Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 28, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1949
Page 7
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ma PHILCO BEFKIGIiRATOB , r $199.50 7 Cu. Ft. — 5 "Year Warranty S20 Down . . . S3 Weekly 413 > T O. MATY ST. UNION CITY Phone 6491 13 CHURCH ST. TKL. 1690 Open Friday TiH 8 P. M. Employment Help Wanted—Male \VA>TKI»—Man with car (or lij-ht do- livery. Apply Room 2 over Nauxatuck WASTED—Man between 25-30 years <.l age, niarric-d, ctjtese education or equivalent, neat appearing, selling experience helpful but not essential. We are dealers lor one ol the most popular low-prictfl cars. Liberal salary and commission basis. Paid vacations, fife health & accident insurance, and hospital'zation. Reply RlvijiK complete information lo Box "C" c-o the News. BOYS WAXTl.n--Apply H Bowlim; Allovs. 1 f'5 -Mnnlo St ' " -• For Sale Houses For Sale IN SOUTHBUKY— 0 room anil Latll, $5,5UO. .Must be sold immeduuelv, lUADOlify'O UHALTl 1 Oxford. l-Miono 2BU1, Seymour POlt SALK—In .Prospect near Uniori City, ti room house, with firopjaun, sun porch. -J car Karate, Situated ( n u corner lot. Owner movinK to anoiiier city. Must sen ijulckly. Sacriiioc. Phone "SOd. IMM15H1A'1J3 OCCl'l'A.NCy—5 i-jjln bungalow. I'l-fi-specl-Ununi City Kd. Prewar, well constructed. Nicely ].,- cated lot. ajjjjrox. ^OU it. ,sq, (Jeo Oar- rity, Tel. Wtby. 0-1SGO. FOJi SALK—In Beacon Kails, 2-roon, summer house, furnished, partly finished, no improvements, electricity an'l telephone available. awn-ox. i 1-4 acres; ISO It. Irontane on main highway. Secluded yet easily accessible Priced rlghl for quick sale. I'lmne Wtby. 3-OM5.. JAMES MOOKB P.eal Kstate — Appr.alKcr Phone 355S for Selected Homes 4 - ItOOM sc.soo, MOJlKJtlN 6 - ROOM HOME on west side, fireplace, oil heat. MKACOS FALLS—4-rooms. 2 ur.lin- ishecl. tile bath, oil beat. A SHEPU2V. Phone 2133 or , r ,.144. KOH HA'LK—SoulhwcHt Heclion "i 'own. Movu Hulu In — new beautiful buriK.'Llow. !> rooms mi one [loor. [I replace, natural tilo Imthrnom. oil hr:it (irc.-itly n-rtiii'i-d In ui lire [rum SIS.'iO.i lr> $i:i,0'U». No H'lophom; irifnrrnali.),! Call me tod:iy arid tut me Hhuw you this one. J'ATSV T.AKltlOLA ISstutc Phone jVauK. 