Corvallis Gazette-Times from Corvallis, Oregon on November 3, 1937 · 2
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Corvallis Gazette-Times from Corvallis, Oregon · 2

Corvallis, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 3, 1937
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i l j ' I IM ?! v. if Vi- T ! V fa2 Two Hwp.lrf aal.bhtW )MI t C Myr K. 7r rtBa awr aaw aaB afcaaaj. .KImb TfciM iW Wmw St, Carfalua, t ! M MOM4 laaa U AafUt iuv, at lb iuMIim at Oaraltia, ot. a.t-T Art M.rrfc 1. IB76 ' r ICiA. rarSS bex-oh COtHITt Maaaet at tM Aaaaciataa fraaa fa imicmr jr-lurl a; DM aa r pWicM a aA Mtcfea MUM u t tMrwm cradiM uti papar aaa (I ha-at jiiUilt aarwa FENCERHALL CO. WCMAL'M' It 1A)1WH TELKPHCXE IIM-M OtHCB . , , , , e ult, am rar i aaaca ., 15 00 fet Mil, an MIX to adaaaaa TS fat naiC awiitb-iA 40 (Mitaratf k tarrtar. pr antk JO I I 4 a rft kavtot " tU liluuia whaa I ktm aabba piaioa dart t pwnikM. H' 6tmI7. To ato kr (Ileaa waaa Total t, aukat imrii f a Abraham Uaeol. THE ELKH-ION RETURNS The election returns in the east show that Jim Farley didnt have Nw York "in the hag" any more than he had the supreme court packing. The Republicans can get little comfort out of the mayoralty fight the, unless they can get comfort out of beating the Democratic machine. LaGuardia, tho running s a Republican, is not one and had the endorsement of the worst elements in American lift today, the CIO, the Socialists and the Com-munists. Republicans indorsed him for two reasons, he took the city administration away from a bunch of grafters and gave the people an honest administration. In other cities, there is reason also to feel hopeful, labor tmion candidates were beaten, showing that majority of the people favor decency in labor matters and prefer law and order to beef squads. Seattle is the only city prefer in g beef squads. There is also ehesr in the eongres sional elections where Republicans j won in every casehere there was ' legitimate reason for a contest. They did not expect to win in Democratic Virginia and had no candidate. It ia to be sincerely hoped that this foretells the end of Nu-dealism in America. WHAT WE MAY BE IN FOR New York demagogs are de manding a new constitution. They claim the present one smells of horses and buggies. It will not let the planners, reformers and Utopian dreamers work fast enough. Senator Wagner, author,, of the impossible Wagner act, wants the ' following planks in the new eon; stitution, when and if one is adopted: "To ' declare in unmistakable terms the unquestionable prerogar wswi ' THE THINKER ;fclSv 1 0 ail, ' M22!&d tive f the Legislature to past legislation for the public welfare." ?To ilace beyond doubt the power Of the Legislature to make i public funds available for every I sound form of relief to those! stricken through no fault of their j own, including old-age pensions I and unemployment insurance." J So, yoa can see from the above' what 4h Ktnfealen would lt am! in for jf they could amend the fed- era! constitution. To amend the rnatknHfln' tn mak. th. l;la. live will supreme is to destroy the workers m the studios, ' quite as constitution and invite anarchy. gooi M to ! Edition to The sole purpose of a written eon- moA f taem rvkyj . a private stitution besides providing for the swimming post. , - --;-;y-r ' machinery . of government, is to! ,; " ' lay down certain fundamental prin-1 Without segard t the taet that triples OP government and to place we re 8n wtajde county, we be definite limiUtionsn the legisls-! live th,t th governor took the tive, executive and judicial T'ht ttitude in refusing to tax branches of government To make the remain mg eoanties to aid Mult-the legislative -will supreme is to nomah's relief program.sThis paper abolish the constitution and provide a means for making laws to please the passing faney of the mob. There would be no protection for the minority in their elemental natural rights. Business would be afraid to invest or expand or even exist.