Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 25, 1949 · Page 13
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 13

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1949
Page 13
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^Employment Help Wonted—Mule WAXTr:»-Man bctwei-n 2,'.-30 yours il ««<•. imiri-iccl. t-micKK (•riiii-niiou ri|iiivn!i<tit. in-ill «)>|ii-nfliiK. HRltlnii <•»- Uerl«m:u hi-lpful but mil RHnunllUI Wi- arc- n,-,.l..| n l.,i i,n,. ,,| i tll . m , ml |,,,,.,,. lar l»vr-i>rl<-ttt < 1,11,,-rnl mihir/ anil .••>innilHH-,un haul*. 1'iUil vniMi'.'iii" • He n«..-illh *.- nt-i-lilcnt ln»uninc-» ,m<l i . oii i.j Uoi ••<;" (•-< FIX BOVM WASTKU - Aimly II & J1 BuurhnK Alleyx. 155 Maple St.. N:.u«. • KOOM BUNGALOW — MOUKItS S6.XOO. MOI1EUN 6 • ROOM HOMK on Vust .sjtle, lire|>lure. oil heat. 1IKACOX KAI.I.H— 4-rooms. 2 unllu- i.shed. tlln bath, oil heal. A SI-HiPM-.'Y. 1'hcino 2-133 or B144. Employment Ilclii WUMU-<| 1VAA"l'l-;ri AT ONI' !•;.-. r, Kli-lii |,, • 'iiMrtUiiiK. A MM UK..- tau.uo leu- HitiKf. I'l,. ,111, 3107 For Sale 3 I.N UouitcH For Kulu ld .MllHt liu MI MAI.XIK.VII HKAI.TY' Oxlonl. I-hum- 2li!ll, Hi-ymuili- i'OM KAIiK--ln I'IMHDOCI iinur lliilo-i City, ii rurim IIOUHO, with lir.3in,ic", KUII north. 2 ,-nr KuraKc. Nltuaro.l i u n .iurrmr lot. owner IIKIVIIIK en aimilii'i- c-lly. JliiHt noil quickly. Kui-rillru. write Box "11" t.:-u HUWH. 1MMKJHATK OUCrj'AM'V—f. r-, >m bunKHlow. I'roHiJL't-t-lJnlon City Jul. 1'ruwar, well conmi-m-t,.,). Nli-ulv '.••- t-atc-d loi. iipni-ox. '20(1 It. MIL Ueo 'ilai-- rlty. Ti-l. Wtby. li-lS&O. FO11 SAJ.K—In Beat-on Falls, a-room summer IIOUHO. fnrnl.slied. partly Hn- Ishecl. no Inipi-oveinvntH, elcrtrlcily and lelej)liorjL' avalhibh.-. ajjpr'ox i 1-4 acres. ISO It. Iromaue on main hlitli- way. Secluded yet easily access]!,,".', Pricec) rich! for quick sale. Vhono Wtby. 3- 00-1 u. For Sale JJllllMCH I'Olt I'.wn N.» I. M— K.MlUiwi'Hl ii. Mcmi ,.|,. m t,i ln-iiiitlliil 'liliHiiulv,- ;, M,I,I,MI ,,n „,„: ||,,,,r. 11,.,.. lilurn. niitiirul Illn luillu-uoiii, ml liual. 'Iri'Htly rciluc.iMl in m In- initii »lsii(in [!' $l;I.UH(l. N(l ll!l«|'ll<>IH! Illlol-ITIUlY.I.I. Call MIC tmlay anil lot in,! Khow you thl.'i one. I'ATNV I,AIIIU(II,A (("•Hi Knliili, AK"!il 1'lionn NIIIIK. :HI,.S ,,r Wlliy. u-a2i:i with 1 cmtllUon. lv «.':i'l I-'OH HA I, I" — 2 inniliy linunii l-iiiililM on I'uc-.l! Hour. i;oml Mm- liiciillnn. ni-liM-il 1',-nMuiin Alilluiny Kiirri-r -1 2:1:1. Imturunue & Haul Kntalo FOK HAI..K— r lumlly B room hininu Hltuulud mi Union city Kuiid. oil Im.-n- cir lunmcu, InHiiluliid. i*it UUxl.'.u *'. A, J1KAZ1CKI. limn J.;»i<it*. 1'hunu 6425. JAMBS MOOUiS Hca! Kstute — At)i)i-a,.