiring behind Ihe shades now Beryl though she cmiltl guess. Irene's poise must have licen shaken lo Us foundation, for she never could ahiile lo bo kept wailing—ami on her wedding nighl of all thiicn! Mayl« Ihe elnpcmcnt was off! Beryl's heart skipped a Iteat as her nilml actually framed in words Ihe hope she'd been desperately holding to all evening. She hardly ei- peeled Tommy would listen lo her. Her reliance had been placed upon Irene's quick temper. She couldn't wait any ioager to learn how her plan lo arouse that temper had turned oul. leaving Ihe ohl car al the curl! she hurried up to the house and sollly opened the front door. In stantly voices came to her from the living room In the rear of the hall That living room bad oneo been a bleak dining room. lleryl tail transformed It—the bouse being so planned that the old living room could become the new dining room — Inrn a place with privacy and character. Mr. Everett had aided and nljettcil her in making Ihe change, but Irene and Mrs. Kvcrctt hail jeered—until all of the world that mine to view it pronounced it great. Beryl hastened toward It now with quickening pulse iKats. If Tommy had told Irene of her parl in the night's event she knew what to c\pcct- Bul Irene's fury held no terror for her—sho was too useil to it. Her mlnil WRK on. Tommy— poor Tommy who was 'hiuiiu in make a big mlstako ou the vciv threshold of his llfo. Why; K!II''.| " have had Iu make an attempt lo save him oven If ... even If. . . . Ruryl didn't Ilko lo Bay. even M liirtclf. that she, loved Tommy V\;|. son. lie wasn't nt all [be man i-.r her. she lotd herself at limes whra Ihe thought would Intrude In sphe of the harrier of wnrldy-mlii<l<-ii- IIVKH that H!IG had built uu to IMV>- Icsl against ber family. Ilo wan weaV. Tommy was. slif'il nrgno scornfully when she ciiuiibi'l gel him out ot her thoughts. Ilo fi weak, or he couldn't have tail- - uu for Irene—bnby-fwed,Irene. An Inner voice would agree wllb her. YCB, Tommy was weak—but tie was Tommy just the same, you know, the voice Infariably .milled. Tommy, whom she'll llekeil lo a tlnt.-li more than onco (only half BU.HtKK't- Ing that ho wasn't exerting his strength lo the fullest). Tummy, who had smashed his luucb pall over a boy's head for hitting her with a rock, am! bought Irem a penny stick of candy because Iho light made her cry. Tommy whi had—Imt It was endless—alio ruiilrl ttiink of a tiiousand events and ml- veulurcs 1 that had drawn -them together in their childhood. •"PEARS smarted Iu her eyes n&fore Eho reached tho living room, but sho look care to pan^o ami wipe them au-ay. The Kverells . had nevor seen (cars in her* eves. Sho was Ilko her father, they puld, "simply unmoved by anything." How many times Beryl wished sho had known that father—ilia father who hail died In her Inlam-y / —tlie father who was a scamp, always gay anil ready for languor (her mother did not put It Ihat way—U was Just the way Beryl thought of him). She had a habit of talking to him In times of stress. This, siia deemed, was one of them. "Well dad, old Indian, you wouldn't cringe, would you? Heads up. what? All right, here we go. and lo he ... ah. ah—no swearing, eh dad? But don't they just make you so mail?" She was hi tiie living ronni now.' standing just wllhin Ihe i]o*invay. making no attempt cither to atttai-t attention or to conceal her pies- encc. For a while Ihey did not notice her. Irene was storming, as Beryl eipcclcd. Tommy stood before her, helpless. Finally Beryl spoke to him. "Won't sho let you ciplaln. Tommy?" Irene whirled upon her. "So you've had a hand In this!" she exclaimed, making the accurate gucsa through a full knowledge ot her sister's capabilities. Beryl nodded. "T\"hy .don't you let Tommy tell you about It?" she asked quietly. She had learned long before that the way to drive Ireno frantic was to speak to her calmly when she was excited. Irena seemed to want the sparks to fly Iu. every direction. Cool poopla disconcerted her. Being disconcerted, always caused her rage, to mount "He needn't bother," she cried now. "I've b«n waiting here for hours! I'd like to know what be thinks I ant." Beryl turned to Tommy. "Why don't you tell her?" she asked sweetly. "I wish sbe'd give me the opportunity." Tommy's answer cut through her like a knife. "I think you ought lo know, Irene, what I think of you," he Bald. "I'm craiy about you. Now are you 'coming w.'lb me?"

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