Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 29, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1949
Page 7
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Employment Help Wanted—Male W A XT Ell—Han with car lor llishl ile- *%S er> '- Apply IZoom 2 ever .XauK.'iUic Drus. El)—Man between 25-30 yeara (.1 as*% marru-a. coiiu-K' 1 film-;itio i or e<iulvalt-ru. neal upprarlnK. sfcllinK cx- purii-no- h<-lp!ul but run uMxuilUal. We are drillers lor one ot the imi-u- lur lv>w-i>rk-<f* oars. Inherit! Hillary unc! r<.rnmls>-;on bu:<iH. 1'aUl vucatlojiM HI,- ht-iilSh Ac accident insurance ,ii>ci nonpita|iKith>n. Reply Klvinc c»mpl-.-le information lu Bo* "C" c-o the News. PIS BOYS WASTED - Amily 11 <t M Bowling Alleys. ir ( :i Maple St., Nu-Ug. Employment Wanted—Female WAJiTJi.l» AT OSCK—D Kit-Is lor dem- on»tratuiK. Aierafe S^O.OO lor 3 cve- ninKs. I'lionc 31U7. For Sale II(iuses For .Sulo l-'Oll SAI.K—West Wide, .-,-r,>,,m I-lain, ily hc.u.He. natural lile halliruuin. io- roiirn. 2-lsimll.y h.nme, nil heal, a-our KaraKe. HAST NllUi— I-family All -situated cm nooil locutions. All immediate or* lairuu-y. r.STXV J.AIIHIOI.A Ke*li iCwlate AKenl Phono .NlulK. :M58 or Wttiy. Il-lilMH For Sale Houses For Sale FUJI SAL.K—In JJeucon l-'allu. z-rooni eummtr IIOUHU. lurnmllvu, imrtry lull. r uied. no iinproveinents, electricity and tolelJhont: available. upprox. l l--l neiruH, ISO It. IronuiKu vn nmlu liit'li Wiry. KoehMled yet eanlly aci.-en«ll.,'j .Tric-ml riKhi for <iulck Hale. .l->|n>iu Wtby. ;t-00-15. For Sale 7u Wanted To Bent U .VNT.KD—3-4 or o urilurniwhed rouni.s or rmusu by vulcrmi, wllu and nchoi '. age chilli. K.jply IJox "JL" cure ol Nuwa. WOOIUH'HV—A small estate c«.n.sist- inK ol ft room hoUHe with a!! rni!iler-i convirrilerifeH. (Juest house ol 2 ruoiris anil hath. Contblnallnn recreation work shop. l,arn and corral, leniils court. 1 r, aeres niee land, -l.'i irtiit trees. V water supplies, nne spring, other artesian well, li car KaraKe. l'ro;»eriy IncludeM tr.ic'.or, and tools. treasonably priced. Inspection by >app<>lninu<nl only, {leoiue. Y. Oarrity. ;.-lXM) Wtby. IX KorTIIIIIJIll-—n room anil Lath, $0,300. .Must be Hold Immediately. uioAi/rv Oxford. J'hitne litjiil. .St-ym<mr .IA.MKS .MOOUIO Keal KMnm — AppnUHcr I'hono af.r.i) for Selected Homos MOIICU.N I - JiOO.M IH1,NUA.MMV- X (1 - IIOO.M IIOMK on west Hide, (ireplaee. ,,lt heat. JIJCA(;o,N KAI.I.S— •1-rucirnn. 2 unll'i- ished, tllu huth. oil heat. A SJllOl'LylOl'. 