The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on May 13, 1977 · 87
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 87

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1977
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19 ILoS ansrlru lime Fri May 13, 1977 Pt IV MOVIE REVIEW A Dark Chiller From Sunny Italy "Dripping Deep Red" (citywide) is a frightening atmospheric Italian horror movie starring English actor David Hemmings, once again cast as an inquisitive, endangered bystander involved with gruesome deaths. Hemmings plays a pianist who lives in the same apartment building as a psychic (Clara Calamai) who is murdered when she reveals the presence of a crazed killer at loose in the audience during a lecture on parapsychology. At the scene of the crime, Hemmings finds the only clues 'DRIPPING DEEP RED' A Howard Mahler and Trlslar release of a Dario Argento film. Producer Salvalore Argento. Executive producer Claudlo Argento. Director Dorlo Argento. Script Giuseppe Bassan. Photography Luigl Kuveiller. Music Giorgio Gaslini. Featuring David Hemmings, Darla Nicolodl, Gabrlelle Lavia, Clara Calamai, Ama Macho Merll, Eros Pagni, Giuliani Calandra, Glaucho Mauri. Running time: 1 nr. 3J mln. MPAA-Rated: R (those under 17 must be accompanied by parent or adult guardian). to the paranoid schizophrenic's identity. A singing child, angelic music and mutilated dolls are the spooky leitmotifs accompanying each murder. Giuseppe Bassan's screenplay promises more than it delivers, but provides an intriguing premise and ensaring red herrings until finally dissolving into incredulity. Director Dario Argento provokes excruciating suspense but gets carried away with bloody flourishes. As ever, Hemmings is awfully convincing, Daria Nicolo-di is credible as an aggressive female reporter, and Glaucho Mauri is competent as an Oedipal, alcoholic artist. Photographer Luigi Kuveiller's artful long shots and composer Giorgio Gaslini's eerie music evoke primordial terror. While the film has been successfully dubbed into English, Tristar distributors have added "Dripping" to the original title, an unnecessary hyperbole. -LINDA GROSS ACADEMY lAf I M LM RL?IE I VVIIMIMIblTl BEST ORIGINAL SONG (EVERGREEN) TJ AWARD I BEVERLY MILLS I Mann's FoiWHs Mrs 653-0663 -Ct.lAtt.tll ...I..- NOW o I MON-FRI 7:00 4 9:30 PM SAT-SAT 2:00 4:30 7:00 4 9:30 PM ARCADIA Sinta Anita Cinema 445-6200 CITY OF INDUSTRY Pumli HUtl 965-5167 BLENOAIE Reiy Cinema 243-6393 LA NABRA Fashion Square 691-0633 MARINA DEL REV UA Cinemas 922-2980 REDO DO REACH South Sty Cinema 370-9587 SHERMAN OAKS Sherman Oaks ClMma 986-9660 AlHAMBRA El Ray 282-9404 VAN NUTS Airport 892-1191 FRIDAY 13th MIDNIGHT SHOW TONIGHT V rvi w im MittU sfii -wra staMnaain hmucs au mum XM - Jr an em statu, in S UVE MJLMUO M AU04ENCO fTEjaf JT V' '"? 