The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on January 10, 1969 · 73
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 73

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1969
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Liviii g Dead' and 4Dr. Who' BY KEVIN Timet Staff "Nigljt of the ..Living Dead" and "Dr. Who and the Daleks" (in multiples) prove ou can no more judge movies by their title3 and ad campaigns than you can books by their covers. The first is a genuinely scary little horror picture for adults and the second, a diverting science fiction fantasy' for all ages. Both were made with far more Imagination than money. For once an exploitation double bill gives the custo- 'DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS ' f A Continental (Walter Reade Organisation) release of an Aaru production presented by Regal Films Inter national. Ltd. Director: Gordon Flenv yng. Screenplay: Milton Subotsky. With Peter Cushing, Roy Castle, Jennie Linden, Roberta Tovey. Techni-tcope. Technicolor. 83 minutes. For family audiences. 'NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD' A Continental (Walter Reade Organ-Iration) release of an Image Ten production. Producers: Russell W. Strei-ner, Karl Hardman. Director: George A. Romero. Screenplay: John A. Rusts. With Judith O'Dea, Duane Jones, AAarllvn Eastman, Karl Hardman, Judith Ridley, Keith Wayne. 96 minutes. : For adult audiences. mer his money's worth. The initial venture of Pittsburgh's Image Ten Productions, "Night of the Living Dead" wrings maximum effects from an absolute minimum of means. 'Living Dead' ' C v Virtually the whole film takes place in a. Western Pennsylvania farmhouse in which a group of people have sought . refuge from the rapidly-multiplying legions of the "living dead," those who have recently died only to come alive minutes later as remorseless flesh-eating ghouls. Apparently they have been revived by radiation from a satellite that exploded during a probe of the1 planet Venus. They can be stopped only by a bullet through the brain or by being consumed by fire; . ' Inside, the farmhouse are . an assortment of seven people, - organized by a comparatively calm and resourceful Negro (Duane Jones). From TV and radio they learn the eastern third of the United States is overrun by the living dead, Civil defense units ; : EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT! ' NOW PLAYING I I DOORS OPEN 12:15 P.M. SHCWTIMES 12:30 3:00 5:30 8:00 & 10:30 P.M. FRI.& SAT. DOORS OPEN 11:45 A.M. SH0WTIMES 12:00 2:30 5:00 7:30 10:00 P.M. I 12:30 A.M. M)ljMWaBIlllBtllMIIWMW "ONE OF THOSE MIRACULOUS AND EXTRAORDINARY EVENTS IN THE CINEMA!" -JteX "AN UNFORGETTABLE SHOULD BE SEEN!" ;1 -Judith Criit, New York Magazine "'THE KILLING OF SISTER GEORGE' LEAVES PRECIOUS LITTLE TO THE IMAGINATION!" i -Bob Sl!mali, New York Daily Column i i -. "THE KILLING OF SISTER GEORGE' IS TART, FUNNY AND TRUTHFUL...A HUMAN STORY THAT CLEARLY TRANSCENDS ITS SHOCK ELEMENT!" -Archer WinslM, New York Post J r 3 f: llMIIIIMJJMtlw.l.WLll