The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 13, 1977 · 66
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 66

Los Angeles, California
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Wednesday, July 13, 1977
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6 Part IV- los 3ngrlrs (Times FILM CLIPS rTTTTTTTTTTTTtTTTTTTTTTTtTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTtTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT'C HOLLYWOOD SAN FERNANDO VALLEY Love Comes to Paul Sorvino BY GREGG KILDAY Times Staff Writer : uui v nil, tiiv uawiccu .ww i oik diiui nu uro iu- i j i-ur.iK- relief in such romantic comedies as "'Made for K.u !i Other." A Touch of Class" and "I Do. I Do . . . For Now." is hems promoted to the ranks of romantic leading Paul Sorvino "1 set the su l in this one." Sorvino says of his newest assignment. "Slow Dancing ;r. 'he Big City." m which he will play a .linimy Breslm-hke columnist who falls in love with the ballet dancer ;:; 'he apartment across the wa . The fact that "Slow Dancing" will he directed by .John Avildsen can't be overlooked. Winner of the Academy Award as the best director of 197( for coaching "Rocky" to success. Avildsen is regarded as one of the starmakers of the moment. By selecting Sorvino to play the lead m the United Ar tists production, which begins filming m New York in September, he has given the actor's career a significant boost. "I'p u now. my career has been a series of half steps the progress has always been forward, but it's been slow and steady." claims the 38-year-old actor. After making his motion-picture debut in Carl Reiner's "Where's Poppa'.'" Sorvino went on to play a coughing policeman in Avildsen's own "Cry I'nclc," a government agent posing as a lournalist in "Day of the Dolphin" and a bookie m "The Gambler." In the last few months. Sorvino. who specializes in ethnic types, found his schedule escalating. He completed a cameo as a Southern evangelist in "Oh God" and went on to play an Italian construction worker in "Bloodbrothers." currently filming under Robert Mulligan's direction. Actually, says Sorvino. despite a rough physical simila-n!. he will make no attempt to imitate Bresiin in the upcoming "Slow Dancing." Barra Grant's script, he explains, makes the comparison only to situate the character as a New York journalist. "The character's a bright guy and a terrific person who knows his way around the city." says Sorvmo. "But he's more guarded than the dancer he fails in love with. It's an old-fashioned love story. If they had made it 20 ears ago. it would have starred Bogart and Hepburn. It's full of courage, hope and love." ADYANCK PLANS: Director Robert Aldnch. currentlv working on the movie version of Joseph Wanibaugh's "The Choirboys," scheduled for release by Universal in January, 1978, is scheduled to return to producing films through the Aldrieh Co.. which has been on hiatus during the past five