The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on January 7, 1971 · 73
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 73

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1971
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LAS VEGAS SCENE Grand Ole Tonight at LAS VEGAS A Grand Ole Opry, country music, package- Starring .' Ferlih , Husky and Hee Haw comic Archie Campbell opens a four-week engagement tonight at the Landmark Hotel. Though country music was almost nonexistent at one time in Las Vegas showrooms, the Landmark production is the latest in a continuing series of country - oriented attrac-tions here in recent months. Others included Glen Campbell, Eddy Arnold, Marty Robbins, Chet Atkins and x Boots: Randolph. ... - The Landmark, through; such performers as Jimmy Dean, Bobbie Gentry and Danny. Day is. & the,. Nashville Brass, has been one of the leaders in the country music offerings. The Grand Ole Opry show, which will run through Feb. 3, also includes the Stonemans and singers Bob Luman and Diana Trask. Jimmy Durante returns to the Frontier Hotel's Music Hall showroom tonight with Abbe Lane for a four-week stay, while petite singer B rend a Lee opens Saturday at the Fremont for two weeks. - When the Sahara Hotel booked Johnny Mann's Soprano in Recital at Wilshire Ebell Theater Beverly Robinson, an attractively shy, s t a-tuesque soprano, continued the American Artists series at Wilshire Ebell Theater Tuesday night with a recital that owed much to James Low, her coach and accompanist. The pianist, whose work at the keyboard compares with the best in the business, skillfully navigated the singer through a tasteful, unhackneyed program' made up in spontaneity what it missed in vocal smoothness and polish. Miss Robinson's voice sounded fresh, sweet, a bit thin and uneven. Flexibility proved limited at this stage of her training adequate for the expressive needs of Ravel's Five. Greek Folk Songs, a group f English songs (Quilter, Warlock, Bridge), and Barber's "Dover Beach" but not developed enough for UNIVERSAL STUDIOS TOUR Ma4.: 10 00 AH 3 X M taim: diary of a mad housowlfo a frinl Mmf film CietnlfiUtlinliiEitiafiMit ' 13th SMASH WEEK! REGULAR PRICES! MON., TUES, THURS., FRI.: WED., SAT., SUN.: 2:00 3:35 I ACADEMY MEMBERS: Your 1970 ny ptrformanca. TQI?Lfi AVARD VJEIIZfy 5. ' . - -Now Tort sewflc f? PICTURE OF THE YEAR' " BEST DIRECTOR (BOB RAFELSOW ' -BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS (KAREN BIACK1 " "'FIVE EHSU PIECES', one oftheyear's 10 best!" Chtrln Chtmplin, LA. Tmte Rienartf Cutktily. LA. Htrild-Lmmintr NOW houywood LOEWS KOLIY HoUrMedBM.imrr(ilcat 4454491 OJi'r 1 0525S4-6M- 3010 25 PM MtSmFiLISAMIMIO MrivtM I tai1' BEVERLY CANON, m MM. Vim Frf. 6:30, 1:15, 10:00 SaL ' ODEMY MEMBESS: Ywr trd timti u' NEVER SANG FOR MY FATHER' ti mnr rn n . id a nAiic Y cry movie which has affected me so deeply!" T1 uwimt M0AMWT4th WEEK! -M PS DAIir4 00 -10.00 P.M. ACADEMY MEMBERS: Your card will tijmit you