The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on January 19, 1977 · 71
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 71

Los Angeles, California
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Wednesday, January 19, 1977
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STAGE REVIEW UOS 3ngflt9 (ClintS Wed., Jan. 19, 1977 Part IV 1 3 Improvisation: Snickers Vs. Style BY SYLVIE DRAKE Tlmn Staff Writtr There is comedy and there is comedy and it's getting so the discriminating theatergoer in Los Angeles can just about take his pick. There is rehearsed improvisational comedy in which sketches are thoroughly prepared from once-improvised scenes; there is unrehearsed (or "real") improvisation where ideas are culled from the audience and spontaneously acted upon; and there is the combination of both. The choices are growing and so are the dangers. Two such groups War Babies and Our Lady of Laughteropened new shows last week. And they could hardly have been more different. The Babies, currently hanging out at the Cast Theater in Hollywood, do mostly the unrehearsed improv and they do it superbly with skill, speed and a genius for working their way out of tight situations. When called upon to "give birth," for instance, Marsha Meyers did just that: "Would you like some birth? Want any birth?" A cheat, you say? So, in a sense, was that suggestion from an audience that otherwise seemed up on its toes and generally challenged performers with complicated but ingenious problems. The actors responded with imagination and alacrity, knowing when to cut off a skit that had run its course, neither shortchanging an audience by not quite dealing with a situation, nor allowing it to slip into tedium. That takes skill, coordination and ease. War Babies eight in number at Friday's performance have all three. It's plain they're accustomed to working together and enjoy it hugely. Other performers Friday, aside from Meyers, were Susan Krebs, John Welsh, Debbie White, Caren Kaye, Jed Mills, Bart Braverman and the group's founder, Renny Temple. Susceptible to Silliness The chief danger in this type of true improvisation (Off the Wall, on Fairfax, is another such outfit) is its susceptibility to the silliness or vulgarity of an audience. You can be skilled at parrying the thrusts but how do you improve the givens? Yet Our Lady of Laughter, a quartet of performers evenly divided between the Kentucky Fried Theater (Steve Stucker, Pat Proft) and Minneapolis' Brave New Workshop or derivatives thereof (Tom Sherohman, Brian Zoccola the only female in the crowd), has managed to put together a rehearsed comedy revue called "Rabies!" that doesn't have to rely on an audience to shaft its humor. It has rather carefully