years. Utilizing profits from two Aldrieh films, "The Longest Yard" and "Hustle," the Aldrieh Co. has invested in four recently announced film projects. Aldrich's next directorial effort will be a movie adaptation of Edmund Wilson's autobiographical short story sequence, "Memoirs of Hecate Country." Wendell Mayes has written a screenplay based on the book that shocked readers in the '40s with its frank account of sexual coupling in the suburbs. "The Day That 1 Die," a modern adventure novel by P.F. Kluge set on a Micronesian island during World War II, will be adapted for the screen by Abraham Polonsky. Ald-rich is scheduled to both produce and direct the movie, with Charles Russell serving as associate producer. Also on the menu is "Someone Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe," a comic mystery based on the book by Nan and Ivan Lyons and adapted for the screen by Peter Stone. Aldrich's son, William, is scheduled to produce the film, which Ted Kotcheff will direct this fall as a coproduction with Lorimar. Rounding out the family enterprise, Aldrich's daughter, Adell. who is currently completing a CBS-TV movie, "Daddy, I Don't Like this," is slated to direct "Bruno Bonelli." A contemporary drama, the project is based on an original screenplay by Frank Perelli. SHORT TAKES: In announcing that Richard Lester has joined the currently shooting "Superman," producers Alexander and Ilya Salkind were forced to explain that Lester would not be replacing "Superman" director Richard Donner. Lester, who directed both "The Three Musketeers" and "The Four Musketeers" for the Salkinds, is strictly "helping ... to produce the picture," according to the official word . . . "The Black Stallion," a movie version of Walter Farley's 1941 novel, adapted by William Wittliff, has begun filming in Toronto as a United Artists production. Carroll Ballard is directing the feature, which stars Mickey Rooncy and Kelly Reno. Fred Roos and Tom Sternberg are producing the movie for executive producer Francis Ford Coppola . . . James Keach, currently appearing m "Welcome to LA.," has been signed for a role in "Comes a Horseman," the newly abbreviated title of the former "Comes a Horseman Wild and Free". . . Michael Ansara plays a modern-day Indian medicine man in "The Manitous," which costars Susan Strasberg, Tony Curtis, Stella Stevens and Burgess Meredith, to be distributed by Avco-Embassv. The Method in "Good Boy' Madness LONDON Perhaps only Tom Stoppard among British playwrights could have written the play given its first showing earlier this month. I' has a cast of six actors and a full symphony orchestra, ami amazingly enough, this lineup is not simply a gimmick. There is method in the madness of "Every Good Boy Deserves Favor." which six actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company and the 100-piece London Symphony Orchestra presented m a once-only performance at the cavernous Royal Festival