Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 11, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1891
Page 5
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If you have a cold Call ana get a sample bottle or Pineapple Cough Syrup, at . Decorated 4 dozen left OF THE China Cuspidofes. for The above we are selling 25e. think of it. . Don't wait! :Regular Price 75 cents. The Grand Bazaar, MONEY TO LOAN, n any mm at me LOWKBT ratee. Knvaw- only, MoEey always In h&nd. No red tape or Jb• »y, Interest and principal payable ID Logafu*- port. Speoial nrrangemeote »e to payment ol prlnolpal and intercut, mode to Beit the wl«h«« ol Borrower* - For further particulars apply to Fred W. Munson, On .Mondays. Frioajs or Saturdays. 2U Fourth ' . . street, opposite Court House. MONEY, Ctonaral insurant)* And Loans. 'All kinds a) in- »arftnoa pleoad in flrpt elsBtt companies. £udow- aent policies pnrchtved. Bonds of roreirsi. written for -partie!> holding positttttw nt trust wh»r» a bond Is required. • v ;31S> FEABJL ST. S. M. C loss on Pianos Tuned, $1.50 For the purpose of Introducing my work to the musical people ot Logansport I have reduced my price lor tuning Pianos, S2.50 to gl.50. I also keep on hand a fiill suppb of repairing material. Pianos.-reppllsted/ restrun<r, new hammers, tone regulated,, action: rewalted, the touch changed heavy orllgl.i.t...-irirstr<;lassworlc. S3 years experience. Orders by mall or left at Allen Richardson^, 414 Fourth Street' Organs as above. marlld3m W. D. CAPRON. DOEAN'S OPERA HOUSE. ONE NIGHT ONLY. Wednesday Eve. March 11 .- 'The Celebrated Actor FRANK;!. FRAYNE, In his Beautiful Melo-drama in five acts. It SI SLOCUM, And his Faithful Dog "Jack," " ;: ' . SEE His two Performing Bears. His pen. of'Wild Wolves. His; Favorite Horse, '.'Kentucky," His three Acting Dogs, Jack, jerry, Daily Journal. WEDNESDAY MORNING MAKCH 11. Come to the Golden Rule for berge dress:gopd,s, 4i cents. Yard: wide plaid dress goods, only 10.cents.—Golden Rule. Miss Jennie Norton of Peru, is visiting friendsin the'city. Miss Marguerite Clark, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; is ivisiting Mrs. S: T. McConnell.'- V7:.; " • Miss Afldie-Loeb, of Atlica, is visiting in,-theycity, the guest of Mrs, 'S. H. Hull.,'; ', "••'"' The boom is on, the Golden Rule haslet the pace—always the lowest prices. ' Mrs. W., D. Owen is. still seriously ill and •tlie > constant : attendance of her phy si.ciaa, js ..n.ecessary. C. L.'Cassell, who accompanied the remains o! his wife to this place, returned yesterday to Alburqurque.N.M. Franklin H^^Carney and Mollie Miller; Horatio Seymore Price and Myrtle Y., Bechdol, are licensed u to we3: : : .;';; "•/ - V . '• Mrs; Charles---Moss, of Chicago, arrived yesterday on a visit to her pa- rentSiJ.Miv and ;Mrs. B. F. Yantis, . of Bethlehem township. Nerv&us"; iideb'ility, poor memory, diffi"dence|': : Bexual/weakness,, pimples cured by i)r. Miles 1 Nervine. Samples freeTabB.:p. ; Keesling's. .' (6) • 'Blush''of'Rose's';" "Blush of Roses',-" "Blush of Roses,'' "Blush of Roses,'' sold '/evory day and every hour at Keeping's "drug store, for 75 cents per bottle. 6— ' "Si Slocum" at Dolan's to-night. No goods sold at Moore'o opening to-aight. Everybody invited to Moore's opening to-night. Thousands of new jackets, now ai the Trade Palace. Gleaner's this evening at the Broadway M. E. Church. Mrs. W. G SaJa, and daughter are visiting Mrs. Musselman. See the program of the Glean er's at the Broadway M, E. Church this evening. . . New weaves of silks and grenadines, at the Trade Palace. See the novelty- suits. Shirts, laundered shirts, linen bosoms, only 25 cents each, at the Gold en Rule. • To-day for bargains at the Trade Palace in dress goods. Remnants are going off lively. Gleaner's entettainmect at the Broadway M. E. Church this evening. Admission 10 cents. Mrs. R. 0. Heikes and little son Horace are visiting Mrs. J. M. -Justice and daughters on North street. Think of it, we will sell you for cash or credit, 20 yards heavy standard sheeting for $1.