The Leoti Transcript from Leoti, Kansas on April 28, 1887 · 1
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The Leoti Transcript from Leoti, Kansas · 1

Leoti, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1887
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tH VOL.1. LEOTI, WICHITA CO., KANSAS, APRIL 28,1887. " NO. 4. i i r V r COUNTY DIRECTORY. Representative, C. 8. Iriplett Treasurer, !. E. G&ndy. Register ol Deeds, Thos. F. Calhoon. County Clerk, L. (i. Moore, Clerk o( Hist. Court, E. A. Ramey. Probate Juilee, C. W. Garland. County Attorney, J. S. Newby. Sheriff, John Edwards. Superintendent County sohool, Mrs. M. A. Gray. County Surveyor, E. A. Miles. Coroner, Dr. V. M. Reynolds. JUSTICES OF THK PEACE. L D Cowen T Little COMMIHSIOMR8. LeoU Dist. A. Mnelnnls, Edwards Ilst Frank Harper. White Woman Dist Albert Johnson. GARLAND & CO., Abstractors and Real Estate Agents, LEOTI C1TT DIRECTORY. Mayor, .Tohn Koontz. Police Magistrate, Theodore Little. City Marshall, James Snodgrasa. COCKCILMEN: D. A. Bradley, Korrla Sprlgg. Oren Clark, J. R. Hicks, J. N. Mount. U. S. MAIL. Leaves Leoti for Wallace dally at 7 r. M.; arrives daily from Wallace at 6 r. M . Leaves Leoti for I .akin Tuesdays and Saturdays; arrives from Lakin Mondays and Fridays. Flea bear 'in mind, and have your mail in the office for going out by 6:45 a, m. W. M. Mvebs, P. M. GUE C. HARDESTY, ATTORXEY AT LA Jf', Loti City, Kansas. We have on hand the dnly complete set of abstract books in the county. SPECIAL ATTENTION given to the sale of town property. Parties owning lota in Leoti which they desire to dispose of should place them in our hands, - as our facilities for making sales are unsurpassed. W. S. McFARLAXD, PIIYSICIAX and SURGEOX. OFFICE : I doors south of Commercial hotel. 1ST Attends all rails day and night. We are now prepared to loan money on FINAL PROOFS M. R. LIVELY, ATTORXEY AT LAW. t37Land, Loan and collections a specialty. LEOTI - - - KANSAS. 1. B. KERSHNER, ATTORXEY AXD COUX-SELORAT LA JJ Attends to all kinds of business be fore the U. S. LAND OFFICE. Third Door South of Commercial Hotel, LEOTI, - - KAX. THE BON TON BAKERY and LUNCH ROOMS, The popular resort of the town, C. Jf. BOOTH, Proprietor. Canned Goods, Confectionery, Cigars and Tobacco of the Finest Brand. LUNCH AT ALL HOURS. THE PIONEER Furniture Store, JENNESS & MANASSA. Proprietors. Leoti. Kansas. A Complete Stock of all Kinks of FURNITURE CASKETS 5 -AND Funeral Requisites. Undertaking promptly attended to, KITT GOULD, The Practical Jeweler, DEALER IS 2& iiiriTnAuni a WA' T.HH XIi T II II i JkkLAkJ AND -NJEWELRYN- All kinds of silversmith ing and repairing done on short notice. Call on me at the PALACE DRUG STORE, LEOTI CITY, KA. J. B. FREELAND, DEALER IV Flour, Feed, Hav & CoaL Field and Garden Seeds a Specialty Pinterton's Old Stand, cnBjesdway. C. W. OAKLAND, Attorney at I -aw Probate JuUKe of Wichita Co. H. L. SEI.DKN. Notary imhlie. Abstractor. LEOTI CITY, KANSAS. -AT LOWEST RATES, Come and see US before negotiating a loan. Make your Final Proofs Beforethe PBOBATB JUD6BL Of Wichita County, andthus'avoidfuture trouble, expense and litigation. All Kinds of Conveyancing Neatly and Legally Executed. Call on or Address Us. CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED. mm iip mm raw, Leoti, Kansas. JNO. H.MARCH, SCHUYLER OPP, L.L.B., WIN S.WHITE, President. Vice-President. Cashier. Transacts a General Banking Business. Our safe is guarded by the latest improved TIME LOCK. Money to Loan on r inal Proofs. s Correspondents: National Ba$k, Kansas City. ChaseNatioxal Bank, N. Y. Tkego County Bake, VV a-keeney. M. S. GATES, DALER IN BOOTS AND SHOES HATS, CAPS, GLOVES, QUEENSWARE, GLASSWARE, Groceries, Flour and Feed, LEOTI CITY, - - - - - KANSAS. jP. G. Shanklin, Manager NORRIS 8PRIOO, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Sotary l"nblk". ETHAN MILES, County Surveyor. LOCAL NEWS. How do you like the Transcript