Hall. The London Symphony under Andre Prevm is an actor Stoppard's frivolously serious play n even appears in 'he cast list. Prevm's music advances and comments upon Stoppard's pun - filled lines. An;, other playwright might consider it quite enough to Ante a unique play-with-music of this kind, with actors emoting on three platforms amid the orchestra's sprawl. But perhaps only Stoppard would use this setting to make venous political point a plea for human rights inside the So irt I nioii as eloquent as President Carter's. lie shows us a Soviet mental hospital. Two scruffy beds where the conductor usually stands are occupied by two men with the same name. One is certifiably insane he keeps hearing this symphony orchestra in his head. And what he hears, the London Symphony plays. But the other Alexander lvanov is not mad, only stubborn. He says out loud 'hat the Soviets put sane people into mental hospitals, -o to prove turn wrong the Soviets sentence him to two "'Hospitals" in a row. "I have no delusions, only opinions," lvanov cries. Opinion.- are all it takes. Stoppard punches home this point with considerable hi-iantv. His script is filled with characteristic Stoppard puns BY GREGORY JENSEN United Press International a wondrous transformation of Euclid's geometric principals into musical terms, for instance, or the mad Ivanov's complaints about the members of his imaginary orchestra: "The horns are all dissidents and the Jew's harp has applied for a visa." Previn, who won four Hollywood Oscars for movie music, is a past master at composing for atmosphere and dramatic point. His lush score uses the full resources of the London Symphony, though in its funniest moments the orchestra plays merrily on without making a sound. Trevor Nunn. director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, guided some of his best actors through performances which at an overall length of just over an hour, including Previn's music have to make their points quickly. John Wood is at his most intensely maniac as the mad lvanov, concentrating totally on the triangle he plays to accompany his imaginary orchestra. Ian McKellen is affecting as the stubbornly sane lvanov and Patrick Stewart effective as the violin-playing psychiatrist. The play, part of the John Player Centennial Festival, has been in the making more than two years. CINERAMA .n, yoi,nw tomc'cgi DOME iijo.2ib.5o6 Senator n 8 00 10 45 4 J401 Sony. No Passes HOLLYWOOD PACIFIC Hlywd Bl m Catiunaa466-5211 Sorry, No Passfls VIVA KHIIVdiPGI 12 30 . 4 15 . 8 30 LOGANS DUN IPG I 2 20 . 6 20. 10 20 MATINEES AT THEATRE () BELOW WISPUJU DISTRICT JL" DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES WILTERN Wtistiiraat Western 387 6147 VIVA KNIEVEL(PG)! JOWEH 12 30.4 15.8 151 LOGIN'S DUN PC I ! m Sttn 2 15.6 15.10.15 6K9'9 I. BUND Of D. MOUUIPG I. FUTURE WOULD IPG I 1. MIKi III AND I From 1100 AM T0PANGA1 AiniDGIlOOIARiPG! V:iofy THt SHOOTISTiPG) 663-iMO I? i0 S 4j 10 Free Parhmg-'Soiry No Pass TOPANGAZ PIX Hollywood nr Gowet 12 464 6113 THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT I P I 30.330.630.950. 