1 CAP1 FROM AiTUM-1 WAv lwi yA tirmmizc A COMMOmTVI I flfi V- ' 1 I SUUMU LOW ITMVU) I VJ i - JwowaecoaieTHi! wn Mrfit& fa iich mi m mm set W ariniiiH ear am mum n nmmt Htmam i PIWHH w" win H MU nn: OFVti wtmw aa ami Winn Con, Hi lead u. Cm) mn, Cam Hwj Fa. Iwmm Ml Batt) Dr. la, lam Cml Dr. la. Nam Hiwm, Saal luck vaago. ClareeM. Pitt: MARK OF THE DEVIL at HMSt II Flat: IT CAME FROM WITHIN al IXse IIHI: Acrtll, PllUlll - AIM, til Hill - B ParUt, N. IIHimI Fai. Nerteneae Ht. Vmhti Cml Dr. la, imriUM. PARAMOUNT PICTURES presents "FRATERWITY ROW" A CHARLES GARY ALLISON PRODUCTION Starring PETER FOX GREGORY HARRISON SCOTT NEWMAN NANCY MORGAN WENDY PHILLIPS Guest Star ROBERT EMHARDT Featuring Music by DON McLEAN Written and Produced by CHARLES GARY ALLISON Directed by THOMAS J. TOBIN IN COLOR Dr.MHnii eiiinfirsicefl A PARAMUUN I HtLtAbt BRUIN HASTINGS RANCH UA CINEMA 3 Westwood 477-0988 Pasadena 351-9641 Cerritos 924-7726 MANN'S HOLLYWOOD 0L0T0WNE2 CINEMA CENTER 1 Hollywood 463-9371 Torrance 371 -1600 Costa Mesa (714) 979-4141 UA CINEMA 3 Marina Del Rey 822-2980 FOX 2 Covina 332-0050 CINEMA CENTER 1 Northfidge 993-171 1 "Watergate set unconventionally in a convent. The recognition factor is the essence of what 'Nasty Habits' has going for it. Making the connections is most of the fun." Charles Champlin, L.A. Times Nasty Habits' is political cartoon brought to life by an extraordinary collection of actresses. A movie as witty and Stylish as itS target Wasn't." -Richard Cuskelly, Herald-Examiner "Bravura performances. We'll be seeing these naughty nuns at 'Oscar' time next year." -Arthur Knight "Hilarious Heavenly Hash. Comedy gets a shot in the apse with 'Nasty Habits'. It knocks over a lot of sacred cows both on and off the altar of piety. It's the Watergate mess set in a Philadelphia nunnery! -Rex Reed, New York Dally News "Pure gold...outrageous and amusing. The screen is set aglow. Glenda Jackson is superb. Sandy Dennis steals the show." Judith Crist, Saturday Review "Shades of Watergate, a biting, black and very witty comedy starring a knuckle of cracking good actresses. Glenda Jackson, in the first good role she has had in several years, Sandy Dennis' characterization is worth all of 1976's Thee movies rolled into one!" -uz smith, cosmopolitan OUcoi?edvS "Farce of evil-Tne satire crackles. Nixon ' and Co. as a gaggle of nuns. Glenda Jackson alone is worth the price of admission. So is Sandy Dennis, a Casting Stroke Of geniUS." -Alexander Keneas, Newsday "Packs a moral wallop. A sprightly satire exuding playfulness and Sparkling Wit." -The Rev. Frederic A. Brussat, Cultural Information Service "Extremely witty. Truly spectacular talent. The finest group of actresses and actors assembled for any picture so far this year. Glenda Jackson has her best role in a long time. Sandy Dennis iS Convulsively hiiaNOUS." -Bernard Drew, Gannett Newspapers "At its best high wit and inspired silliness 'Nasty Habits' suggests a Midsummer