- The inevitable result would be socialism and chaos. Maybe that is what the planners want. SEVENTY CAR BILL i. Oregon farmers are rallying to fight the proposed 70 car train bill pending in congress. A letter of opposition has been signed by J. G. Barratt, president of the ' OregonWool Growers association; , C. A. Nish, president of the Eastern Oregon Wheat league; ! Herman Oliver, president of the ' Cattle and Horse Raisers' Association of Oregon; Mae Hake, president of the Ore- irnn 'Farm hirrann Cordon Voorhies, president of the 1 Oregon State Horticultural soci- ejy. H. L. Shoemaker, president of , the Hood River Growers club, and j Chester Titch. nreaident of the 1 h(.iifnri vn,if nuio u..... ! The grange, you will notice, is not represented, for the Grange Master is working for the interests of the labor unions and that is against the interests of the farmers. Mo wonder there is serious movement among grangers to elect a range Master who is farmer instead of a' politician. ' E D. Hosmer of the Plymouth neighborhood brought" ua an ear of corn Tuesday to show what could be done in Oregon with the right kind pf sued. He said it was a hybrid corn and that he got enough seed from Iowa to sow a quarter of an acre from which he harvested 22 bushels of fine heavy corn with deep seated kernels, That's 88 bushels per acre and as Mr." Hosmer is from Iowa where the tall corn grows he is quite well satisfied with his find and will plant more of it next year. The head of theWCTU lauds Hitler because he doesn't drink. That's the best argument we have ever heard for the use Of Intoxicants. We get a laugh about the Duke of Windsor studying bousing condi tion in America or any here else. He propoaei to travel from New York to Hollywood and back to Miami and then maybe back again nd .across to .Honolulu. He has WU him six servants and seventy trunk. The hasing conditions he would u moilt Interested in would t-P finding one )srge enough to aeeommodate the 70 trunks. Be will vfonfo that housing eondi, tiona in Hollywood, anotnr the' has contended from the start that every community should take care of its own unemployment problem and its own relief. That was the accepted method in this country for 150 years and it worked well and would have been the method today had it not been for the wild eyed ideas of government spenders, ! one wild eye to relief and both I to politics. The Tokio newspaper, Nkhi aicm Bays that unless China sur- renders before another year, three W'U wrld war with .Germany and Itajy backing Japan and France and Russia and perhaps England, hacking China. The editor hopes America will "remain ood judge." Ameriea is a good judge and every citizen in America con demns Japan as a brutal and in-j excusable thief and bully in her 1 campaign against China. Labor unions w.ll. not permit roruanu auw uea.ors w now meir annual automobile show this year, Whether or not tiey will permit the f"rin to lay in .stock of ars not een determined. Portland can't laugh at Seattle much longer. General Motors has a $2,000,000 plant in Seattle normally employing 500 imen. Labor conditions are so bad in Seattle that the company nas ken I'8luaIIy curtailing its operations till now it employs but 100 men. Seattle labor is cooking its own goose. Government experts" predict a let down in business and a decreased national income. There is nothing in their analysis however to show that the difficulty could be remedied by scrapping the Nudeal entirely. A Seattle bride of a week tried to commit suicide by jumping into a tub of boiling water. When a woman gets married she always takes a chance of getting into hot water. ..Hil Mil MH. I Hi Hi Km Remember, Thursday night C C. Chapman talks at the Chamber of Commerce dinner. The' talk is bound to be good. DAILY GAZETTE-TOrES, WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER S, 1337. SEA WITHOUT A CRISIS is this 'placid bady.ra-ler, Nof e t-au r-Mante, sear Paris where filoasieur R. CaaelrnHteli engineer, recently tetuHattrated this moaiel destroyer, scarcely iaMM than 10 (est long. Equipped with radio, its BHvemeBtsretire47 , controlled from shere. . At last reports the Japs were trying to 'beat the Chinese away from nese rjU. be able to duplicate Cue: j Thig js m iUustration of the sar's famous plunge and that thisyiJack of freedom for workers when may eventually say "Vini, Vidi,tne state 48 1)088 of tne works. The r-.; ...v,.... i.. rt.: 'state may be even' more arbitrary - T I -."