Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 17, 1961 · Page 14
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 14

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 17, 1961
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSP6RT, INDIANA SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17,19» Stewardesses Ask Strict Requirements WASHNGTON (UPI) - Air-: line stewardesses have asked -the government to .impose stricter safety requirements for cabin-attendants, it was learned Saturday. The request came from the steward and stewardess division of the Air Line Pilots Association and wa? handed to the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) recently by the group's safety chairman. Iris Peterson. The stewardesses urged: —A minimum _age of-21 for any cabin attendant-applicant (some airlines now hire girls as young as 18). •- ' —Establishment -of minimum physical standards -which now vary from -airline to airline. —Stiffer training, including re- fresKer Courses and a ."closed book" qui^ on- emergency equip- ment .and .evacuation procedures for a specific aircraft every six months. —All -applicants must be able to read, write, 'speak and understand the English language. —A requirement lhat there be a minimum number of-flight attendants assigned on the basis ol total''seats. —Improved location of cabin at- tendant'seats to assure a full view of the cabin a'nd also the outside of the plane, ' - A CAB spokesman said the recommendations will be studied thoroughly,.' Those' accepted wil be turned over to the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) for possible inclusion- in the civil, air regulations. 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Miss Peterson, a United Air Lines stewardess, told UPI _ the recomendation was made "because no flight attendant in an emergency can adequately handle more than 30 or 40 passengers in a short period—not when she also may have such problem passengers as children, cripples or elderly persons." Grams Make Irregular Run CHICAGO (AP)-The grain futures market was driven into an irregular course by indecisive trading last week fcul finished mostly lower. Both gains arid losses were small as trade volume hit what brokers described as a holiday lull. Many times activity virtually ceased in all except the corn pit, where government selling of surplus stocks had a continued influence. Commercial factors were scarce or of little force generally. Commercial business never showed any sign of urgency, although jrocessors were fairly consistent Buyers in small amounts. Export business was expected to remain at a low level until after the first of the year. Near the end of the week, rye jaders saw the makings of a bull market for a while but the report on which they obtained their view urned out to Be erroneous. When word circulated through the exchange that Poland would be -a leavy buyer of the grain on a J.S. credit grant, speculators lost no time in covering short positions and acquiring long ones. But be- ore they became comfortably settled it was disclosed that the grant included no authority for purchases of rye. Otherwise transactions were confined largely to evening up positions in the December contact, on which trading ends next fuesday. The guiding influence in soybeans stemmed primarily from he markets for soybean oil and soybean meal. However, there was .no prolonged trend anywhere. A midweek rumor that the government may shut off or at least curtail its sales of surplus corn mparted a steadying influence in the market," but traders were in doubt about when or for how long :he action would be effective. Wheat dosed the week 1% cents a bushel lower to Vs higher than a week ago, December $2.04%-%; corn Ws higher to 1% lower, December $1.07%-%; oats Vt highej to % lower, December 70-69%; Rye % higher to % lower, December $1.42%; soybeans % lower to % higher, January $2.43%-%. GOLF WIDOW DIES CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP)-Mrs. Mary Allen .Heafner, 42,widow of professional golfer Clayton Heafner, died in a Charlotte hos pital Saturday of a heart attack By LEWIS GULICK WASHINGTON (-AP)-The United. States announced Saturday it will go ahead with its proposed $133 million in loans to help build the Volta Dam and aluminum smelter project in Ghana. The State Department said President Kennedy's decision was being conveyed' by his fact-finder on the project, former steel executive Clarence B. Randall, to left- leaning President Kwame Nkrumah-in Accra. " Nkrumah's recent flirtations with Moscow and his tough suppression of opposition at home had touched off an extensive Kennedy administration review this fall after 3% years of previous negotia- US To Proceed On Building Of Volta Dam, Grant S 133 Millions tions had all but committed Wash-1 will be the largest .of its kinS in ington to the deal. Officials said the go-ahead was based on a