Night's Dream of Watergate. It's a comic bonus that Sandy Dennis, wearing big, round specs and grinning like a rabbit, isn't just a cartoon of John Dean smiling she's John Dean crossed with Amy Carter. Even those who voted for Nixon may be able to laugh at 'Nasty Habits'." Pauline Kael, The New Yorker "An unabashed, outspoken parody of Watergate with a bunch of naughty nuns as the principal mischief-makers. Performed with a flippancy and malice toward all." Bruce Williamson, Playboy "Splendid cast. Glenda Jackson is ambitious, remote, imperious, demanding and petulant. Anne Meara is her lovably daffy self. But the real scene stealer is Sandy Dennis, who is completely delightful." Kathleen Carroll, New York Daily News BRUT PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS A GEORGE DARRIE RODERT ENDERS PRODUCTION GLENDA JACKSON MELINAMERCOUM GERALDINE PAGE SANDY DENNIS ANNE JACKSON ANNEMEAKA SUSAN PENHALIGON"NASTY HABITS" obo sfomng EDITH EVANS JERRY STILLER OS PR Prretl RIP TORN ELI WALLACH os Monstgnor Musk by JOHN CAMERON Executive Producer GEORGE DARRIE odopted from The Abbess of Crewe by MURIEL SPARK Written for the screen ond Produced by RODERT ENDERS Directed by MICHAEL LINDSAY-HOGG Color by Technjcolor PG PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUS&ESTED S0MC HMUmu MAT NOT BE SUIUBIC FOR (W TEENAGERS SPECIAL ENGAGEMENTS NOW SHOWING Mann's NATIONAL, Westwood Lindbrook G Gayley 479-2866 DAILY 2:00 4:00 6:00 8:00 & 1 0:00 PM MIDNIGHT SHOW FRI. SAT. AUO IN ODANCI COUNTY CINEDOME 20 BRISTOL CINEMA HARBOR BLVD. DRIVE-IN Orange 714634-2553 Costa Mesa 7 1 4540-7444 Santa Ana 714531-1271 V o X Ban NOW PLAYING AVCO CENTER CINEMA I Wilshire at Westwood 475 0711 Daily 2:20 4:15 6:05 8:00 10:00 PARAMOUNT 1 Piramount-Ronaani ""' WMmti 2 ME 3-4646 I PARAMOUNT 2 A Paramount- ME 3-4646 Ml. taUOfc 9IEMII, 9EMEfc V S R0AD1UM Fttdondo Bch. Crtn.U8 3033 G0MWM SK0NDS; 00 KM II STADUM itmiomwiw ?awia0,l ITvTS OOWM TNI IANI; 7M639-6?ftrlOUSETHTVANISH(D.7:M OUYi 9WNT OFFERINGS On 7:39 ; J STADIUM ? Kalella -Of anat T 714639-8770 : STADIUM AKatilla-Oranpa S 714630-7660 STADIUM Katena-uran( 714639-796 SRVM SnitH) ; TUWMEVIUON I Opw7;S9 (LACK SUNDAY; I MR. 9HIION I 0m7:M STADIUM KatlllaOrangl 714639-7860 GODFATHER. Pt. t .1 GODFATHER PT. R OP. 7:19 "HIGH NOON" GARY GRACE COOPER KELLY FEATURE, NEWS ft SHORT SUBJECTS ARE NEW PRINTS MADE ESPECIALLY FOR THESE SHOWS. ADMISSION 100 CENTS mMATHJATRES aWl MMjNTHtme feiHiED 1 1 1 WESTWOOD 1 1050 GAYLEY 473-7664 Benson & lOOOFTHE GREATEST MOVIE CLASSICS lMifflSjOutSuljiL "SUNSET BOULEVARD" GLORIA WILLIAM SWANSON HOLDEN FEATURE, NEWS ft SHORT SUBJECTS ARE NEW PRINTS MADE ESPECIALLY FOR THESE SHOWS. ADMISSION 100 CENTS m MANN THEATRES afVN """ ,M"t"" mm la REiNftnn ifoxnusrathi The Benson & Hedges luu ucMTiiat (II nut 1 lOOOFTHE GREATEST MOVIE CLASSICS c FRI SAT FOI MANN WESTWOOD THEATRES MRK FREE It Fidiril Cinter ir