The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on March 29, 1977 · 61
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 61

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1977
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j-iwMM m DIM err W . 'dfmm.m .3 SUBSCRIPTION TV Jerry Perenchio is head of new pay TV system starting Friday on Ch. 52. Times photo by Tony Barnard CHANNEL 52 Pay TV's Home Run Ticket Continued from First Page commercial TV stations, are another. Perenchio has signed up the Dodgers and Angels for six telecasts each this year, and the Lakers and Kings also will appear from the Forum occasionally. In addition, he said he is talking with the Rams, UCLA and USC and would like to add boxing, horse racing, contact karate, wrist wrestling and other sports to the schedule. Another alternative service would be entertainment programming not seen on TV now, and National Subscription Television is actively seeking such fare, Perenchio said. What he has in1 mind is televising plays, musicals, concerts, operas and nightclub acts from such locations as the Music Center, Broadway, Las Vegas, the Greek Theater and the Huntington Hartford. Anticipating criticism that pay-TV might help create a nation of hermits, Perenchio says, "We want people to go out, to go to the stadiums and the movies and to theaters. But they can't afford to do that every night. This is an alternative to television, that's what this really is." Programming created for pay-TV is not far off, either. Twentieth Century-Fox is producing 12 one-hour variety specials for the pay-TV market and Columbia also has pay-TV plans, although for now they are under wraps. National Subscription Television also is in a position to create its own shows because one of Perenchio's partners is TV producer Norman Lear. They plan to develop a new series based on the famous Little Rascals and will offer it on KBSC if it is good enough; otherwise it will be syndicated, Perenchio said. "We are going to try to have a wide variety of entertainment," he maintains. Perenchio, 46, is a former talent agent who became a sports promoter in 1971 when he set up the closed circuit telecast of the Muhammed Ali-Joe Frazier boxing match. His $5 million investment grossed $20 million, he says. "It was the most exciting event in my life," recalls Perenchio, sitting in his Century City office. "That was pay-TV. It wasn't in the living room; it was in a theater, but it was still pay-TV. I decided at that time I wanted to be in pay-television. I felt it was the furthest extension of the medium as we know it." In 1973, he convinced Oak Industries, an electronics firm, to join him in the venture. Last fall they got permission from the Federal Communications Commission to purchase Channel 52, a UHF station, from Kaiser Broadcasting Corp. for $1.2 million. The pay-TV programs will generally run from 8 p.m. to 12:30 or 1 a.m. on weeknights and from 6 or 7 p.m. until 1:30 or 2 a.m. on weekends. The station is required by the FCC to offer at least 28 hours a week of normal programming that everyone can see and so its current daytime schedule has not been changed. The Korean and Japanese shows that previously aired in primetime have been moved to weekend daytime positions. Perenchio says National Subscription Televison needs 100,000 subscribers to break even but notes that they don't figure to reach that level for probably two years. There are about 3.7 million TV households in the Los Angeles area. Assuming the operation does meet with success, Perenchio said, National Subscription Television plans to expand its services into at least 15 other major cities. Pay television has been around since 1951, and its supporters have been making great claims for just about as long. But Perenchio says it has never had a fair opportunity to perform, having been hamstrung by the FCC, which was pressured by traditional broadcasters and motion picture theater operators. Just Friday, the U.S. Appeals Court overturned the FCC's regulations of what movies and sports events may be offered on pay-TV, saying "the commission has indulged in