Corvallis Gazette-Times from Corvallis, Oregon on March 31, 1924 · 4
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Corvallis Gazette-Times from Corvallis, Oregon · 4

Corvallis, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, March 31, 1924
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t FOUR PIOBEEB 1BS2DER0 j .... 1 ..' '. .... - Silas Howell, of Alsea. Crowed i Plaint wnen a oo rrwin State of Iowa itsEA. March il-The burial ot Silos Howell lu, the Ateee cemetery . t maw r if the of the Benton county pioneers Mr. Howell &wa born In lawa In 4845, crossed tbe plain in. '6 J and . settled to 'Benton eonatv. The Howell lamvsy mto m hi Mliuan neighborhood before iflnally coming to A! where SIhu Wowett married Miss Ann Hayaen Jn ISIS.- Hi last rear were spent at 1 stoma at Yachet and later at Wald-vport alhere be Anally passed away ter a km UJnese. - He to sur-bv 4iia. widow nd live children: lean HoweU. Mrs. Ohes, Mm nd Mrs. v Mary paddock ot Portiandj Un. oa Harr eon. of Yw:hat; and Mrs. AU mid win ot Waldport. , He became enure b. member a the early age ot twelve years and ww alt bia Hie Identified with re-iwk. A hightribute was jkl to be life and character ol Uf tivwnll hr Rev. Burns, a per sonal friend wbo conduced the tuu- .aral services.'' -;: Last "week "ma home com'ng week for a number ot valley young iwople who are amending outside schools this winter. Dean Dorsty, ' Ehner TlmniermaB,' Dale Hammers-8ey, Leslie Werfleld and Chrystal Dowey were from 0. A. C. Gladys Roe and Bernlce Larsen from Mon-areoath and John Rlsley from Port land. Mot of the above nave returned to register for the spring torrn. ' ' -Mies Marie Swearengln 1 a new student from the valley register. og aft Monmouth for the spring and fnmmcr work. Leslie Warfleld baa been having siege of meaelea which; may present Mm taking up bla het. semester's work at O. A. C. ' The many friend and relative of Mr. and Mrs, Geo. Bobell are re-Jolotng tihtt week over rrlvaj of m sturdy Itttle son in the Bobell 9 Bulbs With detail for 2 Vlautln ad I'M offer Mo) With Twelve Month' Subscription to Uain among aatWjr atagulBM .1 iithpr "No othcr horticultural 4iBUIM maeatine l ,o thorough-IJurbarik practical, well adlt-1 ed, and so generally tnte TJajrat eating. , THE IHiOWGM OROVElt "tt iUwr, it mT Ih- hn of tinrjit Hum w u tiu- to lii-tler living coniltUiMM -n mm tH-tiutifiit nbrroUTKhnr. 1l Hh ' taliaosa MtWtnM and, 4wu awwwbv. iUp ixir-(fijim kt puu tnr i--rTititioa t.5u, ; A lie UltCr i tit kdliur'i oa r-lKtpid, ni fr't tvhuerlptltHi (It ibH) batb ior 2.0U. KilhM bolU r mr iin ktunt Mllr wiirlh Uit nr, By lat !Ui bnt (alac I h' v- nrau cannot i tail with tlwaa bulba. , - Vlant the hultia. watch tHtia bloom. rad ', Xha riewar Orowar, aad at what happana. Madleen Cooper, Editor, 6 Court Stu Calcium, Hi Y, Samiil copy tn It yoa ttantloa ", , "Oaail-Ttm" thousand of thm nalhd. mcMomf affiaa ImLNATICm DlCTIONAKlf Offfth a feu) $amplu broadcast abre action agrimotor hot pursuit Blue Crou myatery ahlp rotogravure junior college athonla . ajkari . , Fucista altigraph Flag Day jaudgun iluthene rollmop ugamo psoroai duverynr"- cvpet tlppio aterol Swaraj taiga Kkol evict realtor Riksdag Red Star paravane megabar plaamon ahoneen precool & P. boat CtechoSlovak serial caacade camp-fire girl Air Council Devil Dog activation Federal Land Bank fa tUa 5fmAoaa ml fofarmmttn 3ntotYr A iTMaai SOQO IHuatraHeaa 