Birmingham Daily Post from Birmingham, West Midlands, England on October 1, 1892 · 7
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Birmingham Daily Post from Birmingham, West Midlands, England · 7

Birmingham, West Midlands, England
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Saturday, October 1, 1892
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THE DOUGLAS TRAGEDY. COOPER IN THE WEENEgS-BOX. , HIS STORY OF THE FATAL QUAKSEL, The resumption, of tbe enquiry into the dwaun-rtanees attending the tragic death of Edith Annie Cooper, who is supposed to have been murdered by her husband, Georjje Barker James Cooper, at the Recent Hotel, Douglas, on September 3, was resumed before Ileemster Drmkwater and a jury at Douglas at eleven o'clock yesterday morning. The court was again thronged, among the audience being some of the most jnfiuentialpeopleinthe island. The father, sister and brother of the debased were again present. The Manx Attorney-General (Sir James GeU) and Mr. James Gell prosecuted and Mr. G. A. Ring and Mr. T. Knew defended. Mr. Ring resumed the case for the defence by eaU:ng as witness the prisoner, GT Barker James Cooper, wbo was sworn stand-mpr in the dock. In answer to Mr. Ring, prisoner said I came over to the Isle of Man witil my Sbyhe Fleetwood route on 2nd September. We fiad a private cabin, and were together a good deal during the passage! bat not constantly. There was no quarrel er dispute of sny description, and we were on qnite affectionate terms. I ordered and sent things mto the private cabin, and took her into the dining-saloon to see if she would have dinner, but she was unable through sea-sickness to do so. On onr arrival we went, as on former occasions, to tbe Resent Hotel, and my wife went upstairs to her room I stayed in the hall for a time. I went to bed acout nine o'clock, and I resrained in the room until eight o clock next morning, with one exception. (At this point counsel complained of inconvenience through examining the prisoner in the dock, and he was placed in the witess-box.) Prisoner, continuing, said, "I went downstairs once during the night, at my wife's request, to get her some champagne, as she felt -rery ill. Not being able to tret coampagiia I brought har a bottle of soda water. We vent to sleep again, and nothing eke occurred until rooming, at eight o'clock, when I went downstairs. I had some rum and milk, one class. It is an unos-al thing for me to take. I breakfasted, tat my wife had nothing at ail. She refused to take anything to eat, feeling too ill. I gave orders for a small bottle of champagne between 9.30 and 10, as she asked for it, and it was brought to her by O'Brien, the chambermaid. My ! wife drank one glass, and the remainder was put on the washstand. I drank none. Then I went ont on to tbe landing, and shortly afterwards took a trap fromi the front door and drove to Mr. 'Bra-Shaw's, X Went' with him to Dumbell's Bank, stayed there for a few minutes, and drove slowly back to the Regent I asked ' Bradshaw to come in and have some champagne. He went in the smoke-room, and I, having paid the cabman, went upstairs. I wanted to see if my wife was up, because I intended taking her to the north of the island for the week end. My father has a house at Sulby, and I was under the belief that my sister was staying there Bt the time. In going up the stairs my intention was to return at once to Bradshaw. When I got into the bedroom I found my wife still in bed. (At this point tbe Attorney-General asked that the prisoner should tell his own story, and not be led by counsel) Prisonerwent on : My wife was lying on ber back in the centre of the bed ; she was awake. I spoke first, and asked her when sbe was going to get up, as I wished to go over to the north to spend the day with my sister. I asked her how. she felt. She said she felt very ill. . Referring to the I visit to Sulby, she said she had nothing to go in, as she had not come prepared to pay visits, and that I should not care if she went in rags. That remark irritated me very much. What reply did you make? I told her I never grudged her anything, and it was not just to make a remark of that sort. She said, "You needn't brag about what you have given roe." My temper is very tasty, as everybody knows, and I was worked up by these words until I became very much annoyed, and other words passed. I can't remember what tbey were ; I was too much excited. We were both at it. Mr. Ring : What kind of words were they ? They were hot words, Had you done anything after coming into tbe room? Yea; I washed my hands. I had left the door open, and closed it at her request. You know the knife that has been shown? Yes. Where was that knife when you came into the room ? On the dressing-table. Was it closed or open ? Closed. Did you take that knife into your hands? I did, after wishing my hands, to clean and pare my nails. Didyo-takeitrayotir hands for any other purpose whatever ? Not the slightest. After our hot words there was a kind of lull What did you do then ? I came and sat on the side of tbe bed next tho door. My wife was just then lying on my right side. What took place then? I asked her if she would take some breakfast in bed. as she could not dt up. She refused. I said, "You know you have had nothing to take since leaving Manchester on Friday' morning, except champagne and brandy, and, with sailing, you may well feel ill. Get something on your stomach." She made a very nasty speech to this effect, " Do you call me a drunkard':" As that was said Tery sharply, and I thought she was in a very nasty temper, I said, " I did not say so." She said, u Then you thialc me as big & liar yixirself." There were other passionate words a good maiiv on both sides and then I got a stingi-tr blow in the face from my poor wife. She struck me on the right cheek with her fist ; off went my. glasses, and I struck her back again. I was not looking at her when the struck. At the moment I struck I hadn't the slightest thought of the knife, which had been all the time in my hand. She gave a slight scream, and said, " George, you have cut me.' She said nothing more. I saw then there was a wound with blood corning from it, I steeped a towel in water- and bathed the wound. Did it occur to you that it was serious ? No ; I thought it was only a okia wound. She seemed to be fainting. What did you do ? I moved her. I lifted her bodily towards the washstand, putting my arms round her. My object was to get her close to the wter and bathe her. When I took her off the bed she c juld not stand. Her feat fell very heavily on the floor, oad I concluded that she bad fainted. 1 put her on the ground, cut her nightdress (partly in order to get it oS), and continued to bathe her with water, with anything I could lay my hands on sheets, linen, towels, anything that was about. I still never thought it serious or fatal, but thought she was in a dead faint. She had been in them before, and took some time to get out. I recollect the knocking at the door, and Mr. Weldon asking me to open it. I can't remember any prior knocking, for I was so bewildered that I did not know what to do or think. The door was not locked before the injury was inflicted, I am quite certain. It was when I had to lift her out of oed that I looked it, fearing lest anyone might come in and see her while she was undressed. I opened tbe door as soon as I could lav her down and get to it. I heard Mr, Weldon and Connock say that she was dead, but I hardly credited it. I can't remember anything else I said, or what was said to me ; I was quite dazed. Cross-examined by the Attorney-General, tbe prisoner said : We were on good terms during the passage to the inland, and all during that nigtit. When I got up at about eight o'clock she was not properly awake. I told her I was going to the bank to do what I had come across for, to settle with Mr. Bradshaw. That was all I came for. I have never been away without her yet : wo always went tocetber. We were to return either on the Monday or Saturday. It was arranged that we were to eome to the island perhaps three months ago. I gave a three months bill, and it was understood that we were to come when it was due. She knew three months before. When I returned with Bradshaw I did not enter the room untill about 11 o'clock, but I cannot fix the exact time. You have given us an account of what took place. Is that a trae and correct account ? Entirely bo. And you cannot remember any other words said by yon or her ? No. When did you form the idea of going north ? Coming over on the boat we had discussed it. but on this morning there was nothing said except what I have told vou. I spoke a little sharply to her about getting np. I do not mean that I spoke offensively, but quickly. I swear there was nothing in my tone or manner to give her offence. I really believed she was unwell, and had not got over the effects of gea sickness. She had not vomited in the night. On the previous day she had not objected in the slightest to going to the north of the island, or of having no olothes. We were both becoming angry, but I can remember no more words. I used no epithets to her. Having washed my bands. I took up the knife, and was paring my nails with it when sitting on the edge of the bed. It was the knife I generally used for the purpose, and I took it from my dressing-case the first mg in tbe morning, and used it alter the first washing. The blow I got on the face was a left-banded one. The knife was in my right hand, and when I got the blow I struck back, forgetting the fc-ife. When yon found that she was cut you merely thought it a surface cut? That is so. I have heard tbe description of the wound, and I am not at all conscious of tbe knife having entered her body in the way spoken of. I was dazed, and just knew enough to try and bring her round. When I struck at her she was lying half raised on the pillows. She had her ni-htdress on, and the knife, if it cut her, cut through her nightdress. After that I am in entire ignorance of what took place except with regard to my efforts to bring her round. When the doctor told me she was dead. I acted like a machine. I bathed the wound and her forehead. There was not much blood came from the wound. W by did iron take the nightdress off her ? Because it was wet Sert I used. I don't know whether she bad any other clothing on. After her faintms I taedto J.ft her again, and got my cuffs soiled, so I took my shirt off. I do not know, what became of xhe coUar Which I was wearing. I put the shirt into a drawer in the wardrobe as soraxas I took it off liter Mr. Weldon went out. and before others ?L fnl dressed mvself.Why did you take Mrs. Ccer out ofted ? It was to ge her near to the wasb-fiSn to batbe ber. 