built in its own tastelessness, relying heavily on mugging, campiness (Stucker so outrageous he's unreachable), jokes at the expense of other people, and a seemingly endless variety of uniformly tiresome toilet humor. How often can you laugh at the salesman who asks his customer, "May I show you something?" then turns away from the audience to supposedly zip-zip his fly? How graphic does the demonstration of a do-it-yourself vasectomy kit have to be before it begins to turn your stomach along with a few other organs? And what's funny about the fact that Sammy Davis Jr. and Sandy Duncan have only two eyes between them? Such runaway indulgence in a sixth-grade mentality Mirisch to Get DeMille Award Walter Mirisch has been selected as recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award by the board of directors of the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. The award is given for outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry throughout the years and will be presented during the Golden Globe Awards ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Jan. 29. The awards will be telecast by the Metromedia network. (we are not spared the plastic vomit, boogies and a collection of other bodily functions and sound effects) cheapens the talent employed here almost beyond redemption. Yet these are neither witless nor ungifted comics. All have done better in the past and it's a puzzlement why Sherohman, who cannot escape having directed this thing, has mired it in so much infantilism. The smattering of good things and there is a smattering is very good: a pirate duel that turns into a game of Pong, some well-done spoofing of commercials on closed circuit TV. But Stucker killing his'own punchlines as he giggles, guffaws and rolls his eyes while reciting nursery rhymes or making remarks about Shelley Winters' figure is merely fatiguing. Comedy that has to stoop that low tends to topple over. Meanwhile, the beat goes on. The groups proliferate and the competition stiffens. It's whatever turns you on: War Babies at 804 N. El Centra Ave. (462-0265) or Our Lady of Laughter at 10303 W. Pico Blvd. (556-3725). "High en the runner up IM of the lop 10 film it Paul Verhoeven'a Luily and Poignant Keette Tipper ONE WEEK ONLY MUST END TUES. A LAEMMLE THEATRE MONICA II 1332 lit ST. SANTA MONICA 451-1686 1EETJI IS oirsTunim t KFINITE MUST JEf -CM SHUT IK FIDDLER ON THE KGCF want Welt. Cm Magowm Rich In characters . . . sentiment . . . romance . . . and, at last triumph . . i tork Poll "Remarkable visual beauty" A LAEMMLE THEATRE WESTLAND 2 10754 W. PICO ItVD. 474-9589 THE JEWISH GAUCHOS SHOW TIMES M-F 7:30 9t10 M SAT. SUN. 230.4i1S 6-7i50 A 9:30 PM "MARVELOUSLY FUNNY" - Vincent Canby. Nw York