speculation and innuendo" regarding possible harm to other broadcasters. As for Theta Cable, which offers the same films that KBSC will be showing, president Bill Bratton says he doesn't think they will be competing for the same viewers. "We sincerely think it could be quite helpful," he said. "It gives more public awareness to pay and to the general idea of having movies and so on on TV." Perenchio agrees that since Z Channel customers are primarily those who were in poor reception areas to begin with and need the cable service anyway, the two operations needn't overlap. National Subscription Television could have a greater impact on KWHY Channel 22, which also has been developing an over-the-air pay TV system for several years and still anticipates having it operational by the end of the year. Program director Steve Weiner says their system will differ in that subscribers will be charged according to which programs they actually watch, rather than one lump sum that covers everything for the month regardless of how much or how little is tuned in. KWHY's programming plans are similar to those of KBSC, Weiner said, but he doesn't see any conflict between the two. "I think there's enough programming for two stations to survive without any problem and yet be an alternative to the other pay-TV station," he said. TODAY'S Hallmark Hall of Fame, 8 p.m. (4) Encore of the fine production, "All Creatures Great and Small," story of an established veterinarian (Anthony Hopkins) who hires a young Scottish vet to assist him in the farm country of northern Yorkshire. "The Incredible Machine," 8 p.m. (28) This National Geographic special posted one of the largest viewing audiences ever for a public broadcasting presentation when it was first aired. Using new techniques in photography, it probes the inner workings of the human body as the camera photographs vi-tal organs. 'Dead of Night," 9:30 p.m. (4) Trilogy of dramas exploring the effect of the supernatural on the human mind. "Mitzt Zings Into Spring," 10 p.m. (2) Mitzi Gaynor stars in this hour-long tribute to spring in song, dance and sketches. Guest stars are Wayne Rogers and Roy Clark. BEST BETS MORNING 9:00 fj Double Dare-Game O ) Sanford and Son O Gallery-Discussion O AM Los Angeles Report Q Nine in the Morning 09 1 Love Lucy-Comedy CO I Dream of leannie 09 Best of Both Worlds 0 Sesame Street GD Inside Israel-Education BD Wordsmith; Self-Incorporated -9:30-O d) Price Is Right CI (H) Hollywood Squares O Movie-Drama (1945) " "A Tree Grows Brooklyn," Dorothy McGulre. 09 Green Acres-Comedy Romper Room-Children Executive Report Schardt CD I the Beginning God 03 Ripples; Let's All Sing 10:00 O (OS Wheel of Fortune CD Hogan's Heroes-Comedy 03 Collage Variety ffl Stocks; Planning Future 3 Classroom Instruction SB Destined for the Throne SD Studio See-Education -10:30-O (S Love of Ue Serial Q 55) Shoot for the Stars OS) Happy Days O Andy Griffith Show Wildlife AdventHre Market; Industry Speaks (D Let's Praise the Lord Asian Culture 11:00 8 ) Young and Restless O (JJ Name That Tune OS) Second Chance O Movie-Drama (1952) "Moulin Rouge," CO News-Ashman CD Gomer Pyle Comedy Market Update; Options CD Electric Company-Children ffi Classic Theater Preview 11:30 Q QD Search for Tomorrow O Lovers and Friends O (D Family Feud CD Let's Rap Discussion CS Nanny and the Professor Market Coverage; Update ED Sesame Street-Children CD Let's Praise the Lord "Fill Moon liscr-Fllm AFTERNOON 12:00 O Tattletales Game O That Girt Comedy O The Rifleman Western O(S)2fUn0 Pyramid CD Movie Drama (1942) " "Somewhere I'll Find You." CB I Dream of leannie Concepts in Commodities; Market Update News; Ahora Los Angeles -12:30-OfJ) As the World Terns O 55 Days if Our Lives O Twilight Zone-Drama OdHSUMv Children Courtship if Eddie's Father Gemae; testrnctienal TV Market Coverage; Auster Cm-uwdities Yoga for Hearth Ui Canto De Meiico Spirit Song-Variety Educational Development 1:00 O (SI The Doctors Serial Q Movie-Drama (1955) f "An Annapolis Story," John Derek. (1 hr.) O GD Ryan's Hope O News-Chris Harris Major Adams-Western Market Closing; Dow 30 Classroom Instruction