^-i Phone SS'.S (or Selected Homo* Hoot and Boya, Inc. Realtor* Jnnurnnce 174 QranJ BL Phonn 4-81(11 Wtby. liny »r Rrtl u lluxliii'SH JOSKl'lI HAll'EHlN, lirnkor InKtinincc, Loin, Heal Kttlite S» E. Main St. Tel. 1-tHSa Wtbj. P-. A. BRAZ1CK1 — Real fflstatt — 174 PROSPECT bT. PHONE) 5425 List Your Ifi-ouerty lor Quick Sale. The A. R. Martlno Co. Real Estate And Appraisal* JOS B. Main St. Phone 8-3286 Wtby. WALTER A. NORWASH. Any. INSURANCE; REALTOR 203 Church St. Fhono 4784 N««* 1 FAMIJjY—C, roomH on Highland Ave Tol. 50S1 JOHN 1IHAI,Y. US Church St. K35A1, ESTATE 48 Spring St. Tel. 3-2081 Wflterb&ry, Conn. 8A Wanted to Buy IVANTEI)—GocO 2 mnmy nouae. 5 or I rooms on each floor preferred. I hav« u c»«h customer waiting lor euch < listing. HENRY M. MURPHY Real ISHtate and Appraisals Telephone 3-4032 Waterbury TRY DAItY NEWS WANT ADS FOB QUICK RESULTS For Sale |''or Halo Announcements i ''"—*«»«mi milUlliiK loin ul Now Iliivan Hd. Huiinoiml.lcj. ell wnlnr. I'lmnn Hurry Hclimllz, 40B ullur a p. m. Wimtod To Runt For Rent Iloonm to Kent KOIt IlKN'l 1 —|.'iinili<|,,.,| ate lioiiiu. I'iiuno (J!ili4. H()()M— I-'o Ili'KeH, KO r i-i.nt. wltli kltchun nrlv I) liiiiiillun. I'liono 42:).'). Offices To Bent roil KI-INT — UlllcvH lor proluBHional man In Naugatuck, Tel. 3-1)886. Wtby. Announcements Lost and Found .MISSINU—Small brown dos with crippled left Iron leu. AitHWors to "Bon zer". Keward. Tol. (i'JSO lib Opportunities UUA-OJIT1 THIRSTY I Stop A* The BT»A1THVII.I.E SPA New n»r>-n Boail Finn* 4851 Fitzpatrick-Romano — Public Accountants — Phone Naue. 2806-6007 RUUY-S BRIDAL SHOP ...,1 No. Main St. Tel. 3-1KS4 Wtby. Gowna—brlde«, hrideamalda, (lower glrla DHES9MAKIJVO ana AlterntluBH done rea»onal,Ie. Phono 5841. Mra. Louise McGuIro, 47 Blngham St. lib Business Opportunities Vinit Our Soiln Paunialn Open 7 a. m. to 0 p. m. Kxcept Sunday ANDY'S CAMPUS - Church street 12 ItiiNliKMM AniiouncomentM l''iiin:y IliilHiim te 'niii-ucia, uml "mill V,| »Wlt; nil Hult.utrd, KniiMunalily urli'inl li'iufch, wroalhH, otc. Wrltu lor DI-KI- IIIHIIII1H KAHM, UurnimlHlnll. MU»H 18 Special Notice* REST HOME I'rlviUn Huomii - ll»iiui C'Doklnt! Ci'iili'ully lymiiitHcl Blal 5-40UB Wulerbury W1I/MAM M. CIUTTENOIBN Iiimirancc- ..- noil K«tnto . cc- ISO Church St. Phono 2MO Automotive Anton For Sole FOR SAI/K—1931 Porfl 4 dr. Hodan, MUBt Boll I I Oood motor. ONJ^Tf ITS Cun be Boon «t KSHO rlns Sinilr>n, North Main Bt, A«lc lor Hay Ciu-oii'ii our. Phono 7208 Anytime foil 8AI.K—1946 Lincoln Heiluil, let black, mechanically excellent very clean. Packard Waterbury, Inc. Packard Sales & Service "A Sale Place to Buy" 482 Waturlown Ave., Wtby Dial 4-C109 MEMBEB OB' WAMA A-l USED CAUsf BARGAINS 18-18 Ford Convertible 1!