McPherson Freeman from McPherson, Kansas on May 2, 1890 · 2
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McPherson Freeman from McPherson, Kansas · 2

McPherson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1890
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(t l)c ilTcpijersou .freeman. I8HI KD RTEKT KEIUaT. SUBSCRIPTION PER YEAR Si. 50 UcPHEllSON. KANSAS FRIDAY, MAY 2, OFFICIAL COUNTY PAPER THE HiltlAVS l'LATKOttH. Free coinage of silver with the perfect restoration t f its tuoretary character as a measure of value, and issuance of legal tender treasury notes for our paper money circulation. National letrisl ition for the better regulation of railroads. Adequate legislation to wipe out trusts. In congressional legislation, anti-caucus rule in action upon all economic questions. American lands for American citizens. A service pension. The Emporia Hepublicau is sjon become an evening paper. to It is believed that Congaess will adjourn alxjut the 10 of July. Geo W. Click is the talked ot democratic candidate for governor. The Kansas Farmer estimates the farm mortgages in the state at .$io,ooo-t 000. Judge XIetsker of Tor-eka, has cone over and gotten after the Missouri state capital. The recent favorable weather tins had the effect of improving the wheat crop very materially. It was the Hutchinson News that interviewed Clover and found him less hostile to Irmalls than reported. The Newton Republican sensibly remarks, cease efforts to out down revenue or cease appropriations. The Kiuprman Isatter suggests the calling together of the congressional committee of the seventh district. August 12 the (irand Army of the Republic will assemble in Huston fer its twenty-fourth annual encampment. The Toprka Press Club banquet given at the Copeland hotel Friday night, was a pleasant gathering of newspaper m' n. The plan now is to provide for the admission of Mexican silver and lead ores to tiie United States free of duty by treaty. Notwithstanding all the difficulties that confront us, Kansas can pay tier debts, even though she give way her crops to do it. In a well written article, tle Kansas Fanner shows that the McKiidey tariff bill is not the taiilT n lief measure the people are demanding. Skxatou 1 no alls had to asseme twenty eight positions to please a New-York World reporter. The Alliance done ask half that many. It is stated by Mr, Hickman, of the Jarvis-Conkliu Mortgage com puny, that ten mortgages are now being p:il off in Kansas where one is being made, There is something 'of a conflict between Rusk's "carelessness In agvicul tore" and the over production theory, as the occasion of the depression. Secretary RrK of the Trepan ment of Agriculture, admitting the g-nenu d-pre sion prevailing in agriculture, assigns as the chief cause, carelessness in culture together with the importation of agricultural products that might be grown in this country. The position of Mr. Rusk, as secretary of the Department of Agriculture, tends naturally to give his views great weight But notwithstanding this, Mr. Rusk fails to reach the root ot the evil. There is no greater degree of carelessness in farming at this time than in former years, and yet the industry is greatly depressed. Any effort to solve the problem which fails to take note of the lower level of prices of farm staples, tltat has attained in tin years, as compared with prices prior to is;:',, will prove a failure. Fluctuations in price year alter yt ar, cannot of course be prevented, as these mxhv from large or short crops, but the fiiicttntinns med to be upon a plain of values than they are at present. As an ill us ration, for the live jears erding with bw. the price of wheat in Liverpool riuchrUed between $1..") and 1 7-1 per ! .i.