Wilthir IOC Sfwltli Bus to Westmoor) llttitni 3 C WESTWOOD VILLAGE) NATIONAL Star Studded Cut 10926 Llndbiaok NASTY NAWTStPG) 479-2866 2:00-4:00-6:00-8:00-10:00 Minnita snow tomti VILLAGE Robert SliawRruce Dern Wliwood ILACN SUNDAYJR) 476.0676 12:30-3:00-5:30-8.00-10:34 BRUIN WNtwood 477-0966 Whin Hall Wtalt Explodad FRATSRNITY ROW(PO) 2:15-4:15-6:15-8:15-10:16 WESTWOOD Art CarneyLllv Tomlln ins irm Miunirvi 2:30-4:30-6:30-8:30-10:30 lOSOQavky -7664 WESTWOOD 1050 Qavkw 473-7664 Bast ActorActress NITW0RKJR) 12:45-3:06-5:30-8:00 WESTWOOD Academy Award Winner 1050 Gaylay Best Picture ROCKYIPG) 473-7664 12:20-2:45-5:10-7:35-10:06 BensonHedges-Mldnite snow Tonlte 4 Sat.-WGH NOON C BEVERLY HILLS ARED WILSHIRE 70MM Stereophonic Sound 6436 WHshlra StrelsandKrlstofferson 653-0863 STARrS9ORNR)7:00-9:30 FINE ARTS 'A1 o ' hh$(i 6556WlltMrs 2:00-4:00-6:00-8:00-10:00 652-1330 NO ONE UNDER 18-NO PASSES LIDO fm PANTHER STRIKIS Mitwpi AGAtNIPGt 6:25 652 6067 NOON TRU(FO) 6:30-10: 10 (SAN FERNANDO VALLEY) LA RE NA George C. Scott 14626 Vmt. IUANDSMTHE STREAM(PG) 766-6311 630-8 20-10 10 eensonHedges-Miiinite snow lonne a &ai. mnimi aivp. STUDIO 12136 Vtnl, 761-4441 Paul Newman UAPSHOT(R) 6:30-10:00 TUNNtt VKION(R) 8:35 C HOLLYWOOD BtvbT) CHINESE 6925 Hollywood 464-8111 Robert SttawBruce Dern HACK SUNDAY(R) 12:30-3:00-5:30-8:00-10:30 uni i vuinnn fraternity rowipoi 6764 irlood 2:30-4:36-8:40-12:45AM 463 9371 Op All Nltt MURDER ORIENT EXPRESS(PG) 2:25-6:30- tO:35-2:40AM VOGUE Woody Allen In ANNIE HALL(PG) 6875 Hollywood 12:30-2:30-4:30 462-6621 6:15-8:15-10:15 Mldnlte Show Tonlte FOX B. CaseyV. McGee RROTHERS(R) 6508 Hollywood 2:30-8:20-10:15 463-2164 SPARKIE(PG) 12:45-4:35-8:25 uensonHedges-Mldnlte Show Tonlte-Sat. HIGH NOON ( LOS ANGELES ) EL REY 5517 WHshlra 931-1101 ADX)8:35 HEAT(R) 6:45-10:30 NO ONE UNDER 16 GODFATHER l(R)6:30 GODFATHER H(R) 0:31 FAIRFAX 7907 Beverly 853-3117 C SANTA MONICA"") CRITERION Academy Award Winner 1315-3rd Best Picture ROCKY(PG) 394-1619 12:45-3:00-5:15-7:30-9:15 Friday 13th Mldnlte Show MANIACS ARE lOOSi 2nd WILSHIRE 1314 Wilshire 394-6386 RADIX) 7:00-10:45 HEAT(R)9:00 NO ONE UNDER 16 WILSHIRE 1314 Wilshire 394-6386 GODFATHER IIR) 6:30 GODFATHER HjR NORTHRIDGE WlaKSrai 10170 Rlieda 6:3" a 30 MURDER ON 349 7585 ORIENT iXPRESS(PG) 8:20 rrae parking r-rioay iin-Miontte &now MANIACS ARE LOOSE 2nd FALLBAOOK ml"k MURDER ON ORIENT fm Parking EXPRESS(PG) 8:15 ( WESTCHESTER") I nVfll 1 Nell Simon's Comedy MURDER 8610 SMtdSda MAIHIPG) 6:30-10: 15 670-OW MURDER ON ORIENT Free Parking EXPRESS(PG) 8:20 ( PALPS VERDES ) FOX TWIN 735 Silver Spur Jff-EWM FALLBROOKII Canoga Park 663-4212 Free Parking Paul Newman SUP SHOTIRI 6:30-10:10 TUNNEL VISFON(R)8:45 EL PORTAL (Ji J ?,:oo -f 5269 Lankershloi Hf AT R) 8:00 769-4041 Friday 13th-Midnlte Show MANIACS ARE 100SE 2nd GUILD 5161 Lankarshlm 766-3741 Academy Award Winner Best Picture ROCKY(PG) 7:15-9:30 FOX 6419 