Corvallis Gazette-Times from Corvallis, Oregon on March 31, 1924 · 1
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Corvallis Gazette-Times from Corvallis, Oregon · 1

Corvallis, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, March 31, 1924
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Established ISO TES WEAT3EB: Rain tonight and Tuesday. J CORVALLIS, OREGON. Mnxniv uior.. r " . . . COMPULSORY PUBUC SCHOOL SPRING SALES Wll I LAW 15 uWiUNSilTUTIONAL BEGIN THURS Crowded Courtroom Hears Momentous Decision By Federal Court Judges at Portland. GOV. PIERCE SAYS APPEAL TO BE MADE Constitutional Rights of Parents Must Be Safeguarded by Law, Says Decision of Great Import. PORTLAND, March 31 (Associated Press) Oregon's compulsory public school law was declared unconstitutional today in the opinion of the federal court today by Circuit Judge W. B. Gilbert, District Judges C. E. wolverton and R. S. Bean. The crowded courtroom beard the reading of the decision by Judge Wilverton The decision made it plain that the eourt 'acted on the proposition that the constitutional rights of parents had been contravened by law just as much as the rights of the complainants, the Hill Military academy and Society of Sisters of Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. The court held it had the right to enjoin the state law which deprives citizens of constitutional rights or corporation of property without the due process of law. The enjoined defendants are Gov. Pierce, Attorney General Van Winkle and Stanley Myers, district attorney of Multnomah county. The law which requires children between 8 and 16 to attend public schools was adopted toy the initiative at the general election of 1922, after a heated campaign, in which the Ku Klux supported the bill. 'The court made it plain that It acted on the proposition that the constitutional rights or parents nan been contravened by law as much as rights of complaining organizations. "Parents and guardians," said the de cision, "have Interest in the" const! tutional rights of the complainants to see that their schools may be maintained for the mutual benefit and use of all parties concerned. MEMORIAL BUILDING TO BE ERECTED ON CAMPUS IS ASSURED Building Will Cost $400,000, Will Be Memorial to College Dead in Wars Corvallis Stores to Offer Public "Spring Style Week" With Right Kind of Prices WANT TRADE STIMULATED Shops of City Known for Their Quality Merchandise and Low Prices A Memorial building fa to be erected on the Oregon Agricultural college campus, at a cost of $400,- uvu. rne students have already contributed some 460",000, and the alumni and ex-students have now Jos'ned forces with the students to! raise the remainder of the reauired funds. The buiHing will be beautifully located on the colege campus and will be the home of all student and ahimni activities. It will fill a long felt want on the college campus. College funds have neveT been Blll1IIQita n.nt i. . 1 . . buiWinra for recitatrons rrt ihJ Campaign m ,ht" newspapers, all Beginning Thursday mornine- "Spring Style Week- will be featured in all the Corvallis store anrt shops, and this city will be the trading center of the Willamette valley during the next few days. The local merchants have determined to leave no stone unturned in heir big spring merchand'sing effort. The official dates set for the style week are April 3. 4. and 5. anri in addition to an intensive advertising tory work. The students on the campus, feeling the pressing need of such a building, taxed themselves each year that future students might reap the benefit. The building will stand as a memorial to the brave sons and daughters of 0. A. C. who gave WIFE OF LEADER L SKIER IS NAM ED AGGIE COACH merchants wiH cooperate in so far as possible by dressing the show windows m attractive style, thus bringing the breath of spring to the heart of the business district. The Retail Merchants association has endorsed th.s movement, and is backed by the chamber of commerce. The object is to RtimnJi their lives in the service of therltrade, and