to any performinct A delight! tiLZ .. k FRAKK0V1CH PRODUCTION ft , - nrrri Cn I m rtiiKOLLLLM'UuujitnAiniiii. mtn w t . in. VI HI 5t i .Esiis uijraran ch Opry Due Landmark "So Proudly We Hail" pa-triotic revue 4nto its main ' showroom last . October; it Was clearly a gamble.'The obvious" question was whether such a theme would v go over in such a sup-posedly sophisticated set- ting. Nat only did the show prove successful at the Sahara, there are now plans for ahf original cast album and a television special that may lead to a weekly series. Back at the Sahara for a i two-week return engage , ment, the revue features ' 18 singers nine girls and nine boys who salute the United States through a ' variety of songs, LOUNGE HEADLINE ERS: Duke Ellington Woody Herman in 2 a.m.; shows in Circus Maxi-mus ,". . Billy Daniels at", Desert Inn . . . Belle BarthCharlie Manna at Flamingo . . . Ray Antho-' ny at Frontier . . Little-: Anthony & the ImperialsRedd Foxx at Interna- .' tional . . . Shecky Greene . at Riviera . . , Louis Prima at Sands , . . Nalani Kele and her Polynesian ' revue at Stardust . . . Louis Armstrong at Tropi-cana (closing Friday) with Pete Fountain opening Saturday. ROBERT IIILBURN the subtle charms and complications of "V 1 1 a-nelle," "Au Cimetiere" and "L'lle Inconnue". by Berlioz. . . Linguistically, Miss Robinson did much better by French than by German. The texts of Schumann's "Byron Songs," Opus 93, and "Auftraege" were obviously troublesome, preventing richer coloring and deeper penetration of the music. Still, there was enough verve in her per formance to project in-, volvement with situations, moods and contrasts. From her way with "Par-' to! Ma tu ben mio" (Mozart, "Clemenza di Tito") it would appear that opera is not Miss Robinson's domain. Technically, the aria seemed sound, b u t it lacked style, poise and the dramatic presence that goes ; with the operatic temperament. . WALTER ARLEN 10 AM i J W ' . j richard beniamin frank lange!!a carrie snodgress SSTm w Ti i !pi " i uiHMtr mttiir IMS HOXTM . mm'uiwa 7:00 8:40 10:25 p.m. 5:15 7:00 8:40 10:25 card will admit you nd suast to Sunday thru Friday, COLUMBIA PICTURES Preaenli I BBS Produelion JACKNICHOLSON COtOH SHOWING! SAN GABRIEL Drive-ln SANOAIRin. V,tty it Ov Mtr 288-6602 mm nok tm inmr hus mm Sun. 1:00, 3:45, 5:30,7:15, 9:00, 10:45 PM you to tny performinct Mow, thw Thura! "" ram. i can t rememoer a 4th WEEK! -13 ivl 00.f:09 nvmmvr 'TOOHENY CZ2PLAZA ZTt-2090 IOohmDr.hillockso. ot Wilthir A perfect comedy!? BERNARD DREW.CamiMtt Naw haikih If llirit Srvic m j ini "J Wwy lllllVR'IMl.llin.lKDU ...... II "" i S ; V - j f mmmsmm mmmmmmmm GOSPEL GROUPS Clara Ward and her singers will appear with Of the People Friday to Sunday at Ash Grove. Reduction of Ticket Prices on Broadway NEW YORK OR The high cost of Broadway play going could tumble under a new plan to be tried by the ailing theatrical industry. The League of New York Teaters announced Tuesday its "limited gross agreement," which