1'hotii) 2'133 or iil44. Y—(1 rooms or. Highland Ave Tel. 0031 JOIIX HKAJ^V. U8 Churcl St, Boyd, Inc. Inouranco Phone 4-8101 Wttry Hoot Realtors 174 Grand SL liny ur Sell a liuxIneHH JO8KTJI HAMMiltlS, Ilro<:er IiiHuruncv, l,ols, Hem EHtute «0 V.. Main Ht. Till. <-iH3» Wtllj. *•. A. BHAZICK1 — Ite»l lC»t»t» — 174 PROSPECT bT. PHOMH HZI L.lst Your property lor Quick 8alo. The A, R. Mnrtlno Co, Real Estate And Appraisal* (01 E. Main St. Pbona 2-3286 Wtby. WALTKR A. NOHWASM. AKy. INSUdANCK HBA 209 Church Bt Pbonii 4784 FOII SAJjl', — : lamlly house with \ roornH on each flour, good condition, fine location, priced reaMoliably Call Anthony Karrer '1^311. Iniiurance & Heal VVAA'TKII—r. uiiluriilHhcil rooirm. ;i mlUltH, Uood tuliajila. Plionu I!lj'."J For Rent Hooitiu lo Ilcnt FOIl KK.NT— llooni lor iteiltletnun. e.fll- trally loealcil. Call ;il «'.! Knliher AM. MCH. Kunihui'Mlii. Automotive Autos For Sale VOU SAI.JE-19.a7 DeSoto. R&H. 1 nev, ilrcB. Phono G413 or 5745. m. »-*ljJ5_i!ljG Chev. In dl.tlon. Phono OJ677 *'<>'*, HA1J5-..1M4 Lincoln Mediui, let Ijliiok, muchunk'aDy excvlleot. very clciui, Packard Waterbury, Inc. I'uvkiml Bul«H ft Horvlue "A sulo Place to Uuy" •182 Wnlorto*n Ave.. Wtby Dllil 4-CiOD 1 WAMA 8a ApartmentM For Kojit KOIl KM NT—4 rooms with furnltui-o. yer.-i- rt-am>nal>le. Inimedlate oi:clliia:.- cy. l^eavllin mule, I'llone OIJ2.M. !i lo / p. in. TO MIlll-LIOT — FnrnlMhiM] 4-n»rtii aparunent lor v.-intei- inonths, Kefef- ences exchanged. Tel. t;8i»7. HI) Offices To Bent KOIl KENT — otficuH for profesHlunal man In Nauiealuck. Tel. 3-U8I1G. Wthy. Announcements Lib UiipurtuniUe* TlllWITTI Stop At The AIT8VIir.K BPA New Ilurnn Itiiud finn* 4 Fitzpatrlck-Romano — Public Accoun'^ntft — • Phono N»ug. 2805-S007 DHKSHSfAKINO ann Alt«r..tlon» <iomi reasonable). I'hono 0841. Mi's. McOulro, 47 Blngham St. OpportunltlOH Vt»lt Our HiMlu Kvunuin t)pen 7 a. m. to fi p. m. Kxcopl Bunday ANDY'B CAMl'Ua — Church Htruut Wit,1,1 AM Jl. OHITTIONUUN liiNiiriiinif — Jteal ISO (.'hurrli Ht. Phono 2-HO 14* in KO11 SAMi—In I'ro.siieel near UnluM City, li room lifUHe, with sun porch. 2 car Karate. Sltuatc,1 < n a corner lot. Owner moving to another city. Must xcil fiulckly. Sacrlll<:f. Phone 7304. UIMKIH A1 K <>(:C I'I'A.N (J Y—5 ro-un ... I'rt^pert-Union City Kii. Prewar, well constructed, Nlculy !..- cateil lot. approx. "00 ft. HU. (Juo. Gnr- rily. Tel. Wtby. f,-1S50. BYROl.l.T'h BZAL E8TATK 48 Spring St. Tel. 3-2681 Waterbbry, Conn. Wanted to TTuy ITANTK'JU— QocO Z rarnlly houno, r. or rooinH on ouch Iloor prolerrnd. I hav« a c»Hh cuHtorner waltlnic lor »uch i Special Notice* 11ENHT M. MURPHY Real Kstntu and Apprnlfmln Tulephono 3-4032 Watnrliliry A MAN.. IN THAT CHAIR — CK- ASLEEP? BANKRUPTED COMPLETE !! TH' FORECLOSIW UflRMINTS TOOK 1 Biesser THING i OWNED •MV HIRED HRNDS QUIT VEOOWT COUNT!! V6 HRIN'T GOT NO NEITHER '.! BUTLER'S IW TH' HOOSEGOW--OHH ONLV HftD ONE TRUE FRIEND IN THIS GREAT BIG, OL LONESOME WORLD SHUX I'M VORE TRUE TVLER THPfTS W IftST PER RONWN'IHRU TH' PflfiK INHiS TVLER BI6«ER!