SaiYPtaiienta to the Beginning God Let's AR Sing; American History; Bread and Butterflies (!) Guiding Light-Serial O GO IS One life te live O Divorce Court-Drama Charting the Market Festival of Faith Vaows A Cawtar Variety Inside Israel Education 2:00 O (SAN It the Family O Another World-Serial Q Movie-Drama (1963) " "Hud," Paul Newman. News-O'Donnell Film Destined for the Throne Process and Proof; Calling Captain Consumer -2:15-OGD General Hospital -2:30-OOD Match Game 11 O Oaii and Harriet-Comedy Boze'S Big Top-Cartoon The Munsters-Comedy lilias, Yoga and You Festival of Faith Enjoying Marriage Retrospective: U.SJL 3:00 fl Mike OoBBtas Variety O Gong Show Game O Dick Van Dyke-Comedy OGD 13 Edge of Night CD htsons Cartoon Gilligan's Island-Comedy World Press-Report (Si Zoom-Children Dimensions in Culture Pichlmahuida-Serlal let's Praise the lord Sesame Street-Children Kftnba Children Dealing With Values -3:30-O Medical Center-Drama O Big Valley-Western O TV Movie Western (1969) f f "Backtrack," Neville Brand. Bags and His Buddies . Superman; Aquaman; Batman New Directions m Community Care-Education PTL Club-Rellglon M Oinahl Variety Banana Splits and Friends Sampler 58Fllmt TUESDAY'S TV PROGRAMS 4:00 Q Dinah! Celebrities O love American Style The Archies-Children (!) Emergency One Drama Q I Spy-Adventure QD Felix the Cat Cartoon (S) Sesame Street HD Villa Megre Education CD Mundo de luguete CD Let's lust Praise the lord CD Zoom-Children Ultra Man-Cartoon CD Elementary Science -4:30- LD Ironside-Drama Q To TeU the Truth O Oragnet-Drama Gilligan's Island-Comedy Adain-12-Drama CD The Archies-Children CD Cartoon Festival CD Mister Rogers Children CD PTL Club-Religion CD Film CD Electric Company C8 Spiderman Cartoon CD Open Math-Education 5:00 O News-Chung, Bent! O News-Jess Marlow O Bonanza-Western (S Family Affair-Comedy O News-Hambrlck, Henry GD News Carlson, Lawrence O Wild, Wild West-Drama ) News Greene, Clement CD New Mickey Mouse Club CB Batman-Adventure Movie-Spanish Sesame Street Children News-Fortner, Barreda CD Captain Andy-Children CD & Mister Rogers Johnny Sokko CD Villa AJegre Children 5:30 (3D Adam-12 Drama Partridge Family-Comedy CD Bewitcned-Comedy CB Superman-Adventure Villa Mecre Education lilias, Yoga and You Christ the Irving Word News-Spanish News-Reasoner, Walters Behind Scenes; The Word Infinity Factory leave It te Beaver Let's Draw; Drawman EVENING 6:00 O News-Walter Cronkite GD News-Reasoner, Walters O News-Moyer, Lange O Star Trek-Drama GD Gomer Pyte-Comedy O News Dunphy, Lund O Guesmke-Western News-Chancellor, Brinkley Partridge Family-Comedy Adam-12-Drama Rebop Children Guppies te Groupers Electric Company-Children Davey and Goliath La Usurpadora Mike Oouglas Show-Variety Destined for the Throne Voter's Pipeline Little Rascals-Comedy Vegetable Soup -6:30- 2 ROBERT WAGNER THE MAGNIFICENT THIEF Q TV Movie-Adventure "The Magnificent Thief.' GD News-Bill Huddy GD Andy Griffith Comedy GD News-Walter Cronkite Men Griffin-Celebrities Family Affair-Comedy Studio See-Education Zoom-Children Fmn Inside Israel-Education Dimensions in Culture Educational Development KUSC 915 fjfjMSO) Celebration! Now through April 1 Join with us in celebrating our powerful new stereo signal that carries our quality classical music, informational programming and National Public Radio features to 250 communities in Southern California. This celebration is yours and ours and is an opportunity for you to become a KUSC-FM subscriber! Tune to 91.5 FM Stereo for news of special Celebration Week gifts. Then use this handy coupon to subscribe. Or phone (213)747-6411. KUSC-FM (91.5 STEREO) UNIVERSITY PARK LOS ANQEt.ES, CALIF. 