Times NOMINATED FOR COLDEN GLOBE AWARD BEST FOREICN FILM BOCU CO& MA ft am.!. M'.umavciAwo, r ------ -j IMP. f Ml I kadeen Nmmtc Tar card ii ait ya t teeit ata. tare Tier. ' iUfMUTKim IIU) Ml Man 477-5581 GROUP urn muni "Jeanne Moreau, one of the greatest screen actresses of her time, makes a dazzling debut as a writer-director, displaying illuminating grace and authority. "Lumiere" unfolds in a series of beautifully articulated encounters . . . one of Miss Moreau's finest portrayals in recent years." Kevin Thomat, LA. Timet A FILM BY AiXnAll, KtNStl won ax. Fca everyc; ,3 uiwii thuthi I W3 HO. VEMJMMT NOW SHOWING M0N.-FRI. m 1:50 ST. t SUN. 2:30 40 6:1b !:00 10.10 NOMINATED FOR GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM .If 1 l" l )yf J WITH MARIE FRANCE PlSIER guy marcmano UhaAIm an albert schwartz imhej rosenthal pre sent ati on Ml SIC HALL WaSUiUWrRI Htm-.K .IU-274fiV MONlFiru 'Rib lb I 00 tO 00 SAT A SUM ? JO I S b 1i S 00 A 10 'JO .(.ADIMf Ml MM, luui .if O ll id mil i I'd .i qui-st tn ,if prrtiniti.ini r Mnntj.iy tnu' G330MD . tni Bwm Pit" - 'naiiiiMW PARAMOUNT 1 i Paramount-Roeecrane WtOERNISS FAMtY; ' ME 3-4644 TRAP ON COUGAR Ml. I PARAMOUNT 2 , Pinmount-, Rosetrarn , ME.3-4646 CARM: ROUMIAR I ROADIUM Cn 531 3033 LA UK Df IOS . UAGOS : STADIUM shaoovmj 714&38 677t Of fc4S , STADIUM ' KaMUa-Otingi 7M3t-770 TMMTZf MONTY PYTltON : STADIUM 7U(6W-7tW marathon man; i twiocm; Of. MS. STADIUM KaWla OianM CAMW; tmatm or hood 1 STADIUM i Klttfla-OrinM 7M63S-7B6D KMC KONG(fG); ? IANO THAT TIMi i FMGOT-0fc4S m; ilrIaTIDlIJ, NOW PLAYING UA CINEMA'S 1 ( ostd Wsi (7141 S4(MM4 Ddilv (HI.SJS.'I 111 ACADEMY MEMBERS: Your card wiH Mtmn foil and Quest to my perlormanc. A milestone, a masterpiece. -John Simon. New York Magulrw Seven . m LinaWertmullcr's A IjitmmU Theatre WestJand Twin 1 Daily 7 00 4 9 00 Sal Sun ? 30 4 40 7 00915 107S4 PiCOBUD 47495(9 Academy Members: Your card will admit you and a guest. Tbqyre haying cnmCo it's a shame to call the police! WALT DISNEY r1eifcl!.AniIlLS DlCS. VAN DYKE iechnmoior. M ECVAHD aRCSiSOn -DOnOlTlY FRO-7NE """"" HENRY SILVA JOANNA MOORE TONY BILL SLIM PICKENS !m "::":::v'::::r""' A MUSICAL FIESTA! WALT KSJiZVS In featurette form msamm WESTW00D Minn s Weslwood 473-7664 NOW PLAYING! 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JUDY GARLAND . 7, MUST END 3 -Strip TECHNICOLOR ACJHWi oPLUSo VifY GENE KELLY DONALD O'CONNOR DEBBIE REYNOLDS WEEKDAYS WIZARD, 7 11; SIMM,' t PM ONLY SAT. SUN. WIZARD, 11 AM, J, 7, 11; SWHUN', 1, 5. 1 pm tTffTTOiE'.. Fashion Sq marathon maniri Imp-Maho 5:30-8:00 (213(681 0633 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:00-5:30 Fashion Sq KING ROKGIPG) it TWI-LITESHOWTICKETS5:00-5:30 Fashion Sq. IN SEARCH Of NOAH'S ARKIGj . , . 