basically calls for everyone from stagehand to author to concessions or cutbacks, permitting the producer to scale his ticket prices to an estimated $3 top-versus the current ceiling of $8.50 to $10 for straight dramas. League President Richard' Barr told newsmen, "Everyone in the craft has quietly talked this out and freely decided to cut back wages, fees, royalties and so on for the good of the whole. "Considering the current economic climate, this is an ideal time for such anti-inflation cooperative effort." Barr predicted an increase in the production of scripts of dramatic merit that have been too speculative under the previous cost structure; more employment and more theater going by modest-income fans. The new arrangement will initially be available to producers at 12 of Broadway's 32 playhouses. "ONE OF THE YEAR'S 10 BESTT1 etuiwf nuiianr NOW PLAYING Daily 6:00 8:00 10:00 PM Sit. i Sun. 2 00 4:00 6.00 8:00 10:00 8S8-B2II wt4 30-8212 rtif CONVIWIINY PAPKINCt ATinruY MEMBERS; Your card will admit jtm anq a ywmp any iwimim. llll II . A WONDERFUL NEW CARTOON FEATURE! lGjg Kelaased By BUENA VISTA Distribution Co., Inc. $1970 Walt Disney Production Soundtrack album available on Disneyland Records. . . . NOW PLAYING! NATIONAL GENERAL THEATRES FAIRFAX - Los Angeles 939-3118 Ain-Glendal. 241-4194 CAUFOIINU - Huntington Park 587-5111 JiCAOEMT - Inclevrood - PL 1 5151 LOYOU - Westchester - 776-1410 JL PORTAL - Na Hollywood . 7634041 FOX-VinNuys-785-0449 . lTHOPOLITAM THEATRES WftRREKS-LosAngles-MA4627I SIMI DRIVE-W -Sjmi Valley-526-6824 KERAITA-Downey-TO 1-2281 CINEMAWIST 1 -Westminster-8924493 WW0RCIItna1.CosUHesi-64&73 STADIUM OSIYtlH 4.0rune-639-6390 ' 'mix 44S3?Jf .lV V )'t! V.-, MJ2 PARAMOUNT PICTURES PRESENTS (jau9 . vrrtTl HWTficiaiiiua - f Jrl i PANAVBION Color W MOVtf IA8 A PARAMOUNT PCTUt CO-FEAtME-M At) TSUtm tee Oflff 19 ANCEUS (tamtam . tU42Tl miwmm. mnim Ttt HeHvweeel -4fij-?lM LIM0NT Loot Bc-43-10rrt CIUEMA Costa Mesa S4S-3102 1 ACADEMY MtVBERSt Ywr eani rtwwts yi Basie Sidemen Enliven Gasea Club BY LEONARD Time Staff Luis Gasca's ongoing se-' ries- of weekly jam sessions at the club known as Soul'd Out (on Sunset near Cahuenga) took on a new coloration Monday with a surprise appearance by several members of Count Basie's Orchestra. Gasca, himself a member of the Basie, band a year i ago, was temporarily reunited jvith such former ' colleagues' as trumpeter Waymon Reed and saxov phonist Eddie Pavis and, Cecil Payne. j ; Given these ingredients the atmosphere of the evening acquired a strict! jazz flavor in contrast to the Latin or Afro-Cuban1 element that had marked earlier sessions. ; Davis, better known in jazz circles as Lockjaw, unleashed a trail of sly, ingratiating sounds unlike those of any other tenor player around. His. statements at the boisterous ef- Lew Ayres Set for Interns Role Guest star Lew Ayres plays a renowned heart specialist who takes over for the ailing Dr. Gold-stone in the episode, "The Guardian" of CBS' "The