the opportunity of mak ing a concerted display of spring goods, that the buying public of the) Corvallis trading radius may see for' themselves the class of goods car-! ried by the shops of this c'ty. The' display of fashions is promised to country in the . Spanish-American and World Wars. Alumni, ex-students and friends are entitled to membership in the Memorial Union, w:th the privileges of the building when completed. Percy A. Cunner. of Salem, is in charge of affairs for the alumni !8,ores . C H 4 a MRS. NICH0LA8 LONGWORTH ol Ohio As the daughter of a former President of the United States and also as a young woman of great pergonal ability and charm, Alice Roos felt Longworta has long been a popular figure at Washington Now that her husband. Representative Nicholas Longworth. is Republican leader of the House, she has come Into additional prominence as bis aid and adviser. She Is si proud of her husband's success a her late father's eminence. CHARGES DIRECTED Athletic Director of Lombard College to Succeed "Dick" Rutherford at 0. A. C. NEW MENTOR RATES HIGH In Last Three Years His Teams Have Been Beaten Once; May Bring Assistant MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS posts jiaDiscyss.IhlJ . f, ot O. Mew Kenton, Linn, Polk, and Ma rion Send Delegates to Formulate Program ALBANY, March 29 (Specal)-Representativee from nine American legion posts in the district met m this city Saturday afternoon, coming from, all parts 0f Unn, Polk, Marlon and Beaton counties. Fred S. Kiddle, state commander, Prank Griffith, vice state commander, and Harry Nelson, state adjutant, presided over the meeting. Commander Kiddle In the opening addrcss outlined the nurncse of the conference ami ih i..,..h.i , Paul J. Sehisder of Ixwnbard eol-Hw derived from an exchange ol AGAINST lege, (Jaleeburg. 111., wltl suc-eed "Dick" Rutherford as football coach at O. A. C., It 'has lieen announced The board of control of the college elected Seh'ssler to the position af ter an extended conference Willi alumni at Portland Friday. Ap proval ot the board of regents is needed to make the appointment official, but with President Kerr, the board of control and alumni approving the selection there is lit tle doubt as to the action of the regents. Schissler has been notified to re port immediately to CurvalMs. and begin spring football practice. Is 31 'Years Old iflB HEW CHURCH New Christian Church to. Be Magnificent Edifice, With Space for Service WORK BEGINS ON MONDAY Auditorium to Seat 700 People; services to Be Held in Worn- art's Club for Time the MELLON is one of the coming coaches of the country, according to Wallace Kad-derly, who, on a trip in tho middle l nrai. iim-i wfMi'n uco prominent football men as Knuto Kockne, coach at Notre Dame; Hoi) Zuppke. j Illinois mentor, and Walter Eeker-jsall, one ot the best gridiron offi- eciipse ail former efforts of the Senate Offensive Gains Moment r'ate '" U'e ''oulUry- ideas. contract for the new Christian Adjutant Nelson spoke briefly on i ?! 1 lo 8U"1( at l corner r the work of the slate department, i . ,,rU' was k .uamphMiing co-operauYm of the "n ,u "ecKa Son of ixfts. He Announced thjat the , i " J "rt of ,ear1n 35n state convention will bo held In i ,hureh structure will beg; UH.i)r, aim wor, on thf ww home will progress as rapidly as pes. sible. . The chinch people .hope to complete the building during the summer months. The floor plans for the building will practically cover the 100x10ft foot lot and the (approximate cost of tho building, with furnishings, is estimated at $45,000. The exterior of the building will be of stucco, light colored, with the visible roof of tile. There are to be two distinct auditoriums. McU-an hall on tho ground floor with a seating capacity of ?00 and the auditorium for worship on the second f.oor seating 700. Tho flooring of the basement rooms will bo of wood laid on cement There are to be numerous excellent class- n"'. Pnor, church office, choir rortiann simultaneously with rose festival. Each legion post has been assigned a topic on which to