Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 30, 1949 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1949
Page 5
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Mrs.€eorge Platt Succumbs In Newport Mrs. George P. Platt, 68, of Newport. R. I., mother of Mrs. E. F. Eosterbrook.t of Beacon Valley Manor, died Tuesday In the Newport Hospital after a Ions Illness. Besides her husband of Newport, and Mm. Eastorl>rookH, she Is mir- vlved by four sons, Master Sergeant Wilfred Platt. stationed at McGulrc Airfield, 'lew Jersey; George and Ernest Plntt of Newport, and Wnl- ter Platt of Fall River, Maas.; 14 Krandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held In Fail River, Mass., Thursday or Friday, with burial in that city. Funeral HER MATE HELD IN HUNGARY AS SPY SWEDEN OI,DKST STATE Sweden prides Itself on being; the oldest regularly constituted state In Europe. FruriM ClHcur The funeral of Fnms Oscar Slvo- licrg, 1003 Watcrtown avenue, Wu- terbury, former Naugatuck resident, will bre held tomorrow nftnr- noon at 2 o'clock at the Aldercoti . J>'uneral Some, 70 Central avrnuo. i Waterbury, with the Rev. Alan I-iilrbonk, minister of the Bunker Hill Congregational Church, offl- ciatlnpr. Burial will be in Gr.-ivo Cemetery, Naugatuck. Frlenda rr.,ty call at the funeral home this afternoon and evening from 3 to 5 j .:nd 7 to 9 o'clock. CAIID OF THANKS We wish to express our sincere thanks to.our many friends, relatives, and neighbors for the beaut.'- ful floral tributes, sympathy and kindnesK shown us during our ru- ccnt bereavement of the death of our beloved husband, father iin'l in-other, Kmmclt R. THE MOONEY FAMILY. THE Come in and choose from our large selection of Christmas Carols . . . Stories . . . Traditional Music of the Ages. Available on LONG PLAYING and con- vcntional 78 RPM records. CHRISTMAS MUSIC FOR ORCHESTRA .Morton Gould and Orchestra CHRISTMAS CAROLS The J,ynn Alurrnv !-5ing<'rN THE MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIR of Salt Lake City HANSEL AND GRETEL with Jane Powell and Basil Ratliboin- AN ORGAN CONCERT OF CAROLS Rieliiird Keys J5igf?s DICKENS' CHRISTMAS CAROL COUNTRY CHRISTMAS SONGS with Gi'iio Antry mid Other Western Artists CHRISTMAS SONGS BY SINATRA Krank Sinatra and EiiHciublo CHRISTMAS CAROLS by Celebrity Quartet and, of course, SOUTH PACIFIC I CAN HEAR IT NOW Win A New $1800 Ford Car!! Shop Here — Coupons Free with Every $1.00 Purchase; Cash, Charge or Payment on Account. MUSIC SHOP — Everything Musical 88 CHURCH STREET TEL. 5287 HER FACE EXPRESSING HER ANXIETY, Mrs. Robert Vogelcr Is shown at tha telephone in her Vienna residence as she attctv.pts to gain word of her husband, a U. S. telephone official, who has been Jailed In Hungary The 38-year-old New Yorker was arrested with two other company officials on charges ol espionage and sabotage. The United States Legation in Budapest has been unable to contact the imprisoned man.«nternation«l) Hartford Man Named State Driver Of Month — Joseph J. RulTurty, 372 Main St., Hartford has l>o«n jmrnod Connoctlcut's ' 'Drlver-of- »•'••- • - - * * ,. t he-Month' for September In the "Courtery-Snfaty" truck driver competition sponsored by the Con- noftlout Motor Transport Association, Inc. Thr> October Seloctio for "Dri- vfr-of-thc-Month" IH Frank A, Davis. 