Corvallis Gazette-Times from Corvallis, Oregon on May 30, 1874 · 2
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Corvallis Gazette-Times from Corvallis, Oregon · 2

Corvallis, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1874
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tetkla arballis ajette. Corvallis, May 30, 1874. WM.B.CARTBR, - r - EDITOR. REPUBLICAN TICKET. V. ' For Congress, , RICHARD WILLIAMS, of Multnomah. For Governpj, ' . J. C. TOtiMAN, of Jackson, For Secretary of State, I C. M. FOSTER, of Bator. For State Treasurer, . . " D. G. CLARK, of Benton. For State Printer, E-M. WAITE, of Marion. For Sup't of Public Instruction, : L. L.OWLAXD, of Wasco. ! "Joint Senator for Benton and Talk, A. M. WITH AM, of Benton. For Judge Second District, , JOHN KELSAY, lof pBe'nt'on. For Procecuting Att'y--21 Disti F. A.'CHENOWETII, For Prosecuting Attorney 3d Dist. - N. B. HUMPHREY, of Linn. - For Judge-r-4th District., W. C. JOHNSON, of Clackamas, For Prosecuting Att'y 4th Dist. J. C. MORELAND, of Multnomah. Ftfr Prosecuting Att'y 5th Diet. J. C. CARTWRTGHT, of Wasco. Benton County Repub-' iican Ticket. For State Senator., . DR. J. B. LEE. For Representatives. WM; J. KELLEY, N. W. ALLEN JAMES CHAMBERS. For Co. Judge. C. E. MOOR. For Co. Clerk. B.W.WILSON. V v For Sheriff. JAMES GINGLES. For Co. Treasurer. HIRAM FLICKINGER. Fdf Co. Assessor. PETER WITHERS. ! For Commissioners. II. B.' NICHOLS, DAVID KING. For School Superintendent. v 1 . R. E."WILLIAM8. -J . For Surveyor. II. N. BOWMAN. For Coroner j! DR. T. J. RIGHT. THE COMING ELECTION. t , On next Monday, the 1st day of T une, A. D. 187-4, the people of Ore-- gon, through the ballot box, will de cide the destinies of the State for four years, and that of the several counties fof two years. It is "one of the most important elections ever held in the State notwithstanding some newspaper writers contend that it ' ' i. ir: i : 'ka. .mere are uo- great jjuiuiuai isaueo u-fore the pple. This is a great mistake. The same party issues -and principles that have been contended for from the foundation of our Government to the present time are today appealing, in trumpet tones to the people of these United States, and history ia repeating itself in our nation as in those nations, empires and kingdoms that have risen, flourished and fell. The only remedy for these evils, and the only human power that can prevent; our glorious nation, whose commerce whitens every sea and whose banner floats on every breeze, from .-'.ring the fate of those fallen gov- recorded in hUtory, lies in crnmentt., . . - ' ... , 1. purity and patriot- ism oi tne peopie. i staring us in the face, tb ballot be- of the freeman. It is a power, when righ. and fearlessly used, that makes tyrants tremble and monopolists cringe. But rWhen the iron heel of moneyed-des pots ia once placed upon the freeman, land the ballot becomes but the tool of oppressors, farewell to liberty t Why, today, thai the people mourn! and the press of the land is teeming with disclosures of fraud, corruption, and wickedness in " high places?" Not because the people, as a mass, ire naturally more corrupt and dishonest, but simply because large MONEY i used to thwart their best interests atj the ballot-box and elevate designing and unscrupulous men to place and power. ..The entire political enginery of the present day is corrupting and demoralizing in its tendency. No matter how true and good a man may be, in his private life, if he is nominated for office, forthwith attempts are made to blacken his character, and . ruin his reputation. For this r purpose the press is subsidized, and mercenary mountebanks, for gold, harangue the people. Of all such, let the voters of Oregon beware. On next Monday let every voter in this State untrammeled by party lash and uninfluenced by mercenary motives or considerations go to the polls and vote for the besl men those who are really in sympathy with the best interests of the common people the tax-payers and all will be well. That is true " in- DEPENDENCE." One word i to Republicans about this " move" "this " no-party'.' arrangement, which, in this county, is controlled and manipulated, by J. C. Avery, Green B. Smith, Major Bruce and other' leading Demoorets. They have managed toet in just enough Republicans to give the " move" tone, with Republicans, as they thought, but to leave the management entirely with the "honest and pure" politicians above named, while they were loudly proclaiming that the " old political parties were dead, and that they were NOT IN POLITICS " Just when and how this " move" first saw light in this county, is sot necessary to repeat here. When the; " calls" were issued,, which we gratuitously published, we took occasion to show that itiwals a " Democratic trick" and charged, that J, C. Avery & Co. were at the bottom of it. T This was indig nantly denied. But the denial was not heeded .by the people, and forthwith Mr. Avery bought out his