3458 or Wtby. n-2249 For Sale Houses F or List Your l-ropcrty lor Quick Sale. The A. K. Mnrtino Co. Heal Estate And Appraisals 208 E. Main St. Phone a-3Z8b Wtby. WALTKK A. N OH WASH, Agy. INSUKANOK KEALTOR 209 Church 8t Phone 47S4 KOK SAIib—1 lamlly huuso with 1 rooms on uach floor, yood condition! line locution, priced reasonably. Oill Anthony Karrer 423:1. Insurance & Heal Estate Announcements Merchandise lib Busbies* Opportunities Stgp At TnV New Hares B.TsV MA Fitzpatrick-Komano — Public Accoun'juits — Ptone N»u«. ZS05-SOM HJiESSMAKUVQ ana Alterations done reasonable. Phone S1T41. lira, Louise McGulre, 47 Blngham St. UAl, BSTA'l'E IS Spring St. Tel. 3-CG81 Waterhury. Conn. Wanted to Euy -~J—Goc.a 2 rarany house, 5 or i rooms on each floor preferred. I havt a cash customer waiting for such * listing. HENRY M. MURPHY Real instate and Appraisals Telephone 3-4032 Waterbury I lib Business Opportunities V.'slt Oar Soda Fountain: 1 Open 7 a. rti.' to, 6 p. m. Extent* Sunday 1 ANDY'S CAMPUS - ChHi'ch Wr*& Land For Sale FOI1 SAljK—facvwral outldlnK lotrt '»( Now Haven Rd. Reasonable. City water. Phone Harry Schmltz. 4085 after fl p. m. Wanted To Rent WAiSTKI)—fi tmlui-nlMliud rmimK. I adults. Cluod tunaiUH. I'Uono IU>?'J For Rent ItooniH l.i> Kent ItOOM—For rent, with kitchen nriv- H, pood location. Phone 4233, Apartments For Rent FOR UKNT—1 rooms with furniture, very reasonable. Immediate occLlim:,- cy. l^eavinK state. I'hone U'!2fi. :"> to 7 I), m. TO Si;n.LKT - Furnishort -l-roo,:] aiiartment for winter month*. References exchanged. Tel. 6837. FOK ItF.NT — Offices for professional man In Nausatuck. Tel. 3-!>S(15. Wtby. 13 14 HOTCHKISS DODGE Help Wanted—Female 1VAXTKT) AT OXCE—5 eirls Icr demonstrating. Average $30.00 lor 3 evenings. Phono 3107. LEWIS CARROLL The Dealer on the .Square CENTKR SQUARE — COlt?fl?l» PBOSPECT * UNION 8TB.EET8 Barrlaj Tile Board Chrom* Trln Door Friun«» Window 8o*h A Frame* Painti Flour Hnndi-rn lor B«n< IUS* TRY I>A1LY NEWS WANT AT>S FOR QUICK RESULTS FAMILY—G rooms on Highland Ave. Tel. 5031 JOHX HEALY, 118 Churih St. Root and 3oyd, Inc. Realtors Insurance 174 Grand St Pnone 4-3161 Wtby. or ScTl a JOSEV1I IIALPER1>I, Hroher Id»nrancR, Lots, Real 1>tal« B. Main at. Tel. 4-6838 VTtbj Offices To Kent If. A. BRAZICK1 — Real Estate — 174 PROSPECT BT. PHONB R425 BEAUTIFUL SETTING- CAMP LOOK5 IW (2QOD TOO! WiLDA 'WOULCJ LOVE THIS HOPE THE PRICE '? A SHADE SOMEONE FOR6DT TO DRAW- SPACIOUS LIVINS ROOM WJTrl A FIELD-STONE FIREPLACE AND THEN, fl& PHILS POCKET FLASH STABS THE ICY INTERIOR OF THE CAA1P — PHIL IN5PECTINS A CAM? WHICH HE HOPES 70 PURCHASE. SHORE!! HE'S GONNA PAINT fl NUMBER ON HIS ONOERSHIRT, fW FOLKSM.L THINK HE'S ONE O'THEM TOM FOOL RUNNERS SURE.rW HE CON'T B6 fl TRflCK MP.N-- HE'S GAftftRTERS!! HE BETT6R BE TH' POLICE DON'T HfiNG THEM FOReCLOSlN 1 UflRMINTS EVEN TOOK SUTLER'S UCvlFORMS HE'S COMIN 1 OOER H£R6 IN HIS ONDERBRlTCHES.V BROAD DflVUGHT? OUR LUCKY PAY, PANCHO. WE MADE IT ACSC55 7UF BURNINS OUTKAM YES/ BUT WE'RE OKAY, THEM LET'S LEAVE AMMUNITION AFIRE; BAMBA WHERE -WE REBEL ARMY PROBASLY WAITING MUST HAVECAUGW FIRE AT THE ££&SSi™Sr^,>r NATCH/YOU SAoXf OH,l«fMf ,^^0^^- -TSE=PS'"-OON-r YOU V I WOwTHE-peCFECrl ' MBASI THE LETfER. t *fMT OONT YOU GCTMV LETTEC * BEE7.EY YlPEO FO/2 A RECOUNT 'HIS CHICIC WON AFrSBALL? / GIVE our.' J I CAN TAICS ir.!'