'I can give you no idea oi the time which elapsed from her saying she was cut until Mr. Wldonrame. I swear I believed she was merely famt-W and that life had not departed from W.-W i for To assistance? No. -Dont yoa think it a cauea ior bj , ,SIStce. seeing TiMn.l mine ior a uiau v - ----- .-.-,- i,;. in that condition? Well, considering that she was, as I thought, only m p rWn Tieml tv faint, x would have ri.lnti T.niTllT vvv- r- - - - , Wrht her round any quicker. She bad been m taints b5or? taf JSSme N-nd. There was no Hood on those before, Put sno , . inseIlsj0e and covered with ttWnkr to throw up blood often, ioug occasions of previous drinking habits, althou-fi .to a from the were. . Mrs. Cooper did her best ouao use of intoxicating drink. j.pgM,0f ourditler-drmk to excess, or STe kept spirits ences have arisen irom tne from ma. , . -o-sequence of her The Attorney-General : And in d keeping the liquor from you you navel! I struck her? I suppose I nave, tatnewrW; n I have expressed sorrow f ve done so, riven herl black eye sometimes ? I may .Da but I must have been tled body thinklhavecansed.marksonotherrts Perhar I caused .that on jSS knocked her. That morning she went out nding, the about with some Wg-Ukfdouotknow others when in drink? e3nL she got tbe what I am doing. I could not toll WgS, i .as-black eyes she had when coaunst 'to i"- 4mnkeJTtbe previous Wednesday lf&& ,'ahetaer I, struck her. I did not notice tne j Thursday, but-1 did see' f&em on Friday. Have yon say doubt about erring them to he? ? Prisoner : It W useless asking m I bad bad too much absinthe, and knew nothing. I think I was not intoxicated on Tatas-day. On the Friday she told me that I bad blackened her. eyes the other night. I had no reason for disbelieving her ; she. always spoke the truth tome. She' did not mention any other marks. The only explanation I can give of the marks on tbe arms is that I gripped her tightly m assisting her upstairs on the Friday night I suppose that what my brother-in-law and sister-in-law have said about my treatment of my wife is true. Do you know a lady called Mrs. Hunt ? Has it aoythingito do with the case ? Hi3 Honour : For all I know, it may have. Prisoner : We had a lady of that name in oar employ ; previous to that she married a bank clerk named Hdat,.: in Liverpool, who spent all her savings and then she had to-do the best she could for herself, and came to us. That was in 1885. I had heard that she left Hunt fram himself, and from bis solicitor. ', The Attorney-General : Have you not heard it from herself? Prisoner (after hesitation) : I have ; she lived with Hunt while in our employ. Mr. Ring objected to this as irrelevant; and meant to prejudice the prisoner in regard to another case, 'that of divorce. The Attorney-General : I have a right to put these questions, and prisoner has a right to say that ho refuses to answer. His Honour held that the questions might be put to test the credit of the witness, and the Attorney-General said the prisoner's relations with Mrs. Hunt bore on the question of motive in this ease. Prisoner : Mrs. Hunt wsb in onr employ some eight years ago, when she told me she bad left her husband. Did you take a furnished house at Matlock Bath, and. live there with her ? That is a question for divorce proceedings". I refuse to say when I saw ber Jast.No. further cross-examination was made. By the Jury: When I went upstairs to wash my hands I took my coat off. I never attempted to remove the bloodstains from the bedclothes, I was not under the influence of drink in any way when this ocenrred. I don't think it' is a. fact I horsewhipped my wife, ias I stated to Miss Yeainan, 3y tbe Judga : Is it a fact that yon told ber yon had. horsewhipped your wife? I really can't remember. Is it a tact you told Miss Yeaman that yon would "pay the little devil out?" I don't remember that. Is it true you said yoa had an awful time with your wife, who had been "boozing?" I don't remember the conversation. I had bad quite enough to drink, but it is not very likely that I should speak like that to a barmaid about ray wife. Is it true that yon gave her a good borsewhiprjing tbe night before ? I have no recollection of doing it. Is it true that you bad "an awful tithe" with ber, and that she had been "boozing for a fortnight"? I am afraid the "boozing" was on my side. Had she been ' ' boozing " ? I don't wish to say so, The examination of tbe prisoner, which bad lasted three hours, then concluded, and tbe Court adjourned for lunch. On resuming, Frederick W. Friend, physician and surgeon, was called for tbe defence. He spoke to being present at the earlier portion of the past mortem examination of the body of 'Mrs. Cooper. As regarded the superficial wounds he in the main agreed with Dr.. Buston's evidence. He virtually accepted the definition pf the penetrating wound as given by Dr. Buxton. The puncture m the pulmonary artery was so small that there was a difficulty in making a probe enter it, and from such a puncture the bleeding would not be continuous. The first effect of such a wound be shock and fainting; the pulsation of the heart would not be so strong, and the bleeding would be slower. The collapse of tbe left lung indicated that Mrs. Cooper must have breathed some time after receiving the wound. Her dying would be a very gradual process, and it would be very difficult for a person outside the medical profession to distinguish when she ceased to exist. He tbooght tbat tbe prisoner was quite justified in assuming that she was stpll alive wben she was dead for some time. Witness had seen the knife and had heard tne prisoner's statement as to how the wound was caused. Mr. Kneen : Is it a reasonable or probable statement ? Witness : Reasonable. Is the knife such an instrument as with one hlow in the chest would be likely to cause death ? .Certainly not, unless it struck the heart or one of the large blood vessels. If it had only penetrated the lung it would not have caused death. Continuing, witness said that with a random blow of such a kpife the chances of a wound proving fatal were, very small. John Alfred Dearden, physician and . surgeon, . gave corroborative evidence. He agreed that it was most probable that the wound was inflicted in tbe way described by prisoner. The knife was a very improbable instrument to cause death with. In cross-examination by the Attorney-General: Witness Faid that the prisoner's account of the way the wound was inflicted was a most probable one. Ho assumed that the prisoner's story was true. Thomas Arthur Wood, physician and surgeon, also gave corroborative evidence. This closed tbe case, and the court adjourned -until this morning for the advocates' addresses and the summing Qp. - "JACK THE RIPPER" AGAIN. A STRANGE STORY PROM VIENNA. It seems that the veritable " Whitechapel murderer " has been discovered again. Unfortunately, or fortunately, however, the man is dead. The StamianPs Vienna correspondent writes : " With every precaution warranted by the circumstances, I take note of the tact' tbat in police circles in Vienna and Pesth it is considered very probable tbat Alois Szemeredy, tihe Vienna murderer, who committed suicide two days ago in Pressburs, is likely to be regarded in .England as likewise the perpetrator of all tbe ' Whitecbapel murders.' In July, 1876, at a bouse of ill-fame at Buenos Ayres, , Szemeredy mnrdered a girl named Carolina Mete by stabbing her. It is worth noting tbat even at that time he passed as a military surgeon. That he had some surgical experience seems to be undoubted. It is said by those who knew him at tbe time that he despatched many an undo whose nephews were impatient to succeed to their heritage. In one description of him it is said that 'a series of tombstones marked his path through Southern America.' To return to the murder in Buenos Ayres, there is a significant detail about that case yet to be mentioned. He managed to get away to Rio de Janeiro, and from this city be wrote anonymous letters to tbe authorities of Buenos Ayres, which remind the reader of the alleged lettorsof the Whitechapel murderer to Scotland Yard. Szemeredy, moreover, owned to having committed murders, but he called himself an insane man. He was .sentenced to death. . Nat only was the Austrian Legation moved to intervene on his behalf, but public opinion was excited, and denounced the execution of 'an insane man.' ." For five years the Argentine courts were occupied with him, until at length, in 1881, be was finally acquitted of the charge of murder, but sentenced to two-and-a-half years' imprisonment for theft previous to tbe murder. On his return to Hungary he was imprisonod as a deserter, and sent first to the Military ABylam, -and finally to the State Asylum near Pesth. He was released from the latter as cured in 1886. Between thiB date arid March, 1890, when he made the acquaintance of a widow who afterwards ived with him m Pesth, he is only known to have been away in North America. Early . in 1886, prior to leaving Hungary, he offered his memoirs to a Pesth newspaper, tbe Hgyetertts. A subeditor of that journal who received -him describes bim as 'a tali, thin man, about forty-five, with bronzed complexion, brown smooth hair, bushy moustache of peculiar form (which covered bis whole mouth), sensual, unsteady, small eyes, large muscular bands, and a habit of wearing his coat buttoned up to the chin in military fashion. About