Van Nuys 785-0449 I MlrSKETEERS(PG) 4 mustxeteersipg) CaH Theatre for Times ( THOUSAND OAKS-) CONEJtJ Thous. Oakt 605495 6760 Free Parking All Disney Program tITmSTHCJRSE THRIVES WFNNK THE P0OH(G 7:00-10:10 CONEJO Thous. Oaks 605495-6760 free parking Academy Award Winner Best Picture ROCRY(PG) 7:00-9:15 (PASADENAGLENDALE) MANN 467No.Roterrad 351-9641 Free Parking Phantom or Devil? CAR(PG) 6 30-8:30-10:10 MANN 467No.rtosemead 351-9641 Free Parking Martin Sheen Jodie Foster UTTIE GMl UVES DOWNIANEIPG) 6:45-8:30-10:15 MANN 467NO.ROI 351-9641 Free Parking FRATERNITY ROWIPG) 7:00-10:15 HAROLD 4 MAUN (PG) 8:4$ ACADEMY 1003 E. Colo. 796-3191 Academy Award Winner Best Picture ROCY(PG 7:15-9:30 Friday 13th-MIDNITE SHOW MANIACS ARE LOOSE 2nd STATE 770 E. Colo. 792-7139 GODFATHER l(R) 6:30 GODFATHER HjR ALEX DEMON SEED(R) 7:00-1020 216 N. Brand IT'S UVI(PO) 8:45 241-4194 Friday 13th-Mldnite Show MANIACS ARE LOOSi 2nd 6LENDALE murdmrydeathipgiso 122 S Brand MURDER ON ORINT 241-4177 EXPRESS! PO I 7:00 ( TORRANCE ) OLD TOWNE 19600 H'ltnrne 371-1600 Free Parklne SlAP SHOT(R) 1:50-5:25-9:05 TUNNEL VISION R J 12:30-4:00-7 40 loo JtSSL IIT DRAGON, ENTER 37M600 THHR(R) 1:00-4:25-7:50 Free Parking IT'S ALIVE(PG) 2:35-6:00-9:35 0L0T0WNE AnRNdYRow(.oj 37Tl60o'W'MMURDIR ORHTEXrRISS(PG Free Parking 1:30-5:40-9:45 OLDTOWNE Nell Simon sfromedv 196MH!thori!e MURDER BY DEATHIPOj 371-1600 12:40-2:25-4:00 Free Pkg. 5:45-7:30-9:20 ( OXNARD-VENTURA ) ESPLANADE MANN 805465-2707 Free Parking RAD(X) 7:00-10:00 niai(R) 9:w NO ONE UNDER 16 ESPLANADE "SSFlLSi MANN LITTIEGRUWHO 605(465-2707 UVES DOWNIANEIPG) Fit Parking 7:00-8 30-10: 16 ESPLANADE MANN 806465-2707 Free Parking SAVER STREAR(PG) 7:15-9:15 FOX Oxnard 605463-6030 Free Parking GODFATHER l(R)6:30 GODFATHER R FOX Ventura 805644-7776 Free Pkg. MURDER BY DEATHIPGI 7:00-10:30 TOUCH OF CLASS(PG)8:45 Friday 13th-Mldnlte Show MANIACS ARELOO2nd !C BAKERSFIELOl) FOX Paul Newman-SLAP SHOT(R)8:35 2001HSI. SEX THROUGH A 605232-7511 WIHOOW(R) 7:00-10:40 CREST D.I. 3401Paclwcol)d. 805832-0001 ShowAtOusk SEX THROUGH A WrNDOW(R) SHAMPOO(R) Showtime at dusk Friday 13th-Midnlte Show MANIACS ARE LOOSE 2nd .CHEST D.I. STOPITORGORtMOR) ;3401PaclwcoRd. TUNNEL VISrON(RJ 1605832-0001 Showtime at dusk r-rioay win Mtonue &now MANIACS ARE LOOSE t 2nd MR. BHIK)N(PG) 7:00-10:25 ST. IVISIPG) 8:40 FDX TWIN MMDER BY DEATHIPGI 735 Silver Spur 7:00-10:50 377-5403 MURDERORINTEXPRESS(PG)8:45 c COVINA FOX COVINA Academy Award Winner 21 IN Ama Best Picture ROCKY(PG) 332-0050 7:30-9:46 BensonHedges-Midnite Show Tonite-Sat SUNSET BLVD. FOX COVINA FRATERNITY ROWIPG) 211NA2USS 6:15-10:30 332-0050 ORIENT EXPRFSS(PG) 8:15 FOX COVINA 211 N. Azusa 332-0050 GODFATHER l(R GODFATHER R(R) 9:05 C POMONA VALLEY ) MT. BALD YD J, mr. biuiohipg; 3515 White T0lll(R WGS t SPEED (PG 593-0343 Showtime at Dusl MANIACS ARE LOOSE . 