The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on April 4, 1977 · 52
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 52

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1977
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9 1 1 1 Pt IV Moil, Apr. 4. 1977 lo Sntjtle ZimtS FILM CLIPS DeNiro a Vet Again in 'Hunter' Special (Matinees lowdhfu(EMer ' rcypcDT ncvni v un i e uuitticq aun muni n v BY GREGG KILL AY Tknea Stiff Writer V f 111; f- I. Robert DeNiro Robert DeNiro, who played a Vietnam veteran gone berserk in the streets of New York in Taxi Driver," will play another veteran of the war in his next film. The Deer Hunter." This time around, his character returns home to Pennsylvania where he tries to reestablish life as a steel-worker. . , DeNiro, who recently completed filming the musical "New York, New York," had been expected to take a hiatus from moviemaking while he trained to play fighter Jake LaMotta in Martin Scorsese's "Raging Bull." But, explains his agent, Harry Ufland, "Bobby liked the script (of The Deer Hunter') and wanted to do it" An $8-million production, "The Deer Hunter" will be shot on location in Pittsburgh, the state of Washington and Thailand this summer under the direction of Michael Cimino, whose first major film was "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot." The screenplay, developed from a story by Quinn Redeker and Louis Garfinkle, is by Barry Williams and Cimino a Writers Guild arbitration will probably determine just what names go on the final product. The project was developed by British Lion, which has since been bought by Britain's EMI Films, explained Michael Deeley, a joint managing director of EMI Film Distributors Ltd. "It didn't have enough character and background in its first drafting," he said. "Michael Cimino turned it over. It is now much more about the characters." Robert Relyea will produce the movie, with Deeley and Barry Spikings serving as executive producers. A self-financing production company, EMI will have three films in production this summer. In addition to "The Deer Hunter," they include "Convoy," which goes before the cameras next month under Sam Peckinpah's direction and which will be released in the United States through United Artists, and "The Driver," a coproduction with Twentieth Century-Fox which Walter Hill is to direct and which will star Ryan O'Neal in the role of a professional getaway driver. ROCK 'N' ROLL: For his next film, Art Linson, who along with Gary Stromberg produced Universal's "Car Wash," is developing a project at Paramount under the title of "American Hot Wax." Its title notwithstanding, the movie is no sequel dealing with the next step after the rinse cycle but is indeed the account of a week in the life of Alan Freed, the legendary '50s disc jockey credited with naming rock 'n' roll. "Through the years a lot of people have tried to buy the rights to Freed's life, but they couldn't come up with a focus," said Linson. Working with screenwriter John Kaye, with whom he collaborated on "Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins," Linson hit on the idea of following Freed through a week when he was at the height of his power, introducing New York radio audiences to the music he had first discovered while working as a DJ in Akron, Ohio, as well as producing the first wild