5 ju r jo sjti TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:00-5:30 Fashion Sn 615.11 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:45-6:15 THE ENFORCERJR) J:i5 1 ORANGE ! Orange Mall Tystln. Lincoln 5: (714 ) 637-0340 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:00-5:30 Walt Olsnav's SHAGGY O.A.IG) 30-7:30 Orange Mall M SEARCH OF NOAH'S ARKIG 5:30-7:30-9 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:00-5:30 a rt . v unnge man marathon maniri 13 5 45-8 1 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:15-5:45 i j . . Kurangi man carrieiri 6:00-8:15 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:30-6:00 Orange Mall 5:30 8 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:00-5:30 KING KONG IPG) 0UU i a KUTingi man king kongipgi 6:00-8:30 NO TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 1 ROSEMEAD Rosemead m search of RomumO Clr NOAH'S ARKIG) (213(573-9480 5:30-7:30-9:30 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:00-5:30 Rosemead Walt Oisney's SHAGGY D.A.IGI 5'45-7 45-9'30 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:15-5:45 Rosemead CARRIEIRI 5:30-7:30-9 15 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:00-5:30 Rosemead TUNNEIVISION(R) 7:45 A ROY 4 HIS DOG(RI 6:00-9:15 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:30-6:00 fUentO Walt Disney s Aniu-Colliia SHAGGY D.A.IG) (213)965-5867 5 30-7:30-9:30 im-iiic anun iitntia a:w-a:j Puente MARATHON MAN(R) euu-B: 15 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:30-6:00 Puente CARRIEIRI 5:30-7:30-9:34 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:00-5:30 Puente m search of NOAH'S ARKIG) 5 30-7:30-9:30 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:00-5:30 Puente THE NFORCER(R) 5.45-7:45-9:30 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:15-5:45 Puente KMG KONG(PG) 5:45-:3U TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:15-5:45 2 el CERRITOS e Aiondra 605Fnit AwwaBI (213)924-5531 MARATHON MAN(R) 1DAYSOFCONDORIR 5:30-8:00 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:00-5:30 Alondra MARATHON MAN(R) IDAYSOFCONDORlR) 6:00-8:15 NO TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS Alondra IN SEARCH OF NOAH'S ARKIG) I 5:JU-r:3U-:JU TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:00-5:30 Alondra Walt Dlsnev's SHAGGY O.A.IG) 5'30-7'30-9'30 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:00-5:30 Alondra KMG KONG IPG) 5:3U-s:uu TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:00-5:30 Alondra KING KONGIPGI 6 00-8 30 NO TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS I el SAN BERNARDINO I Central City wry wan (7M Walt Oisney's SHAGGY O.A.IG) 14)684.1851 600-8 00 iwi-Lllt anuw iiuncia 3:ju-o:uu