-h" whereas for the last live years the iln-'tiritions in the same market has been from 0 cenls to ?1 05 per bii-h-1, which is the priue cause of the difficulty. This lower level of values cannot be accounted for through can-less farming, nor extravagant living, but is due to an insufficient volume of standard money in the commercial world, as the measure of the value of all commodities. Never before in the history of the government has there been a more conspicuous demonstration of the fact, that this is a p-oples goveiMiient, than is offered by the present earnest movement in congress for the restoration or silver as standard money. When congress convened, the silver sul ject was scarcely ever mentioned, and but vry imperfectly understood. Even uniung members in congress, not one in twenty possessed liny thing like a clear conception of the sub ject. iSinceth- convening of congress, there has been no elec tion expressive of the public demand, yet the voice of the people in cor. veil! ions, bv resolution and through the press. has made itst If so distinctly heard, that congress is lead to make a move against the money power, the strongest influence in national affairs. The magnitude of the question may lie in part understood, w lien it is considered that the value of American securities, as compared with the value ot American products, would be lessened to the extent of three billions of dollars by restoring to silver its standard money function. Could a peoples' governnirnt more quickly re; pond to an intelligent public demand ? Some if the a'liances in the state favor doii.-g away with the state hoard of railroad eouimis-ioi.eis. To do so would lie a mistake. In the way of regulating fi eights, the board cm do but little for the re;! sou that all we as a i . . .., , ..... peopie consume ana nearly ;n mat v. e sell is transported across stale lines and is inter st it" tr .file and beyond the reach either of Cue comnussioiieis or the state legislature. When nun talk about legislative control of freight rates in this state to auy very considerable extent it is evident, that they have given but litthi thought to the . subjict in all its details. When Mr. Ingalls wasssked if dema-gogiMni is necessary to success in politics, he replied: "That depends on what is meaut by the term. Occasional surrender of individual judgment to public opinion is prudent and respectful deference to wide-spread error is now and then expedient. It is always well to keep the pole star in view, but when the wind is dead ahead a skillful navigator will either tack or drop anchor." Senator Ingalls introduced a bill granting a pension of St! a moa'h to all persons who served in the late war not less than thiee mouths nor m-re Cian one year; to those serving more than one ear and not exceeding f-oo davs, 8 a month, and those who served over nxi davs one cent per diem for each day's service. No person who is wt rih -'",-000 at the time of lll'.ng hi; application shall be sntitlcd to this service p nsion. Ma.iou IIi'L'.sox of the Topeka Capital ha-j Ken indicted by the grand jury under Judge Foster's instruction. The charges are ill-gal fees, and perjury for swearing to them The anion. t of the bibs for the f-jes were indicated by the clerk of Judge i's court. The whole aff.-tir grows our of a. controversy between the Judge i i e Capital, in which the paper a, i-tihe light and in which the Judge has blm.ueieJ. W e met Dick IVue. at the dep d the oiler evening, on his return from Washington. He thinks that, the variety of interest affected by pensions, the tariff and the silvei question, are boundless and troublesome, br.t he is confident that when this ses-sion closes, more good legislation will go on the st- tutes th,,n from any preceding session. Kansas City. Can., Gazette. lanttli Marram. From thftcnr windows of i u trains of th-Denver nn1 RioGraude railroad csn b seen tlirt ! aii!ler,t spec iaele ol Natures w outlers presented by any railroad on l he Globe, on aconntot which this rand has gained the