Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 25, 1949 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1949
Page 6
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PAGE 6—NAUGATUCK NKWS (CONN.), FltmAY, NOV. Wi, 1!>41> Ansonia Trips Garnet, 13-7, In Annual Classic Bob Rabtoy Returns Kickoff 89 Yards For Naugatuck Score Goldson Paces Lavender To Victory Ansonia High capitalized on a second period break to score and added a fourth period touchdown to defeat Naugatuck's Garnet and Grey grlddcrs, 13-7, In the annual Thanksgiving Day classic yesterday afternoon at Ansonia. The victory was the third against five losses and two tlen for the Lavender. The loss wa» the fifth against one win and three ties for Naugatuck. Left halfback Bob Rabtoy, making his final appearance In a Naugatuck uniform, closed out his high school career in the well known blase of glory, sparking the Greyhounds' offense all afternoon and romping 89 yards for the locals' only score in the finul period. W-Yard Run Naugatuck was trailing 13-0 with .little more than four minutes to go when Rabtoy broke away for the only touchdown for Coach George Goodwin's eleven. Bob took the klckoff following Armenia's second touchdown on his 11 yard line, faked Itandoffs to the Injured Charles Alegl and to quarterback Alan CroMWait, headed for the right sideline and went all tho way for the score. Twice earlier In the game, Naugatuck backs had handed off on klckoffs. and that aided greatly In making the touchdown play successful. The entire Ansonia team was deceived and drawn to the left, leaving '.he right side open for Rabtoy. He was almost caught at the 10 yard line, but a key block enabled him to go into the end zone standing up. Alegl then booted the extra point, his ninth in nine tries, Ui give Naugatuck its seventh point The Greyhounds took thT opening kir.lcoff and drove for three straJght first downs to the An- Bonia 27, where a fourth down quarterback sneak by Orosswait fell Inches short of u first duwn. Rabtoy carried six times during the drive, accounting tor some 32 yards. Halted On Seven Two plays after losing, thr ball Naugatuck regained possession of the An«>nia 30, when Bobby Goldson, the Lavcndar'a hero of the day. fumbled and sruard George Mitchell recovered. Alegl, Bob Whit* and Rabtoy alternated to carry to the 10. where with fourth down coming up and three yards . to go, a flat pass from White to Crosswalt was good to the seven. A measurement was taken and It w«a found the bull was only two Inches short of being a first down. Goldson carried out to the 18 for an Anaonla first down, but on tho next [play. Chnrtio Dnnlolczuk fumbled. with Vln E>aCosta recovering. On the next play, Goldson fumbled and Mitchell recovered. Riving Naugatuck a first down on the Ansonia 22. Two running plays netted but one yard a3 the first period ended. On the first play of the second half, tho locals tried a double revert*. with end Jack Carroll coming around to take tho ball irom Alegi. However, left end Ed SI pay broke through and spilled Carroll back on th« 32- A fourth down pass went Incomplete and Ansonia «R»ln took over. Two running 1-lays later. Ansonia wao still on the 32. Quarterback Jim Ashc then faded bock to his 20 fcnd flipped a pass which Alegl Intercepted on the 89. Alegl. Rabtoy and White alternated to pick up a first down on the 28, but then a pass by Rabtoy wan Intercepted by Danielczuk on the 20 and he raced back to the Ansonia 45 before being nudged out of bounds. Tho Lavender