by this time? Dr. Cotteral is visiting friends at Cimarron, Kansas. The streets of Leoti were swarming last Saturday with people. I. B. Kershner Esq. is visiting Wa-Keeney this week on legal business. ' J. Gould, father of Kitt Gould our townsman, is sojourning in Leoti for a few davs. Kerfoot & Monin have a fine stock of groceries and are doing a rushing business. A scheme is on foot for the formation of a building and improvement association. Robert Fleming is building a large and handsome residence on Second street, south of K street. Mrs. T. W. Pelham and baby "Bud" will leave for Carlinville, Ills., this week on a visit to friends. We understand that Wade's livery barn is to be removed to West K street and a new brick hotel built on the site. Messrs. Hardesty and Pelham are erecting palatial residences on their addition to the city. , F. W. Jones was donated a lot in the Jenness addition by the Leoti Town Company, this week. Blackburn & Allphin have a nicely fitted up store, well stocked with groceries and canned goods. W. A. Jackson from St. Joseph. Missouri, has opened a first class restaurant in the north end of town. R. B. Temple has had his office front painted in good style and a new sign lends additional beauty to the scene. James A. Lewis & Co. is the name of a new real estate firm in Leoti. These gentlemen come from Hutchison Kansas. Mrs. Hardesty, mother of Gue C. Hardesty of this city, is at Mitchell, Dakota, visiting a son who is in business in that city, J. W. Thompson, agent for the Shenandoah Nurseries, is delivering 1000 worth of fruit, shade and ornamental trees in the county this week. SPR1GG & MILES. Government, Deeded, School Land and City Property Bought and Sold. 8Titles to real estate investigated and abstracts furnished on short notice. All kinds of legal business attendedto. Leoti, Wichita County, Kansas. GUE C. HARDESTY, President. T. W. PELHAM, Cashier. WICHITA COUNTY BANK, Capital 25,000. LEOTI CITY, KANSAS. Real Estate Loans a Specialty. Do a General Banking Business. Collections given Fpecial Attention Interest paid on time deposit. . Mesdames Wallace, Little and Sebert were callers at the Than-script office Saturday to get papers to send to their eastern friends. Call again ladies. Just as we go to press warrants have been sworn out for the arrest of parties in Coronado on the charge of usurpation of office against the peace and dignity of the state. The side walks aro rapidly near- ing completion and by the end of the week the principal business thoroughfares will be furnished with broad and uniform side walks at. a cost of $1440. Daniel De Ford and J. W. Oleson of Ottawa, Kansas, paid their respects to the Transcript sanctum Saturday last. They have invested argely in Leoti dirt and will short-y locate in our lively city. Joe Klasner, city marshal of Dighton, Lane county, and W. II. Reber, of Horace, Greeley county, were in the city a few hours Mon day, and expressed pleasure at the handsome appearance of Leoti. Mr. Charles Coan is the possessor of the manual used by JeUerson Davis during the whole of his congressional career. The book was appropriated by a Union soldier when Jeff 8 residence was captured. Mr. Lee is enlarging his house for the purpose of engaging in the ho tel business. We hail with delight this timely increase of hotel accom modation and can now hope for some of the luxuries of the effete east. Coan, Neterer & Jarrain have formed a partnership. These gen tlemen now form one of the stron gest real estate, law and loan firms in the West, and enjoy a large share of the legal practice in Wichita county. strong rumors were current on Monday that Col. Prouty, the veteran journalist, who was appointed by the governor as census enumerator for Kearney county, had been shot Lakin whilst in the performance of his official duties. Frank Clark received a choice se lection of gent's furnishing goods this week and has enclosed a part of his store, as a tailor's shop. Mr. hauler, the tailor, will commence operations this week and .being first class workman we predict for him a liberal patronage. Mount, Uiarfc a uo. opened up their handsomely equipped office. 