^* NO tET >ER To EXPLODE: I'll CWAMGt7\ REEr -' P'Ckl YOU BE BBEWQVOU 1 J UP ATSB MB8S/ BE SEEIMQMDU.^ : WANr TO SHO/J ALL THE PCLLA* VOU CAN BUWKRlGHF OM THE CAMPUS AT MV MATV4 TBACHBK'S MOUSE/ HIE WIPE'S SWELL.? GIMME NOT &UCNING AT MC f — THE "PCOFECr DATE CONTEST" I VOTED POC VOU 7HOEC NO BVNOTVOriMG YA.TOO Noryoue FAULT.' AND I'D tove TD HEY! CLOSE TMAT PROMT T)OOR(I ..OR MEKT WIMTER .WE GET US A SHORTER COG '.! VES, MY DEAR, >ME ARE LEAVir4<5 THIS ISLAND FOC- EVER ... ON AAY PRIVATE YACHT, THE "5EAWTCH"/ MY IH\JENTION,THE "EYE", I HAVE AMASSED GBEAT \AJEALTH FROM THE IT HAS CAPTURED.' FOR EXAMPLE,THIS DIAMOND NECKLACE... VA/WCU IS J- FORYOU/ A- i usion CAHS BAHOAIN8 1948 Ford Convertible 1948 NuHh Beilun 1147 KuUui Uudaii 1847 Olds. Club Coupe 1911 Club Coupe 1841 Chiivrolet CUib Coooe 1!H7 Ford Pluk U» 1D4» Chevrolet 2-ton stake iruofc Numerous Others Al Low Prlcoa The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church Kl. Open lOvniilnKd KXl'KIIT—Carburetor and generator service, Check now tor winter. A & D AUTO SERVICE 014 Bank St. Tel. S-182Z Wtby "ITAFCb" BBTTBB r»»T) CARII THBlWArOATUCK TV HI CO. -Mi6 Winter Aoceuonen . BALDWIN HT. GULP STATION Jo«, OlrUllo, fvop. T»r J-D94* Wtby or 49(0 N»wr. i » <• H. ubb *l' " 196 Rubber Are. BUtloi. Phone 4947 " HOTCHK1S8 ST. GARAGE DODGE. Phono H, ITUMKHAKBB TBUOKII •v.U.ble All ModetB » Rubber Ave. t Vhone 483K - 8tudeb«k«r"Ci>r.« ft Truclm . •P .1 i * Tel. S- HAI/K» *»••• W OAB8 A , COACH mnlete with taftthroornH ' oornH HhoworH, tuljH. FnmoiiH Liberty Troll ' r,w S?^-' 110 " "? w »™ 1! «We :on 6 year r>% (Irutncn pliin, Othor well knowji mnkoH Ilk,, VannbonO, Trotwoo. I, American, National and Prulrlo Hi-honnor on roaaonnble termM. Opeii ,."' ?,- '!'? "• "'• rt 9"y- Kydor Tnifiiir ,;"•; I"M.I { ' > " u ^ MI " ( "-tl. Conn. (1 mile "nut »f Mlllord Conler) MlUord J-2039 Auto Fart* VM 1 ".'• I'K-4-now 100 iimp. DukTo cur Imlterl,,M worth 120 ea. Will M ell (or nit. Call 3-:tanr, Wuturbury. . , Br j lr ; Wheel AliirnmeHt Axol and Frame Service —Welding Axel Painting' — Collision neimlrH -I^nNI J3'8 AUTO BOO V WO 11KB 138 Wiiturtown Avo, Phono 3-0841 Wtby. Hartlord, Exlrtr, Autoltu 4k Arnubtrwu BntterlnB. „ ,JOE'S, TIHE SHOP No. Main fit T»l I-J414 Wtby. Merchandise Household Article* i'OJl SALE—Blue ovcmulloil llvliui room, chair. Tel. 5.SJJ3. Alter'B D. m. jaund " l«, to - Pbony BQgtCIBI 4 I'JKUJJ— tlotld Tei' yATJGATPCK NEWS (CONN.). TUESDAY, NOV. 29, JJO-FAftE,3 Services »7 plM|ne«Mj Service* Rendered Services HOLLAND FUIINACK CO. Ut 0. •HilBi'st^ 1 '' jM T2r. U 4*'lOo3'wtby. TAKES lor Blip (Jover», Drapery, Spread.. Material .ample* •hown. Tel. KT«U/« MoMlch, <«S» Cl«ai»d 1'ranpect St., *»f t and repaired bj 'ii«M;.i yt>B8 "' ">"»on WOI-K. WBOM Phone 6-0267, Wtbv. ArtlolM 1'or 8<Ue POM : »Ajr,K.