then drove into Naugatuck territory ffjr tnp first time, getting to thn -10 from where they were forced to punt, the ball going out on tho 31. White carried to the 38 and R:-b. toy hit up to the 45. where he fumbled and DaCosta recovered for Ansonia. After two running plays picked up but two yards. ABho passed to end Tom Blackwood mi the 31 and he went to the 26 before being brought down. A back In motion penally put Ansonia back Jo tho 31, but Goldson made np rne difference by going to tho 19. Ashe then passed out in tho flat- to Danielczuk who went to the or.e Play With Highlanders Tonight PLEASANT -" TO 8TOI»— ROOKY'S . WAYSIDE KXTOSOEN v W«l*rhnry Bond »t I-|*tfcrMlII* Dal!,'IS-Noon to It fijdnl«h» *^ S P. M. to U MUlflrht Elmer Wbeeler Con rue T18TZD SALESMANSHIP Stnrtu TWntiV Nov. "14HT ! POST JUNIOR COLLEGE «* Central Av,-. Phono 4-S77* before being nailed by Alugl und Crosswttlt. On tho next ]>lny ho cracked over for the Hcore, Ashe'H pass for tho extra point was bolted down by White. Tho half ended a few raombnts later with Naugatuck in posuonaion en the Ansonia 46. I The Greyhounds, drove 50 yards to start the third period, getting down to the Ansonia 23. At th-u point, a back In motion pon silly halted the drive and after two passes went Incomplete, AnNonia look over. The Tjftvnndar drove lo the NaugaUick 47, Hpnrkod by n 23-yard run by Ooldnon, but from there were forced to punt. Grosswait returned tho punt to the 40 arid from there the locil.i agatvi drove Into Anaonla territory, but were forced to kick from tho 46. Ansonia had possession on Its 3-1 as the quarter ended. On the first play of the first quarter, White Intercepted a pass by A»he on the 41 and van It back to the 33. The locals again pot to the 22, where Jimmy McCann was tonsed all the way back to the 37 while attempting to pas». A fourth down punt by Crosswalt went out on the 27. On the first play from scrimmage. Goldson raced around end for a first down on the 40. On the next play he again skirted the end and broke into the clear. He wn« finally brou^jht down from behind on the Naugatuck 20 by Mitchell, who came from nowhere to make the save. At that point the NauKfi- luck line stiffened, but a. third down screen pass from Asho to Sipay was Rood for a first clown on the six, where Croswalt racked up the big Ansonia end. Goldsnn Score* DaGosta bulled his way to the four and then Goldson went around ond for the iiocond Lavender score. Anhc passed to all alone In the end zone for the extra point. On the ensuing klckoff, Rabtoy went' all the way for the score. giving tho Naugatuck fans new hope and moving Ansonia Coach Boots JarVls to rush his first team back Into the game. The locals received another break with about throe minutes of play remaining, when Don Fowler Intercepted an Ansonia pass at midfield and returned it to the 44. On the first play, Rabtoy twlated his way to the 33, but fumbled when tackled nnd Lou Poeta recovered. Ansonia was in possesion at midfield when the game ended. In the statistical department, tho Greyhounds outplayed Ansonia. The locals ran up 12 first downs l-.» eight lor A.nBonla, gained 163 yards to 145, but made only eight passing to 45, Naugatuck completed only two of 11 passes while Anson.ia completed four of 11. The Greyhounds Intercepted three and hud one Intercepted. Naugatuck lost five yards on penalties to 10 for AnBonia. Twenty-throe Naugatuck hoy i broke into the lineup and 13 wero |. laying their final game. Seniors •who completed their high school