Courier Times from Levittown, Pennsylvania on June 24, 1969 · Page 33
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Courier Times from Levittown, Pennsylvania · Page 33

Levittown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1969
Page 33
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Warminster Airs Drainage, Pools And An Old Tree Dy ROBERT MARTIN Courier Times SUilf Writer Above-ground s w i m m i n g pools* drainage problems, park- I n g and a "magnificent old tree" occupied the Warminster Township Board of Supervisors last night, Clement Rowan of 877 Host- roan Drive requested Ural UK supervisors consider an ordinance o r d e r i n g fences be placed around all above-ground swimming pools. | lie said he knew of one that already c o v e r s below-ground i pools nnd. because of the great Increase in recent years of tlio above-ground types, at) ordinance should bo passed to cover them, too. C Feet Deep "Some of Ilicm arc six fuel dee?," h: said, "They have div. Ing boards and slides. Wltvti not In use. they can attract stnatl children who might someday enter one and drown." Mr. and Mrs. Rowan, the parents of eight children* ranging in age from one to 12, expressed fear for their safety. The supervisors said Ihcy will consider an ordinance requiring ladders that must be up and out of reach of children. 1 Alfred Vassntlo of M5 Host- inun Drive appeared (or the second week In a row to com- ·plain about drainage problems and debris Suing cast up by equipment being used In construction of the nearby Wood, stream Apartments. Parallel Diicbes The township manager. Burton J, Decker, informed him :hat the Woodstrcam developers, Morris Gross and Mark Iliibcnsteln, had been ordered lo have swales dug In order to alleviate the drainage problem, Swales nrc parallel ditches designed to carry water away quickly. As for the debris, Decker said the developers had promised to keep Ute road dear ami Utat a sweeper was In the area. Yassalto said there Is mud on the road, causing it to be very slippery. "I slipped in that mud, and I'm sending a cleaning bill to the developers." he said. 7 Form Letters Less use of Ilostman Drive by the equipment wni predicted, b e c a u s e the developers had promised lo construct Ingress nnd egress roads to their building site, Decker said. Seven form letters, Identical word-for-word, but signed by different residents of Centennial Hood, asked the supervisors to spare "a magnificent old tree" on the road. Last week, they had received a request from Mr. and Mrs. Preston Collins of 292 Centennial Road asking that the tree be cut down. It Is located at one side of their driveway and the roots arc coming up under their house. It Is also In the |ath of a new sidewalk. Don't See How Charles E. Cottar, chairman of the board, had suggested Die township engineer s t u d y the problem In the hope that the tree might be saved. Bui It was found thai there is not enough right-of-way on cither side to accommodate both tree and ·sidewalk. I A f t e r some discussion last n i g h t , lit width the words, "woodman spare llial tree/' rang out, C o l l a r said, "I'm afraid It's a disc of 'supervisors Albert W, llcycr. Headed "Warminster gets things described some of done," It (he complaints the board must handle spare that tree/ but 1 don't Mu|«nd Ilic ability of the suncrvl- how wo can." sors to gut the jobs done. He called for n vote among bis feKow supervisors, but It failed to materialize, So, at (he moment, the tree remains doomed -- roots and all. First Time An editorial Uiat appeared jn the June 11 Issue of the Courier Tunes was read by Supervisors "This, is the first time one of our local newspapers has ever given the board of supervisors- recognition for their efforts In an editorial comment." Beyer said. Just then, there was a dap of thunder. "Uli, oh." he added. "More drainage problems!" i I i f I SHIELDING CLIENT -- Counselor JUcliard Gianiiini protects his client, Mrs. Joan Cuthrcll, accused of murdering her husband, from a Courier T i m e s photographer. While leaving Ihc hearing Ginnnini pushed a folder i Ca.ri*i Timn Ptota ft into the face of photographer and r orccd him through Jin open doorway. Despite lite lawyer's efforts the photographer