Corvallis Gazette-Times from Corvallis, Oregon on April 27, 1946 · 8
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Corvallis Gazette-Times from Corvallis, Oregon · 8

Corvallis, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 27, 1946
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Garette-Ttmes, CorvoNis, Oregon, Set., April 27 1945 AVhifesitJe Feature Sunday j'lhe Spiral Sfaircase' terete princes and seercs of others. .. --; Special rioiMl sores s'lerted ty Cram himself and reproduced over hia own sound system aid materially to the show' mwd . . . it's gay .. . fart and colorful. tee of Magic' Is Sponsored by Legion The advance ticket sale for the Corvallis American Leg&n Houie of Magic, show ta be given at the aenior high sTuditorr"a on April 33 Due al Slale Theafer ' . . : i' i .-. . Establishing a new. standard in mystery thrillers, the superb drama, starting Sunday sat fhe Oregon Sut theater, The Spiral Staircase" offers Dorofhv McGuire, George Brrt and Ethl Barrvmore n a rtellar trio, and includes in the featured rt snch outstanding players a Kent Smith, dsa Lan-rhester, Rhonda Flemming and Gordon Oliver. .. . H-Bar-H Ranch Will Sponsor Three Rodeos is going good, according ta renortv Tickets are on sale at Bermans ... Drug store, and from Legkn men themselves, , It i : a two-hour . everft,--featariB Warren -Grnm, . world fani'd twit, asL-ted by Lucile end EonalJ. , ; ; omfK ting a the tir) ayi 'M tiS -lonrisu iri"i i :ar away a' Florida and New York have roe- rrteed for the f penirg of the H Par.H- dude -ranch, l-icat'd a' r?ll New EnTfH fwn is ih'WHi jfr-t a turmoil -h- the. tVftiei of a mvFteijoor killer The victimV voung girls all, seem to be picked at random among the -wn's Tost innocent residents: Mifs McGuire, cast as-theheroine. " : A GIFT MOTHER WILL ft CHERISH ALWAYS " m!! Mr A nNE P0RTRAIT G1VES REPEAT '" .ShJ" ' PLEASURE THROUGH THE YEARS. FOR ' '' WVg"" ' 0THER 0N MOTHER'S. DAY. GIVE ' ' PICTURE OF HER CHILDREN OR -j. ym.. . GRANDCHILDREN WE PRIDE CUR. 1 WORK.'. MAKE YOUR APPOlNTMEhfr ' NOW! 1 ' j tHt BALL STUDIO ROBERT L BALL , .' Boll BWg. ' , Phone 122 -- ' ' ' i i - ... ; "V snpw is me ;i m wmcn wume i jWrpB five miIp northwcst of Cor aawed in half . . . s well the -ill;. n t .Anew ledge will 2s in opera sword box with Lucille locked m a bo, through which dozens of Tom Brcoemaa fasung out five dollars bills to service men at Boons Granville smiles her approval in 'Breakfast la Hollywood. " ' " : . V i a i swords are thrust. - , ttZ? " 1 "j T C. A it A VVtx nil mn risianr Wunn 2 strutted which the ranch has do nated for use of Benton county's 5 Home Economists To Coosf 05C Sfaff new, riding club recently organ ized. Government May Take Oyer Some Wheat Held In Mills, Warehouses , ... lVntinud trom -flags 1.1 . ' Gram delights hit audience with a full repertoire of appearing and disappearing rabbits proving that in the realm of magic you can literally pull rabbit trot of a hat. : In the oriental section of this show are included : sands ; that change colors as frequently and " The club and ranch will sponsor is employed as a comparuon-serv--t bv.cmchety old Mr.? Warren (Ethel Bsrrymore Sh is a number of a group watchjng an exhibition of the . marvel "f the period-amoving pictiires--whi the murderer is strangling victim e'ewhire in He same building. Horrified at the experience, the lovely heroine hastens- home, and at the advice of young Dr. Parrv (Kent Smith) who is in love with her. promise to remain indoors three rodeos during the summei Five home economists and onsi - ' - . - . -1 irem larmers in oraer to meet dell- season, "d a supervisor lor; children and their activities has been proiessor 01 numan relations, wm; titlt , exports for the . hungry join the Oregon State college etaff abroad. secured. n summer as visiting instructors , . aRSrt. n fnl. chanted bowls . . . that nroduce an 1 Walt Summer, experienced eovr- news in the lit Ids of foods, niirservF . . . - Aorfi.oiirr smnnnt fo boy, ftas been named head wrangler. 