judgment that American foreign policy has more to gain from U.S.. participation than IsubSahara Africa. By providing electricity, it is calculated to bring new economic life .into much of the West African country, which was a British colony withdrawal, that the project is i until last year. Proceeds from the | million for the dam. economically sound and worth- $12S-million aluminum plant are j- United Kingdom: supplies a $14- terest, for building the smelter. | and will be of.:great importance Also, the U.S. government will to. the economic development of' guarantee the company up to $54 million against loss from expropriation. . Volta Aluminum Co: will provide $32 million to build the smelter, and : the American firms have agreed to buy enough aluminum over a 30-year period at a price high enough to pay for the dam- smelter project. Ghana government: supplies $98 while, and that enough safeguards have been taken against political and economic hazards. The United Stales, Ghana, Britain, the World Bank and private U.S. interests are all joining in the undertaking, which is expected to--cost a total of at least $324 million and take more than five years to build. " The ?196-million dam project ,•$37 million loaned to Ghana for among the pros and cons that building the dam, at 5% per cent I have been vigorously debated be- interest to be repaid in about .19 ' ! - J 1U : - "'-- 1 -'-"*™ -'- SPECIAL! GIT RIADY FOR WINTER 2 Car Garage ERECTED COMPLETE READY TO DRIVE INTO CONCRETE SLAB 16 FOOT STEEL OVERHEAD DOOR 1 Side Door 2 Windows 215 Lb. Asphalt Roof Fir Siding $ 1085 .00 5 YEARS TO PAY-NOTHING DOWN-CAUL BULLOCK GARAGE CO. (ACROSS FROM ;DOG W SUDS) BynPass 52^Lafayette, Indiana LOGANSPORT REMESENTATIVE-PHONE 66956 " OR CALL COLLECT SH 2-7498 And one of our representatives will come to your home. 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World Bank: supplies a ?47-million loan for the dam. ' High-ranking U.S. .authorities have said these reasons prevailed years; $96 million, loaned to the Volta Aluminum Co., Kaiser Aluminum-Reynolds metals consortium of U.S. aluminum producers in which Kaiser has the principal in : hind the scenes in Washington over the advisability of going through with the project in the face of Nkrumah's leftist activities: 1. The project will pay for itself'ments. Ghana. 2. Through-negotiations that had been under way since" the Eisenhower administration, the United , States, in the eyes of the Africans, had become committed to the project. ' 3. Newly'. developing countries saw the Volta project as a test case of whether the United States would give aid to a nation which did not march in step with Washington foreign policy. The Kennedy administration's avowed policy is to aid countries for their independence and economic advance, even if they do not always agree on international matters. 4. If the United States pulled out of the Volta project, the Soviets might move in, as they did with the Aswan Dam undertaking in 1956. 5. A reasonable amount of protection has been built into the rather complicated Volta agree- 35 tang-necked animal 37 Speaks 38 Immerse 40 Wild 41 Way 42 Nautical terra 43F!y 44 Rotate 45 Burn 46 Tahitian food 47 Female saints (ab.) 49 Charge DOWN 1 In excess 2'Kussian river S'Tibetan priest 4Newspaper executives 5 Fend off 6 Animal enclosures NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. Traffic Toll Rises By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Three persons died in separate ne-vehicle accidents, Saturday, aising Indiana's weekend traffic ill to five, A Jefferson County man. Cheser T. Jett, 56,'Lancaster, died i a pickup truck crash on a wet ounty road about 10 miles west : Vevay. Officers said Jett was killed 'hen his truck skidded out of ontrol and flipped on the slip- ery blacktop. His wife, Leona, I, escaped with minor injuries. Donald J. Kemp, 31, South :end, was killed early Saturday ?hen his car crashed into a utility ole along Kenilworth Road north f South Bend. Richard McCallum, :, South Bend, a passenger, suf- ered slight injuries. A crash at the junction of U.S. 1 and Ind. 431 at the south edge f Greenwood early Sat u r d a y aused the death of John T. jtockton 35, Louisville, Ky. Stockton died at the Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis about three hours after the accident. State police said the driver, Robert T. Terry, 31, Louisville, lost control of the car while trying to decide which road to follow. The car ran into a ditch and overturned twice. Terry suffered a head injury, not believed serious. Rosalie Malone 26, riding with the men, was not hurt. The weekend toll started off with two pedestrian accidents Friday night which killed Everett McCabe, 59, Moores Hill, and John Miles, 78 Richland. FIRE HITS MANILA MANILA (AP) — Fire razed a- block of Manila's market district Saturday. 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