prepare a report to present to the conference. The first topic taken up was Civic Objectives," which was presented by the Salem Legion. In the discussion which followed the gathering was warned not to be swayed by too 'high hopes-4oo much enthusiasm, a looin is a Schissler. who Is but 31 years old, j mushroom growth and will sooner or later fall. It was started. What tho Legion needs to do Is to adopt a now and steady policy of far-s'ghledness and look at all problems, especially civic, from an intelligent gtiaudpoliiit. Tho senond tric discussed was niurnmiimiwra rK I runl U1C room inH nil !, r . . Post Standoolnt." which reoort , ! T. 'tt5 lb eS,Mre(, . - . . - .. r ' vuuiioi i aim convenience in m.i ... . i i ia and wilt gladly fumish information. SALE3I, March 31. (Associated Press) Governor ,Pierce said tbe compulsory public school law case would be appealed to the United States supreme court. EVEN I IS SUCCESS mm is LOST Poincaire Still Adheres to Rigid Rules of Ruhr and Gets Cold Reception turn With Committee Investigating Companies Quality Goods tarried The retailers have worked long and hard to bring the attention of the buying public to the fact that! Corva 11 prices cannot be beaten! WASHINGTON, March 31.--(A".so anywhere in the valley. The mere ciated Press)--Tbe new offensive in fact that many traveling salesmen:"1''' Senate against ths ''ooliJij.j ,-aM- buy their clothes here, and not in ! net. direct d against Mellon, unli The AgRies were not certain ofKiv'" by tho Dallas post. U the;..nur,.h ,., uinqpg pcniSKhT, because it is P',iH r ru ie meinners were urged known that (Jrinnell college hasl" klp' l,ho sp-Irit- of Americanism Farewell Service Sundav The church people will hold their tendered mm an offer and that the """" wnaiea auring tne war. I farewell n..rvi..., i.. .u ".TT..V Iniverslty of Iowa may tender him Tll,' 11 ' do your bit and .to i m.,t Smu,av M, ,," l" . an offer now that efforts to land '' hit should bi the object Kockne failed. now, it was declared. Job Soaght Him ' Schissler did not seek the uo CHARGE LAV1SHNESS their hometown, is sufficient proof ered mumentuni today while the com-14'0" al - A f-' D"' position! of the high class merchandise car-jmittee investigating the inierual rev-,t,ougnt him- Kadderly during his, ried, but is also poignant that the ! bureau resumid its evaniination!to,ir Jwfned of Schlssler'a ability prices sre very attractive. Practl-!"f the "Mellon comua-i!s." espe billy "s a '"o"" coach and asked him . rally all the nationally advertised. the Cult Oil corporaib.n. which gained if h" TOI1I Intereeted In an ot-fc t Innuirv Into Cmrioaitrn ts ',r -net excessive : ,,r rrom '"-"Ken Agricultural ; tf n. ' r Fund Brings Forth Grave Evidence I UK I - . . ' j unn wive seiiL itivtiK. Hons to formeY members now neat-tared over the state to Join In the final meetings In the old home. Iter. SteJvers of Kugene has been allied to conduct the services that day. I'ntil the new structure Is rtady ror occupancy, tho Christian congregation will hold Us services In the Corvallis Wouiea's Jub honw. a in the Knhr : Z ... i J " 7 .. ., . " ' """""' ior aiMii.t'g- a. J. Robertson, coach at Hrail- " umiiawn.i in nut muie in 1 There was a ! " " ' 7 . , lm Ule cal),m't "-''''"r t sliey lnrt'tute, at Peoria. 111., wired w,,"n "iwinm of expense re- with approval o.yl.,r ine hl; , 1,1 ' 71 " "'"": -M-I"r is ; " ' ! ."j.. .' MtrillE V H U WK IK 11KM1V in IP- tnf u lh n n f.L ...!, a FHn.,. IT, ...... I ....,.. ' i i ..----.j ... ... .wi.v n mild a ni'i'hs u il uur-'.m i. t , .1 . n,.t ii.... i m t m 1 1 tun iiii-r!i .nwiro c;nr cninr ii THEFTS CONFESSED Entering 10 Business Houses and Robbing Eight Monroe Teachers' Institute Held Live-Wire Event; W. Beattio of Normal School Speaks A local teachers' Institute, held Saturday at Monroe, was one of the most successful events of its kind held for years, according .to County School Superintendent E. H. Castle. Professor W. G. Beattle of the Oregon State Normal school was the main speaker of tbe day, using for h1 subject in the morn tag "Some Problems ia Instruction," and In the evening "Educational Economy." Professor Beattie stressed the aims of education in his morn ing talk, saying education was designed for complete living, social efficiency and moral character. In the evening tne speaker questioned it teachers were using the machinery, of education as they should, and whether teachers and . . .. J .n . . 