six months ago that is, during the erst aenes of tbe Vienna murders and the second the Pesth. police and newspapers received letters signed Jack the Ripper,' which at the time were considered a hoax., &meredy, like the Whitechapel murderer, came to Vienna to commit a crime and suddenly disappeared, coming again when the interest in tbe former case had died out. The disappearance of Szemeredy between 1886 and 1890 covers the time of 'the 'Whitechapel murders.' " n Woekhoos CoKMiTEKft. A meeting of the Work -boose Committee was held at tlie WOTkbonse yesterday atternoon ; irxr. awu r- . , . that within the past .few dayt J brought to tne worKnouse uupij -r"-'"" scarlet fever. They w ere removed totbe infirmary for isolation, and consequently they stcod the chs.nce of catehSFsomethiuey bad not got. He asked ! whether to of LSKSSrf wi The Chairm-anrdht tbey not to bettfthe fever hospital? Mr. Stout : jThey must bosses of sccrlet fever if taken to -the infectious hospital. Dr. Parraday was sent for, and he informed tbe committee that theiour cases in question were children who had occupied the same house, and hadbero in contact with their mother, who had bean removed to tbe imSis hospital He could have kept ttechildren m the school at the workhouse and awaited deroiopmeuts, bntithad been the custom to send such, cases to the infirmary. The children, he urrferstood. were .kept in a separate ward. The matter was referred to tbe House Committee for consideration.. a., Singular Theft of a WKDDtsrj-Ruro.-At the Aston Police Court, yesterday-before Mr. Yates, Alderman Hartfnd Dr. Griffiths-Walter ,Harnson. (16), Poller. Vicarage Read, and Albert Tolly (21VWclo-Saker, Alfred Terrace, Church Lanere cbargecVwith steahng a gold ring of the value of 22s., tbe property of. Albert Youlden, 3 Court, 3 honse, Park Road. Barbara reer 3 T SurT bouse, Park Road, stated that she was to have been married to the prosecutor on the 2Zud mat, and placed ber wedding-ring inside a clfc Harrison, who resided in the same court, entered her bouse at 3130 Zi T .vrmiinr of the date named in company with Tolly" and the Wr pushed the witness out of tbe house ana JOCKea wjb uuor. y j -- . e clock, WtonsMd riSTte 12s. on the 23rd, stating that it was his wfe Detective-inspector Evans, from the dpbon be baa received, arrested Tolly, wbo acknowledged that he. bad f. , ' j u.J AU.SAvA tmnriflV With HaiTlSOU. Sffi asteTcea !ta Tone" bard labour, and Sfago, d ; bad been in (A T2w t labourer, Ebnngton, Ctoppin ctmnden lwd a narrow escape of. being seriously if not frVinjuredatSnow Hill Station last evening. He iauy-iuju" - . j0 i,n WBrfl leaving for Chipping Oampaen oy t sned tbe handle 3JESSl albeit jtlieWwas ot line carifcc crowd of persons on the riatfo at A? timl, andsSttpn was knocked off bis plaworm at u carnages ere tho officK who witnessed his danger could prevent nfnoio.. The train was pmpUy stoop, and as tueii uuii. j n,,.; r raislBllirV. It was, thought toas no ou..v-. rrr- 7.- however deemed wise to detain hmu Advice; to """"STocttiiig tCa. ' It k&bwsUio always be OMd ef 'SJauit slevb? relievim Us .tmm J?A?1? rvriot to tSte, It Ji rlfto. W uv ir.j.nV,tA nnmWurniraikion between Trfesia "and Vienba. wffl be opened to the publio to-day. The death is annormced trom i-ans or.i;r. uneosauae Mnssr. who for nearly half a century was the physician of the Orleans family. Anton Rubinstein is said to be occupied wits writing his memoirs, the publication of which is, however, to be deferred' ontil after his death. It has been decided to lay out another Liverpool ,n.hvarrl. that of Holv Trinitv (one of the tea Cor poration churches), as an open "space , and orhamentel SCa; i'rmr HI art. Ttart. and Ladv Clark have been on a visit to Lord and Lady Tennyson, at Aid worth, Haslemere. The Poet Laureate is now enjoying exceptionally good health. " . " It has been deciaea TO ccnnccc tne same oi bub w Nnrmn.n Tate with a science scholarship at the new School of Science, Technology, and Art, in recogni tion of the services ne renoerea to science. : A blind beggar has been discovered in Paris who is evidently a man of sterling "business capacity. He exhibits a board with the' inscription ; "Do-not b ashamed to give me only one halfpenny. I am blind." -BaStalo Bill has been communicating to aa interviewer that he ia going oat of the " iiow business." Tbe Chicago Exhibition, he explains, "will wind him up as a shosvman." Then be will return to that idyllic life for which he yearns. ( The Rev. H. Harrison, who has been vicar of Elln-down. Kent, since 1840, died on Wednesday nigbt at an advanced aee. Ha was domestic cuaplain to tne late Viscount Uerestora, in wnose lamuy iie pavruaagB ul the living is vested. , ' ' The Finance Committee of the Eastbourne Town n :i ,r,va ioCTwrf a-statement sbowinf the total cost: rf the tjroceedingis in connection with the dispute with sne oalvasion -vi i.... ; , -t- 1 1892, to' be 2,077. lis. ' Mr Jobn Thomas Turner, a well-known oookmaker, for many years proprietor of a hotel at Pontefract, was found drowned on Thursday in a pond at the entrance tt Pontefract Park. Tbe deceased had lately been' cbn-sidrably reduced in circumstances. The orgie3 reported last week as having taken place in 5t ff 1h Eonlevards. Paris, have attracted tbe attention of the pxrquct. . A magisterial investiga tion of the conduct ot tne organisers oi lub uaiuiuot auu their noisy guests has been ordered. - It is not Mrs. C. S. Parnell who is lying seriously ill at Steynes Terrace, Worthing, bnt Mrs. Robert Parnell, a widow lady residing with her parents at Heene Terrace, Worthing. The confusion of individnals has given much annoyance to the latter lady and her friends. - The Standard, Hamburg correspondent informs ns that in Mecklenburg-Schwerin- and Streiite the foot-and-mouth disease among the cattle is on the increase. Since the last report the epidemic has brokenout on thirty-four more estates in the two Grand Duchies. It seems incredible, bnt it is nevertheless true, that 2,000 daily and weekly journals are printed in Paris, This is only little mors than a third less than those printed in the provinces. Tbey are represented by. 3;I80, Algeria by 123, and the other French possessions by 48. A strolling singer of tbe name of Ferdinand Daqueltre, living in a. common lodging-house in the Rue Bebeva'l; Paris, hanRea' himself from sheer despair and hunger; It is said he had at one time taken apprize at the Paris Academy of Music and attained' considerable success as a tenor in the provinces and abroad. A requisition has been presented to the Lord Mayor of Dublin, requesting him to summon a special meeting, of tbe-Corporation for to-day, for the purpose bf adopting a non-political address of welcome to the Lord-Lieutenant on Monday. The requisition is signed by five Unionist members of the Corporation. At Bournemouth, on Thursday. Mr. Leslie Norman Leslie, a public vocalist, was fined 5s., without costs, for having acted in a public building not duly licensed. No money was charged for admission, but a plate was placed at the door for contributions. There was a dialogue between tbe vocal selections, though no costumes were used. The Board of Agriculture have intimated their intention of revoking the order closing the Romford market which was to have come into operation on November 25. Since the order was made the Koinford Loeat Board have purchased the market tolls, and have carried out the works of paviag and drainage ordered by the Board of Agriculture. The manager of Drnry Lane bas returned from Paris, havine there signed a contract to produce' a French version of " The Prodigal Daughter " at the Porte St Martin in the third week of December. The piece will be called " La Fills Prodigue," and it is to be mounted with all the original effects, including, of course, " Le Steeplechase Grand National" Probably the smallest electric light inatallafa'on,in the world, says the " jyectrica! Engineer," is to be found in the little village of Bremen, near Dermbach, in ThoTingia. It comprises a singly arc lamp installed in tbe chureb, the lamp being energised when required by a small dynamo arranged in the village null, and driven by its null-wheel by tne power of febe mill brook. Accordiug to a paragraph in the Morning Past, letters patent have been granted m Auckland for an improved method of catching whales and similar large marine animals. The invention is in tbe form of a. large net, made of strong ropes, the mesh being large enough to permit of the calf whales passing through. It has already been used with a great deal of success in coast whaling. According to news from Honolulu, it has been discovered tbat an island in the Pacific Ocean, about one mile square, lying due south of Hawaii, and hitherto marked on all qharts'as uninhabited, is really peopled The captain or a Norwegian vessel reports that fifteen natives came to his vessel from the island. Two of them wore small mate, but the remainder were quite nude. The French newspapers are just now testing a novel sort of type, made of malleable glass by a newpro-cess." The new typeB preserve their cleanliness almost indefinitely. They are said to wear better than those made of metal, and can be cast with a sharpness of . line that, will print more distinctly than is possible with the old style of type. La Patric is now entirely printed' from glass type. An interesting presentation was made by the Mayor of Dover, at the meeting of the Corporation on Thursday, to an employe of the Dover' Harbour Board, named William C. Smith, who was handed the Royal Humane Society's award for saving the life of a drowning lad. ThiB was the fourth person Smith had rescued from drowning in Dover harbour, and the Mayor paid a high cdmpliment to his hravery. A London correspondent is sorry to hear indeed, the truth is evident to anyone who sees him that Sir Arthur Sullivan is still far from being restored to health. The brisk and rather cherubic gentleman who inaugura ted the career ot the '.Jrirates ot JPenzunee and-otner graceful creations of the famous collaboration, is