mui'ii merritted title of the "Scenic Line of the World" The RioGiendois essentially the tourUts line, and over it the traveler secures equal comfort and sp'.ed, with the added pleasure of Vn.'hohling Bights and scenes unequaled for grand'ire, bt-anty and sublimity anywhere in this ceuntiy or Europe. No American should miss the opportuuitv to seethe grnndure ol his own country as seen only by h journey oven this line, and by so doing hang such pictures on the walla ot memory that all the attemp's of the most celebrated artists will seem weak and trivial in the !:e-' of Nintre's in j''stic works among the enow-crowned peaks of the Rocky Mountain?. It any of our readers !eire to kiiuw uifii e ab:.u t t he.-e etupenduona works N.-.tniv, wrile u s. K. lloeper, General Pass-enur Annt, lenver, Colorado, and he will send you, la c of e st, elegantly illustrated houks ctvittis a f.:li de.-cili.tion of the mar veis ot tie.' "Sce:ti-.: Line." Puosrrx'Ts are bright ning all 'round Prices are advancit:g, and v, ith some v. ht-lesome legiilatit n. will cuntinue t ) advance. Th4 out 1 -ok is favorable ,i :a are otue to Slritiae Kcllrfcra. Notice i.-t h.-reliy yiven lieu senled bids will On leceivetl by the Roitril of County ('.,itiin;-ionet at tlte Uounty ' leiW's oilicc no to li o'.-Um k tu. ol Jut e tali, isini, tor ttie On : .it 1 1 ot il bi ii w here rotol ott -t.r'i.nt lo.e rnt-ffs er,-i-k In-' w O'-n eectitttts "7.imi 2" H -ilSiitnd "1 jt i), iHnjt:o, Mfl'liec-on (' imiy, lianeri--, .-"til l i i'lo to be .Stl It-el hii!s;. Hi feet wb'.e :::ni 11 teel biyli. ioaid re-e-rvi! the n'tt tort any tttnl t.l! bits. 4'J Ivf W. A. .MoiiE'.s, County t'lei k. PuEstOENT I'lovek, ot" the State Alliance, says that Ingalls views as expressed in the New York World interview, are satisfactory to the Alliance. Stock is advancing in price, wheat is looking up and hence land values are stiffening and altogether with a good crop outlook, we seem to be on the upgrade. Briefly stated, the best administration of government is to secure best prices for produetsand lowest taxes, consistent with the maintair.ance of good government. IF prices of wheat and coin advance two cents per dushel upon the bare prospect of half silver legislation, what Would he the effect of the passage of an honest full Hedged silver bill t Republicans in congress should bear in mind that the best way to strengthen the party is to legislate for the country. We nted more honest legislation ami bs partisan maneuvering. fv,r another good crop' IVoj economizing ami making strenuous efforts to iay (.IT their debts. A better fe(l:!:g pit vails and this of itself is a good omen. Timls are improving, things area moving, business no lorg-cr is dead ; grain is advancing, vahns enhancing. Kansas is forging ahead Interest is stopping, dropping, money's m df t:i: ily founti ; hard tunes are going, confidence growing, ieeling is t.-tttcr all 'round. Leave oil your growling', shut up your howling, banish that "hark from th tomb:"' lim'ntT your muscle. wake up an 1 hurtle Kansas is si.ifti::g j a boom. -Einpnrhi R publi:in. J. F. Laderer & Company, Have the largest and best selected stock of CLOTJErTOsTGr and IT Q R JSTISTr-l 1 1ST Gr G OODS In Central Kansas, And are well prepared to make very low prices, as the goods are bought at a very low price and for nice designs, neat styles, and perfect fits, they cannot be equaled in this part of the State. We have splendid line of Workirg Cairr.ents That ite well rr.ade Over Alls, Jeans Pants, Shirts, and Jackets v Socks, Hats, Kto-, that will please any person at astonishing low price v jicLiici i la ui aui LJiiiii l. not.. a. uurs iruiv, The Leading Clothiers and Furnisher, McPherson, Kansas. The CclTey ville Joui says that the phi;, se "the politicians of Kansas," is goii g the rounds of the Kansas press "iis'.f it meant a clasn sho do nothing and et in some w;:v git a living ait of the public. Ak a man w ho u-es the j ten. i most, who means and he can't j tell you. In fact it is larsa ly imaginary. As a rule the felly ws who take an ac- j live pari in p.iliii-s nnike their jiving j :,,t.. i.i,..i.. . i jusi anujiiLii oy tnesuee.iut lueu orow us does the section hand,' he clerk or the farmer. Capital. S'uerifTg Sale. State o i-" Kans-, McI'iikkson rorsTi", ss. The Mt:S liii!' .Moi tuaLrt' ami Trust otn jtaay, a t-oi p.trut i:t s. Jultu F. Nt-tt, C'ata l. MrNftt, itnvi'1 iionmntjri, spriniieL.