90007 Hirt'imyclwck pltdg D 01S $26 160 1100 1500 Namo 81rt tnd Numbtr City, Suit, tip On our rtctipt of Ihlt coupon, you lha naw KUSC Program Quid and KUSC 915 7:00 GD Emergency One-Drama O News-Chancellor, Brinkley O Liars Club Game My Three Sons-Comedy O News-Reasoner, Walters GD To Tell the Truth O Concentration-Game I Love Lucy-Comedy The FBI-Drama Big Blue Marble-Children American Israel Jewish Hour Music in Western Culture MacNeilLehrer Report Festival of Faitb 24 Horas-News In the Beginning God The Home Gardener McHale's Navy-Comedy American History -7:30-O Candid Camera Q Love American Style GD The Odd Couple-Comedy O Hollywood Squares GD Gong Show-Game O The Joker's Wild-Game Brady Bunch Comedy MacNeilLehrer Report Arrowview-Documentary m a i onignt Report liar's Club-Game Spirit Song-Variety SO DEBUT! PHONE FORUM live! Mental Health Call (714) 898-9811 Phone Forum F Troop-Comedy Lowell Thomas Remembers 8:00 Q GD Who's Who-Magazine O "All Creatures Great and Small" novie-Drama (1964) " f "Where Love Has Gone." Movie-Drama (1972) " f "Tyrant," Richard Johnson. O GD Happy Days O Movie Drama (1963) v k "The Great Escape." Last of the Wild Perry Mason-Drama News; Public Affairs "The Incredible Machine" Festival of Faith El Show De Eduardo II TBc mini-tour iVCC Ventura's "mini-tours" are trips you can take without the trips taking a lot out of you! There's our famous "circle tour." which reminds you of how California used to be. Or try a sightseeing tour of Mission San Buenaventura and other historical landmarks. There's even a fascinating ocean tour to the Channel Islands! And best of all. they're just an hour away . . . in Ventura. How about a mini-tour this weekend? California's g "undiscovered" 1 vacation g I " LjNJ iVENTURk Write lor tree motelrestaurant & mini-tour guides: Visitors Bureau 785D S. Scaward.Ventura. Ca. 93003 for 11000 will rtcilvt Information about Calibration pramluma. HOTSOTSfH) kend. Man in the Arena National Subscription TV Testing "FuR Moon Lunch" Film -8:30-O GD Laverne and Shirley Cross Wits Game CTS Documentary Chinese Good News Interview World Press Report 9:00 Q GD Mash Comedy 7 GREAT FUN FAMILY! 8 IS ENOUGH-NEW O GO Eight Is Enough Men Griffin-Celebrities The Virginian-Western Musical Variety Chinese In Search of the Real America-"Worker's Lib" Dr. Gene Scott Presents Espectacular '77 let's Praise the Lord Masterpiece Theater -9:30-ODeadofNighf-Drama TV Movie-Drama (1973) " "Harry 0." Judge Pao Chin Tien The Second Ending Cousteau: Oasis in Space 10:00 2 MITZI GAYNOR Show-k Spring Salute wRoy Clark, Wayne Rogers O GD "Mitzi. . .Zings Into Spring" Musical Variety retain O News Fishman GD Celebrity Revue-Game O GD Family Get Smart Comedy The Pallisers Citizen Intelligencer Nova Science Ten good reasons to watch this show! (1) "A beautiful television experience" -New York Daily News (2) "Excellenf'-Cincinnati Post (3) "Thoroughly engaging"-Dallas Times Herald (4) "It works beautifully"-New York Times (5) "Humor and charm "-San Francisco Chronicle (6) "Tender"-New York Post (7) "Warm and gentle" -Boston Herald-American (8) "Delightfully entertaining"-Portland Oregonian (9) "Charming" -Boston Globe (10) "Absorbing all-family drama"-San Francisco Examiner I I '""imiI' W I I n.1 -f 11 I Three super-dramas of the supernatural! f III S iBMMnnnniHiHiHiHHnnnlntMnefnk illffi'AifflnVu iWtSeTT. i iilai'if lYiiWffoV: ':'f JtfiTjSc ht-itiv)ttKKKKiKMtKtKKtKKiU 4k los angc Its Zimt S "The Man Who Wouldn't Keep Quiet" Drama Religion El Bien Amado Serial let's Praise the lord "Pre and the Pittsburgh" 10:30- News Report News Deiz, Hurtes News Spanish 11:00 O News Chung, Benti GD News-Bill Huddy O News John Schubeck O love American Style GD Singles Match Up O News Dunphy, Lund GD News Barney Morris O Ironside Drama News Greene, Clement Mary Hartman Serial The Honepooners Writing and Rewriting: Conversation With John Updike "How to Sculpt With Rosa" Latino Consortium El Dios de Barro MONTREAL 10 AM with Vin Scully, Jerry Doggett, and Ross Porter IP: vs. Tues.. Mar. 29, 1977 Port IV 7 News Ron Fortner MacNeilLehrer Report 11:30 O GD MacMulau and Wife O Johnny Carson GD PTL Club-Religion O GD TV Movie-Drama "Outrage," Robert Culp. (Vh hr.) News Ashman Sgt. Bilko Comedy News Captioned for Deaf Movie Spanish Behind Scenes; The Word 12:00 O Best of Groucho O Movies-All Night Movies-All Night Movie Drama (1950) " " "Belle Le Grand." (2 hr.) 12:30-O Movies-All Night 1:00 Q Tomorrow-Snyder -1:45-O News; Editorial VS. SEATTLE 7:40 PM with Chick Hearn & Lynn Shackelford

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