4O7.0O0nraWaa4aMX tUaMMr BiotrapiuaaJ C.aVCMKIUAII COSafiafiaU.Maaa..UAA. YtiV takes a nm if V&r ead sod yon ul wanttnatllttlsgoodl Sanrfkr fit aaraloa l CCMoaaateCektSaaaCkaaM Maatat Snaat a Saw FaABCnoo ..aWP What Btie World Is (Doing 404 Aj -Man-Made Quakes Test Tcate to 4aeraa tte type of buSdinK , twn ataailnd to withaUad earthquakei t aataao ea a mchiae whteb reproduce. : aitSk tealiatie iutsaaty, the horisontal and rmiaaJ -AnktriKW caused by genuine wsor. The tkvase the invention of two Jaytoeae rrokaasn, aad eonauU of a plafwrn o& rhich a model" houae ia ootwcivctor oa reduced aeale.- The base thea de to twiy and shake aa the ttrf tea oi th earth doe in a seiamie dia-ttt owi, Ly ciesaa of lever. Tlje longer Laaghter-Proof Tribe Foond m Wilds of Ccyloo For more than 2,000 yean, it ia said, sachtcr ha been unknown to the Ved-baa, a (fibe of aboriginal inhabitant of Ceylon, who bare maintained a aeeluded exirteaca ;c tavea and jungles of the region. Ow ctf 'rom other peoples and .abbeAtit oe .U, owls, and crow that ey shoot. wita arrows, tief strangt Barople art said to kare !ot untirel)' the amaation ot laughter. 1W are tb!a aad fluliby, aisi a fat oea a tjfiknuwn tn thtta. KSor of a scientist, who trentttly raited theat, to prodtKe aroika by tickling them m the aols of their bare fcot or in the ribs, met with s iitccesa. 'Their atoay eouatataaneai sJM nnt even wiggle. -.- ijffwawi ia feponaJ to have more than twice m eany tixHor care and truck as there art ia she wuoit of China. horns, - The little atranger is named Cecil Howard aad to iha,firat child. Mrt. , Bobell, 'torntedly Viaa "Kae Laite. Is wli known here s well aa Is Mr.-Bobell who formerly resided at Waldport. The mother and lit tle eon are at the Chesley home In OorvalUs. George Is naturally of a sunny disoa tion Dut his present tmlle threatens to eclipse this cold pell. rred Lowry and Edward Burch have lately left the valley to go to work tor h summer. Mr. and Mrs. M. U ttelta, former retttdemttf ot Alsea, were orer for short visit last week. Mr. SelU Is trow in the -mercantile business -at Newport. 1 Harry Sherwood. Alsea's genial ex-merchant who 4a now located at The Dalles, made Alsea a bref business vtoH this week. Chae. Msllby made a business trip to town Tuesday incidental to the sale of a bunch of choice porkers. Mr. Mallby hi a grower ot a fin strain of 0. I. C. hogs and makes regular shipments ot choice pork to CorvalUa. Mrs. Dora Powers and daughter. Ml as Agnes, who bare been visiting in Washington, are glad to be home again for the usual summer's work. Aak your grocer lor Wlnkley', "Vla(" niw IT-IS." mm Chew it after every meal . 'It tlmulatce pnetllc and Ids dig st Ion. It makes)' your food do yoa more good. Note kow II relieves thai stuffy leeUng Iter fecartjr aaUng. Whltcas teeth. m m a t a a Ifatlaefaaay Insurance Lincoln Snubbers Helllday Bumpera and M fsotllghU Qoedyear Tlrtt and Tubs E.Nordenson Motor Car Co. 124 North Second Phen 891 ti - ' i-"i""r-'r 1 lllllllfiVtiJBWBff 1 VMafai DAILY 7 VCPVXJLX cACCHAAiCS GMAGAZUi& Building's Stability the house able to vtthataad tie vibrav tiooa, tne better suited it is to raaist th earthquaae'a power. Rosnlla of Uw cent dissster aad of tnaoy pm ietif oncjr- rencea like it. have provad. that r.J caininx rapid headway in enmwed h,-i mgs, have frequently aauswt laoa daio- j . erm .nan iiw vrjaj witi"mh ie -.1. A f am.b.iIm. It-., ai aim. ja