Central Citv 5:30-7:30-9:3 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:00-5:30 CARRIEIRI 9:30 Central City M SEARCH OF NOAH'S ARKIG) 5:30-7:30-9:30 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:00-5:30 Central City ' SONG REMAINS THE SAME IPG) 5:45-8:30 TWI-LITE SHOW TICKETS 5:15-5:45 Frf-Sat For U.A. Westwood Theatres Park Free at Federal Center on Wilshire 10c Shuttle Bus to Westwood Theatres $1.50 TIL 2:30 P.M. AT ()CINEMAS $1.25 'TIL 230 P.M.AT ()CINEMAS DCWCDIV BEVERLY DRIVE at DC V CIV LI WILSHIRE-275-4484 i Children-StSO Adults-S2 50 Peopl r i Ai E 4 wind lcjlunn! irk- vimiMil 1977 GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINEE Exclusive Engagement NOW SHOWING UA CINEMA CENTER Westwood 475-9441 r i PRESENTED IN 4-TRACK STEREOPHONIC S0UN0 ACADEMY MEMBERS: Your card admlti yea and a guist to any partormanca DAILY 1 30 3 40 5 50 8 00 4 10 10 PM D tUTrTIAH Jetl Bridges -Jessica Lai naw RUM 12:30-2:55-5:20-7:45 X Yi.ft'.i'ttP 1712 Hnd. 6W7 I 467 anoe KMG (ONGIPG) 10:10 NOW aH SMITTI S0ES TO WUMKTM laan Stmrt km Artkar COYEI till IttiHirwrti tawiirty ia-am T ONLY MKUS NAVE ITTNCS Can; (rat lea Artat THE000IA GOES WILD treat Ink Nelrra leayln EGYPTIAN 2-RoW OeNIro- Jack Nicholson 712 Htywd. LAST TYCOON(PG)6:45-10:20 467-6 M7 Woody Allen BANANAS 8:50 U.A. BenGazarra-Fay inhii Plus All-Star Cast WMtwooaei VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED (PG) 477-0575 2:00-5:00-8:00 MHcMA ITH. THE SEX macmneiri -1U:55 123-JS77 1 SUM 10 IEMEMIEI CanelWiMe Palkha TK MISON STUV (rtjMM) larry Parks Entya leyti aa-urn UWKNCE Of AUIII Piter Vnk Oaiar Skarilt I MAN FOI ALL SEUORS PnlSceliHd Ila4jert Skanr iaa-iirr jj'JjJM ' ,mV?laatn SDNS Of UVUONE Crtfirf Ptck ltM Hm 21J-1577 ItctlWt DIRIGIBLE FijWtij YOU WIRE NEVER lOVHER Mnic: leraae Rent Fred tatiaa lid Harmrtk ai-an MT SISTER EILEEN Rlti Rifwartk (IIU laattllair afard aM-iarn (UEJS WHO'S COMINC TO IIRNEI Speacer Tracy Katkarix Nepoari I0IR YESTERDAY Wf IWWiy Irivtrich Criwfifl AVC0 CENTER CINEMA Wn it Witad. 475 0711 Cinema" m. wi wash i witKd. 8Mf 475 0711 fTdk' 475 0711 m 4 J BEVERLY Wm W-4484 m 4 . Ion -Sat to 5:00 S2.25 VALLEY CIRCLE I ?NT!rl am tnimiH-.i MuHiolland 7:00-10:20 n Tfi - EGYPTIAN 3 2 Great Hits! 712Htvd TORSO(R) 7:15-10:20 467-6167 TEXAS CHAMSAW MASSACRE 8:50 l...NlVi'.7.N71 U.A. MOVIES VWi 766 WestMBI. IS Wilsn 475-9441 2:45-5:30-8:10-' FLESH GORDONIRI 1:30-4:10-6:55-9:35 Victory at Laurel i-4317 J. Bridges-Jess Lange KMG (ONGIPGI 1:30-5:45-10:00 DOC SAVAGE 3:55-8:10 U.A. MOVIES B Ganara-F Dunaway VtctoYatLaurel VOYAGE OF DAMNED(PG) 766-4317 1:00-3 50-6 45-9:35 U.A. MOVIES THE ADVENTURES OF Victory at Laurel WUERNESS FAM1YIG) 766-4317 2:00-5:15-4:30 LEGEND KG FOOT3 50-7:05-10:20 CINEMA CTRV . r 1BwS PEOPLE