The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 2, 1976 · 82
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 82

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1976
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MOVIE CALL SHEET log 3ngrlttf ginus Wed, June 2, 1976 -Port IV 9 To Schumacher, Black Is Bankable BY GREGG KILDAY Tims Staff Writer Joel Schumacher. 33, entered the movie business as a costume designer on "Play It as It Lays," stayed around to outfit a line of motion pictures that included "Sleeper," "The Last of Sheila" and "Blume in Love" and then decided to forsake his sketch pad in favor of a typewriter. To date, in his new career as a screenwriter, Schumacher has one movie, "Sparkle," currently in release and a second, "Carwash," scheduled for release in August The obvious tack would be to zero in on Schumacher's personal metamorphosis but skip the obvious here, for screenwriting is-not so arcane a talent that it cant be acquired by someone who has a degree from the Parsons Design School rather than a BA in creative writing. A more interesting line of questioning is to ask by what authority Schumacher, a native of Long Island City, N.Y., is able toTashion movies about what those creative writing teachers he never had would have called the black experience"? The answer, for Schumacher, is simple: 1 just make up what I want to see," he says. "Then I work with a director to find out what he wants to see." To a journalist's mind, accustomed to accepting only reports based on observed reality, there is a certain amount of hubris involved in a screenwriter sitting down to imagine a story audiences will inevitably respond to as fact as much as fantasy. But Schumacher offers no apologies as he admits, "You bend life to fit the story. Emotionally, screenwriters are actors. You pretend to be each one of the characters that you create." In the case of "Sparkle," Schumacher's original design called for an epic narrative "I wanted to make a black 'Gone With the Wind,' but that was not financeable at the time, so what we accomplished was far more modest." To Schumacher's mind, "Sparkle" still reflects his personal fascination with the lives of Jesse Jackson, Angela Davis, singers Tammi Terrell and Diana Ross. They are all great heroes to me," he explains, "I dont think you'd have a "Sparkle' without Diana Ross even though it has nothing specifically to do with her life story because she was the first to cross over. Her magic transcended the color barrier." But, he concedes, when it came time for Warner Bros, to send the movie out into the world, the company did not do so with the greatest confidence, hedging its bets by financing only a limited media campaign and concentrating it in black markets. Because "Sparkle" has earned respectably appreciative reviews and because it is a first feature not only for its screen-writer but also for its producer Howard Rosenman and its director Sam CSteen, Schumacher would have liked the studio to have taken out larger quote ads and to have aimed at a wider audience. "I dont want to be negative," he demurs, "but Warner Bros, treated 'Sparkle' like a small, black movie. They didn't treat it seriously enough. They should have promoted it for all that it was worth." Although "Carwash" is also set in a heavily ethnic milieu, Schumacher doesn't expect to see the Universal movie, which was directed by Michael Schultz, suffer the same fate. "Carwash," he says, "is just a movie" without any qualifying adjectives. NATIONAL FILM DAY: On July 12, a portion of the nation's gross box-office receipts will be given to the American Film Institute. The third annual National Film Day has received the support of 10 film companies Al- ui. ey i mi yi A- f j 3. Is Xf i V1 Is, --" ,,v Si ! f . 1 '' JOEL SCHUMACHER "... I just make up what I want to see." Times photo by Michael Hilly lied Artists, American International Pictures, Avco Embassy, Cine Artists, Columbia, Walt Disney, Paramount, 20th Century-Fox, United Artists and Warner Bros. as well as the National Assoc. of Theater Owners. Universal remains the major holdout in the campaign to enlist motion picture audience support of the AFL BEGINNINGS: "Demon Seed," an MGM production starring Julie Christie in sci-fi jeopardy, began production on locations around Los Angeles Tuesday. Produced by Herb Jaffe and directed by Donald Cammell, the project also stars Gerrit Graham, Barry Kroeger and Alfred Dennis and employs a screenplay by Robert J. Jaffe who adapted the novel by Dean Koontz . . . "The Squeeze," a contemporary thriller starring Stacy Keach, David Hemmings, Edward Fox, Stephen Boyd, Carol White and Freddie Starr, begins filming in London today. Directed by Michael Apted, produced by Stanley OToole and written by Leon Griffiths, the movie is to be released by Warner Bros. KNOWING THE SCORE: John Kander and Fred Ebb, the composer and lyricist who provided Liza Minnelli with song in "Cabaret" and "Lucky Lady," will write four original songs for "New York, New York," which stars Miss Minnelli and Robert DeNiro and is to be directed by Martin Scorsese for United Artists release. Besides the title song, expect to hear "There Goes the Ball Game," "But the World Goes "Round" and "Happy Endings" . . . Michel Legrand will write an original song score with lyrics by Dan Black for a semi-animated British production of "Gulliver's Travels" to be produced by Joseph Shaftel and to star Richard Harris. It INI VERS AL STUDIOS TOUR laefAN MCA COMPANY OPEN 930 AM-LAST TOUR 330 PM At TODAY W. C. FIELDS and the MARX BROS. at a Theatre or Drive-In Near You! Ml reaper fAB.jl wi i don't get half the laughs." a socket an even bteaV." 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A. 837-7171 THEEE MOVIES 6- Tarzana 996-1300 PEPPERTREE 1- Northridge 993-0211 AMERICANA CINEMA 3-Panorama City 893-6441 SHERMAN- Sherman Oaks 784-9911 EAGLE ROCK PLAZA 4-Eagle Rock 254-9102 CENTURY San Gabriel 282-5168 Hit Oriiinl, iinemmi, iinrinH Clinic tf Ctmii Cltttictf m4 MMK mm. .J fl I f AM DHTU Inl iw'TAtff HOUYWOOD MHIIMA hTWM State TMrs ErmrruacHT m PACT 1 (I) 1230-360436 tOOlOJONo PSMt PANTAGES imm$orrt mtna moicjo 50c rmi opoow rwK rnvwea PAOFK nam inttto) tadFMtndt Mil 4M4U3 lUD-mvno nan nnnim IJ.Jldl4i'.'MI!4dl.lhJ!U!il WITERN Wtsttm IWIIWf IIT(I) 1230-UOftX PAIAMSE .UTiitn WSU Aiwan Low Phcfts! 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