mjr vt uwaw.wm i. -. wmm immune in heavy bccks i rvii! Ia builders in countries where mwt ancea are likely to occur. ' Women Play Part in Boil-inj of Modern Skyscraptrs - That the needs of women mod t-i fi as much attention aj is aceordvd tbe rr.k ing of the foundations of a mccaa k-earaper, is disclosed in tha report of 'the National Association of Buildup Ownns and ManaKers; : This eonsideratii-a is le-flected chiefly in planning (or and attractive rest rooms whicn, A ia da olarrv, can no longer be classed aa luv-urica. Also human frailties must be taken into consideration, including the habits of messenger boys penciling corridor and jumping down the stairs, . , The ' pencil habit has given rise to the term ''pencil line" for the height of marble wainscot ing, which is raised to such a level thai marks may be easily -cleaned from the wall. Awning fires are being prevented through dipping of the fabric in a fire-proofing aubetsnos. PAUL SCHISSLER IS , NAMED AGGIE COACH (Con tuned from page 1) . woud be even more effective with better material.' Sam Barry, former football men tor at the University of Iowa, and John Van Liew, present Knojr! col lege mentor, paid Sohiasler high compliments. . Is Highly Rated Sohis&ler ,.h ranked as being In the claas wtrh Moray 'Eby.-'Coe college coach George Little, who Is expected to- become head mentor at tha Uulverw'ty ot Michigan after this season, and Pat Page, Butler coach. J?by, ,Ltf,tl8 and Page, it was learned, would not be interested tn an offer from any other Institution. Eby recently signed a cix-year con tract with Coe college. Schuster's bid for fame as a football mentor dates back to 1913, when he coached the Hastfngs, Neb., high school team to state championship. He remained there for three years-and in 1916 won the "little 19" conference title at St Victor college, Kankakee, 111. Schisser became head basketball coach and freshman coach at Ne braska for three years. He re mained , at Nebraska three years. during 'which time 'he had wonderful success In basketball and as mentor of the freshman eleven. Won Three Titles He became athletic director of Ixtmlierd college In the fall of 1921 and since that time hie teams have annexed the "little 19" conference three seasons In a row, scoring an even 800 points as against 69 for the opponents In 24 games. In the Gehrig, College Rookie, ant) the Ball and Win 1 -VSy-S, , .I- 1 A Tha. t w'esraph. of Henry L. thTi.t t;i ilRhH. lh formvr rol. uml! Vmvr?)i a-ar. nd Hrvir H.tlri-(t. uiim ontm-lir. wr nwitt- at lit.- Vaukvva' ufxins train lim wi u til N-w .ttiii-MiM. , Hcnd. fica tMH -rMi' aa a plnclt GAZETTE - TIMES MONDAY. MARCH St. 1924. "AntftmatuT Of Jact , When working on the rear end of an aatwaBtbile. or under it, it ie nsaatlr, eoiwary to jack up one end of the ear te arovicW aure tpae to work. The ffluav-aaation shown a pair of simple bomtmasw) jtaka e tiM fiose. Tneyaia mUttf hf a-to. wasued lumber, and eoa-stKeted sa aWwa in, -the upper agurav aaek) wnsaatia; of a t by oJwatytwa support btoeka, aad a top board of the samouta.'ui. ; 3 be tep board ia pivoted ea na iX iim eupport blocks by saaaw ifapaaaeafHitnn pipe, loaarfyiid mtbmthf Jan. -apka; it niuel In ahalif wsfae iiai loayaattlaabaaa atai Wgaaarrat awe aud aa iswwa, Ihiavwud baaasxaaiahflj'. bater than the oUwr a tbaa-theiesav wttt fail to tba postioa iuiiaatad in tha. TbaiaaaVi w pWtelaaw totla wheesV tmnow