ciu'ccru were; A.lngl, Rabtoy, Wlx'.to, Bud DlMarla, Ken Clymcr, Jack O'Brien, Don Fowler, Eddie While, Bob Sellnske, Clarence Schiller, Bernlo Donnelly, Jock Brady and Bryant Klrkcndall. Rabtoy Outstanding Rabtoy undoubtedly played the best game pf bin career. WUh Alogl hampered by a hand Injury and watched constantly by tho An- sonln defenders, the bulk of th.; offensive duties fell on his shoulders, and he responded remarkably. Bob carried 23 times from scrimmage nnd picked up 95 yards. In addition, he ran back three kickoffs for a total of 102 yards, Including the 89 return for Naiipn- tuck's only! touchdown. J Ansonia did a good job of building a defense to atop Alegi. Every time Charlie carried thn bail he v/ns hit. by at Innnt three mnn. However, ho ntlll managed to average three yards each time he cur- tied. White also hit the line woli, iivcraglng- 3.5 yards per carry In 12 tries. The locals kept control of thn bell most of tbe afternoon, running -off a total of 07 playo to 40 for Anuonla, Fifty-three wore rushing plays, 11 were passes and th-ee were punts. A strange feature W.IB thel Anaonia punted only once. On every other occaHion they either lost tho ball on downs, by fumblea. inter/ccpted passes or 'scored. All members of tho Naugaturk team played outstanding bail, and U Is difficult to single out tiny I player for special commendation. | However, Rabtoy, Alegi and Whites did exceptionally well, both on offense, as did guards George Mitchell and Jack O'Brien. A Jf 80 XI A (in) ICnfln—HiiMiy. WH«ht. lillirkwi.od. ]',,oln 1 nckl«H— DumpMcy, T«O<|OH|<I, Tv'liurxkl ThomHim. Guards— Wnnnicll. . Oranatle Crotcnu linbluk. l.tnrbnHh. Con torn — l.oda. KltSfff'rld. Buck*— Ashe, UokUon. Dunlfelcxuk. IW- VIN HKAI.Y ,IOK 1IKAKY Vln nnd ,loii lloiily, Naugatiick fumniiN twins, fnrmcr : »tar athletes at N'uiigatuck High school, will be It; thn Illghhindrrf) lineup tonight when |.hn IrcBlH pluy bout to I ho strong AiiHonla Norwoods nt the-,:YMCA. They are now jiuilorH ut Ford hum imlvi-ndty, Also to pluy with tht< HlghlunilcrH j-onlght ^irc Bob Miirkovlc, nnd Vln Druko. Hob piicm!,' Sncred Heart lo Iho Hlntt- medium school chumplnnxhlp last) yrar anil'-! Dniko \V!IH an ' nlMtumllnK baNkntball und fontbull litur at AiiHonla high. He IK now n. frrshnmn at Fordlmm. A preliminary rramr Iintwnen. the St. Frunrls' CVO und Iho SeulM, formor CYO players, will start, off (hi- evening's "•nlcrlalnmcnl at 7:15 oVIonk. Cleveland's Graham, Speedie Top Passing Combination In AAC CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH O. M. 0. TRUCKS J. C. Raytkwich, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing IN MOUTH MAIN 9T. T«Uphon« 44NM , . JfAI.'flATirrK (7) Ends— Carroll. B. Matorf, Schiller. Mon- nitlin.n. TnrklcH— Olymer. DoMarln. R. Wliit.i, \VlBlnnkl. OimrrtH— O'Hrlon. Mltrhell, Brady. Center — Powlc-r. Johnsfin. BnokP — Cro, l ^p^\vnlt^, Vnbtny "B Wli\to Areel. M. Mnttm. McCniion. Rellnnk.'. Klrk*>ndnll. pofinflly, CllMhnm. Henri* in- *i«>rl(HlK:— ATfcorn , n A H 7—1:1 JVAfOATi'C'K . n n n :- ; Tni'fhdin-i'i. milili- i>" Diinli'li'VIiik. C )U1 . ^ n n. Hflb'^v r'ot'itH fiftiM 1 Nfiifli- (lo-tvnK ninflo hv r>'«"lf'l' l ^nlt (PH^J: trnm A«ho) ; Al^Kl (plnocmont). (By United Tjltodt All - Amnrloa confnrnncn figures on forward pas.sintf Hhow why tho Cleveland Browns have won their fourth straight title. End Mac Spccdle has clinched the conference pans-catching title for the third straight ycnr. Spendle, who net two records ugnlnnl New York nn Hundfiy by catching 