4 hoot home furnishing nd exten- j ' "rnent yesterday by sion education, according to Mto,'".!f"7.'.of until th reign of terror is over and the fiend is apprehended. magic dramas that feature the I with Ed Draper, bronc rider and story of the wicked oriental pottn- j wrangler, as his assistant tate and the beautiful but unfor-t Airplane pictures cf the ranch ', lan surrounding area were recent Ava B. Milam, dean of home eco- ,H .TT u . Subseoiiert event"", hoover; in nomics. Z " " " ; ' B dicate that the murderer is a mem The voting- professors include:;.'? xor me aestuuie Haiti's tinit of currency ber of Mrs. Warren's housfhold. Gromyko Is Alone Isabella F. McQuestion, state co-i'"3""- , gourde. er members of the council were in apparent agreement on a proposal to investigate to determine whether Spain is, as charged a threat to world peace. ordinator of home economics educa tion in Arizona, who will conduct Parking Meiers Hot ly taken and an advertising -campaign will be launched to acquaint easterners with the beauties of Oregon -as a summer playground. Trails through the coast range of mountains and overnight camping sites are equipped to care for large of I Local Air Schools In Spanish Probe NEW YORK Anril 27A teacning nomemaKing; Author Eve- . lyn- Halliday, associate professor . t0I AnnrAVal ftf I A A Yet Being Operated DANCING emeritus of the University of Chi- v" "wuiww Ul VI VHH majority of the United Nations security council membership hoped today that a week end message with parties. " ' ; ! to err txrn nrill taanti a atn !n i DANCING EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT VFW HALL '3rd and Adams St. EYERYONE WELCOME 60e Including tax -. . It is not necessary o put coins Fifty mounu are mainlined at eent advanees Jn cookery. Cjara! Approval fof a number of types Strikes Slow Food Delivery to Alaska : " WASHINGTON," Aprir 27.-()-Immediate shipment 1 of: food to Alaska to relieve shnrtacm faimpH the ranch,' which is one ofthr f ew new instructions from . Moscow might move Soviet Delegate An. Dodson. flssociate nroTMsop ?.f rtf ainchools has been given by ldyIwood;Hall Benton-Lane Park Every Sat c Miah in the parking meters now installed in the city, Chief of Policy Charles Devin said today. About half the meter heads have operating dude ranches in the western part of the nation, a large acre drei A. Gromvko from his stead. age being in various crops and the ranch produces : beef-type cattle been erected on the standards but it is expected that the entire system will n tt .nfc.nt..J 1 which seem to do well in Oregon, by strikes was urged upon Presi-dent Truman today by delegate Bartlett of Alaska. A strike of lonpshnrempn in trip at Rhode Island State college, home the CAA to the Smith-Livingston furnishing courses and practical Air Sen operating at the Cor-problems in aphojsterine and re- vsl'iB airport, it was announced to-finishing; Dr. Elinor Griffin, direc- day. ' tor of nursery schools at Washing-f Approved were the primary and ton ?tate college, nursery school advanced ground schools, primary, procedures; Dr. F, Alexander Mag- 'commercial instrument and in-oun, associate professor of human struetors flying schools, and steps relations at Massachusetts Insti- 8re bein taken to secure CAA tute of Technology, classes and approval for a shop and mechanics semirars in problems of the family; school. Application for approval of -1 1 . - I i t . . 