Of THE WMO(G) 475-9441 MAN WHO SKHD DOWN EVEREST CINEMA CTR , For Academy Consideration WesMBI Rooert DeHiro-JoOie Foster IBIl SWlsh TAXI DRIVER(R) 475-9441 2:00-4:00-6:00-8:00-10:00 CINEMA CTR. For Academy Consideration WestwoodBI K.Kristofterson-S Miles IBISWilsti SAtOR WHO FELL FROM GRACE 475-9441 WITH THE SEA(R) 2:05-4:00-5:55-7:50-9:45 U.A. MOVIES Clint Eastwood Vfctory at Laurel B0Cf( 1:15-4:50-8:25 m-4317 U.A. MGM vaOOTV 2:55-6 30-10 10 8:10-10:20 ' OBSESSION 8:35 VALLEY CIRCLE II othersm Alan Arkin Muumiand OF THE MTN. PG) 7S SOtimONIPG) VaUeyCKcle 7)0-10:10 6 00-8 20- to 34 XX X MUSTANG COUNTRY 8:45 Ryan 6 Tatum O'Neal - NKKHOOSONIPG) I'Wull "a,R,00fS,!?i 2 15-500-745-1030 tlNtMA 1:35-5:40-9:50 TimpaHordnofT RAARY4 WAITER GO TO N.Y. "3 0111 3:40-7:50 Fashion Ctr. CINEMA TimpiNordioff 993 0111 Ml. SMm GOES TO WASMNGTOII G .''55 COVER GRU 6:00-10:00 Z2 SOUTH BAY THE ENFORCER(R) 1:30-5:30-9:36 GATOR 3:30-7:30 Fashion Center CINEMA Faye Dunaway TaimafNordholf VOYAGE OF THEDAHLNED(rG) 2:00-5:00-8:0" KMG KONGIPG iMWHawnwnew. :io-:-:io-: Sa, 370 8507 ?J SO. BAY ML wl 370-3596 BurtReynoldsBrlanKeitti jXsroe NKKEIODEONIPG) 346-0950 2:00-4:50-7:25-9:55 ?3S0,BAY Faye Dunaway mnkiivi 7:00-9:30 HOUND THOUGHT HE WAS A RACCOON SHORT 6:30-9 06 'yy;-":'y-y v''--;:- -w :.W.vUv.& m d so. My cent a urson news W """" " -2"5l5!8lo i SHERMAN OAKS . 1 So of Ventura Fwy RifG HONu(fv) y SO. BAY Peter Finch Van Ju Blvd. 2:15-4:45-7:15-9:45 ZZi SHERMAN OAKS tW do m.w. mJi LAKEWOOD I A Carson t Lakewd. J3 425-6431 kXXMDTI THE LAST TYCOONIPGI 1:30-5:30-9:35 GHIli wlilucooN CENTUHYZ1 Sylvester SUIIone ADV. OF WtDERNESS .SlrJrc 8 t0N. Euclid THIRITZ(R) FREEH 4 TNE KAN 7:30 mm W 1 LAKEWOOD II 4 Carson t UUwd. m.wA 0" T3 SANTA ANITA mr,niir,K.1 4 CINEMA KMG KONG PG al 135 Fashion Part 2:15-4:45-7:15-9:45 445-6200 ROCKYIPG) 1:30-3:40-5:45 7:55-10:00 SANTA ANITA r. Nt-Ua Li Fashion Park VOYAGE OF THE 3 SANTA ANITA R? ClncMA "" - Dari. Faye Dunaway DAMNIDIPG1 2:00-5:00-8:06 CENTURY 21 BartM Strdsand 810 N. Euclid A STAR IS ROtN(R) 714(772-8902 2:00-4:30-7:10-9:40 FT. VALLEY mogym8i Btookhurst 1:40-5:30-9:10 at Edlnger RDE A WU PONY 7M8M-1550 3:35-7:25 FT. VALLEY Brookhurst at Edlnger 7M83M500 445-B7TJQ SANTA ANITA lk -i CINEMA KMG (ONGIPGI 2:30-5:00-7:30-:06 HTa.1 FashionPli k! 445.6200 TWO MINUTE WARNMG(R) 1:30-5:40-9:M SHAMPOO 3:35-7:50 S.D. Freeway III El Tore ftd. 7141581-5880 11 .4 Montclalr Plan Jgfi "4(628-3534 w 41 -aVr.lNFMl SADDLEBACK S.D. Freeway lat El Tore M. 7H(5l1-5890 CINEMA KMG KONGIPG) 2:00-4:30-7: 15-W:06 NKKEIODEONIPG) UU 3:45-8:00 v m Lf I nLITIi i&tj Montclikf Plan 1:30-5:45-10: rA 7M626-3W4 HARRY 4 WALTB GO TO HV. 4 BALDWIN j f LaBra A Rodeo M3.714 sr,-i MALL CINEMA ni warnmgiri SM Man 4 Bdwy. - -9 3 A 