11 PUHHOM I'or 'J2H yjirtia, han ^rabbi;d 58 so far this season. The rangy Cleveland end has accounted for 947 yarcln and neven touchdowns. Cleveland ipiartorback Otto Graham dominated the loop in total offense and panning. Orriham liaM picked up noimi 2.800 yarihi pawning and rushing. Automatic Otto has completed 1C5 panscH for 19 touchdowns to lead in the throwing department. Frankie Albert of San Francisco has thrown 25 touchdown pansoM, tops in the league. Teammate Joe Perry loads the rushers with an avernpo of 7.7 yards in 109 tric.s. Albert alao leads In punting with a.n average of 47,4 yardu per boot. Ai BnalH of San Francisco is high scorer with 87 points. Perry haa 66 poinl.H and Joe Votrano, also of San Francisco, has 60. Detroit Boasts Three Highest Scorers In Nat. Hockey League (By United Press) The Detroit Red Wings boast thn three highest scorers and second best, goallo an they draw away from the othcT teams in tho National Hockey League race. Latest National League figures nhow Ted Lindsay Hctllnjr the scoring puce with 21 points. Sid Abel Is second with 10, and Gordic Howe ihlrd with 18 points. Goalie Harry Lumley ranks second In thn nets with 2.13 goulH per game. Bill Durnan of Montreal tops the goalies. averaging 1.56. Bill Gadsby of Chicago is the "bad boy" of tho league with te2 minutes spent In tho pen- ally IKIX. Scholastic Football Crosby 13, J /en veil worth 0. ICunl llavnn 14, Brar.foril fr, Stratford 0. Mllfcird 0 (tin). Hartford 31, Weaver 7. New lirltiiln 25, Htfd. liulkcNw 13. Hlllhouse 19. West Haven 7. Central 27, Harding 0. RoKcr IjUdlowe 14, Bannlck ft. Falrfleld Prej> fi, Stamford n. Anwonla 13, NaiiKiituck 7, Danbury 34, Norwalk 12. Shelton 10, Dorby K. Le-whi 61, Jlonkvillo 0. Norwlrn 38, St. AiiKUHl.lnc'H 33. Danbury 34, Norwalk 18. WcHterly 13, StonliiKton 0. KIlllnRly 47, Ptitnum 0. White Plains 32, Hamden 7. Fairfield Prep Ties Stamford, 6-6, To Remain Undefeated Full-field Prep completed Its 15)49 nrld cliilc ycstorday by tyln^ prw- 1 [•rful Stamford Hli;h. R-5, to ro- maln one of tho state's few un- defoatod team.'!. The school compiled a record of seven wins and. one tie. Falrfiokl o|)( % nf>d Ms wnson by iipKiittlMi; I.inHalln, of Provldcnro, 20-((, break thn Tlhodn lHl:inr1 ficiiool'H 16-^:UTH! winning Htroiik. 't'hey triumphed rivor a woalconivl Stratford (.earn, 27-B blanked lona, lfl-0; triumphed over BrldRcpci't Harding, 13-0; rallied to topple irltfht.y Greenwich, 20-14; cim- i|ii«<ref] Xaviftr of New York, 27rV; nncl last week tramploil Rugur Lmllowc, 3't-7. The squad rolled up 160 points j to 40 for its eltfht. opponents and. averaged 22!) yards rushing and 01 passing per game., Eagles Trip Bears In Salem Lutheran Court League, 45-37 Thp Ea-.ijlcn came from, behind In tho second hnlf. to defeat tho Beam, V\-'.\l, In a Salem Lutheran Church Baskotb.all League Kamo this work. The Boars 'had been loodinp 25-14 at halftlmc. Churchill pac'-d the winners with 21 puiiiUi. Sunbury had J4 whlln Olsun and B«vry hud VI (mil 10 respectively for the loners. Douir Ol.