Interns." Other guests in-elude Shelley Fabares, Raphael Campos and Ned Wertimer. ENTERTAINMENT FROM TH CENTURY-FOX Tfll TQRAITOnAI KaHywod PANTACES 469-7161 Ml-OmCt 0PH MltY U NOON TO I N P EVENINGS It 8.30 MatiMCI Wit I (It 1:30 fm Mttlniit Son. 1:30 1 1:00 P.M. MUnlihtShowJiturdiy -Txxaiu puTin roup iuu pkoni YIMKII4M1) 3 1 ftio Great WhifcHopo Hollywood CHINESE 464-81 IX EVERY DAY 12:15 2:15- 4:15 6:158:15 110:15 P.M. Midnight Stow frldaj I Saturday ACADEMY MEMBERS: Your Actdemy Award Card will admit you and a (uest Monday through Thursday. FEATURE T MOST THEATRES" waltdishey.c- lOfxrs THEATRES CAPRI - West Covin - 962 3579 HOLIDAT - Canoja Park - 34WB50 KRANADA Granadi Kills-360-217! SOUTH BAY 1 Redondo Beach 371-0600 PACIFIC THEATRES WHITTW000-WhittiM-S43-S312 GARKAX - MonUbello 723 2133 UEMMLITHEATWi M0K1CA 1 -Santa Monica -451-863 HASTTlS - Pas3fen - 796 - 7111 SAWTEUI-Alhambr.AT2-4154 ' CMQUilJO. Mission Vie jo-836990 SUKUND DSiYE-IM -Sunland 352-1401 ncapt FOX, MMraMe jew v mm (Ttn-k) vn uvrt.7M-7sie CENTURY rl.hi wieltimd 673-1&24 II4COLN IriK-li Cypm 527-2-223 CIRCLE Sriw-la Lonf Beack . 43M51J 0 (HOW TIMfi la any ptrfnmawea Km. thi TNun 90 1 HMMMBiiHHHilHMl Appearance FEATHER Writer , fusions of a local tenor eminence, n the person of Don ' Menza, provided a highly emotional study in contrasts. Since jazz men and their improvisations are invariably either helped or hobbled by the company they keep, this was a particularly rewarding night for Gasca himself. His solos .were loose, happy and infectious. A more or less regular rhythm section has been retained for these Monday dates. In Walter Bishop, Gasca has a first-rate pianist tangling, with a second-rate electronic keyboard. Doug Sides on drums and Larry Gales on bass kept the action supple and steady.- Next Monday's guest stars have not been announced, but as long as the basic format remains the same, a convocation of substantial interest seems assured. . 1 m r "FASCINATING! POWERFUL!" , -Windt Hit; N.Y. Dill) Hw 20th Century-Fox Presents PANAVISION Color by DE lUXf -ACADEMY MEM8ERS:- Your Acadamy Award Card will admit vou and a t ust Monday through Thursday. NtfV.Mtdt, MMWMipuvnsntjtiis AliMacGriw Ryan O'Neal A HOWARD G. ViNSff-MTHUR HUH Production John Marley & Ray MilUnd msai ARTHUR KILLER HOWARD G.UiNSKY xtm TUCK AtlUM VHJUAt ON WAAMOUW EXCLUSIVE CNSA9EMEMT 2nd RECORD WEEK! DMrtOMHtlltAIAM Dally at IMS 2:15 4:1S :1S 1:15 10:11 PM litre MldnltM tneva auaulmt RitMBCNs: Tourcara aomni you i j and a jmtt to any parformanca Mon. thru Thurt. Hmmmlujf "A cirjcr.iA - ENTERTAINMENT TODAY JuaOKiaCHOtJOajaaaaM bMCALe-MARSHALL 1 cer COLOR w SMC MOYUBAe CONTINUOUS Daily: 2:15. 4:15, 6:15, 8:15, pnEARTQ 10:15 II SUE TT1 GFl Filmed in PANAVISION DAILY 6:03, 8:15, SAT, SUN., 1:30, 3:45, 8:15. 10:30 PM 1 EXTRA! "I AM ALSO A YOU".caor "Comedy that is almost i - f matchless!'