PalnmsrPinhiffis Irtemational presents ki ! an Associates f jjf and Aldrich Production Mm Sister '-'Staling f Beryl Reid SusannahYork Coral Browne Afsosiarmg Ronald Fraser Patricia Medina HughPaddick Cyril Detevanti Music By Gerald Fried rrmTtBy Frank Marcus scmpiaylukas Heller Produced Ami Directed By Robert AldlXt) mm toon II wm utr Citywide t THOMAS Writer are mobilizing, however. Will help arrive in time? , Will these seven pull together or let themselves be defeated by internal dissent? From this classically simple situation director George A. Romero and writer John A. Russo build an amazing amount of suspense. Romero keeps things constantly happening and directs with limitless energy. Indeed, countless far more ambitious movies could benefit from such drive and vitality,. Although too gruesome for the kiddies, "Night of the Living Dead" is taut and uncompromising, ending on a note of bitter irony. Performances are adequate and often better, especially in the case of Jones, who clearly has what it take3 to go on io bigger things. Based on TV Based oh a popular BBC television series, "Dr. Who and the Daleks" also deals with the adverse effects of radiation. An accidental shove of the starter in Dr. Who's time-space cubiclev takes the kindly old scien- List (Peter Cushing), his' g r anddaughters (Jennie 1 Linden and Jloberta To-! vey) and a friend (Roy Castle) to a mysterious petrified planet run by the Daleks, web-footed creatures, victims of radiation, who cannot exist outside their "iron maidens" that allow them to function in robot - like fashion. The Thalls, a handsome mutant people," come from afar to the Dalek fortress in search of food, but the Daleks want only to destroy them. When little Miss Tovey asks Cushing why the Daleks want to do this to the Thalls he explains it's simply because they're different from them that we fear' the different so much we want to destroy it. Not only has this movie. ; a sound moral but also a quaint Flash Gordon charm because of its fanciful sets, Cushing, Hammer's reliable Baron Frankenstein, is properly whimsical, and Gordon Flemyng's amiable direction wisely avoids camp. NAIfSHIt INfVALCHPOItMfSW ozs MOLLVWOQD at WILCOt m HO 3-2184 Reti, Women's Wear Daily DRAMA. A FILM THAT fcV" i--t w mw (oWma reliasino ecmponATioit m mtt Ml r l A J J If mi ii it inriflii .-JIU, .- nnirtt.i.hniri.nB r f -1 4. ;:t.?f; ' '1 Hi ' h i f' J . ' jpI f ' I . STAR ON ICE Anna Galmarini, Italian skating champion from Milan, stars in the 23rd edition of Holiday on Ice, which closes on Sunday at the Forum. - ill r ii i ii nrrinriiinTiiiiiii ijjii j i pn iiinpiauii ig,, JT f, V'-f.'V .JW f ."-.'vy.jrmw ,-4 "jSUr . ..-.. J. , i in. - can't Lv)i -A I . 