.' T D COME OOWM 7D THE BALL AUO BE CCOWNBO.' SO HERE I AM >!! \MHATS HAPPENED —IS THE vtovn I<CM'T TOUCH IT H <SCX3D SRA.CIOUS YOU MUST WEVER A PW FOR. A THWG LIWE TWAT... IT' , ' PRiSCiLLA i PRi&HTEMED i AS THE "EYE" PANEL RISES REVEALIKG — VOU LOOK CHARMING. DEAR - A MOST FITTING COMPANION FOR M Special Notice* WILLIAM W. CHITTBte'DEN Insurance— Heal Estate 180 Church St. Phone 2*40 Automotive Autos For Sole' FOB »ALE—-1935 Chev. in Rood rrm- fllllon. Phone 6757. FOB SAIyE— 1948 Llhcolrt sedan; Jet lilnck, mechanically excellent. Vorv L-lcon. Packard Waterbury, Inc. Packard Siilesf * Secvlco "A Sale 'Place to BUy" )S2 Walortown AVe., Wtby Dili) 4-(}10D ___ MEMBISR OF'WAMA- A-I CSED CAR'S BARGAINS 1948 Ford Convertible 1<J4S Nash Sedan 1147 Kaiser Sedan . 1047 Olds. Club Couoe 1941 Cluh Coune 1041 Chevrolet Club ColiDO 1917 Ford Pick Up 1349 Chevrolet 2rton stake Tuck Numerous Others Al Low Prlcoa The Naugatuck Fuel Co. S" Church St. Open BveninuB KXPEHT— Carburetor and generator service. Check now lor winter. A & B AUTO SERVICE) OJ4 Bank St. Tel. 6-1322 Wtby »St« BT.TTKB USED CARS THE SAUGATCCK FTJEIi CO. Winter Accessories BALDWIN ST. OUI..F''STATION Jos. Clrlfillo, Prop. Tel. 3-994« Wtby, or 4996 Naug. Kubbea-a i>er>io« StatkH. 195 Robber Avt. Phom 4»4T — Washing—Polishing—WaMng — ST. GARAGE Job Rated Trucks Phone ??Z7 STUUEDAKSn TUDCKS available. All Models and Siznn KIUCKSON MQTMUS 129 Rubber Ave. Phone 4818 — Studebaker Cars A Trucks — SEA BEE MOTOR SALES 1«78 Thoinnoton AT«., Watervllle Tel. t.01«>-U8EP OARS * TJICCK8 Tranen 27a OMlce and Other Equipment DOCTO1SS. DENTISTS, CRBP1T MAN NOW •A'VAILiABI'E!. FIRE KEBISTAyGi! -"'Car* lilet sixA ConceoledJ;Sateai , • Just wbat VQU wanted _ See us or haVu' our rgpre^ffitotlvp call !37- C6pke St. " •' ffesl 4*-70'ro Honrtltoia 8641 eater J:«0 p. stove; *c4; oiractlcally '' Kfttf '•& nevr. Vi iJry FOft ; S'AI.l8— Blue Qverstulled 1 livlnjc room .eh»iy. Tffi 6828. Alt^r 5 -ai-J^. iftATORIL *OB Vsn'sUsn Blinds <Custort-Mka»X SHp CoyWe, MM* to OrdeV. Free IWUiMWK r P"oo« »86i. SAPPttAS'B BOSTON 8TOUK t rnJCB—SoBd finnoriv nisple, bea- roon suite, *i94:60. OsKVlUe: Jhlrol- flire Co., 164 M»to (St, O«*VUI». Tel. Wtn il*. Witerbury _ Branch; CSS BWdwin Bt , Tel. 5-}iktl. 1Ts% our "l»>-Xw|fir As*.