-i 1' 'ire iiufi Slai ine I-stntiitc e Coinpnny , a cor-l', !.-kfr ilr.i- .t tJo.. h tai tn-rliiu conn ost-tl of Vt". L. l;nttir, 1 t). krr iin'l t; Al. l.ow kfi , l-.i.ei tittr it . su lf.iaorl, H ji-irtr-.erslnp eonij omkI of C. Litci li:titlt uu-.l 11. II Snriemlort. l;y vii-'t'.t! nf itn (iritcrot s tle issio tl mit ol llii' fifi k's ollit-t ttT tin li-itrict fnurl sitting m nud Mr siiiit Md'iicrin I'tmiitv, in tin alitiv.? entUJf.l flftiuu an J tu nie cut cted I will t.n Moml.iy, the l:"th J:iy of Mr.y, l-:1!), at 1 f'ciock in il.e aftt-i noon of s:iiil day, hi the l'ronT il xir ot the cunt lion?t' in Mtitl county, nfT -r imlilic ami st 1! iili- tttit n vpt'-t ist-ment to t i.e lushest tti-d les'.er it.r.isli In li:tnl, loitttty svi.i t.ler tt! stUe, all t he t-sti. 1 11 ;e ttiul ititt; ot the iib'tve Mimiett tlettiii!"!;tTtiH, R.ttt e-tcti t.t liient. arei tf t'.U l;-'i-s.-.tis einllttiiiir iititl.-r TIltMM, in !'iel tt I -.e j .lltiu ti.ji t t .-ci ;l.t-l tr.uL un.l 11 li c. l of !:t!.t! s t ' t- tl i it sa hi count v to i; Tin: smith hull (!., ol (he xon t il west quarter ( i ) o! sec i-.iit itiiu- 4; ttiid l lie hcrlli hult ol the not 1 1; e. nhar'cr ) of see'i n mm -;!), all it to tisl,ii eifcli.e"ii ( s), sr.utii ot r-iture two (-) in icl It r-ort I'otmiv. j-uijee.l lin nirt tu't tt c-i.'-titl. t.eth.-r iUi the :t eii'l t t.'llst net. t here n 1. 1 . h.'i.iitii li:ir. i i vt-n n titit r in v hatttl it m v t.llh't in t he cil y ot Mcl'lie: s n iii Msld county, tliis Sth lay ot April, ll. W (jr.KAs-os, Shei-ur GliATTAX GHATTAS, A!t's fur l'l.ioiiiir. Kiift L'tih. M.e ii 11, Irf'ft. SJierifl's sle. State ok Kansas, Mc chkuson Coi'stv, sh. Katht'rine K !! ml, ns Kxecnti ix yj. S.O. Sveiition, Mi-tl K Itium Svi'tisim, Ins wife. I'.V VlRTl'E OF AN OKllKU or SAI.K, ls?uel nil of the t-lt-rl-.'.-i uftite, nl the dlt: irt court -ittiiii; in and lor said Mr i'herson county, in llieahove. cniilied uctionaiid to u.e tlirt cttd, I w.ll on SAT CUD AY, Til K 3BD II A Y OF MvY.lS'.KI, ill 111 ti'e'iock i:. thf forenoon ol sAitl day, at the front door of the court house in's.iltl coiiijf y i -fler for s,-;le at (rnhhc n"ci ion and seii, withoiiL upniHid.t:K-iit, to 1 he hii;iiesl l.t-t li'd.ler fo) C:'.sli in h;iii.i, to satisfy said o-tier of sti'e, all the estate. Milt! and, inter.s', ol the above named defendants, mnl eat h it t hem, and all im.n.s c'.aiininif utnler Ihi in. in and to the tol'oiviuj; tiescriii il ti ct mi l n-tcel of land, situated in said eon ii 1 y, to wit: The northeast quarter of section eleven ; It i, In tov.-t.ship e.iuhtt-eii lsi s.mlli. ot rati$iu live (5J west olLhesixili !ri:iei al m -iMirt;:. nud contniniiiL' one hiu-.diei! at.d si x.' y I H'tl) acres, more or less, tt-jif tier w:l h !'.; .ii'i' ii t. nam e.J t Hereto he iorg'ti, L'jri't to th' lieuof aeeriaisi tnort-jfttae, !-fCt-i..i .1 in 'he d:;i-r e in t his nct'on. extft.tfl to s- euro Hie sn:n ot .iio. with the iniert-st to accrue t t:)re'.e, fa.ui March !0. IS.