The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 10, 1950 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
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Tuesday, January 10, 1950
Page 14
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14 Tuesday, Jqnugry_ 10VJ950 TAIPEI, Formosa >-(EE>— Five American government employes headed by United States Consul (General Donald D, Edgar left for Hong Kong today ia what was considered the start of an American evacuation of this threatened Nationalist island. D *JL* I I*! British Flag TAIPEI, Formosa—Iff)—About 10 Chinese Nationalist soldiers, ired by British recognition of the Chinese Communist government/ tried to break down the flagpole la the British consulate at Tansui, Formosa, before dawn today. It was the second attempt by Nationalist soldiers to tear down the British flag. Both failed. Threaten to Shoot The group today, duplicating an By SPENCER MOOSA Accompanying Edgar by plane to | attempt Sunday by three National- Hong Kong were four women niem-jj s t soldiers who sought to tear down hers of the consulate and United the Union Jack and replace it with f* . _ j. _ . •»•_._ .a . . . f f if* • . i _ «^t .. States Information Service staffs. Edgar said he would report to Washington and would not return. f All women personnel and dependents will be evacuated from Formosa immediately in anticipation of a possible Communist attack in March, Edgar said. He added that the women might be replaced by men. Told to Leave There are some 230 American officials and civilians on Formosa, All civilians have been instructed unofficially by state department representatives that they should leave immediately. United States Charge d' Affaires Robert Strong immediately took over all consular activities from Edgar in addition to his own work as top American diplomat on the island. To Leave Today At least 5 of 25 American em- ployes of the Marsman Company of California also were to leave Formosa today. The American have been working at Kaohsiung for the past year repairing surplus United States Array equipment for the Nationalist government The five scheduled to leave were Christopher B. Myers and James Thedford, of Little Rock, Ark.; Don Easton, of Baton Rouge, La.; Clifton Maryatt, of Butte, Mont., and the Chinese Nationalist flag, threatened to shoot four armed Chinese guards around the consulate if they interfered. Chinese sources said the intruders managed to get. the British flag the compound. It had been removed at sunset. Biggs described the early morning incident as a "nuisance." "It is an unhappy incident," lie declared. Built by Batch The consulate at Tansui Is on the seacoast northwest of Taipei. It was established in 1861. The building was built by the Dutch after their invasion of aorthern Formosa ia 1640. The Dutch used it as a castle. Biggs expressed confidence the consulate would survive any attack by Nationalist soldiers, pointing out it withstood an attack by French warships in 1885. Fifteen British nationals, six of whom are. attached to the consulate, live in TansuL There are eight from an outbuilding where it was men, five women and two children kept. Consul Edward T. Biggs, 35, of Maidenhead, England, would not confirm the Chinese report. in the group. High Chinese quarters here said that troops now stationed at Tansui The British flag was not on the (may be transferred elsewhere to pole at the time of the invasion of |a void further anti-British incidents. Lucky, Horsey Roulette Fan Gambles to Aid Opera Career RENO, Nev. — UP) — Lucky, the gambling horse, had even this blase town talking today. And that's exactly what his owner, 24-year-old Susan Wallace, wanted. She admitted it was all aj publicity stunt to further her singing career. Miss Wallace arrived from Hollywood with a $10,000 bankroll, Lucky and a car and trailer. She found a gambling spot that didn't object to horsy customers, (It's run by a former publicity William Calif. Lively; of Johannesburg. The customers did a double take when the white horse first walked From Party TOKYO - (ff> - The Japanese Communist party today summarily expelled Ko Nakanishi, one of its six members in the upper house of Parliament, for making an "open! attack on the party." ; Nakanishi was an active member! of the Chinese Communist party j during the war and once was ar-i rested by Japanese military police! for his activities. j The abrupt action, taken by the! party's "control committee," was! first apparent aftermath of the re-j cent Cominforru Journal attack on! Hanzo Nozaka, one of Japan's topi Communists. Nozaka, whom thej journal termed a tool of the "im-j perialists" worked with Chinese! Chairman Mao Tze-tung during the war. Mao is now head of the Communist regime in China. .At the moment he is in Moscow. One of the four reasons for Nakanishi's