620 West 158th St., New York City. Mr. Davis Is employed by the Adley Express Company and operates from their New Haven Terminal. William M) Greene, Director of the State Hlffhway Safety Com- mlKHlon un<J chairman of tho committee which mad'o the selcction» Hiild tihat both men have excelont accident-free records. In addition to his accident-free record, Mr. Davis is clt^'l for hla quick thinking which resulted In having tho life of a accident victim. Whlo traveling along- Route No. 20 near Charlton, Maws,, Mr. Da- vis o(l)s«rvcd smoke rising from a trailer truck which had been Involved In a ihnud-on colllnlon with a pawsenprer car After ho had' pulled his truck to a stop on the right of the hlffway Mr. Davis hurried forward to offer assiatancc. He found that the driver and passcn- tcr of the oar wore dead and the driver of the truck uncon«cious und pinned boh i ml the whew! in the burning oab of 1)|» vehicle. He freed tho Injured truck driver and the Instructed the operator of a pobsonKor car, which toad stopped, to call the police and an airibul- anc<>. A« soon as he had moved tho Injured man to a aafo UIHunco from tho. burning; vehicle*, ho re- turnod to hl» own unit and not nut flares and fusees to warn traffic .ind prevent other vehicles from becoming involved. All nominations for drlver-of-thc- month award* are screened by a commlttiio composed of officials InitcroKtcd in traffic accident prevention cnnBlstinff o f Captain Rulipfri J. Buckley, State Police Department; w. Howard Sharp, 3tat<! Hlg-hway Department; John Doyle, Public Utilities Commls- nlon; Wilbur I/. Crotta, Motor Vehicle Department; I>oan Noble. Interest Commerce Commission; and William M. Groune, of tho Highway Safety CommiHsmn. | NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), WT:i>NK8I>AY. NOV. SO. 1MB—PACK t ICAKTHWOHM8 NUMKROIJ8 In rich ground there jnay be million earthworms In an acre. INITIAL BOAT CANAJL First canal and lock In the U. S. wiuj built tit Hmi!t file. Marie. Round Trip Fares Reduced As Railroad Ups Travel Costs Reduction.'! in the present price's of railroad f.-i.MM in parlor ears and roaches through tho sale of now forms of round-trip tickets will bo offered by tho Ni-vv Hnven Railroad tomorrow when the 121-2 per cent inrreasi! In railroad faros jjoo:j Into i-ITeet. The New Tle.ven, lo-ifotlier with ither ritllroiidK KervinK the Country will Im-roiiHc it •• ODC-WILV f'lri'H In -.:o,-iclicK, mid .all railroad fares in HluKjiltiK- CIU-H, effective at mid- niKht. tonight.. lint, MfcordlnK to an mcnt last, nlirlit by Heni-y F. McCarthy, Nmv J-Jnvnn's Vice President. in ch.-irsrn of tr.alfdc, pHHscnR-- RIVI nn the New Haven will, effen- Uve tomorrow, by purcliiiHing roiind-tri]. tirkel.s be a;blc to: 1 Ride in pnrlur cars Tor less than I. hey pay at. the preHcnt. rales, by purchaainK round- •trl|> lirkeLs ;roocl for 30 rlny.s 2 Kidi- in oonrhes for tho «:un;: prices in they are now paying- by mir::ha.Hinnr round-tr Itel.s pood fcr 30 days 3 Ride in coaches fo prerent fiires round ti-|,p:( Rood for any cnj- i-ndMi' day better.,, ,,. ny two New Haven liallroiul slatlon.s on its entiri' system. c-.v round-trip lowered farp. ' rip tlc- loss than on one-day - ••'•• j'"iiui|.; mi; jNcivy Haven (n Hie fare mlnc'llmui uro'lhi! Mnlno J>nlr/i.l lliillremd and tho HoHtori Past Service Prequent Service Through Service IN THE NAUGATUCK VALLEY and Maine Railroad. Tho reductions on 1>olh t'liuse ny.stoms will tic tho ,<.'