1 fast opposition to any sub-committee investigation of Franco Spain. There was nothing, however, to indicate that Gromyko would waver from his contention that Spain already has been proved a menace to. peace and that subsidiary pursuit of the question would lead only to delay, thus forestalling immediate Music by Eldrcd Glaspy and the band that playi . you j- DANCING 9:30-120 "Always a Good Tim it . r Idylwood" ( cnei-Kea untu some time next week. Devin said the police department would nlake public announcement of the time when the meters go into effect and enforcement of the hew kuivw wauseu a iooa snortage. , That strike was settled but an-1 other of cannery workers in Seattle has" prevented ships sailing for the . territory with food supplies. action against Spurn. The 10 oth parking regulations begins J J and Eunice Hey wood, federal ex- tfte l8tter WU1 be made as soon as tension supervisor for the center required machines and other equip-states with hekdnimrtpr in Wn.h-.'.ment are secured. RADIO PROGRAMS ington, D. C, extension methods adapted to housing. Ends Tonite K"W 620 Ulocynlei " KEX 1100 kllocyclei KOIN-,870 kilocycles KOAO 6S0 kilocycle! The first direct shipment from a Great Lakes port to Europe was The local school is low the second in Oregon to have CAA ap-; proval for its instruction courses, the other being located at Trout-dale. Approval makes possible instruction for veterans under the GI bill of rights and negotiations are now being carried on -with the Veterans' administration to receive VA approval for such schools. :0-News 9:45-King Cols Trio ' ; 10:00-Caino Oardens 10:80-Ambasssdor Hotel ' H:00-News ol Tomorrow . 11U5-B1 Tabarin Orch. i ll:8l)Club Mormcn. flrnh MURDER KOAO SATDEDAT :00-Hieh Time made in 1847 by a small schooner which cleared from Chicago with wheat for Liverpool via the St. Lawrence. 12;00-The X-tr Hour ;50-8;orU Reviews 1 :uo-bign tf H:0U-Tbe National Hour 12:S0-Xavier CuKat Orch. 13:4.-Busineaa of Living 1;0(KNBC Symphony Or. . V:0OThe Catholic Hour 3:30-Oregon Albnm , f:00-lack Benny :80-Band Wajton. " i ' 4:00-Charlie McCarthy :30-Pred Allen 5:00-Man. Werty Oo R'nd a:8(WAIbum Kam. Ifuaie 6:00-Hour of Charm 6:80-Meet Me at Parky's 7:lM(reat Oildvraleve 7:30-Stand. Symp. Honr I: ((-,! ack Benny 9:0O-NBC Program . -n-NBC Program 10:00-News FlaKhes Konr auKDAT fiiOO-Chargh of the Air . -7!00-War. Sweeney, News 7:S-Wingn Over Jordan 7.30-Ralt 1-ake Tabernarle 8!1I0-Tnitatinn to Irftsrn. :aO-Smcerey Vonra iftj)-People's,latform 9:HO-Time for lieanon i ai .-..:... a sw :uo-i.nited Fre Newt,, :15-My Coontry Sings 3 :30-Let's Polks , A 5 London Letter .-4, :()0-(rsnd Opers Tnnita :4r-irnited Press News :00-8i(tn Off. j :J KOIM 8ATURDAT :00-Voice of thi MomeH'f :1&-APL Cross Section :.'IO-l)snee Ahead i s. 45-Bob ttsrred ;6SNed Calmer. New FILM DEVELOPING and ' PRINTING BASIL R A T H B O I! ESl- ' 1 NIGSL BRUCE RnA CUtJ.Vov II JlsCJ.'. fMS-Ni-ws 10;.10-Keaders' Dixest lfl:15-Mry Ann Mercer ; BACK FOR A RETURN ENGAGEMENT AT THIS THEATER Last Time Tonight "SON OF LASSIE" ' : starring PETER LAVFORD and ELSA LANCHESTER 10:0-llollyw'd Star Time I0.