107 South Main street, last week These gentlemen have one of the largest list of farm lands and city property to select from, and lend money on final proofs. We bespeak for Mount, Clark & Co. a large busi ness, as they are favorably and well known in this county. A. 11. btuart, the commissioner appointed by the governor to take testimony in the Coronado murder affair, relative to an application for habeas corpus by the prisoners now awaiting trial, was in Leoti -lasl Saturday and took a verbatim re- port of testimony from several witnesses for the state. A. Hoskinson, of Garden City, watched the proceedings on behalf of the Corona-doites and J. F. Ward and J. Waters represented the 6tate. The commissioner had previously taken evidence at Dodge City and Garden City. E. C. Thomas, the obliging clerk at Shank's drug store is a practical pharmacist and holds a certificate from the state board of pharmacv. Judge Garland hxs the best orchard in the county, situated three miles northwest from Leoti. There are six acres planted with peach, apple a ad pair trees. W. It. Montgomery, the black smith, has sold "his lot and shop on East K street and will probably build new premises on block 41, East J street. Mr. F. A. Clark, our genial and clever clothing merchant, donated us a nice buggy drive last Saturday. Thanks, Frank, may you live long and p-r-o-s-p-c-r. J. C. Welch of Clarinda, Iowa, an old time friend of R. W. Carey, of the Leoti State Bank, is in the city, prospecting with a view to investing largely in Wichita county. The public school opened in the liool building on K street last Monday. All parents should be interested in the school and see that regularly and their children attend promptly. R. S. Sharpnack proved up the ne qr of sec 30, tp 18, range 3S, the 12th of this month, liefore District Clerk Ramey, and is now associated with F. P. Whistler in real estate transactions. Mount, Clark & Co's. office nearly opposite the Commercial hotel is one of the most elegantly equipped offices in the city. These gentlemen are to be complimented on their taste in fitting tip their premises. W. R. Gibbs has bought the re linquishment of a timber claim three miles southeast of town and placed a pre-emption filing on the same, lie will be a horny-handed son of toil" for the next six mouths. Hunt & Reinheimer have opened the drugstore formerly occupied by Webb & Patton. J. K. Hunt M. D., A. M. is a graduate in medicine, pharmacy and arts, and P. M. Rein heimer has had fifteen years experience as a druggist in Indiana. Wm. P. Rathers southwest of town has 100 acres of corn planted and will soon have forty acres more in sorghum and millet. That "is what we call business with a big auger. Who will be next to report to the Transcsipt so much valuable improvements? A. W. Russell, recently of Mich igan, now a well-to-do farmer eight miles southeast of this city, called at this office on Tuesday to lfarn the particulars of last Saturday's railroad meeting here. Mr. Russell is much interested in Wichita coun ty procuring railroads as soon as possible. The "Happy Thought" literary association was in session on Wednesday evening of this week. The following program was rendered: Opening address, M. U. Lively; violin solo, Jas. Thompson -r select reading, 0. F. .Cotteral; declamation, E. M. Hardcastle; select reading. Miss Skidmore;extempo speech, F. W. Jones; duet, E. A. Hardcastle and Jas. Thompson; instrumental music. - 1 s Biographical Sketches. R. K. JEKKESS, president of the Leoti Town Company, was born in Canada, but is of New Hampshire stock. Hi ancestry dates back to 1635, when a colony of English puritans, fifteen years subsequent to the landing of the Pilgrim Fathers, settled at Rye-Beach, N. H. The subject of our sketch is a worthy descendant of that sturdy and resolute band of pioneers, and he has inherited the qualities which have obtained for the pilgrim fathers of our country an imperishable name. Mr. Jenness removed with hi parents from Canada to DeKalb county, Illinois, in 1844, and was educated in the common schools of that county. He came westward, oh! to Kansas in 1857 and settled in Franklin county when the "noble savage" were numerous in the eastern counties of this state. He was elected sheriff of Franklin county , in November. 