now a wan and grave-looking man who walks wearily and seems to regard you with a far-off consciousness. During the recent manoeuvres at Freasham consider able darn3ge was done by the military to the roads in the district of Farnham Highway Board, and representations were made on the subject to the War Office. At a meeting of the Highway Board on Thursday, a letter was read offering 60. in settlement of any claim.' The Board, while accepting the money, directed a iep!y to be sent pointing out that that sum did not by any means cover tbe damage. At Blantyre, last week, a new smokeless fuel was tried. Beginning with the raw material coke-breeze, a hitherto waste product, obtainable in vast 'quantities the process of marruf acture was followed till tbe material appeared as tenacious blocks, capable of railway or ocean transport to any part of the world. The briquettes were used in the boiler raising steam for tbe machine, and burned with a brilliant flame, completely smokeless and of intense heat. The Rev. Dr. Harwood, ofc the Methodist Episcopal Church, New York, at present on a visit to England, inspected the other day the relics in Wesley's house and the Allan Library. Interesting though these relics are, he says tbey have something in America quite as,gobd. There is in John Street Wesleyan Church, New York (tbe first built in the United States), the old clock presented by John Wesley. It keeps good time, and the old weights are still attached to it. Mr. H. O. Warrant applied to Mr. Justice Barnes in Chambers, oa Thursday, on behalf of the Hon. John Scott Montaeu, tbe Conservative member for the New Forest Division of Hampshire, for an order firing leave to. pay a barred and a disputed cialm in connection with tbe election expenses of that division ; and also for an order allowing an authorised excuse for the non-filing of certain vouchers by Ins election agent. The orders asked for were granted by tbe learned jndge. At Boston, on Thursday, William Barnsdale was charged with attempting to upset certain trains on the Great Northern Railway, by placing obstructions on the line at Swinesbead. Tbe driver of a goods train said that on the 12th inst. his engine gave a lurch, and: be discovered an iron bolt on the rails. Prisoner was ohserved to place a niece of wood in frontof an aDDroach- ing train, and when asked why be did it said, " To see , ... u -.. n XT . . li. j r i i now 11- wsum vuu af. -i-ic vtisa uuumjikieu ior tn&i. Six years ago a Wesleyan local preacher and bootmaker of Thetford named Fleet was found drowned in the river and a verdict of accidental death was returned at the inquest. A bottle, which had evidently been embedded in the weeds since July, 1886, has now been found, -and contains the following message : ' ' Whoever finds, please to tell my friends tbafrT am going-to drown myself, as Kfe is not fit for me, and trade is bad. Perhaps they will say I am not right, but I am. James Fjlsst." Millet, the elderly man who was arrested on a charge of having killed bis paramour in a place called the " Lions' Den,"' Paris, has been discharged from custody. It has been ascertained that Millet and the woman were both hopelessly intoxicated when they quarrelled, and that the latter really died from tbe effects of drink. The neiehbonrs declared that tbe parr had a fearful anarreL but whatever injuries were received by the deceased were attributable to tho fact that she fell and cut' herself severely. - A distressing ease of suicide was discovered at Hastings on Thursday. Two boots were found on the beach at St. Leonards by a man, wbo, on looking about, saw the body of a single woman, named Lois Davies, who had been living with her parents at 8, Mercatoria. Pinned to ber clothing was the following note: "Dear Somebody, May Uod forgive me for what I am doing. I am tired of my life, God love you ail, and dear mother. It is no one's fault bnt my own. lots Davies, 8, Mercatoria. Don't grieve for me ; I don't deserve it." At Royton, near Oldham, on Thursday, Joel Butter-worth, a "minder, was brought up under a warrant charged with maliciously damaging and spoilingyarn in process of manufacture . and machinery, at tha Shaw Spinning Compauy's mill. For some months there were continuous breakdowns at the mill, and the cause could not be solved until-, tbe prisoner was detected placing large bobbins amongst the wheels. No reason was given for the extraordinary act, by which great expense was incurred. The accused was committed to the assizes for trial. ' rv : The sequel is announced to a strange experiment lately tried atrerpignan, in the south of France. ; Two or three years ago that little town elected a Socialist Town Council, who were pledged to create public workshops and to make all -other sorts of innovations for the amelioration of the condition of the poor. XTnfortuhateiy tbe Council behaved with more zeal than, prudence, and tbey got tbe finances-of the municipality into a very bad state. They have given place to a new Council of more moderate views, leaving to tbeir individualistic eacces-Bors-th&taskof paying the piper for the tones tbey had called for The result is that the new Council have' had to raise a, loan of 550,000 francs to meet thevdefici6 that had been created. ALLEGED OBTATSlSrG AN OISGAN BY ffALSE PRETENCES. A48KrmJr Jlerbertfllattnews, aescru b"j ITwn Turner- Street, was charged, with American organ, the property of ?$S, tion Hill: On the Sth September pnaoner wen it. to Mt-Kiley's, and, tepttBtm.-employ of Mr. Cooke, anetonser, Jfcan. otred. aa American organ, value 10, on be, hire system. He signed an agreement, and ordged the 'drgan to be sent to W JS, Eva Itou. Winson Green, by 'acertam time. The organ wae-Hvered at the adaressgiven,'wbKhasemptyousa,' and received by prisoner, who J porter that his firrhiture haa iiot'aiTived,lmtwascommg; the following day. It appeared tbat .the same at prisoner ordered the organ he enquired of paril xtoberts,, pawnbroker, John Bright Street, whether ;.Te -wonW.: receive an organ in pledge, and the Wkng.das -&e; brott'thec'ta'ft&riritoTeV'van., TpnsonwtoM the pawnbroker that he 6ad stored his f urnitare during his summer holiday, but did not want tostore hefig because it might get damaged bydamp, JleIF?; to pawn it He produced a receipt, pmportuitrrslww, that he purchased the organ in Woraestertwelva months .Jj) iiv fL, tr. lim. Prosecutor.niaae, enquiries, and found tbat-prisrytepresentatieiBwere- untrue. xnsoner was commisseu iyt - - rtl'HK NINETEENTH ' C ENT UK xi JL - OCTOBER HSfc: . ' ' i A Eeafljustment of tie -Union : Tha -HationaJBt Ran. By . Eedmond, M.P. A French Colony. By the Ccratess ot3rse3- ?. .-r, ft;. Where Ka Cotambas W land in 1492 f Jwift o Map!. By. H EieeJIeacr Sir Henry A. Btelce, 3K.C.M.G.;, ". The Satomi of the Jtasen Eesime. By Mrs An cawe' A Thanksgiving lor Orchids. BySrlmck B . The lessons of a Decade. By SL-W. KuBseu,.31.F. Stories or old Eton Days. By O. Kegan Pant - BieTraafslTJiiijmOresandEockB .Aliead. By T.E, TbreB"-' The jfmr FootbaUifania. .By Chapea BaW iOhair. Cholora abd our 'ftotecHoo Awirstfti. By Cr. Ernest Hart ynaur -"man of Elie Watiaimi Hafltb Society). Housekeeping Schools. By Mrs. Priestley. ' . JjoncTon : Samtson Low, aLutsroy, Co.. ffay). ' 675 TJXKE MUSICAL JL PriccSd. TIMES FOB, QCTOBEB. rryRV. -MUSICAL. TTMES FOR iQCTO&BK JL- ' 'contains:' TschakCirety's ppora "toPtm t$ES- GiovaEni nd Benvenntb Idlini-Occaaionsl Votef-' JEtets. Rumours, and BemarksUloiicrater .apd ara"1 " Festivals--" jHaMen Hall," at the Savoy "piwreKs "Tne Weaning Kre. THE MUSICAL TIMES' FOR OClOHiSlt " cobfainfl: Kational Temperance Choral 55S? T.M1Se -- and Kcclesiasecal ExhiMtibn Bhyl Eisteddfod' Early Arabic Music Oiiitttarj Music, in Birmingham. Braaiortt, ' Brtato!, Bublii, EdinbnrKh. Glaseojr. LiverDOOl. Manchester Reviews Enreign and Country Nowb Correspondenoo, Sre. Price 4d. ; atjree, 54. Annual sabsenpteon, mclud- mB postage, cs. THE MUSICAL TIMES 'FOR OOU.'Us contaiDB': "Vfbojosver drmKetb of this water. He Anthem. Composed T)y' J. T. BWS, ior 8-i.i.B. -Ence, ionoonffi Nr 'Ycitk: Kovraio, Eweb, i Co. ; and tij all local Musicsellers. Hau SETPPIIG fiOllOES. 4 M E R I O A N L I N : E . Xk. The only DIRECT UNB to PHILADELPHIA, EYEB WjtDNUSTJAi: irom LirerpooL , ' Cabin passace from 10. Second Cabin byau stcamcas, .except as. Indiaca, from 7. 7a. ' " . ''" " - : Apply to W. H. HayKard (Xelepbono 642), 42, Union PaKSe: - J. PranoiB Brume, 2, Union Passage; & Birandersoa and Co., 118, Dale End; Thoe. Cook and Son, Colonnade, New Street; thc.Bndffe, Walsall, and Wolverhampton; John Green, IS, Carter's txteen, Wast Bromwioh: Henry Walier, Halesowen Eoad, Old ail: J-T.- Wbitehouse, Plinces End, Tipton;. VT. Fletcher Paea Walsnll Boad, Cannock; J. Nicholls, AueUoneer, KiddBraunael'. oro3'Mchaftlson,!Spsncs,aad Co.. Water fitIaverpool. ' 23 INMAN LINE EOYaL MAIL STEAMEES. - iDmau and - International Bteamship Company (Limjtedi UTerpool to New lork, Tia liueenstoTO. Vv, City of Chester Wed.. Oct. 5 1 City of Paris .Wed, Oct 12 ApplytoEichardwn.Spence, and Co., 22, Water Street, jLr?er- r)l; W.H. Hiyward, 42, Union Passage (Telephone No. 2) : -J..-Bmli Union Passssei K.'Cook and Son, Tee Colonnade, New St.: K. Bosers, 11, ExchaDgs Bldgs, Birminram; .B. Hutcama, .10, Wolverhampton Si, Dudley; J. Green, WcatBromyieii. .. 11 TUTTE STAR-ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS ij fECiii. Steerag s PasssuReTS Trill ao& Oe carried anfcil toxiher HAJESTIG.-. . . . . WU Oct, 0 . ! GERMANIC-. j. . WeJ,.Oet 12 Apply to William H. Hayrord, 42, Uown PaSsage (TeL 642); Wiluani Penistone. Post Office, 70, Parade ; Btomas Cook aod , bon,-The Colonuade, Kew Street (Tet 896); J. F..Brame, 2, Union PaBsage.-BirmiDghiun Joun .Green, 15,-Oarters Gren; West Brooi wich ; or to Iamay, Imrie, and Co., 34, Lesdaoball Street, Loodon, BP. ftrtrt .in. Witrr Rfcfrflflt. JJveroooL - ' '3S ' 4 LLAN ROYAL MATT. LINE to CANADA-and y me.3mi.xia ouwkiwumw" -- West Bail. Ketum Tickets to Briliih Colombia for twelve months. Liverpool tos- Quebec and MorrrasAL. -Mongolian Oct. 6 I Sardinian .i.. pet 15 LlVKEPOOI. JOB .HI. JOHU'S, , HALIFAX, AND MOKHUSAL.. -Afeyrsan Oct 11 I Carthiginian ........Oct' 2S Apply,:AUan Brotbers and Co., James Street, Liverpool : W. H. Hayward d'elephooe No. 642). 