-ion dumped In 20 poinl.H to PFJCC thn Tli,'crs to a 32-20 victory over the Bulldogs in tho other KHinp. The wlnnnrs piled up a 2010 . load .at tho half and coasted the rwl of the way. Lanibrklc-a und Orabr-n cM.r:h scored ui)[ht points tor tho Bulldogs. Crosby High Blanks . Leavenworth, 13-0 Crosby Co-Cnptnln Coor^o Blair broke away for two touchdown runs to pace the Ivy to u. 13-0 victory ovor I,Raven worth In tho an- niinl ThnnkHKlvIni; .Day «amn at Wnlni-lniry'M Municipal Hlndium yn.i- Icnliiy iniirnlriK. Blair romped 68 yards for a score in t.ho first period and went. 37 for another In the dying seconds of the KO-mc. * IfiXl'EKT BO1>V WOKK Complete Tainting PacllltlRN VVrcckcr and Towing- Rorvlco KB! I mutes Furnished Bndgnt T»lun Avnllahln The Naug'atnck Fuel Co. >I<-.ALKR Phoni) S2»fl FUEJVS Ill-WAV GH1LLK ;• 001 8mi<>) Mnln St, R«rnlar Dully Dlnnnr 50«- up GATEUINO FOU WKDTJlNCi SHOWERS, STAG PARTIES, Etc Banquet. Ronm. Corktall Full Liquor Mc«nrw Gorza,MikanVie For NBA Indiviual Scoring Title New York, Nov. 25—(UP)—A rookie and a veteran are dueling for tho National Basketball association ^corlr^jr championship, Alox Groza, center of last year's N-B-A-A champion Kentucky Wlld- cats, has scored more points. But George Mlkan of Minneapolis ban tho best average. Groza, playing for Ipdlanapolls, has scored 280 points In 11 gamos I'or an average of 23.6. Mlkan has averaged 24.0 with 221 points In nine Ramon. Joe Fulks has scored 192 points In 10 games, according 1 to latest association .figures. Ralph Bonrdo also of Indianapolis, Is fourth with 189 points. Milt Schoon of Sheboygan has the best field goal, sinking shots nt a .400 clip. Jim Scmlnoff of Boston Matin in assists with 61, and Bob Br'own of Donver has the moat personal fouls, 60. College Football EAST Cornell 28, Ponn 21. Brown -11, Colgate 2B. Gettysburg 39, F. & M. \\. Morels Harvey 01. West Va. Wos- 8OUTH Hurrfpton 13, Virginia Union 7. ••- 'Maryland' 47, Wi!«t Virginia 7. •Virginia Tech 28, VMT 28. WnBhlngton & Leo 35, Richmond 14; Morgan State 34, Virginia State The Cltadol' 2(5, Davidson ID. Chattnnnoga 13, Duqu««nc 0. Elon 33, Gullford 0. TiiNkegce 20, Alabama Collego 7!). Catawba 7, Lenolr Rhyne 0. MIDWEST Dntrolt 33, Wichita 7. Hountdn S5, St.. l/ouln 0. Western rtii«firv« 30, Caso 0. Xnvlnr- IS, Mnrxhall 7. Cincinnati 27. Miami (Ohio) fl. Missouri 34, Kansas State 27 SOITHWB8T Texas 42, Texas A & M 14. ' Hardln 53, Trinity (Tox) 0. Howard Pay he 20, Abilene 0. FAR WEST Wyoming 2f5, Denver C, Utah 3-1, Utah State 0. Nevada 28, North 'Texas State 7, Pacific 88, California Poly 0. ANTELOPE ARK SWIFT American antclop are extremely swift and have boon paced by automobiles at 70 miles an hour. Packers Lead Rubber Company Pin League Only two ffamc.5 npiparato first. and fifth plnno In the US Rubber Meii'ii Tntcvdepartmcnt Bowling Chuck .TohnHon'H Waterproof n.-klng moved into drat pl:>c« with a amashlnn three- K'lme win ovur Dick Kollorn' Waterproof Mlllrnom. Matty Jankowskl blasted the maples for n 151 ainele .and a 378 Hot to win both individual prlzna nnd pace tlin lenders (.-> pi'lxc-wlnnlntr scores of 57!) and IfMfl. Felix Siibla fnatured for llv: Mlllmcn. Charllfi AnKlollllo ctvmo caivie throuith with a spare mid an eight fin In tha last frame tn R-lvc thr; Boot Room n 2-1 win over Joo Kloc's Stylo Gaiters. Don Miller bluatnd out a 3'(6 total in a IcMintf cause as his teammates dropped to accond 'place. The wins moved tho Bootwow Into a tie for third plaice. Stan Bottorf contributed a 343 score towards the vlc- torj'. Pal Splno wtarrcd UK Ec.rl Hankey/s Tennis MUl-Mbld <'j-fentoil Tnnnlk Making 2-0 to knot both tcnms for the third repot. Joe Plo- rla rolled a 120 slntflo and j» 320 for, the evening'. Captain Prank Carlson ami Henry Voyclk combined to K\vr: Mochunlcal m 3-0 win from Bob BlnPllo'H Outnolo Cuttf-rii and movo them to sixth place only flvo frames from first. GltKAT CHANGES NJSKDKD Los AnRolns- Water requires more heat to warm It and more