rock 'n' roll spectaculars at New York's Paramount Theater. "We want to show how crazy and innocent it all was," added Linson, who secured the rights for the project from Freed's son Lance, an executive at A&M Records. As with "Car Wash," a double-record album of the soundtrack is planned. Linson expects to incorporate original classics of the period, rerecordings of classic songs and new material. For good measure, the screenplay provides a lineup of fictional characters like Teen-Age Louise, the Chesterfields and Otis of Harlem, all based on actual performers of the day. A FINAL NOTE: The fact that neither the single nor the score from "Car Wash" was nominated for Academy Awards remains a sore point with Linson. The song by Norman Whitfield has sold over three million singles and one million albums, which certainly puts it in the commercial class of "A Star Is Born." "I didn't want to make a point about it," Linson said. "But if Whitfield were white and Jewish he would have been nominated. And I can say that because I am white and Jewish." A similar objection is raised in a letter to The Times by Scott Giantvalley, who writes, "I would agree with the blacks who were picketing the awards ceremony at the Pavilion. Whether the Academy itself is discriminatory or not, the blacks certainly have cause for complaint . . . Where was 'Car Wash'? Not only did the movie receive good critical and box-office reception, not only was the song integral to the mood and story of the film, but as a single it was one of the top radio hits of 1976 . . . "Two other black films, made on much smaller budgets and with less box-office impact, also produced good scores and some fine songs: 'Sparkle,' whose 'Something He Can Feel' was recorded by Aretha Franklin, and 'Pipe Dreams,' with its title song and 'So Sad the Song' sung movingly by Gladys Knight." The answer probably has less to do with discrimination than with the fact that the music branch of the Academy which makes the preliminary nominations is, by common consensus, the most tightly knit of the Academy's branches. Last year, for example, Richard Baskin, who wrote much of and adapted the score for "Nashville," was ruled ineligible because he had not fulfilled a technical requirement and written at least five songs in the film with the same partner. This year, "A Star Is Born" would have been ineligible for the same reason, since its main songwriting team of Paul Williams and Kenny Ascher had only written four songs, together; instead of being nominated for its score, the film received a nomination for Roger Kellaway's work in adapting the songs for film. Even Warner Bros, executives were surprised to receive the nomination for Kellaway, whose credit on the movie read "musical underscore by." In any event, the Academy's voters chose to award the Oscar in the unwieldy category of "best original song score and its adaptation or best adaptation score" to Leonard Rosenman, who composed the adaptation score for "Bound for Glory." Asked about the complicated category after the announcement of his win, Rosenman said frankly, "It's nonsense. Either they should have two categories or none at all." For the music branch, which already has the most complex set of rules of the Academy, it could mean another return to the drawing board. A RALPH BAKSHI FILmV If U km J U Vmmw0 31 Jfc&L. An