42, Union Passage-; J. -Francis Emme, 2, Union Parage (near Hyam's); or to T. Cook and Son (Teleyhoue No. 896), The CokmnadeTNfW Street, ard Stephenson Piaeo,Bir-mingham; J- Green, 15, Carter's Green, WestvBromciiiv MAI)k.-DQmm6N - LINE. EOYAL MAIL' ST15AMEKS. Sailing from xarvTSRrciOL WceKly, Superior Saloon. Intermediate, and Bteemes t kweat rates. Free Land Grants of 16X1. Aorevvntii Boaas, tolieatervAjply to Jlmn, Mam, and- MonieoDiery, Liverpool and Briatoi ; W. lilHarirara, i Union (Telephone Ha. 642); J. S. Biame, 2, Jfn'ion JMWK l T. Coot and Son (Telephone o. 8S6), The Colonnade, New St. ;.E. Sanderson and Co., '118, Dale End; F. C. Lang, Warstone. Laiie.BiniiiDgham: Constantine Lovell, Fire Ways, West SBfeth-wick; IWwardVFaterhouse, 251, Oldbury Eoad, TVes Smetmnck:. A. a Bone. 4, Church Street, Market Plaoe, Oldbury; T; Cook and. Son, Walsalll and 27,. yaeen St., Woherhampto?!;.- Johnteten, 15, Carta's GreftrWest Bromwich; E. Hutohings .Jnn UJnaley; S? Parlies and -Co., New Boad, WillenhaU ; B. Bl Wednesbury ; .tj Wontm Sr. . Rrieriev Hill : Hy. .Ifardley-, Cradley Heath : 3. Morrell and Sons. Bileton : Bobert Elton, 47. Osep SW-Tipton : Or IUNASD LIKE. EOYAL MAIL STEAMEES TO SEW YORK. ' TO BOSTON. ' ATJEANIA Sat, Oct. 1ICATALOMIA ..'nur., Oct. S ETKUHJA Sat, Oct. 8 'PAYONlA ..,v.'jHiar., Oct. J3 . SUPESIOE ACCOMMODATION, at Moderate Fares forIJret and Second-class Passengere: also through to CHINA. JAPAN, NEW ZKALAND, and AUSTRALIA, ' - THE CUNAiai'STEAMSHIP COMPANT (LIMITED ). S, Water Street, Liverpool, otto their Agents, . W. H. Hayirard, 42, "Union Passage (Telephone 642);'.F. Brams, 2, Union Passage, Nevr Streec end; T. Cook ana boo,- The Colonnade, New Street Telephone 886); W. Pecustoae, 70, Parade; E. Sanderson and Co., 118, Dale End: Captain Wm. Bamett Bley,. 2o.Sheriocs atreet, Birmmenam: j.vreen, t.cs& jtupiwih. TnTA-sr LINE STEAMERS to INDIA via MALTA? J The Clan Line Steamers (Limited) and to Clan Line Associa tion Steamers will sail punctually as unaer tium . : '.Colombo. Madras, and Calcutta. V.nmhn.v and Eurrachee. Clan Drummond . . .. Oct. 8 Clan Grant... ".. .. OcA. 22 Clan Monroe , Oct 1 ClanPraser.. .-. .. Oil. 29 K,ntfifj-jfi irif,b irm -Ifffhfe arid all modem' improvementB. Separate two-barthed cabins amidships. Moderate fares. Fpr fares. ami particulars, apply to wheatley.atia Coyi, ieE5..ccreet,,yT.. orCayzier.-TrTine, and Co., Leadenhall Buadingsi Londofr,' 28o TrVTEW ZEALAND, TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA, iL caUing at TENliKiFFE..'CAPK TOWN, and HOBAP-T. SW,SAVILL,and ALBION. COMPANT (LIMITED) Despatch, their Magnificent Eoyal Mail STBAMBBS from- LONDON (Koyal Albert Docklevery four weeks.' Passengers conveyed .to. the Cape at moderate fares. Next departure : ' ,r ' Oct. 27, DORIC, 4,784 tons, Captain J. W. Jonntogs, B.N.E. From PLYMOUTH two dajs'.later. Seduced Farea, Very superior Second Saloon Accommodation at specially low rates. Cheap Heturn Tickets. Apply, Show; Savill. anoAlbioia Co, Limited)', 34, Leadenhall Street, 3S.C., or 51, Pall Mail, LoDdon, S. W. ; or to the Local Agents of the Company in Birmingham. . . . -.. ; : . TEV ZEALAND, TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA. 1 -The NEW ZEALAND SHIPPING COMPANY'S KOYAL MAIL STBAMKBS From LONDON (Koyal Albert .rwei), landing pasaensers en route at TeaeriSe, Capetown, and -at Hoaart, for Tasmania and Australia. Through bookings. Neit departure: ... Oct. IS j Kaikoura 1 4,474 tons Wellington and Ports. From Plymouth two days later. Sheltered -promenade deck ; second saloon' ou upper deck ': cabins amidships. Perfect ventda Son. Electric light. Liberal cuisine,. Cheap single and' return tickets. Passengers outward may break their Jaorney at Capetown er Hobart, homewards at Bio da Janeiro or TecerifJe. Apply to the Company, 138, Leadenhall Street, London, E.O. ; or w. H. HavnranL t2. Union Passage. Bh-mingbam. 635 ... Ajiyi-KAi,! a. jxijiw r u, xaj vi n ii lh. .ORIENT LINE. FORTNIGHTLY MALL SEEvTOU-- The foUowing STEAMSHIPS leave LONDON as under. PLY MOUTH One Day-Later, NAPLES Nine Daysiater, for; ALBANY, ADSLAIDK, MELBOURNE, aod SYDNEY, with. her Majesty's Mails, calling at ColomUo, and taking Passengers for (ill Ports in axstxaiasia: Steamships. Tons. H.-P. ORD3NT ;. 5.36S .... 6,0OC OSMCZ 6,051 .... 8.500 OROTAVA 6,552 .... 7,000 Date. .. Oct 7. '.. Oct 21. .. . Nov. 4. .... v .... Passeogers leaving London seven days later than. above, and travelling overland, can overtake the Steamer at Naples. Loading Berth, Tiibary Docks. . . . , Steamers among the largest and fastest aflea. nigh-class cuisine, hor.and wild baths, electric lidding throughout, Htonrugh vental. .NOV. 18. ftton.. ... - . - ui.- Fares, inclusive of victualling, leaaing, ann voia xieuuittiwa, 17. 17s. to 70. Cheap Return Tickets. ..'.--" V . t . - f Hnad Offices- Hanacew. J F. Srem and Co., rFendrareh Avenne,- aiaiasws, ijuiersun, Antleraon, aad Ca.,l London. For Passage, apply to toe mtier rirm, ae u, ccuuuurua js.tud, E.CX; b? (O the Branch Office, 16, Cockepur Street, Charing Cross,' 8 W.: or to the-Agcntsin BirminghaiD W. H. Hayward, '42, Union Pasge; J. F. Brame, 2, Union Passage; T. Cook and Son, The Colonnade, ew wtreev aiiO stepnenson x-iaco, uua uuun uiwu. XFORD AND KINGSTON STEAMERS. The ly Steamers will continue running iiauy (Banaaya.eicepteQi sm October a Combined Rail and Steamer Tickets and Cheap Return Tickets issued. Fall particulars from Salter Bna; Oxford ; or, in Birmingham. Salter Bros., -the Seservoir, and G.W.B. Station, SoowHilL... , ' "' IB .- LAST WEKK. . T IYERPOOL, LLANDUDNO,. . BEAUMARIS, JLi - BANGOR, ASA MENAI BRIDGE." . '. . " DAILY. .SAILINGS. (Sdndoya excepted). AUowirig3boorsdn'shoreatLlandndDor -" ST. TUDNO," up to and including Monday, October 3, Leaves LirerpoonO.45 a. m. ; Arrives back Liverpooi .6.45 p.m. Apply to Messrs, T. Cook and Son ; Swan and Leach (Limited); 0 .'to. -E. Barlow; 20, Water Street, liyrpOol.J-. . . LAST TRIP OF THE SEASON MONDAY, OCTOBER 3.292 7?HARMrNG WINTER -CRUISES TO FINEST CLIMATE' IN EUROPE. THE WELL-KNOWN ATLANTIC LINEB, CITY OF RICHMOND, . Sails reiraiarlyfrom LIVERPOOL for a TWENTY-THREE DAYS' tt r.iSrSiw MAnRIHA. TBNERD7FB. and CANARY (inclusise of Nine Days ashore). Fares, i25. to S&. Ontwartls only at Special Hates. Apply? City of Richmond Offlces, 21a, EuAaoae Station! LiverpooL Agent: Mr. W. H. Hayward, 42, Union Passage, Kirnjiognom, REDUCED FARES TILL END OF SEASON. FORE DECK -23. 6D,, oajajvav os. ou. -, PLEASURE SAILINGS from BRISTOL by the RAVENSWOOD. This D (Saturday), October 1. llfracombe direct. Leaving HotweUs at 2v30 p.m-rerarningat7.45 p.m., direct.'to BristoL '. 100 UMMER-SEA TRIPS The most Health-giving ' and Enjoyable Holiday is a Trip to Sea in the Summer, when cood weather-can be reliedon and the Sea ozoM.inbaled inits purity. R03fAL MAIL STEAMERS Leave LIVERPOOL every Satur-dav and every Third Wednesday, taking six to seven days, and land- Passengers at the Beautiful CANARY ISLAN DS or MADEIRA. Snecial Tourist rate 15. (firsfrelass) return. ?olfull particulars ftPsSrEldar, DempsWr.and Co., 14, Castle- Street, Liverpool: 643 M AWARD'S SHIPPING. PASSAGE -and TOURIST OFFICES, 42, Union Passage. (near Martineau Street), BL-mingham. Kstaulished 1864. P1RST, SECOND, and THIRD CLASS BERTHS Booked by all Lines, at Companies' Rates, to all Parts of the World. No As&ncy Charges. '. Foreign Money Kxchange. Telephone No. 642. . - 873. BIUME'S SHIPPING AND TOURIST OEFICES AND FOREIGN MONEY -EXCHANGE. Established 1862. Y-.... l , a PnT,lfi AnKTr-klift. TCffW 5?al,rf saiAfriia. India. at Companies' Rate.. Mcditerraneaa Cruises. No Agency Charges. Passengers Jjuggagr. Colleoted. Reduced xnres to Xdverpooi. lawMiujimw ujwa aiuta.auii Free. Outfits supplied. Konnett MoneysEichanged. Renutoaees made to America, tc-J. F. Brame, 2, Uniou Passage (New Street endW Birmmeham. - .. 62 rrsHosTcooK and son tourist and STREET, lilGHAJr the LARGEST and OLDEST Passenger Agency in the Woriu. raEsengera booked at Lowest Official Rates to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand Africa, Sc. Information and areolars Free. Outfite supplied. NO AGENCY CHARGES. Drafts issuednadcssheu. JfORagn Money Sxchanccd. . ' 63 MOTELS, CLUBSi SCHOOLS, and FAMILIES woulddd weU d try the Kdcbastmi Steam Innto Company. - ONE BOX of CLARKJS a: H tl ruuuo is warraniea toOara all Ailmeats of thsUrirw Organs, in EitoerSex, GravtUand Pams In the' Baclt : Sold,inJJoxes,4s;-6iL ecn. byiU OhemoriorS stamps by Jl thn and ffiidlsnd Counties Drue .Comjaoj,. Liocoln. WboJeBalo AscQia, Bardas and Sons, and iOl tto WisolssaJe lioosej - CJ "-MASys fBIHMy CHOER, SCHOOL, ANI -lovwtAWdett HOVa. with mod Voioea. ficanleil and EdncaSea'ibt 15. a year.-oT paiticolara apply to. the Jto-T.. BatettieVicaiage, RENOWNED COMM3SKCIA1. jHTITU lis. , -Bb. STjYS, Waaon Stwsti liege, Belgium. Book-fceeping, French and Gerinan Lengoages,' StenograjBy, tie whole is One-Year Guaranteed. Board. 56. a year ; no otaar etnenaea. SUjer Medals. Mathematics, tsc 231 US0R' TRAINING .Young: Gentlemen to become J? OFFICERS in the HSlCAlrTILS NAVY. PwSSGirinesa per annum, g. SHIP " CONWAY," liverpooL For'Prospedas, Sc., apply to Captain A. 1. Miller, S.I. 785. : M,f H. HENLEY CVyimil is prepared to iwL Beeeive PUPTLS, Intemwdiate and Advanced, for TERM WMifflEaGIItG TubSdat, .September 20, 1SS2. Refereoce per-fiVHim WfiiTti,-,. Fa . Roval CoUeze of Music. London : -4nd Messrs. Scockte' and Sahin, 1 A Cilmoreltow, Birmingham, a-ITNS LESSONS. MarveHons Success of KVTlR'S NKW METHOD of Teachimr Ranid- BusitMSS rMng or Lady's Corresponding State Age is no obstacle; Boys andMar:ScmS8rai Middle-aged . Persons are equally ssccesafoi Invoicing, BookJceepma Shorthand, and Typewritins. Tuition in the day c? evenmg. Private Rooms- llydea Business Iraimng COIEEKC Ai-ve Outacv. wuiauwwjwi w, TrrSXitf GO jEL EG E', KEN T, THE ROYAL NAVAL SCHOOL. (Incorwrratcd 1S411 Head Master : Rev. B PESCIVAL BROWN, Mi-Tirst Grado Public School for Sons oT Naval. OfScsrs and otters. FmM to 70 Guineas. PreoaKition ior TJniversitieE, Serrices, Pro-' 4essions,-&3.'' ' , . bpectai glasses -xor jjavaij jajuj!jxaara. xmw .ojfTcM. Special Wing for Young 'Boys; Fine Site and Buildings. Lospsctioa invited. NKXT TERM, September 2L . 