>4K Nafth Sedan * 1147 KalHor Sedan l!M7 Olds, Club COUDO 1041 Clul) Coupe lfl-11 Chevrolet Club COUDO 1047 Ford Pick Uc 1049 Chevrolet 2-ton slake 'ruck Numerous Others Al Low Prices The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St. Oiion EvnnlnKu EXPEJIT—Carburetor and generator service. Check now lor winter. A & B AUTO SERVICE 614 Bank St. Tel. 6-1322 Wtby "HAFCO- BETTFB U8E1J CARS THE NAUGATUCK FUEI, CO. till (4a AUKT /WILOR6D HAS BEEN UP 10 HER OLD TRICKS, PHIL! INE HAD HER ON PROBATION, BUT "THIS \$ THE END! MAME VOU BEEN ENJOVlNQ NOUR VACATION, DARUN6? HOPE- SOU CAUGHT A BIG ONE FOR VOUR DEN IK) OUR DREAM HOUSE 1 . .. Orl,V«ILOA..,Jl)«T THE SOUND OP VOUR NOICE 0UILD5 A CHARCOAL FIRE UNOER MV HEART! BI70FAIU7INV W END — VEPJfFflLOVROV SE7 TH6V GRRBBED EUER'THING THftT WOZN'T DOWN ( SNtF- SfO\F '.! )-- COOKSTOVJE, POTS AN % PANS, VWRU PITCHERS, NIGHTSHIRTS TOOP BRUSHES- WHY DIDN'T FflLDVROV QRB8 SHOOTIM' AR'N?? He wuz ' OUTGRftBBED!! VE KNOW THEM VORG BUT(.eR iJES' CftLLEO OP, TVLER-- HE SET. THOSE CftN JUMP LIKE OrKH RftBBlTS aes* s^woopeo DOWN ON VOR6 PCNTHOOSe E.EBYSOOY. PUCK! mil SPKD, PAMCHO! WHO eeouswr VOU HOMS FUOM THE DA^JCE I OOUtO HEAC T THAT JUST TOO UTTSiLV QUAINT ? THINK: ITS A OOD IDB TIME YOU SETTLE DOWM NAWVEVERY TIME WE TAKE HIAA IM FOR A ROUTINE CHECKUP.. ME. RAISES SUCH AM AKICi HA<i SO MUCH ....THAT TW£"VET "ALWAYS PHOMES AMD OFFERS TO PAV US..IF WE'LL JUST COME ^^P """AKE HOME!! WHY TAKE. HIM TO TWE"VET'S"? '..ISN'T THAT Expensive? HEALTH HAPPINESS \$m\fy\ \9'V'*n t - ' HMVC M ... BUT WE'RE GOING TO NEED A COUPLE MORE OM OUR PIC< YOUR MAM AND DEMAS< WM QUICKLY... ,. ,6AILOR/ UJiSLCOME BACK FROM DREAMLAND Winter Accmiaonc-a BALDWIN ST. GULF STATION Jos. Clrlello, Prop. Tel. 3-8941 Wtbv or 4060 Naug. Hubbell's oertlo* Btatloi. 19B Rubber Ave. Phon« 494 — WflBhlnt—Polishing—Waxing — HOTCHKISS ST. GARAGE DODGE J< Phone 5727 STUDEBAKEB TKI7CK8 available All Models and sizes ERICKSOJI MOTt'JtS '29 Rubber Ave. Phone 483 — Studebaker Car» A Trucks — .r I'V T *« B1B »«"n~AT«" Waterrllle Tel. r..Ql»—USED GAB8 A TUUCK8 „„, Car* Bc.pght anil Sold BKIPPY MAOKE MOTOH SALES _ , *Se WATEHTOWN AW. Tel. Wtby. 4-8K81 or Watertown !««• Trailer* COACH «hnw wlth bathrooms, showers, tubs. Famous Liberty Trail- rT/ c " flt ' hea "? w «"«|laWe on S year ..<% finiince plan. Other well known makes like Vagabond, Trot wood American. Natloaal and Pnilrie Schooner on reasonable terms. Open 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. daily. Ryder Trailer l0 , s >nP 0 2 d ^ Mlllor<5 - Conn - (1 ml| ot Mllford Center) Millord 2-2939 Auto Parts SALE—4 new Bear. Wheel AllKnment A i 5. 