> IIH tin the Now Haven. Und«!i- the:'new faros thn nlnglc- rldo coach between Now York and Boston will ho $8.01 Including the 15 por csnt federal tax. By pur- a round-trip ticket good for 30 days a pa.s.icnfrcr can ride In bath dii-cctlnns for $15,85 uny- llme durlnff tho 30-day limit of .tho new form of round-trip ticket. If the passuntfor can make the ro'und- l-rl)) In a .single calendar day he can ride both wn.y.t for $13.3.!. In -parlor CUI-H the reduced fnreH "n the Boston-New York run will nmke It |)c;.SKlbie for n p'i.sHenijfcr to rnnkf the round-trip for $ll).0f>, I -Iiih, of C.-OUI-HR, the prc H nnt Pullman ch,,r,,'e for ;, reserved parlor- car ehair. One way fare,- In par- m^r^ve,: 111 rcmain iu ~' 1 ON THE AIR • •iO-WATU—NyUTOATUCK NKVVH Wwrr~i" Kt J ' |;L| " Bm WMrClj—Tom ;v)| x —W }' 11 V" — ('Ut't MIKH/IV 'Plrti ,,.,., i ., - > , •"^"'SO.V I 1IH(1 U.'M i','!. ! '~^"'' '•n""» > ' C Ciii)'o r'n"' -WHItV—K. Ohrlxtv lirk All ,Stnlli,riM-N..w« -j'l'tV —l,i.||.in-« to Hntiln WriC-Nti-l, Hpol-tti WH-C'll_H|,,,,.|HCCi|H! WA'ni—SIKII-IH VVTIC—WrlKhtvJlli)"Kiilk >nl ' " WATIl.-V.)H 'l',il,,.| -MllMlu WWCf)-Wh.,'M TnlklllK WI'M'-.'i" Htar 10xlr'n WA'rU-.(.!uy r,,),nlmrilt, -WUIlV—lfH llm Tun »!'!'.'.' '-l.lulil nil Tlrnn LJid you know that the Naugatuck Valley gets through service on three round trips daily to and from New York? And there are other smooth-starting, easy-riding Diesel trains, too. In fact, there are seven trains to New York on every week-day—with six coming up the Valley. And there are . > four trains each way on Sundays—all these trains, now running on faster schedules than ever before. It's real convenience for shoppers and business men. But the big talk of the Valley is "The Naugatuck;" This beautiful streamliner is a true "queen of the rails"—at your service seven days a week. So remember: you have no traffic or parking problems when you take the train. You avoid driving fatigue and relax as you travel. For further details call your local ticket agent today. At your service ' 'Tim County WTIC-. -NI-VVH WA'I'll-l'liuni. Vonr Almwer WWC'O-TwIllKliI HiMtrllll 7:30—wnuy—ciub ir, Wrrr 1 —I'nni Wi-Hlon CVmdiioti WWC'n—(lulirlnl M'-<il I.-i- WATIl-AlliiM-l Dukkor 7Hn "';y,"." V -^"wi'i-'l H. Mill-row W'l'll '-.Miii-ii M In Vnliiriinii WWCi ) I l,uvii ii Mynlnrv S:00—IIKY-Mr. i.-hniiH-li'on WTIC—This IH Vfjin- I^llc WATK-Dr. I. (). WWC()—|)r Klldai-i. H:30-WUKV~.|ir. ChrlHlInn WTIO—dri-iit (.llldiirHlnnvo WATIt-Shi-rliii-lr IlolmuH W'wcn—o n ihn (inii-n ' ; :i :oo-wniiY.4i"i'i,,,,fh,'I Mnrx WIMc: --Mrnuk Ihn Hunk WA'I'll -llnrlH Kin-luff VVH'Cll- ,lr. Kimtiiers 0 :3U—WIJItY—TiliiK Oiml'v WTTO—DlKtrlcl Atln'rni-v WA'rn-nmx Atllam riayroom WWr-O-irnmily Thratnr Kh.,w - «m WTin_m c Story ''" 1 ""'" "'"' S' IO::iO--WllltV-I,imi 'n Aimer WTIf— Oiirtaln Time WATR-On Trial WWCn—Murvnn Mlllor M;i—VVWC'O—IMlf.Hlc Von Witil rid Ati m " llllllv - ' ''u w«l!H .'M>—All Millions—NI^WH :ir,_WHTtV—Nile Shift WTir_Nr-WK WWPO-tJN Torliiy WATR—SnnrtH Oreh. SlM, T Z?