Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 25, 1949 · Page 11
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 11

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1949
Page 11
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50 Per Cent Of Vet Trainees Have Dependents More than 50 per cent of the veterans ; training under the GI Bill have one or more dependents. A breakdown of this group shows that 81 per cent of those taking on-the- farm training: have dependents; 72 per cent of on-the-job trainees have dependents; 58 percent of stu' dents in schools before the college level have dependents, and 39 per cent of the veterans going to college have dependents. This was revealed today in a report on a study made by the Veterans Administration of veterans in all -trainIn;; categories. Other facts revealed by.the study show that: The nvcrnRo In training In Hourly '11 yimrn old. At Ihi! time Ins entered GI train- In^ ho already hud hud throe yearn of high school. Acordlnjr I" Hurry T. Wood. mun.'iKcr of the Hnrtford office of the VA. about 87,000 veterans under the jurisdiction of his office have had some sort of GI Bill training Hincc the law went into effect in June, 1944. This is about 36 per cent of the eligible veterans. Countrywide, about 6,340,000, or npprox- \ imately 40 per cent of the 15,000,000 eligible veterans have had training. The nationwide study of GI Bill trainees shows that college students are in the youngest group of | veteran-trainees. Their average age ! is 25 years. Institutional on-farm trainees, with an average age of nearly 30, are the oldest SJxty- i five per cent of the trainees had I had some high iichool training ul .the time thoy boimn their GI Bill JVOUI-.MCH; IS per cent hud gone to j college, and 17 per cent had not | progressed beyond elementary school. Society Sparkles At Gala Met Opera Opening NOW ON DISPLAY Methodists To Honor World War II Victim Mombei'H of l.ho 270 MnlliodlHl churches In the New York East nforenco" will perpetuate the •n-.'jry of a minister in the f:on- •rnc.o. Dr. Walter B.. IVoloy. who 13 killed by a Japanese shell in nto Toman internment carnp at Manila in 1345. The memorial will be a fund providing the support of u missionary couple in the Philippine Islands. This is one of the projects the conference has undertaken as a part of a new "Advance for Christ NAUnATUCK NFAVS (CTWN.). FTUnAV. NOV. 2.1. 10)1- r.\C.r. M mid HIM O'hmrli" muviminnl. In which nil AnKirlciii) MelhixllMm In taking part, and for which funds arc being raided by voluntary girts in nil rhiirclu'H. Dr. Foley was killed three days after the American Army arrived to liberate Manila. The Japanese turned their guns on the internment camp, shelling the room in which the Foleys lived. Dr. Foley WRH killed instantly, Mrs. Foley lost her left arm, and their daughter escaped injury. For several years before the Japanese occupation of Manila, Dr. Foley was pastor of an interdenominational church supported by A f, .1: •<I hl.i Mn»'S(. naiu wil re inter) ed. •Mir- cif tin- rlly. ' >r i; ;»ari"hion<'rK v-h Hi- phiyt'ii an In I rtriMt rol; in t}n« rnrnj) for Ih \l throe years, securing food nnd icH fnr the starving inmates. n<iucting rt;li;,'iou:i Mcrvicr-H. and organising cliissc:; of study lor children and sidults. BIGOKST TI-:A TAKTV Boston — Patriots dumped 342 chest.s of British tea into Roston n.-irbcir during the famed HoKton Tea Party of 1773. BUY EARLY SEE OUR GIFT DEPARTMENT NAUGATUCK HARDWARE Co. 189 Church St. Naugatuck OPEN TONIGHT UNTIL 8:45 O'CLOCK Urge Veterans To Select Courses "V\r,.