646 D ANCING. Mons. GILMER (assisted by Mr. JAS. W. and Miss .GILMER) will RESUME his CLASSES at the Academy.rthie Fisst WssK in ' OcsosEB. ADULT PRACTICE Subscription Class, Thubshais, at 8 p-m. ADULT INSTRUCTION Class for Beginners, WEnstSKDATS, atJUNILE Classes, Mohdats, Wjedkehdays, and SAtnsiWrtS, ar p.m. . - .... PRIVATE LESSONS in -ValsniK: at any hoor, by appomtmeut. - SKIRT DANCING taught by Miss Gilmer. SCHOOLS and PRTAT1S CLASSES attended cotof town. For tet-ms and full parifculara, apply, Caltborpe House, KtO Wasa, Buinlngtiam , ' ... ICS . COLLEGE HALL, LONDON (Opened October, 1 lRSa lmnMrmrUrtl March. 18861. BtnzPlaoa. GordBB Sanare, RRSIDENCE for WOMEN STUDENTS of University college anaxoe-onaon tscnooi ot jaeracine xor nucrai. Principal Miss GROVE. ... Applications for admission to be addressed to tbe Honorary Secretary.- . . 668 aolELS. &o. RONDOS ESIACRAKT (LATE AVERY) CORNER OF BULL STREET ft CORPORATION fiT&KEI MEMING3AM. COMPETENT CHEFS. FIRST-CLASS COISIN& BBFURNISHED THROUGHOUT. tlT WITH ELECTRIC -LIGHT , . CHARGES MODERATE. CONFECTIONERY DEPARTMENT. " Wo are making great varieties in Scotch Confectionery, for which wo find an increasmg aemana. .' 251 OKDON, HOTEL WINDSOR, , VICTORIA STBEJST, WSSXtUJXJSJS. O.W SPECIAL NOTICE. Electrically Lighted Zorosshout Day and Night. .Table dHote, at Separate Tables, from 6.30 to 8.S0 (open to Ncn. -Sesidents). - Turkish and Swimming Baths. - .'Inclusive Terms, from 12s. per day. 285 J. R. CLEAVE Sc CO., Proprietors. YDE PARK HOTEL AND EESTAUBANT, OPPOSITE MARBLE ARCa, LONDON, Vf. Thb'cbiffmingly-siiJiated Hotel and Parisian Restsmaat isaaor open under entirely new muoagetneni, having been tbcroughly redecOced throoghout and put into perfect sanitary condition. It faces tha-south, and overloois-Hyda Pari. Slnstrclass French Cuisine, and excellent Wines and Spirits at Moderate Prices. -. . Table dlHote, eight courses, Ss. Rgatanrant a la3srta. 647 N P E R T O N'd HOT E L. FLEET SXiXEUT, LONDON. The Nearest HOTEL to the Law Courts. Centrally situated both for City and Principal Theatres. Terms moderate ' ' 62 LIVERPOOL. COMPTON HOTEL. Unrivalled for 'its Comfort, excellent Cuisine,' aod Moderate Pixed Charges.-Adjacent to best Shops, Shipping OSces,Statio3s, &c SI 'TRTDGrfORTH. BALL HOTEL. Family; and' g . Commercial, within ope miante of the celebrated Castle Kill'; Walk, vnta Bpienaia view ol tne oerem t auey. v leifcuro ia, . uujo charming health resort trill find every accommodatioai with 'mode-rate charges, at the Ball HoteL ' 290 ' S. J. DOWNES, Proprietress. frmS ABBEY HOTEL, KENILWORTH. JL Beautifully situated, overlooking the Castle, Church, and Anbey Ruins. Most comfortable public rooms and moderate cnarcee. ' The Hotel is now under entirely nevr Management and 277 late George Hotel, Bangor: CTESS'S HOTEL, (LimTEiSSOtffH'po'SS (Immediately Eaciog the New Marine Lake and Sea). . . Xii8 Clab-lite FAHULY HOTiiL is now Reopened, Bedecorated, atot aBatirelff itefarai&ned- Table tl'HOte from A50 Co-S, a Separate Tables. ' VrlBlES, CIGARS, and CUISINE Unsurpassed id any Hotel. Terms on application to the Manageress. SCNDAVS-SPECIAL TABLE D'HOTE, 6.50 TO 8 P.M. N.B. The Sanitary Arrangements are perfect, and oT tho mos MILD WINTER COIMAXE. - , ' HIGH. RECORD WINTER SUNSHINE. 12TNOWLE HOTEL, SIDMOUTH, DEVQNA jflrst-class homelitte Hotel,- the principal Hotel in - Srdnaoothi liMiitly reopened, after being redecorated-and enlarged and rs-furufcihed by Maple and Co. -Special attention paid to cuisine, -wines, acd atteodanee. Sound sanitary arrangements. Corridors- and public rooms well wanned. Beaotif nl gardens and dteasivts grounds. One of the finest Hotels ou the coast Convenient to visit from Birmingham. - ; 516 N.W. The . WESTMLNSTES, Leadmg HoteL BeoutifnUy situated, facing the seenear tho Pier and Grand Pavilion. Elegant Public Booms ; Private Suites of iwoouu f or iamiues at speaai terms. -j.-oietjw . enyvuow www. - Address, tbe manager. OLWYN BAY, N.W. IMPERIAL HOTEL; b!gn-eUss Family and CommerciaL Boarding term3.' Nea'' tk otn.,;nn and saa. Address, the Manageress. .c22 O U R N E M O U I E.-The TANKERYXLLE Bivrwr. in the bracing air of Boscombe, for Pamilies and Geoaemen. Delightfuflj'. situated among, the Pine' wooos and fading tlie sea. One nnnute from pier. Jteaeoorasec ana rcfamished throoghout. Exceedingly moderate . tariK. N.B.-Visitors have the privilege of using the beautiful gronads, of Boscombe Towers, Che Jate residence of Sir Henry Draauaotid , . , tl r I.' il tJ Afn;.lwrr fka fWOl '. fall IV AITT fvlifi.. n.l.. Li.. auiuuwit lalD JttJW- NEAREST jfiASIDE - HEALTH AND PLE ASTTREBES0RT "Jwus51BrriiIurGHAM AND MIDLAND COUNTIES. ' ' WESTON - SUPER - MARK mHE GRANU ATLANTIC HOTEL; rhis Firslxlass Hotel Taces the Sea, contains. 100 Booms; and possesses all modern tmprovaments. Close to Golf Links. Table d"Hote, ot separate tables, at Seven p.m. Dai&; ' Terms strictly moderate and inclusive. Apply-to ManasereBS. Telephone No. IL Bote! Omiiibus meets trams, 271 fOUGlSsTBELVEDERB TEMPERANCE g y HOTEL (LIMITED). Pirat-cioss Commercial, EstJUilisli mens. . Splendid Stock Rooms. ' Night and Day Porter . ' , : c!437 JOHN ROGLRS. Manager mREVELYAN Commercial and Family Temper-JL ance Hotel, Boar Lane, Leeds (two minutes of railway stations). Commodious Stock Rooms. Coffee and Private .Sitting Rooms. Night porter. ' The Hotel has undergone extensive apera-tioos, and is under new management. BUtajd Room reopened- A Sterol commercial dinnerat2a.-MisaS. WHITEOAK, Manageress. SOUTHPORT, SMJSDLK X . olxilvlJALtEi r-ma. - HYDROPATHIC ESTABLISHMENT. The uneet and most ,mr,lpi Suite of Baths in the iinEdom. Reduced Terms During Sammer. Apply Manager 296 ADDEESSES. t. t. JjNeal, dentist, 6 OMJSIL&y STRKhl, ' Date Principal Assistant to Mr. T. R. M. English, Cohnore Row 24 years. Artificial Teeth made from the same raatcriai, and Belied on the principle adopted by Mr. English, at omUhird a arice. NitrcsOiidecarefollyBinjijsteied. . 23 IMPORTANT DENTAL NOTICE. To People in Want of ARTIFICIAL TEKTH, Write or CaB for Explanatory Pamehlet. with f till Description and Testimonials ol Ifew apd Pain- i TS ie "it. ArSnciS TTeeOi, TKUB 5R JJATUUE. from 1. la. per Set. Most convenient place Ground Floor. Evening Practice Seven till Nine. ARTHUR WARD, Q.D.S., Dental Sorgeon, jjjjg N 'l, Bull Street, Binnihgham. InsATENT QFFI0ia;:5TEKSbWSsttoSl!HJCrBE I their LSVENTIONS by PATENT or their DESIGNS by REGISTRATION may obtain Prinlfld Instructtoos Gratis by STGEOH G E SH-AW, PATENT OFFICE, 40, TEMPLEMRBiBT. BlUMISOSAM. 21 ULBSTBest and Cheapest. Named HYACINTHS for Pots and Glasses. ELSE BULBS 2s. PER DOZEN. : raKLin0npA frpfe on aonlicatiOQ. IMMENSE STOCK OF NURSERY-AND GREENHOUSE , PLANTS, at Cheap-Rates, GRAND LOT OF POT ROSES, for Winter Etoomlng, POPE & SONS, SSASKZI SJ.LL AND KZlfffS mBTOF. UTCH"BULBS DIRECT FROM GROWERS. r.r.r.rTTT-K- i. airKPS rsTTTNTSA. PACKAGE of Choice HARDY FLOWER ROOTS for Spring Gardening contains J,uli lfjPMos j PeRanu.cutus 60 French ditto OU '1111155, single auf SO Tulips, double 25 Tulips, single late -20 Narcissus, Polyanthus 30 Narcissus, Incomparable 24 Narcissus, Pocticus 24 Anemones, doubla i wmnrM. Kinffle 24 Gladiolus 50 Snowdrops, single 50 Spanish Iris 24 Sciila Hyaciutboides 24 Sciila Sibertai (Praecox) 4 Lilium Umbelxatuin fi Eranthis- Hyemalis (Winter Aconite) 400 CroouSjinfourdistincfccolours Hlf this miantitv for lis. Tho GUINEA PACKA3E for In-door CulUvation coniains 336 choice and selected Bulbs, for 72 pots and glasses. The above Packages may be had from our Agents, Messrs. MERTENS &TO.71 Cross Lane, St. MaryHihTXondOtt, .E.O, on receipt.of cheque or poswUBce order. . : -Our aescripiaveBnlbCatatogue (lM pages m. English), pgf Full CULTURAL DIRECTIONS, and particulars- as to FRBb DELI-VERY will be sent, postfree, on apphcaxion to our A. above, or oarseltes. direct, at Overreen, near Haarlem, HollanaVTls M. JONES & CO tir poisiWs? SC., 16, SJSUW nlJirami orceoter Street), .1 A T E R 5 U.-'P P Ii I AU-PffVITA'V TitlHJ IN liS. fff on. pvt!,.wh iharrifttfy andllettfJl, eiecnted By CHAKLE3 CEAPMAN, Sctriaeer aod Contractor, TYPEWRITING. Miss K. a PASCHA-5T1MP; . SON, 27, Ueaneltfs Hill, Teaches TYPEWRITING aod a most Rapid Porm of SHORTHAND. A11 MSS. Correctly Copied. cai GENUINE BARGAIN IN'SLLK.-The l Widow ot J a Manufacuircr has a few Pieces of Rich. Black Corded folLi., ami will Dispose of the same at a Great Beducaon viz., tnernu Dress Length, 16 yards, wide width, or 3s. d- jard, .cash wittoruer. Mrs. James, 30, Charlotte Suxet, Portland Place. London, w. IMPORTANT TO LADIES. reVSE meet MIRACULOUS - MEDICINE L ever discovered for all Irregularities, tc, of the. Pemale System. This WONDERFUL Remedy relieves all distressing symptoms, SAVES DOCTORS BILLS, and preserves HEALTH. THOUSANDS have been relieved by its use, as testiSed by Use numerous UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIALS. Pills are useless, and; only cause disappointment, Stamped addressed envelope for Price List and Copies of Testimonials, which arejriarantgenuineunderapenalty.of 1,000., open to inspection and" ierrestigacion. The most and only ''effeet&emcdy on eartlK Try ami : judge for-yourself B. P. D ASMAIL. waffinamstiow. 14? GJHIRT and COLLAR DRESSING, to Fsrf ectson. f3 , -ScuiJ a . post card, to the JSdgbaston Steam Laundry Company.'- 1 -- - '.' A ' FALL- IN JRJ& " Chamberlain, MMa,r"& effefES HAVE THIS DAY. REDUCED THETR ENTIRE STOCK 03? BEST WILTON CARPETS 3d.: EER YARD, BEST BRUSSELS CARPETS as. PEE YARD. SPECIALITIES FOR rwg SEASON. OWING TO THE INCREASING DEMAND FOR : A E T I'S TICS Q U ABB ; P A B P B flBAMBERLAIK KING, HAVE DEVOTED AN ADDITION AL SHOW ROOM SPECJALSY FOB TH SALE OF THESE GOODS. RELIABLE QUALITIES ONLY. SEAMLESS AXSnNSTER SQUARES. SEAMLESS WTLTON SOUARES. SEAMLESS SSU8isL3 aU&tUSB. ALL THE A3SOVS ASS KEPT SPECIAL ATTENTION IS DIRECTED TO THE FOLLOWING :- Tni?TYSTfW.n RRTTSSWJiH SOUAU1W. 12ft. Onr. 12ft. Otb. q. 9r.. ssr. tv by 12ST. am., Jls. Op. . . 