-Ch)ld a roll-tou ~mlp^ de»k and «wlval chulr, $10. Tel. S464 ' 1>ho " e HAJIOAINM - KOOH - LAVE Cedar Ch«»ts ... l y C S A , RI iP FUHNITUUE CO. 407 W. Muln 81. Tel. 4-02!l,j Wlby *i°JL HA 7'' E 7" w ' ll " ut n lc " le -wllb 1IMITEB «lUAT(TITTf-9xl2 wool luco ruKH. |2w,95, w ...^UOATUCK FURNITURB CO. 26 (to. 'Main 81 Phone Z7) 1 Climrimpo Bale — Itayon Drei« 1'rlnta — BOc A 'Yard /!'• *i £• F ABKIC CENTER _0rand HI. Oi^i). Hbdley n TO OF B-URNITUBB . lortumilely, thin purnon In not 7?*^ ln * W 1 *"!. For Inlonrm- tlon mill detallM phono Water- A—i»—B'-rc—n—T—'n 288-74 Ho. Main Ht., WiiU.rbiiry Onon ThurxdnyH to » i,, m , w " Bhl "« n.\U()Al>IH— U 110 and X! Watts Electric WrnltB Turnpike ... T«l. .1-41170 Wtby. II8KM IU:VKRII)flK COOI.KK - 22 onsp countor typo dry roofer. To l>e aokl bolow ooHt, oomplou, with unit. Original <;o«t 1 yaar ano '15Dr>. Bacrl- l(co prlan JH2S. WAUTreH'S' HKFRIOKnATION Main St., Deacon Fallo, Tnl. 7130 PALL FUB8 — Full Monk. Little ,..__ _. ... . j 2Jii. TIIK HABKIEKm HHOP i Grand Mfc. Tel. 4-78SI Wtby. •allty T.imtniT OloTen— llr»H«. Drlrlnn THE TOY IIOUHK Selection Now At Its Best , wls « To Shop Barly ts Plen»iint Ave. Tel. 3073 *J.*'jt ; IAIj -on mum rayon BOa a variS. Gall Mr». Rath Pllskln at C806. Selection ol New and U»eii Auto PurtH, alrto Now and U»ed Tlr».» « No, HIverHldn Ht. T«I B-04B2 ppon Bunday Mornln«« ""0 * »«e»PP«d lire.; \ n ri±* r ' 1 ' t<> -«" t •"••"-vlrtt T J"*^" 1 ? TTRT! NAT.TSH. ^ R ? y " Tlr *- dtatrlbutor. ", r C ?; •""Plow* «»t»unt Compute Lin. ol Seae Cover* Joe's Service Station 178 BHdco Bt. , pho^ W10 Contractors ni)IJ J nKK-Cari».iit«r. "T U 4, « Prook, P*«r| Tel 7I»I. BulMlnit ,TW..»WUWU Wood t Brink, Band, Concrete Bund, Louri Phone 8648 or 33C4 Mariano Mat t Stoat ?]f le n!l t i y ,'_. R g^ Jy '' MI ;J» a Concrete Co. -J^i^S^syLrLS^^ TnicUlnir-'-Mgviiirii" WKKKI.Y THtPA to N«,w Tor*. New R»bl|l«rd Van Linen. Wtby,'s-3«88, ' MARIANO BROS. PalntlM, I^pftrhaiuetnt - Ejirrlor A Interior, Full Inmirvhce- Cov»r««e T«tni>hon« init "J?!?. ^VMTMKNT I. to tmlnt your lor Ire* eittl- 'PRACTICAL NurnsiNci EASY. TO I.ISAHN AT HOME Propar* now for'this mterentlnif, wall paid work. Nurtien are needod—many •-Hi-n whllB lonrnliiK. spiire tlmo truln- Inn pluu 'wolcnrnoil by ckictor*. MlKli 