1SG5, and held that perilous and responsible office together with office of mayor of Ottawa until 1809, and was again chosen by the people as sheriff from 1872 until 1875. In 1 S70 he was elected to represent the 27th district in the Kansas legislature for two years, and in 1878 removed to Cherokee county, where he engaged in the coal business and operated a colliery in that county until his removal to Wiehita county in December, 1885. Soon after his arrival in Leoti he was unanimously elected president of the Town Company, and he has, by his untiring energy largely contributed to the successful outcome of Leoti as county seat. Mr. Jenness is a member of the Wichita County Land and Loan Co. THE LATE E. F. HARDESTY. We can not omit from the biographical reminiscences the name of the !ate E. F. Hardesty, brother of Gue C. Hardesty, our energetic townsman. E .F. Hardesty came to Wichita county in the summer of 1SS5 on a prospecting tour to seek a location for the firm of Hardesty & Pelham, of Wellington. He had traveled over the southorn tierof counties, but finally decided to identify himself with Looti and its then proposed town company. He became a member of the company, was appointed secretary, and looked forward to an eventful career incidental to the settlement of a new county, when t!ie preat harvester, Death, gathered him into the "bourne from whence no traveler returns." Being in delicate health, he had returned to Wellington to sojourn through the winter, and in the spring of 1880 he manifested considerable anxiety to be in Leoti early in the season. The journey to Leoti exposed him to the inclemency of our spring storms, and con tracting a severe cold, his delicate physique succumbed in a few Jars after his arrival in Leoti. His grief-stricken mother was summoned just in time to receive his last wifhes ard to close his eyes. The news of Mr. Hardesty's death was a severe shock to the wide circle of friends in Wellington and an irreparable loss to his conferees and the people of Leoti. who looked up to him as one of the ablest cham pions of Leoti's claims for countv seat nonors. j-j. r. Hardesty was the first martyr to the cause of Le oti, and his remains were interred in the cemeterv two and a half miles from the city. Requiescat in pace, WICHITA COUNTY AND LEOTI TAKE AXOTHEU COl'Mt FORTY Alill AM) OKTAIX A Lead la the Iioce TV ester u of Proressiou Ka&sa. in Great Kailroad Mas Meeting at tin-Conutj Seat. The AsAsiubled Multitude agree on a llaa of Artiou to Fnrounure 15 ail road Build-in? Thronirh the Counlr. The BacJ Estate Transfers for the put 3ves Car. There is no interruption to the great volume of immigration coming t ' to Wichita county and Leoii is literally packed with projectors and capitalists from the eastern and northern agricultural states. The citizens g neitilly, appreciating the iinportanceof Wichita county and the necessity for railroad communication with the outer world, as-sembled en masse on Saturday last at Leoti and formulated a Jenness & Manassa, the furniture men, removed to the commodious store south of court house. They Lave received a large consignment of new furniture, bedding and nattresses. I. B. Kershner, attorney at law, Living complied with the recent or- ier of commissioner Wm. A. J. narks, was duly admitted April 2d, 1887. as a legal attorney before the L S. land office at