-".W..H "'".than a private employer because! cMuiygwni.. , , -"'. The Japs have Instituted sys tern all their own. They kill a Britisher, wound an American r steal a hip load of rice from Amer- ican marines and then fix the whole thing up by sending an apology whjle snickering up their ample mmmmmmtmmmmmmm. ' " A nut shed was destroyed bv fire in Kugene (Sunday. The professors , . f , in charge escaped uninjured, un-1 fortunately. Just which of the uni. versity buildings was burned, the dispatches do not state. Well, that's what happens if you read only the headlines. When reading the story it turns out to be the co-op fruit growers' nut drying shed. This institution is one f the most successful in the country and therefore its managers are not nuts. Speaking of nuts, several of them which are decidedly wormy have announced for governor and U. S. senator in Oregon. Owing to our primary system whereby fully two-thirds of the people do not know what they are voting for and wherein the biggest demagog often has the best chance, the state is in a precarious situation. i The labor unions which have been promoting the attempt to free the anarchist murderer Tpm Mooney, say that if the supreme court of the United States refuses to overrule the California supreme court that they will ask for a nation-wide walk out of workers. Well, that threat is not so bad as the court packing scheme for it can't last so long as a packed court. And that suggests another idea, why does not the murderer's de fense committee demand the right to riame 10 new judges? Co-eds at New York university have adopted wool, stockings in place of silk, which is the first sen sible dress reform. co-eds have attempted in 20 years. They are not, however, wearing wool, stepins, "because they are not wearing step- ins the laauer of the movement explains. We wonder what those rightist troops do in Spain when they are ordered to execute a "left whee." MUTINOUS SEAMEN 'ON GOVERNMENT VESSEL Labor is getting a taste of what would face under state socialism. So angry are leaders of the mari time union because 14 members of ship's crew have been arrested on charges next door to mutiny, they have appealed to President Konsevclt to diwharge Joe Kennedy, chairman of the federal maritime aommiaaion, nd Daniel S. Ring, a commia&ioner. It seems the S. S. Algic, a shipping board vessel, had a lot of trouble on a recent voyage to South America. The crew staged three sitdewn strikes. One tnan ws killed in a waterfront brawl, another was' drowned when he tried to jump ship and swim ashore. The captain riw"t ,i!!dv askvg what to do. He cabled back to put the re calcitrauta in irons as mutineers and obtain aid of local authorities if necessary. The men yielded, and when they got hack home warrants there is no appeal against state de- ciBions. The ballot is an insecure 'etuge, for socialism, rin its -early "l "L'Y. p' ,' - .hoi-. About all the otr ean' do is mark his ballot "yes.". ) , Had the men pulled sitdowns on -privately owned and operated ves- eels " f aououui ii tne government -rft a3wv -a-wa vvav HiUkUlj vu UJfU seas. So f reel v has the dminis- Hration tolerated sitdowns on land' i1"" "u lu n occurring at sea. j The? perience with the S. S. Algic may teach the workers the' need f discipline; and may teach emsialao -that they t -run grave f lB wniut xnvy put xuu cuinrui ui iltKluatry and commerce in the hands i of the state, on the socialist model. Salem Statesman. TRICK OR TREAT (To the Editor) : During the Hal-' lowe'en just past "Trick r Treat" seemed to be the war cry of those youngsters roaming the streets. It is hardly