394-6703 EK SANCTION ml 7.00 Closed For Repairs ADV.OF WtDERNESS FAMtVIG) 2:15-4:45-7:05-9:30 HOUND THOUGHT HE WASARACCOON-(SlMll) 1:40-4:10-6:35-8:55 SADDLEBACK""" warnmgiri F,mwj i:-o:uu-w:is FJGEI SANCTION 3:45-8:00 THE ENFORCER(R) 2:20-6:05-9:56 GATOR 4:00-7:45 SADDLEBACK SO Finway WtDERHESSFAMRYIG) at El Tot fid. 2:00-4:30-7:00-9:30 ,714(581-5880 HOUND THOUGHT HE WASAIACCOON-(skeft) 3:20-5:45-8:10 INLAND Orange Show Rd. 714(889-3521 THE ENFOtCER(R) 2:00-5:45-9:35 GATOR 3:40-7:30 INLAND v-"wKt"Jf,J? Oranoe FAMRY(G) H1. 2:25-4:40-7:00-9:15 714(189-3521 (Short) HOUND THOUGHT HE WAS A RACCOON (SHORT) 200-4:15-630-845 STUDIO Beiellne A E St 714(885-6405 THE LAST TYCOON (PG) 7:00-10:36 LEEWARD 6 55 U.A. MOVIES MATMEES DAtV Victory at Laurel AU THEATRES CONTINUOUS 769-4317 FROM IJJ VALLEY PLAZA SHOPPMG CENTER 696 E.Colo. EN. .661-5171 ADVENTURES OF WtDERNESS FAMtV(G)7:O0-1O:O0 LEGEND OF RIG FOOT8:45 U.A.M0VIES victory at Laurel 766-4317 CAPITOL 139S Brand 243-4261 ADVENTURES OF WtDERNESS FAMtV(G)6:20-9:45 LEGEHO Of BIG FOOT6:20 mur ii i UAliinCPFI'l Jetl Bridges-Jessica Lame aaeb aunotrui 4335 6Hncoo 822-2980 7:00. 9:3 UA CINEMA Root. DeNlro-Jack Nicholson 4335 6MKM THE LAST TYCOONIPGI 822-2980 6 20-10:20 Liza MlnneHi A MATTER OF TIME8:30 UACINEMA Ultimate In Scl-Frlclion 4335Glenoio SEX MACHME(R) 6:45-10:10 822-2980 Jotin Travolta CAIMttB:20 U A CINEMA ADVENTURES Of WtDERNESS 4335 0lenc FAMtY(G) 6:40-10:00 822-2980 LEGEND OF BIG FOOT 8:35 UA TWINTheSuroriseMovleHltoltheYearl Los Cerrttos Sylvester Stalkme-Talia Shire 605 Fwy -So. St tOCKY(PG) 924-1212 12:45-3:00-5:15-7:30-9:45 UATW IN Last 7 Days! Led Zepplin LosCerrttos )NG REMANS THE SAME(PG) 605FwySo.St 824-WIS 12:30-4:30-8:30 FLOYD 2:55-6:55 UACINEMA "UltlmatelnSci-Frlctionl" La Cermos MaR THE SEX MACHME(R) 24-7726 10:30-1:35-4:45-7:55-11.06 C. Stevens SCORCH Y 12:00-3:05-6:15-9:25 UACINEMA UA "The Surprise Movie Hit ol the Year!" PCHwy- wSyrvesterStallone-TaliaShire Crenshaw . ot,Yi'?i 325-4232 DELAMO 1:05-3:20-5:35-7:50-10:0 wOustlnHottman-L. Olivier FasMonSq Hal MARATHON MANIRI i.7383 1:35-6:00-10:26 3 DAYS OF CONDOR 11:30-3:50-8:20 DELAMO wRoot.DeNlro-JackNIcholson FasMonSn MU THE UST TYCOONIPGI 542-738? 12:25-4:25-8:36 LizaMinnelli MATTER OF TIME 10:40-2:35-6:40-10:35 DELAMO "Ultimate m Sd-Frlctlon!" Fishier Sq. Mai THE SEX MACHME(R) 542-738T 10:40-1:25-4:15-7:10-10:06 FLESH GORDON 12:10-3:00-5:50-8:45 DEL AMO ADVENTURES OF WtDERNESS Fashion So. Mai FAMtY(G) 10:50 542-7383 12:40-2.30-4:20-6:10-8:00-9:45 U.A.MOVIESJ"f,B'tges-JessicaLae Pc. Cst. Hwy. !MJ6.J(?,!?