1 f? f 1 r 1- II II I I .miNOLAND CLAY mAmd by ALAN J. PAKULA A'Kitd by ROBERT MULLIGAN KtMnpiiy by ALVIN SARGENT iMm by WENDELL MAYES fc ihc tnw6 mood niHtooouc uotsin ' I C h- aunt MTa ( DOORS OPEN DAILY ATS P.M. FEATURE AT 6:15 8:15 and 10:20 SAT. SUN. AND HOLIDAYS AT 1:45 rcATURE AT 2:00 4:05 6:10 8:15 and 10:20P.M. ACADEMY MEMBERS YOUR 1968 CARD MAY BE A GIT TQO MUCH fOR MAN? PEGP1E. BUT THAT'S THEIR PROBLEM. r '1 nnoenma Pniifbnifc'io 3 j fx$$& magnificent and very ' mt3'Ky jfra? fnnnv Mt rpnffha IN EASTMAN COLOR .Mil 1lfcMliWVrtl(Wrtli DEFINITELY NOT FOR SHOW TMES DAIY: 12.00, 2.00, Wfiftrn 8 Santa Monica f? f - 4 umi ....Hi ' i TECHNICOLOR' PANAVISION' New Encitemtnt in Entertainment f D , : P.M. : FOX ILL8GE P.M. : : :IWSWtl iTmi ADMITS YOU AND A GUEST! American Western that is liberally: seasoned with our' favorite 4,8,10 and! 12-Ietter words and a cornucopia of carryings-on that is-in combination perhaps iinprecedfintedP uir.CMONicu LmO-'t4.i THE Y0UNG-UNS! 4.00, 6.00, 8.00410:00 PM Men NO 7-ntJ FLU CANCELS 'BARBER OF NEW YORK UR The Metropolitan Opera canceled its "Barber of Seville" because so many cast members had flu, and substituted "Madame Butterfly," which went sturdily on even after three of its singers got sick. Pilar Lorengar sang her first Cio-Cio-San on the Met stage, filling in for Lucine Amara, who had flu. Lorenzo Alvary sang the uncle-priest in place of Clifford Harvuot and Shirley Love sang Kate Pin-kerton instead of Louise Pearl. 83EI3RIB mm 1 (HUM KISS JULIE a; 'DREWS J C2 Original Sound Track Album available on Records. 1 H 1 :... . IX .... TONIGHT at 8:30 P.M. TOMORROWat2:00&8:30 P.M. BEST PICTURE OF 1968 , NATIONAL BOARD OF REVIEW OF MOTION PICTURES Metro -GoidwyrvMayer presents a George Engiund production THE SHOES OF THERSHERMAN Anthony Quinn Oskar Werner David Janssen Vittorio De Sica Leo McKem Sir John Gielgud f Barbara Jefford Rosemarie Dexter ,,Sir Laurence Olivier Kmt)ih John Patrick James Kerinaway .ti on m,wi, milwki vkimo, Michael Anderson . tnice4tt George Engiund I w l CiENtRftr. ludiences. Naa iiwracoior ALL SEATS RESERVED MAIL ORDERS NOW EVENINGS at 8:30 P.M. SUN. EVENINGS at 8:00 P.M. MATINEES WE0. SAT. SUM. at 2:00 P.M. SCHEDULE Of PRICES Mi PERFORMANCES w uie SUN.ThruTHURS.EVES SUN. and HOLIDAY MATS. . J3.M 3J3.50 $3.50 J3M FBI. SAT. and HOLIDAY EVES PLUS PRE-HOLIDAY EVES 3.50 4.00 4.00 3.50 WED. md SAT. MATS. . 2.59 3.00 3.00 250 BOX OFFICE HOW OPEN 10:00 AM. TO 0:00 P.M. SUN. I HOIS. 12 NOON TO 9:00 P.M. ACADEMY MEMBERS are cordially invited to any performances Mon. thru Thurs. Your Academy card admits you and a guest! TICKETS AIM Off SAIE AT SOUTHEW CAtlFTMtMIA MUSIC CD.. 37 SOUTH Kill ST. AND ML MUTUAL TICKET AGtNCItS iPtiont MA M2U for your Mtresl Mutual Otdct locitiofll and tt WA1LICHS MUSIC CITY STORES AND Mm TICKET AGEhCIES-mONE tmiil rae IRS in jow , u I ForThejtrt Party and Gnrnp Sales Information Tbah 'Bunudb Masterpiece! "ONE CF TKE10 BEST PICTURES OFTKEYEAR!" ALLiED LIE ' i CATHERINE DENEUVE .'