Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 25, 1949 · Page 12
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 12

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1949
Page 12
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PACK \t— NAUOATCCK NEWS (CONN.), FBIDAT, NOV. 25, J1M9 Whooping Cough Cases Increase In Past Week Whooping cough coses continued to increase during the week just ended according to the summary of reportable dincases Isnund each Monday by the »tatt« department of health. Cases of this disease rose from 88 to 114 duringr the past •even-day period, Chlckenpox coses Increased from 43 to 54. broncho pneumonia cases from seven to 28; poliomyelitis coses from 14 to 15, scarlet fever from seven to 13 cases, lobar pneumonia from two to eight cases and fltrcplociccul aoro throat from two to four cases during the past week. At tho same time, syphilis cases dropped from 31 to 18 gonorrhea cases declined from 22 to 18, German measles coses from four to three, merilngococcnl meningitis cnson from three to one. and those of typhoid fever declined from one to none. During the past week, measles cases remained at 11 and mumps cases at 48. This was the fourth consecutive week that Connecticut was without a case of diphtheria. The average American worker's wage is: More than 4 times that of the French worker. Approximately 1.8 times that of the English worker and approximately 8,4 times that of the Italian worker. Naugatuck Chemical DIVISION OP UNITED STATES RUBBER COMPANY "Serving Through Science" FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST WATKRBURY Invites you to A FREE LECTURE ON CHRISTIAN SCIENCE fc y .-. . IL \-'x~: Lecturer: ARTHUR PERROW, C. S. of Chicago, Illinois Member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mu.HniichUBeU.-i Subject: "CHISTIAN SCIENCE THE WAY TO FREEDOM" PLace: THE CHURCH EDIFICE Corner Holmes and Mitchell Avenues Time: FRIDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 251 h at 8 :15 feed/ Don't think of small sums of money as chicken feed. Regular deposits in a savings account soon count up and will help to make your future COME IN AND START YOUR ACCOUNT On The Air Today 6:30— WATT.— NAUOATUCK NEW* — W11HY— III Hrlionl III UltOH WTIC— .HlHt 1'luiii BUI WWCO— Turn Mix 6:45— WBKY— Curl Maasey WT 1C— Front PARC Fnrroll « :00— All StntlonH— Mown C :1B— WATU— HporlH til tho E!ay WWCO— S|iiirtMc-i)|K! WHItV--l'lTillHiui<i. Hiiru'iliilu WTIC— Htrlctly BiiortH 6:80— WATU— Von Tobol ; Sports Wl.iUY— John A. Cluncy WWCO— Wlm'n Talklnic WTJC— WrlKhtvlllB FolkH 0:45— WATK— Ouy l<niiili[irdu WTJC— 3 Stnr Bxlra WBKY— Lowoll Tliomna 7 ..00— WATTi— llcudlliiPH ISdlllrm WUHV— (llli'Hl Slur WTIC— I-lKllt Up Tlmo WW(.!O— l-'iillun I.nwlM. Jr. 7:IB— WATll~1'lin»i) Your Aimwer WTIC— NUVVH wriRV— Ailvimtures o! Bubo 1 tilth wwco— TwiiiBiit SHOP.. 7 :30— WATH— I.lHtim to Ann flrenlcr WBUY— Club IT, WWCO— CJnbrlel Heatter WrlC— GiiP.Ht Star 7:45— WATU— 13lnK Crouhy WWCO— I Lrjv» A MyHtcry WHRY— ISdwitrd R. Murrow WTTP— Album ot thn Wuok 8 :00— WATR— Thn Fut Man WTJC— Ihmry MorRan Show wnilY— Thn (InldberKH WWCO— 1UIHH Morgan 8:80— WATR— Your FBI WimY— My Fuvorltn Husband WWC— On The Orccn WT1C— Wo. thn l'r;o|)lc 8 :4. r .— WWCTO— RpolIlBht on n. Star !):DO— WATU— O»zl<j & iriirrictt WTIC— I.ld; ol Tlllny WTiriY— T>PIIVP II To Joan WWCf)— Air Forci! Hour 0:30— WATU— T HA WTTC— Jimmy Piirnnto WliltY— Ydims r,<.vu 10:00— W'l'IC—nr. I. Q. WATU— THA WHKY— I'cr-Hlllt WWCfi— Ncw.s Commentator 10:1 r,— WWCO— Nownrecl 10:30— WTir— KnnrtH Nnwnrcftl WATK— Vlrgn VH. Fcltnn WHIlY— Cntittol Clr.akroom WWCO-.MurvIn Miller For Future America r.., and Con 11:00— All RtmlonH— N«w» 11 :1.1— WATH— SiwrtH WT1C— NOWH WWCO— TIN Today WBKY— Nito Shilt 11 :80— WATH— Or-mH ; Hanfo WTIC— 1-iiHliilM In Rhythm WWCO— riiirnci Ori:h. I2:00-A1I Hlntlorm— N.