a slogan appropriate for children Rather it is the old fan miliar call of the racketeering gangster -"Pay or else'WWhat difference is there "7 One threatens with soap or tomatoes, the other with gun and bomb. How long with the effectiveness of their threats in their remembrance, before these children growing up, may.lay aside their soap and take to the gun, nnd apply the.same apparently effective threat of "Trick or Treat T" Imitation runs from cap pistols to sub-machine guns are already ' their favorite toy, games of robbery ana Killing tnetr lavonte -sport. , t'A tenement slum itself might ,well prove less dangerous a breeding ground for crime tham oar own clean streets and lawns where resound the "Bang-bang I got you or tnese children we fondly ; imagine we are i-earine to resnect law and order. ; , . ' , ' ', : ,How many parents know where their boys and girls aVe after dark, ' or what they are doiw? How man ; were aware their children roamed in bands soaping and breaking windows? These are old Hallowe'en tricks, and may be condoned occurring as they do but once a year. But this new blackmailing racket of "Trick- or Treat" is not one householders should encourage by surrender. Blackmail, by children or gangsters, ia still blackmail. Is it an occupation you would nave your child take up so early ? Mrs, J.f. Matthews, , Jtd Willlker oplnss'as how th rtat Important bills before Coiv 4rs now are th' "bills o W nation." Aftsr th' church pic nit some people were painfully conscious bavin thalr cake after eatln' H, MM i A3, SM ..fl-Sl.rJ W iw OikvUId' Fzrdsf His OAKVILLE, Not. IHSpecial)-A commercial crop of popcorn pro-dueed (by Gefald Wrlrtnger hat beam harKtedad is in the process of dxyiag nady for markat. A big yield from a considerable acreage of field corn pn the Donald Pavis farm is reported. The crop will be dryed ready for feed in the CUW ence agy prone tryer. -it-:; ' Mr. and UmL OUo Proanaa are drying a considerable amount of com for feedprpeaw - f ' , . While some pf the fcca!" farmers are stni waiting for part Of their 1937 crop to be cleaned -i ware houses; many Tldsr "green with next gear's gwiflg trail.. ' f A basket weaving class at River, side is attracting Oakville women. f Mrs., Bertha Workntger jad M Anna Lefaa are among those participating.! tbf rian-:prJWt. fill Henry .Bales of the .Greenback district has made seme gaod catches 'fishing in the Willamette river. i He launched bis boat apstream and 'fishes as the boat floats '-don stream. . ; The first of Kovember finds' local housewives serving melons and ;ripe tomatoes fresh 'Iron the gsr- l dens. Tender vegetation in ' both , flower and vegetable gardens has '.not been affected by frost. J Word that her brother, Tom Mc-' Connell, died at his home in Mansfield, Ohio, Sunday, vas received by Mrs. Katie Barton. The sale f home made candy at the Oakville schooj a short ;time ago provided funds for repainting school furniture ;in the primary room. The projeet vas 'sponsored by Mrs. Ruth ilethany artd pupils am ereated interest fa Improving the appearance of the school romn. Mr. and 'Mrs. 'faql !ISeig-ht "who are living in Corvallls, 'expect to move on the ttl -smith farm soon. fMr - isservtngis thirtj year as leacner oi me upper graues ni the Oakville school, Mr. and Mrs. Gunderson "whoare Yaeatimr the Smith, place plan wn "holding -an auction sale Tuesday afternoon before leaving for Los Angeles vhere they expect to make 'their nonre. : Insurgent Air Raid Kills Men, Womeri,ChUdren f (Continued Tram page 1) ' ' surprise of learning (the war is over," , . . " ' The government communique reaching Hendaye, France, reported little Activity save yesterday's at-, tack on Leeida. An insurgent com-. munique said -oiily "nothing to n- port." . "Foreign" Officers culled Dispatches reaching the French frontier however reported a mutiny aboard the government eruiser Jaime Primerst off Cartagena dur ing which five "foreign" officers were tossed over boasd. These advices said the insurrection was put down -anly with 