(??1 THE ADVENTURES Of laCemtosMal WtDERNESSFAMtYIG) 924-7726 12:10-3:25-6:40-10:00 LEGEND RIG FOOT 10:45-2:00-5:15-6:30 UACINEMA LizaMinnelli -I. Bergman La Cerritos Mai A MATTER Of TIMI IPG) 924-7728 10:30-2:00-5:30-9:06 THE FRONT 12:15-3:45-7:15-10:45 UA CINEM A' lnspiredOrig MovleFantasy!" la Cerritos Mai BUGSY MALONEIGl 924-10 19 12:10-3:35-7:05-10:30 WON TON IOH10 30-1:55-5:20-8:45 nr. Westminster 598-2751 12 40-5:05-9 20 DOC SAVAGE 3: 15-7:30 ! U.A. MOVIES OustlnHoman-L Olivier Pac Cst Hwy. MARATHON MANJRJ 596-2751 12:40-4:55-9:10 James' CaanTHE GAMBLER 2:55-7:10 U.A. MOVIES Robt.DeHiro-J.NIcholson Ptc Cat Hwy. THE LAST TYCOONIPGI 598-2751 2:15-6:10-10:05 UFEGUARD 12:30-4:25-8:20 U.A. MOVIES C.SIevensSCORCHV(R) PK.Cst.Hwy. 12:30-3:50-7:10-10:36 598-2751 SPECIAL PELIVERY2:05-5:25-8:45 U.A. MOVIES wLizaMlnnelli-l. Bergman Pac Cst Hwy. MATTER Of TIME(PG) 596-2751 12:35-4:00-7:25 w Woody Allen THE FRONT 2:20-5:45-9: 10 U.A. MOVIES Pac. Cst. Hwy. SAtOR WHO FEU FROM GRACE WITH THE SEAIR) 12:35-3:55-7:15-10:35 TUkMELVtON()2:30-5:50-9:t0 rTX' UACINEMA Jett Bridges-Jessica Lanoe K aurKi(rti) i:4 (714) Fwy-Tyter 689-8UZ2 7:00.9 UACINEMA LisaMlnnelH-l Bergman DeNlro(Nlcholson LAST TYCOON 8:40 UA CINEMA "Ultimate In Sd-Frlctlon'" FavFwv Tyler X MACHME(R)7M-K)HXI "t4)3'6022 SCORCHT(R) 8:30 UACINEMA ADVENTURES OF WtDERNESS FAMtYIG) 700-10:10 I11TLAJIM THE ADVENTURES OF itSS&iEM WtDERNESSFAMtYIG) S.D.Fwy.Bmsa 6:35-9:40 (7M) 893-1305 LEGEND OF BIG FOOT 8:20 UATWIN QjSnBy pronfam! WestmmsterMal THE SHAGGY D.A.(Gr7:05 7M(893-1305 RUE A WtP PONY 8:55 UA CINEMA DusttnHoffman-L 0Mer WestminstsrMal MARATHON MAH(R) 893-0546 1:05-5:30-9:45 B(ltt.RelfordDAYSOfCOHDOR(t)3:20-7:45 UA CINEMA C. StevensSCORCHY(R) WKtmhwwMan 12:35-3:55-7:10-10:25 893 0546 SPECIAL DELIVERY 2:10-5:25-6:45 UACINEMA 2 Great Hits! TORSO(R) WntmmsterMall 12:35-3:45-7:10-10:25 893-0546 TEX. WARSAW 2:15-5:30-8:45-(FBI: Disney's Pull Memento Caoalletos) UACINEMA W. Allen THE FtONT(PG) WnMnsterMall 2:20-5:40-9:06 693-0548 Llza Minnelll-lngrid Bergman A MATTER Of TIMi( PG ) 12:35-3:55-7: 15-10:35 ( mams i UA CINEMA AGeneWllder-RlchardPryor S Coast Plaza SAVER STREAK re I i:ai 540-0594 6:35-8:35-10:3 UACINEMA THE ADVENTURES Of S Cst Ptaza WtDERNESS FAMtY(G) 6:40-9:45 540 0594 LEGEND Of BIG FOOT 8:25 UACINEMA SCsLPIaza 540-0594 Lrv Ullman FACE TOFACE(R)8:20 TUNNEL VISION 7:00-10:40 ( mute i CITY CINEMA JohnTravolta-S.Spacek City Centre CARRiR)2:40-6:35-10:30 634-3911 J.CaanROLLERBALL 12:35-4:30-8:25 CITY CINEMA "UltlmatelnScl-Frlctlonr CUV Centre THE SEX MACHMEjRI 634-3911 12:35-3:40-6:50- 10 o6 Connie Stevens SCORCHY 2:05-5:15-8:25 CITY CINEMA AllWanOlsney Pgm.l CnyCentrt SHAGGY D.A.(G) 1)-4.20-f:40 634-3911 RIPE A WtP PONY 2:40-6:00-9:25 CITYCINEHA - the adventures of CltyCantre WtDERNESS FAMtYIG) eaJ-Mll 12:35-3:50-7:05.14:26 LEGEND OF RIG FOOT 2:25-5:40-8:55 (7M)i LEGEND OF BIG FOOT 8:50

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