12 30 Sorry. No Passes WESTCHESTER 1 CAMEO Broadway And 5th , 628-1974 WORLD Hllywdat Gower 469-5866 From Always Low Prices! I.RABIDIRI ?.DIMONR) l.AUORIf ROSflPG) 12 30 Noon . Lale Show Nitely PARADISE Seoul veda Nr La Tllera 641-5666 I. ImMtk Hit Mont .1 Tot I 2. M.ori SrrlslRl 1. Sli P AnnltKI 4. Ctwri. .1 16. GodtlP.) From 9AM Open All Night Tooanoa A Victory 883-3300 VIVA KNISVELlPG) 1 2 jn . LOGAN'S 24 SEE INDEPENDENT DIRECTORY FOR PROGRAM LONC BEACH LAKEWOOO N'SRUNiPG) 6 45 . 10 45 n WHITTIER Z: 9 4 rv -:- IE IK IK Urn lA IS BL. EIV A km, fK Lm IK IK $1.50 'TIL 230 P.M S1.25 'TIL 2:30 P.M .ATOKlNEMASl AT()CINEMAS AVCO CINEMA ' at WsTa.'I Early 10 00am show! FASHION CENTER, Nick Nolle 70mm Stereo Sound ! Cinema JaS."!! Bl"el No Passes! lampaNordotl im vurirot :-u r r r i lo o ou-ota-o uu- ru. ro STAR WARS(PG) 10110 12 30 2 50-5 20-7 50-10 2(1 No Passes '993 0111 MultiirjM Show Tonite 12 35 a m I jl FASHION CENTFR AVUU UlNthlA A F,a "hlans Film;tinema .15 475 0711 OF MIDNIGHTIR 700-10 01 AVCOCINEMA Ail-ill if Wsiil t'l'MS 0711 C BEVERLY Beverly Drive II 275 4484 All Slat Cast A Frank Yablans Film OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT! HI 1:30-4:30-7.30-10 20 A Frank Yahlans Film FASHION CENTEflL Wall I Jlsney's THE OTHER SIDE I a K ni Minurr.uTiDi i TampaNofdhotl 2 00-530-9.00 i m i m 7 in mk 993 0m GNOME-MOIILE 355-7:25 ArCUTIIDV91 Walt Disneys , ' THE SOATNIKSIGI'S.""'. 200-530 -3 00 GNOME -MOBILE 3 55 TXjunn 6902 Matinee Today Walt Disney's THE RESCUERS! G I 1 00-3 10-520-720-926 HOUND THOUGHT HE WAS A RACOON 2 30-440-650-850 SO. BAY CENTURY21 Fur lift hut Early 10 00 am Show : Santa Ana & 10 0U I? (J H'A? SO. BAY STAR WARSIPG) i RlversideFwy 12 11) 250 5 20 750 0207I4I772 8902 A Frank Yablans Film THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHTIR) 1 30-4 30-730-10 26 No Passes ! SO BAY ),,1tiiiinf it AflH'rM ),'! p,1 SO. BAY I iril: llhir Rn.t1.1rrl Burton I FT VALLEY EXORCIST II: THE HERETIC(R) Brookhurst 1 15 3 30 545 6 00 10 ISiatEdlnget 1714839 1500 A Frank Yablans Film THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHTIR 130 4 30 7 31) 10 20 OIKAIPGI 1 20-4 45-8 10 GRIZZLY 3 00-6 30-9.50 .laf-nuelmc Bisset Nrrk Nolle 5 20-7 50-10 15 Nn P.issos SHERMAN OAKS an ol Veilliira I VdliNnys Rlvd 1 (iW)0 VIVA-KNIIVEI 130 535 940 M YnikFarraliFawcetl LOGAN'S RUN 320 730 SHERMAN OAKS star warspgi VanN'lysBI 12 30-2 50-5 20 HM 7 50-10 20 Nn Passes lit SANTA ANITA f .iMlHlll frlfl" HrllllWIII .it M 1 J 1 1 1 if 1 CJ TO'i 44', SANTA ANITA let I'.h .11 Hiliilmntim NewniflnRorllnrd THE SlINGlPG) 2 15 4 45 159 45 ORCAIPGI ? on 5 30 9 20 LIFEGUARD 3 45 7 lb Ft. VALLEY Wa buoy's Brookhurstfedlnger IHI Ki)CUrRG 7148.39-1500 1 00 3 10-5 20-720-9 21 HOUND THOUGHT HE WAS A RACOON 2 40 4 60-6 50 8 50 SADDLEBACK