<wn TKLK VISl'JJt WKHC-TT Clui«nel « . r i:00— TIM! Htoulu Hliow r>:30— Ti-li'tuncn U :00— ChllilrnirH TlKintcr (1 :30— Film Khorta :4. r i— Pri'HH Box :(iO-Kiikln. Fran ft Ollln :30— Morton Downuy -.OO— Mama' :30— We. tin. rconlo :00— Honny Malda Show :.'IO— ntK Htnrv :00— lioxltiK :00— OroatdHt FlKhtn :ir,— SDortH HlKhllKhtH WCIIR Clmnnol ! :00— Ted Steehi :30— Tho Ohiir.k Wugon :30-I.u«:ky I'up :4n— Bob Howard Show :»0— HtrU-dy Vnr l,iuiKllH :lfi— I'aul Arnold Hhow :30-rns TolovlHlon NOWH :4n— Sonny Kundln Show :Sr,~ Herb Khrln«r :00— Mnmn :30— Man Afralnnt Crlmo .«d_ -rv ThcalPr :0rt— r'uniilc'M Plallorm :3n_OnnlIol Clonkrnrnn :00— NoWHrmil WMIT Channel 4 : 1 C— Judy Snllnlorn :3n— Hnwdy Doorly : 00— Children's Thcatfir :3fl— Tilftny Dni->H It :r,r, - Wen tin. rman :00— Kiikln, Hriin & Ollln ::ifl— Mortnn r>owney :4Tj— NPWH farHvim :0fl— Onn Man'H Fnnilly ;Sn_Wo. The- Pi-nnlo : 00— Bonny Maid Show :3d— Mlni-k Hriliu in:4fi— Greatest FltPH 11:00— SportH HIllleH : Tlank MnCuno Hawley Hardware 102 Church Street Moore's and Devoe Paints Gliclden's Spread Satin Plasti-Kote Finish Roasters Electric Appliances Hotpoint Refrigerator and Stoves Phone 4086 V5-e Deliver (MODEL M M«) WO INSTALLATION CHARGE <Hf N """"""""""'> GENERAL ELECTRIC I IDCAttD ALMOST ANYWHIM IN A KITCHIM INSTALL NOW for the holidays ... Walter's Refrigeration MAIN ST. (TEL. 7430) BEACON FALLS BECAUSE THEY STAY Clean Our blinds custom iniulo with new FLEXAUJM. tcinpcrod nhits . . . a.ctually shed dust. . . wipe I'.leun with u flick of a cloth. Won't, fade. Keep their lovely newness for years and years. BLINDS from $3.20 up COLUMBIA UNVERSITY prcsiden, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower ii shown at Valley Forge, Pa., as h< prepared to cut rope releasing tht "Freedom Capsule" which will bi burled for 100 years in the monolithic base of the flagpole. The capsule contains documents that received awards from the Frcedomj Foundation. (International) KAUTIIQtJAKKS OIIH.HN Snn Francisco—Most curl htjimkea arc cu.u.sntl by HlipplriK uf (hocarth'M oriiiit, although HUIHO an; of vul- c.'uiio origin. Unwanted Trees Best Removed From Ground Now Make November troc-riddlng, as we'll as treeplanting time. This month IH equally on Rood C'>r eliminating unwonted and *craf.j- f;ly nboroal citizens n.« it IH for planting ihonn flim fipdelmonn you know will do no much for your landscape. So says ,T. D. Riddle, field rcp- ri^nntatlvc of the Davey Tree Expert Co., who strongly advocates this Pall program. Some treed mny bo undesirable or unncedcd for nny onn of a number of rentions. Wllili the lawn mower Htowixl away for tho HuaHon, the home owner cun more logically Cace tho task of removing his aboreal monstrosities. It takes veal know-how, however, lr> determine whether trees arc ivs- sets or liabilities. To make Hurc consult your landscape architect or you don't sacrifice a valuable landscape sentinel, bout thing IH 10 tree expert, cautions Mr. Riddle. Here are some of the things tl:n.t huve to be considered :»Over-crowd- Inff, too much shade, scrawny trunfjH and branches, poor varieties. Kemove any tree that Is not an asset to . the landscape scene. The pround is still reasonably firm and tree removing can now be ac compllshcd with minimum damage to lawns. An appraisal of your trees will diucloHo which should be taken out now and which, becauao of further crowding;, will have to come out later. Better remove them before they become too large to handle ::afoly. If brisk Cull days find you icemlng with youthful energy, you tin tackle the job. youroolf. The icsultlng supply of wood will cose the coal problem and help to Htoke the fireplace when wlntcr'w Hl.o( lr nii howl and the cold crcepa in. , HAS RISSOURCKS Kra/ll !M onn of the hlrjhest coun Irlf.'i In the world In ruining re sources. Cardy Consumer's Dollar Growing In Value Daily Tho candy consumer's dollar is growing In value every day. it In .ihown in an nnalyslH mado f>y the Council on Candy of the Natlonnl Confnotionor'a Association. Combining iwmltft nf a counfll- vunductod MUrvoy umong