1 "! Frttm e Service —Weldinn el PnlnllnK - Colllalon Renairs oo J , N / E l S AUTO BODY WORKS 28 Watertown Ave. Phone 3-G241 Wtby. We carry • tall Una ol HarWord, Eilfio, Autollte It Armstrong Batteries. JOE'S TIRE SHOP No. Mate 8t Tel 3-2414 Wtby. Selecttwt ol New and Used ."'IS New and Used Tiros «i , " P 81 " 1 Cor » ""I Par*" 639 No. Riverside St, - Tol. 6-0492 Open Sunday Mornings tlrea; Merchandise _ JiTAPOATuOK NEWS (CONN.), FRIDAY. NOV. 2S. HMO-PAGE 13 I'oullr.v anil Kggn Bohuol gi. jj<iav«ry, Tol. aS»l-MJ7 -II707 27u Office and Other Equipment UOCTOU8, Concealod t)Blt«". ,„«„ Junt what you wanted Soo_u» or havo our ruiiruaentfttlve, fall SOL.OMON'8 BALISS & HKHViC^ 37 Cooko Kt. Dial 1-7010 ^^^^^^ Articles 'FOR ti&'L'E—Sain bed, almoat new. Ciill OC41 alter 8:30 p. m. toil SAI..K—Universal deluxe waalilnn machino. $75. Universal Ironor, %'jO. G.35. dual control electric blanket {2C All 2 yrs. old. Call 4567. FOIt SAI^E — Combination eas & oH stove, 4x4. uracilcally new. v«iry reasonable. Phone 5C22. FOH HA1K—Blue overatulied llvlnu room cbalr. Tel. B823. Alter 5 o. m. FOJt SA1K—Rtjznor naa heater. Room healer. 27 Olive St. Tel. 3000. USED REFBIOEBATons FOB 8Ai,E-i5o Airn pp . ASDttOJ-HY APH1IANCB CJTIOW O1TT TBI.. «O1 Venetian Blind* (CoBtom-Made). Blip Covei-n. Mad* to Ord«r. Free Batlmntea - Phone 586«. 8AFF BAN'S BOSTON STOBE I MKCK—Solid rermont mapl« bedroom suite, 1184.50. Oakvllle Furniture Co.. 184 Main St., Oakvllle. Tel. Wtn 224. Watorbury Branch. 636 Baldwin 8t TeL 5-1821. UM our "Uuy-Awar Articles For Sale BARGAINS — KOON — I^AXK Cedar Chests rUCCARIX) FURNITURE CO <67 W. Main St. _Tel. 4-6292 Wtby. FOB SALE—Walnut dining table ivllh 1 extension leaf. Good condition. Phone 7192. TO SOME RELIABLE PERSON WHO NEEDS a ROOMS OF FURNITURE Credit manager ol large furniiura store will turn over account lor the UNPAID BALANCE ON 3SASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS Thin lurnllure Is brand new II was sold on AuB. 14th. Un- lortunaloly, this ixiCHon IH not fretting mnirlea. For Infiirma- tlon uiul details phone Waterbury 4-3144 Ask (or Mr. Albert. A-L— B—E—R—T—'S 2(10-74 So. Main St.. Walerbury Open ThurnduyM to 0 u. m. Merchandise 91 Bu»lno«ii MnrvlouN lUuidurml HOLLAND FUIXNACB CO. ' •,.«,-. . • lit IS, Mfclli Ht. . Tel. 4-1003 Wtliy. DHKIWMAKINU, WOWNH, MATKHI- Al>(»—MI»H A. Lamparella, 11 Maine Tpfri»c(j. phone 2V25. OJtl>liJIN TAKK.N tor Blln Covnri. - Mn-torUtl MINKS NEED T1MBKK U. «. iiilnlny fiii«riit|.>n« u«« «„. l'i-oxim, lU .|y aio million cubic f«et of Umber annually. PROBATE NOTldJi , MIOIMTI-; gp*eUl l>rlo» Ok 4.11 Memorial* H. BICIIABIIH-M* H.I.U Mrnta • IMu MIT Htf«ter'» Alnntoim blniktlun Storm Window. MIlatlob, Booling, Hldlnir. 1.00 DRKXI.RR CO, Wtt™ i-«OM RAY MELBOURNE finni Mowtr MharpvMBK * Heirtln 410 lUbbor A»«. Fkon* Ttll mmki KANAKA ZOO _ . SftlOB and Service Savtegg St. Tel. 4-SS3S Wtb». I aKSr*ff™" C1 " U " n &,.£?i>ur. PhoM «-4185 nrw- lown aen liiK Iho Ham- ,„,.• Urn,, In !rVrt r . t T', nK " cl r-»l"H»n ll, , Ji, ljy """'""•• « '"" th.i inibl c- Ki K n-!>'.><t In NiuiKulu<-k. in H,,ld District, and bt HvndlllK. IKIHI.