epic fantasy d peace ana magic .sl -y ij UlJ 61977 Twentieth Century Fo S NOW AT THESE SPECIALLY SELECTED THEATRES WESTW000 UAWestwood 477-0575 MON-FBI 2 05 3 55 5 45 7 30 9 20.10 50 PM SAT-SUN 12:35 J 25 4 15 6 00 7:50 9:401 11:00 PM HOLLYWOOD Holly Cinema 465-21 84 DAILY 2:00 4:00 6:00 (:00 1 10:00 PM LOS CERRIT0S UA Cinema 924-7726 MARINA DEL REY UA Cinemas 822-2980 NORTH HOLLYWOOD UA Movies 6 766-4317 PASADENA Mann 351-9641 RIVERSIDE UA Cinema 689-8022 TORRANCE UA Del Amo 542-7383 WESTMINSTER UA Cinemas 893-0546 COSTA MESA Harbor Twin 646-0573 N0RTHRIDGE Peppertree 993-0211 WESTC0VINA Wescove Cinema 338-5574 1 rV A haunting vision of reincarnation that will change your ideas about life after death forever. STARTS WEDNESDAY SSBSSmBRu The Publtshng People of rrr PRESENTS I AH ADVENTURE FOR THE CHILD IN ALL OF US i7:'-V RATRrOATHACKRAYw MAX WILK JOHNNY GftUELLE JOERAPOSOl noducMb, LESTER OSTERMAN PPODUCTIONS RICHARD HORNER RICHARD WILLIAMS N CENTURY CITY Century Plaza 553-4291 ARCADIA Santa Anita Cinema 445-6200 AZUSA Foothill Drive-In 334-0263 CERRIT0S Alondra 924-5531 HUNTINGTON BEACH Warner Drive-In 847-3591 NORTH HOLLYWOOD UA Movies 6 766-4317 ORANGE Orange Mall Cinema 637-0340 ORANGE UA City Cinema 634-3911 SANTA MONICA Criterion 394-1619 SEAL BEACH Rossmoor 430-0419 WHITTIERWardman 696-1238 ANAHEIM Brookhurst 772-6446 NEWPORT BEACH Lido 673-8350 COSTA MESA Bristol Cinemas 540-7444 DUARTE Buena Vista 357-1345 GLEND0RA Plaza 963-3555 HIGHLAND PARK Highland 256-6383 HUNTINGTON PARK California 585-1174 SEE DIRECTORIES FOR HOLIDAY MATINEE SH0WTIMES N0RTHRIDGE Peppertree 993-021 1 HtUUNUU BEACH Marina Cinema 372-1109 TARZANA Movies 996-1 300 TEMPLE CITY Temple 286-3179 WSTMSTRBRKHRST Westbrook 530-4401 ' Untied Artist A ti.nis.tiw .i 0)HMnv Gh3 NIVERSAL STUDIOS TOUR 'AN MCA COMPANY 'OPEN BOO AM-LAST TOUR 4(0 PM "AWONDERFULLY LUSH, LILTING AND LAVISH MUSICAL." -Judith Crist, SATURDAY REVIEW Slippgr and theRose The Story of Cinderella Richard Chamberlain Gemma Craven KTkfFrmcf nCmftnlU Annette Crosbie Edith Evans M Tht f jirv Godmothtr Th Damn' Qunn Christopher Gable Michael Hordern N m The Kai Margaret Lockwood Kenneth More 1bSmah i. 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Calif. 90028 (2131 466 3401 HOLLYWOOD CINERAMA ICME EnMMfiwN fuoard CtiamiwHin supm t m tosiiei ttJ0K5:30.6l 10:30 Sony, No Ptttat HOLLYWOOD PACIFIC Bwt SsMir HctvwoodBL IVUWMSUWaiPGI 3.JU K.UlHMOjl 466 5211 12:30 3:00 8:00. 10:30 Pink At Low Rates On Our Lots Enter vYHcon Or Canmnoo PIX nrjfimr' 464-tltl Beat Faea t Best 0ctor tOar(PG) 12:30 2:45 5:00 7: 15 9-30 11:45 200am No Passes WORLD HoUvMUat Bawar 4M-SMI t-tUt-m Mnsam I From 12:30 Noon Ute Snow N Always Low Prices! i.untt HI Mem ill MMseerejRl i Snow Nightly VINE HostywoodBL WMOtVIM 463-6619 SUPMOTjl) 2: 30 6:45 10:45 TworwnwAjmMGit 12 JO 4:308:45 KVERLY MLLS-WUT L.A. BEVERLY HILLS S"? WlliNri U. st Canon JANI(PO) 8 30 271-1121 KB0OtOl(P0) 6:30 10:15 PICWOOD PKoil Wnnrd. 272-239 474-2SM Frea Parking ARrPOftT 77(P0) 12:30 3) 5:36 8:00 10:30 Sorry. No Passss LOS AHOeXES ARIA CENTINELA E.orSeauL 670-6677 WsH Disney's Osrlng UmiSTNOtSI TWVH(O) WIMTMPOOttlG) CENTURY 1 Century W. 