—Bee Hive. See Frank Frayne's wonderful rifle shooting at the opera house to-night. An apple shot off a woman's head. To Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kerber of the West Side, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. James Larimer of the South Side, a son, The funeral of Joseph B. Crawshaw will be held from his late residence on Canal street at 2:30 p. m. Thursday. Miss GracieKnauss left this morning for Chicago to spend a few weeks with her uncle, B. H. Knauss, of the Richelieu hotel. Hon- John Green Timmons was in the city yesterday afternoon en route from the halls of the State legislature ! to his home in Idaville. Miss Cora Walters entertained a number of her young lady friends Monday night at her'home on 17th street in honor of her 16th birthday. Mr. William Burgman has opened a first-class meat market on the South Side, two doors south of bridge, where you can get fresh meats sausage, bologna, : etc., at all times. Give him a trial. mchlldSt ; The infant -child of Mr. and Mrs. Harry D Thompson i> very ill, and last evening the little one was not ex-' pelted to live. Later: the infant is reported improving, and it is thought it will recover. A Royal Center correspondent asks when the city purchased the Forrest mills. November 20, 1875, the water power, mill, etc., were deeded to the city in consideration of $40,000 purchase money. Mrs. John Mosier, who has been visiting relatives in the city for some weeks past, returned to her home in . Top'eka, Kansas, yesterday. She was accompanied as far as Chicago by her sister,,Mrs. Mary McHaie. The Epworth League, of Market Street M. E. Church, will give a, supper and an excellent entertainment this evening in a vacant room on Twelfth street, between Spear and Market streets. Everybody invited. Earl, the two-year-old son of Mr and Mrs. O. M. Miller, died at 2:30 yesterday afternoon of congestion of the brain. The funeral will be held from the residence on West Market street Thursday morning at 10 o'clock. Henry H, Six, who has acted in the capacity of assistant Senate clerk during the session of the late legislature returned from Indianapolis yesterday. Henry lost his mustache in the shuffle and comes back minus that hirsute adornment. Rev. Father Campion, Rev. Father Mulcahey, J. J.Taggart, A. J. Dickerhoff and John Eckert went to Winamac last evening to institute a branch, of the Catholic Knights of America. Tbe new branch starts out with a membership of thirty, and promises to prosper. The strains of "Kazzle-Dazzle" played by an old brass band were heard gently wafted do wn from armory hall last evening. As it was kno wn that the Princes of the Orient weie initiating several candidates into the George Kerns, a Pan Handle brakeman, had his left hand badly mashad while making a coupling between Second and Third street yesterday morning. * : The funeral of the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. .McConnell will be j held from the family residence on east Broadway this afternoon at 3 o'clock, Rev. E. S. Scott officiating. Mrs. Magill of Chicago, formerly Miss Wetherell, is the guest of her former classmate, Mrs. T. H. Wilson. Invitations are out for a "progressive hearts" party in her honor for Friday evening next. Mrs. Hanna Burefo, aged 70 years, died last evening at C o'clock at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Louise Brown, No. 004 Chippewa street. The time of the funeral will be given in to-morrow morning's paper. Rev. J. li. Lamb's services as pastor of the Cumberland Presbyterian church do not expire until after next Sunday. Although he tendered his resignation last Sunday it does not go into effect for one moi'e week. Clem J. Kern was in the city Monday night en route from Indianapolis, where he posed in the legislature, to his home in Yalpraiso. Clem is an old Logansporter and met many- friends during his brief stay in the city. He departed yesterday morning. Barney Kline was out for the tirst time yesterday since his release on $10,000 bond. His rheumatism has apparently left him as suddenly as it attacked him. It is not known whether Klein and Willard Harvey have, as yet, exchanged mutual congratulations. The Endeavor Society of the Chris- rian Church, will give a social this (Wednesday) evening at the residence of Dr. J. M. Justice, corner Tenth and Market streets. Ah entertaining program has been prepared, and ill are invited to come and spend an enjoyable evening. Detective John T. Noi'i-is of Springfield 0., whose peg leg is not unfamiliar to the streets of Logansport was in the city a half hour last night en- route from Chicago to Muncie. Norris is hot on the trail of" the gold brick operators an account of whose dealings at few days ago appeared in the Journal. He has the alleged gold bricks in his little grip and declares that tbe operators of the little scheme will be in his grip too ere long. He says they are now in New York. -• , DROWNED. STILL MISSING. An OKI Soldier find* » Watery Grave — CliarlCN Barrett, Formerly of . Postmaster Tomlinson yesterday received the letter given below. No one remembers the soldier mentioned, and the letter is made public in the hope that his friends may communicate with the Warden. Ofllue of D. S. Penitentiary. Arthur Perry, ) Warden, McNeils Island. Washington State, \ March.'