expulsion was given in this manner by a party spokesman : "On the basis of recent foreign dispatches (presumably those referring to the Cominform attack) "Nakanishi has started an open attack on the party and tried to disrupt the party." Nakanishi himself was attending a diet (Parliament) session at the time a spokesman was reading the expulsion order to a group of hastily summoned newsmen. in. Even the croupiers at the rouiette wheels admitted it took them a while to get accustomed to a customer wearing horseshoes on his feet. | This is the way Lucky does his I playing: He takes a silver dollar in | his mouth from Miss Wallace's hand. He moves up and down the table, drops the dollar in a square. wheel he turn of the s three numbers. Miss Wallace bets on the same, numbers... Other customers play their cash on Lucky's horse sense, too. Miss Wallace said Lucky first learned to gamble shooting dice with the stable boys. He's sticking to roulette here. The horse's 24-year-old manager said she hopes to get enough money to continue operatic studies—either through Lucky's winnings or through a job from the publicity. She says she does all kinds of singing. Sunday, she won $300. She was about even last night. Here's Fast, Cut-Rate Way to Get Married LOS ANGELES—tff>—For $49.80 a new package deal announced, Western Airlines will pay a justice of the peace for performing a marriage ceremony. The round trip and wedding require a little more than four hours. •* >«c COLOMBO, Ceylon— W\— Indian , New Zealand and South Africa have Prime Minister Jawnharlal Xehmjnot yet extended recognition, | told tlie commonwealth foreign min-j An informed source said some of j.isters today that countries recogniz-j the cominonweaJih foreign raini.stt-r* ling Communist China must alsoj expressed the belief that X;uiomiii«! | extend cautious friendliness to thejchina would be able to keep 'her | Red regime, an informed source re- \ seat in the Vnired Na turns bv using j ported. !}i er 55^ po vver VP!(I j n t j le S(M . ur itr Representatives of the eight com-! council. The Communist government nlted Nations to imonwealth countries—divided on the! has asked issue of recognizing Mao Tse-tung'sjexpel the Nationalist Chinese dele- Red government now _ discussed I gates on the grounds that they no j China in a closed session on the! longer recognize the Chinese people, (second day of their conference. | A communique said ihe ministers j Nehru, whose government already | stressed at today's meeting that !has recognized Communist China,! the commonwealth practice of jwas reported to hare snid there is|allowing each government w make PHJ1 v- \brz p, i »!» "This "is nt.i !,• : "Oh > "becaus ;han«Uniu At th lire lai'-e .but Hoi "Just PFOR. not much point in establishing diplo- j mafic relations with the Peiping its own individual decisions on all jpt-.tin*. imiiortant world problems, following; I'm inter - governmental regime if countries also simultan- inter - governmental consultation.;''<>cUe>- jeously tried to hold bark on full)would be adhered to. ;to f< !i diplomatic co-operation. j Officials concerned with economic si< M..I Four Ad j questions exchanged information on' Xl " !! Four members of u^ common-1developments arising: from the dis-: tl|<l - XJ ' ( wealth—India, Pakistan. Ceylon and [cushions in Washington last Sep-j^*' 1 - 4 ' (Britain — have m-o^nm-d ' Com-j tember to halt the drain of sterling'" 5 il " e munist China. Australia, Canada,!area sold reserves.. | !l ' !1 -" QUIKINO GREETED—President; Elpidiu Quirino of the Philippines (right, light hat) receives an enthusiastic greeting from several hundred Filipino nationals on his arrival at the'San Francisco airport Quirino was en route to Baltimore for medical treatment. Philippine President Arrives in Baltimore for Operation j--,„„ N „ Al ,,, r A BALTIMORE—(INS) — President! Sison: Philippine Finance Secre- anf * Andy" in the radio comic skit. Elpidio Quirino of the Philippine! tarv p io Pedrosa. and Jose Yulo, Republic arrived at the Glenn L j m ^ ubpr of the council of stave. Congress' Great Minds Find Time to Ponder Marriage Stunt By HARMAN W. NICHOLS WASHINGTON—a^E»—Congress;marriage is successful unlos the is ear-deep in such weighty matters intention is thfre." as Formosa, the President's budget j Senator Mihoji K. Ymiugl recommendation -- and whether j (R-N.DJ was pivny worked up. jlig Andrew H. Rrown i* legally I too. "I demand a coimn-'ssionnl I m off f"" \ lind investigation," he many friends on \\w hill." Mor+in «;,.