partners (Messrs O. B. Smith & Maj Bruce) and flopped the " Democrat" plump into the " Movement' and all the wrath and indignation of these pure patriots, and SELF sacrificing Grangers! is now heaped upon the Ga zette, simply because we would not prove tractor to the Republican party and sing paeans to Avery, Smith & Co. This is the sum of our offending, and hence weak-kneed Republicans are besought to stop the Gazette: and take " OUR PAPER" the paper that for fpur years past baa been rob- bing the Widows and orphans of this county Under the act to protect litigants. If Republicans are disposed to doubt our statement, let them take the so-called "' independent People's Ticket," &s printed lor use next IM on-day, and see bow many real, boon fide Republicans are upon it. Facts are stubborn j things, -and every voter should lobk at the FACTS, as they exist, and not take the say so of any scheming, office-seeking politicians. ! . ' i v . - ; Lv. Close or Campaign. With this issue we close the' present political campaign. We have! heard numerous compliments upon the Corvallis papers for the honor able and gentlemanly; manner in which they have conducted the present poltical campaign. So far as the Gazette is con 5 cerned, we have carefully guarded 3 Columns and eschewed everything of defamatory character relative to the candidates for the various j offices. We have taken pains to inquire, particularly, into the private; character of every candidate on the Republican ticket, State and county, and find then to be honorable; com petent, and trustworthy men, whom the people jrill delight to honor. - We desire to see every man on the Republican tick et elected, and for this we have earnestly and zealously labored ; but in so doing we have not descended to falsehood and scurrility. The time! has passed when a man's private character and moral reputation should be pWciened abd ruined in order to accomplish his defeat for office. The tickets of all parties, this year, so far as our observation extends are, in the main, composed of good men. Because a man is a preacher, lawyer, doctor or farmer, is no reason why be should be maligned and abused, if he is "worthy and well qualified" otherwise. We want good men for office and such we will have, if every voter will go the polls next Monday and do his duty. m ' '.'.',.:. i Willamette University. -Last Wejk Dr. John Boswell, handed us. a circular ot the Medical Department of the above institution, containing the names of the Faculty, annual announcement for 1874-5, requirements for graduation, list of graduates, text books, etc. The ninth regular course of Lectures will commence on the 15th of December, 1874- The terms have been extended, to six months instead tif four. Fee' for full course $120. For full particulars, address 111 Carpenter, -M. 1)., Dean ot the ulty, balem, Oregon. ASSESSOR. - This is one of the most important offices in the county in fact it is an office, in which EVERY TAX PAY ER IS DIRECTLY INTERESTED, and yet the leaders of the "Inde pendent move' have printed their tickets with NO CANDIDATE for thi3 office. What does this mean ? Does any intelligent voter of Benton county believe that this was a MERE OVERSIGHT ? Of course not this is a " trick" of Avery, Smith & Co., to defeat PETER WITHERS, Re 'A publican an intelligent, honest, and well-qualified man for the position, and elect W. H. Jphnson a Democrat. Gr6en B. Smith, J. C. Avery, John Foster Maj. Bruce and other leaders of this u move,w are more in terested ia the Assessor than in all the other offices combined. We do not charge that they CAN manipulate " Uncle Harry" but we do affirm, and they know it full well, that they CANNOT manipulate and control Peter Withers, and hance this trick" to secure xhis defeat. Taxpayers of Benton county you who do not pay one hundred dollars, or more, taxes the masses of the peoplethink of this matter seriously and candidly and then vote for Mr. Withers whose every interest is in common with his brother farmers. UUAXGE PICNIC. Last Thursday we had the privilege of attending a .very pleasant basket picnic given under the auspices of Orleans, Peoria and Shedd Granges P. of H., near -the Willamette church, in the grove of Perry Preston. About three' hundred persons were present. The day was cool and pleasant, but the morning looked rather' forboding, which doubtless prevented many from being present.! Speaker's stand, seats for the audience, and everything for such n Occasion had been provided by appropriate committee. iThe programme was announced by Wru; Wiu-n'mg Esq., Secretary of Orleans Grange. The first exercise was an opening ehoru8, " The Brooklet," by a select choir, led by Prof. Wallace which was well rendered. After which Prof. J oseph Ilannoa was introduced and delighted the audience with an able and eloquent ; address, in which he paid a handsome tribute to farmers and extolled the "dignity of Labor. After another excellent piece of music, an