-". bihI recordetl in Vol. 4J, al iia;e. ;i4i. in ilie record of m s i n s coiiuix-. Given ; udi r tnv liand, fit my llice in the city ot Mci'h-tfon, in said county, tins 2ud day of Aj iii, W. G!.Ksuv. Sheriff. OwKs A I'.xssi-tt, Att'v tor iTrt. r list Pith. April 4, lsllo Oklahoma becomes a territory to be supplied with a full complement of otlieers, and to soon become a state. Its location tudtijr fuvoralle, dimate ami soil KO"d. it will raiit'ly attinire sutlicient popul.itioa to be crowned with statehootl. Senator Stewart severely scored "Windtiiu for lus unwarr anted persistence m tryimr to dictate silver legislation. "Mr. Wiudtun, by antagonizing: the interests of the country in favor of Wall street, has lowered his standing With the West. We observe up in the sixth district, in the counties where the Turner forces cannot carry the delegation, a contesting delegation is gotten up. If this is according to Turner's program, he may be defeated, even though nominated. The game is the last desperate tactics of bushwaeking politicians. Sexatoii Ingalls New York World interview was interesting, but if the Senator wants his remarks read with increased interest, let him make them in the senate, puncturing the several fraudulent measures offered to defeat free coinage of silver. lie will then strike the chord that unites the south and west against eastern domination. In their weekly review of trade, H. G. Iuu &, Co., say: "The maikets are all inllutiicid by the prospect of an in-ciease in currency based on silver. Silver has advanced ab-ut l cents per ounce, wheat ).; cents per bushel, oats .' cents, coffee and oil 1.2 cent each, cotton 1-bi cent, pork 2" cents per bai-r 1. and stocks have been stronger " We givo- this as the opinion of a prominent commercial agency, but the (.'pinion is not conibied to this agency. Maisha':, a financial vviiter for the New York Sun. has noted the same tendency, and claims a 1 -irue advance of pi ice on silver bullion than the commercial agency, and Marshall cannot be called a s.lvtr advocate. Knusn.i Citi Journal A MePherson Correspondent of the Kansas City Times predicts th it Peters will be into the congressional race, and with a strut g pr. liability of a nomination. The Hutchinson Neics thinks he should be pressed ii.t service ler another term as the strongest candidate. No doubt Mr. Peters would serve more ellicientiy the huge district, for another term, a new man. but we. are of tlm opinion that the strongest man to nominnle would be a farmer. It is tiel-ter to 1 -ok at the situation ha it is. thai; to color it as we wntdd like ;o have it. In our i pinion, the pn sent is a fanner year, and it might be well to so ivcog- uize it. The senate Republican caucus on silver, has about given ail hopes of coming to an agreement. This might have been seen long ago. Agreement on the silver question between the East and West can b had only through a surrender of the West, The West and South should unite on the measure irrespective of party lines. Secretary Rusk thinks a high duty on the importation of agricultural prod ucts would solve the difficulties that beset agriculture. When the Secretary ot Agriculture, or any person else, tries a remedy for the present depression, that does not go to the extent of great ly increasing prices of staples in the Liverpool market, they are but propos ing surface remedies and fall short of )k rtal t tb treuble. The prospect of Republican aiee-ment en a silver bill stems not very blight. The senate is much nearer the m;uk than the h', but in both house, and senate I here are wide differences betwten eastern and western Rei ubl":-cans. It is praeticady impossible to com,- to party agreeine: t cn a measure. The Sou hand West have in t- e matter a common interest, but the East and West h ive not. Party machinery will be handled by the E ist to defeat the measure ir possible. The cause i3 becoming daily stronger. Senator Evaits ot .ew lor, in caucus Saturday. punctured thi Windom scheme In an effectual manner. Jhe decision of the United States supreme court that liquors imported into a state cannot be seized and con fiscated in the unbroken package by st.ite law, is one of considerable import ance. 1 he case went up from Iowa, and the decision by the supreme court of that state. It has been the practice in both Iowa and Kansas, in the larger cities, to 'raid" club rooms, joints and other places where liquors were known to be stored, and confiscate w hatever was found, r.o matter whether in the broken or unbroken package. Under this decision such promiscuous seizures are unlawful. Emporia Republican. 