-IICO iii-opnld, n llki- nnt!. » to (-ncli ,,l tt,,. known h.-lr« r.-Hldln* outsldi- ihis DiHtrlct at leal 2 dai« bclnre said day aligned. Ann .V. Undt-rhCI. Ck-rk. 3. 11. TIFFT CO. ''Church St. Phone 37:10 Plumblng-Heatlng-Oll Burner Service CESSPOOI^H—SKPTIC TASKS Cleaned. luntallcil — uralnH Unpliiwe-1 AnytbtaiK, Anywhere, Promptly SCOTT HABITATION 8KRVICK DIM UJtt OAH.MEJT'8 CrSTOM TAI^OK Tallor-Made Bklrts - |7.!»6 S-D*y Cleaidn* Service 147 «. Mutn St. Pbone Z011 J. A M. ELECTRICAL WORKS Home Wlrlni find Repair tT Btrnum Court. Phonos 3294-63JI COJTPT/ETB tenaaonpc mrrlce. lxa«t evergreena. tree removal. Eixperl- enced men. Fully Insured. Also drlv«- •nym. 3, Belleta T»l 5«48. 39 Cleaning and Dyeing HUBS. Drapes and Slln Covers Beautifully Cleaned Dependable Delivery Service Free. KIEVMAN CLEANERS 78 Church St. Phons 802} ReuptioUtertnf , B1,IPCOVF,». SNO. NEW CnSTOJT MAI>B I,lVUfC. BOOM FURHITTJRB. CARPETISO OBIFPIN* CEJCTEH 8T. 1TACO. 4«»t WTBT. 4-SMI Notice QUANTITY — 9x12 wool iaco russ, $2L'.9B. NAUGATUCK FURNITURE CO. I 25 So. Main St Phone 2751 Clearance Sale — Rayon DI-CBH Prints — GOc A Yard A, Z J - *f C FABRIC CKNTBR 48 Grand SI. Oj>«. Hadley H HAJIGAIXS—Uned Electric Ranges 110 and up, also, used Washing Machines $10 and up. Watts Electric Straita Turnpike Tel. 3-4570 Wtby L'SE1> BJvVBHII>GE COCHMStt. - 32 case counter tyne dry cooler. To lie sold below coat; complete with unit. Original coat 1 year ntco '<5S5. Sacrt- Ilco nrlce $325. WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St., Beacon Falls. Tel. 7J30 FALL FTJJ18 — Full . ntoeli. Little IUTB, none finer. Wulllngford. 2211-M I>OWAT FIJB FAOM. THE HAEHEH8 8ROP !0 Grand St. Tel, 4.7»8» Why Qunlltjr Leather OloTes—Drexr. THE TOT HOUSE Selection Now At Ita Best Wise To Shop Early 46 Pleasant Ave. Tel. 3073 SIP15CIAI, on spun rayon 50c a yard Call Mrs. Ruth Pllskin at 5895. Tlr e t Rubber Co. employes ascount r « fates for tires, honored here SB Jefferson St.. Wtby. Phone S-llJl! Complete Line Ol Seat Covers Joe's Service Station 78 Bridge St Phono 4970 Contractors Contracting BtJILDEB-Carpeuier. No „„, ^ targe or B maU. Reasonable rat«8 Robert Prock. Pearl Road. TeL 7»61 M. V. SCHIAROLI — Building Contractor — Phone 804? Building Material! Seasoned Wood Brick, Sand, Concrete Sand, Loam Phone 6548 or 3354 _ Mariano Sand * Stone Concrete Co. REPICB^TB — Trucking—Move™ W T^rifl' T TrtB1 ^ 8 t0 r, NtW Tork - N « w = U?M V .