1 A "Some rural teachers are cheap at 1150, and others are expensive at $75 per month." ' "Corrective English" was the subject ot Professor L. B. Baldwin ot O. A. C. who stressed the need of dwpting the old-fashioned principles of grammar and fundamentals of EngHsb. Home and com munity standards have been responsible to a great extent for the poor use of English, alrording to Professor Baldwin. Ethel R. Moore, principal of the Mountain Vffew ecbool, spoke on "Retardation," giving as its cause parental indifference, poor health and subnormal mentality. Ruth Anne Hoffma, principal of tbe W. C. T. V. home school, spoke on "Silent Reading." She emphasized the Idea that chuldren ought to be taught silent reading early In life. Pro feasor Dirkaen, a live-wire ong leader, led In community singing. Women patrons ot the district erved a noon lunch which wan more ot a banquet than lunch, according to those who were present. Another teachers' Institute will le held at Philomath April It. according to Superintendent Caatle. 1 hlEh trade merchandise is carried S3.775.OO0 credit PARIo. March 31. (Associated j tnp corvallis stores, and at prices payments" in tax cadi in :9i7, l:iis C0,1'K'' r"'" ,,cin8 refused an ur-,' Press) Indications that Poincairei tnat DPat mll(. larger cities. ! and 1919. ' . 'Irmalive answer. Kadderly went to I has lost the sympathies of the ma- ot,, ,,, n . ' jflalesburg and Interviewed Srhbwlor.l ... Stocks of the Corvalhs stores; Melon New Tini ... . , .... Jonty which supported his orcvious . . ,, ... .. .1 - mt"" rw ' arget ,t (i,p a himiti meetnm. Kadderlvi government was seen in the chamber i";!,' , ,h , lne "1,k " '-ry Mellon is'.old of bis interview- with Schissler. ""'A;). March 3 Associated r .i.L. o .. .,Jstk fP"' of 'he I ivted States. : described by some of the oizanl.ation L., i. ...,i .. ..,..... ....... Picks) - Cbari.-.:a that "there w.-ihl policy Mr the reconstituted cabinet. I "C!'h r"!"' infn.poWiC . " ' republicans and others in the Cloak-Rramg -rom ,me of th much more eviden.-e of hivisbnes" IniTwo Corvallis Youths Admit He reaffirmed all the policies of tbe ::":, ",hX" " , iV, ' , ,ur""-v.onc 1,1 Wu """.who were competitor,, in the '.little "") Primary campumn in Iste TOvrn,nt .ml .i- Vr i creasi"S . " fatrondge. until ( Mans attributed to lemocr.;s 1 , . inference" f iinh,. " ""'ta than In tho Wood n.el soldiers would remaii until France is paii lack of warmth, of rare exceptions. yrtuuitfr was uiierril il''U who mani- i wim Q ,ltirmniw.t nutir..ti,... i.. ..... . ... testations of mirth, surprise, or di, 0'7e" locked forward a Zs Z 7:; ""T'T 'S appointment as the demities icom-i.,..v. ..,.. , . ... ...,.. V " 1 ro5"'P nas it mat !et.return i, Hal - penally eonsidering that his iniiter- oared his declarations with the ner-i" .. "L ' " ' ' " un ...mver are nekt in line aft, r , has been limited and that he r . r ii ill nit-r uit'i tiidiiii iff . - r vmiifin waw tii.. unn,,. i.j. .1 . . sonnel of the cabinet which inrlmhxi !' ' ' J "' has a system of football which ! . ! (Continued on paco 4) Sinclair Indicted for i The aitack on Secretary Mellon to I n a j i rt .i day met resistance from the Keuatn - - . . oniempi oy commiuee ortani2atJ(m of reput)ikan8 s..:i,r Pittsbure Flood Haters i nikknLL IN I HL L ih.- were arrest, d iat several opponents of the late iinuih try. I! CATCH BAND ITS fewilng to the robbery of night lis Duslness houM ue.i n g two hl'Urmi wthnH ,.ib,H. I... I V...K....1. I I... I. .K., l. l - ! . " UIII(L "" ' ... 1 anyming, two Corrallis youths Har- son campaign. Norbeck also charges aid- Goldman. 