'In all the icsourees and acquirements tVat go to muke a people rich, wise and grei.t. Kansas has no tqual in the hist ny of people iu i.ueit-nt or modern times. You Crviiuot run an im.igioary line uo'in.i one territory upon this (art::, lied contains just one million people tli.' rton, that possesses as m my horses, cattle and hogs, as much wheat and coi n, as many newspapers, and as many in k-s ef railroad as there is upon these beautiful prairies, overhaif of which, lifted! years zg- and all of it thiity years ago, was 1:1 possess: ion of the Indian t.nd the buffalo." Wichita Eatjle. Y. A. Patteksox. R i ifhUnn'jri'T 0 iAiimioy;i k C E. Walkeii. i 5 h r 1 1 auiiiju, McPIIKIlSOX ilEUCJIAXr Hi il iiliiU ill i m i iim 4 i HO I The recent dhision of the United States supreme court in a case wh'-re liquors were sent from Illinois to Iowa and sold in the i.rignia! unbioken packages, virtually era's s'ate prohibition Under the decision an a.'ont in this city may receive St.I.t uis beer or liquors and sell the same, in the l oitit s or packages in which the liquors were at first put lip. Thi: late decision of th supreme court on the question ot state prohibition, is bnt a restoration ot one Chief Justice Marshall's decisions. 121 South M.iin Street. Have ju?t rtceived their first invoice of SPRING CLOTH And are now giving bargains in Clothing, never before equaled in this county. They have also the I nPflf GOT C3 uei To select from ever brought to this city, andean please all needing a suit of clothes. Come and see us, we never fail to meet the demands of all. 2 hH H It t- v " V I .'A -. v9 m IvI t:i s i e sll 1G nip o r ix ixl 9 M. VILLARD, Prop. From the reports of consuls we learn that half the farm area of the earth is mortgaged In Germany the percentage mortaged is the highest, SO per cent, and the consul writes that the farmers can probably never relieve themselves of the incubus ; in France the percentage is lowest, about 13 per cent. There is a field for study here; something is wrong but it is evidently not the tariff. Capital. France has the largest and Germany the Smallest Per onnita firnl;4tirn if money, among Caroeaa aatieas. Tuning and Repairing Piauos and Organs a Specialty. J:j bouth Alain Street - MePherson. Kansas Will furnish ar v make of Piano or Organ desired. A fir.e assortment on hand ose & Sons, .Shoninger & Co., Cible & Sons Pianos now on Ivromch & Uach hand. Piar.cs From $175 Cash up to $(500. Organs ?S3 and up. II. C. WILSOX, Prts A. II. CORDIER, V. Pres. CIIAS. W. W ILSOX', Cash nt Me If MUSH CAPITAL 50,000. FARM LOANS, Money to loan on improved farm and city real tstate and ether security at LOW x.ox riiies 01 mierest. V MERCHAN T TAILOR Shop over Whitzel's Grrocerv Union Clock. Latest Styles in Foreign and Domestic Suitings ALL WORI Q-TJAI4ANTEEIDi Oall and examine onr stock. JB Lacler-er & Co., Look for big wire sign on top of building. 'REMEMBER!' "No Selling out at Cost," No Bankrupt Stock to Give Away! 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Notes bought or collected. Money to loan on Farm, City Property and Chattel Security. Interest paid on Time Deposits. A ew superb grain and stcclc farms on time to suit; interest 2 to 6 per cent according to yield of crojs very best terms ever offered to true home seekers. TWO STOCK FAB MS Way down. Elesraut residence lots south of the city cheap to anyone who will build a neat Zand substantial house. Call and sec. E. G. CLARK.E x i J

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