!. Ml. } Postmaster, Logansport, Ind. Sir: We had a man serving here by the name of Chas. Barrett. He was a small man, 147 pounds, light complexion, blue eyes, 43 years of age, and I am told that his father still resides in Logansport. This Chas. Barrett joined the Union Army when the war broke out as a drummer boy and he a.fterwards joined the regular army. His mother died when he was small but his father and friends (so I am told) still reside in Indiana. He was serving' a sentence -here of 0 months for disposing of spirituous liquors to Indians. He was accidently drowned Ja few days ago while crossing the bay with one of our guards and another prisoner They were all drowned, the boat being capsized in the stream. I do not know his father's name, only that it was Barrett. It might be a good deal of consolation to his friends to know that the end has come, even from a place of this kind. Any information you can give in regard to his people will be appreciated by Yours Respectfully, ARTIJUK PERKY, Warden. Address: McNeils Island, Washing-ton, Nothing Further Heard of the Where- aboutn of M. I«. Myers, Who »o HTysacrloiixl}- l)isap|K-ar< (I The family and friends of M. L. Myers, who so mysteriously disappeared from his home on Illinois street the morning of the 27th. of February, are still in the dark concerning the whereabouts of the missing man. Since that morning when Myers left his home saying that he was going to Royal Center nothing whatever has been learned of bis movements by his friends. Had he vanished into the air the moment he stepped through his gate that morning his disappearance coul'd not have been move utter. His description is again given: He wore a dark overcoat, dark hlue coat and vest, dark striped pants, a tight fitting velvet cap and dark spotted muffler. There was a Masonic emblem pin in his neck tie. His age is 32 years, about five feet four inches in height, will weigh 100 pounds, has dark hair and small mustache, and'is quite pale. Any information concerning his whereabouts will be received with thanks by J. L". Linville, W. M. of Orient Lodge, F. & A. M., this city. IVlint a CliuziJte Is wrought in people who suffer from rheumatism when they take Hood's Sarsaparilla. The acidity of the blood, which causes the disease, is neutralized, the blood is purified and vitalized, the aching joints and limbs rest easily and quietly,. and a feeling of serene health is imparted. Hood's Sarsaparilla has accomplished wonders for thousands subject to rheumatism. Try it yourself. - 8 Th« New K. V. Lodge. Bridge City Lodge, K, P. was instituted at the hall of Apollo lodge last evening a number being initiated. The new lodge starts off with a membership of. over fifty, most being former members of Apollo lodge. Bridge City lodge is built of, good timber and promises to be an honor to the good name it has so happily chosen. "Si Slociim" To-night, Lovers of sensational melo-drama will be greatly entertained at Dolan's to-night, and "Si Slocum," Frank I. Frayne's great Wild West play will be greeted by a big audience. Of this play the Philadelphia Times said: ••The rnelo-drama of -Si Slocunr in which Frank I. 1'rayne appeared at the Lyceum yesterday before a house packed to the doors, is, in its main points, the -Si Slocum' which derived tragic associations from the accidental shooting of the actress who carriei the apple on her head in Cincinnat some years ago. Mr. Frayne mad the shot successfully yesterday an shared the consequent applause vrit Miss Lorina D'Arcy, who was at al times a most natural and a quiet wo manly Ruth. .This melo-drama combines the es, sentials of New York sensational pla; and wild western drama. In it Mr Frayne personates, of ten in a decidedlj lifelike way, a good hearted, brave rough diamond, who has his father murder to avenge and does it afte 'narrow escapes from death througl animals and men. J. C. Fenton, a the villain, presented ao adequately blood-curdling appearance. The othe players were equal to their work anc the audience was vociferously respon sive. The March number of Romance con^ tains several interesting announcements. There will, appear in the magazine forthwith stories illustrating life in the Confederate States during the war—full of pathos and of tragedy Arrangements have been made -also for the publication of original stories of the sea illustrating American endurance and courage, both in'the navy and in our merchant marine, in olc days and in recent times. Tales from Constantinople will be contributed by a foreign member o the United States Legation, and stories of American slavery, from the recollections of a stockholder in a slave- trading