SanDlerjoFwy at LI Toro P-d 7I458I-58W orcaipg; 2 15 550 92l LIFEGUARD 405-735 SADDLEBACK SanOlegoFwy ,11 El Toro Rrf 71481860 SADDLEBACK benUlegolwy at El T010 fld 714561.5880 Best Picture 1976 ROCKYIPG) 2 15 4 45-7 10 925 viva kniiveiipg; 1 45-550 9 5( M YorkFanatiFawcolt LOGAN'S RUN 3 45 7 50 SANTA ANITA A '' "'tJ '!1" 1.,., , .,. THE OTHER SIDE IMiUm m OF MIDNIGH1IR) U1, 1,nlt I III 4 III 7 30 10 211 Alan Aikin Holi Hemer FIRE SALE IPG) 2 III! I.IHI It) Oil MURDER BY DEATH 4 Oil H 00 SANTA ANITA INLAND S Rom Fwy Drug Slinw Ril Inland 5 Hem f wv' Ontg Sliow ltd MflHI 3521 Jacrinelrno Hissfit Nir.k Nolle THE DEEPIPG 2 15 4 50 720 951 Nn Passes Liml.) Hlali EXORCIST II-THE HERETIC I R 2110-6110 10 00 OBSESSION 4 00 6 00 Cinema 711626 3534 MONTCLAIR PLAZA Noit.mssei tma THE DEEPIPGI 2 15 4 35 7 20 9 45 Nn P.isso: StaiCasI ans f 1I111 OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHTIR MONTCLAIR PLAZA ah, iiem.i A Frank Y.ilthns VINF HollvwoodBI I? WeslolVine 463 68 19 DIRTY OUCK(X) 1 .30 3:00 5 45 8 15 10.45 : FLESH GORDONlR) 1 45 4 30 . 7 00 . 9 30 ' RIVOLI 516 St 6 LOnoBch Bl 432-5480 RABIDIRI 700. 1040 RUBY1R1 9 00 WHITTIER Wrtittierat HarJIty 692-0O77 ! LAKEW DCTR1 JV?Zl ORCA, KILLER WHALEIPG) 1 FacollyatCanoe.d f1N ?' 1 00 4:45 8 15 I lakev.000 IANEIPG) THE DOVIIPGI i 531-9580 Continuous From 100 2456'15 1000 Free Parking Sorry No Passes LA MIRADA 1 0"cVh,fK!p Rosecransat iV LaMradaBlvd THE DOVE IPG) 714994-2400 Continuous Irom 1 00 p m Free Parking BEVERLY HILLS-WEST LA. BEVERLY HILLS Wrlshlre Bl at Canon 2711121 DIRTY DUCKMJ FLESH GORDON(R) 7:0010 06 'Wbitlle 11:00.3 15. 5:45 8: 15 10 30 1 943 6402 TALE OF TWO CRITTERSIG) 2 30.500.730.945 PEOPLE TIME FORGOT IPG) WIZARDSIPG) MONTEBELLO LAKEW'D CENTER 3 RABIDlR) RUBY(R) Conlrnuous From 1 00 PICWOOD ,Hi ESCUiS(G) rrrmar ncoarwresmo ' , , - . yymtTler 272-8239 . 474-2569 TALE OF Z Si, FiM Parklna TWO CRITTERSIG) 72.3.7133. 72S-1219T ALE OF TWO CRITTERSIG 2:00 . 4:30 . 7:00 . 9:30 1 2 30 5 00 7:15 9 3( 1TTTTTTTTTTITTTTTTTTTX Walt Disney's Newest THE RESCUERSIGI Nr Garlleld 1:00. 3:30.6 1)0 B ib 10:15 LAKEW'D CENTER 4 Special Kd Sho 10am TARZAN'S DEADLY SILINCE Reaulat Show VIVA KKIEViUPGl LOGAN'S RUH(PG) Continuous From 1.00 LA MIRADA ,,,, i EXORCIST II: THE HERETIC R) Continuous liom 1 00 Sorry No Passes LA MIRADA A BRIDGE TOO FARiPG) i PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT! PG ) Continuous From 1:00 P M Sorry. No Passes LA MIRADA viva kniiveiipg) 4 LOGAN'S RUNIPG) Continuous From 1 00 PM fTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT LOS ANGELES AREA "-CENTINELA .. . cenlinela ncosr E ot Seoul THE RESCUERS! G) 670 8677 NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURNIG) LiMiJJ;inrn?TTTT Mon. thru Thurs. Open 7:30 frl., Sat.. Sun. 7:15 Show Starts at Dusk. IMPORTANT NOTICE! CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE! Except Special Films () below Children 6 1o 11 50c. unrlet 6 Free1 t