-' ' • • -• 29a i Articles For Sale FOB SALE— DlamonJ'rlnK. value fir>0 will ^ell lor WOO. Phono B07»'or S9t£ ' - BOOSl , , , Cedar Chests RICQARDO FURNITURE GO. 467 W, MWn St. Tel. 4-9252 Wiby. FOB 8ALE—Walnut dining table wilh 1 extension leal. Good condition. Ph'une 7192. .'••,• LI'MITED OVANTITV —9X12 wool laco ruKs, I2H.95. » NAUOATUCK FURNITURE CO. 25 So. Main 81 ' Phone 2731 Clearance Sale — Kayon Dress • Prime — Bflc A Yard U & C. FABRIC CENTER 4* Grand 81, ODD. Hadley K TO SOMK RELIABLE PBl«SON~" WHO NEEDS 1 ROOMS OP FURNITURE Cr^dll manager ol lance (urnttura store will turn over account (or the UNPAID BALANCE ON EASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS This lurnllurc is brand new. It was sold on Aug. llth. Un- lorlunaitly, this person Is not netting married. For Information atid details phone Waterbury 4-3144 Ask lor Mr. Albert, A—I>-B—E—R—T—'S 266-74 So. Main St.. Walerbury Open Thursdays to 9 n. m. ric Ranges $10 and up, also, used Washing Machines, $10 and up. Watts Electric Straits Torr.ptke Tel. 3-4570 Wtby. U81!i> BEVERIDG^ COOLER - 32 case counter type ary cooler. To lie sold below cost, complete, with unit. Original cost 1 year ago '1695. Sacri- Ilce" price $325, . WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St.. Hcacon Falls. Tel. 7130 SEE MOBEBHT tBAItEB COACH HOMES—Complete wUh. bathrooms, showers, tuba. Famous Liberty Trail, or Ccaches now available on 6 year 6%Mlnanco plan. Other well known makes like Vasabond, Trotwood, American. National and • Prairie Schooner on reasonable terms. Open 8 a, m. to 9 p, m. dally. Kyder Trailer Co.. Post Road, Jjlllford, ,Conn. (1 mile cast of Mlllord Center) Mlllord 2-8839, Auto Parts FOK SAI,K—4 new 100 amp. Delco car iMitlerlex worth $20 ea. Will sell dir SI 3.SO ca. Call 3-328r> Waterbury. Bear. Wheel Alignment Axe] ami Frame 'Service —Welding Axel Painting — Collision Repairs ERNIE'S AUTO BODY WORKS 1 23 Watertowft Avo. Phone 3-6241 Wtby. We carry a lull line ol Hurtlord, Exlde. Autollte A Armstrong JOE'S TIRE SHOP No. Mahi St. Tel »-»414 Wtby. l.arpe Selection of New and Used Autn Pnrts, alrto New ana Uncd Tiros ybndy'n Cued Cars anil PnrtR 639 No. Riverside St. Tftl. 8-0492 Open Sunday Mornings WRW—Csea * recapped tires; Mso odd and hard-to-(ret xlse«—visit OAIIF'S UKTTET) TTH'K SAI.KS, yn\ir U. S. Royal Tire distributor. U. s. Rubber Co. employes discount certificates tor tires, honored here. "" JaKerxon St.. Wtby, Phone S-U41. Complete l.lnt Ol Seat Covers Joe's Set-vice Station 178 Bridge St. Phone 4970 Contractors Coht.r*ct«ni IJUILT)En-Carp«iil«r. No Job >oo large or small. Reasonable