company. The price of Romance is only 25 cents a number, and a specimen number will be sent on application for 10 cents by the publisher. Address .the New York Story Club, 30 E. 23d St;, New York. BOYS, "A SNAP!!' 100 Boy's Knee-Pant Suite, / (4 to 14 years,) Worth $2.00 to $3.00, ij .1 i Choice for $15O, Which includes a Beautiful "DTTO" Hand Sled Iron Frame. . FREE OF CHARGE! OTTO A. KRAUS. P. S. This offer only holds good while the snow lasts. THE BEST IS ALWAYS THE CHEAPESf! x ~ """T-i 7 < * fj I buy the Pin-eat Drugs,'the Finest Perfumes and Toilet Article;- and sell at LOWEST PRICES consistent with the quality of the goods. Full line of Squibb's preparations for use in perscription work Yo-urs, J> H, C. PUR CELL, Druggist, 418 Market Street, Near Pearl. sublime degreeJ it was persumed that the tune, though execrably played, was appropriate to the- scene being: enaoted. The Blew Cracker Factory. Mr. Daniel Taggart, of Indianapolis, is putting in a plant for the man- factu're of craclsers in the Shaffer building on Broadway, lately vacated by Andy Welch. The plant is- quite extensive and will he io operation in a few days. This will prove quite an industry in its line and is welcomed. Now Try This. It will cost you nothing and will surely do you good,' if you have a Cough, Cold or any trouble ' with •Throat, Chest or Lungs. Dr. King's "New Discovery for Consumption Coughs and Colds is guarranteed to give relief, or money will be paid back. Sufferers from La Grippe found it just the thing and under its use bad a speedy and perfect recovery. Try a sample bottle at our expense and learn for yourself just how good a thing- it is: Trial bottles free at B. F. Reesling's Drug- Store. Large size 50c. and $1,00. 3 Program. Gleaner's entertainment at the Broadway M. E. church, Wednesday evening, March llth. Piano Duett:.; "..' Mrs. Glffe and Miss Dewey Vncal Solo. •" ~ ' D/aiOgtw. SOUK ol tbe Holders: Recitation. Vocil Solo. Dialogue ; Male Quartette, Admission lO-.ceats. .Miss Pimabiiker .The Rainboiv ..(jleansrs 1 :Mlss Null Mr . Krela- Llttle Helpers •This is ribbon day at the Trade Palace All bilk gi os grain satin-edge No. 7 ribbon, ,5 qent> to-ti^j on. the bargain counter Slie Suffered for Fifteen Yoarn. My wife has suffered for fifteen year? from congestion and painful menstruation. After using three bottles of Bradfleld's Female Regulator she is now able to do her house work and go where she pleases J. W. DAVIS, Moravian Falls N. C. Write Bradneld Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher. tolo ICK Excellent <luu)itio* commend to public approval the California liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs. It is pleasing to the eye, and to the taste, and by gently acting on the kidneys, liver and bowels, it cleanses the system effectually, thereby promoting the health and comfort of all who use it. A farmer's team hitched on Court street broke loose yesterday at noon and went sailing down the narrow street, overturning in its flight a buggy hitched close by. The runaway* turned on Third street and ran to Market where they were stopped. No especial damage done. The fire department was called out by a slight blaze at the King Drill works yesterday morning. The fire was extinguished without the necessity Of turning on a stream of water. No great damage. THE Logansport j ^ Brewing Co Genuine Old and » Ripe ji * Bock Beeri Both tie method and results Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasatls and refreshing to the taste, and act* gently yet promptly on. the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs; is: : ti« only remedy of its kind ever pra duced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt .in 'ts action and truly beneficial in its jffects, prepared only from the most lealthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend if to all and have made it the tnosi wptilar remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale In 50c and $1 bottles by all leading- drug jists. Any reliable druggist -who may not have.it on hand will pro- :ure it. promptly for any one -who wishes to try it. Do not accept au_> ubstitute. CAUFQfiK!^F.3 SWUP CQ •SAfl,KMtKl!SGO, C'/fi, LOUISVILLE, KV. ..- .-HFy.-vr.KK, n t \. For sale UyB. 'F Kecsllug >md alj druggists Will be on the . ^ •• Market Next ... 3 ><- • 5^.- ( SATURDAY, March 14th. Ladies $500 Reward. Hefiulating" Give them J Dr. Anderson's English Female Pills ate the sifest ami most rcll»Mi>. a trial and be convlt ced At Drug ^tore or by., mall, post-paid per box SLUG, 8 boxes for taw.- H •• IHoktt IWedidne Co., Toledo, O. Mention paper. / , febl9dft%3n)

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