? Cotmopoifar) Afagatfot UlarccEio nastrolannLHcnica Uitii a a vat ""aP"" ...... . I a urama oi J22;cusy (ana otner tnings) f: i- r- -ADMIT YOU AND A GUEST V TO ANY PERFORMANCE! with uiancano uiannim MmoitZam w Ag-Sca'Plli-Scola km Pm AngeletU m Adriano Da Michc lorC)Mnna-AjppirOmnitCwKrAct.nia . wirM.uM . ttNHEuoraScoia.i-f ro-rri I DAILY 6:20 8:25 10:30 PM : 1 SAT. & SUN. 2:10 4:15 6:25 8:25 10:30 PM ACADEMY MEMBERS: .,,,.,. mtkwii . YOUR CARD WILL ! LI "11 .. El ' MREMA!H!ACLE...On of Brando's finest performances." PfCU, fOara, MARION ti 'h BURNT W AHLM.T GILLOPONTECORVO COLORkyOrim BmlH Artitta NEW IXCIUS1VI ENGAGEMENT tkmlmM till.- I . t It rtia v mj.ii5iiic3pa Conductor Still Ailing PHILADELPHIA 10 Eugene Ormandy, conductor of the Philadelphia Or-chestra, has canceled plans to return to the podium for another two weeks. The 71-year-old maestro underwent surgery to repair muscle and ligament tears in the shoulder Nov. 20, and had hoped to be back at full strength for next weekend's concert. His recovery, however, has been uneven. He rehearsed the orchestra before Christmas and then conducted a concert on New Year's Eve. Sunday night he conducted only part of the program in New York's Philharmonic Hall. Wardrobe for Bette Academy Award -winning designer Edith Head has been loaned by Universal to create Bette Davis' special wardrobe in "Madame Sin," which is being made by the Lew Grade Organization and Robert Wagner's 2 X Productions for ABC. EVERY DAY 12:11 "Al KWM11 2:15 4:1S(:1S f WMMtrS (:1S A 10:15 P.M. tlVVCSC Midnight Show Friday A Saturday imMumooaun. 4(4-1111 . "THANK GOD FOR A LOVE STORY LIKE I0VE STORY' with those beautiful people, All MacGraw and RyanO'Hsal!" -Dorothy Manners, Nationally Syndicated Columnist ' rib ' ; !T& DAVID GOLDEN FRANCIS LAI WCOtM I JQOZj Pvmm eawiap is wot iNAuaxmnciut UiuIge Ml IIHOICTON AVt Frhtar aa latardar at ail AM TM3THYDALT0H kEMUBMNttS rMiat twirn yiMii if lyj ACADEMY MEMBERS and a guest wilt b admitted on Pfajstntafion o( 1971 card. wsm mm i:!sb'AVilitl:-J COLOR by DeLuxe" Umtad Arftsta 10:30 PM i 6:00, - I UllILSHIRE WltSHIPE AT LA CltNEliA P't1"1! OL 3-0863 feLBCSO 652-8087 m 1-A.rii.M latum Y .- ixraAi "HANSTtr wxtvcic m its il MS IM1-M11 PS(flrtseI(5m - Thurt., Jan. 7, 1971-Part IV-13: FOR INFORMATION CALL 9 Sr. m 'RIOIOUSW ftMlffl' tkktittr, Lin mm 0. JS 'coiati,D DnrrWArtMra i "" am ( - Now! Today 1:00 2:50 . ...A - " n. ..... ... Saturday MidnithtShow WHZM m VWhefe's Poppa?" thawing 1 "Affecting and consistently funny chronicle of COnnUUiai UU!lup5C...llWl I wc aiamvuo . -1 "NO, NO! I LOVE MY WIFE!" ELLIOTT GOULD"! A UNIVf RSAL WCTUM m 1 1 1 mi CfXTRAI for Acadtmy Award ConefoVaron I "1 ' "THE RESURRECTION OF BRONCHO BILLY" J IVCLUIIVr EN 8A6EMCNT W.TIOMM etnmi-t 2nd DIG WEEK! nan v 7.1s a.! x. inn MlanifM tteir lat at IIIBIHillWIIIII r iMjakK rn Li" CHINESE t HOLLYWOOD t I"oT BORSALINO(GP) OPEN ALL NIGHT UNTIL 5 A.M. vogue , M,ffl;H?ers,nd9 FOX LITTLE FAUSS AND S5,l2Ilyw4", ' HALSY(R) 12:30,2:30,4:30,6:30.8 30410:30 JiJ fsf. Fl DFY LOVERS AND OTHER SSI7Wll.nlr STRANGERS(R) I3 OI0 5?S OUT-OF-TOWNERS(G) FAIRFAX A" Dl5ney Pr08ran rHinrHA aristocatsig) 7907 Bwarlv Bl. ikn NIOK 139-3118. 