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Best A STAR B BORJMR ai: n.TVES(PG) 6:30 10:30 THBJVES(G) fc15-5:309tfl 943-6402 WIJNSiTWPOOtllG) 1fl0.4:l57:30el0:36 MONTIRfUO GARMAR Whiraer NrSarneU 723-2 133 726-1219 Walt Disney's uiiism none nssvts gi 2:30 6: 15 4:45 hvncpooiiiG) 1:00.4:459:15 DOWHTOWX LOS AMGCLU J TOWER Breadway AlSOl 622-9M9 But FHn ft Director I.RkMPS) L Midi' SttMitHflaWiw Mi From 11-00 A M. Sorry, No Passes CAMEO And50l IFMMei CS-1974 4. 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In Nemury Pk. 605496- 1163 Best Film 4 Director ROaY(PG) BURNT OfFERBtGSIPG) Sorry, No Passes WINNETKA1 93COWmntu wa" Disney f Chatswortli imUST HORSE THEVES(G TKPOON(G) WINNETKA 2 ABTPORT 77(P6) SWASNBUOUaiPG) Sorry, No Passet WINNETKA fun wm mcr 4 3IANE(PG) LAS VEGAS LADY(PG) WINNETKA oemonsee(ri I TOUCR Of SATAN(PG) LONG REACH CIRCLE te.Cotf Hwy. StXilTMnO 439-9513 DEMON SEEB(R TOUCR Of SATAN(PG LAKEWD Carson at Best Film 4 Directoi RCOY(PG GATOR (PG) Sorry, No Passet LONG BEACH en Lhu tSMtsFs SWSeW( B34-6435 TWO MNUTE WARNBK(R Lit Altos 1 SO. Fwy. 4 ABtfORT 77(PG SWASNMICKLEt(PG) Sorry, No Passe: Los Altos 2 Best Actor 6 Actrest l.TesMlVlsiM(R IBNiBmIPG Sorry, No passes eLOS AlIOS WaltDisneys 3UTTLEM RthTSi TtSViS(G WBtW IK poonig! SAN FERNANDO VALLEY TOPANGA 1 TopenaaA AB Star Cast Victory" ABrfOfT 77IPGI 883-3309 iz:eaxJUo:uue:juiu:eo Free Partug Sorry, No Passes TOPANGA 2 Ehst Fata 4 Best Director Townee irXtV(PG) Tct5y 12:45.3l.5:30.800.tO:lS 963-33M Sorry. No Passes LA MBt ADA LAMIRADA1 innminn ftosecransat SR.VER STflAR(PG) La Mlrada Blvd. PHANTOM Of PARABtSE(PG) 714984-2400 Continuous from 1:00 Free Parking LAMIRADA fUNwmieea. Z JANE(PG) US VEGAS UDVPG Ccntmous From 1:00 LAMIRADA Best Film 4 Best Director 3 ROCRV(PG) Continuous From 1:00-Sorry, No Passes LA MIRAOA ugu das lanpebipg) 4 JAWS Of DEATH(PG) Continuous From 1:00 c PASADENA SAN GABRRJL AZUSAFOOTHILL AllFamilShmi FoothK n Family Slum W et Qt RAGGEDY ANN 4 ANDV(G) 334-0263 NOAH'S ARK(G) hCSnetor? Oisney's ateuenaVista UTTISST NORSE TMEVES(G) 356-2565 WBSME THE POOH(G) EDGEWOOD 'ai'J?, San Bern Fwv cu I 605rv7 1. ST. IVES (PG 336-11M'BruceLee.CMNISECONNECTK)N(PG) EDWARDS Peckt Live Oak 447-6179 All Star Cast ABtPORT 77(PG SWASHBtiaiER(PG) Sorry. No Passes EL MONTE LAjusaHd. TemoleCityBL 448-6422 DEMON SEED(R) TOUCR Of SATAN(PG) SAN GABRIEL vjutyat DM Mar 288-5502 Best Actor 4 Actress NFTWORK(R) UFEGUARD(PG) Sorry, No Passes FMHSL SlAPSHOT(PGj 446631 TWO MBSUTE WARNHSG(R) 286-0443 VINELAND No.ofVh. 336-75U Best Film 4 Director ROCKV(PG) UFEGUARD(PG) Sorry. No Passes WNTR4GTON PARK COMPTOf KT0" -mm WMAtta! TWO MBRTTE WAIHBMG(R) 636-6557 Best Actor 4 Actress I.NETWORK(R) 2. TUNNEL VtSKMt(R) J. UFEGUARD(PG) Sorry, No Passes GAGE Gage Ed Sarfiekl 927-1135 ROSECRANS Lakawd. atnoscr. 634-4151 BLACK SUHDAY(R) 7:00.9:30 Sorry, No Passes SOUTH GATE Firestone W. et L B. Fwy. 564-1137 BestFilm&Oirector ROaV(PG BURNT C4fERBtGS(PG) Sorry, No Passes AUYOOMEMAS ESPANOL FLORAL Monterey Pass 262-0766 Precio Ganga Carro E CABAILO TORERO LOS VAUENTE5 SSJn"'"'' Precio Ganga Carro Olkmrial ANTE EL CADAVER Df UN LBER 666-6317 IOS ANGELES DE PUBU SUNDOWN WaNKsney, Umbert BLANCA NKVES 603-3242 a SABOR DE U VENGANZA SAN JUAN CAPtSYRANO MISSION S O Fwy. I.SRnrStreali(PG) ITeaswl Visiea(R 3. Ales 4 Gypsy(R) XT pi J&3 AHADVEKTIM FOR THE CHILD IN ALL OF US DAILY 1:00 2 SO 4:40 1:30 4 20 NOII-HII 6:66 6:99 16:99 P 6AT-SUNJ 06 4:69 6:69 6:99 419:99 PM "THE BEST MOVIE TO CARRY THE DISNEY LABEL IN YEARS!" -Charles Chomplln.LOS ANGELES TIMES