~ r!emH T>a -"C'! Orcn. WWCO—Dimro Oroh :00.-_A!I RtiilloiiH—Ni>wq A. M. TET.EVI.STON "•XIIV-TV Cliunnol « :'0—Ti'letuncK :no—T'llm Shorts SO— Lucky Pun no—Kukla. Fran and OlMo •l.^—Vincent TjOiiez 0°—Arlhur Oodfrey nn_T) Iln nlnKer Show SO_Homanc<; on—Wreatlinp "• WCHS Clmnncl 2 r>n—Terl Sieelr- Shnw •^0—T,nr>k" Pu'i 4"—Boh Hnwnrd Show on—,qt r jotlv Pn- I.nnehK -I"—At Ilom-'phow On—Ar'Hir Ootlfrpy nnrl His 1°—T~»nnnlnt;o" Show nn_-rr,l^f| T ,fl, o( ' 4n ^. T WVHT rhannrl 4 HO TTnu-rlv r>no^v SO—TT-nsv Does Tt r.n_T.-,,v,n. P-nn * Ollle •*nn F)i*\vn n y 00—Television Theater •sn—Ton' VIPWS in Snorts :4D—To Peggy "VMS, tl*t Alt tXtCUTO*, UKt A •tint, IS MOST VAtUAfit WHIN MI'S 9ttM OVtK nt OHO UNO tiro**.- "THAT'S WHY I MAMtO A TttVST INSTITUTION AS MYlXfCVTOK — OMt THAT MAS StTTtn tSTATtS f OK MANY YtAHS. We cordially invite you to talk with •bout the many advantages of this institution as your Executor. JVaugatucft JVational Banfi Himkii Friinl Dtpult Iiiinio C«pirill»» • Ftitrtl Rimf* Sjfiten 16 CHUSSfi ST. 413 HO. Naugatuck (Phones 6490—6491) Union Oity TREE PARKING FOR CUSTOMERS FOR CHRISTMAS GIVE AN AS LOW AS $2.00 A WEEK rVew ASK ABOUT OUR FREE TRIAL PLAN Nothing Klit to Ntrte Sptt Station Selector Picture* SHmrf mm* Clear m» Out M**to« WIN A NEW $1800 FORD CAR Coupons Free With Every ?1.00 Cash Purchase!! Admiral Presents . . "Stop Th« Music" . . ABC TV Network Thursday, 8 I'. M., KST. »te^«<«^«tc«ct«H^^ WITH GIFTS FOR ALL THE FAMILY "One-Stop" Christmas Store AT LARGE SAVINGS Make Rosenblatt's Your PRACTICAL GIFTS FOR HER GUT BLIPS—Special $2,95 NYLON SLIPS $5,95 HALF SLIPS $1.95 to $2.95 PANTIES 39c to $1.95 ROBES $5.95 to $15.95 HOSIERY . . 89c to $1.65 NYLON SWEATERS $2.95 UMBRELLAS—16 rib $2.95 PURSES $2.95 to $4,95 SLIPPERS $1,95 to $4.95 Again Rosenblatt's 'features complete aBHortmonts of women's, men's and children's ready-to- wear for Christmas gift giviug. Here you'll find a wide selection of personal and household gifts at prices you can afford to pay. FOR CHILDREN GIRLS COATS- COAT SETS $13.95 to $19.95 g PARTY DRESSES. Smart New GIFTS for BABY Stuffed Dolls and Animals $1.00 to $2.95 •Sweaters $1.95-;?2.95 Dresses $1.95-$2.!)5 Snow Suits $6.95-S9.95 styles and fabrics . . $&95 to $6.95 j* SNOW SUITS. Gay colored pop- » ?' lins, nylons, satin twills. Many $ w with Alpaca and Sheep JJ linings ............ $7.95 to $16.95 \ WIN A NEW 1949 FORD f Free Coupon for Every I $-1 Purchase | Cash - Charge - Payments £ | FOR HIM I SHIRTS "Adam and | Wings" $2.50 to $3.60 I SPORT SHIRTS "Wings and | Campus" . .$2.50 to $3.95 g PAJAMAS jj by Nitecraft $2.50 to $3.95 | ROBES $5.95 to $9.96 | TIES $1,00 and $1.50 I SOCKS 35c and 50c J GLOVES $1,95 to $4.96 I SWEATERS $2,95 to $6.95 JACKETS $6.95 to $29.60 , „ SLIPPERS ...... . . .$1.95 to $4.95 GIFTS for BOYS Shirts $1.95 to $2 _ 95 Ties Combat Boots S3.35-$4.35 Jackets 35.95 to $12 35 Sweaters $1.95 to $3.35 Ranger Pen Sets Sl.OO SHOP AND SAVE AT Free Gift Wrapping- Service ROSENBLATT'S 85 Maple Street Naugatuck's Largest Dept. Store Telephone 3742 Use Our Friendly Charge Service

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