4:11 . 4:30, 6:30, 8:30 & 10:30 a5 iW CRITERION A. Arkin-A. Perkins 395.992 ' TRAVELING EXECUTIONER(R) WILSHIRE 1314 Wilihira 394-0216, :4S LOVERS AND OTHER STRANGERS(R) BORSALINO(GP) FOX-VENICE 6-0 Lincoln 396-4213.6:45 Adult Entertainment 3 IN CELLAR(R) 3 IN ATTIC(R) LOYOLA A 8610 Srpulvnla 776-1410. 4:1 All Olsney Program ARISTOCATSIG) Also NIOK ACADEMY 3141 W. Manch. 751-5151.4:15 All Disney Program ARISTOCATSIG) Also NIOK FOX IIS N. MM. 678-2323. 4:43 LOVERS AND OTHER STRANGERS(R) OUT-OF-TOWNERS(G) HTU S.VF Und" ' No Admitted StlWnch WITCHCRAFT '70(X 7H.SI49" M VAMPIRE LOVERS(X) TWIN.VIIF I" BLDE w GMSSC) 8 F a . 152nd ELVIS: THAT'S THE wWlfl WAY IT IS(GP) c urn RFnnNnn fistful of dolurs(GP) IM WT Diamond "ffi?,S 372.1131, 6:43 HANG EM HIGH I AMAR NO BLADE OF GRASS(R) JMaVnaM.ii ELVIS: THAT'S 371.85W a" S THE WAY IT IS(G) HFRMflA DULT ENTERTAINMENT 372-6245, 6:45 . 3 IN CELLAR(R) FOX 4s 277(5 Sil. Sour 377-6773. Park . Frank Sinatra DIRTY DINGUS(GP) OUT-OF-TOWNERSlG) CAUF0RIIIA.'"1K.'S,r a52a Piolli kn NIOK 587-JIII.4:u" 4 30, 6:30, 8 25 t 10:15 PARK : 6504 Pacifie 387-3442, 6:43 Adult Entertainment 3 IN CELLAR(R) 3 IN THE ATTIC(R) Al CA7AR NO BLADE OF GRASS(R) Ati at G?5 ELVIS: THAT'S THE M5.3306. J4S WAY IS IT(GP) . 3 FOX-Covina 211 N. Azusa 332.1122. 6:45 LOVERS AND OTHER STRANGERS(R) OUT-OF-TOWNtRS(G) m f lf. V, FOX Pomona. 6:45 714-622-1353 All Disney Pro?ram ARISTOCATSIG) Also NIOK GRANADA Ontario 9H4-22K, t VILLAGE Clarrmont (24-2612. 6:45 Last Chance To Sea 0NNIE A CLYDE BUlllTTiGP) NO BLADE OF CRASS(R) BORSALINO(GP) MT. BALDY l- to.D.e.suu'hrland 393.4931. (:34 OUT-OF-TOWNERS(G) O.I 3515 Whit RIVERSIDE Rivortid 683-7212. 1:45 All Disney Program ARISTOCATSIG) Also NIOK m GOLDEN ST. Rivemdo 684.4680. (-45 DIRTY DINGUS(GP) ELVIS: THAT'S THE WAY IT ISIGP) STAGE I rlivrnldo (82.(440. 3:4i Peter Fonda EASY RIOERjR! GRASSHOPPER(R) c CREST 0.1. 2W Himn-r 733.2176.(30 DIRIY OINGtlSIGP) ELVIS: WAY IT IS(KP) UST GRENAOEiGP) REDLANDS Ok 6:43-793-4331 DIRTY OING'JS(GP) ELVIS: THAT S THE WAY IT ISiSP) THEATRE OR ff-4100 EXTRA! "CATCH THE JOY" ACADEMY MEMBERS: Year card will admit you and a jueit to any Monday thru - im I inursaay renormanofl. .mnmttmti.ttittiiini-umt' POSITIVELYNOTJILOVEMYWIFE!" IN A DAVID LWOLPER Produriion LOVE MY WIFE!" TICHNICOtOR EB 12itl AM aT1MlB in-in rM r.zj-.zzz.....z.r.. 'IIMMIIIIIUW TWP a NATIONAL GENERAL Bm imi ' nllnllliM! ELREY-MirKleMila-931-1101 HOarWOOB-Hollywood-463-9371, !.' .WILSHIRE-SantaMonia -394-0218 , ACAOEMY - Pasadena - 796-3191 . rOX-Ventun-644-2244 ! CLENDALE.GIendafe-241-4177 i r OX - Ingle wood-678-2323 CULYER-CulverCity-S38312f CREST.oneBeach-42619 U REIKA-Shemun Oaks-7S24311 r roX-MIerton-5254747' - F0X CovTna-332-1122 v r. l(OirrfniGEHorlhfidj.349-7585 v NATIONAL Elliott Gould ' IUi5 LinaorooK l"i mi mmm 179.2866 Z:15,4:15,6:15,g:ia&lU:I VII I flRF Ali MacGrnw-R. O'Neal Sod Ul ST0RY(GP) -; 478-0576 1 2:15,2:15,4:15,6:15,8:15&10;1S BRUIN Weitwood Prpwiew Color 8:30 WHERE'S POPPA(R) I, 2:50, 4:40, 6:30, 10:19) 477-2487 WILSHIRE R43i Wilihira THE PRIVATE LIFE ' OF SHERLOCK H0LMES(GT) 6:00, 8:15 t 10:30 S53-0.S63 FINF ARK All New Emily Bronte' SwftE.'r? WUTHERIN6 HEIGHTS(GV S52-I330 2:15,4:15,6:15,8:15&10:15 DRAMA OF JEALOUSY AND OTHER THINGS(R) 6:20, 8:25 & 10:30 l85o; w. Pica 692.8087 CULVER 9820 Wain. LOVERS AND OTHER STRANGERS(R) BORSALINO(GP) 838-3124. 