PASADENA SAN GABRIEL CENTURY 1 OnluryW .''""'SI olC'shaw J. DEMON! R) 673-1824 3. SCREAMING IIGER(PG) CENTURY O ORCA THE KILLER WHALE(PG) c LAWS OF DEATH(PG) GILMORE 3rd & Fairfai 933-2211 ORCA THE KILLER WHALE ( PG) JAWS Of DEATH(PG) lluul'" O' DR. M0REAUIPG) Jerleison FUTURiWORLD(PO) 398-8250 j ORANGE COUNTY SAN FERNANDO VALLEY IN, 1 ORCA. KILLER WHALE(PG) Cal" Wffi at Lemon IAWS OF DEATH(PG) . ol Rosco. JANE(PG) 714525-3526 i 346-6211 Sorry, No Passes PS12 VIVAKNEIVEIIPG) EWICK VIVA KNIIVEL(PG) aSon LOGAN'S RUNIPG WolVic.ory LOGAN'S RUNIPG) 714525-3526 , 42-5723 AZUSA FOOTHILL Foothill DlsneV s Newest W olC.I THE RESCUERS! G) 334 0263 NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURNIG) RIP KY Hunonjion "SLAN0 Of DR. MOREAU(PG) at Buena Vista fUTUREWORLD(PG) 358-2565 Spanish Movies Every lues CnRFlAinni) Carload Bargain Price' "flePn Fwv ' m "(6I At 605 Fwy 2. THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES 338-1156 DOWN THE LANE IPG) 3. SHADOWS IN AN EMPTY ROOM(PG) "TORRANCE Tor'nce Bl w ol Hawttun 379-8491 N( Fount. Valley Biookhurst (So ) Walt Disney's Newest THE RESCUERS! G) DEPOSIT, NO RETURNIG) Cine Fl-Hi Fi Sound Your AM Car Radio is Speaker STAR WARSIPG) Sorry. No Passes EDWARDS Peck & Live Oak 447-8179 ORCA, THE KILLER WHALEIPG) JAWS OF DEATH(PG) Reseda at Vanowen 343-5550 ISLAND Of DR. MORIAUIPG) FUTUREWORLDIPG) TWIN VUE FlQueroa At Rftdondo Bch Bl 324-5127 HARBOR BL. Harbor-McFad'n 714531-1271 VIVA KNEtVEL(PG) LOGAN'S RUNPG) VIVA KNIIVEIIPG) LOGAN'S RUNIPG) VERMONT 1 Vermont at Artesfa 323-4055 VERMONT" THE DEEPIPG) fUN WITH DICK I JANE IPG) Sorry. No Passes HI-WAY39 BeachGGFwy 714534-6282 ABRIDGE TOO FARIPG) THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVED DOWN THE LANE(PG) Sorry, No Passes "SEPULVEDA ,IMIK,fi, SepulSoot THE RBSCUfRSIG) Victory "O DEPOSIT, NO RETURNIG) 786-6520 Rottotr'iFO'K'' THt KIllER WHALE ( PG) Sepulveda JAWS OF OEATH(PG) 786-7510 EL MONTE L Azusafld Temple City Bl 448-&422 Cine Fi-Hi FI Sound Youf AM Car Radio Is Speaker STAR WARS Sorry, No Passes SAN GABRIEL Valley at Del Mar 288-5502 VIVA KNIIVEIIPG LOGAN'S RUN(PG) Cine Fi Hi-Fi Sound Your AM Car Radio Is Speaker STAR WARS(PG) Sony. No Passes "ORANGE 1 Santa Ana Fwy at Chapman 714558-7022 Wall Disney's THE RESCUERSIG) NO DEPOSIT. NO RETURN "1000 OAKS Ventura Fwy In Newburu Pk 805498-1163 Wgll Pisnty't Ntwtll THE RESCUERSIG) NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURNIG) STARLITE R'meadS olGarvey 448-7631 2B6 0443 THE DEEPIPG) FUN WITH DICK S IAN! I PG Sorry, No Passes "VINELAND VERMONT ORANGE 2 ROLLERCOASTER(PG) GONE IN M S(CONDSIPG) ISLAND Ol DR. MOREAUIPG) FUTUREWORLDIPG) WINNETKA1 9300Wlnnetka Chatsworth 349-6806 Cine Fi-Hi Fi Sound Your AM Car Radio is Speaker STAR WARSIPG) Sorry. No Passes Vrneland No otVly 336-75(8 Wall Disney's Newest THE RESCUERSIG) NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURN LAHABRA Imperial btwn Bch KHarborBI 714871-1862 PICO