Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 17, 1961 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 17, 1961
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS. LOGANSPOBT. INDIANA SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17, ROYAL CENTER SCHOOL PROJECT Students at the Royal Center elementary and junior high school are participating in a . developmental -reading program which school officials hope will improve their performance in reading as well as other subjects. Special classes were set up this fall for students in the third through eighth'grades who were having difficulty at regular classroom reading levels. A room was set aside for the classes and an elementary teacher, Mrs. Emmaline Rogers, was assigned to the program. THE COURSE was ^started this year after a "test-run" was made last year with several pupils by principal James Pugh. Of the students selected to' participate at that time, several showed as much progress as two years in a one-semester- period. Pugh. says, however, that the program is no "miracle", or "cure-all" for the teaching of reading. He points out that there have been many reading improvement plans throughout the years and there.is a. wide variety now. The program, developed by the Science Research Associates, Inc., of Chicago, is based on the multii level approach to reading instruction. Each student seeks out his own level of ability, then proceeds upward at his best rate of learn- Reading Improvement Class! This Changing World • (By Win Ball, Cass County Historical Society President) PART 687 j ridden as far as Washington, IX C. without change. West Virginia, in which Wheeling is located, became a separate state on January 1,1863, when Lincoln's Ever -since the writer learned that Sam HaU, Proprietor and Editor of the Democratic Pharos, was a delegate to. the.national con- i- c i •_ ___i_. i*» iocrt iTrki/*li Waa « ueicfjUiiv "•«* M»V*»—- 1 t- -!• vention of his party in I860, which | Emancipation Proclamation be- was held in Charleston, South | came effective. Prior to that date Carolina, he has wondered how he the 40 counties that comprise the new state had been a part of The Old Dominion". They were specifically set.apart by Lincoln as loyal counties in the Proclamation. That 1860 Democratic Convention lasted ten days; Hall was gone three weeks, which meant that he was about five days on the road, each way, which, is pretty SStoi^Ttt^ slow travelling'for 'an 800 mHe ,h| bec£ne late, Charleston, lar- "P. So, h,.was; probably.pretty made the trip;.- that is, what means of transportation were, available and most convenient/ Remember, that was more than one hundred years ago, when canals and. stage-coaches were still in common use. True, there were railroads, but they were by no means the Mrs. Emmaline Rogers helps students in .developmental reading at Royal Center. (Staff. Photo) mg. THE PROGRAM is designed for regular classroom work but is being used in Royal Center only as an aid to students with below-average reading abilities. The basic premises for the instruction, as seen by Science Research Associates, are as follows: 1) Nearly every student can improve his present reading performance both in rate and comprehension. 2) Little improvement takes place when students are reading in materials that are either too lard or too easy for them. 3) In the typical classroom, reading abilities range across six, eight or even ten grade levels, 4) Each student needs the opportunity to advance in reading' skills as fast and as far as his learning rate and his learning capacity will permit. 5) To be fully effective, a program in reading improvement must provide any class with a full range of reading materials covering many grade levels. SRA FURTHER believes that their program is - "not- for., coddling, the lazy or feather-bedding the incompetent" and that experiments have shown greater gains with multi rather than one-level materials. ^_ _ The course consists principally of pamphlets, filed in graded levels, containing a short story, followed by questions on subject matter and word usage. Students may start at any level, and by completeing the questions, determine whether or not they should advance, stay at the same level, or choose a less difficult level. ' The students do their own work, including the selection of grade level, grading .of quizzes, and keeping their own records in a personal progress book. Mrs. Rogers keeps her own records of the students' progress as well as checking those the students prepare themselves. ANOTHER SERIES of pamphlets is designed to improve the pupils' speed in reading. Each story must be read and several questions answered within a three- minute • interval. The pamphlets begin with short, simple stories and questions and progress into longer stories and more difficult questions. The school has purchased one machine * into .which one of the reading materials is- inserted. -The student sets the rate desired and a bar moves from the top to the bottom of the page, forcing the desired rate of reading. The course materials also include word games emphasizing the phonetic approach to reading. Several such games are played as a class, with Mrs. Rogers directing, and others may be played individually. Visual aids posted around the room outline the phonetic system. THE SUBJECT matter of the reading materials themselves is of an informative nature, concerned mostly with science and history. Teachers of re-ated courses at Royal Center have found in some cases that the special reading students have shown marked improvement in fields other than reading which can be traced to the program. Students are urged to approach their reading in three steps; survey, question and read. The student surveys the assignment by reading the title, the first and last paragraph and by looking at the accompanying picture. He "questions" as he surveys, asking himself why the story was written, what it says, and what he should gain from reading it. Finally, he reads the story in its enCrity. THE READING classes are conducted each day for six periods. Students selected for the program attend the -special classes while AT TIMBERLAKE'S -fr Now in New Alligator Finish ^ The most elegant gift in luggage. Silhouette NOT A LOCK IN SIGHT! students in their "home" -room are receiving regular instruction in