rates. Robert Prock, Pearl Road. TeL t!61. Oulldln? Materials Soaxonxl Wood Brick. Sand, Concrete Band, Phone Bn48 or 3354 Mariano Hnnil A fHofte The Wtby. Ready-Mixed Concrete Co. 04 Benedict St Tel. 8-4188 W»bv, R K n I C BET» — Btrongth — Beauty — Movers WBKKT.T TUIP* to Nf^w T6rk. N«w .rnrnov «n«1 N«w H)n»|p\nrt. T, W. RObllliirdViin Linns. Wthy, 1-3681. MARIANO P»lntlrijr. Interior, Full )imurtno« CoV«r»*». Tclscbone SK6I • ' , r lit 'to palrit T>,mr property, c»ll 4471 'M» lro» ostl- W, V. Cots. RA*MOND J. HUQMIBS Psuitlnit — Paperhs South VI4w M. " »»01 AWD Win , lo ^- 7irn Kloctrlcal Contrucllng KMXT11ID H'JHINW —01 all kinds. Spnclally Ih Himill Jobs lor tho hull- <IU.VH—Pfomptly taken care ol JAMI'S A. Ncoll Kt., Merchandise Poultry and Kfg* I'BOZKS CIIICKKN - rtOft' B Ter» and t-up fowlw. lioatly to cook. GREAT OAK FARM Phone H049 '• FOR 8Ati|8 '— &road hrcanted bronun BTS. BolB whole or hall. Call 40OT. UNION CITY POULTRY MAHKRT 1'IIICKRXT*—Fronh killed or lro*«n KOOH—Pro'o n^llvery. 75 School 8t Tftl. 2r,91-5437 Feed and Fuel WOOD—Flrcplnco. lurnsve nnd Htovo. DflivtM-nd. To!, Wtl»y 0-9707. FALL FURS — Full stock. Little furs, none tiner. Walllnglord, 2211-M. DONAT FITB FAEM. THE ,MABirem SHOP !0 Grand St. Tel. 4-7S»« Wtby. Qnnllt; Lesthctr Olorea—Dr«««, Driving THE TOTT SoloctlQn Now At Its Best ,. WI6*' To Shop Early Pleasant Ave. . Tel. S073 SPECIAL rtn spun rayon 50o a' s*ur<j. Call Mrs. Ruth Pilskln at fiSfiB. TRACY .STAINLKSS STEEL SINKS Double .Bowl, O'O Inch, Below Cost TOWER APPLIANCE 286 No, Main St. Phone 4-1294 Wtby. SHOULDER PADS—Embroidery, trimmings. Buttons. Largest in state. Reliable Factory, 87 Scovlll 8t, Wtby. 30 ' Miscellaneous SWEET CIDKB—Made fresh daily from sound apples at Schlldgen's Cider Mill, New Haven Road. 30b Musical MECCA MUSIC SCHOOL Buckingham Bldg.' Phone S-224i Wtby. iwnuivnents Furnished 30d Good Things To Eat ROMA PASTRY 501 NORTH MAIN ST. Finest Italian-American end French Pastry in all New England. Also Spu- monl, Oelatt and' ic cream Everything made on premises. Bpeolal attention given to wedding Parties, O'ir prices at-e. the lowest, but our m«r chandlso dollnltely the best. We deliver and ship anywhere In tho "C. S. Tel. Wstcrbury 6-3117. Education Instructions PRACTICAL . NURSING EASY TO LEARN AT HOME Pronaj-e now for this Into rentInit. wiill paid work. NurKcw are needed—many earn while learning. Spare time tra'in- ing plan welcomed by doctors, ~ Hlg'\ Bchool not neccMaary. Informiulon FREJ3. Write today. Wayne School of Practical NurMing, Box "A* care of News. FIIKSHMAN LATISr - TniiKht. Cat! 4-07114 or 4-07ttO Waterbury. l.KAHfi