managed lo photograph Ihc accused woman. HIDING llCfl FACE - Mrs. Joan Coital), hides her lace f r o m nhntographcr as she leaves Ihc Bristol Township Iliiildlng [onowiug the carol's announcement lo continue her preliminary h e a r i n g . .Mrs. C u t h r c l l was return*) lo Uucks Comity Prison day afternoon. Hearing Is Continued A prcliminarj' murder hearing for Mrs. Joan Cuthrcll, who Is accused of the shotgun slay- Ing of her husband, was granted wntinunncc by Bristol Township Justice of the Peace Vincent Hnrltcy yesterday afternoon. The request to continue the hearing at a future date wa made by defense c o u n s e l o r Richard Gtannini. who is dc fending the 40 year old mother of three against an open charge of murder. Detectives Robert Ccrfial and ntchard Bactzd represented the ctmmonwcalih. · No dale for the continuance has yet been set. Following yesterday's b r i e f session. Mrs. CutlircH was re turned to Bucks County Prison. Park Ave.? Forget It New sign* ere going up on both hides of Park Ave., ffnrmlnstcr Township. A recently-enacted ordl* nance decrees there h now "no parking" on Park'Ave. * Whirling World Where Seldom Is Heard.*? John C«hhcll». of Ilillsboro, III, hopes he doesn't hear a riisuotiraRing word nhoul his buffalo Friday. Thai's when he appeal's before a circuit court judge on a complaint about the roaming ways of his bison. A neighbor, Elborl "Kill" Grant* assistant supervisor of Hillshoro Township, nnd Montgomery Cmmfy Sheriff Jirmitc Keller have filed a complaint thai some of ObltetloV buffalo (rumpled Green's newly planted soybean Held. Traffic Stopper A traffic jam occurred al an tnlcr-section in SI. Louis yesterday because a six-fool Iwa constrictor lay in Ihe si reel. Workers from Ihc SI. LmiJs Human Snciriy boxed Ihc snake and traffic uncoiled. Global Goings-On Actress Barbara Bain was sued for $611,000 for breach of contract yesterday for her failure to report for work on the television scries "Mission, Impassible." for which she won an Emmy Award. Paramount T e l e v i s i o n sought damages that could to* (a) more than $500,000 and requested Mist Bain be enjoined from working for nny- one else until May, 1971. Joseph V a l a c h I , who revealed the first details about the secret organization of the .Mafia, is reported In sntWac- lory condition after a stroke. ValachI,H, was transferred to the medical center for fed* cral prisoners at Springfield. Mo., from Ihc ta Tana. Tex., federal prison, where he suffered the stroke S a i u r d a y night. A family of seven escaped from 10 years' captivity in CommnnlM China over the weekend, Ilong Kong police reported yesterday. They said the fugitives (ted to the British Crown Colony In a motorized junk they stole, The Hoard of Immigration Appeals has taken tinder advisement t h e government's request to deport Munlr Hi* ham Strhan, brother of Sen, llobcrt F. Kcnndey** assassin. Slrhan, a cltlcn of Jordan, ' was convicted In Los Angeles County in 1966 of possessing marijuana, but the court annulled (he conviction later. Apollo Fueled For Major Test CAPE KENNEDY (UH)Launch crews load the Saturn 5 booster rocket with' 209,000 gallons of fuel today to prepare for its last big. test for the Apollo 11 moon landing mission. Medical Cutbacks To Reduce Bucks County's Welfare Rolls By ROBERT SLATER Courier Times Staff Writer Economics wrought in liar- risburg recently, set to lake effect July ], are bound lo have a major effect upon the future of the welfare program in Bucks County. As many as 800 of the 1.600 Bucks families who get medical assistance from the stale may be dropped from Ihc rolls nf the Bucks County Board of Public Assistance, Merchants Brighten On Street Road By I10B MARTIN Courier Times Staff Writer Warminslcr businessmen, discouraged by Street Road ticnps and detours, had their say at a meeting May 12, and Ihc situa- lion lias since brightened cons! dcrably. Louis Meyer of Lou's nnd Mike's Restaurant at 31C W. Street Road, o r g a n i z e d the meeting and said yesterday the results have been "terrific." A month lias p a s s e d and Street Road, from York to Jack sonvillc Roads, now has two coats of blacktop on one side. "Progress Great" "Two more coats and lint side of the road will be