* ni1 New England. T. W Robillard Van Lines. Wtby. 3-3683. TRACY STAINLESS STEEL SINKS Double Bowl. «6 Inch, Below Cost TOWER APPLIANCE 286 No. Main St. Phone 4-1294 Wtby. 8HOTTLDER P ABS—Embroidery, trimmings. Buttons. Largest in state. Reliable Factory, 87 Scovlll at. Wtby. 30 Miscellaneous FOB SALE —SWEET CIDER-Judt made. Harry Sawczuk. Tel. 4505. SWEET CIDER—Made fresh dally Iroro sound apples at Schlldgen'a Mill, New Haven Road, 30b Musical MECCA MUSIC SCHOOL Buckingham Elder. Phone 5-2245 Wtby. junnumnts Furnished 30d Good Things To Eat , Tel Fain ting ROMA. PASTRY B01 NORTH MAIN ST. Finest Italian-American and French Pastry In all New England. Also Spu- monl, Gelatl and Ic cream. Everything made • on - premises. Special attention given to wedding Parties, our prices are the lowest, but our merchandise definitely the best. We deliver and ship anywhere In the U. 8. Tel Waterbury 6-2117. MARIANO BROS. i Education BEST IKVE8TMENT ta to paint your Ior '™ e estl - KAYMOND J, jnjOMHB .. „ P»lntlnif — Paparhanglnir IB South View St Phone 8S01 IlfTEKlOS I'AINTINQ ASB PAPBBHAXOllfG Pbone Juseiih San Angelo —71TO Electrical Contracting WlHIJfG-oi all kinds, CATfASTA—Most talked ol came w! the yeaK I will teach you In .vour home or mine. Special rattis to Ki-ouiiH. Good eveninff'B entertainment. Arrange a.uarty now. Phone Waterbury S-3773. ...*»-,„„ BID JfOTICE In accordance with the Drovl.siDuq nl Section 2r>2 ol the aonern! Sta'.u'j'H ol Connecticut, Rtvislon ol 194!i. Heuicn) procpsals lor the materials and/,i:services herein specilied will IIP ro- ceiyed by (he Supervisor o[ PurohnH».j, stale ot Connoclicul at Room 408 state '.npitol, Hnrtforcl. until ihn tlmo and ilatf! herein set forth nnj ihcrealt,-,- Immediately opened and read | n nuhi:<j. N ^'o 2 , 9 ' V 4 . 9 at 10 n - m EST-SuwiIv- IIIR (rcsh-lrozen and salted to state nRencles for deliverv A'*»«U ^ Nov. 27, 1JM9, v>* t K oi h!ii'i!T~ Sses lor c °T»nlssion on Alo.o- HOH- p'ufi' bnrs lor F » lr " otl1 s^ 1 N " v - 30, 1949, at 10 n. m. ISST-Sala ,.l 2r>p used tires lor Stale Polico U,-i,t Sale of 9 used Pord V-8 too h n' motors lor Slate Police Dent ' One"l»50 ! ? orw ' ich Sta<e Hospital. 2 n ? ^- ton Panel Truck for Or-in Wate Farm lor Women. Nl.intl<-. r.nnn' Hosnifar""" 1 " '° r N ° rWic " *»* OleomnrCTJ-lne for Slnle ln«t|intion-< to' 7 A?' nt '" a ' '"' RST —'•"''•"n l' Nand sprenders r lo" Stato k "Ml|.'h 1 w'"y RADIO — TTCL.1EV— K.C.A. — Admiral Television 6aJe« and Serrto* SWAN'S Electrical Ontraetora flhiee IMS " CBDAB ST. HO. S57J COMMERCIAL and DOMESTIC REFRIGERATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St, Beacon Fall. T«L MX Emergency (XII WB7 THE CHINA INN 11 Harrison Ave. Wotorbury Closed All Day Monday* Tuesday thru Friday Open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. Saturday 11 A. M. to It Midnight Sunday 12 Noon to Vt Mldnlxot Oeo. Wifffflftsworth ft Son, lac. PLUMBING. HEATING and AIR CONDITIONINO MAPLE STKEET M Hour Oil Burner 8er*l<« TKL. M6S PLASTIC TOILET SEATS Lifetime Guarantor Amorted Colon 95.9S WEISS BEN TRANKLUff 8TOSZ CHtmCH ST. XATJGATtJCK T»nii| of > fl . nrlnclpally nv Dent " Oak. fr »n Stn(e HU Wiftn for Sfnf „„ „. r^nnt'p f n r Stato Aconci<?5». > ™ lnP !. h /oh,^°/% ^"^S rond Cn. for state' Highway Doin. ."p'L^u^^'^'^J^^^e Su|>ervisc,i^ P o[ \ SECURITY Does your Iniurance (l-re adequate protection todayT DO YOU HAVE CTT B«e KAUOATDCK INSURANCE AQ£NCY INC. Building CORU are ateadOy Increasing- PRONE 2080 F. W. EATON, Mgr. _. ' Purchases. Pi,-, TRY VDWS WANT ADS QUICKER RESULTS TELEPHONE SALE Starting Wednesday Of Useful Household Articles by Naueatuck Post Xo. 17 AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY Funds to Be Used for Veteran's Christmas Hospital Work WANTED Young Musicians for the Junior Symphony Orchestra Ages 6 to 18 Good Orchestral Training- at Absolutely No Expense Apply Co Mario DiCecco 5-0690 This Is A Kiwanis Clnb Project LEA UN TO, BBtVE—Call Central 'Dual Auto Driving School, 219 Weut Main St Tel. 4-62S2, Waterbury. 35a Mattresaes Anjr good old MATTBES8 remade Int. Vno-VnVv !„ ii , , ~ ul a " : "»ds, Any goon old MATTBES8 remade Int. d?S« ii^m,,M ma i 1 J obs lor lhe u " 11 - I au 'nn»r»Prtor *«BM to NEW In 1 B»r. ays ~ jMY'SttgpSftrf 1 - SB « M "'»' »««... w»r, t.MM. care o , "MRS A. 8HEPPABTJ Seott ht.. >anK. Tel. 8071 Merchandise Poultry aiid Ejfg* Jl'tiT RKCKIVBn-Bfe. shipment o'( chickens, broilers, roosters, turkeys canons and rabbits. Hi-Way Drive In Chicken Market. On the Nausatiir-k- Waterhury Highway opposite intersic- 4872 Platts Mills Road - Tel. Nans. FHOZKN CUt- Roasters and ~----k'...j4.» — -rvujLwujrB L 'Uj-uii tovyls. Ready to cook. GREAT OAK FARM Phone 5049 . Naug. 4604. ~ Broad breasted bronze Sold whole or hall. On II _ T P ttUE'YS— Alive or dressed. Whola - g a i.?, , or reta «- A" sizes. Mrs. n. RchtldKcn. East Waterbury Rd Na-J- eatuck. Tel. Naug. 3«OS. Mattresses Remade 1 Day Sei vice—Work Guaranteed Stanley's Mattress Service Phone 4-9Z79 Waterbury Services 37 Business Services Rendered Delcb, Hemy and Autollte Service Expert Auto P.epalr & Motor Tune-Up See BUK Hi»Iop Whttnll Bntlcry * Electric Co. 136 Rubber Ave. Phone 11713 ET-ECTBIOA'i," ED. DUKETTE. ASD )IlK TEL. 4S57 Oil Burner* Cleaned and UenaJreci PartH For All M«kc» ol Bnrn*r<i Harry Chnrchlll. tg Proipect St.. »0tr CHIMNEYS pointed and repaired bj expert. All types ol mason work. JOHK ODOU Phone $-02(7, Wtby. ANNOUNCING THE OPENING OF EMMONS & ROSS TRUCK SERVICE WHERE? 717 MERIDEN ROAD WATERBURY, CONN. _ DIAL 6-1979 WHEN? FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25th PUR P 0 3 E ! SPECIALIZING IN TRUCK REPAIRS James (Jimmy) ROD*. Service Manager for The International Harvester for the past 15 years, now available to all hi* acquaintances in th» automotive field on truck and tractor prob- lema, large or small. DONT HESITATE TO CALL WHEX T.V TROOB1B BILL EMMONS — JIMMIE ROSS

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