5'i!, r r, .""' """""""''V. Inlormntlim BU. Wrlto Indiiy. Wayne Hchooj of Pruclltal Nuralntt, nox "A 1 care of Nuwa. ' , . RAYM6ND J. HtT6HKS Pilntlnir — P>nerhaiiflnr IB South View. 8t , " "ajoSaHQ INTE11IOB PAINTING Phone Jowenh »nn An«elo —71TO Kloctrlrjul •••'•iC WIKlNOr-oi al | i|, lUH Hpaulnlty In ismull lotos .lor the l","i <layn— J-romlitlv taken oure ol JAIKK - w'Ki'i'Aiin Merchandise Poultry and riVlrk.,,l l "f Kr1 J rK »- "IK MiTnmeht '•"„( "lilukc-tiM, lirullnrH, rouHlerH, t,»rk«yi <Mi|)c,n« uiirl rabblw. •IH-Wtiv n rlvn' i i Cl.l<-k(,n Markot. On .Iho . Natiun lurk - loo ifi V ol Platt " *'. T4I, Niiuu OKH.\ CIHIOKKN - " viiMli) .(MWln. Itrindv tn- GREAT _ I'hcma 5040 ; 4804 hronxn N ON ,,!!i,l5, "it"..,, 76 School St. pour/rnv - or tro«i> lverv, i; I(IS1'«4«7 Feud and,Fuel 8KAHONBU WOOP—Flroplnco furnaoo "-avm" 1 """' Dellvoro '' 1 - Tel ' wtby. 87a OHIce «nd Other E«)ulr>ni«it _ ;r.o,isj|H Thlw Wfi.ek only, \ilth «vcrv order, (roo--valuable (tlrt,'(r«« o'nc'yen'r Kuaranloe, lr<»« cttrry.lng tH«>i. irm- homo lyiilriK c'ovlrw. KPIHV wiyments, nn cnrrylnK olmrirn. SOI.OMONTJ HAIiBM & HBBVICrt 37 Cooke St. — ToT 4-7010 Houaehold Articled —:—J 0 ,r>|«o« NOHd mithoifuij illnlnu room Mult& in nbocl condition. Call Nairn. 5700, ' "•on HATiK—onin bad, nlmoMt how. fall «C-tl alter iiHO p, m. KOIl SALK —Cohrtilnatlon KI.H * oil Htovn. 4x4. nranllcally' n'ew. Vi*ry vouMunublu. I'hono r,G22. TI 'ACY STAINJ^KSS STEEL. HINKS Doiible Howl, (to Inch, Below Coat _. TOWER APPLfANCra 28«No. Muln 8t, Phono 4-1294 Wtbv. ery. trim- ,-,...„.., *J«H.MIP*>. iJiu KTiWI If) WtRtfl. Reliable Factory, 17 Bcovlll 81. Wtby. 30 Mkftcctlnneotui 8WKET CJOKK—Made lro«h d»llv Irom '' Cklor MUI - 30b Musical MECCA MUSIC -SCHOOL, Buckingham Bldit. phone 5-2245 Wtby. *i»kram«itf) Furnlnhed Good Thing. To Ent ROMA PASTBT 801 NOKTH MAIN BT. - JieHt lUllan-Amerlcarl and Pastry In all Now Iflrigland. Al,, monl. u«latl and lo cream. Every thlnit made on promlnen. Special at- tontfott given to w«ddln c PartlS ,",. prlo«M are the loweKt, but our irier- ohandlBe de/lnlt«ly the be»t. We deliver and Bhlp anywhere In the 'C: B, T«l. Walerbury 6-2117. ; Education 32« Irwlruetloun I.KAUS TO WUiyK-Cflill Centra* DuuL Auto Drlvliin Bonool, ziu w«»t M»l» 8t Tal. 4-6252, Wttlftrbiiry. 