-. eaiEdeJOUR cuihie wiKiEaath eociiEifniit mmoiuwn-miKisnu VIW and HOMES MAfTCHM. at tMNCS lUKIg-tKniMWIM'AllOBirr tit MU010 Mill riHutt . .. Itfened a; AlilED A1TKTI ltwdtfiiDotmiu4.OTciTg5 . ..... ' - . J ' " . , ' -' - ' E.cluiltEnagitTtM Tm!"m'nmummm. . MnK"!,t,';'" ... pine ftDTQ M",lkU,fcl",l,m euieusaiFFifl wnsHiKnM.uaimo ftkirtat2:lS(U.:l SHUSH WEEK! IM4uomM ; ; ftuaaiiftiiM ACADEMY MEMBERS. Your Girt Admits Yon I A Gustt Av Pirfortnanet MET'S SEVILLE' The men in the cast were Sandor Konya as Pinker-ton and Mario Sereni as U.S. Consul Sharpless. Miss . Lorengar, who is Spanish, can sing the part but she does not really have a "Butterfly" voice. Her voice is determined rather than limpid as she sings the role of the demure Japanese maiden. Luntberjack' Film Don Cooper will narrate his color film, "Lumberjack in Alaska," in UCLA's Royce Hall Friday, Jan. 17. - "Star! is a lively, exciting, fascinating, affectionate, glittering, musical blockbuster!" Kh ii u KsnntunimmiHisiui . 0 BOX OFFICE OR BT.MWU lllBHIBE ftllSHWF. t LACItNtGA 1221 IOL1M6J TICKETS ALSO ON SALE AT SOUTHERN CM.IFOHNIA MUSIC CO., 637 SOUTH MILL- ST. AND ALL MUTUAL TICKET AGENCIES (FtiOM 627-12M for your nearest Mutual Office Location) AND AT WALLICHS MUSIC CITT STORES Ii LIBERTY TICKET AGENCIES (Ftent b-3553) rot HieiUi PirlY an1 Group Stlet IflfemttiOflCill Vie Rosen (213) 33-9I47 If 53 MGM WE ACCEPT MTWMM 04Nf.ll COWOMTMM CarthayCircle SAN VICENTE at CRESCENT HEIGHTS BBeWaaa WE. 8-0108 mi 931-1202 NtwYbrkTimM cVL' A'm&LJL. -r RPST wctiibp BEST PICTURE VENICE FILM FESTIVAL ARTISTS f . de J lsiSLntlttiZimi Fri.,Jan.10J969-rarHV ll NATIONAL GENERAL CORPORATION J " f5S FOX WEST COAST THEATRES SSm FOR IHFORMAT10N CALLTHOTRE OR 37-410 J rOSl 'Mi TONIGHT AT 8:30 m i .mi DickVanDvkc Sally AnnTiov-ta-lionelJeffies' iS'Qatty Cbitty 3anBanJ" RESERVED SEATS NOW AT BOX OFFICE ,CB ET MAIL VTSH IMfcl W MM Win UnBAT U MJOU TICKtTS ALSO M SALE AT SO. CUrremiA WUSIC eo. j s. , At whuichj musig cirr stokes AU. MUTUAL TICKET ACENCIES -rnoH RM24I aaut lllcimr TICKET AGENCIES-nitM4IS-3SS rr6rooSaleeallElirneWrti-WI6S. '...Should appeal toawids audience. Gina's best role in a Ions wfiiler la. mis Li) SKELLEY WINTERS-PHIL SILVERS-PETER LAWFQRD TELLY SAVALAS ."BUONA SERA, MRS. CAMPBELi: 'uiHat lECHKICOLORT UnitEffJAriTStB iMl'r;.?!!;;?" EXTRA! BLAZE GLORY in Color EXCLUSIVELV. DAILY 6:10 8:15 10:20 P.M. SAT. SUN. HOLS. 2:00 405 6:10 8:15 10:20 P.M. NOW I ACADEMY MEM BERS: Your card admits you and a guest Monday thru Thursday HOLLYWOOD BLVD. CHINESE 925 Hollywood H04SIII. CHITTY CHITTY BANQ BANG Tonight at 8:30 PM HOLLYWOOD ffl" H"S i 1:45-5 A.M. HELLFIGHTERS(G); HO 3-9371 In Enemy Country OPEN ALL NIGHT UNTIL 5 A.M. DAILY VOGUE 12:45 667S Hollywood NO 2-6621 NIGHT THEY RAIDEO(M) MINSKY'S, 1:00; 2:50; 4:40;6:30;8:20;10:20PM FOX 6508 Hollywood Bl. HO 3-2184. II Ai The Killing Of Sister George(X at 12:00: 2:39: 5:00: 7:30 10 PM Extra! Midnite Show Tonlte at 12:30 AM! LOS. ANGELES CARTHAY CIRCLE 6316 San Vloentt WE 8-0106 SHOES OF THE FISHERMAN) Tonight at 8:30 PM EL REY S5I7 Wilshlra WE 1-1101.6:15 John Wayne-Ross, HELLFIGHTERS(G)) Alice B. Toklas FAIRFAX ' 7907 Beverly Bl. WE 9-3118, 6:45 HOT MILLIONS Jas. Coburn, DUFFY HIGHLAND ""rMcc?S??ln 5R04. N. Fininrai PLANET OF APES; Mar. CL 5-9648. 