17, and Glenn Harsh employment of federal workers In the, man, 13, are facing a term in the "elaborate h aibpiartcrs ' of the Cool- state reform school In juvenile MKr '""""K"1-- Iconrt. Only the Me of thp youthful prisoners ave them from a penitentiary simtiMice. Hot Trails Picked Up Near Stay-in ton, and Search on Near Jefferson ; ; Z I . ZT!- "" i Receding With DamaKc WASHINGTON, March 3 1 . (As-1 'ied the benate (hat the le;'al qu, s-1 " sociated Press) Sinclair was jji- tions raisid by Senator McJiellar's' dieted todav bv the federal urand ; resolution had been considered fully I'lTTSIlI'lUIH, .'liiii-h' :!l jury, charged with contempt in con-! ferore .Mellon accepted the cabinet ated press) I'he lloo.l waters are re m-tlon with his refusal to testify Pst- ceiling after causing much ilamace t. STAYS SAFE III TREE ! before the oil committee. WASHINGTON, March 31. (Associated Press) Paced w.'th oppo- SALEMr March 31. (Associated sition, the senate today laid aside Press) A hot trail was picked up : indefinitely the resolution for the PLAN GALA EVENTS industrial plants, riere were etijlil deaths in western I' inu-ylvanla .nil five at Kitzmill "i-, Aid , fjoto ihe floods. this morw.'ng in the search for the four escaped convicts remaining at large following the capture late yesterday of Clive Weekly at Stayton. The information received is that a man wearing shoes like those stolen form the Aumsvllle store tried to enter a house on the outskirts of Stayton last alght. A trail from the woods to the house and back was found. A search is also being made near Jefferson, where three men attempted to steal an automobile. investigation of Secretary Mellon. WASHINGTON, March 31. (Associated Press - The DauKherty committee today dea'ded to continue its investigation. Reception, Track Meet and Banquet Scheduled for Mothers' Day on 0. A. C. Campus British Plane Forced r.lght and this morning throuch the .effort of Hill (Ickard, night ofT'cer, rh ef ,.f poiie tobJn.on. and local ' iC.ntr.A rnnwic P-rrh- in . ' A.WUl 7 Ol the Si . wni.n wa stolen, and most of the Limbs While Guards . wisslug property was recovered. Walk Below I Hl"'n aCTUIWi f crime, tho ; !""s cnfw,,id immediately. Tho lyountser u.y, Harold Goldman, r-S.M.KM. March SI. (, d j counted tlmlr at-vHlns on the night I'P'ssj cilve M. Weekly, one of the of March 24, Haying they started , Hiiip.-d convicts, capturMl yester out with the Corva Mia Bargain lay evenliiK near Stayton, Is bin in House, a woond-lumd tor wlntrn Army Fliers to Start Ilnu.n n CUv f r'rfn ! nrUfl" ln,iHy- al"' mM h" "M n- j thf y t.wk $ I-.'.O and two giins-a 32 1,u"n (,n KllJ 01 Orlll,,,,.t,.y Ht ,en he stumbled upon , calibre revolver and a 22 calibre ro- ! j Stayton. He wild the rirst J.iy helvolvor. Then entered the bulldlus I ATIIKNS. March 31 -(Assoc iateii 1 ' l'"',"'l " "'' malned ther- ul through a window on the north ! Press) -Smart Muelarnis world plane rtil'- ilH ""' I'HS"nieii walked t side. ! was rorcd down on Lake St. Mai , ll,m- "" sa'l i,M h" nu'1 lo ' "! Vernon 11,-ckart's woodworking .1...... .... .1... iKi....,i ..1 ...( k ''em stolen from nests. He del Ian ,1 shoo was the n..i . Iu. 1, ;ception at the college are among' '. ... .... .,.... , ,'. ,. ' i he had not seen his i-oiiinanir.ns nine Here ibe voiuhfiil i,.,r..k .ki.i.J ,he l.l-n ,.f Mr. L',Q W I,.. " " '"J"' "'. '- llMI ' " , . ' r-.o , . ... ,.,, 1 riuay iii'.ruuiir. A track meet. Uin.juut, and a re- Wednesday Morning1 Saturday. May lo.The day hasl been set aside for all women, and! AFTER ROOSEVELT- Resolution in Senate Calls for His Resignation, Due to Oil Manipulation WASHINGTON, March 31 (Asso- graphed the air service. NCOME TAX LARGE1 mothers of college girls especially Invited guests. WASHINGTON. March 31 (Associated Press) Demand for the removal of Theodore Roosevelt, as sistant secretary of the navy, was made by Senator Dill. Democrat, of Washington. In a resolution introduced in tbe serrate today. The resohitton declares that Roosevelt, before hi appointment, waa a director, of the Sinclair Oil company, and lilxyt KT TOMOIiUOW will be. The new b.UHiit hall of the 1 Fi rut Meflifulwl t-'rtisi' ehnreli