intermission; for dinner, was announced, and the display of " chicken" and good things did the ladies of Linn great credit. We had several pressing invitations to " dine, but as Mr. J. A. Wrenn's was the first, we eai " chicken" with him, and as Mrs. Wrenn and her; daughters, assisted by Mr. W. and the boys, spread out the contents of several well filled boxes of luxuries on a neat white table cloth, on the green grass, it was a sight that would tempt an epicure: It is not necessary to .state that we did ample justice to the occasion and gave occular demonstrations of our appre oiation of the culinary skill of Mrs. W. ao'd her dauehters.. Friend Le- land, the " Hermit,"; who! kindly took us over and brought us back in his buggy, enjoyed the hospitalities of Mrs Wm. M. Powers, and although he complained of " looking feeble," it was no fault of his hostess, if he " felt" so. N After dinner the audience was fa vored with more music aud a rousing address by the " emaciated" Hermit of Oregon jCity. As a slight testimonial of appreciation of the speaker an impromptu collection, amounting to $12 25, was taken up for him, which he credited to the G. L. of Good Tern-plars, as he does all his collections. After some further music, and a display of some diagrams,-: showiog the terrible effects of rum, by Mr. Lelaod, the large audience dispersed some to their homes, some to political speaking at Halsey, and the young men and " Hannah" to the singing schoof at thejWilIamette church. It was a rare treat to all who enjoyed it. These Granger picnios are doing a grand and noble work in the way of socia bility in Oregon just what farmers and everybody else needs.. Excursion. The Willamette Chief left X his place last Monday, at noon, for Astoria on a pleasure excursion . Very few persons went fro22 Corvallis it was too near election. HaJ the excursion been two u weeks later Benton county would have been largely rejpreseited. AVERY'S ORGAN. The Salem Mercury, of last week, had a scathing article upon our fellow-townsman, Hon. J. C. A Very. We don't approve of tile style of that art tide, but it is just what Mr. A. Might have expected when he turned " reformer," so suddenly, and threw off on hjs old confederates in Democratic trickery. To an outsider, it looks as though they were making it exceedingly tropical for " Old Intrusts," as Bush used to call him. In the commencement of this campaign, when we charged that Messrs. Avery, Green B. Smith, and other " great lights" of Democracy were coqueting with the "imove," we were denounced as a "elanderer." Mr. Avery, only a few days before heVbought'the Democrat establishment and turned its guns upon Gov. Grover, stoutly denied to us, that he had anything to do with the "move," and said he was "NOT IN POLITICS at all." If he was " not in politics' how oomea it that he bought out his partners, Messrs. G..B. Smith and Maj. Bruce, subsidized Head, and has been 'laboring to make the people of this county be-lieve that the Democrat is in the ki-terest qf the move ? And while 1 this has been going :On, why, is it that leading men in the " move," at least those who think themselves leaders, have been constantly denying that Avery, Smith & Co., were the power " behind thetbrone ?" , The answer is easy, simply because of the unpopularity of these men who had been rampant Democrats so loDg as it was to their interests to be so, but who had now changed their tactics, hoping thereby to secure favor with the com moo people, farmers, laborers,; etc., with whom they have not a particle of sympathy beyond that exhibited by the wolf for the lamb. The peo pie of this county understand this matter perfectly well, and hence these political schemers have been working in cog. as much as possible. And now they are using every means in their power to break down the GAZETTE, prevent farmers from taking it. If we had remained dumb and allowed them to consulate their plaos and bind the voters of this county " band and foot" we could have es caped their i ire, but we would have been untrue to ourself and to the best 1 . . interests of the farmers of Benton County. We detected and exposed their trickery and hence the purchase of the organ by Mr. Avery. Only last Saturday a subscriber to the Gazette, (who was in arrears six months) came into the office and said he had not the money to settle his subscription, but desired to make a " turn at a store." We told him all right. He further remarked that Mr G. B. Smith, before he started to Soap Creek, that morning, had told him that he ought to " stop the Gazette and take OUR PAPER." Mr. sub scriber gave us to understand that he would do no such'thing. Before he left town, however, he made arrange ment with a merchant to pay us "out of the Store"! $150, and told him to tell us to stop the paper. Let the people judge; which paper is their true friend, and we are content with their decision. But let them look well to their own interests. We have