8P- 03 maht otser SrzBs. BORDERED WILTON SQUARES. 50JT. 6m. 13ft. Cter, o Orsr. 78a. ldn. " jHhrr. ftrsi. 114a. Sn. BORDERED ASklNSTER .CASPElT 12n. 12. Oik. Ors. w otv. !as. r.T. t7l2rr. Oss., 114s. ' 01). 29.'- 30, VS!OS S iRSB Ty SIB MIS 6 BA M, CABINET MANUFACTOBS: S3NGSTON ROAD. 27, 28, Mitchell a. DOCTOR TIDY REPORTS w.; NoTlal SaSm; At5EB5EEuS Bib DETAIL THE SEVERAL MATERIALS EMPLOYED IN THE PREPARATION OP THEIR "BEERS. - HH PLANT THROUGHOUT IS OF THE MOST kODEKN OTSrSTEUCTIOlf, AND THE ZiFJ condcthSprwibion m " UOOW OF 122 WORKS BEILECT THE HIGHEST CREDIT ON THE MANAGEMENT. '. w.m pk5YED IS FROM AN ARTESIAN WELL ON TEE PREMISES. I HAVE MADE A COmS TSySS IupSt ON MOEE THAN ONE OCCASION. THE WATER IS ONE 01 REMARK. ABLE ORGANIC PURITY AND EXCELLENCE." "THE MATERIALS USED IN THE BREWING OPERATIONS ARE OF THE FTSEST jaUALTTY, AND GALCTEODEEERS .OP A HIGH STANDARD. , IT IS ALMOST SUPERFLUOUS TO ADD THAI NONE OP THE MATERIALS EMPLOYED CAN POSSIBLY BE REGARDED AS INJTJEIOUS TO HEALTH. " I SELECTED FROM TEE STORES OP THE BREWERY STVE SAMPLES OB BEER P03 EXAMTNATION A3 FOLLOWS: B. 4S. BEER, SOLD TO THE B.B.. S. 6n. DO. DO. SPECIAL BEER, SUPPLIED SO PRIVATE CUSTOMERS. AT la. PER GALLOH. SUPPLIED TO PRIVATE CUSTOMERS "AT L li PER E3LDEREIN. G.A. T, T T. A . WAST TKT1TA PALE ALE. FURTHER" THREE SAMPLES OF BEER WERE TAKEN FROM A PUBLIC-HOUSE SELECTED BY MYCTL AS ONE OPCESUPPLIED WITH HENRY atlTCHEIiL-; CO.B BEEBS, IN OEMTHAJ I MIGHT MAKE IRR EMINAONSOFTHK BEERS SENT OUT BY THE PTSM AND SOLD TO THE PUBLIC. "THESE SAMPLES CORRESPOND TO B., B.B., AND SJ.PA. OP THE ABOVE LIST. "I CERTIFY AFTER CAREFUL EXAMINATIdN, THAT ALL THE SAMPLE3 COLLECTED BY ME BOTH AT AND oTiREOT BEEES Off EXOESdiEliX QUAIiKYi AND FREE FROM ANY DELETERIOUS .EUBSTANCE WHATSOEVER. Q HDY. - PROV!rsos OF CHEMISTRY AND FORENSIC -MEDICINE AT THE LONDON HOSPITAL; MEDICAL ' oSOF HeSE ISLINGTON; ONE OF THE OFFICIAL ANALYSTS TO THE HOME OFFICE ; BARRISTERAT-LAW, fee., &d." BREWERY :-OAPE HILL. TOWN ORDER .OFFICE : 72, NEW STREET. - 280 Cbo'.s se; & S a tr o :e s P I G K L E S, Jams, - Soups, and MAY BE OBTAINED FROM ALL GROCERS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. CROSSE & BLACKWELL (LIMITED),- SORO SQUARE, LONDON JEATY ROS.' The Celebrated ' Tailors. Great show foe autumn this day. BSATY BROS -- MOTTO has ALWAYS BEEN the LARGER the TRADE the CHEAPER tha GOODS, and, considering their IMMENSE TRADE and their GREAT FACILITIES for PRODUCTION, it may truly be said that BEATY BROS. have NO COMPETITORS in the Tattoring Trade for TTBINSIO VALUE, as well as for NOVELTY, FIT, and FINISH of GARMENTS. THIS SEASON, Beaty Bros.'FRO--DUCTIONS BEAT ALL PREVIOUS RECORDS, PARTICULARLY in OVERCOATS. . "' ,', ' ATTENTION to the Annexed List SOLICITED, and INSPECTION of the GOODS 1NVSXED. ' BEATY BROS. AGNIFICST ARE NOW SHOWING A STOCK FOR. AUTlMSr HIGH-CLASS 0VERCO ATTNGS, TROUSERINGS, & SUITINGS .i The-annexed. . " '- -LEADING. LINES ARE VERY SPECIAL.. JL1 EATY BROS.' Perfect-fitting INVERNESSES; GENTS', 21-, 30-, S76, 45-, and 526. BOYS', 76, 116, 146, 176, and 206. Can ONLY be had trom - BEATY BROS., file PATENTEES EATY BROS.' 276' DREADNOUGHTS 52 tnche tons. LINED all THROUGH, LARGE Detached CAPES WlBi .. Also at 326, 40- 47d, aod S76. These are GRAND TRAVELLING OVERCOATS. Ready for Wear, or to Measure. OEATY BROS.' Unsullied 21- OVERCOATS. ts. Be.' 2V- DOUBLE-BREASTED GREAT COATS, Extra Iocs, and lined all through, B. Bi' 2V- BLUE BEAVER CHESTERFIELDS, Gheckedcioth lined aodsilk veltetcoEars. E. Bs.' 2V- ALL-WOOL BLUiTmELTON CHSSTBBS, With sat velvet oollara, lined all thrcngb. jj, BS.' a. ALL-WOOL INDIGO VICUNA CBESTERS. With silk velvet collars, lined all through. B. Et.' 21- ALL-WOOL HEAVY CHEVIOT CHESTERS, Lined all through. B. Bs." 211- ALL-WOOL -MELTON COVERT COATS, Doubl&stuYched seams and Bilk velvet collars. These 22- OVERCOATS are GREAT VALUE. " Ready for wear or to measaro. EATY BROS.' Unequalled 30- OVERCOATS. B j ti. tc tkthh intra GREAT COATS, Checked doth lined and extra long. 8. Bs.' 30- HEAV2 MOHAIR D.-B. GREAT COATS. Checked cloth lined and extra long. E. Bs.' 30A HEAVY CHEVIOT CHESTERFIELDS, , Checked cloth lined and extra lasg. B. Bs.' 30- INDIGO BLUE BEAVER CHESTERS, B. Bs.' 33- ALL-WOOL Milled MELTON CHESTERS, ' . Silk velvet collars, lined all throoga. Beady for wear or to moasars. THESE 30- OVERCOATS are amongst BEATY BROS.' Greatest PRODUCTIONS, and they INVITE COMPARISON with OVERCOATS SOLD ELSEWHERE at 42K EATY " BROS., THE BOYS' TAILORS. SPECIALITIES BOYS' OVERCOATS. IN BOYS' CONNAUGHT OVERCOATS, 66, 86, and U6. Lined aU-tbroogb, withlarge capes, BOYS' PATENT INVERNESSES, 7,& 96, and 14& Caaonlybe had from Bcaly Bras., tbe Patenteetv BOYS' DHHADNOUGHT Orercoats, ILfii 146, 195. Lined an fihrougb, with lag-4ecacned capes. BOYS' NAVY BLUE REEFERS, 46, 66, and 35. Doahte-Breaffied- Lined aB throngo. Ready for Wear or to Measure. BEATY BROS. Have made LARGE STOCKS ot these BOYS' FASHIONABLE and DURABLE OVERCOATS, winch are a SPLENDID LOT ot GOODS, and TEEMS : NET CASH on delivery, Of it by rati to D prepasG. Be AT Y R O S. SISB STEZET, 38. 39 & 40, VmON STREET, MANCHESTER AND LIVERPOOL. 133 TtMKENNESS or the LIQUOR HABIT poffl. $9 tively CURED by administering Dr. HAINES' GOIDKN BrECU'IC.- It is a powder which can oe given in beer, coffee, or tea, or in food, ., without. thi kuowledgs jt the patient. . . it M harm less and well effect, a permanent and speedy cure, whether the natieut is a moderate aruueer or an aiconouc wrecjc - ua&ueea gas foUowcd. It never fails. The system once impregnated with the specisc. it becomes an. utter iajpotaihiliff for nouot appetite w exisL lpace boot ctf particulars free; can behadot W.S-Haieee, 12, Dale End. ..... , Srade suniuea oylinaea Co., Loadats W, PSIOE - OF CARPETS. CARPETS READY FOB IMMEDIATE USE. T S & Jones liiiDEffiltuARES. SBaHlS FELT SQUARES. IN STOCK IN VriHimt niyiw ISrc. 6r.. by lSra. 0r 79a. Sd. So. 12rr. ors., S(& 1S?T, Ors. tj J2PT. Onr. Ors. u-is. 6b. 142s. lfla lSrt -6IH. by 12PT. I2TT. Onr.', 122s. 152a. On. On.- I?"- 1SST. uo 12FT. - jcja'S Ales TRADE. B'LACkwe.ll's : , $La' l t. Y I 3ST e a A. R- Potted - Meats Kaps Kaps IANOS, p Uprights and Grands as sapplied to Royalty and used ia the Royal Conservatories of Muse at home acd abroad. I TtiiEoniais f rem. JUszt, EnbtDStein Theodore Bitter, Dt. JoKor BieU, Haqs voa Balow, Eddison, Spudler, Mary Kcto, Juliua POPUIjAS PRICES A2TD TKKMS AT THE OLD-KSTABLIiSliKO HOUSE Off J OSEPH ILEY &, jONS, jTi t"S" && : ft QO lyONSlTTUTION JO.IEL. SOLE AGENTS FOE KAPS PIANOS. 300 Continental jtianoforte Agency. PIANOS. PIANOS. WHOLESALE AND FOR EXPORTATION SHOW ROOMS: 305 ZrSt SRSDSRICK STREET, B IS MI&Q BA Jtf, QAMEO rjIGARETTES ' . - - BEAT THE WORLD. PUREST VIRGINIA TOBACCO. ' " PURE RICE PAPER. A MOUTHPIECE TOE EACH CIGARETTE; TRY THEM, AND BE CONVINCED. 0AMEO .IGARETTES. EXQUISITELY FRAGEANT. PURE RICE PAPER. PUREST VIRGINIA TOBACCO. A PHOTOGRAPH IS EACH BOX. TRY THEM, AND BE CONVINCED. QAMEO . 1IGASETTES. WHOLESOME SMOKING. PUREST TIEGIKIA TOBACCO PURE RICE PAPER, A MOUTHPIECE WITH EACH CIGARETTEi AND BE CONVINCED, 0AMEO CIGARETTES BEAT THE WORLD. PURE SICE PAPER. PUREST VIRGINIA TOBACCO. A PHOTOGRAPH IN EACH BOX. TRY THEM, AND BE CONVINCED. . Sold Everywhere. Mannfactared by W. DUKE, SONS, jc Co., Branch at the American Tobacco Company, New York, U.S-A. 276 ARE you miserable from DYSPEPSIA 2 If so, Mr ANNA R UPPER- can CURE YOU. Mrs. ANNA Iv u f r JSKT o proiession as a cumpiewoa specialist naa Drougot to her himdreds ot soSerers from Dispensia who are troubled with: bad complexions. Re IMng this terrible miction and much, suffering, and having been herself a chronic subject, she knows what a terrible thing Dyspepsia is. Having positively found a Cure, Mrs. RUPPERT has purchased the formula at a big price, and new otters for sale a positive remedy. She does not pretend to go into every minute detail as to the cause of it, but honestly aod ta-athf ully she has a veeefcable remedy that contains no poison Of harmfui ingrcdiehtB. This Cure, if used as directed, is very quick taits e-ect One bottle win os a great reuet ; in lace, tne relief is ic- Tin anl C Q OfaicCt tQ the 1 M. It IS T B ktlfc. D1 beneeilasatoiucfortheBysteu Price, small size, 4s. 6d. : larger size, 7s. 6tL, post paid io Siutland. Can be given to the most delicate child. Try tt. sou wul not regret using RUPPERT'S ikva T?,irPPER-irs celebrated SKIN TONIC is known an the a a niitrvB Tcmedvfor acne, eczema, otrvnees. vivA redness, coarse skin ic It tones relaxed m-scles, freshens and invigorates, cleanses the pores, ieares the skin fresh and youthful. It isnot acosmeucbuta thorough tonic, .une ootue will help; three -sua-ycure. Price, per botlle, 10s. 6a., three bottles together (usually reo-mrea), so- marrauiea -armiess to even the most dauca; te skin. ' - ANNA RUFPERTS new American Corset gives you a beantiful figure, long waist : easy and graceful, and is in every way satisfactory. Price, in sateen, 12s. 6d. ; silk, 30 ; white gloss kid, to order, gatented' (trill treM almost . lifetime), 5. Ss. Used by . Artistic manicuring, 4s.. 6d. ; best American artiste. Any lady will be recognised at once by her daintily-kept hands and .finger nails, so it is absolutely ceoeSsary to attend to them. Full line o finest manicure instruments complete in leather casesv best steel, prices from 30s. to 5. 