opened lo traffic." Meyer said. "The progress is great!" He said tliat driveways are already being cut brio the road and that UK? Morrisscy Con stmdton Co., Inc., has crews working extra time and on Saturdays to hurry (lie job along. Warminster Township police- lien, w o r k i n g on their own imc, had been flagging cars, ind this became a bone of con- entlon at the meeting. No Policemen "They've done away with (lie toliccrmm, nnd now Morriscy las two of his own men stand- ng by to direct cars past the equipment," Meyer said. Another source of potential inliappinoss developed w h e n he Reading Co. said it would iavc to dose the crossing at Street Road nnd Park Ave. 'We understand this would Itc or three weeks," Meyer said. 'But the railroad came through or us in great style after we voiced our complaints." he add ed. "Tte crossing was closed r or only three workdays." Local Traffic Cnmplaiiits that a huge "Ito.itli Closed" sign was steering busi. 1 ness away were also heard. The sign bore the legend. "Except o Local Traffic." but the nu-r chants claimed the Idlers were oo small to be read by passing motorists, who then delourcd. A four by four-foot sign has replaced the old one and it proclaims, "Local Traffic Only" in arRc letters. Thus, motorists vanting to go lo an area store nrcn't d i s c o u r a g e d by a 'Closed" sign. "We certainly appreciate the cooperation of the Morrisscy Co.," Meyer said. "The cooper- ition of the Hoard of Supervisors has also ken great," he concluded. The stntc pumped $1.250,000 into the Bucks welfare program to help medically indigent families last year, but Uucks welfare officials fear perhaps as much ns half of that sum will be chopped off the llatrisbitrg b u d g e t for next year, Official Nttlcc Last Thursday, the county board recicvcd notice from Etias S. Colien. stale commissioner. Office of Family Services, medical assistance cutbacks were necessary "because of the condition of the commonwealth's finances and because of the deficit created by the increase in public assistance expenditures.. ,*' "This now means,*' Miss Phoebe Hammond, executive director of tlic welfare board, said yesterday, "that you will have to be very, very poor to get medical assistance." Before July 1, f a m i l i e s whose Income was loo high to make them eligible for public assistance could still obtain medical help from the welfare board, Now. that will not longer be true, What It Means The memorandum s e n t from Ilarrisburg on Thursday by Colien stated: "Exempted Income is reduced to a level Sutks (Ewttrftf (Umtrier Suites Second Front Page TUESDAY, JUNE 24. 1969 PACE 3 of 109 per cent of the assistance standards." This means only families eligible for public assistance will be able to gel medical help. Under the present system. a cuuplc had to earn less (fain $1500 ami a family nf four, less Hunt ROOD lo be eligible for medical assistance. Now, that same couple nnist earn less than $2,400 nnd that same family of four must cam less Death Driver Under Bail driver of (lie oar in which t h r e e Southampton teenagers died Saturday IMS been under bail since March on charges of hit ami rim awl driving while intoxicated. David Schactfcr, 22. of Heights Lane Kcasterville now In Doylcslown Hospital in fair condition from injuries lit* received in the Friday crash which killed Itichard find I'ulli Tights nnd Marcl Ellen Gold- strncli. On March 21 Scliacffcr s'riick a hahy carriage with liis milo Injuring two children. lie VMS chared with leaving the scene of an accident, reck- driving, operating a motor vehicle without n license and driving under the influence of an intoxicating liquor. Nnrtinmplmi Justice .if the I'cacc Edward Dougherty (reed Scttacffer wider $1.000 bail. He is scheduled to be tried for Ihc charges in tin* next session ol county court. Births IXMVICU KDtUS JUNE (J Mr. Mrs. llrailcagc. til Harrison Driw, Kalrleu) Hills, fcnmle. JUNE 19 Mr, and Mrs, bmis Occklc, ,112 Devon liond, Fairlcss Hi IK, male, Mr, and Mrs, James Coylc, 009 Mnin St., Croydon, female. Mr. and Mrs, L'irry Marshall, 14 A l m o n d Lane, Uvlltown, male, Mr. nnd Mrs. Joseph Velcko, I) 9 Wlstnr Court Ants., Fairless Hills, male, Hospital To Feel Pinch' Seriously* Lower Bucks Hospital