'assistance of soldiers rom JCartfl-gent. Several mutmaerfi swr shot, The planes tliat bombed Lends were .guided to Aheif vnarks -by the tower of the J2th sentury jsaUied. ral of San Lerans. Lerida, aVlth' a population xf abpvt 60,000, lies, west of Barcelona and -about Q miles east f the Aragon .lina, 'Its history dates to tha sixth century. The planes flew from Zaragoza, an insurgent base 100 jniles west The government communique aaid several bombs missed the 'center of the city but struck the flooded Segre river, shooting columns of water Into the air. Two children were killed m Madrid and a dozes persons wounded in an insurgent shelling. Eight slidls crashed into one residential street Elect laGuardia Bead 4CnWnnea riora paga I) ; ing lead over his Republican and Democratic opponent. ;";-" Kentucky experienced another" "bloody" election day. one person was shot fatally, a sheriff, three deputies and 81 preeinct officers were arrested, and there were numerous brawls during the balloting on minor affices. . The e-videnoe of national trends iq the voting throughout the country was Inconclusive. ' . CIO Lose Detroit . DETROIT, Nov, . - (VP) - the committee for industrial arginiia-Uqn was defeated in its first aan-certed effort to gain control of a municipal government almost com plete returns from yesterday's elec tion snowed today. -Patrick H. O'Brjea, the CIO can didate for mayor, conceded 4efeat when his wal, Richard w. Heading, who, belatedly, tftceWed the endorsement af the Anarkan Fd-ratio af Labor, u leading aim by raara than 1M.0M ; AN but tow f tiw city's m precincts gave! ',.,.-.;... i.;.:-, Reading, 259,039; O'Briaa, iR. 718. ' ".v.;. j--. ' ; ; I ' ' CorW EUaimataW ,; BOSTON. Mass, MUP)- James M. Curley, three times nay or of Boston, oaca aoaarnor of SauiniDiDck .TtltPMCflt D ( tO WJ tasvsw niui I Massaehosetts, this state's "original Roosevelt man," and once coa-idered aa aspirant for the presidency, faced the end of his polities! career today. , -. ; - Official and complete returns gave: '. "' Tobin, Democrat, 105,259; Cur-ley, Democrat, 80,209. . . ALSANY, N, Y, Nov. S.-(UP)- Republicans won control of the assembly and 1938 constitutional convention on the basis of Virtually cosnplete returns today; from 'New Yark's rcord-ahattring , off-year elections. BepiAlIeans.'unoffiFial tabula. tToas showed,' ev assured xf 85 seals r the exact aamber necessary to control the convention. " Tamaany Battered - "NEW YORK, Nov. 8. -, (UP) Mayer Fiorollo H. LaGuardia,' first "reform" mayor to succeed himself in tne bistory of New York City, carried his Republican - American labor party-fusion ticket to an over whelming . victory t rtoday that stripped Tammany hall of the hist of ' the fcpower it had wielded for almost 160 years. '.The complete vote: ' - -"; - LaGuardia, 1,144,016; Mahoneyl S889,69L i , - . ' Dewey Is "Winner Dewey, against whom the 1 full force of tha Tammany machine had been directed, defeated Harold W. Hasttn'gs, the Tammany candidate,' I fill tiilniuili.i.iumTn" .iT7Tii"nTii uiTmH Use Gazeite-Timeo They Arc Inexpensive . . And Will Serve You Well WANT Number of ; Rate Consecutive : '.' per insertions r .- word One time , , 2c Two times 8c Three times it ?ii times 7c Twelve times ..-Llic . ' .,' iV:- )Iinlmum,l....2oe ;; ,J5vsry day for one month ..U., , Minimum $2.50 S ' ' Classified advertising hi cash. - Telephone orders accepted as an accommodation, the charge to be met promptly on receipt of the bill., , , by aa fiaofficial plurality of 103r 496 votes. Complete returns frbm 1,055 dictricts gave Dewey, 825,. 120; Hastings, 216,924, . ; ; By our method, eacfe of (the 150 odd pieces is separately cleaned, oiled, -reassembled and adjusted, to accuracy. : We use only genuine -materials in replacing broken er worn parts, w Examination without obligation. Authorized dealer for HAMILTON, WALTHAM, ELGIN and GRUEN WATCHES CERTIFIES WATCfiMlKEB aistfSsS .ua ffsssr- Wptsr- AD HATES X- .J.aalt BWrt1 .rJ0e-

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