85u AW *'"»> old MATTUKSS r«nrn<l« Int. •n lonentprlntr nqoal to SKW hi I »»y. Hnitirfor r HaAr M «. Wtbr., «•«»«•. Mattresses Remade 1 Day fl«i,vlco-Work naar*nt**4 Stanley'* M»ttro»H Sorvlc* Phone 4-»!7» W»t«rbur» , K:c.A. — Admiral Television R»le* un<l Service SWAN'S Wwtrlcnl OntrttCtar* Slnipo J9Sn _HL CEOAK ST. »T»l.. LEWIS CAttBOl,L ' • 'fit* 'M*iu*r ' o* Ik* IM»r*' OMMTKIJ K<JtJAHK _ CoSSlSlI PJtOUttiCT • VHIOR HTIIBK'IH BUrclu TO* BUKTO CDlrtin* ' TrM Ouar rranii* Whulow ft*»b * r'nun«» P»lmi Flwir -m»t«ri. tor HfcwrrAitnUa'Jr t^Zr ^°"j BuitSEB MELBOURNE mji^'AJf' r> "'"« AJUSB WI5sP^ .KAI.AMA200 I'KICES DROPPED TO A NKW LOW. Price and -_ ^^^" SANTOS OEKERAL REPAIRS Radiator*, Battorto. <Va*hln v Muchlnon, Bah.v Blcyolen, Sold IAWN MOWBItS _«BO Rubber ATH. Phon* Km ORDER NOW If You Want a MUSICAL INSTRUMENT i for CHRISTMAS Everything Prom a Piccolo to a Sonsaphone 7EMBRUSKI NORTH MAlN C ST h< ' :> TKL S807 Open Thtirn. and Fil. TUI 9 SECURITY Doe* .7 .• ,i,«iirnncn give ad*. qti*te i>r<'option M»d»yT DC YOU HAVE WT NAUOATDCK INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Building cant* are utoadllw InoreanInK PHONE 2080 v >• W. BATON. Mip'. WANTED SEAMSTRESS Must Re Capable of First Class Work APIT.Y IN PKRSON AT |M. FRJEEDMAN Co, Vcnrv B'l'ltHnr Church fit. Bualnea, CAllSIKX-K 147 8, wit J- * M. Er,)3CTHICAL wonir. «iB.r»r«- KJS:^^ ssf ^. ,?S>«s%j CAESAR KBZYXOWBB1 ('•Inter — D«eor it BUCNNAN «T KXPEUT BOnv \VOBK Complete Painting fm Wrecker »nd Towtn f —™«**»-"* I'^Kn /ivjuuukto JS, e Nau ? a tuck Puel Co. ™™ DKALKtt Phone m TO STOP- ROCKY '8 w . WAi-sr»E KITCHEN WAtorbury Rood at n*t*» tUltm Op^n Daily n Koon to 12 8iiF-"— - - - Kl ""^ HlTwIcr Ctoorw, TE8 S SA^BMAHBHIP "Ion. »fov. 14th COMMUKCIAX and OOME8TIC HKKKIOEItATION WALTER'S KEFRIOEEATIOir Main St., !!«»<*,„ KaJU TeL Emergency ,™E C ?INA INN ^^f^f^^^^^^f. ff ^ f ^ Jr ^ ^^ ^ Oeo. Wigx!« swort |, « son. FBI. l-LUHBINO. IIKATIW* .J A IK rX»N»ITTOVr>« MAI'LK KTflKBT Oil Mczzio'3 Offers:— ROSE HAVEN Ut<'hf;,.ltl, Conn. 1'homp'HM HuMW-.'n, !„.„,,, ,„,- „,,,,.,. ^ ,„ r«r«.|<«iH Mvlnn. I nl<m u A-I n,,Private ItoonlH - 8ull» - - Wvirui „ i' r ! m >. v ' rl!<: ''-°- Br « T - i^'tuh- fl':Id. Ccnn lira. Numo* lo AltcBilaiF* A Product rtf The Waterbury Ready-Mixed Concete 'Company 0 STItKNGTII M BENEDICT KT. TEL. 3-418S WATItUIlUBV, HLWAV (llllt.LE SOI South Huln St. »M|riilur U«Uy Dinner 5»c up OATEHINU IroJl WBI) I> 1A <! r SHOWERS, 8TAQ PABTIES, :KU Bunqnot Koom, CnckUII t Full Llqnor Lloenae If It's Anytblnt r»r Vnnr ' ' ' ARRAY FLOOR COVKKTNOB Diamond St. • TeL OD1» SAM'S BERV10B CTATIOK wad OABAO1 i M Babher Av«. ft». M«7 — Front End Work — I CAN DO MOST anything for YOU Whether it be selling- P, car or- finding- a "sitter" for Junior, I'm always on the job for you. I 'm ready to work for you whenever you " need me. Try me for fast, dependable service. 22 2 S CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT of The Naugatuck DAILY HEWS

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