6:45 Men In Flying Machines WESTCHESTER INGLEWOOD. I nvni A .... Rex Harrison in S6I0 Sowlvodat DR. D0LITTLE, at 7 PM; sp 6-i4io, Park Martin, 5 card stua ACADEMY Disney's HORSE IN Sl4IW. Mai.fh. GRAY FLANNEL SUIT; PL I.5 sT 6:45 ft WINNIE THE POOH Presley, live A Little, Love A Little FOX lis N. Market OR 8.2323, 12:45 John Wayne-K. Ross, HELLFIGHTERS(G); Jas. Coburn, DUFFY 5TH AVE. 5th.Manch. 759-9149. 6:45 THE GRADUATE ALICE B. TOKLAS INGLEWOOD 103 N. La Brea 678-9922,6:4$ HOT MILLIONS BLISS OF MRS. BLOSSOM TWIN-VUE 8. Fig.-I52nd 324-5127, 6:00 HOT MILLIONS Wayne, HELLFIGHTERS SANTA MONICA VENICE CRITERION 1315 3rd 395-9929, 12:15 John Wayne-K. Ross, HELLFIGHTERS (G); Martin, 5 Card Stud WILSHIRE ISI4 Wilshiro 394-0216, 6:45 HOT MILLIONS ALICE B. TOKLAS FOX-VENICE Th Bea" i" yellow 620 Lincoln SUBMARINE(G); EX 6-4215. 6:45- The Paper Lion RE DON DO - MANHATTAN HERMOSA FOX-RedonrJo HOT MILLIONS 105 W. Diamond 372.1131, 6:45 Sellers. THE PARTY LAMAR The Beatles In 288 Manhattan YELLOW SUBMARINE(G); FR 2-8600, 6:45 THE PAPER LION HERMOSA 1229 Hermosa FR 2-6245, 6:43 Jack lemmon-Walter Matthau, ODD COUPLE; Mostel, The Producers PALOS VERDES FOX 6:45 27735 SilV. Sour FR 7-6773 Park John Wayne-K. Ross, HELLFIGHTERS(G); Alice B. Toklas HUNTINGTON PARK BELL Wgl CALIFORNIA John Wayne-K. Ross, HELLFIGHTERS-(G); Martin, 5 Card Stud skb pacific LU 7-5111.6:45 PARK 6504 Pacific LU 7-3442, tM HOT MILLIONS ALICE B, TOKLAS ALCAZAR Atl. at Gage LU 5-3306, 6:45 Disney's HORSE IN GRAY FLANNEL SUIT ft WINNIE THE POOH L0N6 BEACH SEAL BEACH West Coast 833 E. Ocean HE 6-4209,12:00 John Wayne-i-Ross, HELLFIGHTERS G) HOT MILLIONS CHEST 4275 Atlantic ' GA 4.1619, 6:1 John Wayne-K. Ross HELLFIGHTERS (G) HOT MILLIONS BELMONT THE GRADUATE 4918 E. 2nd HE 8-iQoi. 6:ii Newman, HARRY FRIGG IMPERIAL 317 E. Ocean HE 6-3973, 12:45 Mia Farrow in ROSEMARY'S BABY; Jas. Coburn, DUFFY BAY Seal Beach 431-6551. 6:18 Joanna Woodward In RACHEL, RACHEL; Julia Christie, PETULIA ANAHEIM COSTA MESA FULLERTON SANTA ANA CINEMALAND 1414 Harbor Blvd 635.7601, 6:45 Rex Harrison in DR. DOLITTLE, at 7:10 & 9:50 P.M. FOX Anaheim, 6:43 , KE 5-3602 ' John Wayne-K. Ross. HELLFIGHTERS-(G); Brynner, Villa Rides FOX SOUTH . COAST PLAZA 3410 Bristol 646-27 1 2, 6:43 Rex Harrison in Dr. Dolittle at 7:10 t 9:50 P.M. FflY . - , Disney's HORSE IN FuMerton ! ' GRAY FLANNEL SUIT 825.4747. 8:4J' & WINNIE THE POOH; Presley. LIVE A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE West Coast Santa Ana 643-8317, 6:45 HOT MILLIONS Jas.' Coburn, DUFFY TOSHIRO MIFUNE . 1 WON THE GRAND PRIX TOSHIRO MIFUNE in AKIRA KUROSAWA'S , 'SEVEN SAMURAI Yoa willbe ovawlielnicd by tb tnzi&c suenac! AWARDED THE SILVER LION PRIZE UNCUT VERSION ORIGINAL STORY OF THE MAGNIFICENT Directed bv AKIRA KUROSAWA W rr7 rir1 V atWO U BBEUHMTE.U6aaTPirni.Ti.Tia;!! ME ss-fc sua IU TU StOWJUHWJSI mi fttitMunMOHA.ia.taiit. GINALOLLGBRIGIDA WESIWOOD- 477.2487 BEVERLY HILLS WESTWOOD CULVER CITY WILSHIRE ' Julie Andrews In STAR! t 8:30 PM 8436 Wllshirt OL 3-0863 FINE ARTS Bella Do JoufW : 855$ Wilshiro OL 2-1330, 6:15; 8:15 S 10:15 PM ' LIDO 6: 8507 W. Plot 652-8087 THE NJtiW1' " at 7 ft 9:30 P.M. VILLAGE Stalking MoonfG 6:10; 8:15 ft 10:20 PM I weslwood 473-3042. 