5s. Also a line assortment of toilet reguisites aod dainty perfumes from 2s. 6U. to 4s. 6d. per bottle. CfllttOPODY. Easy way of removing corns, in-growing toenails, buniaus, Sx. Experienced operators, reasonable rates. No need to . sa-er with your feet. -Private rooms for esch denartment. All letters and -visitors cormdential. No names used. All questions Cceerx-uy answers- in peraou, ur oy post ; no xronSHO. wnteso? any desired inform on, ecclos tg at mp for reply. Do 't forget, by APiuiimr 2d. Dostae you can obtain a lalushle " Book oo Beant " Free. Stenographic report of Mrs. RUPPERT- Lecture, 6d. Address all commnaica-oos to - MRS. ANNA RUPPERT, 7, OBSRRY STREET. BIRUINQHAH. Hbaji Owics: tr, R EWEJf T 3 T R EE T,LO KDO N, W CHRIST I AN'S PATK DE LICHEN UOKLAND MOSS PASTE). ;Vnrha last forty years celebrated a the safest and befit Laancp Jot -elding, -nsty.Coaghs, Colds on the Chest, Bronchitis, &c. . BoxeSr Is., -2s. 6-.. and !are eia 4s. 6A., from the Makers, ARBLASTER -j CEUJ-.HILL, 117, NE W STREET. B 1 EM IE SB AM. 373 TT1DGBASTON STEAM LAUNDRY COMPANY JOi possesses' grand tacili-esior Outdoor Drying of Linen, thus seaumt tsfc&l aTB-t-ses to ieir CaoaiS3. 84 ATsnRrSSES". Adam J. Beowh, ' m, colxosb t&ovr iFire Soara from tho Council Honw). . -j HIGH-CLASS CASH TAILUiii. WATERPROOFS. The Best and Cheopwt Made is the CAVALIER. PRICE 30a, By PmvjoIs Pest on Receipt of P.aa and EoSght. -Satisfaction Guarantaed, or Cash Returned, THE CITY TROUSERS. Very Special Fine Scotch Tweeds, Sea, Si. Swindbn s Sons. (Established 182S). PRESENTATION CLOCKS .ADJUSTED WATCHES. IB, cad 23. TEMPLE SIBZET, SLRXXSBBAX. 6S1 48 DIAMOND JEWELLERY, WATCSBS, CXOCS2, BRONZES, WEDDING RINGS, . . AND FOR PRESENTATION. ARSH & O T6 SIGH STREET, AND 1 rw NEW STREET.. ALL SILVER agTtnT.P.s HALL-MARKED AND DUTY I (Lath 8. & R. rioaxoif), . MANUFACTURING SILVERSMITH. ELECTRO-PLATER, WATCHMAKER, AND JEWELLER. DEALER IN ANTIQUE SILVER PLATE. --CHOICE SELECTION OF NEW GOODS, SUITABLE FOg PRESENTATIONS AND PRESENTS OF ALL KINDS. Old GOLD and SILVER Talten in Etcnaogo or for Cash at mil Market Value. . ' - LAWN TENNIS, GOLP, andATHLrmc PRIZES, . . .as, Bias sxRjuix. jusiaxeEAH. FURNISH ON THE INSTALMENT PLAN. VURNITtTRg. CARPETS, PIANOFORTES BEDSTEADS, UNOLBUa!3.BA3gr3 WITTW BEDDING. FLOOR CL05B3. The Broad Strebt Fuenishing Company, 73 (Bid 7. BROAD STSEET BffiXZfiGBAJS, Is the LEADING HOUSE in tha City for FURNISH. ING oa the INSTALMENT Principle, where you can rely on betag Pairiy and HONESTLY Served, withous any Of tile PUSS and BOTHER usual at some of the Credit Hsahushmente. We would recommend intending- Parcbascfs to make strict eaquiries aboat tbe Viaa they intend to do basines with, and give their patronags to the one that has the BEST REPUTATION tor STRAIGHTFORWARD DEALING. Below are a few of the Advantages we Offer: A LARGE AND VARIED STOCK to Select from. Repayments by WEEKLY or MONTHLY Instalments. No unnecessary eajujries made. No name or addrass ' on deiferery vans. No registered documents to sign. CARPETS and LINOLEUMS MADE and LAID FREE. ALL GOODS DELIVERED FREE hj Town orCountry. NO EXTRA CHARGES OF ANY KIND are made. ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO FURNISHING, con. taming t&e terms sad other useful information, POST, VEER on application. Honrs 01 Business 9 a.m. to- 8.30 p.m. OUR ONLY ADDRESS- The Broad Street . Furnishing Company, J3t 74, BRQAV STREET, LIZXiSQUAM. 843 65 Smallpox, Scarlet Fever, &c a lbbrt c neal, disinfector and Jl PURB7TEB of BEDDING, WEARING APPAREL, Sc, bj URY. HEAT and CHEMICALS. Testimonials and Terms Post Free on Application, . 25S . yiADPCT WOBES, OJETOSD STREET, SI&UISdBAJt . Whitfield's Oxford Stbeei; S APB3, BlSMLNGHAit TJRROUGHES & VvATTS. rATMT BILLIARD TABLES (BKST CSKATEST). bepaibs Aim alterations promptlv attended to. CUES. BALLS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. 10, BROAD STREET CORNER, BIRMINGHAM. 253 ECONOMICAL FUEL. BRIQUETTES, made from the celebrated Cockshead PureCoaL Suitable for domestic ami other purposes. Free burning, clean, lasting, no waste, no smell. Wili bam dx.hocrs or more ithcut attention. Convenient to stock; and will sntna all OSrley-Whitueld Collieries (Limited), Tunstsll. Staffordshire, bating completed powerful machinery for the manufactore of this realty votuanle Fuel, are now prepared to supply it in track loads to any railway station from tho Whitfield Collieries direct. . AGENTS WANTED. . With theaborecan be supplied Clean SMALL NUTS from the same seam of coal, specially suitable for hafre'KiWfl. kitchen ranges, , greenhouses, Ac 581 . iTRENGTH For The Weak, The attantkm of- the Feeble and those in Fa-ing He h is par Uenry-ed to o-e of the GRSATBST DISOOVERIES OS THE CENTURY, known for upwatd of thirty years as . X.iebig's Chemical Food, OR WINE OF PHOSPHATES, Ijiebtg's Chemical Food. 1big'S Chemical Food. ' ThremscablePreparaaon not only contains all tbeinateiial. necessary for the f onndation of a new- coasctatioo, and for prevent. K or curing disease, but also evolveseverything required for. form-ing rich, pure, and heoltby blood, moscle, flesh, bone, braia, Sc, and contaixts the very Elements of LIFE. TsxoriAt feom Srs. CHARLES liOCOC-, pHrSICIAN TO THIS QUXZX. I hare for some years recommendea LIEBJG'S CHEMICAL . FOOD in cases of general ill -health with the most rifnenaal results. Inndit to he. very pure prepajaoo, gmtainma atuongst other things, free and unoxydised Phasnhorae highly dlffosed, and when persevered with has arvmysseemea to give fresh life to the languid and exhausted, and health, strength, and energy. By its use tbe dull, the M-ggtoh, the Saxy and languid arise in the morning wed aa refreshed; with an appetite for food, and fit for saidy , socKy , or hwt. Bts' "CHARLES LOCOCE, SCO,' Sold in bottles, 2s. 3d., 4s. 6.1, and lis. ; also i33s.aa 5. c- . . Of aDChemisandrteotMeciM ComEsaiaiai, a. St Jobr-Streec Road, London. D I K1 EA-Di G a (J U U U liUi-r.x'i u-o. "Dear Sir, I am a'poor hand at expressing my feelings, bnt I shoold hke to thaok you. Your lozenges have done wonders in reUeving my terrible cough. Since I had the operation of Tracheotomy ' (thesame os the late Emperor of Germany, andunlae him. thank God, I am still aiive) performed at St, BartbowmewHossa no one could possibly have had a more violent cough ; it was so tad at times that it quite exhausted me. Tbe mucus, which was very copious and hard, has been softened, and I have been ableto eetnd - of. it without difficulty. I am, sir, yours truly, J. HU-U OTTERLY UITOIV-AIJ-EI?. The above speaks for itself. From strict enquiry it appears that ' Ore benefit from using Kcating's Cough Lozenges is underataffid. The operatioc was a specially severe one, jind was Ped by the Dr. H. T. ButKD.o( SL Barlholomsw's HoaiSteJL tfinoe the oparation tbe only means ot relief is the ap or itoe Iages. So soecessf-1 axe they that oneoilords immediate bectat-aithouen from the nature of the case the throat irritatioius lnlB-e. WEIGHT IN GOLD. XJnor date Sept. S, 1SS1, Mr. Hill writes: "I shoo bmstSaee hare Been dead, but for your Lozenges-UKyom w-tieir eit . s floW. I will gladlj see and tell anyone what a spie-did congn reffley'theVae;', . ' ' ' K-atins's Lozenges are sold in tins. Is. -f&, each, -The taw-rivdremedyfor COUGHS, HOARSENESS, and THRO AS TROUBLES.' SI3 rjwra-AOHE ryOOTH-ACHE mOOTH-ACHE gUNTER'S JEBVINE.- Csra TttOmche ttttm&ti by p-tnlesa constriction of the nerve. Preeer-a . Decay. Saves Extoction. Near-bit. Head-aches and all Nerve Pains Removed.' Sleepless Nights Prevented by Using BUNTER-SNlatVESE. Sold by u Chemists, Is. ld. and 2s. 3d. 674 ryOOTH-ACHE SEASIDE and SUMMER DRESSES, both. foe. )0 Ladies and Children, are Cleaned and Got Up equal to ne. The Edgbaston Steam Laundry Company, Ten Acres, P-Eshoee Bcsd. SO A WONDERFUL MEDICINE BEECHAM'S PILL3 ARE anivers-Ily admitted to be worth a Gwae& a Box for Bilious and Nervous Disorders, such as wisd and Daws in t-estoinach, sick headache, giddiness, fulness a-dsweSxnss after meals, dizfl ua ess and drowsiness, colds, chi s, flushings of boat, loss of appetite, shortness of hreath, costiveness, scurvy blotches on the skin, o o-rbed sleep, frightful -dre-ms; nd an nervous and trembling sensations, -c The nrst dose will give rebel. n twenty minutes. Every sn-erer-ear-ss-y-iTitedtO'try coe hoof these Puis, and they will be s--wiedged to oe WORTH A GUINEA A. BOIC . Por females of all ages those Fills are invalriaMc as a few doses of them carry oil 'a-h-mours, and bring about H that is reuireu. No female should be without them. There is no medu-ie tG bts fott-dqualto g-ECffAM- PILLS for removing any ohstrucciott. or irreg-iarity of the system. If taken according to the d-ecti oca given with each box they will sooa restore females of all ages to soand and robust healt-. This has been proved by t-OUgsulva have tried them, and found the benchts which -re ensured by use. For a weak stomach, impaired digeson, -tut all disrtvders ot the liver they act iike magic, and a few doses will be fouad'to wosrl k-wc ders on thejoost unportant organs in the lu in-;n --Kbine. -The strengthen the whole muscular system, restore the long-lost complexion, bringing back tbe keen edge of appetite, and arouse into' acabn with tbe roseood of health the whole physical energy of tbev ooma a-fi 7 ne. These are fa cts wgjftfd coot luauy byn sn ere of -lldasaes of socissy. and one of the heat guarantees to the uervona a-ddeb-u-tedis BEECHAM-s PILLS have the largest sale-! oj Patent Medicines m the world. BEECHAM-S MAGIC COUGH PILLS. . As a remedy for Coughs in gener -t. Asthma, Bronchial Affectacai Hoarseness, Shortness of Breath, Xightness acd Oppression of tha Chest, Wheezing, &C, these Pills stand unrivalled. They are the best ever offered to tbe Public, and will speedily remove that scn-i of oppression and diuiculty of breathing which nhrhtlyj deprive tha-pBtieotof reat. Let any person give BEECHA-TS COUGH PILLSf a trial, add the most violent cough will in a short time be rerhoved. rrep-re ouiy, -uu soia wnotes-is ana rct-u,. oy tne -Tope etetv Thomas Beecnapi. St Heleuj, L-oc-shirc, in Boxes Slid,, Is. Ij4d. aod 2-eaco Sold Iry all Drugs-ste and Patent Medicine Dealers every-hero. iuB. irud -jectiotts -re siveo vrith each box. . & CARPET-BEATING. Send yonr. Carpets to ba Beaten, Cieaned, and Eehovated to the aswt09 -tescr la-ndryComnaaj' iSr GRATEFUL AND jgjPPS'S COMPORTING, (BREAKFAST) COCOA. MADE SIMPLY WITH BOILING WATER OS JULE . . . 2&0 m

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