reading. The students to participate are chosen after consultation with their teachers and the principal and are those who have difficulty reading or who have other, difficulties which may be traced to poor reading habits. According to Pugh, the cost of the program this year will be around $500. Next year the cost will be considerably less as few additional materials will have to be purchased. No special training is required of the teacher, although Mrs. Rogers has been caching for many years and has lad experience in all of the first eight grades. THE GOAL of the program, according to the principal, is to >ring the level of the below-average readers up to that of their classmates. Students would be tept in the special classes preferably no longer than a year. The program is to continue on an experimental basis with adjustments being made as necessary. No attempt has been made to evaluate the effectiveness of the program, but Pugh has had indi- :ations from both students and ;eachers that it has met with some success. Recently, a group of five students enrolled in regular reading courses, became concerned with their own progress and, at their own request, were placed in the special reading section. 745 DIE MANILA (AP)-The death toll in the Philippines from a disease resembling cholera was reported Saturday to be 745 since September. The health department added that about 4,000 people had been afflicted with the disease, called choleriform enteritis. method Evansville Man Is Sought For Murder police were on the lookout Satur-! day for a 31-year-old .Evansville and rape here Wednesday. Two Indianapolis men told police they drove Watson Young Jr. :o Chicago Thursday night not knowing he was wanted. The men, Jerry C. Bradford, 23, and Harold Turnbloom, 29 said Young offered them $100 for the trip but fled without paying when they got to Chicago. ' Young is charged in the fatal shooting of Hansel E. Gupton 64, and his wife, Mary Alice, 58, in their home here Wednesday afternoon. He also has been charged in the rape of a 22-year-old Indianapolis mother in her home the same day. jest city and one-time capital of South Carolina, was 800 to a housand miles off .to the southeast; probably the most impor- L ant city in 'that part of the na- ion. It at one time was the terminus of what was, for some time,, he longest railroad in the world, mt that line went off toward the southwest,., -toward Savannah, Georgia, and it was only 135 miles long, so that didn't help'anyone coming from the northwest. Two Railroads Logansport had a railroad—two of them, in fact, although "one of them didn't run the right direction, going, as it did, from Toledo to St. Louis. The other one, however, ran to Cincinnati, which was the right way. There was also.the Wabash & Erie Canal, which would have also gotten Mm to Cincinnati by way of Defiance, Ohio acd the Miami and Erie Canal. That would have been so much slower that it is unlikely that~he travelled that way. The real problem comes after well tired out when he got home. Convention Site Just as intriguing as the method of travel used by Sam Hall to get ;o the convention city, is .the city itself; that is, how did it happen ;6'be chosen as the place to hold a national convention, situated,, as it is, away off from ; what we know :oday as the center of commercial and industrial activity. At that time, however, before i states, of which the Carolines wer« the leaders, were the dominant states of the Union. Remember the figuers we .printed a few weeks ago, 'showing that southern men had occupied^ the'White house for. forty-eight of the seventy-two years between the inauguration of George Washington, the first president -.and that of Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth; while northern men had been there only twenty- four years, just one Jialf as long. When it comes to picking out- of-the-way places, for national conventions, remember that that same Democratic Party,] just one hundred years later, went clear across the continent, to the Pacific Coast, to a city very much farther away from the center 'of everything, for a convention site. WELLS BETTER BLOOMINGTON, M. (AP) •President Herman B Wells of Indiana University is expected to be released from Robert W. Long Hospital at the IU. Medical Center in Indianapolis within he left Cincinnati. We have con suited war maps, of which there are plenty, showing plenty of railways between Cincinnati and Charleston, but they are all short and without terminals of any size; that is, they start at a small town, and end at another a few miles away. If he travelled by rail he changed cars a good many times, particularly after leaving Cincinnati, if that is the way he went. He might have taken a river steamer at Cincinnati, and travel- M led by that conveyance as far as Wheeling, then in Virginia, where he could have transferred to the Baltimore & •l^BMMIIN^HMHMWai^^MMHi^BHKWB^^^HHB^^v AMBULANCE ^^HM ^^^H^B ^^^^^^^^ Complete First Aid and Oxygen Equipment the- Civil War,' the cotton-raising! days, his office said Saturday. Mrs. Steven's Candies Latin has been a literary language since the 3rd Century B. C. It was never the vernacular of the racy man on the street in imperial Rome. Santas First Choice! Santa knows what the women like best and he * advocates Mrs. Steven's home-made candy from The Central as the sure-to-please gift. Choose from a dozen varied assortments awaiting your selection.—And do it today! For Hie family MRS. STEVENS CANDY Santa Gift Tins 1 and 2 Ib. Tins FISHER FUNERAL HOME i<^^ S MEN'S THREE-SUITER ?45.00 SI MEN'S TWO-SUITER '..'..' V2.50 GO LADIES'O'NITT'............ • $27.50 03 LADIES' HAT BOX $20.00 E BEAUTY CASE $25.00 Give Silhouette by Samsonite and you give a masterpiece of design! . Compact!'Roomy! Sleek in contour without a lock in sight Molded of lightweight magnesium, the jet-age metal, .Silhouette packs maximum strength into minimum weight. Trim, elegant lines hardly hint at the spaciousness that's inside. Scuff-resistant vinyl covering-in a variety of fashion colors-and it lasts and lasts! YOUR .MONOGRAM FREE ON EACH PIECE Free Gift Wrapping In Beautiful. Christmas Paper TIMBERLAKE'S GIFT SHOP "EBE STORE OF A THOUSAND GIFTS" Thrills are in order with a, For home entertainment.. . for business ... 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