been bold to defend the people and hence these manifestations of: hatred fr5m the worst monopolists and grindcra of the poor in uenton county. E. J. IUWXE. I; The following telegrams Settle the Dawne difficulty beyond all question : j Salem, May 2G, 1874.! To the President of Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, Georgia: Was E. J. Dawne graduated from your University as a Doctor of Medicine in 1866, or in any subsequent year 7 Telegraph answers immediately. (Signed), E. B. Stone. answer : Atlanta, Ga., May 27, 1874. To E. B. Stone: IThe Oglethorpe University never had a Medical Department,; and therefore the nerson referred to oould not have graduated nere as a pnysician. (Signed), David Wills, Ex-President. We learn from a Washington dis patch of 25th insfc, that Senator Mitchell s bill for reimbursing Colleo- tor W. L. Adams some 20,000 stolen from him on a steamship between Astoria and San Francisco, in 1865 has- been reported favorably upon, by the.Commitfcee on Claims. OREGON. The Grangers jn the vicinity of Dallas are going; to celebrate the Fourth of July. Caterpillars by the milions are making their appearance in the vicinity- of La Grande. ; ; ; '7 t ; A heavy tornado stirred thO JPendleton; Tribune office op pretty lively. The dev il was in it. , , The berry season has commenced at Salem, and' the aborigines have put in-their appearance as pickers thereof. Messrs. Charles Simpson, and, C. P. Church, have purchased the warehouse lately owned by C. B. Comstock & Co., atr Albany. The price paid was $4,000 cash. I George Marshal, of ; Junction, and Charles Goodchildof Eugene, have purchased the woolen factory at Ashland. The Albany Democrat says there is connected with .the death of Perry Her-ren at Salem, a dark chapter that has not yet come to light, arid probably never will. The Pendleton Tribune of the 23d says :' Several thousand pounds of wool, of this years clipping, belonging to Bowman, Cram. & Jones, passed through town on the 10th, for the Portland market. The Grange at McMinnville is making arrange ments for a grand Fourth of July celebration and picnic, to'be held on the camp meeting grounds, one mile and a half north of that place. Recorder Jlerren, of Albany, telegrapli-ed the following from Saleni to a friend in Albany y " My brother's death was caused by a pistol-shot in the head, and in my judgment it was the work of an assassin." i The election of officers of the Willamette Manufacturing Company, took place at their office last Monday, with the foN lowing result: Directors John F. MU ler, of Salem, Edwin Russell and W. S. Ladd, of ' Portland. President of the Board . and Managing Agen John F. Miller; Secretary, Samuel R. Irwin. The Corvallis Gazette s&yi: "Some very serious charges have been recently made tin the public print of this State against Dr. Dawne,"" which reminds u that a few years ago " some very serious charges were made" against YV. B. Carter in connection with theTreasury of thel.O.G.T. Albany Democrat. Yes, General Martin Van Buren Brown, that is true and we met those u charges" squarely ancf proved them, in every particular, FALSE and MA LICIOUS, and have ever since held an official position in the Order, while the hypocrisy of our accusers has been shown up and they expelled from the Order. If your friend Dawne is innocent, why d&eaShe not bring the telegraph to his aid in prov ing it ? By the way, General, your speaking of " charges," reminds us that there are some grave " charges?' in circulation which are not at all com plimentary, to your " temperance re cord." It is more than intimated that you are not like " Caisar's wife, above suppioioo." You remember the adage, perhaps, about "persons living in erystalized tenements." - It may be, General, that you only take " white wine,'' (which the " Inde pendent" Champions are allowed to drink, we believe,) but some of your friends insist that it makes you " talk and act" like they do when they take " whisky, straight." ; - McConnei.l, late of Corvallis, was one day last week examined, at Albany, by Prs. Gamble and Tate, and1-declared insane. He was conducted to the Asylum on eanesaay. exchange. The above refers to A. R. IMcCon nell, for many years a saloon keeper in this place. Not very long since an attempt was made, in this county, to have; Mac judged insane but the ev idence adduced was not satisfactory to Judge Burnett aud so the matter was dropped, to be -resumed iu Linn, with the above "result. McCoooell was once a man of good education and fine business qualities -but through the excessive use of ''strong drink" has been brought to his present con dition. There are others, in this place, and all through the country, going the same road- and yet, .after eveiy other means has failed, if wives and mothers resort to earnest fervent prayer for; the interposition of Provi deuce in staying this dread curse, they are deemed culprits and placed in " durance vile." The great end of law, as