RIVERA VIVA KNEIVEL(PG) LOGAN'S RON IPG) WINNETKA 2 FIESTA 1 Paramounl AtWhlttier 692-7581 ISLAND OF DR. MOREAUIPG) FUTUREWORLD (PG) FIESTA 2 Westotfiosemead OH Whittle! Bl ORCA, KILLER WHALEIPG) JAWSOFDIATH(PG) BUENAPARK the oeep(pg) Lincoln West fUN WITH DICK I JANE IPG) ot Knott Sorry, No Passes 714821-4070 LINCOLN Lincoln W ol Knott 714527-2223 Cine FI-HI Fi Sound Voui AM Cai Radio is Speaker STAR WARSIPG) Sorry. No Passes SORCERER(R) RABIDIRI Sorry. No Passes WINNETKA 3 VIVA KNEIVILIPG) LOGAN'S RUNIPG) FIESTA 3 RABIDlR) DEMON(R) Sorry. No Passes WARNER Warner W ol Beach Blvd 714847-3591 ISLAND Of DR. MOREAUIPG) (OIURi WORLD! PG) Spanish Movies Every tues "WINNETKA 4 Walt Disney's Newest THE RESCUERSIG) NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURNIG) HUNTINGTON PARK COMPTONj E!?n ISLAND OF DR. MOREAUIPG) W oft Alia 2. SCREAMING TIGER I PG ) 638-8557 3. FUTUREWORLDIPG I GAGE GageE of Garfield 927-1135 FaPe$dECRANS SORCERERIR) at Rosa JACKSON COUNTV JAILIRI 634-4151 Sorry, No Passes VIVA KNIIVEIIPG) LOGAN'S RUNIPG) "FIESTA 4 Walt Disney's Newest RISCUIRSIGI HO DEPOSIT, HO RETURNIG) SOUTH GATE Firestone W of L B Fwy 564-1137 ORCA, THE KILLER WHALEIPG) JAWS 01 Of ATH! PG I IE SAN BERNARDINO LONG BEACH VENTURA COUNTY SANTA PAULA Santa Paula Fwy at Palm 805 525.2121 "BASELINE Walt Disney s Newest 26651 Baseline THE RESCUERS IG) 714862 8136 NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURN CIRCLE Pac CoastHwy atXimeno 439-9513 THE DttPlPGl FUN WITH DICK AND JANIlPGI Sony No Passes AUTOCINEMAS ESPANOL VIVA KNEIVEI(PG) LOGAN'S RUNIPG 101 -A Ventura Fwy TelephoneE nil 805644 -5595 BEL AIR SB Fwy Citrus 714 822 0373 RABIDIRI DEMON! R "LAKEWD ! Carson" Walt Disney s!' I Cherry RESCUERSIG) 424 9931 NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURNIG) FLORAL Monterey Pass Rd nr Brooklyn 262-5102 YO SOY MUJER CUATRO SALVAJiS ORCA, KIllER WHALEIPG) JAWS OF DEATH(PG) 101-B THE DEEP(PG) FUN WITH DICK l JANE IPG) Sorry. No Passes 101 -c ISLAND OF DR. MORfAU(PG) FUTUREWORID(PG) FOOTHILL ,,,! 555Foolhill THE DEEP I PG ) ; Rlallo FUN WITH DICK & JANE IPG) 714 875 2545 Sorry, No Passes MT. VERNON 1 632SO Ml Vemon u"ca' Soot Mill THE KILLER WHALEIPG) 714.884 0403 JAWS Of DEATH(PG) LONG BEACH SO Fwy al Santa Fe 834-6435 ISLAND Of DR. MOREAUIPG) fUTUREWORLOIPG) NORWALK Nwlk N 01 Imperial 868-6739 Precio Ganga Carro ROBINSON CRUSOE ADIOS AMOR LOS ALTOS 1 SO Fwy i BeiiiiowerBl 421-8831 ORCA, THE KILLER WHALEIPGI JAWS Of DEATHlPG) SUNDOWN Wash at Lambert 945-1527 YO SOY MUJER CHICANO JUSTICIERO SAN PEDRO Galley N ol Channel 831-3370 EL ANDARIEGO LOS MARCADOS "SKY VIEW Wa" D,sne s NeK' 1250S0nard RESCUERSIG) 805 486-1212 NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURN! G) MT. VERNON 2 VIVA KNIIVEIIPG I LOGAN'S RUNIPG) Los Altos 2 VIVA KNEIVILIPG) LOGAN'S RUHlPG) SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO TRI CITY RedlandsBl atLomaLmda 714 889 2025 TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTtTTTTTTTTTrrrr "1000 OAKS RESCUERSIG) ; NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURNIG) ' ventuia Fwy InNewburyPrk 805-498-1163 ISLAND Of . ... DR. MOREAUIPG) i LOSAIIOS fUTUREWORLOIPG) "i Spanish Movies Every Tues RABIDIRI DIMOHlR) MISSION SO Fwy Cap'Sfano i 714-493 4545 ORCA. THE KILLER WHALEIPG) JAWS Of DEATHlPG) A FRANK YABLANS PRESENTATION A MARTIN RANSOHOFF- FRANK YABLANS PRODUCTION "THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT" A CHARLES JARROTT FILM . MARIE-FRANCE PISIER JOHN BECK SUSAN SARANDON RAF VALLONE : : FRANK YABLANS . HOWARD W KOCH. JR !)..'::. CHARLES JARROn . surnipijy by HERMAN RAUCHER DANIEL TARADASH , .;:'-"vn v.;u SIDNEY SHELDON . to, b, MICHEL LEGRAND ,K RESTRICTED , iivilfTN i'm ueuum Wl".Ri l!ll 02 Srirrs, no p.issos .uteptrfj (or litis tMiH.iKOtiH'til. WESTWOOD Avco Center Cinema 47b-071 1 12 MON FBI I 00 t 10 00 PM SA! SUN I 00 4 00 7 00 t 10 00 PM :i IIAIIV I 10 4 10 7 10 A 10 II) PM HOLLYWOOD Pix 464 fill:) IJAII r 17 .11) 3 .11) 5 Jll 4 II) PM A 1 7 10 M ANAHEIM Century 2 Iwin 772 8902 ARCADIA Anitd Cinem.i 44'i b200 BAKERSFIELD StoUrl.ile b 324 d78 GOLETA M,K)ic Lintern -3'.m COSTA MESA Harboi Cmenw b4b-0!)7,') ORANGE StrKlmin Drive In b.'I'l 8770 VENTURA Venlui.i l.4'i in'i LA HABRA Fashion Sciuaie 6910b33 LOS CERRITOS MALL UA Cinema 924 772b MONTCLAIR PLAZA Montelan Cinema 62b-;f!34 NORTH HOLLYWOOD UA Movies b 766-431 7 NORTHRIDGE Fashion Center Cinema 993-01 1 1 RE00ND0 BEACH South Bay Cinema .170 1,19b RIVERSIDE UA Cinema b89 802? SAN BERNARDINO Central City H84 1891 WEST COVINA l asllaml 339 7333 WESTMINSTER Cinema West 802 1493 1 1 1 1 J ! l A 111' MM LN Villi M I Ml l I WT 'ANNIE HALL' iin.. Fi; NrKXTlL eUlOANCE SU6SESnO: United Artists ,'na Ipalurp at most TheatiPS and Drive -"NORMAN IS THAT YOU?" ) United ' ftrtists WESTWOOD Pllll 177 0097 Daily - 1 15 3 00 4 SO 6 - 8 40 10 K f r. & Sat Midnight Snows BREA Minn s 6iei Plaa 529 5339 COSTA MESA Bristol 540 7444 COVINA foi Covim 332 0050 HAWTHORNE PI AA Hiwlhrjine f44 8669 H0LLVW00D Holly 465 2184 I0NG BEACH Crest 424 2619 LONG BEACH UA Movies 596 2751 I0S CERRITOS UA Cinema 924 f??b MARINA DEL REV U A Cinema 822 2980 MONTCIAIR Mnnliliii 621 0. ORANGE Onngi Mill 637 0340 PUINT1 HlltS Puenle 965 5867 SAN BIRN4R0IN0 Central City 884 ISM TEMPLE CITY Temple 286 3179 10RRANC! UA 0(1 Amo 542 7383 WESTMINSTER Cinnmj West 892 4493 ANAHEIM Brookhursl Lege 772 6446 BURBANK Magnolia 781 7984 EAGLE ROCK Eagle Rock Pla;a 254 9101 LACUNA South Coast 494 1514 10S ANGELES Pan Pacilit 938 7070 NORIHRIOGI Cinema Center 99.1 I I I ORANGE Cinedome 63 4 ?!)!i3 ORANGE Stadium Drive In 639 870 PANORAMA CITY Americana 893 b44 1 PASADENA Esquire 684 1 774 RIDONOO BEACH Marina 372 1109 SANTA MONICA Monica 451 8686 TARANA Mones 01 lar;ana 991- 1300 THOUSAND OAKS Melody 495 0881 WIST LOS ANGEIES Palms 837 1277 1 :io 4 111 :io 10 31

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