lending miinufucturern with Deportment of Commerce atutlalicH Die study Indicates that, compared with a year ago, the cnridy purchaser Is goltlni; more for his money In quantity, quality or both whenever he buy a a nickel candy bur, a bag of bulk cundlos or the fiinclur packaged goodx. CompnrlHons 'Were mndo with August, 1948. In this one-year pc- ••itid moro than tvro-thirds of the candy bar manufacturers questioned by tho council have increased the size of their poduci, and the average candy bar today is approximately 12 per cent heavier 1 than It was a year ago. Increases nmong those manufacturers who have enlarged the bar averaged 20 per cent. Today, most bars mnnu- f'aclured by thouo •questioned rango from one and one-half to two ounces. A year ago, their bars averaged around one and one-fourth ounces. "Adam's Rib" Is Held Over At Strand, Waterbury "Adnm'n Rib," story of a district attorney and his nuvycr-wUc who take opposite sides in the trial of u woman who nas shot her philandering husband, brings Spencer Tracy and Kathnrinc Hepburn to tho screen in one of the funniest comedies of the year now being hcld-over for three more days on tho Loow Strand theater Hrrovn In Watorb.ury. Although the hilarious "Adam's Rib" Is anything but a tenrful tale, Tracy's weeps turn the tables on Katharine Hepburn In the story. She's out to prove that women arc equal to men in everything. So Tracy nets out to top her. He turns on the tear* and wini the argument. . The companion feature is "Sara- bund" with Stewart Granger and Joan Greenwood. TONY'S Poultry Market 100 JOHN STREET Tel. 2691 Mvc I'oultr.v, Frenh Kilted and nrouwMl to Your Order. U HO 1 1. K US. FIIYKRS, HA It KHS, KTC. In All Size*. FHESII KGOM at AIJL TTMKS There are 171 U. S. national parks, having a combined total area of 20 3-4 million acres. New Bendix Economat—with "Undertow" washing, "Floataway" draining', "Squeeze-Drying". No wringer, no bolting down. $17995 SEEING IS BELIEVING SO WK SAY, I.ICT US INSTALL A BENDIX ECONOMAT ON FREE TRIAL IF YOU OON'T MKK IT, YOU DON'T KKKV IT! 0 Ol'KN VVICONICHIIAY ANI> T1IUK8DAY EVENINGS • CONN. FXJEL-GAS CORP. WATICltBUICY KOAO, WATEItTOWN, I'HONK 275 PERFECT BLUE WHITE DIAMONDS $50 — $100' — $150 $200 — $250 — $300 $400 — $500 — $600 up to $3500 PAY WEEKLY LAY AWAY NOW FOB CHRISTMAS WILLIAM SCHPERO Jownlor 162 Church Street SAFFRAN'S UOSTON STORE 70 Church St. — Phone B850 FISH IS A BRAIN FOOD? w WATER WILL MAKE YOU FAT.* 3 1. Fiction. But fish is good for you — and so is a long distance telephone call. Talking with those "dearest to you" by telephone is almost like having them in your own home. Glance ot the low long distance rates listed on the inside back cover of your telephone book. You'll be surprised how low they really are. 2. Fiction. Water can add to your weight but will not produce fat in the strict sense of the word. ITS A FACT. LOWEST LONG DISTANCE RATES ARE IN EFFECT AFTER GRM.ANP ANYTIME ON SUNDAYS <y. -_ GOOD/YEAR TIRE TRACTIONIZING Here's what If does: • Gives you extra traction for darts fnA stOM an wet. icy. slippery roods! * • Reduces slipping and skidding in every directlonl • Does away with the need to boy — to rat on. and to take off "spedal" recaps. Extra traction's ^ there when you need HI • £!»** any make tire non-skid safety it never had pelorel «Qqe FOR ALL $i| - 95 4 TIRES! See us for Tractioniiinq NOW! QUICK SERVICE GOODYEAR TIRE DlHtrllmtor PAUL'S SHELL STATION "At Th« Traffic Light" UNION CITY — Open Daily 7 A. M. to » Midnight — STORE OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS Also All Day Monday Till Christmas THl SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE COMPANY THAT S THE FEELING SLEEP ON A $29.95 Feel Fresh . . . Look Frc»h! Sculy's perfectly balanced inncrspring unit helps you relax easily and naturally into refreshing, licallliful sleep. Naugatuck Furniture Co. 18-28 SO. MAIN ST. TEL. Z71I

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