-3O-RCA Show ll;00-:olumbia Symphony lliOO-News Japanese-Americans Are Back on Farms PORTLAND, Ore., April '27-(iP) Curtailment yf the war relocation authority, scheduled for April 30, was observed last night at a banquet of more than 200 Japanese and Nisei who honored vunous organizations. Clyde Linville, former Oregon WRA relocation officer, reported that 85 per cent of flood., River's original Japanese-American families are back in the area. 12:ne-Coltimbis Workshop ll:la-Muic in the Night 12:30-Nelsn F.ddr l:SO-Ht. Francis Orrh. U:S-News 13:00-8gn Off. :on-HolIywood Preview 30-A Uood Ides iH-Htt. Night Serensde ilfW.'elebrity Club 45Memories in Mnsi 0-Iirk Hsymes :.10-MayoT of the Town 55-Oarroll Aloott, News OO-Hit Psrade Your Choire of TWO SERVICES In at 10 A.M. Out at 5 P.M. I at 1 I.M. Out at 5 IM. Bolt Photo Shop 3rd & Jefferson Sts. ' KXX SUNDAY 8 '.00-8unriie Salon 6-'15-Ski Weather Bulletin 1 :0O-Family Hour l:.10-()ene Autry 1:45-William Shirer 2:()()-Ozaie and HarrleU 2:30-Hope Cheat 8 :()0-Anawer Aootlon 3:30-Ktarrs of Today V S-:45-News . ' :00-Amas. Jfrs. Donberry 4:30-Man Named Jordan 4:55-Ked Calmer,- News 6:00-Corlise Archer rwmam is si a iss :45-Don't Yn Believe It ZTi SUNMON.-TUES. 6:SO-gfng Time t :00-Meage of Israel 8:00-Southernsires J 8:00-Buildera:of Faith 8:15-Ur. Ralph Walker 8:808trietty Music WED.-THURS. UO-t'ive tsf Finsl 1 15-Ssy It with FlowsrS? 80-Brn Dance 1 5 45-Texaa Rangers ' ! IOO-A1 Donahue Orch. i 30-Talks 45-GradV Kins Orch.. ! S:SO-Stsr TheaUr " , " 10;0-Cli Edwards . Brice 9:80-Fannie :5-Newa ' 10:15-Orson Welles s " " f ' J Last Showing 00-Silent. " 10:8O-Sammy Ksy Ser. lltOO-Ham Baiter lI:ISNational Vmners KOW SATURDAY O(l-Kecord Shoo , .' ' H:4!S Voice of Dairy Farm, 7:0O-Crime Doctor 5:25-Surpriae Theater , :30-Blondi . S:W)-Thin Man 8:3u-Digest : 8:BS-Buddy Rich Orchi 9:00-TBA 9:80-Piayhous of Fsvr'ts :-Rolli Truitt 45-Elmer Peterson l'4:ou-Qliner Davis IS :lS-Oalen Drake . ' 12:80-Down Your Alley l ;QOusrts (or uougn O0-Nationl Barn Panfle SO-Can Yon Top Thlsr 0O-,ludy Canova SO-Orsnd 01' Opry T ' 00-Trnth or Con oneness lu.uu-riv. tstar iiiiBl i ;8oCounterpy 1 iv.-ro-eieraDB sun. nuarq i;0G-HalUof Fame ,?i9SrTl!A. ' J:80-Sunday Party IftjSO-TBA ' ' 8:00-Drew Pearaon SO.Life of Riley 8:13 Don Gardner OO-Adventures of Lsnee. SO-Ronnis Halt Orch. 8r8D-Hollyw'd Music Hall OO-News 1 1 :uu-i.pignto ftoois ur, ll:3(-Serenade ll:45-Orady King Orch. ll:55-Newa . 12:l)-8ilent. 4:00 Sunday Evening Horn 15-views. Interviews, . SO-Tom Anthony Orch.' 5S-News COMING Sun., Mon.,Tues., Wed. AN ADVENTURE INTO 'TEEN AGE! Music Galore . . Guys & Gals Galore JUNIOR PROM FREDDIE STEWART - JUNE PRESSSER Judy Clark Noel Neill - Jackie Moron Abe Lyman & Orch. Eddie Heywood & Orch. plus 00-Hiltmore Hotel Orch. ' -BtOOW .liter WincheH a-.JS-I.ouella Parsons 6;D-Listea LaOnardi &J43-Jimmy Fidler , 8:0O-Theater (jmA ' TrOO-Mews of Tomorrow 7: 15-Vera Massey :10-St. Francis Orch. 0O-8Hent. T;80-Oourt of Miss. Hem LW&EONTHE SCREEN K-'T5.. -AND WHAT KOW 8UHDAY 6:0O-Net. Radio Pulpit 0:80-Strins Trio. T:0O-The Eetemal Light 7:30-News Highlights 7:45-Th Name Speaks 8 :00Church in Your Home 8:80-NBC Concert Orch. V:0O-Layman Views News B:15-Oardtn Talks 9:30hieago Round Table 10:0O-Harveat ef Stars 10:SO-.lohn C. Thenua ll:0O-Csrmen Cavsllato ll;80-Oue Man's Family Y4 KEX 8ATUEDAT . r4:80-reen Town 5:00-Musical Novelties S:15-Network 5:80-Hi Jinx S:00-Muarcal Playground 6:30-Boeton Symphony T:SO-Hayloft' Hoedown 8:00I)ick Tracy S:SO-Warriora of Peace , v:00-Oangbuatera 8 :0V-Gnchsntminit S:3(M)nis Kids 9:08-8sm Hsyes 9:15 Report to People . 9:80-News 9:45-This Is Our Duty 10:00-Danre Band . U:00-T. Bs Announrrd ll:15-Bridge to Dreajnlanc U:U0-th "X"tra Hour. 11" s 310I)i:ST t h TMer SattaHnd 0. a htaat OsVs V ' x COMING Sun.-Mon.-Tues. BURMA VICTORY A WAR DOCUMENTARY' 'i' j A plus " DOROTHY McGUlRE GEORGE BRENT ETHEL BARRVMORE IENT SMITH HONDA FLEMINfi r COEDOS OUVFI tm LANC1IESTE1 , sw x 'V k r. . W'aW 1 Cm hi i KM ..Hi S3- Ulfll , tsMsVasl a iOMstt tnWssWK . "Haven't you heard Women are gettumlxjck J on tlicir pedestals!" ' . mnmmmmtmvmmmmmtmm W

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