«rnns who now are making plans to .study under the GI Rill arc urged by Harry T. Wood, mannger of the Hartford office of the Vet.- erans Administration to select their courses and th to attend bef VA for certifii Munngt-r Wo o schools they re applying to the itos of eligibility. id points out that regulations wh ch became November 3 r (iuir(! a veteran to name the conn > he Intends to lalco and the appro -cd school ho plans to attend at. the time he makes ap plication for his educational benefit. Adoption by the VA of these regulations was necessitated by recent rulings against nvocatlonal courses and enrollment In schools that have nat been establlshe for morn. th:in .". yonr prior to the time of the veteran's enrollment. INDIANS TO KKHICltVATIOMS By 18-10. practically all tho Indians east, of thn Mlsal.slppl were placed on reservations. lly KKNNV CLYMEU Joo Shnnlcy, a Junior, has Irans- ferrcd to Naugy High from Sacred Heart, in Waterburv. Joe -who lives on Qulnn street, titarted his classes here Monday. Chattel 1 drat oillcial practice? fNov. 28 Ann Kntlihurn and Janice Groin, rec.enlly viHiled Vermont and Cllll- iida, whero they were looking over pronpectlvo college* to further their education. With the election of Junior Red Cross Council members, during the past week, J. R. C.'a activitlo .thould be getting under way soon. Marion I-yng. .junior, hart moved lo Long Inland. We want to \V|H!I her "Good l.uck" In her new Kiir- rouiKlings. All liRHkethnll c.nd swiminlng (.•andldatcH urc culled out for thi: ..NOTICE.. TO THE SHOPPING PUBLIC OF NAUGATUCK and VICINITY THE FOLLOWING SCHEDULE OF STOKE HOURS WILL BE OBSERVED BY NAUGATUCK'S LEADING STORES IN ORDER TO EXPEDITE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING STORES OPEN TONIGHT UNTILL 8:45 AH Stores Open Usual Day Hours Mondays Thru Saturdays Each Week In Addition To Evening Hours Listed Below. STORES OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 2 UNTIL 8:45 STORES OPEN THURSDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 8 UNTIL 8:45 STORES OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 9 UNTIL 3:45 STORES OPEN THURSDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 15 UNTIL 8:45 STORES OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 16 UNTIL 8:45 STORES OPEN SATURDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 17 UNTIL 8:45 "It'll STORES OPEN TUESDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 20 UNTIL 8:45 IF" . • . STORES OPEN WEDNESDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 21 UNTIL 8:45 . A STORES OPEN THURSDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 22 UNTIL 8:45 •—' STORES OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 23 UNTIL 8:45 STORES WILL CLOSE DECEMBER 24, CHRISTMAS EVE AT 5:45 RETAIL DIVISION OF NAUGATUCK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE * ^*&&&&&&&$^^ ftasftftftsas^^ ..All Senior Imy* will hour a speaker, from the NFIOTC, during music, period Tuesday. Mr. Herb, crt 1'h.elun, Shop Instructor, will l>o In chu rw: of tho affair. At thi- same time, In another rnoni, the senior girls, will hear from it representative of l'"lsher Mo.rt of the linya of the General Shop eln.Hse.H, which arc under the direction of Mr. Herbert Phelan, have already started on their third ' iprojpct, a napkin holder. Their first project was a doorknocker, designed n.n a woodpecker and nulled onto it piec,; of white birch. Tholr second was n knife ii.nd fork holder, and while morft havn completely flnlnlurd, ri C"w are H tlll putting the finishing touches on It. We think tho boys nro doing an excellent job, and wo alsio wlnh to Mr. Phelan and Mr Kan.' on such a fine job of guiding the boys along. All tho name* of candidate* for the American r.eiflon Oratorical *'?