officials have expressed concern about the loss nf $200,1)00 in stale funds as a result of recent stale economics. Those economics in medical assistance arc scheduled to take effect July 1. William J. Finlcy, assistant administrator a n d controller, said no facilities or services will be curtailed, "but our services will definitely be affected seriously by this." Last year the Imspital received about $475,000 from the state, its total budget running about $7.5 million in I9G9-197D. The hospital, already feeling the crushing weight uf an oxer* burdened staff, will not cut off Crash Injures 4 In Trevose Four persons were Injured last night in a two car head on collision on the Old Lincoln Highway in Trevose. Dcnsalcm Township p o l i c e said a car operated by Mrs. Theresa Michaels, .10. of I40H Napier St.. Phiadclnlua collided with an auto driven by 19 year- old Michael DcMrcmps, nf 2611 Ave.. Langlmmc. The 5:52 p.m. accident occurred near the entrance of the Eastern State School and Hospital. The two operators were admitted lo Lower Bucks Hospital in the intensive care unit. Mrs. Michaels is teing treated lor a 'raclurr of the leg while IJcs- rcmps is being treated for * concussion and lacerations. Mrs. Michaels' son. Daniel, in. was admitted to the hospital services to Ihc LOIVIT community. "We (lo not feel Jis a ruin iiuiiiiiy service we CJIM do this, 1 * Finley asserted, Italc, iilrcady mi n o u n c e d earlier this month. may go higltcr because ol tltc cutbacks. "We will certainly try l» keep rales front going up. U'e ccr tainly won't recommend it until we find it's absolutely ncccs sarj'.*' Fintoy explained. We certainly didn't figure this in iinr bildficl." tic IHIIK|, referring to the Mate cconom ics. The h«s»ital. which acn i jrt% public assistance as well as Medicare iialicms. faces wlial Finlcy calls "a double Mow" n«w. Aho Illl Medicare clients bavi 1 also hwi hit with some cuts recent Until nntv, tin* stale hud covered hospital (ixiwiiscj; for mcd iciilly indigent Dcnnlc, hut nuw that rmloiifitTwlll happen. As a ri'Mtlt, t!i« tmspititt will l)i unctTlaln about ever fictting lills pjild from people whose can't meet hospital cosls. "Wo just don't know when 1 they're going to find the money now l» pay tin- liosnllal liilh," Finley said. Tlie h o s p i t a l which is ii|uip|kil for 272 licils, actually tlii'il $11,400 to get medical us- sistnncu. "'Hie effect of all this will be lo bankrupt llicse people of nil their income," Miss Ihimmond explained. "Wo'rc goinp to make it harder for people to ever get back on their fed iigain." The ntcdical assistance cut- Iwcks do iMrt affect Ihc 2.400 taitulics wlro receive public assistance grants, which last year totalled $1 Jil.000. The C « h c n memorandum also sjMite of anotlicr cutback 4 Thc asset cxec|rtion of $2,400 for Itie single persons and $3,ftW for families of two or more as applied to other than long-term care in a public institution is discontinued . . ." Also set for discontinuation is llw $1.500 asset exemption- fur long-tcnii care patients hi public institutions -- Ncsham Iny Manor, for vxamplc. · One Of n The medical nssissitice cut- hiicks wore one of ihrec is Mies Ducks tielfare worfcer.i pointed to when Ihcy vacated their jobs Friday. They returned in work yesterday. M i s s Iliimniotul declared there wius little more Unit could he done to aciitiaitit s t a l e legislators with the Shu hiiil ala-ady confronlcd It u e Ji s lc«jsl;ilors will) the dangers inherent in such cut- buck^ she said. Any iiHivc by Ducks legislators unuld liavc to taken in conjunction wilh other kgiskt. l«rs HiniuglHiul It-nnsylvanb acting for alt of UK common- Hcalili. lltTcin Ik-s the jirob lent for (he Ihieks bnanl. Psychiatric Center Wins? has added. l« .TOO Iteils now, lie and is in fair condition wilh a possible fracture of the skull, motlier son. Nathaniel, 2, wasi rented for cuts. Arnrsl (iuslonirr Ami Bar An Ill-yc;tr nW ltri%t was arrested early this Thu Htlckii County Psychiatric LYntrr tuny have won its catc lllst llie Middlctown Tnivn- ship Municipal Authority. The center, on Durham Road, Middlclnwn, protested ;i $.1.0tltl water and sewer hill kiM. ntRlil ill the {minority's public incut- ng, and made tame licarlway nil Kettliifj n reduction. "We're very pleased at this moment," ;i .s|K)ke.sman for the center said tmlay. It a|t|wars UK autlmnly may illmv Ihc ccnlcr lo put in a wa- tnctor. Atmllicr possibility nitty lie a n-ilnclioii in the mini- Jw-r of resident imiK duirKtil to Ihr t'rntcr. At lirsi. tlip ctwtrr hail IIL-OI sessed at a ralr ol 53 rcsidcn- ,hl ilMcIlinj' inns Crnicr ol/i- rials llMMifili: thrrc or four units by Ilristnl of malt said tilt 1 youth wa ap iprchcndcd leaving Itono's Cafe, 223 Mill!St.. ;it 12:23 n.m | The tiarlcndcr, Hubert K V.HI' | Wright. 