Wa-Keeney, Kan. The city council passed an ordi-aance Wednesday evening to the fleet "that" forest trees shall be ; planted on J, K. L, 3rd. 4th and fdh streets, taking in the front of about eighteen blocks1 This ordinance is to be immediately enforced after vr.lli?ation. r . " plan forth unification of the whole county, on the question of granting aid to the two trunk roads now being const rui ted almost to the threshold of the eastern line of the countv. Committees were appointed BUSINESS MENTION. LOST. Between Leoti and Iiea-rpr. a Colt's double action revolver. I - - - - i41 e:.liler. ivorv handle, nickel pla- judicious j ted; finder will be liberally reward- name C. II. to Palace Shank. ed for returning drug store. F. A. ('lark makes a specialty of Gent's Furnishing Goods. Give him a call, young men. 4tf 'I he Wichita House, the popular from each township to advocate the ' to of the t jwn, is now couducte-1 t i mi li A I ill cause of railroads in their resjective districts and were directed to report to the central committee, Saturday, April 30th. The following tr: nsfcrs have been aiid lodging, 1?5.50: day board, 4.50 and transients $1.50 per day. 4tf THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR! The Leoti Real Estate Exchange recorded in the regi.-ter of deeds of-! $750,000 of the Almighty Dol-ticethe seven t'ays, in addition liar to loan on land and to prove up to the $2O5,bS0, reported in our lust ' with, at lowest terms. Be sure and issue. i see them !efore making an applica tion anywhere else. Leoti Real Estate Exchange, Fast side Main stM 2nd door north of wind mill. 3tf r-o it of Anril aotii J K McCarthy t I J Wilson, rity 5.m;.irty..$ D Chtvton to"N"fala Kdwrl -itv or tv." .. S W K I to C M Condon, cay piojH-rtv. W M S (iate to lUnltniy Si IVlirim, rilv prl. i' 1 A Hr.KlU-v and wilt- to 1 O Calint-'r v .. 3"J) Anril ''lit Lm'w t7i..,;.. i Vv. 'V:r'.V.' ! I A. t-lark will sell you a suit s w k'dcii. tc w ;urianir p ." J clothes at wholesale price. 4ff J IHr;ui and :! to Onrlanil & SrMeii, t p. ! SW K l)('o. to W l Murn !.rp 3T 1VT R TFSn.i FA RM LO AXS K K Jt-uutM aiul wife to J W 1 son, c p.. . ! V. J . . Mount, jahndou. c p s i at It li. Temples ofhoe. otf F IK-kfV Jnl wife to M N Myers. p loro j . 1 K Could stud wife to I'.ecWett, Nclm-raud . i t i fp i I nintr runner, ci. j Go to R. B. Temple for bAKM. S i" k!!!L!"&..:i';r.i- - "I" ! LOANS, office opposite the Com- 1 n ul.t in .lie .iri.n.i i.un.-.iiii .p i F M Matlirw 4 wife to W I) Murw.l. ck.. 2r Mount & Johnson to J II Kdwar.l, c 12' Hardesty, Ivlhani no.t it to I and It I ' lici-ora, c p aw A!ri! 2! it it ii ivit: no 10 n.irni'siv a i " inn n c u 1 . i- Uarland and wile to lladcstv & IVlli.u.i, t p ?v C01 tlT", mercial Hotel. 3tf F. A. Clark's is the nlaco to gt j tie. fine shirts, hats, cuffs and S W K I) Co. to W 1 Muriel, p. April i-ja It A Uamcy and wiVto.I 11 Kook, r p M S :atH to J II Kook. r p li t; Whitf to Mrs. I. A Cook, tp X M Mathews & vH:c to ; W K reiKliaiilii c p tl W Kn i ,laiim to K M Mathrw, c p S K liecker to F M Matliews, rp W .1 IStu'haiian & wife to 1. li Coweu, e p J li Ii-ki-tt to II ii St'liarnwebcr, c p J 17 P.row n to I! Smite, r p April d - O r l a lv to II C R p a.rp S W K ICo. to fa i bind Kurn-. c p S W II Co. to Carland ti Kurrte, p S V K I: Co. Ut CarkiuU & ivui ri p : jiff Kl) Co. to l.arland & Ktin .. r ji S w k I) Co. to llnrdcaty & Ielliaiii. c TTK)tCo.ln Hardesty & I VII .am, cp 11 L Soldrn to S llvnimaini, ri Garland and wife Mini I reiiiiiug wif. to 4tf lid l-V lour & If .n o" lii. 75 ! papers. R. B. Tem-3tf FARM LOANS at pie's office. "A BARREL OF MONEY!" The Leo?i Real Estate Exchange lias a U.i rel of Money to loan on land and to prove up with. lout-, ready when papers are signed; n delay whatever as we do our own insj acting and write up our own Cull and soe ns before mak- trg an application elsewhere. TillUU. illlU nil''. I. 1 a,-,, swKiMo. toiiF liaiiVep::::.. Lkoti