„ .f • T> u- 4 i Maitm airport in Baltimore today, preparatory to entering Johns Hop-j a j for the president re-| one A{>i '^iil Simpson ported that, he withstood the lon£ !tlle "Kiujrfish. T Representative Clarkf \Y. Thonip-'hum i On December 11. IIP was duped into|son (D-Texas'i ohs^rvod lh;u Andy: the on, 'a. rrip down the middle aisle withlis "the ontsiandiiiy symbol of'his '»• . by his frii'iul. | bachelorhood in th<> whoj states and kins Hospital for a kidney opera-1 of the jair journey satisfactorily.. The tiiueiS ot a fee from Abigail, was supposed |of this one.'' tiou. operation, which is for re-! to have provided a Quirino was greeted by Governor'been sei W. Preston Lane, representatives of! the Philippine delegation to the! United Nations and Ambassador! Joaquin M. Elizaide. j The president, who traveled to; Baltimore in a chartered Philippine! SANTIAGO. Chile — moral of a kidney stone, has notj" of) -' m " at !llf ' 1:is! minut siooge didn't, and when it time for Andy to say "I <lo. Chile-U.S. Treaty in Air Lines plane, established head-j dent Gabriel Gonzalez Videla will quarters at the Belvedere hotel,!sign a treaty of friendship, corn- where he planned to* rest briefly be-jmerce and air traffic between Chile fore entering the hospital. jand the. United States during his Quirino's party includes his son, i scheduled April visit to Washington, Lieutenant Tomas Quiriano: his'it was reported last night. P toj Representative .l»hi\ H. Marxtli The i (D-Wash.) said "i think 1 >••*> . came i W ay out if Andy will go aion. 1 . he was'Marriage is a contract and thei *o flustered he said the word- with|, nus t be « infcjh.c of minds, hi> a <!uestion in his voi.-e. j wi n A ndy be willing to admit i.ha Therefore flic great U-uat minds |at the time of the marriage. In Presi-ilegality of the union. An alert he did not realize what he wa il; T/u .j, r | itient .to , i t iif v i- I > s N. • 'i, •i : i'urt'i* ! Is!" Ml! for Lt. Gov. OAKLAND—Off)—-A 75-year-old Democrat has jumped into the race for Lieutenant Governor. "If nominated and elected," said Avery C. Moore, "I shall work for the people of California under the inspiration of the fighting heart of President Harry S. Truman." He advocated a child bonus law similar to the Canadian system of rewarding married couples for every birth ; "full enjoyment of civil rights;" medical care on the basis of need instead of ability to pay: and repeal of legislative control of aid to the needy aged and blind. Moore, a former official of the Townsend pension movement, withdrew from the 1934 gubernatorial campaign in favor of George Creel. He is the son of the late Andrew Moore, mother-lode pioneer of 1R."S. and is active .u mining near Souora. No Dollars, No Beans, No Business WASHINGTON-(U.E)—The agriculture department said a survey shows most European countries would like to get some of this nation's big surplus of high quality dry-white beans. But, it said, they don't have the dollars to buy them. At present.; the department, said, no foreign aid funds are being used to finance exports of dry beans or peas except for a small amount to Iceland. Michigan is the nation's leading dry bean producer, followed by California, Idaho and Colorado. 20 BROWN MULHOUSE, France — (m — Twenty workmen were drowned today in a crowded bus that swerved off a bridge into a canal near this Alsatian city, the French News Agency reported. Twenty-eight other! passengers in the bus escaped. : daughter, Miss Vicky Quirino: his brother, Judge Antonio Quirino; his personal physician, Dr. Agerico The source said negotiation? o.n the proposed treaty were in then- final stages. radio representative paged'some of j doing?" them for transcriptions on the subject, with these results: j Sentaor Warren (D-Wash.), the bachelor in Congress: "As a bach- the 1948-49 academic year elor and lawyer. I must come to the tributed ?;54,317 i<; campus ciiariiy conclusion that Andy is not married, (funds and gave 11,001 hours of woik I'll stick to the bachelor side; no'on .'572 charitable projects. STUDENTS OPKN HEARTS G, Magnuson.l MINNEAPOLIS— fl'.P) _r n i V fi most eligible]sity of Minnesota sniden'.s dm-ini; 1) de 1950 two-skirt spring suit Sketched Pastel, ali-woo! plaid, 2-piece suit, with extra skirt of solid color gabardine. Comes in the following colors: Blue plaid, 2-piece suit with solid blue skirt, tan plaid, 2-piece suit with solid tan skirt, and green piaid, 2-piece suij with solid green skirt. Sizes 10 to 16 Not Sketched Rosenblum all-woo! check suit with extra skirt of solid color gabardine. Navy check with navy skirt, and taupe check with taupe skirt. Sizes 10 to 20 the fhree pieces FASHION CENTER—SECOND ROOR 101 "HOLLYWOOD INSPIRED... FOR THE AMERICAN OIL" FLOWER PRINT...Tropical flowers, sunsplashec! with gaiety, keynote* this fine rayon crepe afternoon dress. Smart cape effect attaches to waist in back. Sweetheart neckline, crisscross motif on shoulders, self faeit, four-gored skirt, Screen print on Black, Navy ©r White background. In sizes 9-15. '25°° FASHION CENTER—SECOND F 1873 Pioneers of the Past Builders of

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