6:30 I A RFIfJA LOVERS AND OTHER 1-4826 Vn"ur. TUCvc unnr unleceiini 788.831 1. 6:45 THEY SHOOT HORSESfB NORTHRIDGE JSSJSi- 10170 Reieda ...FA'?"..'."' 349-7585. 6:45 OUT-OF-TOWNERS(G) - FALLBROOK AIRPORT(G) 8:45 & 11:00 - Canoga Park 883-4212, 6:45 STUDIO CITY Ross Hunter't AIRPORT(G) 7:10 & 9:35 12136 Ventura 769-4441, 6:45 EL PORTAL 3269 Lankonhiem All Disney Program ARISTOCATSIG) Also NIOK 5, 7 & 9 769-4041.4-45 GUILD Under 18 Not Admitted 5161 Lanknnfiiem uirrurDarr itoyi 766-3741, 6:45 . STRAWBERRYSTATEMENT(R) FOX All Disney Program ARISTOCATSIG) Also NIOK 5, 7 & 9 CAPRI 6258 Van Nnya 785-3156, 6:45 HO BLADE OF SRASS(R) ' BORSALINO(GP) G J FflY Adult Entertainment Ventura. 6:43 NO BLADE OF GRASS(R) 644-2244 STRAWBERRY STATEMENTS) FflY All Disney Program olTnard ARISTOCATS(G) 486.1661.4:45 Also NIOK CONEJO Op. 6:45 John Wayne RIO lOBO(G) CHARLIE BROWN; 495-7008 HIBiajr v .4M, APADFMY l0vtRS ND othei wii3 e. toioraaa -- ."-v"ii 796-3191. 6:45 ' BORSALINOiGP) STATE Love-Music-People ' WOODSTOCKjR) CRASSHOPPER(R) i . Frank Sinatra - ! IIRTY DINGUS(GP) ",. ' GRAND PRIX "4 ; u t. boinraot 792-7139. 6:45 RIALT0 IU23 Fair Oaki 799-9567. 6:45 ALEX AH Disney Program -ARISTOCATSIG) j . Also NIOK 216 N. Brand , 241-4194. 4:45" 5.79 i Rl FNDALE LOVERS and other "22 St Brand STRANGERS(R) , S 241-4177. 6:45 Ttiey Shoot Horiot(GP) ; HIGHLAND v wfIMEne.r!:;,'Sfnl 5604 N. Fu'roa ' IN CEllARlR) 5 235-9648) (.45 ... 3 IN ATTIC(R ( West Coast "D lA?! 5! !R,ssiR) 333 E. Ocean nuust ur DOK 436-4209. 12:30 SHADOWS(GP) CREST LOVERS AND OTHER . STRANGERS(R) 4275 Atlantic 424-1619. 6:45 BORSALINOIGP) ;, BELMONT limE fauss and r 1 BID HALSY(R) ' PAINT YOUR WAGONS- 4918 E. 2nd 438-1001, 6:1$ IMPERIAL 317 E. atrxn John Wavne RIO LOBO(G) i MONTE WALSH(GP) 436-3973. 12:30 BAY Sfal Bafh 431-6551. 6:15 Academy Award Winner. : "r'(GP) . ; STANLEY SWEETHEARTR) ' FOX Ail Disney Program", ARISTOCATSIG) Also NIOK W Kostmoar 394-1649. 4:15 1414 Harbor Bl. ARISTOCATSIG) ; 635-7601. 6:43 AISO NIOK FOX - Wi't Entertainment V..K.:- MO BLADE OF GRASSIM 535-3602, i:4S ORASSHOPPERlR) SO. COAST - Ron Nuntr PLAZA l ' AIRPORT(S) , 3410 N. Brisfor tunc nr tiw nmifM S46-27I2. 3:45 f auw vturf SO. COAST . SeeaWtuth Gortan. PLAZA ll WHERE'S POPPA(t) - Simj,,W 7:00 9:00 S49..1352 FOX LOVERS AND OTHER . STRtNGERSfR) . OIIT-OF-TOWNERSfR) f 525-4747. (:45 Foiierton West Coast No One UW 18 AdSirt3 mwi UiiTiL-f Birr itnnr. Mil Vaar Ataaaaiy Awar4 Ctr4 Mart mil fMrt Mm. tnnt Tkan. Mltl AH ,,vrn,i.r. ,vi. , l3.8ol7. (45 VAMPIRE 10VERSQ0)

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