Real Estate Eichaxok, .1 n a i'u. i i' r iiiiii, r u .... V. R. Lumbeck, . who resides about three miles southeast of the city, has 575 beautiful forest, fruit and shrubbery trees growing on his farm. He also has a large number of strawberry plants set out which are erowinc nicely. The beautiful flowers which Mr. L. has . growing in his well cultivated garden are encouraging as well as soothing to the weary eye of the leholder. It is hoped that many of our enterprising citizens of Wichita county will plant trees and shrubbery this spring, and thereby Wautify and make their farms and homes more valuable as Mr. Lumlwck ha?. Odd Fellows' Anniversary at Leoti. Last Tuesday evening, April 20, being the sixtyeighth anniversary of Odd Fellowship in America, the members of Leoti Lodge, No. 2U7, I. O. O. F., with their families and friends assembled in their hall at 7:30 o'clock p. M., where they celebrated the occasion with an appropriate entertainment. At eight o'clock the guests in the well filled hall were called to order bv the N-ble Grand R. A. Ramey. The exercises were opened with music instrumental and vocal followed with a prayer by the chaplain, after which Past Grand C. II. Coan of Pittsburg Lodge No. 150, formerly of Columbus, now of Leoti, treated the memliers of the Lodge and their friends to a very interesting review of the history of Odd Fellowship in the United States, and also gave a brief outline of the work, aims and objects for which the Order is laboring. At the close of Mr. Coan's speech an intermission' of twenty minutes was gifen for introduction and a general extension of acquaintance, after which the house was again called to order, when J. I. Whistler was called on for aeech. His remarks although extemporaneous, were highly interesting and held the attention of the audience. He was compelled to speak from what he knew of the ov.tsido work ings of the Order. At the conclusion of the speaking a feast of goid things, which had been prepared by the ladies, was brought in; to sav the least this part of the program was a credit to the ladies and a source of satisfaction to all who partook of it. At eleven o'clock the entertainment was brought to a close with appropriate lodge music. The members of the Order regret very mucli not being a die on account of the size of their hall to have made their invitations more general but hope to do letter next time. W. H.T. N w K I) Co. to Mrs. I- it. Jnnn 1.1, r p w K I M o. to k i lialrs. rp W Y S l.vuai to .1 H l.ynas. c p I. E Waifr it liiishand to J F Cam .111, c p.. L S KoMiikmi to w n M"Farlaud. c p w S MrFarlaiid to H ; Mi.l.ll.nJiU U, i- p S w M all and wife to w S McFarktnd, c p. " A Itrown to .Middk-diteh & Mi l arlaiul r p 5 w K l Co. to .I w Kced. c p L M 1'crkini to w (i Crenshaw, en Hardesty, IVlham & wife to i. M I erkinsi-p wTHeattytoll iteidmati, cp 1. 1 Coweh and wife to Wilson & tiit r.i, r p.. J I. Trout and wife M S Ih-aii, c .1 A IteuKHii to w ; Crenshaw, c p Crenshaw and wife to L K wii gard, r p ; w Olivor and wife to J A K afcii, c p J A Krng u So IS w Oliver. C p Clark & tl Thomas to F H Mnlth. c p A N' ltoorey toC A Siieidrr.c p S w K 1) Co. to J A James, c p S w K I Co. to w II Montgomery, c p K w Carey lowli Crensiiaw, c p Swill Co, to li Itlai'kln.m, c L F wincert to J w Mathews, r p w Slirordcr to J w Kdwunls, t p L K w-iiiKitrd to II Cl-irk.ep OOirkry and wife to In mid k l'rk -U. c p.. J A Kotts toll 11 Kcrfcot, c p April '.7. C X Lew is and ife to rnrnelia J n-aU.Me c p w ; Crenshaw ,V w ife to ! 11 Kerfoot. e p.. U H Kerfoot to w tl Crenshaw J w lloliii" and wife to A Kuiiiiril . e p.;.. A liuniineu 10 K 1 cinam, c p Mrs C Syl)rt to ;aiUnd&Co S w K lCo toC MCiHidon.cp S w K I Co to C M Coudoii M C Patton to C E Sills, ru J F Calhoon to J A I H tilling, c u Oran Clark toC M Biiller. e p S K ll Co lo 1. 