Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 17, 1961 · Page 15
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 15

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 17, 1961
Page 15
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SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17, Md THE PHABOS.'TRimJNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE FIFTEEN Long-Term Jobless Troublesome Issue WASHINGTON (UPD - Almost] overlooked in the news about improving employment is one of the most persistent trouble spots in today's job market — long-term jobless workers. Labor department officials, who harbor dreams of a full employment economy, call them the , "bard core unemployed." 1 These ranks have been increas ing steadily in recent years. The outlook for the next 7 decade is even grimmer. They are workers, usually with ittle education,, or training, who have been out of a job, and looking for one, for six months or longer. . They- are victims of technologi- cal advances. They draw a dis- >roportionate share of state, nn- anployment benefits and welfare assistance—and most of them don't Eke it one hit Unemployment dropped sharply to 6.1 per'cent of-the labor force in November, the first significant improvement in-the job market in a year. Factory earnings climbed to an all-time high' of $95.82 a week, and the work week expanded :to 40.6 hours! Greate Symphony Is Spiritual Pain „„,—_ mi t ' THtA <CD«lWi> But . Hardly Made Dent the turnabout from the NEW YORK CUPI) — The very interesting question of whether Peter Tchaikovsky exhausted his creativity'-with ; his "Pathetique" symphony is about to have a thorough going-over by musical people throughout the world. DECORATED MELMAC DINNER SET FOR EIGHT 8 Butter plates 14 § • 8 cups y • 8 saucers. g • '8 dinner plates u • 8 soup dishes 6 • 1 meat plotter | • 1 Veetale dish S • Creamer and Sugar ^ I Complete party service includes vegetable bowl, platter, K I sugar, creamer! Plates, cups, bowls - all pieces color * I coordinated! All pieces Melmac molded by Roylon. (Wheat * Pattern X Only) jj » W I I y vt I $• STAINUSS STEEL FLATWARE SERVICE FOR EIGHT 9-8* 3 knives; 8 dinner forks 3 salad forks; 8 teaspoons 1 butter knife; 1 Sugar Spoon. Each setting a tribute to your good taste. 34 PIECES ' ' I g MARY PROCTOR HIGH| SPEED TOASTER. Thermo- y stat, color control. Snap- ppen crumb tray. MIRHO ALUMINUM 5-10 CUP PERC. Easy to clean. Automatic. Pilot signal light. Submersible. . "Pathetique" was. his sixth symphony, you'll remember. He created.it in spiritual pain and in tears. After that, he worked fitfully on a seventh, putting down bits and pieces and making elaborate notes on the technical ra- 1960-61 recession hardly made a dent in the long-term unemployed. Here are some of the "hard core" jobless: —Workers 45 and over. They make up about 25 per cent -of the total work force. But in November 33 per cent of this group had been unemployed for-six months or more. —Negroes: u per cent of the work force! About' 22 per cent of these were out of work in November. —Unskilled: Slightly less than 6 per cent.of the workforce, 13.5 per.cent long-term unemployed: —Semi-skilled: 18 per cent of all jersons holding jobs in Novem ier, but 30 per cent of this group >bless for six months or longer The department also noted tha ligh school dropotrts swelled the obless ranks. It said that one out E every five students who quit chool to go to work in recent ears are now jobless. Raymond D. Larson, a department manpower expert, told UPI problem doesn't exist when unemployment is low, but when ,'s high, it becomes very serious. These -are the first people to'be hit" Help Develop Skflls He said the department is try- ng to minimize the handicaps acing these workers but progress is slow. He cited the manpower raining bill, now pending in Cph- jress, as one method of helping tern develop new skills. Also arrayed against this group are industry racial prejudices and ie persistent view of some em- loyers that an older worker ap- lying for a job must be a mat- ontent, or a misfit, or else he 'ouldn't be looking for a job. For young workers, Larson advises more education and training. The department expects the la- x>r force to grow from about 73 million workers to 87 million in fie present decade. Hence, com- letition for jobs will be keener, particularly among the 26 million young people entering the labor, orce for the first time. Whole occupations and trades are disappearing as the accent shifts to white collar jobs into automated industries. The market 'or unskilled workers and farm aborers actually will shrink, while the work force expands. "I often think," Larson said, 'what a prophet I would have 3een just five years ago if I had counseled some high school stu- t IZ-18 "I'm letting her pick out her own birthday card!" J2-/& "Who's the wise say with the rock and roll records? er than the creative problems orchestration. There were some months of this Before he gave it all up as an impossible job and-resolved to de- roy the manuscripts. Then.he Irew that glass of water from the ap in'St. Petersburg now Leningrad and drank .it. ' The cholera season was- on. veryone knew cholera lurked in ap water. No one in his right enses drank any water which adn't been boiled. Tchaikovsky rank the tap water and .died of the disease which had killed his mother. ' One may say Tchaikovsky killed himself. Whether it was intentional or the result of thoughtlessness s an unanswerable riddle. But the ne quality of the "Pathetique" ,vhich is so overwhelming it is unmistakable is that of self-pity. No composer has ever wept sc penly and copiously- in formal composition over the tribulations nd sorrows of living as he wepl that muchly loved and mos' moving symphony. It has been aid its popularity depends upon ts power to give its heareres the leasure of self-pity in innocent isguise. Whether that is true is or each individual listener ust for himself. Less than a year later he drank that glass of tap water, and ne ladn't gotten around to destroy ing his manuscripts. They've been available ever since but not until some 10 years' ago did a compos er appear with the nerve to trj a "reconstruction" of Tchaikov sky's intentions. He is the Russian compose and conductor, Semyon Bogatyr yev. He worked for years and ardously with Tchaikovsky's_ ma erials, endeavoring to surmise i whole from fragments. It is saw to be a very scholarly work bu made no big stir .when performs m Russia. It is now released fo performance everywhere and yo; may be sure musical people m [isten closely. The first American performance is to be given by the Philadelphia Orchestra in Philadelphia. Feb. 16 The "Pathetique" will be played on the same program. 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