oa-r. wr aunlw. (-pSy , , .4 . . ' A hook is provided on one support brock to keep, the top board down, and a short length of iron pipe or rod, fitting loosely in holes drilled through the sides of the topi prevents the .wheels from running off the jack while -the work is being done, thus making the work perfectly safe. ..4i. CA can of crushed coke placed in an ice box or banement is highly effective in absorbing unpleasant odors. past three ; years, bis teams have suffered but one defeat that at the bands of Notre Dame college In 1923 by oar of 14 to 0. . The faet hat Lombard. - college ne an; ettrollmsent of about 15t) makes Schlasler's ability stand oat. Prior to SchissOer's appearance t Lombard, the .institution did not cut mutih figure in football, but un der his guidance the situation has changed. By using a - system ot football similar to $hat of Notre Dame, he developed high-powered elevens wjth but snvall eqaads. , May Bring Assistant ' Major John L Griffith, football commissioner of the "Big 10 con ference, regards htm as one of the vary few young eoaches in hat part of the country who la capable of handling a football squad In fast company. Schissler, ' if he accepts the post ton at 0. A. C may bring Hod Turner, hie assistant coach and a former star player, to Corvellis. Whether ihe -will insist on this is a matter which, with other questions, will be straightened out after hla arrival. :. Youth is Captured LeRoy Epperson, 18, escape! from the feeble minded home at Salem, was discovered by Sheriff Warfleld at the. Ervin Austin place in North Albany yesterday, and was returned to t)he. home. The youth had slept In a barn on the place the night previous. He .'had served a term n the state Industrial school, and ' was transferred from the school -to the feeble minded home. Hendrkk Pound Praise of Manager Hoggins Nv. -ov J:.-l '"'VlWViv'aW ,.v.. ...o . J a . " til nn"aivwi.iiii mi iaai i ia"aa liur aad maih- arrtvi. V AH hut, A aiYl,in ! e-vi. uivina arudtul a trrral futur. for- fcuu. 3hri. lui ruam-nuin. au fi-mra tool last arwavn th'Nw llovin lia. Hf twa, alug UR a i Uou- anr- u ii,,mim j 1 ... " " ' . ' '. I if: 1 v, - . " IPIOLIfll'Iu . ; COLBA LONG MEAS0B PHILOMATH, Ore.. March 31. Mr. and Mra.-'i. U. Cnrry and eoa Merle returned Wednesday eveoJng after apeadlng a - Week with old friends" in Pasco. Washington, .ana viclntfy. The Cumr'a are former rettldenta -of Paaoo, ' ocanSng , here almost- two year ao ; when . they purchased the local telephone : ea- change.. Ob-their return they will ritot with Mr. Curry's brother and; family In "Portland. - . Mrs. F. A. Plunkett returned to her home here vedneadarfter aa aance- f Bvo- weeks, during which time abe viaited with bar daughters at Portland nad Carttoa. The Sunshine club npea e most enjoyable afternoon w4tb Mrs. R. V. Clemens, Thareday, March 27h. The next nreeUng wiU be with Mrs. E. G. Sprtggs. " Mrs. Boy Bathers and Mrs. J. W. BerrenMa were hoatesaea to the members ot the O. T. club at the club rooms Wednesday ' afternoon, March ISth. .Mrs. -lata Larson of OorvalBs visited friends in thia otty Wednes day. tnonWng. Prank WiiHBms. Leater Jannary, Harold RIdenour, and Ray Maiers spent Wednesday att Newport Mrs. Warren Norton of Harris- burg is visiting her' brother, N. H. Mulkey at Woods creek. Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Mulkey, who have' been living near Hoskins, are moving to the Woods creek community. Mrs. W. C. Wyatt and children went to Newport Wednesday where they v.'aited Mrs. Wyetfa parronta. Mr. and Mrs, C. A. Madden, until Thareday. Little Miss Maxlne re mained to visit for a few days. Mrs. Jane Jones and eon Clarence are visiting relatives at Kiger Island. Mr. end Mrs. A. C. Wlgle of Kings Valley were recently guests ot Mrs. Ellen Witgle of th.'s oity. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Pish of Wells were week-end visitors with rela tives here. Mrs. Wm. Ftiah -was taken to the Oorvallls General hospital Wednesday where jhe Is receiving medical attention. Mrs. Ray Beattle left Thwsdnj for Indiana where ahe wag-tailed on account of the critical illness ot her mother. Mrs. Milo Gosa aind ohildren have returned to their home tn Salem after a few weeks visit with -her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray BeatUe. Mrs.. F. A, Thomas ot Toledo is pending few days with old friends here. ' The Thomases , are former reaMenteot- this ty and are now moving to' their ranch on Ahe short cot road to OorvaJMs. The flue at the . Henry Ambler residence burned out last Thursday morning; no damage was done, but the flames created quite a bit of excitement. , Mra. Hill and her mother, Mrs. Snyder, -arrived -Friday from Aecela, Nebraska, to make lelr home tn Philomath. Mrs. HH1 M a former resident of this city , and her many friends -gladly welcome her return. See It Rav Msaers who has spent the past three months "with his bister, an. j. ja. jvui i j , immj left Friday lor Yakima. Washington. Prof. O. T. Otoon was a business visitor in Portland daring the . week end. , . Gdingto-:;SV'" ; Calif briiia? rpHE JSmCIENCY, comfort, safety ' ' JL and dependability of Southern Pa-J. li elf ic service should contend one of its " FOUR "DAILY TBAINS to your use, J ' ' In .addition,-the "Shasta, Itoute'! presents varied and Interesting scenery,, hence 'j Scenery -that most appeals; to you . should determine vhat -train to use . ' and thereby make the trip enjoyable in every ;way. -.--. Excursion fare round trip tickets, are on sale daily to California points carry- " : ing final return limit of May 31. , '. Call on ticket agent for information concerning fares, reservations, etc. and for copy of "Wayside Notes Shasta Route" or writs JOHN .M. SCOTT Asst Passenger Traffic Manager Portland, Oregon - : Southern Pacific Lines VANDW THE CRISPETTES WHAT AM Look for the "Oak Leaf Ask Your Grocer or Confectioner for Them. V & W CO. Manufacturers. Wholesalers and Retailers of Fine Confections , 688 OLIVE STREET EUGENE, OREGON M.M nrArr ericiifii The spring rush lor Ford Touring Cars lias started ' , . - Arrange to place your order at once, so that you will not be obliged to wait for delivery.' - Detroit, Miduitaa - ar Detroit, Michisan li you do not wish to pay cash lor your car, you can arrange for a small payment down and easy terms oa the balance. Or you can buy on the Ford Weekly Purchase Plan. the Nearest Authorized Ford afW ' ''V . CAaS;mUCKS-TIUVCT01LS v SKIM -W!"-arhnl. . . - vuaUnlH - teurixed. Quarts 6c galW, lit d6livereS. -' Phone ft. "' SCnW BXtOOK DAIRY. ' 3 , ,V,.. .. H- m " , lf)U Read the classiftea idi ; .' YELLOW PENCIL '" .m faManiaimvll , " UAR IT v lttui vrntr pa jtuaaw. . T.O.B. DETROIT Dealer , - a. - " af IT "H,.. -i.-'... . . , n.i.4...r ,,,, uVn K s (t ' ' ,:-:

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