1; Miatre, c p H w K I Co to L J Moore, c p S w K I) Co to L ( Moore K li Callahan to w 1 Murri'll. e ; .Icrold Volk to j iw!ii:m, e p H II rinkerton to l,ivina It .Tt-nuXM, e p Ij iua U Jenness to J C welsh, cp........ 19 37M JM 4o llMi :o CO 4. ;V 5T. r Ml 'jyo &; tvV if VM 1M '-13 TO 31 v- rci 40 t'O l'.5 l:e9 75 175 Total J. M. Letts, member of the Leoti Real Estate Exchange, will le at the metropolis shortly s nd will invest several thousand collar in city property. All persons who have ever lie-longed to a brass bard aud are able to play grade one music are requested to meet at the Leoti school house on East side Main st., 2nd door north of wind mill. 3tf Go to F. A. Clark for any thing kept in a first claw clothing store. j The Pioneer G rocery Store, Black-! burn & Allphin, proprietors, the old postomce stand third door north of Wichita County bank. Granulated sugar, 11 Ej for $1.00 ExtraC sugar 12 pounds for$l.00 Coffee A sugar 1 1 pounds for $1.00 Java B coffee (roasted) SOcts per tti 4 x McLaughlin's coifee (roasted) 22cts Good Rio (green) 20 cts. California canned goods, all kinds, 30 cts per can. Tomatoes, 3tt standard, $1.75 per doz. Corn, 2 lb standard, $1.50. per doz. Evajxjrated raspberries 35 cts per ft). Evajiorated apples 10 cts. California plums 20 els per pound. Pickles 10 cts per doz. Standard flour 3.30per 100 tts. Daily Bread brand S2.VK) per UHJIbs. Prices as taken from the leading grocery house of Wichita county. '1 Nails and rope in any quantity at Hicks hardware store. l-t"2 The Leoti Restaurant has been removed to the Hendrick buiidiug, east side of Main street. Bakery, restaurant and confectionary. Table board $4 per week ; meals 25 cent". Itf Prove up before the Clerk of Dist. Court and save time, trouble and money. Itf Richardson & Co's., corner K and Saturday, at 2 P. M., for the pui-po? j Fourth streets, is the place to get of organizing a brs ss baud. All persons holding instn ments Iwlonging to the city are reqnet ted to be present or send in ther instruments. Bv order of Committee. Elder King preached to a large audience last Sunday in the M. E. church of this city. The discourse was logical and forcible. The church was crowded with well-dresr-ed people, and crood att ntion wss manifested in all parts of the room, which fact always impresses the stranger that our people are intelligent, educated and refined. The visitor to Leoti can see. also, one of the most commodious and elegantly constnu ted church building in the west ha'f of Kansas. He will also discover, on inquiry, that arrangement i are being made for the building of three other good churches. These are the kind of people who come west, especially to Leoti and Wichita county. As they have been known for their county neat troubles i let them now be recognized for CHRISTIAN SCXDAY SCHOOL. Next Sunday at 2 o'clock p. x. services will be held at the M. E. church. All memliers of the church of 1 their enterprise, education, morality Chriat are nvjnested to be proscnt and relijfion. drujjs, croceiie8 etc cheap. Itf Go to Richardson & Co's. for blank books and stationary. Itf Richardson & Co's. is headquais ten for tobacco and cigars. itf Go to Johnson Bros, for any thing vou want in the implement line They have every thing from a hand corn planter to a harvester. Itf. For toilet articles, combu, brushes, patent medicines, oil, paints varnish etc. call on Richardson & Co., the popular druggists. Itf Go to Fankin & Fletcher for any article so'd by hardware merchants, itf Mrs. Hicks' new stock of goods has arrived. 2tf THE BLUE FRONT opposite the Commercial hotel is the place for cheap money for final proof. 4tf BARBED WIRE for sale at Han-kins & Fletchers on South Main st. 4tf You folks in Leoti, have l)vn wanting a good shoemaker. Now try J. P. Stark the practical shoemaker of Leoti. Itf For nobby suits and good fit call on . Kamer, merchant tailor, at F. A. Clark's clothing establishment, first door south of CommeritlhotvU ......

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