2nd Friday 13th Midnite Show VILLAGE Academy Award Winner Claremont Best Picture ROCKY (PG) 624-2612 7:00-9:00 Friday 13th-Midnite Show MANIACS ARE LOOSE , 2nd C RIVERSIDE-NORCO) RIVERSIDE rSf'!!S: 3801-7lh St GODFATHER R(R)8:35 714663-7212 Friday 13th-Midnite Show MANIACS A LOOK t 2n0 CREST D.I. "t"!;?l 2400 Hamner ST. IVES(PG) 714735-2140 Showtime at dusk Friday lain-Mionne wow MANIACS ARE LOOSE 2nd (LONG BEACH-SEAL BEACH) CREST PaulNewmanSLAPSHOT(R)9:15 4275 All. EAGLE HASLANDED(PG)7:00 424-2619 Friday 13lh-Midnile Show MANIACS ARE LOOSE 2nd BELMONT 4916 2m) 438-1001 Academy Award Winner Best Picture ROCKY (PG) 7.15-9:15 IMPERIAL 317 E. Ocean 436-3973 BAD(X) 8:20 HEATIR) 6:30-10:15 NO ONE UNDER 18 R0SSM00R 12535 Seal Beach 430 0419 Free Parking 7HSOLUTrON(PG)9:15 MNDENBURGiPG17:00 Friday 13th-Midnite Show MANIACS ARE LOOSE 2nd R0SSM00R 12535 Seal Beach 430-0419 Free Pkg GODFATHER IJR GODFATHER RRI R0SSM00R 12535 Seal Beach 430-0419 Free Parking PINK PANTHER STRREES AGAIN (PG 7:00-10:30 NOON Till 3(PG) 8:50 ( ORANGE COUNTY") CINEMALANDi''B; MMHarbwBlvd. SWAY(R)7:3q 714635-7601 Jane FondaGeorge Segal Free Parking fUNWPICKJANE(PO)10:00 CINEMALAND 14 14 Harbor Blvd. 714635-7601 Free Parking Phantom or Devil? THE CAR(PG) 7:00-8:45-10:30 CINEMALAND MSSg 14 14 Harbor Bl. iSLlfiiV.;? 714635-7601 DOWNIANEIPG) Free Parking 7:15-8:55-10:35 So. Coast .UIORrlstol 7I4U6.2711 7:30-9: Free Parking Friday 13th-Midntte Show MANIACS ARE LOOSE 2nd 6 Bio Stars in AIRPORT '77 (PG) u:ju So CoiSt Neil Simon's Comedy 3410 "01 MURDER RY DEATHIPGi 714546-2711 7:00-10:30 Free Parking TOUCH OF CLASS(PG) 8:35 So. Coast 665 Sunflower 549-3352 Free Parking Academy Award Winner-Best Picture ROCKY(PG) 7:30-9:45 ( iREA LA HABIT") BREA PLAZA Org.Fwlmp.Hwy 714529-5339 GODFATHER IjR GODFATHER R(R) 9:00 BREA PLAZA Org.Fwlmp.Hwy 1 waa-MS SAVER STREAK (PG) 5:dU-v:l5 ST. IVES(PG) 7:30 Friday 13th-Midnlle Show MANIACS ARE LOOSE 2nd BREA PLAZA murder by deathipgi Org.FwImp Hwv 4:45-8:25 714529-5339 TOUCH CLASS(PG) 6:30-10:10 BREA PLAZA Org.Fwlmp.Hwy 714529-5339 MR. BltUON(PG) 6:10-7:50-9:36 Till r.'.OVIE VITII SOMAIIYUUGIIS... you have to see it twice, you have to see it twice. rfatobyDeh MurderbyDe im PG lfit Irx 7 CoJumbia Pictures 3rd BIG WEEK! 3rd BIG WEEK! WESTWOOD UA Cinema Center 2. 475 9441 ARCADIA Senta Anita 4, 445 620U BREA Brea 714529-5339 CANOGA PARK Fallbrook 883-4212 CERRITOS Alondre 5, 924-5531 CITY OF INDUSTRY Puente Hills 6. 965 6869 COSTA MESA South Coast 2. 714549-3352 GLENDALE Glendele 241-4177 HAWTHORNE Hawthorne Plan 6, 644-8669 LA MIRADA La Mirada 3. 714 994-2400 LONG BEACH UA Movies 1. 596-2751 IOS ANGELES Gordon 934-2944 NORTH HOLLYWOOD UA Movies 2, 766-4317 NORTHRIOGE Northridge 349-7585 ORANGE Orange Mall 5. 714637-0340 PALOS VEROES Fo Twin 377-5403 ROSEMEAO Rrarmad 3. 573-9480 TORRANCE Old Towne 371-1600 WESTCHESTER Loyola 670-0346 WESTMINSTER UATwin A. 7148931305

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