at present administered, seems tosbejoy protect this accursed traffic which is causing three fourths of all the crimes committed. a " How long, Oh ! Lord" shall these things be ? At one of the fisheries on the Columbia river, a few days ago, a difficulty ocourred between a white man named J. Brown and and a colored man. According to a report in the Portland papers, Jack, the colored man, was attacked several times, when at last, while running from his antagonist, turned and shot him in . the mouth, inflicting a very serious, if not fatal wound. The cause of the difiv culty was some trival matter. t Gone to Her Home. The Portland Bulietin of the 25th inst.r thus refers to- ho death of an eminently gdod!woman in Saiem : ' In sadness-we are ciHed upon to note the deaths of . Mrs. Elijah Williamsj, of Salem, the pother of, Richard Williams, of this city, 'for years hes has been painfpflot. Ihe hand of disease fix ed his firm grasp upon her, and the-combined efforts of skillful physicians, were useless in attempting to free her from it. When but ..a child the wri ter knew her as a kind and , gentle pa-dy, whose happy smiles banished ali clouds of sorrow from her presence Years passed on and changes came,, tracing dark lines of suffering upon her brow. Slowly disease held its sway until last Friday, when, the death angel came and bore her spirit away across the waters to the other shore; that .land where suffering is unknown ; that realm forever bright. Many sad hearts breathe pi last farewell to her gentle spirit, and . mingle . r ...... lit 1 i. . L - J. -! .1 V. .. r. tears 01 sorrow wiiu.Her uereavciuua band and family, who are sti 1 with us. Some of our State exchanges are making a ; great fuss about tfaje bad spelling of Dr. Dawne and Mr. jOgles by, Democratic and Independent. dan didates for Superintendent of IPublio Instruction. . This is all unnecessary, .in neither nf those fentemen will have any i occasion to : do any " ofiicial " 'spelling for the next four yearq. ,- I. L. Rowlacd, the Republican candidate is a ripe scholar, polished gentleman, arid will attend to the duties of that office to ' the satisfaction Jof all parties. Messrs. Dawne and Oglesby, iu the meantime, can devote their leis ure hours in reviewing 'their spelling books. ;;Mr. E. Titrner of Multnomah ' county is nominated' for State" Printer. He declined, to accept the nomination, btj as no one else would accept that suited the Convention, allowed his name'to be used. It is desired on this candidate, to see the real strength of the temperance element unite and show to the various ' political parties what they have to contend with in the fu ture. We confidently expect for Mr. Turner a large vote Temperance Star. In a review of the. 1 Temperance Ticket, we find the above extract in the Star of the 7th inst. Mr. Turner is a man of integrity and a personal friend of ours, whom we have known for years. For these, and other reasons, we would not say: one word against him. But. while this is true, we cannot understand why the Tem perance nominating Convention should have ignored Mr. E. M. Waite, the Republican nominee for StatePrin ter, when he is known to be a thorough temperance man. We have had an intimate personal acquaintance with Mr. Waite for more than twenty years and can vouch for his temperance record. . We are the more1 surprised at Mr. Turner's accepting the nomin ation from the facttthat he sought the Republican nomination, but the Con Tnr vention to another. Mri ner, under the circumstances, can not hope to be elected and may. defeat Mr. Waite. - : ' TELEGRAPHIC DISPATCHES. (From the Oregonian.") Pittsburg, May 21. Forty crusad ers were arrested and brought before the Mayor this afternoon, charged ,with obstructing the sidewalks. They were dismissed with an admonition that the law must be enforced and that on the next offense they would Cincinnati, May 20. Fortythree women were arrested on Saturday fiy obstructing the sidewalks. They were to-day dismissed with an admonition that on the next occasion they will bo punished. They marched to church . and prayer-meeting,! but decided oa nothing regarding future action.) Springfield, May 22. The relief fund for the Mjjl river sufferer amounts to $60,000. It is estimated that $100,000 will be needed, 150 families, or 700 persons, being utterly destitute. ' ,T Memphis, May 23. Yesterday fire-eccured in Forest City, Ark., destroying about a quarter of the town Loss, 640,000. ; j " A seobndjire at Forest City, at 2 o'clock this morninff. destrovArl KA half of what was left of the town frooa 1st nignt s nre. Loss about $5000. There is said to be a man in vt. ville so fond of money that after pay., ing a man a bill, he walks h him so as to keep nea? the money a Every heart knows its nwn hit ters 1' as the old lady said to her miiL isier. WlIAT (TentleniAn nan !u .il; propriety ask a fat woman to leaa oa ' niB nrm 9 ,

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