'i\, dffil;, Kari-Sl. Itrh i I Inl, was alsn n r re s t c d Jitr.l Irh'ir^cd with serving mall h:v- INDIANA. Pa. (UIMt-Search- c niges to H minor, crs Monday found additional] The vniith WHS rck-'swl on remains in the nibble of $,» hail pending n hcarmg, Vanj Wright was rulc.iMiil mi $.Vl')i liail. Krmains IMMIIU! In Fir "We'll know in a frw days uli.'il OH- iiiilltoniv lia^ ilccid cd." tin- sp»krsnKin said. restaurant destroyed by fire. They were believed lo be tltosc of the restaurant owner, Ilnrry) Servant Mkllficl l'i('niii'f(i//,ij Minser. 19. who hits not been | and Patrnltntm Palmer llnin ; seen since the June 10 fire. Icnirc made the arrests, ' CLEAR LOCAI, FORKCAST: Cli-arliig late Illll tillernmin ulth high ahotil m. TonlKht will hi- Inlr ullh a IOH ahimt fill. Tomorrow lair wllh a lilfili around Wl. Cbauw of rain Js 20 per crni l«nigti| and |in»rnm. Here's A Mini: 'Lan...' Guess What The Topic Was In Middklown fly ROBERT SUTER Courier Times Slatf Writer "When are we (joing to get an answer to our tetter?" To fict some response lo this question, the Mlddletown Township Citizens Action Committee clashed again last night with Ihe township's supervisors. The supervisors, holding their public meeting In the Middlc- town Township Municipal Build- Ing, appeared unwilling to reply In writing tetter, to the committee's The letter, containing eight charges against Supervisor Joseph Saba's Route 1 landfill, has. according to township officials, been answered satisfactorily In public session. They have discovered no violations, supervisors insist. "The board doesn't have any obligation to put these (replies) in any particular form." Martin J. Itagsdnlc. board supervisor told Carol Mrnzck, one of the committee. The supcrvhor.i found nnnthcr reason why tlwy could not en- force township o r d i n a n c e s against Saba's landfill. Non-Conforming At the June 9 public meeting, the board declared Saba's landfill Ineligible for township action, because U was begun prior lo Ihc IKS ordinances governing Inmlfllk Since there Is no r* tronctivlly for tills hw, his landfill falls under (he category nf "non-conforming use." Last n i g h t , the board declared, because the permit oriR- Innlly tiled by Snbn Is wnlrr Ihl- gallon, the board could lake no action. Saba obtain from had been the court able to permission to dump on Ihc land during court proceedings and 1s therefore "untouchable**. S«U Dropped There was Mime m e n l Ion among members of the commit(co the suit filed ngnlnst Die landfill lias been dropped, "The position of the board," N'orvin Nathan township solicitor announced, "lit (hut there Is n permit for the Inndftll." Yesterday, Sana aid In nn In* Icrview he will close his landfill completely Itv Aug. I. Fur the past few months. IK liai grnd ually phased out much ol Ihe operation. In otltcr IrtKisess. supervisors voted unanimously 40 Jolm L. IJndsny was ahscitl) lo enlarge the irK'mbcrship of live town ship's p I a n n i n K eominissldn from five lo seven memlwrs. Atwi, Uuis I*. Merlaim. hoard chairmnn, nrgiil his colleagues to implciticnl n Flood Ilcscuc Cbniinlsslnn. Natlton wns nskcd in study whether the township can create such n commission, FORECAST: Fog awl drir/lr will rirar ttp lain inK altcrntwn. Tonmrraw nlll lie Mr mid mild wllh u high ' In Ibe «j»|MT 70s, K'nlcr ton. - IbK mumlng was tL High rs|itil»y: 71. Ijow jTSlrrday: Kl. |j»w ihk morning: (t. today: 8:31 p.m. Sunriw lumomnr; 5:31 «jn. tomorrow: J:33 p.m. TOMORROW'S TIDES At RriMnl * 1 1:59 sun UwGMSn.m. 6:54 p.m. *- (or (he (id« at Morrlsvillc, ndd 15 nilnulcs for !ilfih tide nnd 45 minutes (or low tide. A

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