•" w " r " ca "" d '" lllNt WP«| { . All the NtmleiitN | n ,,,„ ,, school. Frcihiniin, 8<>nlioinor< Fn.ilom a nd «,,„,„,._ w , )() cnte| . (H lie content, have started pr,,p»r V ,° , '"''"' " n(lcr fho «"'•'"• Hon of faculty advisers of u, Social StudlBs nn d JSmrllgli de- rmrt,nen tH . , or fhr , co-tart. „„!!.? Tho first r , r j z) , for thf , xviimor will he « $4,000 s ,. h I" uny college In the country. Panel dtoousslona were held | r tho Junior Col.ege Prepara „, English cln.Hscs recenllv The tnni for pc-i-iml 2 clnon wn;'/ "n,,'.,.," v " t riiHt th,. Pnwlrlcnt ,„•' ,,„, ',; n | |( ,' p'loH .Shall B, ; inicclod By i'h iJiiort Vote of tho Pectin "' 7.^ •oplf for period r, c l,in. s v/ns- "Tin «»lw-d: Thai (he Vt>l.l n ,( Arc Sh- He Lowered to Eighteen/ Six „,„! in Uics?." 1 T °'" HH parUcl Pnt' Smith '.serving as oh- 1 * * "° PlT'-iH 1 eh '\ ] " aa ' " nd Gcorfro M |'C!I 01 pei'iod 5 clasf niagnostlc Heading Tests ,v,,.v Blvi-n fa, l,| ln Junior Oonepe Pre paratory clasHe.s recently. The pur I»»se of these tests | 8 t " P Pupils learn th«!r strenirth vo««ihiili»r.v, etc. heh a, e" K TYPKS —In March, KMO, (.here were (I,HIM dloso! locomotives anc 31.902 steam locomotives in use on U. S. railroads, In Camera Debut f HIM STAR Esther Williams is shown with her two-months-old son, Benjamin Stanton Gage, as he poses lor his flrst picture in Hollywood. In teal life, the swimmer-actress la Mrs. Esther Gage, wife of Ben Gage, radio announcer. (International) 156 CHURCH ^Jf U • f* 21 SOUTH MAIN STREET ^^ggflJLSg^ STREET STORE OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT UNTIL 8:45 BUY NOW! SAVE MORE!) NYLON ELASTIC EDGE HAIR NETS 3 |£fefft $1.49 VALUE! ALL METAL "V f% f " 19 FLASHLIGHTS 78 TAMPAX Monthly Sanitary Protvctiei: 3 abtorbency sizes Ayds for Reducing 35-DAY SUPPLY *2.89 dlell R«dvc> wilhou) ing with thli .oiy plan. WHY CHANGE YOUR TOOTHPASTE HABITS? UM» 0 AMMONIATED STABS Get 4-Way BenefiU • Twlc» at »««ctlv« in help. Ing lo ltduc* tooth d»c«yl • SwHUni your breath in- lianilyl • Sore Throaiil • Safest to uie became they •re non-alcoholic . . . non- •brailvel Bottle of 20 OSTABSfor 50c SIZE NOW 50e MULSIFIED COCOANUT OIL A ^ SHAMPOO 39« LIFEBUOY or LUX SOAP CAKES REGULAR 60c SIZE DANOERINE HAIR TONIC 35C GLYCERINE SUPPOSITORIES Infant or Adult 19 REGULAR 50c SIZE ANACIN TABLETS BOX OF 30 TABLETS 39' BOTTLE OF 100 ASPIRIN TABLETS 5-Grmin—U. S. P. 8' WHITE PINE and TAR CS ? RU S, H 29 MINERAL OIL Full Quart 39 Generous trial size jar of Radnai Greascless Hand Cream with each regular 50c size jar at only 49c. Use the entire contents of the trial size jar and IF YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH THE RESULTC, RETURN ONLY THE LARGE JAR AND GET YOUR 19c BACK! Mokes Hands took and F»el Softer Helps Keep Them Soft... longer I Chapping, redness and sandpaper/ roughness . . . these things don't happen to hands that have Radnai carol This greaseless, non-sticky cream helps soften ,. your hands . . . helps protect them against the dry. BOTH JARS ne " tnat weat her, work and water can cause. Smooth For Only On " a< * nai Grease/ess Hand Cream .regularly . . . morning, night and always after 'your hands hav» M ^\ been in water or exposed' to chapping winds. £X ^4ft ' nstant 'X • • • amazingly .., your hands look softer — f«ef tofterl

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