elated Press) The army world flyers h - , ,, ..1, .1.1 i, start from Seattle at 6:30 Wed-, Sunday, May 1 1 , i Mother's day. ' , ,lmtherh(K,,i T1, ,,(,. art, nesday morning. Major Martin tele- Girls will wear wh to and the w.mth-' aBk;.d . liri,, ,r w dlrth. er man will be good to them, In, the holies of Dean Jameson. The whole college will do honor to i mothers that week-end. Manyi prom inent women 01 the etate will be lampus visitors and faculty women' will cooiierate with women students 1 IS YAB T $4, and went on lo Hinges' Gurage, where thi-y got nothing. At Men-lib', Keed ,toi-e they took a carton of cigarettes and gum. At Norden-sc.ii s Kat-iige they raised tho win-daw from the alley, entered tho , 1 building and took some flashlights 1 ..... . - .- ! At Wink ley's Creamery the pair Judge t. E. Wilson, of Corvallis, : hroko lh,. wire In the back door. Appointed to Fill Place i'nter.d tho muin office and took Caused hv Death i"""11 M fr"m 'J!,h nd Caused by Death a f01inlaln wl.vh WM ,atcr f9.. covered with Hie stolen property. S.M.KM. .M.irih :'. I luoriald At the Corvallis Auto Wreck In I'resn Judge IMward K. Wilwm, ' id reniovod :,n dimes Finding Final Estimates Of btate Tax done by women over the campus Gives Huge Sum Of Million Saturday will b'- entirely filled by and a Half in giving them n id,a of the work SDreckels to DeveloD Alkali Lake,"' ( "rvi,ll'l-s. "" ',i,m,'l y the gov nneiui garage the boys 1... " r iTlmr :im a ,,,..nher nf lirH nf t.Illxhed the eveulllir with llielr Ml. tbe co-ed program. Brnakfitst will i,e tierved in somniy houses and balls for mothers, visitors, and fac- SAI.EM. March 31. (Associated , nlty women. in Central Oregon if Rail Connection is Made Prese) The state Income lax will 1 will folio yield at least a million and a naiiiguesta will 1 in the women gym- ,ay heard the testimony regarding dollars instead of the estimated mil-j nasium t 2 o'clock. Iti. imuoriance of the mineral Halts Hon and a quarter, Earl Klsher, slate, The 0. c ni, wHi frnish r,WOurc,n as a ootentlal traffic pro- tax commissioner estimated today, j mugfc tor May dunce to I, given ducer for a line in Central Oregon, which t the last day for filing re-;on (he tovln j,n front of 1he M Kmewon. the Urn Angelo that tie personally carried to tbe turns without penalty or extension, ignj Several prominent guests chemist, said John H Spr.-ckN President to sign an order transfer-! A tremendous mall reached the de- rhig the rraral oil reserves from the apartment tbe last three days. By to-secretary of the navy to the aecre-j night it Is estimated 80,000 returns tary qf tbe interior, 1 I will have been received. will speak at the lianquot In the would develop the Alkali lake if evening to be conducted by tho'tajll facilitlea were provided, and W. A. A. and the Home Economics' estimated that .'o.nov tons annual-club. Jly could be produced. ' icgeiiiH ,if lirecon Agricultural col- g'-st haul. They look out the wln-, lep.. siiiveying Jude t rawford of "1"" 'be garage on the ,'l.d Cratide who db-d lnt week. outh Kid", went to tho cash register !and niiioved . 0,1'mes. Finding PORTLAND. March ?A (Ai.-m.cI- ' .. . .,h,. kev in the k..Im ihcv l it A c.-.-d track me4 ,fw, . interstate comm. r. e liridt'S HliriU'd, KOads and look ', A big reception for all commNijoner examiner Wagner to- ; ii..t..i t 1 li Other Armir 'which th.. w- m.. j r vi jii iitianu . , , - - n weu mi (tmoruiK were i.a fljarr (Jrocrey and Noon's garagge. Kred McHonry, the district at-hornt-y. Interviewed the youths and thttfr iw runts this morn tug. The law provides that ,24 hours notice must be glvun ths parent ol )uvn He offenders befor aentericw is tin-posed, ao likely Judge W'lxott wll , rasa upon the case tomorrow. IIKI.l'AST. Ireland, March 31.---(Associated Press)- A number of bridges on Hie uuiiii road between I,ngford ml Athlonn In ii-iilrul Ireland, were blown up lant iilitht and the muds blocked with felbil trees Tho republicans diw lrtlmed ,rili,ponsibillty for the di-structlon. f

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