cold to cool It, than any other common sub- Bianco known. BI G CiKST M KAT-K ATTCU Fairbanks!, Alaxka— The Kodiiik bear, a npnclea discovered on Kodiak Inland In 1805. Is the largest living carnivorous land animlal, ALCAZAR NOW PLAYING Roy Rolwrts — Ooorgc Cooper "FLAMING FURY" nnd William Elliott — Adrian Booth 'THE LAST BANDIT' TEL. 404 TODAY and TOMORROW "IDEAL HUSBAND" In 'Technicolor with ruulrltr Goddurtl [Michael Wilding JHiiim Wynynrt! "RIM OF THE CANYON" with Gene Autry nnd Champion anil Nan I .full.' Naugatuck Chapter SPEBSQSA barber-shoppers PARADE OF QUARTETS 14 Quartets and Naugatuck Chorus Sat, Nov. 26, 8 P. M, Naugatuck High School NOW AXOTIfKK STAR-STUDDKD IN PERSON — RTAGB UHOW! Friday & Saturday Stajtc Hhow lit 3:t«)-ft:00-n:tH) 8 - BIG ACTS - 8 VAUDEVILLE ALPHONSE BERGE THE REXERS LEE MARX GRACE DRYSDALE RICHARD & THOMPSON BUDDY WALKER LOS GATOS PIERRE CARTIER MIKE DIVITO & BAND — On Screen — BLATTERY'S HURRICANE Richard 'Widrnark Linda DaVncll STRnno •NOW HELD OVEB , $>»*cet j&foMit JlW-HEPBURN, AdantsKb} *m Judy HOLIDAY ™ Tom EWCLL David WAYNE -and »T- 'SARABAND' N»vf OMKI>W.>M)i GKENWOOD HCXT ATTKKOTIO IEU HOLE NAMED PANAMA' FUR TO A NFW r.o«'. i on ' MATV «T PENNY BINGO SATURDAY NITE ut Everybody's Hall (formerly DAV) 3(i CIIUKC1I ST. FREE ADMISSION Free Games 4 Lucky Si-uts Win 4 Lump Prizes PLAY STAHTS AT 7:SO P. M. DON'T MISS SEEING US IN Adm. $1.50 incl. Fed. Tax Av»llnbl« frnm All ;in(l Sivun Klectric Co. Tnl. 2fi74 "TOY SHOP" ArenA Dec. 1st thru 10th lOvc. ut ». Mnln. liiif. .3, I, 10 ill. 2 :P,0. All Hi-iilM I'l'Hiu'Vrtl. a. J2.7T,. $:i.lill t b»x tillli't- ;uiil . (Mon. thru Tliur. iiml Hiill. •vc. itll tii-kelM nViiil.'iliK'. l-'ri. Jillft K:L|. cvi-. Kill), inut. $:i,liO i.nly) FAMOUS IN NEW ENGLAND FOR 8O YEARS! . HAMPDtN HEWING CO. WIUIMAN5JTT, MASS. LOOKIN' AHEAD • By Alan Mover ^m m 0Vf*T SHOTTON AT THAT HE'<5 &O/fJ<5 TO MANAGE BROOKLYfil Ditltlbutttl fry King SHOULD SHOTTON MEET THE yWK* AGllH. IT THK. re%M en/eft a M A ROW . /hi WORKERS 1NJURICD Every 16 seconds, a factory worker in the U. S. is Injured. I Mr.tjuu. 1*1 HMO P.M. i TODAY-SAT-SUN. ^•"rui: /MKTi L ^TS?if-W8&il| JhfKAVtDtTS • 9/itKAVe CHOIB \S| Extra!-ALL SHOWS-Sammy Kaye's I "SO YOU WANT TO LEADjABAND" Contest AISOJO OTHER VftLUflBLE PRIZES IN PERSON FRANK SINATRA TED'S AUTO BODY WORKS 57 IIOTCIIKISS ST. TEL. 01 an — Collision Sp*M;lall*U — lender* — Bodice — Auto Palntlnx Towing Sotrlce LEWIS CARROLL T>i* Ilnuor op tn« »»j»«r» CRN'I'KK KQDARK — CORNEB I'HOSIT.CT • 17X10 !f 8TUKRTH Burrta; Tll« Bf«T« CkroB* Trta Dmir Frame* Window M*k * mm* Paloti Fl/'nr muwlcru tor mnt TKLETHOIfB »««« 8 AM'8 BEE VICE STATION and GARAGE \ » Bobber Av* TeL Hfl — Front End Work — NKW 1949 PHILCO R E K It I G K R A T O R „ . 7 Cu. Ft. — s Year Warranty $20 Down ... $2 Weekly WAOIOS i A PPl PAS 413 NO. MAIN ST. UNION CITY Phoni; 0491 15 CHURCH ST. TKI,. (090 OjH-n Friday Till 8 P. M. If It's Anything for Yikur Ktour CW1 ARRAY FLOOR COVEKINO8 SO Diamond St. Tel. •!• OUR GOAL is to make GOOD PRODUCTS and be a CORPORATE CITIZEN United States Rubber Company Footwear Plant Naugatuck, Conn. - — '"^^^^^^'^'^^'^^f^^i^^i^ffmmi^Hmmmmm^tmm^mi^^^fm^m^i^^m^ For Your Convenience OUR TYDOL GASOLINE STATION On Church Street Is NOW OPEN From 7 A. M. to 10:30 P. M. Monday Through Saturday and from 8 A. M. to 1 P. M. on Sunday i Ford for " 50 Ways. .Finer A1 Used Cars Many Bargains The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St. Phone 5236

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