TO BUIVB-Call Central Dlinl Auto Driving School, 219 West Main St. Tel. 4-0262. Waterbury. HSU Mattresses Asr «»«<! old .1IATTIIKNH remiulo Int. hH limsrnprlsK fiinnl to KKW H> 1 J>»t. Hnporlor MAttrenSi Wlby., *.H»*0, Mttttrosscs Remade 1 »»y 8«i vlnu-Work (3unr»rit««d .Stanley's Mnttress florvldi Phfin* 14-9273 WiitVrbury Sprvices 87 iniRlriem Services Bendored .l>|jluo, Homy |ii)d Autollte flervloo Rxptort Autu Hdijttlr & Motor 'i'Umi-'Jp H«n IM.-M «l«\rtt) Wltllnli; unticrv * ni««lrle Co. IJif! BiiWil-t 1 Ave. Pliona S7 OIL DirRKTTK." *^ TDL,. 4ID7 Oil Bkrnrrs Cleaned snrt Uft»,lt*fi PsrtH For All Mstv* ol Ilufnir" Ksrrjr Ohsrithlll. M I-ronpfCt M.. *«lr CHIMNKI'ft pointed a»d repaired hj t., AIL types nl nja*on work. 0»0)K PK»iie «-<ft«t. .17 DuMhemi Scrvioen Rendered HOLLAND ft'lrtlNACt!! CO. Hot Air Vurnno«M. 140 E. .Main St. T8I. 4-100S Wtby, , t,' lilATHIH- A l/.s—MIMH A. Lnmimi'olta, 11 Maule Terrace. Phone 2866. TAKE^ lor Blip eoverc Drkpefy, Bpraaan. Uaterlnl sample' shown-. TCI. Kvtilyn M t .«(Hrlv. T*. KICHAHI>tt Of ->tik a «<itk Msln P* .Hunter'* Alsmlngm hliistlos Mnrfc mni)«Ws InnslBtKm, Ilnofiic, HMlsgs LOU DUISXLKB CO, WtbJ. t-S»it NEWS (CONN-i.), MONDAY, NOV. Z8, 1949—PAGE 7 Services 37 Business Services Rendered RAY MELBOURNE * Vfeldloi Phone 78 U . w«t«rburtr 4-flOC. Ussd machln*. Mschliw Cc it Savings KA1A»AZOO SaiOb anil Service Tel. 4-6533 Wtbr Av, Cleaning Co. «-4T86 'uterbor* ^ J. II. TIFFT CO. 57, Church Bt. Phone 3730 Flumblnff-Heatfrig-Oil Burnet" Service ,' C£'atF.0;OL$—SEPTIC' TASKS Cleaned, InMalled — Drains Uni>In*<ej An>-thins, Anywhere. Promptly SCOTT SANITATION SE11VICK Dial «JS» CA-RMBN'S CUSTOM TAII,OJl Tailor-Made Fklrts — »7.!>5 8-Day Cleaning Service 147 8. Main St. phone 2011 J. A M. ELECTRICAL WORKS House Wiring and Repair IT Barnum Court. Phone* 3294-5331 COMPLETE lanaacape ssrvlc*. evergreens, tree removal. Experienced men. Fully Insured, Also <Jrlv». 'war*. J. BeltetU Tel S«4S. 30 Cleaning and Dyeing Rugs, Drapes and Slip Covers Beautifully Cleaned Dependable Delivery Service Free. KIEVMAN GLEANERS 78. Church St. Phon» 202J 10 BeuplioUterUc RECPHOLBTF.RIJfO, HLIPCOVKH- two. KEW CrSTOH MAI>B I/IVIK«< ROOM FCftKITUEB. CARPETIKCk aRIFPIWS CF-WTEU HT. SAUO. 4«t» WT8T. 4.HM1 RADIO — l-KLEVISlOiN B.C.A. — Admiral Telwvlnlon Sale* and Service SWAN'S Klectrlcnl Contractora Since 1915 CEnAR ST. TEL. «FI4 OAESAB KRZYKOWSK1 Fainter — Decorator 10 BBENNAX 8T. TBU 178B Free Estimate* Full tniaranoe SANTOS GENERAL REPAIE9 Radiators, Batteries . Machined. Baby, Carrlagei Bicycles, Soldering MOWERS SHABPSatED rwr Are. Phone 6S77 ORDER NOW