5:45 BRUIN BUENO SERA MRS. (Mi f westwood iAivif BtLL, shown at i BR 7-2487. 5:45 6:10; 8:15 & 10:20 PM J CULVER 9820 Wash. 4 jQiin nayne-KOSS, . HELLFIGHTERS(G); t Martin, 5 Card Stud Vt 8-3124, 6:30 SAN FERNANDO VALLEY LAREINA Mia Farrow In t ROSEMARY'S BABY; i J. Fonda, Barbarella f iwm vont. ST 8-8311, 6:45 mY.M'DinnC Inhn Wavn..K Rnc 10170 Reseda nriLLriun cnaiui! : 349-7565, 6:15 Jas. Coburn, DUFFY FALLBROOK Canooa Park . 883-4212, 6:15 DR. DOLITTLE at 6:30 ft 9:15 P.M. STUDIO CITY Th9 Beatl 'i 12136 Vnf. ' YELLOW SUBMARINE(G)f, 769.4441, 6:45 The Paper Lion EL PORTAL Xmi$ '$ .69 Lankerthim nttLrmnitnaiiji; 769.4041, 6:45 Ustinov, HOT MILLIONS? I nill n tui ininin?i UUILU int buAUUAl ft, : 5161 Lankershlm PO 2-2272, 6:45 at 7 ft 9 P.M. FOX 6419 Van Nuyi 785-0449, 6:45 Disney's HORSE IN ? GRAY FLANNEL SUIT J WINNIE THE POOH i CAPRI 6328 Van Nuvt CAMELOT 1 760.3156, 8:00 Tonight at 8:30 PM VENTURA CONEJO SANTA 'AULA THOUSAND OAKS 4 FOX Ventura 644-2244, 6:45 Rex Harrison In i DR. DOLITTLE; Whera 1 You When Lites Out FOX Disney's HORSE IN t GRAY FLANNEL SUIT S WINNIE THE POOH - Santa Paula JA 6-4119.6:45 CONEJO Sidney Poitier in , j Open 6:4S FOR LOVE OF IVY; fi,: 495-7008 Martin, 5 Card Stud . PASADENA GLENDALC ACADEMY John Wayne-K. Ross, : i 1005 E. Colorado 796-3191, 12:45 nr.LLMimtr(tjj Alice B. Toklas ' "-a; STATE R8X Harrison in vi 770 E. Colo. un, uulh ilc; rniem t, SY 2.7139. 6:45 You When Lites Went OuJI RIALTO Joanna Woodward in .-2. 1023 Fair Oakt rusuncL, nnuncL; juua 7., Christie, PETULIA 799-9567, 6:45 ALEX 216 N. Brand John Wayne-K. HELLFIGHTERS(G)! CH I-I525, 12:46 Alice B. lOKias GLENDALE 122 8. Brand CH 5-2815. 6:41 Disney's HORSE IN GRAY FLANNEL SUIT si ft WINNIE THE POOH POMONA ONTARIO LA VERNE CLAREMONT asidl?! F0X ... Pomona, 6:45 714-622-1353 Bi Harrison in DR. DOLITTLE; live t little, love a little A MT.BALOY THE GRADUATE j LYMMlTaSS THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR I GRANADA Ontario 984-2248, 6:43 THE GRADUATE J, Christie, PETULIA $ VILLAGE Glaremont NA 4-2612, 4:3B CAMELOT at 5 & 8:30 P.M. RIVERSIDE SAN BERNARDINO rg. RIVERSIDE Ooen 6:45 OV 3-7212 Disney's HORSE IN f u GRAY FLANNEL SUIT ..J, a WINNIE THE POOHs ' Peter Sellers, THE PARTY GOLDEN ST. THE GRADUATE-. mvereida 1 OV 4-4680, 6:43 Newman, HARRY FRIGS STAGE I Tonitel COLOR PREVIEW j at 8:30 PM! ft THERESE Riverside 682-6440. 6:45 ft ISABELLE, shown ri Before ft After Preview . CALIFORNIA San Berdo. TU 1-2678, 6:43 Double Horror! NITE OF THE LIVING DEAOs :,S, Dr. Who The Dalex; .3, REDLANDS REDLANDS Open 6:45 PY 3-4331 THE GRADUATE- ALICE B. TOKLAS BAKERSFIELD FOX Bakersfleld FA 3-7511,1:45 The Beatles in YELLOW SUBMARINE-(G) livs Lime, lovo Lima CREST Dr In Hemmings, CHARGE OFO Brkcrsflold ' LIGHT BRIGADE; AetacK ' 832-oooi6:OI) on the Iron Coast 5 ROSSMOOR LOS ALAMITOS 5 FOX Rosimoor 398-1648, 1:18 Tha Beatles In )H YELLOW SUBMARINE-(G); live Little. Love Little J SEVTIT w ... I 5 T -1 . . ; f r I i

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