WALT DISNEY noiMKrnoN Thai" I. RMDvBUENViSTtOiSIRiBuTi(liCO INC Qtse WUT OlSNtV M0WC1KMS TECHNICOLOR i)lj SPECUL ; ADDED TREAT! irlhl f 11 yflP HI P pQOHRay ! Jl lonn by BUENA viStA SSi fj KOT V y" I ' OlSTRIBUimttllK.eTJryi. nl Xfcjl ' ' 9 ANAHEIM - Cinemaland 635-7601 2 ARCADIA - Fashion Park 3 - 445-6200 MONROVIA - Bio Skv Dr-ln - 358-2565 X ANAHEIM - Cinemaland - 635-7601 ARCADIA - Fashion Park 3 - 445-6200 MONROVIA - Big Sky Dr-ln - 358-2565 BflEA - Brea Plaza 3 - 529-5339 NO. HOLLYWOdb - tl Portal - 769-4041 BUHBANK - Pickwick Dr-ln - 642-5723 ORANGE - Orange Mall 5 - 637-0340 CEBRITOS - Alondra 5 - 924-5531 OXNARD - Sanla Paula Dr-ln - 525-21 21 CHATSWORTH - Wlnnetka Dr-ln 1 - 349-6806 OXNARD Carriage Square 1 - 485-6726 CITY OF INDUSTRY - Puente 3 - 965-5867 COSTA MESA - UA Cinema 3 - 540-0594 GLEHDALE - Roxy - 243-6393 HAWTHORNE - Hawthorne 1 - 644-8669 LOS ANGELES - Cenlinela Or-ln - 670-6677 LONG BEACH Los Alios Dr-ln 3 - 421 -8831 LONG BEACH - UA Movies 2 - 596-2751 MONTEBELLO - Garmar - 723-2133 MONTCLAtR - Monlclair - 624-9696 WESTCHESTER - Paradise 641-5666 OPENS TOMORROW PICO RIVERA - Fiesta Or-ln 1 - 692-7581 ROSEMEAD - Rosemead 1 - 573-9480 SANTA MONICA - Monica 1-451-8686 T0RRANCE-0ldTowne4-371-1600 i TORRANCE Rolling Hills 1 - 325-2600 i WEST COVIHA - Capri - 962-3579 7 WESTMINSTER - UA Cinema 1 - 893-0546 i WHITTIER - Whltlwood - 943-6402 ? i Also showing at these leading Theatres ARLINGTON - Magnolia Dr-ln - 689-3344 PANORAMA CITY - Americana 5 - 693-6441 f CANOGA PARK - Baronet - 340-7434 PARAMOUNT - Paramount Dr-ln - 633-4646 a) z uuvrncr - meraua 001-1101 rumunpi ntiiuii ui-iii i -uo-ii I ' N0nTHRIDGE-CinemaCenler3-993-1711 RIVERSIDE - Arlington - 689-0400 7 ORANGE - Stadium Dr-ln 1 - 639-8770 SEE DIRECTORIES FOR SHOWTIMES HTHE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN' is another hilarious Blake Edwards film." - ART MURPHY, DAILY VARIETY it PUUTWCOMkyDeUie United Artists -NOW PLAYING!- WESTWOOD. UA Grbm Coaler 475-9441 TORRANCE. U Del Amo 542-7383 THOUSAND OAKS. Conejo Twin 495-6760 LOS CERRITOS. UA Cinema 924-7726 ORANGE. OrNfB RUU 637-0340 LONG BEACH. Rivoli 432-5480 ROSEMEAD. Rosemead 573-9480 COSTA MESA. Bristol 540-7444 HAWTHORNE PLAZA. Hawthorne 644-8669 MONTEREY PARK. Monterey 573-3952 PALOS VERGES. Foi Twin 377-5403 PUENTE HILLS. Puente 965-5867 SANTA MONICA. Aero 395-4990 ANAHEIM. Brookherst-Loej 772-6446 MALIBU. Malibu Cinema 456-6990 EAGLE ROCK. Eagle Rock Pliza 254-9101 TARZANA. Movies 01 Tirana 996-1300 LOS ANGELES. Gordon Theatre 934-2944 LONG BEACH. Plaza 429-3012 FULLERTON. Fox 525-4747 "AN EXCELLENT FILM! Pure Hemingway, pure George C. Scott, a tough combination to beat!" -Regis Philbin, KABC-TV pQfonrouiM P-ctves P'eis George C. Scott A DortPalevsky Production A Franklin J. Schoffner Film "Islands in the Stream" David Hemmings Gilbert Roland and Claire Bloom vojc. "(.wo, Ernost Hemingway o, Denrte Dart Pertltclerc Peter Dart and Mox Paleviky Franklin J. Sehaftner -v. Jerry Goldsmith IPGIPARB6TRL 6URTARCE SUGGESTED In Cow POfOTOjm Pluf. toad itw Oonion, PapDoo EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT NOW PLAYING mem MtiN THrTfli5 bjbjbjbjbjbj llRTIOnRL WEStWOOD 479 2666 2:00- 4:00 6:00 - 8:00 . 10:00 NO PASSES ACCEPTED FDR THIS EK9A6FMENT HUNTINGTON CINEMA Huntington Beach 848-0388 I

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