If You Want a MUSICAL INSTRUMENT for CHRISTMAS < Everything Prom a Piccolo to a Sousaphone 7EMBRUSKI Mnnlc Sho;> NORTH MrtUS S'r. TEL SHUT Oj)cn Thurs. and Fil. Till 9 SECURITY Does your Insurance give adequate protection today? uo YOTJ HAVE »TT See N[AUOATUCK INSUBANCE AGENCY INC. Building costs are steadily Increasing PHONE 2080 F. \V. EATON, Mltr. WANTED SEAMSTRESS Must Be Capable of First Class Work APPLY IN PERSON AT M. PREEDMAN Co. Ve»r v Mnlldlnl; Church fit. U If* Anytttnt for Your 1*11 ARK AY FLOOR COVKUOrO.) M Diamond St. TeL SAM'S BEEV1CE add OARAOB I M BaM>er Ave. TeL — Front End Work — FEED'S MI-WAV GRHJLB SOI South Main St. Bugrular Bally Illiiner 6Or up CATERING FO3 WEDDLNOO 8HOWEUS, STAG PAKTTJBS, El». Banquet Room, Cocktail Loons;* Full Liquor License EXPERT BODY WORK Complete Painting Facilities Wrecker and Towing Service Ewtlmates Furnished Budget Plan Avallabla The Nau^atnck Fuel Oo. FORD DEALER Phone ECM FPR PRICES DROPPED TO A NTW LO*T. Compare Price and Quality NO. MAW ST. WATKUBfTRT A PLEASANT PLACE TO STOP- ROCKY '8 WAYSIDE KITCHEN Waterbury Road at Platt* Mills Op-n Dally 12 Noon to U Midnight Sundays 3 P. M. to 18 ^=^*c — - • - i Elmer Wheeler Course In TESTED SALESMANSHIP Starts Mon. Nov. 14th POST JUNIOR COLLEGE 24 Central Ave. Fbone 4-B7T8 Waterbury COMMERCIAL mat DOMESTIC REFRIGERATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St, Beacon Faus TeL I4at Emergency —~~ THE CfflNA INN" 11 Harrison Are. V/atcrbury Closed All Day Mondays .' Tuesday thro Friday Open 10 A. M. «o 10 P. M. Saturday 11 A, M. to It Midnight Sunday 12 Noon to U Midnight' Geo. Wipg!«i»worth & Son, Fnfc PLUMBING, HEATING and Ain CONDITIONING MAI'LE STREET ! 24 Hour OH n»rr,pr S«rvM«t TKL. t!«S Merzio's Offers:— 2u»plfiu Brake NiTTie*. «Tb««i ABca- •*st sn« Wh»^l !laln>rt». Frost *•* »>»lr>i». Rndlstor Hcr»r«c Fl»kls«, . . MEZZIO'S ft* HTVHRSinE DRIVE. TEI 4ttl TELEPHONE SALE Of U«cf»l Household Articles liy Nausrutuck I'ost N'o. n AMERICAN LEGION AUXIMABV Funds to Be Used for Veteran'.-, Christmas Hospital Work ROSE HAVEN IJlchfk-ld, Conn. I'hone 85« Kiwliionl hrmur l.,r older nnouii- OraclnUK Klvlns. l.'nlouf (torncc" I rlvate !t<»>ms — Suit*'— Uvinit '",";"'• w '-'t'-' J'.O. Hox T. l.ltch- llf.'ld. (.unit. Hi f. >i>i>ci» In I CAN DO MOST anything for YOU Whether it be selling a car or finding a "sitter" for Junior, I'm always on the job for you. I'm ready to work for you whenever you need me, T*y «ie far fast, dependable service. 2228 CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT of The Naugatuck DAILY NEWS

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